Kanata Summer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Slow, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Steve and Karen go on a different kind of vacation with their parents - to a naturist camp. In the process, they go through changes that will re-define their lives. Read how they find love, new friends, and cope with the processes of becoming young adults. The story contains incestuous elements, but is not primarily a story of incest.

"We're going somewhere different this year for our vacation," our Dad summarily dropped a bombshell on my younger sister, Karen, and me. "Your mother and I have talked to Brad and Dianne Morrison about this for a couple of years, and we've decided that this is the year."

The year? And this was The Year for what? I had a bad feeling that whatever it was, I wouldn't like it, and neither would my fifteen-year old sister.

"What happened to the usual vacation at Lake Adams?" I asked.

"Well, this year Brad suggested we go to a little place in the mountains he heard about, called Kanata Camp," Dad told me. "He showed us a brochure on the place, and we're both really interested in trying it out. I imagine they got the same reaction from Tanya that we're getting from you two, but we're all going, and that's final."

"I guess staying home isn't an option, is it?" I tried to deflect their latest conspiracy.

"Well, in a word ... no," was all we were left with.

Dad went on to describe this hell-hole in the middle of nowhere. The resort consisted of several cabins, a communal kitchen and bath house, its own private lake and beach, a horse stable and several riding and hiking trails, and a complete lack of interesting activities that guaranteed our one month stay would be as boring as possible. Being remote, there was no TV, no video games, and the nearest town was about fifty miles away.

Oh, and there was one more thing. It was a naturist camp! Total nudity while on the property for the entire month!

That last bit of information turned Karen as white as a ghost, and I don't imagine I had much more colour than she did. We finished our supper in complete silence, and with a full loss of appetite. As soon as we'd finished eating, the two of us ran up to my room ro commiserate and discuss some kind of survival strategy.

"Steve, I think they might have finally lost their minds!" Karen ventured after supper as we sat in my bedroom consoling each other. "A nudist colony? What the fuck are they thinking? Damned if I'm going to spend my whole summer vacation walking around naked! We've got to do something, and fast!"

I agreed with her, but had no clue what. I mean, when my parents got an idea in their heads, they'd never let it go. About all we could do was arm ourselves with as much information as we could. I went downstairs and grabbed all the brochures, then returned to my room so Karen and I could go through them. Just as I sat down again, the phone on my desk rang, and Karen answered it.

"It's Tanya Morrison," she announced as she pushed the receiver in my face. "I think she's as pissed as we are."

I'd known Tanya for years, and we'd become pretty good friends. She was the same age as me, seventeen now, and we'd kept in touch. If they'd lived a little closer, I'd have spent all my free time with her. She was absolutely gorgeous in my mind, and the last time I'd seen her, she was 5'7", about 100 pounds, and I estimated her perky breasts to be a 34B. She was part of the cheer-leading squad at her school, and all that exercise had done a wonderful job. Whenever I saw her strawberry blond shoulder length hair flying in the breeze, I thought I detected sparkling highlights in it that immediately grabbed my full attention. I had been looking forward to seeing her again this summer ... until our parents had dropped that bombshell on us.

I took the phone, composed myself, then said hello.

"Hi, Tanya," I answered the call. "What's up?"

"Umm, have your parents mentioned this year's vacation yet?" she wanted to know.

"Yeah, they just hit us with it at supper tonight. Karen and I are beginning to think they might have finally gone completely insane. But by the sound of it, we don't have much choice, because we've been told that staying home isn't an option. I'm not looking forward to it, that's for sure," I explained.

"Steve, I don't have an option either, and I'm scared out of my mind! If you and Karen are there, I might get through this without going crazy. You're the only two people that I'll know at this place. The idea of being naked in front of strangers makes me feel sick inside!"

Hmm. If this was a nudist camp, and Tanya was there, that meant that I'd have a whole month to drool over her exquisite body. If there were no other saving graces to the place, that one compensation would definitely make this torture worthwhile.

Suffice to say that any arguments we made to our parents fell on deaf ears. On the last day of June, my sister and I found ourselves staring at a gate with a sign over it announcing that we'd arrived at Kanata Camp. That was it. No indication that it was a resort, or a nudist camp, or anything else. My visions of electrified barbed wire fencing around the place dissolved, now replaced by the reality of a four-foot high split-rail one.

Dad checked in, then drove us up to our assigned cabin. Actually, for being in the middle of nowhere, it looked pretty comfortable. The front of the cabin had a full-length covered porch accessed by three steps from the dirt walkway leading to it. Inside was a decent sized sitting area with a fireplace at one end and a sofa with two mismatched arm chairs. Under the front window sat an old dining table with four stamp-back chairs that had seen better days, but were stronger than they looked. There was also a king-sized bed, presumably for our parents, and a sturdy-looking set of bunk beds along the adjacent wall.

I deferred to my sister's claim for the bottom bunk and checked out the top one that would probably be my hiding place for the next month. The only other room was the bathroom, which contained a wall-hung sink, an old style toilet with the traditional oak seat, and an old claw-foot bathtub with a hand-shower. But the bathroom was also the only room in the cabin that was defined by four walls. Everything else was out in the open, providing absolutely no privacy whatsoever. Mom and Dad were delighted; Karen and I were anything but.

"First things first," Mom declared. "This is a naturist camp. You might as well get used to not wearing clothes. So, both of you, strip. Now."

Karen stared at me in total fear, and reluctantly, we did as we were told. By the time I had all my clothes off, she was reaching behind her to unclasp her bra, her embarrassment at exposing her breasts quite obvious. I guess I'd instinctively tried to cover my own nakedness with my hands, because our now-nude mother kept clearing her throat loud enough to scare off any wildlife within twenty miles. By the time I reacted and moved my hands, my sister was hooking her fingers into the waistband of her panties, the last remaining vestige of modesty left to her.

Wow! My sister was ... beautiful! I mean, I'd seen her running down the hall in just bra and panties before, and the sight had always been kind of exciting, but I hadn't seen her naked since we were little kids. As I took in the vision before me, my cock started to rise to the occasion, and that fact wasn't lost on Karen. She gave me a dirty look, but I could see her checking me out.

Then I saw my mother naked and that really set me off. For a 39-year old mother of two, she had a body that could only be described as fantastic! Seeing her 36C breasts was the last straw and I was hard instantly ... and eight shades of red. The fact that Mom had curves where no mother has any right to have them didn't help either.

"What's the matter, Steve?" Mom began to tease me. "Having trouble being around naked women? You'd better get used to it, because this is all I'm wearing for the next month."

Karen looked around, saw our father and inhaled sharply at the sight. All that time he'd spent at the gym had certainly paid off. There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere, and I caught myself involuntarily checking out his semi-hard cock. Gawd, the man was as big as a horse, although I was no slouch myself. He spotted my erection and began to chuckle.

"That's something else we'd better get used to, isn't it?" he remarked about the horizontal pole sticking out from my groin. "I must admit that the sight of your mother naked is giving me the same reactions."

At the sounds of his confession, Karen immediately ran into the bathroom to hide, slamming the door on her way in. I would have done the same, except she'd locked the door and there was nowhere else to hide.

"Karen, you may as well come back out," Mom called to her, "unless you're planning on spending your whole vacation in there." Her voice was filled with mirth as she teased my poor sister before redirecting her attention to me.

"Steve, we asked about how you guys should handle erections. Apparently, it's quite a common occurrence and everyone gets used to them. May as well get used to them happening, because you're not spending the next month hiding in this cabin."

Dad just chuckled to himself, then stepped out the front door and found a seat on the porch. I'd never asked my father for much in the way of sexual advice over the years, but I joined him, and the shock of being nude out in the open really hit me hard ... in more ways than one.

"Dad?" I pleaded, and he nodded. "How the hell am I supposed to handle having a ... a hard-on all the time? Shit, it's embarrassing as hell, and I haven't even left the cabin yet!"

"Good question," he came back, "and I don't have an answer for you. I'm trying to keep myself calmed down, but the sight of your mother naked makes it difficult. Karen's growing up, and I have a feeling that you and I are going to be waving around in the breeze after we meet the rest of the women in this camp. But I just have to keep reminding myself not to stare at their tits ... or their pussies. So if you find another solution to our problem, let me know?"

Mom came out to join us and to take in the fresh mountain air. She had a lascivious leer on her face, and it was almost impossible to miss the fact that our current wardrobe had gotten her horny.

"Lennie, can I help you with that?" referring to Dad's growing erection. "Steve'll have to take care of his problem by himself, I'm afraid," she giggled, then sat down beside my father and began to fondle him, right in front of me! I turned another seven shades of red. As if that weren't bad enough, Karen finally emerged from inside, the sight of our mother stroking Dad's hard cock drawing her eyes like a moth to flame. Her gaze seemed to dance between our father being pleasured and my own cock sticking straight up from my lap, and I noted that her nipples looked to be hard. The weather was warm and sunny, so that wasn't the reason, either.

My sister had nowhere to sit, and out of courtesy I stood up and offered her the spot where I'd been. She started to move in that direction, then stopped when she realized who she'd be sitting next to, and what they were doing. At the last minute, she changed direction and headed for the stairs, sitting on the middle one with her feet on the ground and pleading to me with her eyes to come and join her.

"Umm, Mom explained to me that she and I might have to help you two out with that," she started to tell me in a soft voice once I was sitting, "so if you want, I'm willing, sort of. It's for sure Mom probably won't help you. She's got her hands full already, if you know what I mean."

Huh? My sister, volunteering to jack me off, and right in front of our parents? I couldn't handle that one.

"This is fucking weird," I moaned as quietly as I could. "We have to sit here while Mom ... does what she's doing? Not fucking likely!"

"Watch the language, Steve!" my father admonished, letting me know that I hadn't been quiet enough. "There are ladies present, and I won't tolerate that kind of talk while we're here any more than I would at home. Got it?"

I apologized, then jumped up to escape. Except that wherever I went, my problem would still be with me.

"Steve, wait up," Karen called as I headed away from the front steps, "I need to talk to you before you go off and leave me with these two sex fiends!"

I waited for her, making sure I didn't look at what was happening on the porch. My sister came up beside me, then hooked her arm in mine and began to propel me towards the side of the building, out of sight and hearing of our horny parents.

"Look, I can see that what's going on back there is making you horny as hell," she quietly tried to calm me down, "and I'm probably hornier than you. Gawd, the size of Dad's cock! He's huge! But we're in this together whether we like it of not, so we might as well come to some kind of agreement. I'll help you with your problem, if you'll help me with mine. I have no intentions of spending this whole vacation playing with myself, but if I don't do something soon, I'm going to go crazy! So, you interested? I'll jack you off until you cum, and you diddle me until I do. Deal?"

"Karen, you're just as fucking perverted as they are!" I declared. "You're my sister, for chrissake! Do you really think I'm going to spend our vacation feeling you up all the time, or begging you to jack me off? Get real!"

Karen grabbed my hand, then pried my index finger loose and shoved it into her slit. Gawd, she was wet!

"I was fine when I came out of the cabin, and look at me now!" she hissed at me. "You think I want to spend the next four weeks with my pussy dripping like a fucking faucet? Steve, we've got to stick together or we're both going to be horny enough to be certifiable. The idea of jacking you off every time I turn around doesn't particularly thrill me ... although you do have a nice looking cock. But I need someone to help me get off, and you're the only one I can turn to. Think about it and let me know, but don't take too long. My pussy's getting uncomfortable already. Lord only knows what I'm going to be like by the time vacation's over."

I found my sister's proposal both disgusting and intriguing. Sure, she was my sister, and a guy wasn't supposed to get turned on by his own sister. But the truth was that she did turn me on. Fantasizing about making her cum for me reversed any relaxation my cock had managed. However, I wanted to think about it first.

I started to walk away from her when we both heard our father groaning loudly as Mom took him over the edge. I looked at my sister who was wide-eyed with the understanding of what we'd just heard and the reality of why it had happened. Then right in front of me, she started playing with herself, and I found my hand wrapped around my cock as it slid up and down my shaft with a mind of its own. Her eyes pleaded with me, and I relinquished my cock to her soft and silky fingers while my index finger migrated to her pussy, dipping into her juices before strumming over her pleasure button. She pressed against me, and had the audacity to moan her delight at our mutual masturbation.

Her pussy was well-lubricated and I moved my thumb over her engorged clit as my index finger slipped inside her entrance. She groaned lustfully at its intrusion into her adolescent body, and her pushing and pulling on my hard cock became more insistent. I had to admit that it felt a lot better when she stroked me than anything I could do myself, and I also realized that I wanted to feel her cum more than I wanted my own release. It was at that point that I discovered that I considered my little fifteen-year old sister to be extremely sexy and desirable!

Karen's breathing became ragged as she started to gasp, and her mewling was amazingly stimulating. She pressed her head against my chest and began to shiver as a climax washed over her body, the flush of her arousal spreading over her breasts as it flowed to her face. Even as she came, she stroked my twitching cock, and as she began to relax, I felt myself pass that point of no return. Those pulses that signalled the release of my sexual tension brought flashes of bright lights to the inside of my closed eyelids. I came, and came hard.

Karen continued to stroke me until my cock softened, then purred softly in my ear. I realized that I was still strumming the protective hood of her clit and that she was lost in sensual aftershocks. I knew I should stop, but I was enjoying her satisfaction too much.

"Steve, I feel so wickedly depraved, jacking you off like this while you finger me, but you know what? I think I love it too much to stop," my little sister murmured quietly. I silently agreed with her, then kissed the crown of her hair as I acknowledged our incestuous mutual pleasuring.

"Me too, Sis," I whispered. "Me too."

"By the way," she added, "I've got your cum on me. I think I like it ... a lot."

As I looked down at the evidence, Karen began to rub my errant seed into her skin, moaning while she did so. I had to look away before that vision burned itself into my brain and gave me a month-long hard-on.

We held each other until the afterglow receded, then wordlessly signed a pact of understanding, sealed with a soft and gentle kiss on each others lips. I desperately wanted to swirl my tongue around hers, but didn't have the guts. Not then, anyway, but in the back of my mind, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for long, and it didn't seem like she wanted me to, either. We finally pulled apart, then set out to conquer the world, my arm around her shoulders as she held my waist. I had no particular destination in mind, but steered away from the cabin. We had a whole resort to explore, and now was as good a time to start as any.

About halfway to the building that housed the kitchen, I heard a familiar voice call my name, and turned to see Tanya Morrison deliberately heading on an intercept course. I slowed down our pace to let her catch up. I also noted the curious expression on her face over the intimacy between my sister and me.

"Umm, what have you two been up to?" Tanya questioned. I had no idea how to answer, but Karen quietly explained. At first, Tanya stared at us in shock, then her gaze shifted to my groin. Even as I watched, Tanya's nipples became engorged and erect as my sister's explanation sank in. Amazingly, there was no look of judgement, as though Tanya considered our actions to be the most natural thing in the world.

"Umm, can I borrow your brother for a while?" she enquired of Karen. "My fingers can only do so much, and even after having gotten myself off, I'm still horny." Then Tanya went into an explanation of how the sight of her father's semi-hard cock had affected her. As she recited her explicit tale, I could feel myself hardening again, and the sight of both Karen and Tanya's gorgeous naked bodies wasn't helping any.

It had been a year since I'd seen Tanya last, and in that time, she'd gone through an unbelievable spurt of development. Her breasts had gotten larger, more round, and a hell of a lot more appealing, especially considering that the last time I'd seen them, they'd been captured in a tiny string bikini. Now that she was completely exposed, they drew me like a magnet. Gawd, I wanted to feel their soft pliability and those rubbery delicious nipples. I couldn't help but look down at her slightly moist pussy and the light tangle of blond pubic hair. I thought my sister was sexy, but compared to Tanya Morrison, it was no contest. My rising cock agreed one hundred percent. Both girls realized my growing predicament and giggled.

"Looks like you might have to help him out sooner than you expected," my sister teased Tanya. "Should I make myself scarce?"

"Nah, I think we should let him suffer for a while," Tanya giggled with a lustful grin. "Besides, it might be good to make him squirm before we give him any satisfaction."

"The hell with that shit," Karen exclaimed. "You'd fuck him until his balls went dry, and don't tell me the idea hasn't crossed your mind, Tanya Morrison! You'd ride him in a heartbeat if you had the chance, wouldn't you? Face it, we're just a couple of horny girls trying to get laid as bad as the guys."

The blush that swept up Tanya's chest, over her breasts, and into her cheeks answered the question. That revelation was all it took for my cock to stand up at full attention. Tanya's tongue sweeping between her lips didn't help any, nor did the lustful twinkle in her eye.

"Come on, let's go explore this lake that's supposed to be here," Tanya insisted as she fought to change the subject, "and maybe we can get our minds off sex for a while." The gleam from under her eyelids told me that she had about as much desire to change the subject as to hug a cactus.

We found a group of teens about our own age, and as they caught sight of Karen and Tanya, a couple of the guys exhibited the same reactions I'd had. By now my cock had softened somewhat, but the view of the girls in this group threatened to undo all that our walk had accomplished. I noted that none of the guys seemed the least bit concerned over the state of their arousal.

Pete Maguire, the unelected spokesman for The Gang, as he referred to the bunch of teens, introduced himself first. Pete was about 5' 10", 190 pounds, looked to be about the same age as me, and while not fat, wasn't the epitome of a bodybuilder either. He was, however, very friendly, and appeared to be the group's organizational inspiration, taking the time to introduce us to the rest of The Gang.

Hanging off Pete's arm was Keira Preston, a gorgeous and well-endowed blond of about Pete's height who obviously kept herself slim and trim with regular exercise. We found out later that she was a cheerleader like Tanya, and I estimated her bust to be the same 36C. But what made her stand out was her shaved pussy. The sight of her naked sex excited me immensely, with the usual results. Pete saw my predicament, chuckled, then quietly let me know that Keira had the same effect on him quite regularly.

Next was Keira's little brother Dwayne, who was anything but little. He stood 6' 0" tall, weighed all of 235 pounds, and looked like a cross between a football tackle and King Kong. My first reaction was that he reminded me of the comic book character The Hulk, including the muscles. All that was missing was the green skin. From the corner of my eye, I could see Karen's interest in this newest acquaintance, and told myself that I'd have to keep an eye on both of them, at least until I knew Dwayne better.

Then there was Cynthia Haywood, a dark-skinned, sixteen-year old, toned-muscled beauty with long, flowing black hair that reached down to her butt, and she had proud, magnificent breasts. She was obviously of mixed racial origins, probably East Indian and Caucasian, and seemed to be the soul-mate of Manny Madison, another hefty specimen like Dwayne. While an inch shorter, and maybe twenty pounds lighter, he was an unpredictable sixteen-year old that struck me as someone I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Rounding out The Gang were TeeJay Wilson, the group's "colourful figure and resident comedian", as Pete put it, and Christina Sanderson, a nineteen-year old girl with the most gorgeous corn-silk blond, shoulder-length hair. At 5' 5", and about 125 pounds, she was what I would have described as rubenesque, but definitely not fat, nor unattractive. Pete introduced her as "The Mother Hen" of The Gang, as she was the oldest and seemed to be the one that all the others turned to for advice. I felt comfortable in her presence.

I introduced the three of us and saw a spark of more than casual interest in Dwayne's eyes for my sister. Now I'd definitely have to keep my eye on him, although I thought he might be in more trouble than he knew, because she definitely had her sights on him, too.

Someone suggested volleyball and we chose teams. I could hold my own at the sport, but it was Karen that excelled at the game. She'd made the local high school team last year, and with the way she played that afternoon, I could see why. Tanya, my sister, and I played on one side that Dwayne made sure he captained, and what started out as a rout became a highly competitive but friendly tournament. By the time it was over, our side had won, but not by very much. We had talent on our side, but Pete's team had experience playing together. I think there was only a point or two between the two sides.

Afterwards, we all went for a swim in the man-made lake that was the crown jewel of Kanata Camp. It was continuously fed by several artesian springs that rose from the cliffs above, and the water must have been geo-thermally heated because it felt like a warm bath. I kept an eye on Dwayne, who spent an inordinate amount of time and energy making sure he was as close to Karen as possible. She seemed to be lapping up the attention, and I enjoyed hearing or seeing her giggling and having fun.

But most of my attention was on Tanya, who went out of her way to get as close to me as possible. There was a possessive aspect to her behaviour that I found exciting, as though she were staking claim. I found myself seeing her in a completely different light from our previous summers together. I was beginning to believe that our friendship might blossom into something more. Much, much more. Lord, if I'd known then what I know now, I might have even been scared!

It was around noon when we all headed up to the kitchen. There was a wall of old but refurbished refrigerators on one side of the open-air room, each one marked with a family's name on it. Along the adjacent wall were gas-fired stoves, and behind the wall that supported them was a large dry goods storage area, with each family assigned a fair-sized pantry for whatever didn't go into the fridges.

As we entered the kitchen, I spotted Mom busily making something that smelled delicious.

"Mom," I enquired during a short lull in her culinary endeavours, "have I got time for a shower?" She looked at me with a warm grin, then assured me that she'd have something for my empty stomach as long as I was back before sunrise the next day.

I headed for the shower and saw Tanya aiming for the kitchen's door on an intercept course. She obviously had something on her mind, so I stopped and waited for her.

"Where are you off to, Steve?" she enquired.

"I need a shower after all that sand and dust," I told her.

"Umm, can you stand some company?" she queried with a tone of hidden arousal. I had no idea why she'd be worried and openly invited her to join me. She smiled happily, but I thought there was something more on her mind than I understood.

We found a couple of empty shower stalls and I expected Tanya to use one of them by herself, so I was a little surprised when she waited until I turned on the water, then squeezed in beside me. Surprised, yes, but definitely not broken hearted.

"Umm, hi there," I teased her. "you come here often?"

"Not yet, but I'm working on it," she shot right back with a lustful grin. We both giggled at her double entendre.

As I eased her under the cascading water, the sight of it flowing down her shoulders and over her breasts was more than my system could stand and my cock started to harden. Tanya glanced down at my rising member, then smiled seductively at me, her intentions now quite evident. I pulled her out from under the stream of water and turned her around with the intent of shampooing her hair. She allowed me to position her body without resistance, and I grabbed the shampoo bottle, squirting a generous dollop into the palm of my hand. But as I stepped forward to apply it, my erect cock began pressing against the crack of her ass.

"Oh my goodness," Tanya squeaked in mock surprise. "I didn't think you had that in mind ... but now that you mention it... " She wiggled her butt against my intruding organ just to show me her interest in further contact. I felt myself slipping between her cheeks, and she made no attempt to move away or extricate my erection. She just stood there, enjoying the massage to her scalp and the sensation of my cock buried between her cheeks.

"Steve," she finally murmured lasciviously, "was that planned or just an accident?"

"Tanya, just be quiet, and let me concentrate on getting your hair washed," I mockingly snapped at her, but I had to admit that the idea of fucking her firm little ass wasn't making my job any easier. I really loved the feeling of being encapsulated by her delicious cheeks. I didn't pull back, and she didn't move away. So with my cock still between her cheeks and my glans pressing against her puckered rosebud, I tried my best to keep focused on what my hands were doing, or supposed to be doing. Unfortunately I had to turn her around again in order to rinse her hair.

As she swivelled and allowed me to back her under the spray, I felt Tanya's hand on my engorged member as she softly began to stroke me. It was all I could do to keep my gaze on her face, and she stared back at me glassy-eyed. I did everything I could to keep my concentration on rinsing her hair. She just continued to smile like the cat that ate the canary until I was done. Then she took my hand, placed it over her mound, and held me there.

"I think you might have missed a spot," she softly mentioned as I ran my fingers through her pubic hair, my index finger sliding down her slit.

"You really want me to do this, don't you?" I rhetorically asked her.

"Mmm-hmm, I do," she told me in a sultry tone, "and I want you to make me cum, too."

"And just what did you have in mind for me?" I tried my best to sound put out.

"Well, I seriously doubt you want to go back out there with a raging hard-on, so I guess I'll just have to do something about it, won't I?"

I kept my big mouth shut and began to gently tease her hooded clit. Tanya moaned as I slipped between the folds of her outer lips, then jumped when I lightly teased her nubbin as it began to emerge. Once she'd overcome the initial shock of contact, Tanya began to stroke my shaft in earnest, making it known that she had no intentions of relinquishing her grip until I'd cum for her. With my free hand, I picked up the bar of soap and began to lather her breasts, coating her now-erect nipples liberally. Returning the soap to the wall-mounted soap dish, my hand slid over her orb while her nipple rested between my thumb and forefinger, lovingly being teased. Tanya moaned happily, then pushed her breast tighter to my fondling grasp.

My index finger had moved down to her entrance, now almost dripping with her juices. That finger snaked inside her while my thumb teased her fully extended clit, and Tanya gasped sharply, then pressed herself against my hand. I looked down at her closed eyes, and those pouty lips demanded my immediate attention. Pressing against them, softly at first, then with more urgency, I felt her tongue slide past my lips as it sought mine. Now her moan of happiness graduated into a groan of want, of need, of passion, and I couldn't help but express my own feelings similarly.

It wasn't long before I felt Tanya's inner walls begin to convulse as her breathing became shallower, her gasps for air more insistent, and her body shivered against me. In an attempt to keep herself from being heard all over the camp, she reached behind my head and pulled my lips even tighter to hers, all the while still pumping my twitching manhood. I buried my finger as deep inside her as it would go, then searched for her G-spot. She howled quickly when I found it, and pushed herself even tighter against me. Lightly running my finger over her pleasure place, I pushed against it, lifting her clit higher so that my thumb could encircle the base of it. Tanya's walls clenched and squeezed my finger, trapping it inside her molten pussy. Suddenly she let out a scream that was caught inside my mouth and began to shudder almost violently as she flew over the edge, her juices flowing over my hand.

Just the realization that I'd made this beautiful girl cum elicited that telltale tingle at the base of my cock, signalling the beginning of my own orgasm, and as I felt that first surge, I let out a deep groan of pleasure. Tanya kept up her pace as wave after wave of my hot seed burst forth. When she realized what she'd accomplished, she gave me all the pleasure she could.

We began to drift back from our orgasmic peaks, holding each other tightly in an unspoken bond. I could have stood there forever, and would have too, except that we both heard a passionate howl of orgasmic bliss from one of the other shower stalls. That broke the intimacy between us long enough for me to look into Tanya's questioning eyes.

"Umm, sounds like we're not the only ones in here," Tanya quietly murmured. "Wonder if it's anyone we know?"

At that moment, I could have cared less if it was the Queen of England. I just wanted to hold Tanya in my arms and bask in her warmth. But I could also feel my skin beginning to prune, and despite not having lathered up as fully as I should have, decided it was time to rinse off and get out. I picked up a towel and dried Tanya, who reciprocated the luxurious attention.

As we were about to leave, we heard a shower curtain sing as it slid along its rail, and our curiosity held us riveted, for it came from the location of that earlier scream. I was almost shocked when Karen and Dwayne stepped around the corner. I had no idea when they'd gotten into the showers, because I thought we'd had the shower room to ourselves. Karen floated by as though passing a stranger on the streets of town, but Dwayne froze like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. I couldn't decide whether he was embarrassed at having been discovered or in fear that I might rearrange the entire bone structure of his upper and lower jaws. I just smiled at him, letting him know that I was perfectly aware of what they'd shared, and that I'd talk to him later. I just didn't tell him how much later. Let him sweat bullets, I thought to myself. But the happy look on my sister's face said that if she hadn't been the instigator, she was definitely an accomplice, the little minx.

"That was ... different," Tanya mentioned quietly once we were back outside. "Do you think we'll have to explain ourselves, Steve? To your sister, I mean."

"Not likely. Karen's not stupid enough to blab anything, because she knows that you and I are perfectly well aware of what they were up to. Besides, after this morning, she's about as innocent as Jack the Ripper. But I'd like to talk to her anyway. She may be growing up in a hurry, but I'd hate to see her get hurt. I think Dwayne's okay, but I'd like to be sure."

"Whatever you think," Tanya conceded. "She's your sister, and you know her better than I do. She's not a blabbermouth, is she?"

"She used to be, but she's changed a lot since we were told that we'd be coming up here. She used to be a real brat, but now? I dunno. She seems to be growing out of it. Know what I mean?"

"A brat, huh? Must be a genetic thing," Tanya threw back at me. I gave her a light swat on the ass, and she jumped in mock surprise as she let loose with the cutest giggle.

We headed back to the kitchen, and with each step, her attitude seemed to become more and more serious. I was about to ask her why when she voluntarily opened up to me.

"Steve, we've known each other for a long time, and we've always been pretty good friends." I nodded my agreement as she went on. "There's something about this place that makes me want ... well, to be more than just your friend. What I'd like to know is, what do you want?"

I stopped and turned, looking directly into her eyes before I said anything. I could see that there was definitely more than just friendship inside her, and I felt very similarly. But how far she wanted to take this I had no idea.

"I'm not sure, Tanya, but I kind of want more, too. Ever since we first met up with you this morning, I'm beginning to have feelings for you that are a little stronger than just friendship. I just don't want to go so far that we..."

" ... that we fuck it up, right?" she finished off in stronger language than I would have used. "Me too. How about we meet down at the beach after supper and talk? Find somewhere quiet and figure out where we're at?"

"Sure. Want me to meet you in the kitchen, or wait for you down at the lake?" I suggested.

"Umm, I think down at the lake might be better. I don't need Daddy on my ass with a zillion and one questions. I'm having a hard enough time with my own to answer any of his."

She looked deep into my soul, it felt like, then shared a part of her I'd never been allowed to see before.

"Steve, I've been thinking about you for the last five or six months, and I can't get you out of my mind. I don't want to, either. So, at the risk of ... fucking this all up, I wanted to let you know that I think I might be falling in love with you. Can you handle that?"

Could I handle Tanya Morrison being my girlfriend? The truth of the matter was that I'd never really had a girlfriend of any description before. Sure, I'd been out on dates. I had friends that were girls, and they were good friends, too. But just one girl that was in love with me, and that I was in love with? It was new for me, and I couldn't give her a definitive answer. But I was willing to try. After all, it was only for a month, and if it didn't work out...

"Let me think about it until after supper. Can you wait that long?" I tried to be as honest as I could, and I hoped it would be as much as she needed. The look on her face said that we had a lot of talking to do, and I do mean a lot.

Tanya sat with her parents all through supper, and I was about to leave by myself to think when Karen pulled me aside, and asked for an audience. I had no problems listening to my sister. I'd even give her my two cent's worth, if she was interested in listening, although that was questionable.

"Steve, can I ask you to keep it quiet about Dwayne and me this afternoon? I think we got a little carried away, but damn, that boy can sure ring my chimes. I've never cum that hard in my life, and after what you did for me this morning, that's saying a lot. I want more of him, but I don't need Mom and Dad on my case. So, any chance?"

"Yeah, sure, Sis. I wasn't planning on blowing the whistle on you anyway, and besides, all I heard was someone screaming. Just don't ask me who it was. I was a little ... let's just say I was distracted at the time," I chuckled as I let her off the hook, and it took Karen a while to understand exactly what I was telling her. When she did, though, I could see the relief in her eyes, and it left a warm spot in my heart for some reason.

"You know, Steve, I used to think you were just a royal pain in the ass, but for some reason, you seem to be turning into an actual human being. I think I like that."

"I could say the same thing about you too, Sis. But if Mom and Dad find out that we've signed a truce agreement, so help me I'll kick your ass hard enough that your bra will fit no matter which way you put it on."

I expected some kind of sarcastic remark, or at the least a good slug. But instead, Karen snuck up and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"You're okay, Steve ... for a brother. Gawd, listen to me! Next thing you know, I'll be admitting that I love you. Dammit, my big brother's corrupting me all to hell!"

I realized that my little sister was not only growing up, but going soft on me too. Well, soft in the head, I mean. The rest of her was definitely soft. And curvy. And very feminine.

"You and Tanya were... ?" she finally concluded without finishing her sentence.

"Yeah, just like we were this morning. That girl's getting to me, Karen, and it scares me a little bit. I'm feeling things that are more than just friendship for her. That part I can handle. But she says she's going through the same thing. I've never felt like this with anyone else. I don't know; I want it, and yet I don't? I want to be with her, to love her, to be loved by her. But I'm afraid of one of us getting hurt if things don't work out. Maybe I'm more afraid for Tanya than for myself," I tried to make sense of it all, failing miserably.

"Sounds like how I feel about Dwayne. When he's with me, I feel like there's nothing I can't do. I can't seem to tear myself away from him. But when he isn't there, I feel so ... so scared, so vulnerable, so alone. Steve, is this what love's all about? Is it supposed to be so scary? Or am I just weird?" Karen was almost in tears, and I wasn't the guy to ask. I had no more idea than she did.

"Can't tell you for sure, Sis, or even make an educated guess. I'm flying just about as blind as you are. I think what I need is some time alone to just think. So as much as I enjoy your fascinating company, would you excuse me?"

"I'd join you," my little sister added, "but that kind of precludes the definition of being alone, doesn't it? Dammit, Steve, I feel so frustrated and alone right now. If I was going to spend time being this confused, you're the guy I'd want to rescue me, even more than Dwayne."

I extended my arms to her and she melted into them. I felt so protective of her and I desperately wanted to give her some security. But I was only her brother, not some miracle worker with all the answers she needed and wanted. In that moment, I'd never felt so close to my sister before. All I knew was that I loved her dearly. She'd somehow become one of my very best friends in a few short weeks. I kissed the top of her head in an attempt to let her know just how I felt. When I finally pulled back, she looked up into my eyes with tears in hers and quietly whispered her feelings in a way that made the two of us the only two people in the whole world.

"I know, Steve, I know. I love you too," was all she said, but it gave my heart wings, and as I pulled her close to me again she returned her own hug. Then we let each other pursue our individual serenities.

I walked aimlessly, trying to sort out my confusion. In that time, I must have played every possible scenario between Tanya and me that I could conceive in my mind. Some of them scared the hell out of me, leaving me wanting to run as far from Kanata as possible. But it was the rest of them that convinced me that while being in love with Tanya could hurt a lot, being without her was even more painful. And it dawned on me that only by trying would we find that elusive happiness that I wanted so damned much. It made my decision a lot easier. I just had to pray it was the right one.

I found Tanya on the beach sitting by herself as she leaned against an old log that had probably been there when the pilgrims first landed. I'd just never noticed it before now.

"Hi," was all I said, and she looked up into my eyes, her own filled with a combination of hope and fear. Silently, I sat beside her.

"I was beginning to wonder if you'd show up," she quietly confessed. "I'd just about given up, but I've been telling myself that you would, eventually. Guess patience does pay dividends, huh?" Tanya was stalling, but needed answers as badly as I did.

"I'm sorry. I needed to think and I guess I lost track of time. Forgive me?" I pleaded.

"Maybe. Did you come to any conclusions?" she asked, almost not wanting an answer to the question.

I tried my best to explain that I was really afraid of one of us getting hurt, but that there was no other way except to try to work things out together. She sat quietly and let me rant for as long as I needed, not interrupting or expressing an opinion. Maybe that's why I never shut my big mouth once for fifteen minutes. I was waiting for her feedback, but Tanya just let me ramble until what was coming out of my mouth was being repeated over and over again.

I finally ran out of breath and gave both my jaw and her ears a rest. She waited another minute of two before saying anything. When she finally did, I was on pins and needles.

"Steve, like you, I'm scared shitless, pardon the language. And like you, a part of me wants to run away from here so damned bad. But most of me wants to stay here, to be with you. I'm willing to risk our friendship for this. So the only question left in my mind is, do you want it too?"

Besides the fact that I was all talked out, I couldn't find the right words anyway, so I did what any stupid male would do.

I wrapped Tanya in my arms, pulled her tight, and kissed her as deeply and as passionately as I knew how. My reward was that she literally melted in my arms and returned my kiss with as much passion as I'd given her. Our lips must have been locked for a good five minutes and it still wasn't long enough.

"Should I take that as a yes?" she whispered breathlessly as we finally broke that fateful kiss.

"I want you so bad right now, Tanya, that I'd rip your clothes off if you were wearing any. Girl, I've never wanted anything so much before in my life. Where can we go to be alone?" I growled with a passion I'd never felt for anyone else.

"I know, Steve. I want you too, but something tells me that here and now, out in the open on this beach, isn't quite the right place. My parents are going to be looking for me pretty soon, and I seriously doubt that finding you between my legs would calm them down any. But other than those few simple complications, I'm just about ready to jump your bones right where you sit. Gawd, but I want you. It's all I can think of right now."

I laid on my back and pulled Tanya tight to me, lost in her kisses, her warmth, her passion, and my own burning desire. But she was right that while this might be the time, it definitely wasn't the place. We resigned ourselves that this evening would have to be restricted to promises of things to come.

We sat there together, swept up in the unfolding wonder of our budding love until it started to get dark and the sun was below the rim of the mountains. Reluctantly we left the beach and walked up to Morrison's cabin. I must have spent an hour wishing Tanya good night. I knew that Mr. and Mrs. Morrison were home, but they never disturbed us once or even impatiently peeked out the window. Somewhere in the back of my mind I silently offered them my thanks. Eventually, it cooled down enough that Tanya began to shiver. I suggested she get inside before she caught a cold. She opened the door and walked inside, and suddenly I felt all alone on the planet, but the memories of her still filled my head. I desperately wanted to be with her again.

When I finally got back to our cabin, Mom was sitting on the porch bench as though waiting for me. I walked up the steps, and she patted the bench beside her.

"Steve, are you okay?" she enquired with real concern in her voice.

"Yeah, Mom, I am, I think. It's been a confusing day, but I think I'm gonna be fine."

I could see that the evening's chill had made her nipples harden, and I caught myself comparing them to Tanya's. I came to the conclusion that Mom was Mom, and Tanya was Tanya, and that the two were as different as apples and oranges. As I sat beside her, Mom put her arm around my shoulder and hugged me affectionately, but without leaving me feeling constricted. I loved her for the freedom she allowed me.

"Have you seen your sister at all tonight?"

I could hear the concern in her voice that she seemed to be trying to hide.

"Not since after supper, Mom. I had some thinking to do, and I think she did too. But she should be home pretty soon. Want me to go look for her?" I offered.

"No, I don't think that's necessary. She left the dining hall with Dwayne about eight o'clock, and they looked like they needed to be alone. Steve, your sister has grown up so much and so fast. I think a good part of that is because of the way you've treated her lately, and I really wanted to thank you for looking out for her. She needs her big brother, maybe more than you know. She left here this evening a little girl, but one of these nights, she'll come back a woman."

I looked at my mother's face, and instead of it being full of fear and anger, she exhibited a calm that I didn't think I could ever understand. She carried on with her thoughts.

"It's funny, because I always thought you'd be the one to leave the nest first, but it looks like Karen might learn to fly before you do. In a way, I'm happy for her. I remember my first time, and I was lucky. The boy I gave myself to was a wonderful guy, full of warmth and caring. He made it so gentle, so full of love, so special. I wasn't much older than your sister at the time. I get the feeling that Dwayne's very much like that boy I loved so very, very much."

Mom was temporarily lost in her memories, and I knew she needed the space to relive her youth again. She had a glazed look in her eyes for several minutes, and my curiosity was driving me up the wall. But finally, she returned to the here-and-now, and I had to ask the burning question.

"Any idea what happened to him, Mom? Where he went? What became of him?"

"Never had to think about it for a single moment, then or now," she declared with an air of finality. "Besides, I married the son-of-a-bitch, and I know exactly where he is." The smile on her lips and the glow of her heart could have lit the night sky single-handedly. I started to get up and go inside when Mom pulled gently on my shoulder.

"Steve, can I ask you something before you go in?" she asked quietly. I returned to the seat beside her.

"You and Tanya wanted to make love tonight, didn't you?"

I sat there, stunned and unsure of how to answer. We'd tried to be so careful, to hide our activities, to create a world all our own, and now it was like my own mother was reading my thoughts. I couldn't get one single word out.

"Oh don't look so surprised, Steve. I'm your mother, and there's a lot more about you and your sister that I know than you two ever give me credit for. That's one of the aspects of motherhood that they never tell you about. But I could tell by the way you acted at supper tonight that your mind was on Tanya and no one else, with maybe the exception of your sister. And I believed that when you came home, you two hadn't had each other yet, but I wanted to know for sure. I'll tell you another secret. Neither one of you will leave this camp virgins, because I truly believe you'll have each other several times before we go home."

Mom shifted in her seat before going on, and she took both my hands in hers when she moved.

"Steve, all I ask is that you treat Tanya with all the love and respect she deserves. She's come to you with her heart on her sleeve. Please be the kind and gentle boy I know you are. We'd all appreciate it if you would."

My head was spinning, now threatening to roll right off my shoulders. I was lost in a fog of confusion with more questions now than I'd had after supper. Then it hit me.

"Mom, who is 'We'?" That was the key to the mystery, somehow, but I had no idea why.

"Your Dad and me, Brad, and Dianne. Who did you think I meant?"

"Dianne? Morrison? You told her?" I was almost ready to drop dead on the spot.

"No, I never told Dianne a thing, Honey. I'd never do that to you," Mom tried to reassure me.

"But ... but ... but how do they know? About Tanya and me, I mean. If you didn't tell them, who did?" I stammered and Mom chuckled before she answered.

"No one told them, Honey. No one had to. Dianne's a mother too, you know. She's known that Tanya wanted you to be her first since just after the beginning of the year. She's the one that told me, if you must know. She knew, just like I know that Karen will be a woman soon. Give us old folks a little credit, would you?"

If I was confused before, I was doubly so now. Tanya's parents knew? They knew that Tanya and I wanted to give ourselves to each other? How the hell was that possible?

"But how, Mom? How did you find out from Mrs. Morrison? I don't get it," I stuttered in disbelief.

"Dianne phoned me. We've known the Morrison's for a long time, Honey. Dianne and I talk to each other at least once a week, and sometimes more."

My head was not only swimming but in serious danger of exploding. My parents knew? Morrisons knew? It was more than I could handle and I excused myself to get some sleep. Mom kissed me with a warmth I'd never felt before, then said she wanted to wait up for Karen and Dwayne.

I laid in my bunk, my hands locked behind my head waiting for the swirling in my brain to release me into the blissful solitude of sleep, but sleep wouldn't come. I had too many thoughts thrashing around inside. It was probably an hour later that I heard Karen trying to sneak in, unaware that Mom was still sitting on the porch bench, and I couldn't help but overhear their conversation.

"About time you decided to come home, young lady," Mom greeted my sister, but in a warm and affectionate voice. "Where'd Dwayne get to? Don't tell me he left you to face the music all alone?"

"Umm, I'm right here, Mrs. Hellman," I heard Dwayne's shaky voice just beyond the porch.

"Would you mind sitting up here for a moment, Dwayne? Please?"

Despite being barefoot, I could hear Dwayne's footsteps as he walked up those three stairs as if approaching the gallows. The porch decking creaked as both teens resigned themselves to their fateful demise.

"I just wanted to mention that you're both growing up, and as a result, you're subject to ... urges, let's say, that can be very powerful. I could tell you not to act on those urges, but I'd be wasting my breath.

"Karen, your Dad and I had a talk tonight, and for now we'll let you and Dwayne keep seeing each other. We both remember what it was like when we were your age, but we also want you two to think about what you're doing. I could give you a good lecture, but would it do any good? Probably not.

"You're going to find yourselves under the influence of hormones. All I ask is that you both be very careful. There's more to it than just the physical aspects. Listen to your hearts before you do something that can never be undone. Can I get your promise on that?"

Both Dwayne and Karen must have agreed to Mom's demand, because the next thing I knew, Dwayne was walking over the deck and down the stairs. But Mom's words bounced around in my head, and I thought of Tanya and me. What Mom had said to my sister applied to us as well.

Did I want Tanya? That was a no-brainer in my case. But I did have to ask myself why, and not just because she had a body that wouldn't quit. She'd been a good friend over the years, and just being with her felt wonderful. Our time in the shower earlier that day had only made our closeness that much more special to me. The fact of the matter was that I loved it when she'd cum for me. I'd found a way to give her a special kind of pleasure, and I wanted to do that again. It was easy to see that she wanted to do the same for me.

I laid back on my bunk with thoughts of Tanya Morrison floating in my head and a promise of sensuously erotic dreams that night that I could look forward to. Yes, I did want to make love to her, in part because of what she was, a very sexy girl that turned me on more than I cared to admit. There was also the fact that the girl I wanted was Tanya, a warm and caring special person. I found myself wanting to be with her every waking minute.

"Steve, you still awake?" I heard Karen's loud whisper.

"Yeah, I am, Sis," I murmured no louder than necessary.

"I think I need to talk to you again, first thing in the morning. Wake me when you get up?"

"I will. I promise," I reassured her. I knew that I would, no matter how much I didn't want to. My morning wood banging on the ladder rungs would announce my state to the world.

Karen wasn't that bratty little twerp I'd always considered her to be any more. She'd grown up so much in the last few weeks, and she was becoming someone I could talk to and share my deepest secrets with. We were more than just siblings. We'd somehow managed to become close friends as well.

"Karen?" I gently called her name.


"You and Dwayne. Is he a good guy, or do I have to be worried for my little sister?" I wanted to know. At that moment, I understood that my sister meant more to me than I'd ever realized.

"You don't have to worry about Dwayne, Steve. I like him, a lot. But I appreciate that you want to look out for me. In a way, that's a nice thing to feel. If I ever need to, can I... ?"

"Yeah, you can. That's what big brothers are for, isn't it?" I tried to calm her fears.

"Night, big brother," she returned, "and just for the record, I love you."

Karen had told me a lot of things, but this vacation was the first time I remembered her saying she loved me with that degree of closeness between us. It took a second or two for her message to sink in, and in that time, I began to feel what was in my heart for her.

"I love you too, Sis. See you in the morning," I told her in all honesty, then rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

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