The Benefits of Friends
Chapter 1: The Research Proposal

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Spanking, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Research Proposal - We had been best friends since the day she was born. We had grown up together, played together, and learned together. Now, she was proposing that we teach each other about sex.

We originally met on the day she was born, or I guess more accurately, on the day she came home from the hospital, since that was two days later. We were next-door neighbours, so I was brought to meet her by my mother, as our two mothers were the best of friends, as well as next-door neighbours.

We grew up together, played together, got in trouble together, decided we were 'icky' as puberty approached, and became friends again as the hormones settled and we matured, at least as settled as hormones get in teenagers. We taught each other everything. I taught her how to skip stones, and catch frogs, and hold a garter snake to avoid the teeth, and how to bunt, and catch fly balls, and throw a near-perfect spiral. She taught me how to ride a bicycle, because my balance sucked, and how to clean a cut, and sew on a button, and how to sneak out of my room across the porch roof and down the trellis.

Even though we taught each other things about sports, neither of us was very athletic. We did play with the other kids on the street, but we were each typically the last ones picked as the teams were formed, and neither of us went for organized sports in school, beyond the mandatory physical education classes. In truth, we were both a little geeky; we studied a lot together, and helped each other with school assignments, and pointed each other into areas of research that might be interesting.

Strangely enough, as geeky as we were, it extended mainly to our minds and brains, and not our looks. That's not to say that we were magazine cover page material, but I was above average in height, and actually fairly muscular, a legacy of my Dad's genes. He had turned me on to weight-lifting as a way to maintain the muscles, and jogging to keep the cardiovascular areas in check, and I found I actually enjoyed the two activities. They were both sufficiently mindless that I could think of other things while I did them, often holding conversations in my head as a way to work through some thorny math problem, or review some passage of history.

She, on the other hand, had a fairly lean frame, and a swimmer's build, this being an inheritance from her mother, and her love of stroking her way up and down the length of our local aquatic centre pool. As with me, she claimed that swimming was a fairly mindless activity, and she could use the time to think, at the same time as she exercised. Her hair was beyond shoulder length, and very curly; taming it was nearly impossible, so it either floated everywhere around her face, or was pulled back into a ponytail, although much of it often escaped from the rubber band she typically used. Her face had a scattering of freckles, in keeping with her green eyes and the reddish tint of her hair; her lips were quite full, and coupled with the slightly angular planes of her face, gave her a quite exotic look.

We were so comfortable with each other that our parents thought nothing of letting us go anywhere in the city, as they knew that we would look out for one another. We could finish each other's sentences, and had developed a shorthand method of speech that tended to frustrate our parents, as they could only ever pick up about half of what we were saying. In short, we were much closer than brothers or sisters ever got, and probably even closer than best friends ever got. We truly were soulmates, but didn't recognize it at the time.

Things started to change the summer we turned sixteen. We were halfway through high school. We'd survived the first years, and were now firmly entrenched in the milieu, so we were comfortable with whom we were amongst our peers. Neither of us stuck out in any strange way, and we were both very near the top of our respective classes, so our parents had no worries about our academic performance.

One day in early July, about a week after school had finished, I was on my back in the garage, lying on a bench doing reps with about 150 pounds. I wasn't trying to stress myself; this was more of a warm-up weight. The garage door was open to let some air in, and I had taken off my t-shirt, so I was in shorts and sneakers. A few minutes into my workout she appeared in the driveway. I didn't hear her as she approached, since she was wearing sneakers, along with a t-shirt and shorts. I finally caught a movement out of the corner of my eye, and turning my head, saw her standing in the opening of the garage, staring at me, her lips slightly parted. Her tongue flashed over her lips once, and she swallowed. Her eyes seemed to be opened a little wider than usual. I looked at her questioningly, raising one eyebrow as I continued to lift and lower the weight. We seldom needed a lot of verbal communication between us.

Her eyes followed my every movement, but they seemed to keep pausing at my chest, sweeping over my pectorals, and down to my abdominals. After a moment, when she still didn't say anything, I lifted the weight up far enough to hook it back onto the rack, and then stood up, reaching for a towel. As I swung around to face her, it seemed that her breath caught momentarily, and I was concerned that something was wrong. I was about to ask if everything was all right.

"I don't think I've ever seen you without a shirt on," she said, as her eyes stared at my sweaty chest. As she started coming closer, I brought the towel up to start wiping the sweat off. As she reached me, she brought up a hand and took the towel from me, then started to move it over my chest and abdomen, wiping the sweat away. Her eyes never left my chest. I absurdly thought that I should go into some kind of bodybuilder pose, flexing all of my muscles, then realized that would be a stupid thing to do, and would certainly shatter the moment.

She tossed the towel aside, then tentatively reached out to trace a finger around the line of my chest muscles. "How strong are you, and why didn't I know this?"

"I don't know how strong I am. I've never really tried to push it. That bar I was lifting was 150 pounds, and that was light for me. And you probably didn't know it because I don't run around going 'Look at me, 'I'm strong' like the football players."

After a moment's thought, she made a 'hmmm' noise, then reached for my hands, placing them on her waist, just above her hips. Looking back into my eyes, she said, "Lift me." I looked at her quizzically, and she said, "Just do it."

I thought, 'If you say so.' I braced myself slightly, then tightened my grip on her waist, and lifted her straight up into the air until my hands were at the level of my shoulders. This put her feet several inches off the ground. As her chest went by my eyes, I absently noted that her breasts were fairly large; for some reason I had never paid attention in the past.

After a moment or two, she said, "Okay, you can put me down." As I started lowering her, she put her hands on my shoulders, and as our eyes came level with each other, she softly said, "Stop." Her feet were a couple of inches off the floor at this point, since we were about three or so inches different in height. As I held her, she looked into my eyes for a moment longer, then moved her hands to cup my face, and leaned in to kiss me, somewhat forcefully. I could feel a low moan from her throat, then her lips opened and her tongue came out between them. Without thinking, I followed her actions, and moved my tongue to meet hers, at the same time as I moved her body into full contact with mine.

She moaned softly again as our bodies pressed against each other, and her kiss became stronger. Not quite understanding what was happening, I held her while our tongues fenced, and then she pulled her head back, and broke the kiss. Licking her lips, she tenderly looked into my eyes again for a second, nodded, and turned her head to look down. I got her message, and lowered her to the floor.

She stepped back, and looked me up and down, then asked, "You could hold me like that for that long without getting tired?"

"Yeah, I guess. You're not that heavy. Why so surprised? I've lifted you up before." This was true; I had boosted her up into trees, over fences, and up rock walls any number of times as we grew and played together. I had also piggybacked her a few times, such as when she had stepped on a nail and needed a tetanus shot. I had carried her home so that she could be driven to a clinic.

"This was a little different." I raised an eyebrow at her again, as I didn't see the difference. She shook her head and stepped a little closer, placing her hand on my chest again, palm flat this time, just over my heart. She raised her head to look into my eyes, and I looked down into hers. Something serious seemed to be going on here, and I wasn't getting it.

"We, ... uh, ... we," she started in a halting fashion. I waited, a little surprised, as she was never at a loss for words. Rather than trying to complete the thought, since I had no idea where she was heading, I just stood there quietly. After a second or two, she stopped, and seemed to reach a decision, then went on, in a clear voice.

"We need to undertake a research project this summer, just you and me." As geeky as I was, I wasn't really planning on spending my summer in a library, or on line with countless hours in a search engine.

I cocked my head to one side, and asked, sarcastically, "Research? Into what?"

"Sex." One word, no emotion, no movement of her face, or her eyes. Just that one word, delivered while her hand stayed on my chest and her eyes bored in to mine.


"Sex. With you and me as the research subjects."

"Research subjects? What kinds of research are we going to be doing? Seems to me there's not that much to it."

"Actually, there's a quite a lot. I've been doing some reading, and compiling a list of topic areas. We should probably start out with simpler areas, and then move on to the more complex."

"Simpler areas. Such as?"

"Well, masturbation seems to be the natural starting point."

"Masturbation? I already know how to masturbate." Whoops that slipped out without thinking. No guy ever admits that he masturbates.

"Well, yes, and so do I." 'Whoa, hold the phone! She plays with herself?' That rocked me, but I bit my tongue hard, and showed no change in expression as she went on. "But I don't know how you masturbate, and you don't know how I do. And we could masturbate each other, as a learning experience."

"Okay, so what would you consider the more complex areas."

In a very matter-of-fact voice, she went on, "Well, the obvious ones would be fellatio, cunnilingus, and then moving on to actual intercourse. Along the way we could explore things like vibrators and sex toys, and then we could look into side areas such as bondage, exhibitionism, homosexuality or lesbianism. We have two months, so we could cover a lot of ground in that time. We're both young, so we have the energy, and likely the stamina, although from what I've read that may be more of an issue for you than for me."

By this point, I was staring open-eyed at her, and choked as I asked, "Stamina?"

"Well, yes. Males require longer recovering from an orgasm than females, at least based on what I've read."

"You've obviously put some thought into this."

"Yes. I actually started last fall. So many of the girls at school were going on about this or that guy, and then I started hearing whispered discussions in the washrooms about handjobs, and blowjobs, and there was so much mis-information being passed around that just didn't make any sense. I decided, for my own peace of mind, to learn as much as I could.

"However, while much of the science was easy to find and understand, and the myths were easy to dispel, the physical side of it wasn't. I read a lot of on-line books, and downloaded a whole bunch of porn, but that still didn't make up for what it really felt like, and whether some of the things I saw or read about were things I really wanted to do, or feel, or have done to me. After all, I've never had an orgasm that I didn't cause myself, so I have no idea what it feels like to come when someone else is in control.

"While I was doing the research, I kept thinking about how I was going to be able to do these things, and I kept thinking of you. We have been best friends forever, and I trust you with my life. Who else would I go to for help with matters of my body? And quite frankly, I never realized it until a moment ago, but you're very handsome, and quite sexy in a muscular sort of way, and touching you like this is turning me on."

I stopped myself from speaking for a moment. Her little speech had thrown me for a loop, and resonated deeply. This was my best friend, my soulmate, standing here in front of me and saying that she not only wanted to have sex with me, but also wanted to explore many forms of sexuality with me. She had openly admitted her desires, and her sexual experiences thus far, and now wanted to explore further, with me. I looked her over once more, realizing for the first time that she was gorgeous, from her auburn hair to her green-eyed and freckled face, her full lips, her even fuller breasts, her narrow waist, and her toned legs.

After a moment's further reflection, I quietly said, "If we have sex, things between us will change. We can't likely just be friends once we've had sex."

"I know. I've thought about that more than anything. I've agonized over that very issue. But, I also realized that it's only you that I want to have sex with. I think I'm actually in love with you, so having sex with you would be the next logical step. But I don't want to stop at some foolish fumbling. I don't want to be just another couple of horny teenagers, who'll make a mess of things. I want to learn all I can, the same way as we've always learned all about any other topic. I want to try different things, and I want to do all of these things with you.

"I think our friendship is strong enough to withstand anything. Even if this goes horribly wrong, I think we can still be friends. If it works out the way I hope, then I think we will be closer than any two people can ever hope to be. I think it's worth the risk."

By this point, the emotion of her statements was making her chin, and her voice, quiver, and tears were rolling down her cheeks. My heart jolted at seeing her like this. I had seen her sad and crying before, at the death of a favourite cat, but I had never seen her in quite this state.

I reached out and wrapped her in my arms, pulling her in tightly, and burying my face in her unruly curls. I inhaled the fresh clean scent of her hair while I was thinking, stalling until the right words came to me. I could feel her tears running down my chest, and my heart jolted at the thought that I might be the cause. She had said that she might be in love with me; I realized the reverse might also be true.

I finally loosened my hold, and moved her out a bit so that I might look into her eyes. "What you have said has, quite literally, just changed my world. You've made me suddenly look at you with different eyes. Where you used to be 'my best friend, the girl next door, ' you are now proposing that we should become lovers. That changes things, and will change things forever. For one thing, a moment ago I realized that you are beautiful; I never thought of you in that way before. By the same token, I never want you to stop being my best friend.

"Like you, I think our friendship can survive anything, including being naked together, which we haven't done since we were in diapers. I also hope that this will not hurt us, but take us to a deeper place. I agree that it is worth the risk. And I also think that I may be in love with you, but never realized it until just now."

A fresh batch of tears ran down her face as I finished, and she reached up to pull my face down for a kiss. This kiss started slowly, and tenderly, then her lips opened, and her tongue came out to play along my lower lip. She gave a breathy little moan, and moved tighter to me; I could feel her breasts crushing into my chest, and opened my mouth a little. Her tongue invaded my mouth, finding mine, and playing with it, tip to tip.

Having an armful of what I had just realized was a beautiful girl started to have various physical effects on me. My breathing got faster, my pulse rate went up, and blood started to move to my groin. As I realized that my penis was starting to announce its presence, so did she; while I was getting embarrassed, she was moving against it, which only made matters worse. I knew that the trapped position of my penis would soon start to cause me discomfort, even as she seemed to think it was a good idea to rub tightly against it.

Just as I thought I was going to have to end this to avoid further embarrassment, she broke the kiss and stepped back. She took a quick look down at the front of my tented shorts, then looked back at me, and said, "Well, since we're both in agreement, then we need to get this project started, and we've no time to waste."

She started to walk away, and I thought she was going home, which would give my erection time to subside. Absently, I watched the sway of her hips and the movement of her ass as she walked away. Her shorts were quite short, were molded to her rear, and did wonderful things for it. 'I never noticed before, but she's got a great ass, ' I thought.

When she got to the garage door, she reached out to the control panel, and hit the button to close the door. The motor whined, and the door started its descent. She turned back around, and I looked a little stupidly at her.

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