Night Dreams: The Neighbor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Food, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After 30 years, Max is told he must leave... his wife, his house, his life. He moves to a new city, takes a new job, moves into a condo complex, existing as a virtual hermit for almost a year...until one day a new neighbor moves next door.

The Neighbor

"Finally" I said to my reflection in the pick up mirror as I pulled out of my office parking lot. After a week of Monday's, mercifully, it was 5:00 Friday. I intended to spend the weekend lazing about my little abode.

"Max, you have two glorious days to catch up on your reading, watch a movie or two, fix yourself something decadent yet delicious to eat, drink a few beers, and do whatever you want!"

The mirror stared back at me and reminded me, "You also have laundry to do, and food shopping, and you better scrub out the tub and wash and vacuum the floors."

I sighed at my reflection then grinned ruefully,

"Yeah, yeah ... I know, another weekend alone, with no one to spend time with, and plenty of chores to keep me from thinking too much about it."

I decided I had better stop talking to my reflection and pay attention to driving the five miles from my office to the complex I lived in. I lived in Pine Wood Estates, an upscale complex of condo-style, one story apartments ... at least that was how it was advertised when I checked it out a month after Bobbi insisted that I get my ass out of the home we had shared for 30 years. So, in a state of shock, I left and moved in with my brother for a couple of weeks, stayed drunk, and quit my job. When I sobered up, I realized I needed to reinvent myself. It wasn't going to be easy, but I figured I needed to begin a whole new life, somewhere else, or the pain was going to eat me up. I couldn't bear the thought of the wagging tongues, and the looks of pity from family and friends as I stumbled through the separation and divorce in the little town where I was born, and where I lived with Bobbi. We have three adult children who were trying to stay neutral in this ugly situation, and I didn't want them to suffer through this with me.

So, I hit the phones and called people in my business network, and discovered an opportunity in Bangor. Bangor is the largest city in Maine after Portland. It is the business center for the central and northern part of the state, and it is an hours drive from the little town I lived in. MasterClean, a national commercial janitorial company, with over 200 franchises nation-wide, one of which was located in Bangor, was seeking an individual with a strong management background. The following day, with an interview granted, I made the drive to their office, talked to the owner for over three hours, was offered the job on the spot, and I accepted.

I found a cheap motel to stay in and started my new career the next day. That weekend, with nothing else to do, feeling lonely and lost, I drove around the city and familiarized myself. I happened across a real estate guide while eating lunch at a diner, and found an add for Pine Wood Estates, "Upscale living at affordable prices!" The pictures of the complex look nice, so after I paid my tab, I decided to check this place out. Pine Wood was actually located in the next city over, Brewer, but only five miles from my office. A straight shot over I-395, which was very convenient. I pulled into the complex, located off a little residential street, and parked in the lot at the end of the Cul de' Sac. The place reminded me of a motel as it was two dead end streets, one running north and south, and intersecting at 90 degrees, with the other, that ran east and west. There were connecting rows of one story, single bedroom apartments on each side of the two streets, I located the office, went in and smiled at the middle aged bottle blond sitting at a desk watching a little portable TV perched on the counter.

"Good afternoon, my name is Max Libby. I stopped by to inquire about the apartments you are advertising."

Blondie reluctantly pried her eyes from the tear-jerker she was enamored with, and said,

"We have five apartments vacant right now, and three of those are ready to be occupied. Two are on Pine Cone Way, the street you came in on, the other is on Ponderosa Place- this street the office is on."

She stood and walked to the counter, grabbed a map off the stack of photo-copies sitting on the end of the counter, and circled the three apartments that were available. Her eyes darted back to the movie, so I asked,

"If I could get a key, I could take a look at them, to see if they will meet my needs. I promise I wont be more than 10 minutes or so, and I'll come right back with the key."

Her eyes flickered from the TV to me, debating whether she should accompany me with the key, or if she could stay and watch her movie while I toured the apartments.

"All the apartments are essentially alike ... you see one, you've seen 'em all." She grinned at me and held out the key.

I smiled at her innuendo and promised I be back in just a few minutes. Looking at the map, I walked back towards my truck on Pine Cone Way, as the apartment I wanted to see, apartment #12, was at the end of the row.

I figured it would be to my advantage to have only one common wall, instead of being in the middle of the row. Also, the laundry facility was only three doors down. Another plus. Additionally, the parking lot was directly across from #12. The apartments were cedar shingled, stained a light blue/gray, with large vinyl tip in windows, with manicured hedges and lawns. An asphalt sidewalk separated the edge of the lawns from the street, all in all very neat and well kept buildings. I slid the key in and turned the knob, walking into a ceramic tiled entry and dining area. To the right was a small carpeted living room with double windows, behind the dining area was a door leading to the small galley kitchen, complete with micro-wave, gas stove, large fridge, and automatic dishwasher. Adequate cupboard/counter space, double stainless steel sink, along with a small closet/pantry, and a door that led to the carpeted bedroom, essentially the same size as the living room, again with double windows and a large triple door closet for clothes and storage. There was a small bathroom off the bedroom with ceramic tile flooring, and the tub and toilet were sparkling white and clean.

I liked it. This would do ... my own little place. It dawned on me that I had never actually lived alone before. Went from living with the 'rents to living with, then marrying, Bobbi. I felt a lifting of spirits, a new job, a new city, a new home, a new life ... an adventure!

Grinning, I locked up and walked back to the office. I went over the terms of the lease with Blondie, everything except electricity and cable was included in the lease ... nice! Water, sewer, heat, trash, snow removal(to my door!), mowing of the grass, maintenance of the grounds and my apartment ... the whole nine yards... $650 a month. Blondie looked over my application, accepted my check for first month and security, and said,

"Monday, I will run a background check and call your references, if everything checks out you can move in immediately."

She smiled and held out her hand. I smiled back and shook the proffered hand, and said.

"I'll give you a call Monday afternoon, OK?"

Monday night I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag in my apartment, feeling like a kid on a camping trip. By the following weekend I had my little apartment furnished, and had Internet and cable hooked up. I was stylin!

Over the next few months I got to know a few of the neighbors in the complex ... mostly guys my age with similar stories ... divorced and starting life over.

Birds of a feather.

Mostly I kept to myself, and my life became one of routine. I would get to the office by 7 am each morning, leave around 5 pm and go back to my apartment, fix myself dinner, the read or watch TV until I turned out the lights by 10pm. Pretty boring, but I was still healing and putting all my energy into learning an industry I had no experience in. Managing 150 accounts and an 85 person cleaning staff was certainly an adventure. On the weekends, I puttered around my apartment, went hiking, and exploring my new surrounding, telling myself I was happy, that I didn't need a woman in my life ... but, who was I kidding ... I was sorely missing intimacy. I didn't know what to do about it ... I didn't really know anyone ... had no social network, and I sure as hell wasn't going to dip into the ranks of the cleaning staff ... uh uh, that would not be a good thing. Same with my clients ... business was business ... no dallying with employees or customers. I hadn't "dated" in over 30 years, so I was lost on that front too. So I contented myself with dating my left hand.

Nine months after I moved into my apartment, Tom Reynolds, my next door neighbor moved back with his estranged wife, leaving the unit next to me vacant. A week later, on a Saturday morning I was strolling to the laundry facility with a clothes basket full of dirty laundry, when I noticed a moving van pulled up to the vacant unit.

"Huh ... new neighbor I'd guess" I thought to myself "Wonder if this guy is like the rest of us here ... banished from our past lives."

I went into the laundry, dumped my clothes into a washer, stuck in the required six quarters, added some detergent, hit the button, and headed back to my apartment. I saw a late model Toyota Corolla pull up behind the van and watched as a beautiful redhead emerged from the car. She was probably in her mid 40's, only about 5' 2'', and her tight white jeans and emerald green sleeveless sweater revealed a body that made me stop and gaze, and catch my breath.


Her auburn hair was long and wavy, and sparkled in the sunlight, she noticed me gazing at her and turned and smiled. Her eyes matched her sweater, amazingly green and luminescent. She proffered her hand,

"Hi, I'm Holly." nodding towards the vacant apartment, "I'm just moving in. Do you live in the complex?"

Snapping out of my daze, I cleared my throat, and took her hand in mine.

"Pardon my manners ... yes, I live right next door." Nodding towards my apartment. "My name is Max ... Max Libby, pleasure to meet you Holly, welcome to the neighborhood."

Her eyes swept over the complex, moved back to me, "Seems like a nice place, do you like it here?"

"I've been here about nine months now, and yes, I do like it here. It's quiet, a little secluded, so no traffic noise, and most of the residents here are 40's and 50's ... so no children." I smiled, "Not that I don't love children, I do ... but I've raised mine, and now I like the quiet. When I get the urge to play, I go grab one of my grandkids and become a child again for a day ... then ship 'em back to their parents, usually sugared up to the hilt." I winked "Revenge."

Holly giggled, a delightful sound, her bright eyes twinkled, "I admit to doing the same with my three year old granddaughter ... it's soooo much fun isn't it."

We chatted and compared notes for a few minutes. I learned that she had separated and divorced recently, the family home was sold, and she needed a nice but low cost place to live. She worked for a medical practice as the office manager, had two adult children and the one grandchild. We parted with the proper "nice to meet you's", and she went to direct the movers unloading her furnishing. I walked back to my place with a silly grin smeared on my face, and thoughts of beautiful redheads etched on my mind.

I chuckled, "Good to know you ain't dead Max ... welcome back."

I spent the rest of the day tidying up my apartment, doing the laundry, and ran to the food mart and grabbed some supplies. When I got back it was about 6pm, and the moving van was just pulling out. I suspected that Holly had a long night in front of her getting her new digs arranged. I fixed myself a Black Jack on ice with a healthy splash of water, grabbed my book, (Nelson Demille's "Lions Game") and a canvas folding camp chair and went out on the lawn in front of my place. I sat up under the large maple tree where it was shady and kicked back and enjoyed sipping my drink and reading the novel. I heard Bonnie Riatt's beautiful voice crooning "Let's give them something to talk about" wafting through the screen of the open window of my new neighbors window.

Very nice!

I wondered if Holly and I could "give them something to talk about".

Playing that little fantasy in my mind made it impossible to concentrate on the novel, with a sigh, I got up and went in to fix another drink. I grabbed a New York strip steak, I had purchased at the food mart earlier, from the fridge, seasoned both sides with garlic powder, salt, fresh cracked pepper, and a bit of the Black Jack. Taking my drink in one hand and a bag of charcoal in the other, I stepped back outside. I poured some charcoal into the portable grill I kept outside, squirted some lighter fluid over the coals and touched it off. It would take about a half hour for the coals to get ash gray and perfect to grill my steak. I would have that along with a mixture of cold pasta and veggies in a sauce I made myself, for my dinner. I sat in my chair and soaked up the perfect weather, sipping my drink, and catching a wisp of Holly singing along with Bonnie, through her window. A minute later I saw her step outside struggling with a large garbage bag stuffed full. I jumped up and walked over and took it from her.

"Hi Holly, let me take that to the dumpster for you. Looks kinda heavy."

She smiled her gratitude, "Thanks Max,,, yes it is pretty heavy ... I appreciate your help."

I walked down to the other end of the street, where the dumpster was located and threw the bag in, turned and strolled back, waving to John Thompson, the resident in unit # 3, sitting on his lawn having a beer.

"Hey John, another beauty of a day eh."

John burped, waved back, "Sure is Max ... take all these we can get ... long cold winter coming."

I grinned, typical Mainer ... even in the dead of summer, we complain about the long cold winters. Giving John the thumbs up I strolled back and Holly stepped out as I passed her door.

"Thanks again Max, that was very nice of you to help."

"Oh, no problem Holly ... glad to do it. How's the moving in going?"

"Well, I have most everything put in place ... a few smaller items I'll do tomorrow. I'm ready for a break."

"Well Holly, I'm relaxing outside with a drink while I wait on the charcoal to burn down ... care to join me? I can offer you beer, wine or Jack Daniels."

"Why thank you Max, yes, I would love to sit and have a drink, and relax ... it's been a hectic day. If you don't mind, I'd enjoy a glass of red wine."

I told her to make herself comfortable in my camp chair while I freshened my drink and got her wine. I came back with the drinks and another camp chair and sat across from her. Offering her the goblet of wine, I remarked.

"Moving is never fun, but once it is done you will sit back and enjoy your new digs ... this is a pretty nice place to live."

I noticed she had changed from the tight white jeans and emerald green sweater to a pair of faded blue jean shorts, and a lavender t-shirt. She looked fantastic ... great legs ... nice rack ... incredible ass ... beautiful face ... wonderful smile...

Stop it Max! ... your gonna drive yourself foolish.

She grinned, and her eyes roamed a little too. She seemed to enjoy the view as much as I was.

We clinked glasses and toasted to new neighbors, new friends. We continued to chat, Holly proved to be a very intelligent woman, with a warm throaty laugh, and a quick wit. We agreed that a sense of humor was about as important as any attribute a person could possess. I was certainly smitten, and wondered if I was sensing a connection. Being out of the game for so long, I had no idea how to read signals, and decided not to embarrass myself or Holly, by making a foolish attempt at anything more than neighbors enjoying the late afternoon summer weather.

The coals were ready, so I invited Holly to share my meal ... I assured her I had more than plenty for both of us, and that I grilled a mean steak.

"You know Max, I've been so busy today with the moving that I never thought about dinner, and I haven't eaten a thing today ... so, I am famished. A steak sounds so wonderful ... are you sure it isn't an imposition?"

"Of course I'm sure ... I'd be honored to cook for you m'lady." with what I hoped was a rakish grin.

She giggled, again a very fetching attribute of hers, and bowed slightly,

"Thank you kind sir."

I refreshed her wine, and switched to seltzer water with a lime twist for myself. I figured I didn't need any more alcohol. While Holly went into her place to put on a few more Cd's and point her speakers out the window so we could have a little music in the background, I put the steak on the grill. A New York strip, cut 1 1/2"'s, perfectly seasoned, over hot coals for four minutes a side. I stirred up the pasta/veggie salad, and prepared a bed of fresh baby spinach on two plates to hold the salad. Stepped out and flipped the steak, then set up my folding card table outside on the lawn ... we would dine outdoors, enjoying the sound of the approaching evening, and the soft music from her speakers.

While I prepared the salad, and checked the steak, Holly made herself at home and grabbed two plates, silverware, napkins, the salt and pepper grinders, a couple of candles in their holders off the dining room table, and prepared our outside table. She set the salad plates while I cut the steak in two ... perfectly cooked and oozing juices, placing the two pieces on the plates she had brought out. I ran back in and grabbed the two Artisan French rolls I had heating in the oven, and the butter dish. We were ready to feast!

The flickering candlelight reflected in Holly's beautiful green eyes as she smiled at me,

"Max, I cant thank you enough for making me feel so comfortable from the moment I landed here today, helping me with my trash, then a very much needed glass or two of wine, now this absolutely wonderful dinner. I think I am a lucky girl to have you as my neighbor. After I get settled I will return the favor and cook for you, OK?"

I looked into her eyes and smiled, "Holly, I must confess ... this is the first time I've had the pleasure of a womans company since my separation and divorce ... almost a year now, and I can tell you, the pleasure is all mine. You are a beautiful woman, and delightful company, I am really enjoying this." I added, "I hope that doesn't sound too forward, but it is very nice to be sharing a drink and a meal with you. I would be delighted to join you for dinner sometime after you settle in. Thank you for the invitation."

She reached over and put her hand on mine, and smiled, "Max you are a sweet man, and believe me, I understand how lonely you must feel, because I do too. I haven't been in the company of a man for over a year, since my own divorce, and I am enjoying this as much as you say you are."

Well now.

This seemed to being going quite well, and I allowed myself a smile. It seemed the lovely Holly was telling me that she found me attractive as well ... was that possible?

Holly took her first bite of steak, she moaned and rolled her eyes, "Oh my God Max, this steak is absolutely fantastic."

I cut into mine and stuffed a hunk in, chewed, looked thoughtful, swallowed, then nodded, "Yep, not bad for a rookie eh?"

She giggled and kicking me lightly in the shin under the table, "Ha, you cant pull that one on me Mr ... I can tell you know exactly what you're doing."

Oh my ... was there some clever innuendo there?

In any case, this woman had my attention, and I hoped the moment would never end.

But, it did.

We took our time, and chatted while we enjoyed our dinner. Holly insisted on helping me clean up after, and further insisted on helping me with the dishes. She washed, I wiped and put away. Then she wiped her hands on the dish towel, stepped in and kissed me on the cheek,

"Max, I could never have imagined that moving today would lead to such an enjoyable evening, but I am bushed. I really appreciate the help and the dinner, but I think I need to go settle in. A good nights sleep is what this lady needs. Are you going to be busy tomorrow?"

"Nah ... usually Sundays are my lazy day ... I'll be around if you want to stop by. Holly, I am pleased we are neighbors too, and I thank you for such wonderful company tonight. I'm sure we'll run into each other at some point tomorrow."

I walked her to the door, and wished her a good night. She smiled and glanced back over her shoulder at me as she walked away ... I damn near melted. This woman was mesmerizing and incredibly fetching.

Oh boy Max ... don't get your expectations in an uproar. She may be just appreciative of a little common kindness, nothing more.

Still, my mind was on her smile, her eyes, and her wonderful throaty laugh as I plopped on the sofa and found a rerun of NCIS, that I'd only seen a few dozen times, on USA channel.

I love NCIS, and somehow managed to enjoy the show and for the most part kept my imagination and thoughts of Holly in check. After a couple of episodes, I called it a night and turned out the lights and hit the rack ... my mind was replaying the events of the day as I drifted off...

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