Ghost Stories
Chapter 1

It was a very stormy Saturday, somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, somewhere within the State of North Dakota. The rain was pouring very heavily, making the skies semi-dark and cloudy. Thunder crackled every fifteen minutes. Outside a certain cabin, the entire forest ground in which the cabin was located, was streaming with water, up to one's ankle.

But for 7 lucky souls, they were inside this cabin right now. The cabin's roof protected them from the almighty thunderstorm rain, which would have soaked even a person under an umbrella within 12 seconds. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for their cars, which were all getting rain shower for free.

The seven lucky souls were all best friends. They were college students. They all attended the same college but did not do the same courses.

The cabin belonged to one of them, a guy named Mike (actually his dad's). Mike was an Amerasian, born to a white Anglo-Saxon father and a Filipina mother. He was a handsome stocky guy with bulging muscles, who did a course in film making. He was practically the strongest and toughest among all of them.

The others were 2 couples and 2 other single persons, apart from Mike.

One couple was Josh and Stacy, who did Law. Josh was tall and biracial, born to a black mother and a white father. Stacy was white, with brown hair and brown eyes. While Josh was cool and sarcastic, Stacy was warm and friendly towards anyone, including jerks.

The other couple was Mendez and Gabriella. They were both Chicanos (Mexican-Americans) and they both majored in economics.

The other two single people were Peter and Dimitri. Peter was the tallest guy in the entire group, with his pale complexion, blond hair and blue eyes and muscles. But if it ever came down to a fight, Peter knew that Mike was more than a match for him. Peter was an attractive looking guy, who majored in art. But Peter was also often absent-minded.

As for Dimitri, he was a Greek foreigner studying and living in the US. He majored in some science & technology course. Dimitri intended to one day become an American citizen, but basically he was a nerd (but a warm hearted nerd).

As for why the seven of them were in the cabin, was because Mike invited them to spend the weekend with him. Mike's parents were off to Bermuda and left Mike the keys to everything.

Right now, all seven of them were sat down, on the floor, in a circle, by the fireside. The lights remained switched off and the curtains were pulled over, as the window remained un-shut. They were drinking beer...

Mike raised his beer can.

Mike: Here's to you all. Greatest pals a guy could have.

Peter raised his beer can too.

Peter: I am glad to have met you Mike. I am glad to be friends with you all.

The other five raised their beer cans too, crying their "cheers".

Gabriella: And hopefully we can find you three bachelors some girlfriends.

The two couples broke out in laughter. Dimitri chuckled.

Dimitri: No thanks. I'll find my own. Unfortunately there aren't many cute blondes in my course.

Mike: Busy at the moment. Can't have anyone in my life right now. Project takes most of my time and no time for a serious relationship.

Gabriella: Why not? You are always saying that. You're just doing a filming course. It is not as if you are making a movie or something.

Mendez: Oh leave the poor guy alone. When he gets rich and famous, he will get loads of girls hanging all over him. Besides, what kind of movies are you planning to make anyways?

Mike: You really wanna know? I wanna make horror movies.

The six of them stared at Mike with disbelief and disapproval.

Mike: Hey people love horror movies.

Mendez: If you experience such things, you wouldn't!!

Mike: Horror movies are fictional!!

The six of them still looked at Mike the same way.

Mike: You guys are classic, you know that.

Stacy then looked towards Peter, who not only remained quiet but even serious.

Stacy: Don't worry Pete. A cute tall guy like you will get someone to share your bed with. But if you're having trouble getting someone, you know we will help you out.

Peter looked at each and every one of them. He smiled, as if he was really very grateful to really have them as his friends.

Then Peter's smile disappeared and he looked down the cabin's light–brown wooden floor, staring blankly.

Mike called out to Peter in a concerned tone.

Mike: Hey you alright buddy??

Dimitri butted in, hoping to make a joke to liven up the mood that had just turned serious.

Dimitri: Hey Pete, do you have a sister? Because if she is as blonde as you, could you introduce us.

Stacy looked worried.

Josh: This always happens every time we ask him whether he would allow us to be his really truly good friends to help him get a girl. Come on man, you ain't getting younger.

Stacy: Pete, is something wrong? Are you ok??

Peter then looked towards all of them again. But he was not smiling. He was even looking that serious. He was looking worried, even afraid.

Josh: Hey Pete, it is about chicks, I think I can help sort you out. Just let me help you out man. Why do you always have to turn down my offer to help?

Mike knew that what Josh said was true but he did ponder at the idea if maybe Peter already had a girlfriend in the past, and it ended horribly.

Mike: You are thinking about something and someone, aren't you?

Peter: Yes Mike you are right. There is something I never told anybody. I have kept it bottled up my entire life.

Josh: Oh at last. Now we are getting something here.

Mendez: Well you will feel a lot better if you talk about it. It is better to talk about things that trouble you, to rather just keep it all bottled up in your brain. You mean you have kept something bottled up for a long time?

Peter nodded his head solemnly.

Peter looked at each of them.

Peter: Well if I tell you guys something, you must promise me two things.

Josh: Sure man. What?

Stacy: You know you can trust us Pete. We're your best friends.

Peter: The reason why I am hesitating to tell you is because after I tell you my story, you will think I'm crazy or even worse, even laugh at me.

Josh: Why should we laugh at something that is making you behave seriously??

Mike: Well if it is bothering you, you might as tell us, rather than allowing it to swallow you up.

Peter: Ok but if I tell you guys a story, you must promise not to laugh and not tell everyone else outside this cabin.

Mike looked at the other six and they all agreed and nodded their heads.

Stacy: We promise.

Josh: Cross our hearts and hope to die.

At the word "die," Peter's blue eyes shot eve a lot wider.

Peter: I wish you hadn't used that word you had just used.

Josh: Oh sorry.

The thunderstorm outside the cabin crackled extremely loud, that they saw the lightning flash really bright outside the cabin's window. Everyone was now in a spookier mood.

Peter: What I am about to tell you, I dare not tell when it is dark. It's just too scary to think about but I confess I cannot keep it to myself any longer. I need to tell someone.

Stacy: This thing that is bothering you, when did this all happen?

Peter: Long time ago, when I was restarting my high school life in some new town.

Josh interrupted.

Josh: So you are going to tell us a story about why you have never gotten laid since??

Dimitri snickered.

Peter looked annoyed at Josh.

Peter: Yes. I am going to tell you why I but are you going to shut up and let me finish?

Josh gave a "slapped-in-the-face" kinda look.

Peter eyed each and every one of them.

Peter: The story I am about to tell you is a true story. It is true because I experienced it. It happened to me.

Peter then gulped, with fear in his tone and in his blue eyes.

Peter: But once you know this story, you will know what it is all about. I am afraid even right now to use that word, to describe my true story.

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