Katherine's Bargain With the Devil
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Group Sex, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Katherine is subjected to embarrassment and humiliation in order to protect her family. She is left without any kind of protection during a visit gone wrong in Mexico.

If you have not already read "Katherine's Decision" which can be found in the Author's Page under Neff Trebor, you should read it first for the events leading up to this part. I am trying to write this as close to a stand-alone story as I can, but it takes place after the previous story.

Technically, redheads make up only about 2% of the world's population. It is a little higher in the Netherlands, but in Mexico, it is almost non-existent. For Manual to march her down the street in high heeled shoes, and a short dress with her hair cascading down her back to her waist turned heads of men and women alike. If she had been walking alongside Manual, they would more likely suspect she was a prostitute. With her husband and a bag from The Rosarito Beach Hotel, most would assume she was part of a high-class tourist clientele spending their vacation there.

Katherine had basically made a deal with the devil. She was willing to do almost anything to keep her daughter, Dakota out of trouble. Manual had equipped them both with Bluetooth devices so he could follow and control them both. After a lot of anguish and crying, Katherine had agreed to do whatever Manual wanted her to do for some unspecified amount of time for some sort of retribution against her husband for coming across the border and trying to move some cocaine across.

Katherine had agreed to the deal to keep her daughter, Dakota, from having to do the same thing.

If Manual had just put her in a brothel, the normal customers who knew where it was would only pay a nominal amount for sex with her. Being near the border, there were many incredibly wealthy cartel members who frequented the high end hotels. There were also a lot of incredibly wealthy tourists who stayed in the five-star resorts to gamble, enjoy the sun and buy many unusual items just over the border. If Manual had brought in well dressed prostitutes, they would have been spotted instantly by the security guards from both sides of the border.

Katherine was wearing wrap-around self-darkening Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. Her hair had been pulled over to her left side of her face and braided about three times into a fishtail braid. The rest of her hair hung loose down her front. Manual had bought the Diane Von Furstenberg silk, printed jersey wrap from Niemen Marcus over the internet for another woman, but it was too small for her. It was a brown and yellow diamond print with a deep v-neck and short sleeves. The front wrapped around the front and tied on the left hip. From her waist, it was sixteen inches long. It was o.k. walking down the street, except when the wind blew. When she sat down, she had to keep her clutch purse held in her lap to protect her modesty.

Manual had ordered them to have brunch outside on the patio. They sat under a red umbrella while Manual sat at the bar a few feet away having coffee and read the paper. Catherine sat with her hands on her lap. She kept one hand on her lap while she ate. Several couples came by and Manual ordered Joe to invite them over. Everybody was hospitable and sociable, but nothing came of it.

Manual told them to take a walk along the boardwalk that connected the other hotels along the beach. Katherine walked with her right arm around her husband's. The breeze in from the ocean was brisk and cool. The wind whipped her dress around, and she tried to pinch the wrap against her hip to keep it closed.

Manual told her to forget about that. Katherine was humiliated, because he had ordered her to dress in the high heels, dress and no bra or panties. Katherine tried to appear oblivious to what the wind was doing to her dress as it whipped the sides open from time to time. The men sitting on the benches couldn't believe their eyes. They didn't quite realize what had happened until she had already walked by. They were sure they had seen a naked cleft for a millisecond. Could that really be?

Joe and Katherine walked past the front of one hotel and were crossing the parking lot to another. Several young athletic men were taking their surfboards back to their cars. Several other men drove up in a couple of Porsches and parked to watch the women tourists sunning themselves. They were from the local cartel, hoping to pass on some marijuana or cocaine to the tourists.

Manual had seen them and passed his orders on to the two of them. Katherine wheeled around and glared at him. He glared back. Kate was stunned, but deep down not that surprised. In the back of her mind, she knew it had to come down to this, or it wouldn't have been in keeping with Manual's devious criminal personality.

Katherine walked over to the bench where couples pause to sit and romantically watch the sunset. Manual told her to sit. Katherine sat. The dress fell open. Kate crossed her legs and pulled the dress up around her. Manual let it go. Joe had been ordered to go talk to the men in the Porsches.

Joe had been satisfied from their brief conversation that they were not from the police. Joe brought them over. Katherine sat there petrified. These were not ordinary Mexicans. They were tall, dark and mostly clean shaven. They had their hair covered with red bandanas. They were wearing faded blue oxford cloth dress shirts that were unbuttoned. They had brown umber boots that laced half way to their knees. They had faded blue denim jeans that were belted high around their waists. They looked more like Harley Riders than somebody from the Porsche Club who were there to watch the polo match.

Katherine listened to the directions over the Bluetooth. She tried to conceal the look of terror as she made eye contact with them. As ordered, she let go of her dress. The sides fell open as she extended her hand for a handshake.

"Hi. My name is Katherine. My husband and I are new around here. We are here to see the sights. We have lost our credit cards and are going to need some money. My husband has asked me to try to strike some kind of bargain with you men. Do you gentlemen think we can make any kind of deal?'

"My name is Tito." The taller man said as he took her hand and kissed it. "My friend here is Heraldo. We are local business men who cater to the tourists."

"I have been ordered to have sex with in return for money. For two thousand dollars, I will do whatever you want." Katherine was choking on her words, but tried to present the best smile she could come up with. It was weak and not that convincing. It didn't matter. This was a beautiful woman. Her reddish brown hair hung down her left side. She had wound a couple of twists into her for a fishtail braid. The rest of her long hair hung clear down her side into her lap. Her short silk shift had opened when she raised her hand. This was no ordinary redhead. Most redheads don't tan. Her long, suntanned legs has a slight smattering of freckles, but had a nice Coppertone sheen that could be seen clear to the juncture of her dress just below her crotch. They may have been able to see her alabaster cleft if her hair had been swept back over her shoulder. Her dress fit like a glove. There was no misunderstanding that she didn't have a bra. Her nipples quivered to telegraph the fright in her eyes.

Tito did not respond. He looked at her. He sat down beside her on her left. He turned towards her and softly grabbed the braided portion of her hair just below her neck. He lifted the mass of hair, lifted it up and over the back of her shoulder. The disappearance of her long braid left her beautiful long legs exposed. He stared at her breasts. Tito extended his left thumb and forefinger around the tie holding her dress closed. He pulled. The dress went slack. Tito grabbed the tie and pulled it across her body enough that it cleared her right breast.

Catherine looked into his eyes and tried not to blush. It was no use. Her cheeks turned red and goose bumps rushed across her front like wheat waving in the breeze. There was no hiding her embarrassment.

Katherine watched the couples sunning themselves a few yards away. She watched the small children cavorting with their plastic buckets at the edge of the breaking waves. She tried to think of why she was doing it. She tried to shut out her revulsion as she focused on the thought of trying to protect her husband and daughter.

Tito was starring. He was starring at the right breast he had just uncovered. He pulled on the fabric. Katherine blushed as her left nipple came into view. Tito and Heraldo had not seen many red-haired women. He had not seen many pink nipples and areoles either. They certainly had not seen pink nipples as long as hers. Red-headed women did not have this combination of hair color, skin coloring and incredible class. She was clearly under tremendous stress, but still had a proud classy air about her that their humiliation could not seem to crack.

Katherine sat silently, proudly, waiting to see what they would decide. She did not care about the money. She did not care whether they accepted the deal or not. To Tito and Heraldo, a woman who would not capitulate on price had an incredible amount of class. They would have paid any amount to have sex with her.

"Just what do you do for that much money," Tito asked as he extended the back of his hand and caressed the exposed nipple closest to him. Katherine shuddered. The conversation and caressing hit her like an anvil. She knew she could not recoil without offending the men on each side of her, and Manual watching from a few yards away.

Katherine was too shocked and humiliated to talk about sex with a stranger. She sat there, quietly trying to conceal her feelings of humiliation. Her husband was standing in front of her, facing her, shielding her image from the people frolicking on the beach as Tito caressed her. Tito and Heraldo stared.

"All I can do is say I will do whatever you want." She choked on the words she had echoed from her earpiece. Tito looked up and around to see, like he had just found a couple of money sacks that had just fallen out of a Brinks truck as he repositioned her dress and tied the belt. He affectionately took her hand as he, Heraldo, and her husband walked back to the parking lot.

Katherine got in the Porsche with Tito. Joe got in with Heraldo, and Manual went back to his own car, because he knew where he was going to tell Katherine to take them. With Katherine relaying the conversation through her earpiece, they all went to an obscure business district on the edge of the city.

The streets were bare of people. The sides of the streets were lined with high stucco walls that had rows of jagged glass embedded in the concrete top. Manual made a call and the doors opened. The procession went through and the doors closed. Inside the compound, the grass was green. There were servants tending the flowers, fruit trees and plants.

Tito and Heraldo, with their arms around Katherine, walked up to the inner wrought iron gates that separated the garden from the inner patio lined with umbrella covered picnic tables. Beyond that was another set of closed doors to the main gathering room of the whorehouse. By the time they were escorted through the main doors, Manual was with them. There was a group of leather couches and chairs grouped in a square in the middle of the room. Manual sat in the center of one couch. Joe took one of the padded seats. Katherine was seated facing Manual with Tito and Heraldo sitting on either side of her. Tito was still affectionately holding her hand, unwilling to let her get away.

The group of Mexicans spoke silently. They were discussing price and performance. Katherine and Joe sat there, not understanding the words, but had a good idea what they were talking about. Katherine's eyes searched her husband's looking for compassion; looking for a way out.

The two men buying Katherine's services stood and pulled out some large rolls of hundred dollar bills. They each peeled off a thousand dollars or so each. Katherine watched in sadness. She understood the deal had been done. Now she was to perform.

Manual led the procession up the matching spiral stairs to the second level. There was a row of rooms off of the halls overlooking the courtyard atrium. Manual opened the door to one suite. In front of the far wall, was a huge bed covered with black plum linen sheets. The wall was covered with Japanese plum drapes. On the axis with the door and bed, was an arrangement of four leather couches around a square block of green slump glass, which was used as a coffee table. The large block of glass was back lit from below.

The men sat. Katherine stood to the side. Manual sat in a couch facing the two men. Responding to his ear bud, Joe went over to the wet bar and filled a pitcher with water and brought the pitcher, a large ceramic bowl and towels to his wife. Katherine and Joe looked briefly at each other. Both were pale, understanding what was coming next.

Katherine walked over to stand in front of Tito. She looked briefly into Manual's eyes as she set the ceramic items on the coffee table. She was looking for sympathy for what he was ordering her to do.

Katherine poured some hit water into the bowl and set it to the space between Heraldo and Tito. Tito spread his knees. Like a prisoner taking his last steps to the electric chair, she stepped between them. Tito reached out and almost with a reverent expression reached up and pulled on the cloth strap that kept her wrap fastened to her side. The front of her dress unfurled. Katherine stood, silently, not assisting or resisting as the garment opened of its own weight.

The top opened to reveal center of her chest, but caught on her nipples. The garment that concealed her nipples helped to frame and focus the men's eyes on her alabaster white shaven cleft which was surrounded by her tanned abdomen and long slender legs.

Katherine tottered in humiliation on her six inch clear Plexiglas high heels. She did not resist when Tito took the hem and pulled. She tipped her head to one side and arched her shoulder in resignation as the garment slipped from her and pooled around her feet. Katherine stood there in humiliation as the men stared quietly. Even her outraged husband had to watch with envy, knowing what was about to happen.

Katherine responded to Manual's voice in her ear as she arched her head back and brought her long red fishtail braid back behind her, showing her long-stemmed pink nipples. Her expression of humiliation and sadness was quite stimulating to the two men, who were used to seeing brazen and indifferent women who had grown used to their job and just wanted drugs.

Katherine leaned over and helped Tito with his shirt. Her medium sized melon breasts swayed slightly and her nipples were almost in Geraldo's mouth when she moved over and took his off also.

Katherine blushed as she responded to the order to kneel. She kneeled down with her butt on the floor and her high heels splayed beside her as she slowly opened Tito's belt and undid his zipper. Tito rose up on the couch as she pulled his briefs and jeans down past his knees. Katherine tried not to stare as his huge shaved semi flaccid member started to wake up. Katherine looked up into his eyes as she moistened the face cloth.

Katherine was reluctant to touch him, knowing what it would do. She maintained eye contact with him as she reached up with her left hand and wrapped her forefinger and thumb behind the growing crown. She reached up with her right hand and caressed it with the moist towel. She tried to hold the throbbing and growing monster still as she bathed it and then dried it. Katherine chose to make eye contact the whole time, rather than lower her eyes and acknowledge the cruel weapon he was about to use on her.

Once he was clean, she moved over and repeated the disrobing process on Heraldo. She her left hand wrapped around his shaft when she felt Tito grab her arm. She looked up at him. Tito grabbed her and pulled her back over to where he was sitting. Tito sat down and pulled her down on his lap. She was ordered to continue bathing Heraldo.

Heraldo came over and stood a few inches away from her with the wet rag in one hand and the dry towel in the other. Before she could continue, she felt Tito try to raise her off of his lap. She was now bent over, with one hand wrapped around Geraldo's cock and her face an inch away as Tito braced her with one hand and rubbed his growing club against the bottom of her cleft with the other.

Katherine was dry with fear. She was not ready for the thing. Slowly Tito brought it back and forth; up and down across her opening. The movement brought a thin film of lubricant out of him until he was able to enter her.

Katherine was humiliated. She had her legs spread with this evil monster being waved along her unwilling cleft. She waited patiently; unwillingly for her body to accept this monster. Once inside, he pulled her gently down over it. Katherine screamed silently as the thing slid into her beyond all imagination.

Once it was clear in, Tito held her against him in silent ecstasy. One she was seated, Heraldo handed her the wet towel again. With her mind divided between the pain and humiliation that had already entered her she was now focusing on the additional anguish growing in front of her.

Katherine bathed and dried the monster growing in front of her eyes. When she was done, she did not need to hear the next commands from her ear buds. Trying to present a defiance she did not have, she looked over at her husband as if to say: "Do you see what you have done to me? How could you put me here?"

Knowing there were no options for procrastination, she looked up into Geraldo's eyes as she took off her wire rimmed glasses, folded them and laid them on the armrest of the couch.

Katherine reached up with her right hand and guided his left hand under left armpit for some support as she leaned into him. She grabbed the base of his shaft with her left hand; squeezed her fingers around it and began to draw the circle of fingers snuggly towards his crown. The thin skin slid along with her fingers until it seemed to gather at the back of the crown. Katherine kept her eye contact as she moved her right hand over to cover the end of the crown. She seemed to be trying to hide it so nobody could really see what she was doing, as she bent forward and opened her lips to kiss the opening softly.

Katherine looked back up at him to see if that was enough. When she looked back down, the white fluid of excitement seeping out of the end told her she had started something that could only finish one way.

Katherine laid her right forearm against his thigh for support. She raised the shaft with her left hand and rubbed it against her left cheek; between her loosened, open lips and against her clenched teeth as she looked up at Tito. He could not see her. He had his head back. It thrashed back and forth slowly from side to side.

Katherine was watching him intently, wanting to make sure she caught the tell tale signs of facial expressions and muscle tightening in time. She wanted to pull away from him in time to avoid having to swallow. She couldn't do it. Never in her life had she done that. She had never allowed her husband much more than a peck on the end; a compromise to what he wanted and what she was determined to avoid.

It was different now. She had her husband and daughter to think about. She had to consider doing whatever it took to get them all out of the country.

Katherine let her lips part as she brought the end into her mouth. She didn't know which was more humiliating; the baseball bat slowly inching in and out of her "wonder down under," or the pulsing and throbbing purple salamander trying to crawl down her throat.

Katherine turned her head back and forth, slowly, trying to keep Geraldo from getting a straight shot down her throat. Her cheeks bulged. Her neck muscles bulged. Her throat gurgled as it tried to keep out of the way. She tried desperately to make eye contact with Geraldo to let him know she needed air.

Katherine was distracted by the two men violating her from both ends. Too late, she did not catch Geraldo stiffening up. She was not able to get both hands around it with her thumbs along the canal along the bottom of his shaft to pinch off the flow into her mouth.

The first eruption shot down her throat. What would not fit came splashing out of the sides of her lips. Katherine's instinctive reflex was to pull away, but that didn't go well. She was vaguely aware of the cell phone flashes as the fluid went up her face; into her hair; into her eyes, up her nose and across the side of her face.

Geraldo's two hands quickly repositioned her back onto him so he could get the dying shudders where he wanted. "Open your fucking mouth. Stick out your tongue; wider; farther." She heard.

She looked up at him as she leaned forward and grabbed it; both to steady herself and keep it from spraying her. She put her tongue out as far as she could; cupped and flattened it to capture the subsiding eruptions. The semen puddle into her tongue as the four men leaned in close to watch the transfer of fluids paddling on her tongue.

Katherine closed her lips and swallowed, hoping that was the last of it. Her lips hollowed, trying to coax the last drops out of him. She closed her eyes in humiliation, trying to shut out the images of the curious men facing her.

Katherine lowered her head but kept hold of the shaft in her left hand as she raised her rear end in response to the movement underneath her. Geraldo seemed satisfied with her performance, and helped support her as she tried to shift her support to her feet and hands. She rose up to give Tito several inches of more room.

She was now standing on her own feet; bent over at the waist with her legs spread; head down and against the side of Geraldo's cock. She was now focused on the pain, agony and humiliation taking place between her legs. She knew how she looked to the two men and closed her eyes as Tito sawed slowly in an out of her.

She tried not to complain, but it took everything she had in her to not openly sob. She was hoping that Tito would sit down and hold still; so she could move and take what she could without crying. She knew she would have to take it all; but if she initiated the movements, she could do it much more slowly.

Before she was done, Tito moved her off of him much to her relief. She did not want to let him ejaculate in her and get her pregnant. Her relief was short lived, as the men just turned her around.

Now, Geraldo had spread her legs as far as he could. He had bent her over and lowered her head. She was being forced to change positions; now wither mouth over the seated Tito, and her now sore vagina open to accept Geraldo.

Humiliated, Katherine's gaze met her husband's once more while she switched positions. She looked at him again as she wrapped her left hand around Tito's shaft and began to slowly milk him. She had to bend over from her standing position to slide her lips over his slick, gleaming bat.

Katherine held off with her position over his cock as she steadied herself for the assault from behind. Geraldo needed to get situated. He tried to get familiar with the anatomy in front of him. He slowly worked several fingers into her, one at a time until she was silently praying for the actual rape. The big bat was only one clumsy weapon. It did not wiggle and thrust up and down as rapidly as the ugly penis.

Katherine seeped silently in indignation at the second rape. It was such a more humiliating position to have her ass in the air, and her face being lowered onto this Tito's throbbing and slick organ.

Katherine wrapped her left hand around his shaft and lay her right forearm and elbow on his thigh for support. She was in the most humiliating position that she could imagine with this tree trunk against her cheek.

Slowly, she raised herself above it and opened her lips to accept it. Tito could not move, because he was sitting down. It was even more humiliating when she was forced to do all the work.

Katherine milked it for a while, trying to get her humiliated mind to accept this exchange. She opened her lips and slid them down past the ridge at the back of his crown. It was hard to accept the in and out motion into her vagina and at the same time keep her balance with her mouth over the end of his penis. Geraldo was essentially moving her back and forth on the dick in her mouth.

Once again, the proud beautiful Katherine was unable to keep track of the different things going on. She was once again un-prepared for the simultaneous eruptions. She could never have done anything about the massive flow into her from behind. She was still unable to stop the eruption into her mouth, leaving her with another embarrassing coating over her eyes, nose and hair.

Once Tito's convulsions had stopped and she had been ordered to suck everything out of him she could, she was again ordered to turn and clean off Geraldo.

Nobody offered to, or helped her clean up while the men dressed. Katherine sobbed and her shoulders shuddered as she slowly took the wet rag and tried to wipe what she could out of her hair and face.

When she was done, the men were dressed, leaving Katherine on the ground; butt on the ground between her splayed ankles; her hands and face cradled over her knees, sobbing quietly and wondering what was next.

"You need to go into the bathroom and shower up Miss Katherine. Supper time is coming. We are going to take you back to the Hotel. The lounge is going to be filling with happy hour customers. We will take you back and see who you can meet. We will have some more appropriate and sexier clothes for evening wear."

Katherine was led, naked to the shower. She took her time washing, because she was in no hurry to come out and face the men or the evening before her.

When they all went back out and drove back to the Hotel, Katherine was dressed again in her thin wire-framed spectacles. She had on a Donna Karan silk shift that buttoned up the front. Her hair had been washed; rinsed; and re-braided into the same fishtail braid that hung loose down the left side of her front. Her hair was still wet, and gave her a fresh athletic look as though she had just finished working out.

The five-point seat harness kept the dress from being buttoned much below her crotch because the center belt from the floor came up between her legs to buckle into the harness at her waist. She could not cross her legs, so everybody pulling up beside her at the stop lights had a good look at the provocative middle aged woman with no bra or panties. When the Porsche pulled away, Katherine was unable to keep the sides of her top from fluttering out, exposing her nipples to the men in the higher seats of the SUV's.

When they got out of the car and she and Joe were escorted in, Katherine and Joe were shocked to see Dakota, their fourteen-year-old daughter being escorted over to the bar and seated with another big Mexican they had seen when they were initially pulled over in their El Camino.

Dakota was dressed the same way as her mother. The only differences were that Dakota's dress seemed quite a bit shorter. The loose or missing buttons at the top and bottom made it seem like an almost futile attempt to dress her. Why bother? She was clearly naked below the dress. The exotic young Chinese girl seemed much older than her mother knew her to be. She had a frightened, glazed look in her eyes; not the excited or indifferent look that she brought over the border with her.


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Will the fourteen-year-old Dakota be put in the same position of trying to bargain with their abductors for freedom of her parents?

Will the proud Katherine agree to humiliate and degrade herself even more in exchange for their freedom?

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