Tim and His Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Enema,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Getting an enema from his Mom leads to other things for Tim. Codes will be added as they occur.

Tim woke up with a terrible stomach ache. When Libby, his mother, tried to get him up for school it didn't take Tim long to convince her that he was feeling too bad to go to school.

Tim's mom quizzed him. "When was the last time you moved your bowels?"

"It's been a couple of days Mom, but I should be fine if I can lie down for another couple of more hours."

Libby gave her son a knowing smile as she told him. "Let me get your Dad off to work and your sister to the bus stop and I will be back."

Tim wasn't sleeping when his mother returned after about thirty minutes. "Get up son." She said as she took him by the arm helping him to his feet.

He had been sleeping with only a pair of white briefs and now stood in front of his mom feeling grateful that his usual morning erection hadn't happened because of his painful belly. That would have been very embarrassing if he stood in front of his mother with his cock stretching out the front of his under pants.

Libby pulled Tim after her leading him to the master bathroom just off of her bedroom. Tim stopped abruptly when he saw the big red enema bag hanging from the shower door. "Oh no! Mom please I don't want one of those."

It had been four years since fourteen year old Tim had been given a warm soapy enema from his mother. He had hated it then, feeling vulnerable and embarrassed when that big hose hanging from the red bag was inserted into his rectum by his mother. No matter how gentle his mother was as she pushed the nozzle past his tight brown hole he still felt like he was being violated. No one should ever have anything stuck in there!

Tim's Mom had been talking to him but he hadn't heard her tell him to drop his briefs ... twice, she had asked.

"Stop being a baby Tim!" Libby said in a frustrated voice as she unceremoniously pulled his underwear off of his slender body. CRAP! He thought to himself fully realizing that he was now standing naked, with his privates fully exposed, in front of his mother. Don't get hard now! He prayed. Now, wouldn't that be embarrassing to have his cock become hard and stand at attention while his mother looked on.

Libby made her son kneel on a large towel she had previously spread on the tiled floor, guiding him to a position where his forearms were on the towel and his teenage behind sticking up awaiting the dreaded enema.

As gently as possible Libby rotated the lubricated enema nozzle around the boy's tight entrance before inserting it. "Stay still Tim. This won't hurt. It will make you feel much better when we are done."

Tim had felt a tingle between his legs when his mother inserted the nozzle into his ass. When she released the soapy water into his bowels he could feel his prick getting hard. The more pressure he felt from the enema the harder he became. He didn't remember getting an erection during his last enema but of course he was only ten at the time. Now he had a hard on! He only hoped that his mother wouldn't notice it.

Libby stopped the enema but it was only a brief delay while she reached under her son to massage his stomach to make room for more liquid. As she ran her hand up and down his belly the back of her hand kept making contact with the head of Tim's erect cock. She had to notice his erection now He thought to himself. The occasional contact with his mother's hand made his cock ache for more.

Libby had noticed that her son's cock had become hard. She quickly stopped massaging the boy's stomach to release more fluid into the boy via the black hose that penetrated his blemish free bottom. She had had the urge to grip her son by his hard cock and give it a not so motherly squeeze but she rejected the urge even though she could feel her vagina becoming damp. Her husband hadn't taken care of her needs in several weeks. Libby had masturbated many times during those dry weeks but it wasn't the same as having a man's tool inside of her.

When she was done filling up the boy with her concoction of soap and water Libby gently removed the nozzle from her son's rectum, admonishing him to. "Stay right there until I tell you different. Give that soap time to work."

Tim stayed where he was, kneeling naked on the floor with his erection tight against his stomach. Libby watched her son as she began putting away the enema bag after cleaning the hose and nozzle with alcohol. She couldn't really see her son's cock from the angle she had but could see his firm ball sack pulled tight against his body.

She left the room telling him to evacuate himself before reporting to her in the bedroom. Tim did what he needed to do feeling much better when he was done. He wiped himself clean but couldn't find his briefs where his mother had thrown them on the floor. He felt a little self conscious going to the master bedroom still naked. At least his erection had mostly subsided. It slim prick was standing at half mast but quickly started to rise again when he saw his mother dressed in only her bra and panties.

Libby never walked around the house in front of her son unless she was fully dressed. Seeing his mom in her white bra and panties was a first for the boy. His cock was standing up straight as he stared at her half naked body. His boyish cock was slim but very hard stretching out to at least five and a half inches.

Not a bad cock for a youngster. Libby thought to herself as she admired Tim's erection. "I suppose you want to play with that thing now, don't you Tim?"

Tim was surprised at his mother's words but could think of nothing to say. His cock would never go down as long as his mother kept staring at it. He did want to grab his cock and stroke it until it would shoot his goo into the air and onto the bedroom rug. Tim was as horney as he had ever been in his short life.

"Answer me Tim. Do you want to play with that hard cock of yours?" COCK! Tim couldn't believe that his puritanical mother had said that word.

Feeling a strength that Tim didn't know he possessed, he looked up into his mother's eyes and said. "Yes mother, I do. I want to stroke myself right now."

Libby smiled at her boy. "Good, come lay on my bed and do it. I want to watch you make that hard cock shoot it's stuff."

As Tim walked by his mother towards the bed she reached out and caressed his smooth bottom. He lay on his back, spreading his legs wide open giving his mother an unobstructed view of his cock, balls and sparse pubic hairs. The skin covering his young cock was taught, begging for attention.

"Do it Tim. Rub yourself good. Mommy wants to see you shoot a big load of cum."

Tim couldn't believe that this was happening. His mother's dirty talk had his cock dripping precum from it's little eye. Tim rubbed the palm of his right hand across the wet tip of his cock smearing the precum onto his palm. It felt good to Tim when he finally took hold of his pecker in a tight grip pushing the skin back and forth as he commenced jacking off his hot pecker.

Libby sat on the edge of the bed mesmerized by her son stroking his cock. She had always been turned on by watching someone masturbating a hard cock. She had secretly watcher her brother jerk off many times while growing up. Her brother used to catch his cum in an old towel robbing her of the chance of watching his sperm fly out of his cock. This time would be different!

Libby slyly moved her left hand to the crotch of her undies using the heel of her hand to rub firmly against her hard clit. She watched as her son's stroking became faster and faster. She knew he was getting close to spurting his seed so she moved her hand against her clit faster to match his rhythm.

Tim was getting close to an orgasm. He was more turned on than ever before, jerking off while his mother sat on the bed watching him closely. When he grunted and the first stream of white goo shot into the air his mom wrapped her hand around his hand still letting him regulate the speed of his hand.

Spurt Spurt Spurt. Tim's cum was shooting straight up in the air, at least eighteen inches, falling back to cover both, but mostly his mother's hand. Tim had never shot so hard and so much cream in all the times he had masturbated his teen cock. Globs of creamy goo covered the back of his mother's petite hand.

Libby's pussy came right along with her son's eruption, finally getting to see a cock spurting it's juice into the air. Even her husband wouldn't allow her that pleasure, always insisting on cumming inside of her cunt or sometimes even her pouty mouth.

Curious Libby brought the back of her hand to her mouth. Does it taste different than an adult's sperm? She mused as she brought her tongue out to lap a big glob of her son's spend curling her tongue to bring the white goo into her waiting mouth. "Mmmmmm!" She said out loud. It was much sweeter that her husbands cum.

Tim could not believe that his mother just tasted his cum. He still had his hand gripping his half hard cock. He could feel it stiffening while he watched his mother lick another wad of his cock juice into her mouth eliciting another. "Mmmmm!"

Libby loved the taste of Tim's boy cream! She didn't stop licking her hand until all of his cum was sucked into her mouth. She saw that Tim was stroking himself again, the head of his cock appearing and disappearing into his hand which was moving at a rapid pace.

"No you don't!" Libby said as she pushed his hand away to replace it with her small hand. Tim thought how much bigger his cock looked while in his mother's tiny grip. She squeezed his cock enough to force a drop of something from his cock eye. She leaned forward and licked the precum from the head of his prick. Even tastes better from the source! Libby thought to herself.

Tim wanted to scream to his mother. Put it in your mouth, but he didn't. He had heard about blow jobs from his friends who all said that it was ten times better than jerking off. "Oh please Mother, put my cock in your mouth." Tim suddenly realized that this time he had said it out loud.

Tim's mom just looked at him with a smile before releasing his cock from her hand and replacing it with her wet mouth. Tim had never felt anything so wonderful as his mother's warm mouth and tongue running up and down his hard flesh. He lay back with his mouth open watching the erotic view of his own mother sucking on his cock.

Libby was enjoying fellating her son. His cock was clean and harder than her husband's ever got. She pulled her mouth off of him to run her tongue all over his young prick before tasting his ball sack, his sparse hairs tickling her nose, then putting her son's erect pecker back into her mouth. I won't be watching this orgasm, she thought. I'll be tasting this one.

Tim grunted as his cock erupted in his mother's waiting mouth. It was another good cum. He spurted many times forcing his mother to swallow quickly so as not to lose any of her son's precious juices. When he finished cumming his mother removed her mouth from him looking a bit embarrassed as the realization of what she had just done hit her. "I'm sorry baby. I never should have done that. "She said with a guilt ridden voice.

Tim wasn't sorry. He wanted his mother to take off her bra and panties and suck him again. Maybe even give him his first fuck. His cock was starting to rise again but his mother shooed him out of her bedroom. "Go get dressed Tim. This will never happen again."

Tim left, still naked, with his hard cock leading the way. As soon as he reached his room, leaving the door open in hopes of his mother seeing him, he stroked his cock to another orgasm spewing his cream into the air letting the jism fly where it may. He whispered to himself. "Here's another load Mother. Open your mouth wide!"

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