Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Their sex life had become boring. In a bar, Jackie attracts a crowd and they take the group home for a pool party. Jackie takes a young guy to explore the house together and goes beyond innocent flirting as husband watches.

They were a typical successful married couple just reaching that seven-year itch phase which can be dangerous. Their sex was good, but tended to seem a little routine to both partners. They still did exciting things, but real thrills were less frequent in their bedroom. Both were attractive and both active members of the community. Sex with others was only a fantasy to spice up their conversation during sex. Yes, Jack had brought up having a threesome and yes, Jackie had rejected it out of hand as ridiculous. In his heart he knew it was just talk with him too.

Jackie was a tall leggy woman with nice features, a ready smile and very attractive breasts, perfect for her frame. She was aware that men enjoyed looking at her and flirting with her and she was, indeed a very friendly person. Wives trusted her and she rarely let their flirting go to the extent that men went home from their parties with angry wives. She just didn't seem like the sort. But she was perfectly comfortable in her body and dressed with certain flair. She liked to display a little cleavage and flash her legs in a slit skirt, but not slutty. That wasn't her style.

She was definitely friendly and liked men. Jack was quietly proud of the way men flocked to her at parties and he frequently teased her about it on the way home.

One spring night they had dinner at a nearby dinner club, the kind that used to be popular for its bar, a band and a reliable steak menu. They were regulars there, though they did not do it often. The wine tasted good and they lingered at the bar for an after dinner drink and listened to the band, his hand fondling her knee where the slit in the front of her skirt spread to show most of her thigh. Jack was not fond of dancing, a bone of contention because Jackie loved to dance. On this evening, a young man in his early twenties had asked if he could have a dance with her and Jackie glanced at Jack then nodded with a smile full of teeth and a slash of red lipstick.

Jack headed for the men's room and on the way back, stopped for a conversation with a friend at another table. He glanced up and noticed with a wry smile that there were now three young men surrounding his attractive wife in laughing conversation. He lingered at a distant standup table and let a waitress bring him a drink as he watched the conversation develop. He lighted a cigarette and gazed at the smoke trail into the darkness overhead. Jackie perched atop her stool and leaned back against the bar and legs crossed prettily pointed toward the one who had danced her away earlier. If she uncrossed her legs he was sure he would have been able to see her panties, so deep was the slit in the dress. The blue dress was a silk wrap-around and the v-slit draped her very pretty legs. Her breasts looked lovely too as the wraparound style showed a deep V slashing between them.

He was in that stage of alcohol induced good feeling where even the garish neon lights seemed quite festive and everyone under them looked at their sensual best. One of the men trailed his hand along her thigh, as if it were important in making his point. She left it there, touching the outside of her thigh. She laughed at his joke and gently pushed his hand away. She had left it for a nice length of time, though, and Jack could imagine the man's state of arousal.

The other two lounged on barstools leaning casually close to Jackie, trying to work their charm. One put his hand on her arm with a smile. He let his fingers slide between her arm and the side of her breast. She left it there a little while before putting her hand over it for a moment, then sliding it away, holding his fingers in her hand just for a little bit to soften the rebuke. It was a wonderful flirtation, Jack thought.

"My god ... I would love to meet a woman like her in a bar sometime." He mused.

His eyes slipped over her breasts and down along her legs to the flirty red shoes and imagined her sitting there in panties and bra. He knew that she would be able to pull that off smoothly too if she should ever find herself in nothing but her underwear. She would have just the right apologetic air and half-hearted gestures of covering up to make it seem quite all right to anyone looking on the scene. Old ladies would bustle over to lend her a scarf, things like that. And she would smile graciously to them and hold their hand and have a nice conversation, all while the men were gaping at the lacy brassiere and staring intensely to find the shadow of a triangle of hair over her pussy.

She uncrossed her legs and he got a brief look into the shadow between her legs. Beautiful! A male hand was between her legs almost immediately but she clamped her legs tight on his fingers to keep him from sliding up toward heaven. She let him feel her thigh for a little while as she had the others, then moved his hand so she could cross her legs in the other direction. She even brought his hand back to rest on her knee for a moment or two before giving it back to him.

Flirting? Yes, of course, but just that.

The dancer took her hand again and pulled her to the dance floor. He pulled her close for the slow dance and I knew that she had taken a position which let her straddle his thigh ever so slightly, driving him wild with desire and feminine softness. The dance floor was dark and his hand slipped low on her hip and by the time they had made one turn, it had slipped further down to cup her ass. I saw her pull back to look into his eyes with a gentle smile and a word that brought his hand away from her ass. Jack wondered what she had said. The young man would try again, but she had made him cautious and even more interested in exploring her soft shapely body.

The other two glanced around the bar briefly, but turned to watch David, his name was later revealed, trying to put the make on Jack's wife. Jack could imagine what comments accompanied their friendly banter. He had only to think back to his single days when he had been those two guys.

He turned back in time to see that Jackie had looped her hands up behind David's neck and let him steal a kiss. Thus encouraged, he slid his hands down over the silk dress draping her ass so seductively. Jack knew he was feeling for the panty line and that in spite of herself, she was letting her mound find the warm firmness of his cock, now rock hard under his pants.

They stayed on the floor that way for three numbers, ending up with a fast one that drew out Jackie's enthusiasm. The blue dress showed her thigh almost up to her crotch. There was applause and they walked hand in hand back o the bar, where Jack joined them.

Finishing his cigarette in the ashtray, Jack smiled to himself and wandered back to the bar to reclaim his wife as she came off the dance floor.

"There's my honey!" she exclaimed and put her arms around Jack's neck and gave him a kiss. He put his hands on her waist and lifted so she swung easily onto the stool.

"Where have you been? These guys have been so nice to me, taking care of me while you were gone! This is David and Tom and, wait a minute ... Kevin!" They all shook hands and said nice things about her.

Four or five girls came in, some of them were friends of Kevin and they joined the group. There was dancing and soon we all moved to a large table where Jack would pick up the tab; these things have a pattern. They were in general a few years younger, but all seemed to go well, with Jackie still the favored dance partner.

Jackie charmed the girls too, so everything was going happily.

"Honey, I just invited them to come over to the house and have a pool party ... that all right?" she slurred a little, but only Jack recognized it.

He smiled and nodded and turned back to flirt with the pretty little twenty-three-year-old on his left.

In the end there was a four-car caravan to their house and drinks were brought out and with noisy bustle they settled in for a pool party. There weren't enough extra swimsuits so someone led the way by stripping off his clothes and going in nude. The girls went in the pool in their underwear and the host and hostess sat in lawn chairs as a spirited game of water polo started with squealing and masculine shouts ripping the night air.

"Isn't it fun having ... these young people ... with us?"

"You're tipsy." Jack said quietly.

"Oh, you always say that. I am not ... not a bit ... what did you say? Tipsy? Hmmmph! I think I will go into the pool, too, just for that! Go up and get me some panties, hon ... so I can be like the ... young girls."

'What happened to your panties?"

"Ha ... you may well ask! The boys talked me out of them for a souvenir!" she giggled as if she had told a wildly funny story.

"I'll go get you some panties!" Dave had come out of the water and was standing next to her, shaking water off and wiping a towel. The white jockey shorts were transparent with water and tented prominently over a firm, but not fully erect prick.

"You don't know ... know where my panty drawer is ... even." She giggled. "No; my husband should get me some panties..."

Jack smiled and said nothing.

"I can find 'em." David insisted drunkenly.

"Oh, I will have to go myself, he'll never find them." She giggled and stumbled a little chasing after David.

"Aren't you coming in, Jack?" It was the twenty-three-year-old pretty girl and Jack turned to flirt with her, watching his wife weave across the lawn in David's path. By the time they reached the door, they were arm in arm and he saw his wife's hand grip the boy's ass and a joke pass between them. The screen slammed behind them and the laughter continued inside.

"In a minute, I will." he called.

He could hear Jackie directing an impromptu tour in the house and when the girl, Jack followed his wife, curious to see just what was going to happen.

"Daviddddd! I am a married woman ... you shouldn't dooooo that!"

There was a long pause and Jack took it to be the sound of a long kiss on the staircase.

"Come on ... have to have some pretty panties ... go swim in..." another long silence ensued followed by a giggle.

"Naughty boy..." was followed by a gentle slapping sound and more drunken giggles. Jack held back, out of sight.

They stomped in unison up the rest of the stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom, Jack following curiously. There was laughter from the room; the lights were off in the hall but a light came on in the bedroom. He eased out of his shoes and walked toward the bend in the hallway.

"Here they are ... in my panty drawer..." He heard the drawer slide open and Dave's laugh and comment.

"Pretty panties! Can I pick?"

"Oh! No! No! Why do we have to take them all out?" she laughed.

"OK, then which ones? You pick?"

"Oh, decisions, decisions, would these look nice?" more giggling.

"These then ... let me put them on you?" he insisted.

"I can't ... married woman ... you'd see everything!" They laughed.

Jack could see them in the mirror now, pressed together in a kiss, tongues, he noted, and with hands full of lacy panties in each hand. David's hand tried to hoist her skirt in the back.

"Now, now, naughty, naughty. You know I am married, David..." More kissing." His hand had spread over her bare bottom.

"Daavvvidddd!" she almost whispered. "Don't." Weakly.

"Let me put them on? Then let me take them off again? You know you want..."

"If I let you put them on, will we go out to the pool?"


"I could scream and my husband will come... ," she said sounding a little drunk.

"You wouldn't scream..."

"I might."

OK, let me put them on and see how pretty you look in them."

"OK." In a soft voice.

Jack saw him kneel with the panties in his hand. David almost fell over, then righted himself and held them for her to step into the little pink panties.

"That's one..." She braced herself with a hand on his head.

"Two." He intoned and began slowly drawing the panties up her legs under her dress.

"You probably have only taken girls' panties OFF ... ha'nt' you?" she giggled. He had them in place and he left his hands there looking at the lovely mound in front of his eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her mound.

There was a sharp intake of her breath.


He lingered, sliding his hands onto her ass. "Nice."

"We should..."

He kissed her again, pressing his lips tight to her mound, then a little lower.

"Oh ... My god ... You promised ... The pool ... my husband."

All this said softly. Both her hands were on his head and Jack wasn't sure if she was pressing his mouth to her pussy or trying to get him to give up. He looked up at her and slowly rose until they were face to face. Jack watched as David opened his mouth slightly and began a long kiss. He cupped both breasts and a moan escaped her lips He slipped his arms tight around her and her hands were tentative, then more fully on his hips.

"Oh, oh, no" we really shouldn't be in here ... we can't do what you want ... let me do this ... with my hand ... for you?"

She slipped her hand inside his damp jockey shorts tented over his big hard cock. He grunted as she wrestled it through the opening. She had her hand around it now, jutting straight and hard into her tummy. She glanced down.

"Oh ... it's big ... it's so big ... god!" she seemed to gasp the words out.

Jack saw her hand begin to slide back and forth on the shaft as she turned her face up for another kiss; Her lips were red with lipstick and poised to accept his tongue once again.

Gently he pushed Jackie back onto the bed.

His mouth was definitely kissing between her legs now. And Jack wondered how wet her pussy lips were. With a quick move, her panties were stripped down her legs again.

"Ohhhhh! David ... stop ... how can I go swimming now ... if you take my panties off again... ?"

David lay on top of her and they kissed some more.

"We can't David. I am married, hon., I can't ... Ohhhhhh. I could scream you know ... Oh, sweetie, don't move like that..."

"You like it, admit it."

"Yes, sure I like it ... but we can't ... Oh! Don't put it in!"

Jack stepped closer and could see directly into the room.

"They wouldn't notice if I walked right in," he thought.' She looked beautiful lying on her bed on a layer of pretty panties, pink, white, pale green, blue, fuchsia, black, all colors imaginable had been tossed from her panty drawer to provide a silken platform for David to lie with her.

He forced her legs apart and Jack noticed that her panty was now around one ankle and the long length of leg from her hiked up dress and the tip of her toe was clear and smooth and beautiful. David's hand roamed the length of her thigh, caressing and fondling.

"Now ... be reasonable ... we have to get back out to the party..."

She gasped and Jack noticed that his hand had slipped between them and he guessed that she had felt his finger find her clitoris or slip inside.

"Ohhhh. Please ... let me feel you ... with my hand ... let me make you cum that way ... with my hand ... It will feel good, I promise..." She wheedled in a little girl voice, but David wanted more than her little hand to please his bold cock.

His lips and tongue silenced her again. She moaned a half protest as the hand pressed into her mound squeezed and toyed with her pussy. She struggled a little, her legs flailing to throw him off, but he was centered on her wet slit now and firmly pressed a hot and ready cock along her slit.

"Ohhhh, please ... we can't ... my husband will hear ... he may be coming up the stairs. Did you hear ... something? Ohmigod ... he's coming. Oh sweetie, you can't put that in me ... you ... ohmigod! Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Stop! Pull it out! OHhhhh stop, sweetie ... won't you?" There were a lot of words but it didn't sound like a firm rejection.

"Oh, that feels good. Rub it there. Doesn't my pussy feel nice, David? Just keep rubbing there. Ohhhhh, yes. But don't put it in, OK?"

Jack peered around the door and saw David back away a little, watched as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down his wife's glistening pussy lips.

"David ... Dave ... don't ... don't put it in ... please ... this has been nice, but, I can't let you put it in, honey. You know ... I ... I ... I'm ... married ... ohmigod."

He teased her just letting the head ride up and down along the slick glistening lips. He was grinning down at her as the thick cock stabbed into his wife's pussy, the plump lips gleaming with her juices. Only the head was inside.

"Admit you want it..." Dave said, drunkenly. He wasn't satisfied with his conquest with out her admitting she wanted his cock.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned. "Just that far ... no more ... let's enjoy..."

"Enjoy the whole thing, lady..." he pressed a little deeper.

"Ohhhhhh..." Jackie moaned and her hands gripped his shoulders and her legs came up higher, the pink panty still clinging go her calf, looking wholly erotic and signaling surrender.

"Oh my!"

The blue dress was draped around her waist and Jack could see that there was still four inches of length still to come. But David began sawing in and out of the wet slit with the first four inches of his substantial cock.

"We can't fuck ... I am married ... we can't ... ohmigod ... ohhhh!"

"Oh shit ... you are so tight! My god your cunt is tight. I can hardly get it in!"

"Ohhhhh, noooooooooo, pull it out ... we've had our fun ... pull It out." But her legs had wrapped around him now giving a different signal.

"Here it comes, baby ... you've been wanting all of it!" David taunted, slightly cruelly.


His balls slapped against the soft round cheeks of her pretty ass and Jack sagged against the hall wall, unsure what emotion he was experiencing. The bodies looked beautiful locked together by the big cock of David and the long lovely legs of his wife.

"How does it feel, baby?"

"Oh god!... (a long pause) it feels good." She whispered it hoarsely between tight lips.


'Yes ... if you are going to do it, do it right! Fuck me ... go ahead. Give it to me ... fuck me!" Jackie moaned her surrender and let the pleasure soak through her body thrashing and thrusting around under the large shape of the young man.

The two on the bed of panties began working together, thrusting and counter thrusting as the slick cock lanced deep into the soft, willing body of his wife. Jack couldn't take his eyes off the luscious fucking motion shaking the bed against the wall now as it knocked each time the prick sliced into the hairy pussy of and bottomed out with a firm slap. The lips and his cock were glistening with her moisture, making a lovely picture. The lips followed the cock on inward stroke and then pulled longingly around it as it withdrew for another stroke. Jack stared at it, spellbound. It seemed like slow motion as time stood still for him. In and out, in and out, gliding sensually in and out of her neat and tidy pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh..." she spoke rhythmically, and her breasts giggled to the same rhythm of the firm young man sweated with his efforts. He grunted with pleasure of her snug pussy as he pushed it in and out.

Jack watched his wife rotate her hips up to receive the big cock and then slide down it as he withdrew. He picked her up, still deep inside her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Her breasts tight against his head and her arms holding him there. When he let her down, he had rotated her around so that she was on all fours, one of her favorite positions.

"Oh, god ... do it ... do I.i.i.tttt ... fuckkkk ... Meeee. Shove it in, shove it in!" she moaned, as he tried manfully to pleasure her with his big cock. His hands reached around and squeezed her dangling breasts for a few strokes.

"Yes, pinch ... pinch them ... pinch. Oh, yesssss, my god!"

He let go her breasts and moved his hands to grip her hips and impaled her again and again, his arms flexing, forcing her onto his dick, and forcing himself deeper into her now in this position.

"Oh goddddd," she gasped.

Now her breasts moved and swayed under her, full and plump, the nipples now long and hard with excitement. Her nipples looked dark and very tense as they swayed beautifully back and forward. She took one hand and fondled a breast herself, pinching the nipple as she moaned with pleasure.

They were sweating now from the exertion, struggling together to get more pleasure out of the simple straight cock and snug wet pussy between them. Jack noticed there were beads of sweat on his own brow too.

He saw Jackie's arms flailing flat against the bed of underwear and knew she was in the throes of a fantastic orgasm. Her lover kept pummeling her with his long dick and she grew tense with her orgasm. She clutched handsfull of silky panties and pressed her face into the pile of underwear.

Jack knew that she would be squeezing down on his shaft with her kegel muscles kept toned up with daily exercises.

She followed the withdrawing cock until it was half out, then waited for him to shove it back into her wet love sleeve.

"Yes, you big bastard ... fill me up ... fill me with your sperm, baby ... yessssssss.

David collapsed as the last bit of his essence slipped into the dark beauty of her pussy. And he lay spent on top of her feminine form.

"Ohmigod, you came inside me!"

She made a gesture of turning under him and finally he rolled off her and his relaxed cock slipped from her limp and pulling a strand of their juice over the pretty round cheek of her ass.

She let him hug her in one last bear hug and patted his sweaty back gently.

Unsure if his legs would hold him, Jack quietly stepped away and found his way down to the party. He took his chair and stared at the revelry of the young people in the pool.

He wondered why he had not stopped the love-fest in his bedroom. Why hadn't he objected when it was clear what the young man's intentions were?

Why? He stared straight up into the night sky, looking at the familiar stars overhead.

And slowly he answered himself. He too had strayed from the marital contract. He pondered the hypocrisy that he would exhibit by objecting now that his wife had strayed. That was one rationale. Why had it been erotic for him to watch? ... that was more difficult, he thought. Someplace in the middle perhaps lay the truth.

"We will have to talk about it." He mused. Deep down, he hated conflict like this.

My god, she was beautiful fucking, he thought. The image of the pistoning young prick sliding in and out of his wife's pussy was clear and bright in his mind. "Beautiful," he muttered.

"Come on in, Jackie ... no fair, you are still dressed." One of the girls called out. It startled Jack out of his reverie and he turned to see his wife striding across the lawn, trailed by her young lover.

"You don't mind if I join them, honey? I almost have to, now, don't I? David and I found my panties. He was really naughty and took them all out before choosing these" She laughed and looked at David, his cock no longer tenting his briefs. She turned to her husband and pulled her dress up to show her pink panties to him.

"No, of course not, go ahead." Jack replied, showing no emotion. The dress came off and there were whistles from the pool, as she quickly stepped in among the young people. One of the girls unsnapped Jackie's brassiere, freeing the lovely opulence of her bosom and a cheer went up. The brassiere landed at Jack's feet.

"Come on jack, you too!" it was Karen, the twenty-three-year-old beauty and Jack stripped completely nude and jumped in among them with his cock erect and free.

The party broke up at about 3AM and the couple stood in the driveway watching the cars back away down the driveway.

Jackie nuzzled close, quiet for the first time in several hours of frenetic party activity.

"Oh, god, I've been naughty tonight. I'm sorry ... I don't know what gets into me."

Jack shrugged as she kissed his neck and nuzzled closer for comfort.

"Can you forgive me?"

"Well ... you had a good time..."

"Yes, we did, didn't we? But ... I don't know ... I was naughty ... more than usual, I mean."

"Ah well."

"Hold me?"

"I am holding you."

"Take me upstairs and make love to me?"

"OK. Little tired though, aren't you?"

"I need you ... let's clean up the mess tomorrow."


They turned out lights and he trailed her upstairs where the panties were still scattered over their bed, the imprint of her body still visible where the silky things had been mashed down with the intense sex.

"Oh ... I forgot ... he threw them all out ... you know, when ... when we came up looking ... for ... panties ... oh my god." She looked at him with fright in her eyes and began putting the underwear away, stuffing it into the drawer instead of neatly packing it in.

"It looks terrible ... I'm sorry, the way I behaved. Crazy!"

"We all get crazy sometimes. Not that different from other parties. Flirting ... doesn't hurt..."

"Sure? Oh, thank you ... for saying that." She was trembling as they slipped naked under the covers and she cuddled in his arms. The dark closed around them.

'I let the flirting get out of hand, didn't I?'

"Did you?"

"Yes ... I liked them. Nice boys ... But I let them touch me a little too much."

"Did you touch them?"

She silently nodded her head against his shoulder and pulled his hand up to cover her breast. Jack squeezed the breast.

"Oh, Jack, yes, I did touch them back. Oh careful, I'm tender."

"I saw you on the dance floor and wondered ... You gave them a thrill, old girl."

"You think?"

"Yep. You liked them fondling you?"

She nodded. "Not as much as with you."

'Still love me, then?"

"Oh god yes!" She rolled on top of him, fished to slide his cock into her slit. He slid in easily and he reached to hold both her tits. "Ohhhh, it feels good, honey."

"Dave was a good dancer."

"Oh yes, I guess he was. I let him put his hands on my bottom ... just for a minute ... that wasn't so bad, was it? It's kind of natural."

He nodded. "Sure. "Did you feel his cock?" She was silent. "Oh ... yes ... I noticed he got hard while we danced. It happens with men." She giggled. "He was cute."

"I watched."

"Hmmm?" She stopped sliding up and down his cock.

"I watched you fuck him ... here ... on top of the pile of panties." He whispered it quietly. Her thrusting stopped.

"No..." she flattened herself on his chest. He felt the grip on his cock loosen.

He nodded against her cheek.

"Oh, god..." She was crying and trembling.

"I told him to stop. Oh god, I hate myself."


"Oh my god, I don't want to lose you! Have I ruined it?"

"I don't want to lose you either."

"Do you hate me?"


"Why didn't you stop him? If you saw us, why didn't you scream at me?"

"I can't say. I was shocked, a little, but I couldn't say anything ... I don't know why. You were enjoying it, for one thing."

They were stone quiet, only her sniffling broke the stillness.

"I'm sorry..."

"I know..." His cock had softened in her warm pussy.

"Why didn't you stop us, Jack? Oh why, oh why didn't you stop us?

"It was beautiful, too, that was another reason. You looked beautiful ... joined together ... fucking ... I could see it sliding in past your pussy lips ... looking beautiful ... your breasts ... your ass ... your legs ... beautiful!

"Oh god ... you mean you liked watching? Watching someone do it to me ... your wife being fucked? By another man? Oh my god!"

"Maybe there are two kinds of sex ... one for just play ... one for meaningful times like we are having now. Maybe we can make that work. For us? " She agreed by nodding, trembling, eager to agree with anything that made the problem go away. Then slowly what he was proposing sank into her brain. She pulled away slightly, thinking...

"You mean ... sex with others ... what, sometimes?"

"Yes ... obviously we both like to flirt with others ... this is flirting that goes a little further ... I don't know. And maybe the times we make up fantasies to play while we have sex, maybe that is similar? Recreational sex ... rather than lovemaking?"

"You mean you will have sex with other girls ... too?"

He nodded. "Maybe ... not lots ... not all the time ... Only if it doesn't get serious and you fall in love with someone else. But if you fuck them, maybe it isn't that meaningful and we keep our own kind of sex personal? That's the only way I can see it working."

Jack was aware of her tightening her pussy muscle around the base of his cock and thought of the incongruity of the conversation with the sensation of her warm wet muscle squeezing him.

"Oh my god..."

"Up to you of course..." he said quietly.

"Oh my god ... I want YOU!"

"I know ... I want you too."

"But you want other girls?"

"Wait a minute ... have you forgotten what you had on this bed a couple hours ago?"

"Yeah ... oh god, I know..."

"And it felt good, didn't it? When he shoved it in?" He was slightly mean with this comment and he knew it.

"Ohhhhh, god, yessssss ... I mean ... no ... I mean ... yes, I guess so."

"You didn't stop him."

"I wanted to ... I really did ... I wanted to stop him ... it just slipped in, honest ... oh, damn, it just slipped in ... It was an accident, Jack, it just slipped in. Forgive me. I didn't even cum ... you know? I didn't cum with him."

"Cum now ... with me..."

"I don't know if I can ... so tense ... so upset..."

"Try, baby, fuck me..." He thrust up into her gently, held himself rigid under her softness.

Slowly she began sliding on his prick and the glorious in and out felt delicious. He held her breasts again and felt them move in his hands as she began to fuck him with firm sure rotation of her pelvis, sliding his cock in and out of the warm velvet folds of her pussy. He sighed as he felt the lips of her pussy slide against the hair around the base of his cock as she reached the end of her thrust. "Oh, god, baby, you are so good."

He slipped his hands up and down her torso and felt the strong, fluid movement of her round bottom as she thrust onto his cock. Every fold of her vagina caressed the length of his prick. He moaned with the pleasure of her squeezing, grasping pussy. It took a while, but she finally came hard on his cock and then lay on top of him and went to sleep as his cock softened and slipped out.

He put the memory of her thrashing, moaning orgasm earlier under the thrusting presence of David out of his mind and let himself fall into an exhausted, troubled sleep, unsure if anything he had said was actually going to work for them.

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