Bobby to Bobbie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Science Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Body Modification, Transformation, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bobby is a normal 19 year old man from a normal family. Well maybe not quite so normal. Bobby's sister Wendy possesses a genius unseen since Leonardo Da Vinci! Wendy hides her light under the bushel of being a bubbly busty blonde centerfold. Let's ignore Wendy, for this is Bobby's story! His world gets turned upside down when he and his buddy Alan sneak into Wendy's lab.

Bobby Shay glared at his best friend Alan McAllister's reflection in the mirror as he combed his hair very carefully. "If even one picture of me dressed like this shows up on the Internet, I swear I'll kill you!"

Alan couldn't help grinning. "Bob, this was your idea, remember? Besides, if anyone saw us now they'd think we were some kind of gay couple. There's no way I'm risking that! I have the ladies to think about, after all!"

"What ladies? You never have the nerve to ask anyone out!" Bobby sighed and once again gave the hem of his little black skirt a tug. He was one to talk! Being a nineteen year old virgin sucked! He pulled at the skirt again. "Jeez! How can Wendy wear such short skirts, anyway?"

"Don't diss the skirt!" Alan sighed, completely ignoring his friend's comments about dating habits. "Wendy looks damn hot in that thing! Her ass works that skirt just right!"

"Shit! Don't be disgusting! You're talking about my big sister!" He sighed again. "Forget it. Let's get a move on!"

Bobby headed down the stairs, Alan following close on his high-heels. They both froze when a voice called out from the kitchen. "Oh sweetie, I thought you were taking some time off. Didn't you say you closed down your laboratory for the weekend?"

Fumbling nervously, Bobby managed to key the mini voice recorder he was carrying. "Sorry mom!" the edited recording played. "I've had a breakthrough! See you later!"

"Okay Honey! You drive carefully. I'll see you in the morning!"

"I can't believe that worked!" Alan whispered as they slipped out the door into the cool night air.

Bobby grinned. "I told you it would!" He made a slight adjustment to the foam rubber stuffed bra he was wearing beneath a snug fitting pink blouse. "Just this once I'm glad I look so much like Wendy!"

"Well, at a distance, anyway." Alan looked at his friend's legs and nearly bust his guts trying to hold back his laughter. "You're even wearing her stockings too? Damn dude, I thought it was weird enough that you depilated your legs! This is too much!"

"Oh shut the hell up!" Bobby felt his face grow warm. "You know damn well I only depilated to better my times at the swim club tryouts!" His face grew red. He didn't dare mention that due to his accidentally checking off the wrong box on a medical form, the debilitation took care of his entire body, or that the treatment was permanent! Aside from eyebrows, eyelashes, and the hair on his scalp, he was baby smooth all over. Bobby would never even have to shave his face for the rest of his life! How would he live that down? "I told you the plan! I have to wear everything Wendy wore today! Is it my fault she wore pantyhose?"

"Being Mr. Clean didn't even come into play. You could have been as hairy as an ape and still outdistanced those other losers!" Alan stopped dead in his tracks. "Dude, what else are you wearing? I mean, what's the underwear situation?"

"Knock it the fuck off already! I couldn't wear my briefs with panty hose over them! It would have been too gay!" As if this wasn't already! To cover his nervousness, he fumbled in his sister's purse for her car keys. "You know the only chance we have of this working is if I dress exactly the way she did today! I know you're supposed to wear them by themselves, but I felt too insecure going commando under the pantyhose. I, well, I had to go back and swipe a pair of Wendy's panties from the laundry hamper too. They, uh, match the bra."

"Oh shit!" Alan sighed. "Dammit Bobby, you should have let me sniff them first before you rubbed your junk all over them!"

"That's just sick! Knock it off or I go alone!"

"Okay already!" Alan smiled. "There's no way I'm missing out on seeing the girl genius's secret lab!"

The not so dynamic duo climbed into Wendy Shay's 2022 Smart car. The little pink vehicle really was smart. The ninety-three percent efficiency of storage cells she had invented silently powered the superconductive electric motor and the vehicle glided smoothly out of the driveway. Less than a hour of sunlight a day was more then enough to propel the little car nearly three hundred miles; thanks to the nearly fifty-percent efficiency of the photovoltaic finish covering the bodywork that she had created to supply the storage cells.

"I still can't get over how Wendy stood down the fuel oil companies when she was only seventeen!" Bobby said proudly as he drove through the night. "Did you know the OPEC nations offered her half a billion dollars to destroy her models and notes when she informed them of her green, cheap and easy to produce energy storage system? I said billion, with a "B"! They even tried to bribe high level officials in the United States government to try and get the Internet shut down completely when she anonymously emailed her designs and schematics to every university, tech web site, chat room and DIY hobby forum she could think of! Thankfully, they were too slow!"

"Alan laughed. "If I didn't know your sister, I would have never believed your story when you told me! It's a wonder they didn't have her quietly killed!"

Bobby's eyes glowed with pride. "Don't think they haven't tried! There was a ten million dollar reward out for anyone who could identify her. Twenty million if she was killed! Sis is too smart for that! Nobody but you, me and mom knows she invented the Shipstone power system and named it in honor of Robert Heinlein, her favorite author. The rest of the world thinks some old hermit scientist dude named Anson MacDonald did." He couldn't help laughing. "That's the main reason she posed nude for Playboy as soon as she turned eighteen. Sis claims being, and I'm quoting her exactly now; "A double D cup natural blonde centerfold bimbo that didn't even finish high school" is the perfect cover for her. Mom was upset at first, especially since Wendy only quit school because she already knew more then any of the teachers did. Mom calmed down because it was the best thing to do to keep her safe while all the fuel oil companies went bankrupt because nobody needed gasoline any more!"

Alan sighed dreamily. "I found two copies of that Playboy issue where she was named Playmate of the Year, on EBay. You know the one that had the first True 3D centerfold? Do you think Wendy will sign one for me?"

"Sis invented that process, too. She said it was stupid to present something as true 3D if you had to wear those dumb glasses to see it. That's why Anson MacDonald is credited as the savior of paper printed hard copy adult magazines." Bobby laughed. "Why not have her sign both? She's signed thousands of copies since it came out. I don't think she'd mind signing two for you. After all, you're my best friend."

"Dude, I only need one autographed." Alan rubbed his hands together briskly in gleeful anticipation. "The other copy is gonna see a whole lot of use! It's a good thing that the 3D treatment renders the synthetic paper completely moisture proof!"

The tiny car nearly swerved off of the road. "That's so disgusting! Would you please quit talking about my big sister like that?"

"Sorry, but it's not my fault your sister's hot!" he took a deep breath and sighed dramatically. "What I really don't understand is why you guys don't live like royalty! With all that money Wendy makes, you could go buy a small country to live in!"

Bobby laughed. "That's the beauty of it. We live under the radar so the IRS won't clobber us. Mom and I both agreed to live normal lives in a normal house. It's an easy sacrifice to ensure sis stays safe. She told me that several major countries, including these United States, still have teams of experts determined to locate Anson MacDonald. That's why as far as the rest of the world knows; it's her modeling work that keeps bread on the table. At least that's what all the data bases show. Sis thought of everything.

"Dude, then why do you work part time at that electronics store?"

"Because I like it." Bobby laughed. "Besides, I felt kinda stupid as an adult getting an allowance from his big sister! It's a sweet deal though. I don't ever have to worry about saving for rent, food, car insurance or any of that crap! Everything I make at Great-Purchases is spending money for my various collectables."

The pink car finally pulled into the parking lot of a small warehouse nestled deep in an old industrial park. "This is it!" Bobby hissed. Keep your mouth shut, and let the recording do all the talking!"

Bobby took a small mirror out of his sister's purse and checked his hair. Thank God Wendy had recently cut hers! The cute little pixy cut she now wore was pretty easy to replicate with his own corn silk hair. He was rather proud of how well it turned out when he took scissors in hand and styled himself to match. When they got home tonight he planned on giving himself a buzz-cut to throw off any suspicion thought.

Something else caught Bobby's eye when he went to replace the little mirror. There, in the purse, was a small tube. He took it out and stared at it for a couple of seconds. Although his big sister didn't usually use much makeup, Bobby felt compelled to add one last finishing touch. Under the car's dome light, the young man very carefully applied the glossy red lipstick. He gently blotted his lips on a piece of tissue and then added a "second coat" the way he'd seen mom and sis do a million times. He pursed his lips a couple times before returning lipstick and mirror to his, uh, Wendy's purse.

Alan was shocked. "Dude, what the hell are you doing? You're getting too into this! It's starting to freak me out!"

"Quiet!" Bobby hissed. "I'm doing my best to pass myself off as my sister! It's not like it's a life style or anything!"

They climbed out of the car and headed for the only entrance of the warehouse. Bobby saw the security guard within the dimly lit reception room giving him the eye. Was it dark enough? Would he pass this ultimate test? It was time to find out. He keyed the recorder again. "Hi Officer Michaels!" his sister's synthesized voice called cheerfully. "I'm just going to give my friend a quick look around my art studio before we head out to a party."

"No problem, Miss. Shay!" The gray haired retired cop got up and walked slowly towards the door. Bobby almost forgot to breath until the door was finally opened. "Take your time, I'll let you back out when you finish."

Bobby mouthed along with the recording. "Thanks, Officer Michaels. We won't be long!"

The two friends hastened down the hallway towards the back of the building. Alan almost passed out when a hand landed on his shoulder and held him back. "You mind your manners, young man." The guard hissed. "Miss Shay is like a daughter to me. One word from her and you'll be in deep shit!"

"Don't you worry about that! She's not my type." Alan grinned theatrically. "I do go for a man in uniform though."

The guard laughed. "I'm old enough to be your father, sonny!" he gave Alan a wink. "If I where ten years younger, and you were ten years older, who knows? Now get along with you!"

Alan caught up with Bobby, just as he faced a door with a biometric lock and keycard slot. "You handled that nicely." The prettily dressed young man whispered.

"I'm glad you told me Wendy hired only homosexuals for her security so she didn't have to worry about them hitting on her all of the time." Alan sighed. I had the sudden feeling that if he thought I was going to screw you, uh, I mean Wendy; he'd shoot me dead!"

Bobby pulled a specially prepared glove out of the purse and slipped it onto his right hand. "Yeah. Wendy said it's too distracting to have men always sniffing around her while she works. Officer Michaels is a great guy too, even though he likes men." Bobby shook his head and shuddered. "I'm not saying it's wrong or anything, but, how could anyone want to do it with a dude?" He pressed the glove with his sister's handprint against the glowing glass plate on the wall, and used his left hand to swipe the featureless clear plastic card through the slot. The door silently opened before them.

The two friends faced the holy of holies! Nobody was ever allowed in Wendy's lab! She never released any new invention until she was satisfied it was one hundred percent complete, safe, and ready for manufacture. Then and only then would she show her family, before releasing it as yet another creation of Mr. Anson MacDonald, everyone's favorite reclusive inventor! After 'he' gifted the world with his new power system, Mr. MacDonald turned his aged mind to computers. In fifteen months, OS-Mindscape, coupled with the Infinity Holographic processor chip, closed all windows, and made a bunch of apples go sour! It was the royalties from this intuitive software/hardware combination, through dozens of nested false corporate fronts that kept Wendy happily supplied with any raw materials and equipment she needed for her more advanced projects.

"Oh my God!" Bobby breathed as he looked around. "It's like a set from some science fiction movie!" He took a step towards a raised dais. "Could that be what I think it is?"

Alan felt his heart pound as he walked towards the matching dais on the other side of the room. "Are you thinking, "Star Trek: Generation Three"?" he said reverently. This was a techno-nerd's wet dream! Could Wendy have actually invented a matter transporter?

Miles away, Wendy Shay sighed sleepily and opened her eyes. She stretched luxuriously and sat up in bed. The blonde bombshell inventor had an odd feeling of dread. That's when the insistent beeping filtered through her sleep fogged mind. The golden haired beauty was instantly wide awake and glanced at the large watch strapped to her slender wrist. "Oh damn! The climate control sensors are registering a zero point eight degree increase in temperature! Somebody's inside!" The twenty-eight year old naked woman leapt from her bed and raced down the hall to the bathroom. "Oh shit!" she cried as she flipped open the hamper intending to throw on the clothes she removed just hours before. "They're gone! Everything I wore today is missing!" Time was of the essence, so she grabbed a sweat shirt and matching pants from the hamper.

She raced back to her bed room, clutching the clothing to her ample breasts. "Double fucking crap! My purse is missing, too!" It didn't take genius to put two and two together! "Bobby, if you don't kill yourself, I will!"

Hastily dressing in her brother's sweat clothes, Wendy grabbed her spare key-card. She flew down the stairs, long shapely legs taking them two at a time. "Mom, I need your car keys!" she cried when she reached the bottom.

Alyssa Shay looked up from her book and nearly jumped. "Good gracious dear, when did you get back? You only left about a half hour ago."

"Bobby's up to something!" the worried woman gasped as she grabbed the keys from the hallway table. "I'll be back soon, I hope!"

Wendy climbed into her mother's 2019 Cadillac Enduro and powered it up. Like a ghost, the silver luxury car raced silently down the street. "Please don't let him figure out the proper start-up sequence!" she breathed as she put the pedal to the metal and barreled across town towards her laboratory at one hundred and twenty miles an hour! "Oh dear God, what am I saying? Please let him get it exactly right!"

Bobby looked over the controls, unaware that their mere body heat had alerted his sister to their trespassing. "This doesn't look too hard to figure out.' He said happily. "Look, according to the logbook, sis has made a hundred successful transports. Forty-two of them with living subjects." He couldn't keep the grin off of his face. "How about we make that one hundred and one?"

Alan stepped back away from he dais he had been staring at. "Hells no! Not me! What if I end up on Mars or something? They don't have any girls there!"

The pretty young man in the sexy skirt and foam stuffed push-up bra laughed. "Don't be such a sissy! I'll be the test pilot, and you can be mission control."

Throwing a mock salute, Alan joined his friend at the control console. "Okay, Cap'n, what do I do first?"

"Power, I should think." Bobby rushed over and stood on the farther dais. "It looks pretty straight forward. Once it reads full power, try subject scan, and then hit transport."

Once Bobby was in place, Alan hit the large blue button marked power. The bank of oversized Shipstone power cells throbbed and hummed as the system powered up. "What about all these other controls?" he asked as he watched a meter slowly climb towards one hundred percent. Most of them aren't even labeled yet. One says image buffer though."

"That's probably just for the camera recording system." Bobby pointed out the lenses aimed at either dais. "Do you think I want Wendy to see me here, dressed like this?"

"I guess not." Alan watched the meter. "We're at a hundred percent now. Are you sure about this?"

Feeling suddenly nervous, Bobby uttered the world's most famous last words. "Sure! What could possibly go wrong?"

Wendy nearly crashed the Cadillac into her beloved Smart car as she careened the vehicle into the little parking lot of her lab. "Maybe I'm in time!" she gasped as she jumped out and ran for the door.

Officer Michaels looked up at the sudden pounding at the door. Gun in hand, he cautiously approached. "Miss Shay? What's wrong?" He noticed the way the lovely woman was dressed. 'Did that young man try anything with you?"

"What? No, I'm fine!" Wendy took a deep breath. "Never mind that now. I have to get into my, uh, studio, before they cause any damage!"

"They? Uh, sure Miss Shay!" he opened the door and stood aside. "Do you want me to go with you?" He knew the rules, and was paid handsomely to follow them to the letter. If some little rich girl wanted to keep her artistic endeavors secret, who was he to argue? That didn't make him any less curious about the locked door he was never permitted to enter. "You may need backup!"

"No, I've got things under control!" she shouted as she ran down the corridor. "That is, I hope I do!"

"Subject scanning!" Alan called out as he pressed another button. He watched in awe as energy seemed to ripple across Bobby's unusually dressed body. "Shit, what does that feel like?"

Bobby laughed nervously. "It feels a little warm, but that's it. As soon as it's finished scanning me, hit the transport button!"

"Okay, I think it's finished now. Are you ready?"

Striking what he thought of as a heroic pose, Bobby cleared his throat. "Energize!"

Two things happened at once. Alan hit the transport button, as Wendy burst into the lab. "Stop!" she cried, even as her beloved kid brother began to dematerialize. "Oh bloody Hell!"

Alan stared in wonder as Bobby simply faded from view. In seconds, there was nothing left of his friend. "Shit! Wendy sure is a genius!"

"I know!" Wendy shouted as she shoved Alan aside. "Let's just hope I'm smart enough!"

Picking himself up off of the floor, Alan stared openly at the vision of Bobby's sister wearing an old sweat shirt that seemed to be nearly two sizes too small. "You look great tonight, Wendy. How about you and I step out for a cup of coffee or something?"

"What? Are you joking?" she flipped a switch and the system diagnostic display shimmered into being above the console. "I have to save my brother!"

"Holy crap!" Alan whispered. "True three dimensional display too? This thing rocks!"

Wendy didn't like what she was seeing. "Didn't you clear the image buffer?" she hissed through gritted teeth. "Oh my God! You didn't even activate the bio filter! If anything happens to my brother, I'll murder you, Alan McAllister!"

It was finally sinking in that something was wrong. Alan tore his eyes away from the glorious twin peaks of Wendy's bust and turned back towards the dais. "Uh, shouldn't Bobby have reappeared by now?"

Yes, he should have!" the frantically working woman shouted. "Now shut up and let me save him!"

Sparkling light twisted and swirled over the receiving dais as Wendy did her best to stabilize the energy field and data stream. In seconds the light solidified into the form of her brother. Bobby looked at her in pure surprise. "Sis, how did you get here? You just popped in out of thin air!" He looked around. "Oh shit! I guess it worked. I'm on the other side of the room, and I didn't even feel a thing!"

"Transport complete, thank God!" Wendy ran her eyes over the readings, and nearly wept at what she saw. Shutting the system down, she raced over and threw her arms around her brother. "Kiddo, how are you feeling?" she pulled back, and held him at arm's length. "Oh God, what the hell made you decide to be a cross dresser, anyway? Why didn't you at least take clean clothes? Hot water and laundry detergent could have made all the difference!"

Bobby blushed. "I only did it to see your lab! I needed to look as much like you as possible, so I stole what you wore today!" He shook his head, suddenly feeling dizzy. "It's not like I get a kick out of wearing girls' things!" The dizzy feeling grew stronger. "Uh, sis? I don't feel so good!" He would have fallen if his sister wasn't there to steady him.

"Oh shit! Alan, get over here and help me!" Wendy steered her brother towards the small cot she had set up for quick naps while she was working. "We have a problem here!"

The helped Bobby sit on the edge of the cot. "Oh my God, sis, what's wrong with me?" his panicked voice dropped to a whisper. "I'm not turning into a Brundlefly, am I?"

Wendy forced a smile on her face. "Don't be silly! This is the real world, not some stupid science fiction story!"

Torn between staring at Wendy's breasts, and showing concern for his friend, Alan didn't know what to do. "Shouldn't we send him back through again? Maybe that'll fix him back up."

"Are you crazy? We can't risk disrupting what's happening! The energy field still surrounding him could collapse prematurely!" she forced herself to remain calm. "We need to get him to the hospital. If what I suspect is happening comes to pass, he'll need support and an on call medical staff." Wendy shook her head. "Why the hell did you have to wear my dirty clothes, Bobby?"

"Sorry sis." Bobby's forehead was beaded with sweat, and his breathing edged towards irregular. "I just wanted to see your lab setup. It wasn't anything nasty!"

"I know, sweetheart. Just hang loose, okay?" she stepped away from her brother and touched a stud on the side of her watch. "Speed dial, Lance." She whispered into the device.

"You've reached Doctor Lance Robinson, please leave a message at the beep." A moment passed, and the beep that followed was clearly not an electronic tone, but an off key attempt by the doctor to imitate one.

"Lance, this is Wendy, I need you!"

"I'm irresistible, admit it, Wendy-girl!" he laughed. "I'll meet you right away, your bed room or mine?"

"Cut it out! I meant it on a professional level!"

The lecherous act dropped in an instant. "Talk to me."

"I'm bringing my kid brother to the hospital. I need someone there who I can trust, and has admitting privileges." She took a deep breath. "You know I wouldn't ask anything like this unless it was very important."

I'll be there in ten minutes!"

"Thanks Lance." She couldn't help a little smile. "Once things are settled, I'll pay you back any way you chose!"

She cut the call and returned to her brother's side. "Let's go kiddo. Can you walk?"

"The room is spinning worse then when you ratted me out to mom for drinking beer last year." He complained. "I, I think I have a fever, too."

"It's going to be okay." She put Bobby's arm over her shoulder. "Alan, help me get him to the car."

"The Smart car?" he asked, as he grabbed his friend's other arm. "That only seats two."

"No, I have my mom's Caddy. We'll lay him in the back seat." The three headed for the door. Wendy made damn certain to lock the lab up behind them!

Officer Michaels held the door for them as they left the building together. "Miss Shay, I thought that girl was you. Now that I got a good look, I can see she's just a kid. What's going on?"

"Just a little family drama, that's all." Wendy gave him a halfhearted grin. "My, uh, my cousin can't hold her alcohol, that's all. Her boyfriend was actually decent enough to call me instead of taking advantage of the situation. There's sure going to be hell to pay when my uncle finds out about this!"

Putting the semi-conscious Bobby in the back seat, Wendy turned to Alan. "I'll take it from here. I'm going to trust you now. Do not breathe a word of this to anyone, okay? I can't have even one word leaked about what you guys found or did in there. Is that clear?"

Fear finally made Alan quit his continuous leer at Wendy's charms. "You have my word, Wendy. I swear I won't tell a soul!"

"I believe you." She gave the young man a quick peck on the cheek. "You can keep my car, just to remind you to keep my secret."

"Wow, really?" the grin left Alan's face just as soon as it formed. "Bobby's going to be alright, isn't he?"

"I hope so." Wendy sighed. 'I truly hope so!"

The silver Cadillac cut off two ambulances and very nearly drove right through the doors into the Emergency room. Dr. Robinson, the chief of emergency surgery meeting her there cut off any complaints the display of reckless driving may have incurred. "What's wrong with the patient?" he asked as orderlies moved in with a gurney. He continued in a whisper. "Did one of your 'projects' go belly up?"

"Of course not!" Wendy calmed herself. Her family didn't know it yet, but things between Lance and her had recently grown a bit more intense. So intense in fact, that Wendy had sworn him to secrecy late one night. Snuggled together under the covers, feeling mutually sated and mellow, Wendy had told him all about her past. She even came clean about the identity of a certain Mr. Anson MacDonald. "Bobby snuck in my lab and messed with things that shouldn't have been messed with! Now we're going to see some rather serious side effects!"

"Side effects like what?"

"You won't believe me if I tell you! We should get him into a deep-floatation water bed in the burn unit, just to be on the safe side." She thought for a moment. "Start an IV drip of saline and nutrients. Insert a feeding tube, too and give him as many calories as he can take. Don't be surprised if you have to keep adding more of each. He's going to need all the help we can give him if he's to survive what's about to happen! Serious physiological changes are about to take place. Lance, it's important that you do not interfere in any way! Just keep him fed and hydrated, that's all. Let it run its course, okay? It's Bobby's only chance!"

It went against all of his extensive training, but he knew Wendy well enough to know he had to follow her instructions to the letter if the patient was to survive. "Don't worry, love. I'll make sure he's alright!"

Once she was sure Bobby was stable, Wendy returned home to break the news to her mother. She hadn't felt this scared since she was eight years old. Mother had caught on just in time to prevent Wendy's attempt at seizing control of military assets. Using only the family computer, an aluminum foil lined inverted beach umbrella, plus the magnetron tube and high voltage transformer from an old microwave oven, the mischievous little girl had built a fully functional satellite communications uplink. Mom had walked in just as she was about to re-task a top secret stealth Navy spy satellite to bounce Japanese television to her receiving station. Wendy still had nightmares about the entire summer she had spent without any technology as her punishment for that little project!

Alyssa Shay met her daughter at the door. "Honey, is your brother okay? I looked up in his room and found this." She held up the rubber mold Bobby had used to create the glove with his sister's hand print. "From the notes I found on his computer, my guess is he needed your hand-print to break into your laboratory. Is that why he made himself up to look like you?"

"Yes mom. That's how he got passed the guard. I left him over at the hospital. He's stable right now, but it's going to be rough." Tears filled Wendy's eyes as she sobbed. "I'm so sorry mom! Bobby's in serious trouble and it's all my fault! I don't blame you for hating me!"

"Oh sweetheart!" Alyssa held her daughter tightly. "How could I hate you? We both know how curious Bobby is, but who would have thought he'd take it to this level?" She blinked away her own tears. "Come on honey; let's go be with your brother."

Wendy explained as best as she could what she suspected was happening to Bobby as her mother drove them back to the hospital. "The matter transporter is nearly finished. The next step was to rewrite the operating systems to incorporate all of my safety governors and fail safes." She paused to wipe the guilty tears from her eyes. "His goofy buddy Alan didn't know he had to engage the bio filter or clear the image buffers."

"Honey, I'm just a normal woman." Alyssa tried to smile. "Please use small words."

"Okay, mom. Bobby's disguise was simply to cut his hair, and wear all the clothes I wore today." Her face went red. "The scan detected my DNA in the panties he was wearing." Her voice dropped to an embarrassed whisper. "It must have been a pubic hair, with tag intact."

"At least I know what that means." Alyssa was a retired police detective. "Go on, sweetheart."

"Like I said, Alan didn't set the bio filter or Image buffer." Wendy sighed. "The computer still had a complete record of my last test transport. It was a single white female lab rat. When it scanned Bobby, it detected the secondary DNA source, uh, my pubic hair with still living cells in the tag. The system's flexible, but not flexible enough. It thought there was an error. It checked the record log in the image buffer and made a little correction."

The Cadillac nearly hit a tree. "Bobby is turning into a rat?"

"No! That would have taken millions of changes! The computer didn't go that far! It decided the error was the XY chromosome pairing for the determination of sexual characteristics." Wendy cleared her throat. "Since it had no memory of an XY subject in the system, it just altered what it wasn't familiar with. Throughout Bobby's body, in every cell of his being, his normal XY pairing was instantly changed to an XX. Thank God the energies involved seem to have given his metabolism a jump start. Instead of killing him or giving him de la Chapelle syndrome, he's changing and growing as we speak."

The car pulled into the hospital's parking lot. Alyssa gasped. "If, if I understand you correctly, Bobby, uh, Bobby is turning into a girl? He isn't going to die?"

"No, I'm sure I got him here in time. He'll live a normal healthy life span. It's just that from the system's point of view, there's no such thing as a male organism. It corrected Bobby. He's becoming a normal healthy female!"

Alyssa let out a single heartfelt sob. "Oh thank you, God!" she clasped her daughter's hands. 'Everything will be okay, sweetheart! Bobby is going to be just fine!"

Would he really be fine? Bobby was going to lose everything that identified him as a man. Wendy didn't know how to answer her mother. Thankfully she spotted Lance waiting for her outside of the Emergency Room entrance. "There's Dr. Robinson. He's attending Bobby."

"Good. I approve of him." Alyssa squeezed her daughter's hand. "He's very handsome, isn't he?"

"Mother, he's just a friend!"

"Young lady, I may have taken early retirement from the force, but once a detective, always a detective!" she smiled. "Besides, I came home a bit early one day last week, and heard a terrific commotion coming from upstairs. Either someone was being violently murdered, or you two were having a very nice time. Since you were screaming for more, I figured I didn't need to get my gun and just stepped out for a little while longer."

Blushing fiercely, and despite worrying about Bobby, Wendy couldn't help a tiny little smile. "We had a wonderful time. Thanks for not shooting him!"

"No problem, sweetheart." She opened the car door. "Here comes your lover now!"

"Hush up, mother!" she ran to Lance and let him take her in his arms. "How's Bobby doing?" lowering her voice, she continued. "Mom knows everything, even about us."

Lance took advantage of that and gave Wendy a kiss before releasing her. "I now know why you said I wouldn't believe the side effects." The large man shuddered. "Mrs. Shay, I'll be frank. The changes all happened at an astonishing rate of speed." He gulped and looked a little ill. "Bobby's penis sloughed off ten minutes after Wendy left to get you. The scrotum and testicles followed shortly after. There was very little blood loss. Female external genitalia were already forming at the exposed site."

He shuddered again. "Thank God the poor boy was unconscious during that! I admit that the sight shook me. For the first time in my medical career, I nearly fainted. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget it. Thankfully I had pulled the curtain and was cutting away his clothing when it happened. Nobody else witnessed. I broke protocol and wrapped the already decaying member and all related tissue in what I assume was your daughter's clothes. I personally took the bundle down to the hospital's incinerator and disposed of it. I figured that would keep questions to a minimum."

Alyssa took Dr. Robinson's hand, hers looking delicate and pale in his strong ebony grasp. "How much longer will this transformation take?" she asked softly. When can I see my son?"

Lance sighed. He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "Heart rate is strong and regular His breathing evened out after the lines of his face finished softening to female form. Plus, I haven't seen any increase in breast size, or, uh, spread in the hip region for about ten minutes. That's why I came out to meet you. The transformation appears to be complete already." He took a deep breath. 'Um, Wendy? You know the bra he was wearing? You'll have to go up a size or two when you get him, uh, her one to replace the garment I burned."

Wendy looked down at her overstretched sweatshirt. "Oh good Lord! He would get saddled with the curse of the Shay women, on top of everything else!"

Her mother smiled serenely. "Your father, rest his soul, didn't think it was a curse. I suspect Dr. Robinson doesn't either."

The flash of fire in Wendy's eyes prevented Lance from answering that. He cleared his throat. "Come on. We have to move him to a regular room as soon as I'm sure he's strong enough to transport."

Wendy gasped. "Please Lance; don't use the "T" word!"

Bobby opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling. He didn't have to ask where he was. This was obviously a hospital room. There didn't seem to be any problems though. In fact, he felt pretty good. No, he felt great, except for a curious heaviness in his chest. Looking to his left, he saw his sister and mother sleeping in those uncomfortable chairs hospitals always seem to have for visitors. He felt a stab of guilt when he noticed Wendy was wearing the sweats he had changed out of when he swiped her clothes from the hamper. "Have you guys been here all night?" Bobby cleared his throat. That hadn't sounded right. "Hello? What's wrong with my voice?"

Wendy awoke at her brother's call. "Bobby, everything's fine!" she smiled down at him reassuringly, but there was fear in her eyes.

"Sis, what's happened?" he tried to move, but discovered his arms were restrained. "Tell me what's wrong? Why do I sound funny? Why am I tied to the bed?"

Putting a gentle hand on Bobby's forehead, Wendy tried to explain. "You're perfectly healthy. I want you to know that right from the start." She said kindly. "There's no damage or malformation anywhere. In fact, you can probably go home today, if you like."

"But what's wrong with me?"

His sister sighed. "Like I said, you're a perfectly healthy nineteen year old human being. It's just, um; you brought my DNA through with you when you used the transporter."

Bobby stared into his sister's face. It was rare to see her blushing like that. "Your DNA? It was on your clothes, I guess."

"That's right." She smiled bashfully. "According to the scan, there was a single pubic hair of mine in the panties you swiped from the hamper." Her eyes shimmered with tears. "I'm so sorry, but the secondary DNA source it provided confused the computer."

Bobby was beginning to feel frightened. "Tell me!" he shouted in a clear soprano, much like the voice he had before he hit puberty. "I'm a man! I can take it!"

Wendy took a deep breath. There was no way she could sugar coat this! She just blurted the news out fast, to get it over with. "That's just it. You aren't a man any more. It seems we're such a close familial DNA match that the system thought the "Y" chromosome was just a scanning error. Since there was no system memory of any male organisms, it auto corrected what it thought was a simple mistake. You're a perfectly healthy normal young woman now!"

"What?" Bobby laughed, despite himself. "Knock it off, sis! That's not funny!" He lifted his head and tried to look down his body as he kicked his legs. The hospital sheet was pulled up to his chin, and something under it was blocking his view. "Would you get those damn pillows off of my chest so I can see what's going on?"

"Uh, Bobby, those aren't pillows." There was nothing else she could do. Wendy grabbed the sheet and pulled it down. "It's just you, I'm afraid."

Bobby froze. He'd looked down his share of blouses and dresses before, always certain the girls hadn't noticed, but it was odd seeing such a bountiful view flipped one hundred and eighty degrees. The hospital gown containing them seemed to be nearly bursting at the seams! Bobby got a nice peek down the cleavage and couldn't help a grin of satisfaction. His first thought was 'Wow, what a rack!', before understanding sank in. "Oh holy shit! I got tits?" Panic set in. "Untie my hands! Oh God! I have to check something! Please, untie my hands!"

"Calm down!" Wendy soothed. "You aren't injured or damaged in any way." She gulped "Like I said though, you're a perfectly normal girl." She unstrapped her brother's left arm, ready to pounce if he should attempt to hurt himself.

Bobby grabbed at the gown and yanked up the hem. He shoved his hand between his legs and groped. He let out a wailing moan of pure dismay when his fingers encountered warm pouting lips, but no proud male shaft. "My dick is gone!" he gasped. "What's happened to me? My balls are missing, too!"

Alyssa joined Wendy at bedside. "Hush, darling!" she soothed. "Everything is going to be okay."

"Okay? Okay!" Bobby trembled. "I'm an okay girl!"

His mother smiled. "No, that's not quite true. You're a very pretty girl!"

Wendy glared at the woman when Bobby began to sob uncontrollably. "Mother, I don't think that was the right thing to tell him just now!"

"Honey, I was only telling the truth!" she sighed. "Look at your brother. Is there any doubt that anyone would find her anything but beautiful?"

"Oh my God, you're calling me 'her' now!" Bobby wailed. "What am I going to do? Sis, you gotta help me! Change me back! Please!"

"I'll have to study the readouts and check all the system logs." Wendy grabbed Bobby's hand from between those lovely legs and squeezed it tight. "I will not risk just throwing you back into the machine! Its pure luck that it didn't kill you the first time! I don't understand the energy field that let you transform so quickly. That energy field saved your life! I won't make a move until I'm sure it's one hundred percent safe to repeat the process. I sorry, but I just can't run the risk of killing you!"

The distraught patient screamed, edging into hysterics. "Risk it! I'd rather die then stay like this!"

Quick as lightning, Alyssa slapped Bobby's face. Just as fast, she was half in the bed, crying and kissing the cheek she had just struck. "Oh God, I'm sorry Bobby, but I can't sit by and let you say terrible things like that! Losing your father was almost more then I could withstand! I can't even think of losing you too!"

Bobby was still crying, but it had lost the edgy grip of hysteria. "Oh mom, I'm sorry! Sis, I'm sorry I broke into your lab too!"

Wendy sighed, wiping the tears from her own eyes. "We're one sorry family, aren't we?" She tried to smile. "I didn't say I couldn't do it, Bobby. You just have to give me some time to study the entire situation. After all, you don't want to end up being a Brundlefly!"

Eyes still tearing, Bobby managed a slight grin. "Did I really say that? Damn, I must have sounded stupid!"

"No, not really." Wendy laughed. "I had a little concern of that myself. That big of a genetic difference would have just shut the machine down. I think of everything, after all."

Bobby glanced down again at the startling view of cleavage, and flopped back onto the pillow. "I don't think you thought of everything this time!"

"No, I didn't think of my meddling little brother running around in drag and with my panties fresh from the hamper, no less." She saw the little smile was still on Bobby's lips. "I don't think anyone could have anticipated that!"

Alyssa slipped off of the bed, and looked from one of her children to the other. "What the hell is a Brundlefly?"

That was enough to set Bobby laughing. "Don't worry about it, mom. Sis, as long as I know you're working on the problem, I'll be okay." He grimaced a bit. "Damn, I sound weird!"

"No, you sound pretty good." Wendy smiled. "You should try singing. I bet your new voice would sound lovely in song!"

"I don't sing!" Bobby used his free hand to pull the sheet up over his face.

"Oh honey, Wendy's right!" Alyssa pulled the sheet down. "Be a good girl, and give it a try." Her eyes opened wide. "Oh Bobby! Forgive me!"

The sheet once again covered Bobby's pretty face. After a moment, it slowly came back down. "Oh hell, go ahead and call me her, she, girl, daughter, or whatever! I'm stuck like this until sis fixes me, so I guess I can stand it!" She stuck out her tongue. "But I will not sing!"

Dr. Robinson chose that moment to enter the room. "I have good news!" he said, in an honest attempt to sound cheerful. "The blood workup I ran looks perfectly normal, as are all vital signs. The ultrasound shows textbook perfect internal organ structure and placement as well. Inside and out, in every way medical science can measure and detect, the patient appears to be in absolutely perfect health."

Wendy threw her arms around the doctor and kissed him passionately. "Oh thank you! That's the best thing I've heard today!"

Bobby glared at the man his sister was embracing. "He knows, doesn't he?"

"Yes Bobby, I do." Releasing his girlfriend, he advanced to the bed. "I'm Dr. Lance Robinson. Your sister called me because she knew I could be trusted to keep secrets." He glanced around to make sure nobody was at the door before continuing in a hushed voice. "Anson MacDonald trusts me too."

Bobby stared at the doctor. "Holy shit! Only four people know about him! Either sis has gone completely insane, or," Bobby paused dramatically.

Wendy cut her sibling off, a huge grin on her face. "Or Lance and I are getting married!"

The doctor nearly stumbled. "Was that a yes?" he turned to Alyssa, who was just giving him another serene smile. "Did I hear that right? Did she say she we were getting married?"

Bobby couldn't help giggling. Her face grew quite red when she heard how 'girly' it sounded. "You heard right, doctor! I guess if sis trusts you so much, I can too!"

Wendy took Lance's arm. "Love, I'm sorry it took me so long to answer, but seeing how you helped us in such a time of need made the answer so very simple!"

Feeling proud, happy, and more then a little embarrassed, Dr. Lance Robinson cleared his throat. "Like I said, I can keep a secret. I've entered you in the system as a case of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. That will help explain no visible sign of injury, and such a speedy recovery. All the paper work shares a very slight miss-spelling. Your name is down as Miss Bobbie Shay, with an "IE" instead of a "Y". I figured it would be easier all around that way."

"Oh damn." Bobbie tried to look upset, but her beautiful smile lit up the room. "Dammit! Now I've lost another "Y"!"

"Very funny!" Wendy unbuckled the strap on her neo-sister's other arm. "This means we can get out of here now, right?"

"The discharge papers should be ready any moment." Lance smiled at his fiancée. "I'll see you tonight, won't I?"

Wendy sighed. "I have to get right to work on Bobbie's problem. I'll call you in a couple of days."

Bobbie laughed. "Sis, don't be a jerk. I may be just a dumb guy." She stiffened. "I mean, I may not be in love, but even I know you guys should have some time to celebrate! You can start tomorrow. I can wait!"

Alyssa took the doctor's hands in hers. "Thank you for everything, Lance." She turned to her daughter. "If you two should decide to celebrate at our house, do please try to be a little quieter!" she grinned and headed for the bathroom. "I'll be right out."

"Mom, wait a minute!" Bobbie shouted as the door closed with a firm click. "I need to" she gulped "Sis, um, I need to talk to you in private!"

"Lance bowed before he left the room. "I'll leave you two alone." He smiled kindly at Bobbie. "Take it easy. If anyone can help, it's your brilliant sister!"

Wendy waited for Lance to leave. "Yes Bobbie." She said quietly. "Dr. Robinson and I are lovers. Do you have a problem with me having premarital sex?"

"What? No! Lance is cool! I'm happy for you guys, honest! That's not what I wanted to talk about!" Bobbie fidgeted in the bed. "How do you do it?" she asked softly. "I feel like I'm going to burst! It's starting to hurt! I have to pee real bad!"

"Oh shit! Bobbie, when's the last time you, uh, went?"

"Last night, before I went to your lab!" she couldn't help a little whimper. "Does it work the same way? What if my bladder explodes because I couldn't figure it out in time?"

"Oh Bobbie, I'm sorry! With all the saline and liquids I had Lance give you, it's no wonder you're in trouble now! He couldn't catheterize you during the, uh, change." Wendy turned around and pounded on the bathroom door. "Mom, get the hell out, right now! We're having a crisis!"

Bobbie made a sudden announcement. "Sis, it's too late! I can't hold it any more!" She sat upright in bed and used both hands to clamp the hospital gown tightly between her legs. It didn't help the situation. Warm wetness slowly spread. "Oh no! This is disgusting!" Bobbie's emotional roller coaster ride took another dip. The pretty girl began to cry as she continued to relieve herself all over gown, hands, and bed. "I didn't mean it! Honest!" she sobbed as the flow finally eased to a stop. "It was a mistake!"

Wendy thumped the door one last time. "Mother, this is your fault! Everyone knows you're not supposed to use the patient's bathroom!" she went to the bed and patted Bobbie's arm. "It's alright. I know it's not your fault! I should have realized right away that you were having a problem. I'll buzz for a nurse, and she'll help clean you up. Okay?"

Face flushed with embarrassment, Bobbie wiped the tears from her eyes, and then snatched her damp hand away from her face. "Okay Wendy. Um, it, it works the same way." She said quietly while waiting for the nurse to arrive. "Once it started, I just couldn't seem to stop! I had to go so damn bad! This is so nasty! What if they think I did it on purpose?"

"Knock-knock!" a voice called cheerfully as an attractive young woman entered the room. "Good morning! I'm Cathy. I would be your nurse today, but a little birdie told me you're about to be discharged." She went to the wall and switched off the call signal. "What do you need, sweetheart?"

Bobbie felt her face growing warm. "I, um, I had an accident. I'm so sorry! I swear I didn't do it on purpose!"

"It wasn't her fault at all, Cathy. Bobbie had a saline drip running all last night, and only just woke up a few minutes ago. Our mother decided to use the bathroom and jumped ahead of her." Wendy gave the door another thump. "You can come out any time mom!"

The door finally opened. Alyssa sheepishly stepped out. "I'm sorry, honey. That was very inconsiderate of me."

Cathy shook her head. "We do have rules for a reason." She pointed to the notice on the door. "This restroom is for patient use only. Public restrooms are located down the hall. Now could you both step outside while I help get the patient ready to go home?"

"Well! I never!" Alyssa huffed as Wendy grabbed her arm and pulled her from the room.

"Cool it, mother!" she laughed. "It's your own fault! That nurse is only doing her job!"

Bobbie would have laughed too, but she was far too embarrassed. "I'm really sorry, Cathy. I'll clean it up myself." The damp young woman climbed slowly out of bed. "Just get me something to wear." She nearly over balanced and grabbed at the bed to steady herself.

The nurse grabbed Bobbie's arm when she stumbled. "Hold it, sweetie! You may be going home now, but you've had quite an ordeal. You just sit on the side of the bed and relax."

Bobbie started to protest, but shut her mouth. How could she explain that the only reason she almost fell was she wasn't used to walking around with a big ol' set of hooters? She sat down meekly instead. "Sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about, sweetie! Carbon monoxide is no joke!" Before Bobbie knew what was happening, Cathy efficiently slipped the hospital gown from her body. "Don't try to get up now." The nurse cautioned as she opened a drawer and pulled out a washcloth.

Her whole body went pink as Bobbie instinctively tried to cover her new assets with her hands. Her hands weren't nearly big enough! "I can do it myself!" she snapped, as the nurse applied some kind of skin cleanser to the cloth and began to gently wipe it over her still damp legs. "This is humiliating!" She nearly jumped off of the bed when the washcloth gently but swiftly swiped directly between her thighs!

"Now sweetie, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. We're all girls here." Cathy said kindly as she continued. "Now stand up. Take it slowly, and brace your hands against the bed,"

Bobbie did as she was told. Leaning over with her hands on the bed railing, she gasped as her bottom was gently washed by a total stranger! Just yesterday this scenario would have inspired quite a few 'one handed' pleasure sessions, but today? "Are we done yet?" she asked timidly, blushing fiercely while goose bumps covered her body.

"All finished, sweetie!" Cathy pulled the wet sheets into a ball in the center of the bed. She then looked through several drawers, and opened the small closet. "Honey, where are the clothes you came in with? Didn't anyone bring you something to wear?"

"I'm not sure. I don't think so." The flustered young woman sat back down, carefully avoiding the area of wetness on the mattress. "What do I do now? I don't want to go home with my butt sticking out!"

"It's okay. Let me show you a little trick." Cathy helped Bobbie into a fresh clean gown, and then pulled a second one from the drawer. "Now we put this one on backwards, and tie it in the front." Once she finished tying the second gown, she gave Bobbie a smile. "There, now you won't be giving any guys a free bootie show."

"Guys? Oh God!" Bobbie hugged herself and shivered dramatically. "I can't let any guys see me like this!"

Cathy smiled, not knowing the real reason for her patient's dismay. "Don't worry, sweetie, you look fine! You'll still have to beat them off with a stick, even when wearing something as plain as a hospital gown!" She gave Bobbie's shoulder a friendly squeeze. "You just sit here and wait a moment. I'll send in your mom and sister. The orderly should be along soon with a wheelchair so you can get out of here."

"I'm sorry about making a mess." Bobbie said softly. "Thank you very much for helping me."

"Oh sweetie, it's not a problem! You just relax, okay?" Cathy gathered up the sheets and slipped them into a plastic bag. "I'm glad you're well enough to go home!"

"Alright." Bobbie felt oddly happy when Cathy left. She noted the cute nurse had a really nice behind, but her body didn't respond in the old familiar way. She had nothing to get a boner with, after all. She just felt warm, damp, and a little strange between the legs. The coarse material of the gown was suddenly irritating her nipples, too. Not knowing any better, she just chalked it all up to the embarrassment of getting her first sponge bath. "Jeez, ' she whispered. "I wish I had a towel to dry off down there! I still feel all wet!"

"Look what I have!" her mother announced while guiding a wheelchair into the room. "Its hospital rules that you have to ride out, but I used my still considerable pull to talk them into letting me take charge."

Wendy laughed. "Who are you kidding, mom? You had that intern drooling all over you. Don't think I didn't see you slip him your phone number, either!"

Bobbie couldn't help grinning. "Oh hell, is mom being a cougar again?"

"You know I hate that term! It's crude and undignified!" Alyssa's grin took the sting from her words. "Oh, just get in the chair!"

"She was practically purring!" Wendy locked the wheels and helped her sibling to sit down. "She hit him full force with the curse of the Shay women. I think she also put a little bit of the ol' MILF spin on her pitch, and the poor guy was hooked!"

"I told you dear. It's a blessing, not a curse." She gave her daughter a wicked grin. "I may be going out for cocktails tomorrow night."

"More like you're going out for cock while shaking your tail! Jeez mom, how many guys have you banged since the vaccination against STDs became available a few years ago? Fifty, or is it closer to a hundred? At least I only fuck the guy I'm currently in a relationship with! She blushed. "Since I never had time for a relationship until I turned twenty-seven last year, my total is one!" Wendy's eyes opened wide. Shit! With Bobbie looking like 'one of the girls' she hadn't thought anything of just letting go and sharing a little private girl talk with mom. She and mom never had their spirited little 'discussions' where her formerly little brother could overhear them. They both knew he may not understand it was all in the name of good natured kidding. The poor thing looked like she was in shock!

"Don't underestimate your mother's scorecard, dear!" Alyssa laughed even as she blushed. "Go ahead little Miss former twenty-seven year old virgin, and tell me you didn't use your available assets as bait to land that fine young doctor. I think it's safe to say that Lance is very much attracted to a couple of things that are more alluring and far bigger than your super genius brain!" Too late, she also noticed the look on Bobbie's face. "Oh my! I'm sorry dear. Let's change the subject."

Understanding dawned and the wide eyed girl glanced down at her own ample assets. She was bigger then Wendy! Hers were even bigger then moms! There was no way in Heaven or Hell she wanted men going after her 'bait'! Bobbie suddenly cried out. "I want a blanket! Get me a damn blanket! I need one right now! I'm not going anywhere without a blanket!"

Alyssa rummaged around through the drawers. "Here you are, honey." She lovingly placed a blanket over Bobbie's lap, noting how the firmly erect nipples thrust against the thin material of the hospital gown. "You do look a little chilly."

"That's not it! I'm not cold at all!" Bobbie snapped, not realizing exactly what her mother was implying. The blushing girl pulled the blanket up to her chin. "I don't want any guys looking at me! I'd die if I made a dude drool because of my bait!"

Wendy pushed the wheelchair down the hallway towards the elevator. "Sorry kiddo. Mom and I joke around like that a lot. We didn't mean to upset you."

"It's not the sex talk!" Bobbie muttered, just her head visible above the blanket. "I don't want any guys to see me like this! I don't want them to stare and drool because I'm so fucking big on top!" That's when her heart nearly stopped. Just as they were approaching an elevator with open doors, another one opened and began discharging its passengers. Alan McAllister was among them! With a squeal, the blanket suddenly lifted higher until only lovely baby blue eyes were visible.

"Hi Mrs. Shay. Uh, sorry about last night Wendy. Going home already?" Alan's relief was plain in that he was once again indulging in his favorite past time. It was almost comical the way he couldn't decide on which Shay woman to ogle. His bright eyes just kept scanning back and forth, never once lifting to the level of their eyes. "I guess Bob's okay, if they're letting him go so soon."

Bobbie huddled under the blanket, using her elbows to sort of make a tent out of the material to hide her enhanced figure. Wendy quickly came to her aid. "Medically, everything's fine!" she snapped. "There is the matter of breaking and entering though!" She paused for a second. "Kiddo, don't open your mouth! I don't want to hear another word out of you until I think of a suitable punishment!" She glared at Alan. "As for you, you're lucky I don't decide to take back my car by calling it in as stolen!"

Alan took a step back. "Jeez, Wendy, I, I only rode along! It was all Bob's idea, honest! Please don't take the car back! I, I already installed a new sound system!"

Alyssa chimed in. "Wendy dear, I think you're being too hard on the, um, boys." She smiled kindly at Alan. "I think you better stay away from our house for a few days, okay sweetie? I'm sure Wendy will have calmed down by then." She leaned forward and took his hand, 'accidentally' brushing her firm full breasts against his upper arm. "Don't worry. If my daughter gave you her car, I won't let her take it back."

"Um, uh, Okay, Mrs. Shay." He gulped, face growing red. "See ya later, Bob! Hope you aren't in too much trouble!"

Bobbie sighed with relief when the elevator doors closed. Alan wisely decided to wait for another one, rather then crowd in with the Shay family. "Thanks guys." She whispered. "You saved my life! Mom, you didn't have to go all cougar on Alan though!"

Wendy laughed. "I thought it was a brilliant maneuver. It sure kept him from noticing how lovely your eyes look now!"

Alyssa looked slightly guilty. "Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking when I did it. Really!"

Thankfully they made it home without further incident. Bobbie, abandoning the shield of her blanket, was first out of the car. "Hurry up mom! Unlock the door before anyone comes down the street!" she shouted while running barefoot towards the front door, still clad only in the doubled up hospital gowns. "Close all the blinds as soon as we get inside!"

Wendy sighed. "At least she seems to be getting used to her new pattern of locomotion. Look how fast she's moving, and no stumbling. I expected a lot of falling since her center of gravity has changed rather drastically."

Alyssa locked up the Cadillac. "I don't think we should mention the cute little sway her hips have now, either. Just look at that lovely hiney go!"

"I do believe her butt is tracing nearly a perfect figure eight when she walks. The skeletal structure of the hips does differ between men and women, after all. Her fat deposits and muscle groupings have rearranged themselves too." Wendy couldn't hide her grin. "Yes, we should keep quiet about that. Bobbie is upset enough about the thought of men staring at her breasts. I don't think it's even occurred to her yet that she's also every ass-man's dream come true!"

Ducked down and timidly hiding behind the rhododendron bushes that lined the porch, Bobbie called out again. "Hurry up! What if someone sees me?"

"They'd see a normal looking girl, that's all." Her mother took her time walking up the driveway. "There is absolutely no reason for you to be acting like this."

"But what will we tell people if they notice me?" she whimpered.

"It's very simple. You're your cousin." Wendy smiled. "Bobby is off visiting a few universities before deciding where he wants to go. Meanwhile, his cousin Bobbie came over for a surprise visit, and is using his room until he comes back."

"Who the hell would believe that?" the young woman shook her head. "Nobody would fall for me suddenly having a cousin with the same name!"

"Oh really?" Wendy took her sibling's hand and pulled her away from the shelter of the rhododendrons. "People will accept the easier more likely explanation. So, you have a cousin with the same name? Do you think anyone would say "No, I think the logical scenario is that Bobby rode a matter transporter and transformed himself into a girl!"?"

"No, but only because real people don't talk like that!" A tiny smile formed on Bobbie's lips. "Logical scenario? What are you, a dictionary? You sound like you swallowed one!"

Speaking of swallowing." Alyssa unlocked the door. "When you and Lance are together, have you..."

Wendy clapped a hand over the woman's mouth. "MOTHR! Not now!"

"You guys are nasty!" Pretty nose in the air, Bobbie stormed into the house.

"Settle down, dear." Alyssa grinned. "I was only going to ask if you and Lance have discovered any exciting new restaurants lately. I'd like to take my new intern friend somewhere nice tomorrow."

"You are simply impossible, mother!" she sighed. "That's why we love you so much!"

Bobbie immediately stormed up the stairs. "You guys can talk dirty all you want! I have to put on some real clothes!" With that, she slammed and locked her bedroom door.

The first thing she did was head right for the mirror over her dresser. "Oh shit! I really do look like Wendy now!" she gasped, gazing at the feminine face staring back at her. "This is just so wrong!" she ripped the blanket from her bed and covered the glass. She didn't want to see the next step!

Sighing dramatically, the young woman untied the outer gown, and shrugged out of it. It took her a full minute before she could bring herself to remove the second one. "Steady now." She hissed. "Everything will be okay when Wendy studies the transporter!"

Still, it was shocking. Once again, her hand wondered between her legs. "It's really all gone!" she moved the hand away but not before she accidentally touched the female genitalia she was now stuck with. She yanked her hand away as if the soft moist warmth had burnt her. 'Oh God! I gotta get dressed!"

She pulled open a drawer and removed a pair of her tighty-whities and slipped them on over long shapely legs. "Oh fuck!" Stretching the waistband as much as it would go, a couple stitches audibly popped as she only just barely managed to get them up over her hips. "Shit! Why the hell did I get so wide down there?" Mom used to always tease her about having snake hips and a tiny hiney. Those days seemed to be over with the sudden spread of her hips! Bobbie whimpered as she cupped her now firm round bottom with both hands. "Oh my God, what the hell's with this Kim Kardashian butt?"

Growing a little panicked, Bobbie flung open the closet door. She grabbed her favorite jeans and began to try and slither into them. "Oh damn! Oh God damn it all to fucking Hell!" she grunted. They were quite a bit snug on the legs, but that wasn't the real problem. Flopping onto the bed, she rolled from side to side, bucking and bouncing as she frantically tried to bring closure to her jeans. It was an impossible task! "There's no way I can zipper these!" she gasped. "I, I can't even get close to buttoning them!"

She tried for a shirt next. Pulling one on, she realized something right off. "Button downs are out!" she said as she tugged uselessly, trying desperately to close the garment over her bountiful new assets. There just wasn't enough shirt to work with! "Shit! Maybe I have a tee shirt big enough!" She did, but just barely. Bobbie managed to stretch and pull her way into an old worn shirt emblazoned with the logo of a classic advertising slogan. Unable to stop herself, she pulled the blanket from the mirror and took a look at herself. "Good God! I can't dress like this!"

She stared at her reflection and whimpered softly. The thin material of the shirt was stretched so tightly over her breasts that it may as well not even have been there! It didn't help matters to have the words "Got Milk?" emblazoned across her chest. It had seemed cool and retro when she had bought it at a thrift store a while ago. Her stupid big breasts and large protruding nipples made it look like some kind of perverted joke now! "No, no, no! No fuckin' way! People will think I'm trying to be sexy or something!"

Hopping around the room, Bobbie struggled back out of the skin tight clothing. "Dammit! Wendy has my baggiest sweat clothes! I probably could have worn the pants, anyway!" Now naked again, she caught a glimpse of herself and froze. Eyes wide, she stared at the beautiful statuesque blue eyed blonde Goddess she had become. Hands moving as if in a dream, she cupped her full firm bosom. It was her first time touching naked breasts, and she couldn't help giving the firm but yielding warm flesh a little squeeze before snatching her hands away. "Oh crap! I, I'm hot!" she gasped. "I look really hot!" She looked better then a lot of the pictures she used to hunt for online to jerk off to! "I could be in Playboy too, just like sis!"

Alarmed and confused at that thought, she turned her back to the reflection. Bobbie didn't understand at first what was happening to her. Heart pounding beneath her breasts, the young woman once more felt a pleasant feeling of warm wetness growing between her legs. "Oh God! Not that!" Balling her slender hands into fists, she tried to resist. "No! I am not turning myself on! That's disgusting! It's too nasty to even think about!" Working with her eyes tightly closed, she managed to somehow get the blanket back up over the mirror.

Bobbie regretted telling Wendy she could wait! She wanted to go back through the transporter right now and end this nightmare! Keeping her eyes closed didn't stop tears from slowly rolling down her cheeks. "Dammit! That's another thing!" she sniffed. "Why do I keep crying like some kind of sissy?" She tried to steady herself. "It's not forever." She scolded. "Deal with it! Suck it up! Walk it off! Be a man, for God's sake!" she ran out of clichés and sighed. "My bathrobe will still fit. At least that's something!" Before going to the bathroom to get it, Bobbie took a simple precaution to protect herself from seeing the mirror in there. Pulling a large bandana from a dresser drawer, she fashioned it into a blindfold and tied it securely in place.

Bumping along slowly, Bobbie felt her way into her bathroom. There it was, on the back of the door! She grabbed the thick terrycloth robe and snuggled into it. It was a birthday gift from mom, and she had never really liked it before. What guy would want a big fluffy white terrycloth bathrobe, after all? Things were different now! She thanked the heavens above that she at least had something to cover up with!

Taking a deep breath, the young woman slipped the blindfold from her eyes. "This is ridiculous!" she sighed. "I hope mom will go out and get me something else to wear! What if it really takes weeks for Wendy to set me right? I can't just wear a bathrobe all that time!" She risked looking towards the mirror. A sexy short haired blonde blinked back. A blonde that filled a bathrobe in just exactly the right way to make any man stop and take notice! 'It's not that bad." Bobbie whispered. "I can deal with it." Her hands dropped to the sash and slowly untied it. The robe gaped open a little bit, and revealed more cleavage to her wide opened eyes.

"Cut it out!" she scolded the mirror before once again turning away from her own sexy reflection. "I have to clear my mind!" she sighed, and reached into the bathtub and started the water running. "I'll take a shower, and then maybe mom will make breakfast, or is it lunch. I don't even know what time it is!" She watched the water flowing into the tub, and for some reason she pulled the little knob that closed off the drain. "They always say girls relax by taking a nice hot bath. Maybe that's all I need!"

Steam filled the room. Bobbie breathed a sigh of relief when the mirror fogged up enough so that her reflection was little more then an indistinct outline. "This ought to set me right." She shrugged out of the robe and stepped into the hot water. Settling slowly, the young woman eased herself into the tub. "Oh, this does feel nice. Maybe I should switch from showers to baths all the time."

Eyes closed, Bobbie just lay back and let her body be infused with the heat of the water. Slowly, curiosity made her hand move. Gingerly, she once again slipped that hand between shapely thighs. "At least I actually touched a pussy." She whispered "That's more then Alan can say!" Her fingertips lightly traced over the pouting lips that had so frightened her back at the hospital. Almost instinctively, she moved her hand away from those tempting lips and closed her fingers into a circle, as if grasping something. Of course there was nothing there. She had nothing to jerk off with any more. Her eyes opened. "Maybe, uh, maybe I should try it this way once. J-Just to make a comparison, that's all."

Fingers went back to lightly moving. She let out a soft moan when she touched the delicate inner folds of her labia minora. "It, uh, they feel nice!" She gasped. Those fingers began to move a little faster. Bobbie hardly noticed that her breathing was getting a little loud. Her heart was racing as she spent quite a few minutes just gently caressing her most delicate self. Before long though, she noticed a difference. "I, I guess I sort of still can get erections." She breathed as her fingers teased the clitoris as it peeked out of its hood. "It, it feels kinda big. Is, is it because my dick was almost ten inches long?"

Timidly, she traced a finger around the swelling pearl. It felt to be about the size of the tip of her thumb! Being timid was actually quite a help! Lot's of guys will attack a clit the first time their fingers encounter one. That dainty little jewel should be treated with gentle respect! Bobbie's slow and easy movements where just what she needed for her first time! "Oh, Oh God!" she gasped, trying, but failing at keeping herself from panting. "D-Does Wendy do this? Does mom?" Of course that was a silly question. They most certainly did!

That was when Bobbie made another discovery. While her right hand played, her left had strayed! Water started to slosh in the tub as the young woman fondled her heaving breasts. Thumb and index finger began to tease and pinch large firm nipples as she kneaded and fondled the glorious firm flesh. She started thinking about her favorite fantasies. The water splashed even more as she went on to imagine her normal self fucking Nurse Cathy after that sponge bath. That's when things started to get a little mixed up and weird.

Her mind's eye pictured Dr. Lance entering the room. Cathy vanished, and she was a girl again. Now Dr. Lance was taking off his pants! In her mind's eye, the doctor's penis was a rich dark mahogany, and so big it was almost frightening! Her hands moved frantically as the imaginary doctor, wearing nothing but an open lab coat, climbed over her in the hospital bed.

"I don't want an injection!" she wailed, as her toes curled. Knees rising out of the water, Bobbie's back arched. A wave of power from deep in her tummy seemed to race throughout her entire being! Fear and pleasure wracked her body as she succumbed to her first female orgasm! On it went! Bobbie cried out, as her fingers kept right on teasing and caressing. One peak only led to another! The panting writhing girls' world had shrunk down to just star bright pleasure burning through her soul!

After some timeless interval, she sat up sputtering and coughing. "I, I must have passed out!" She finally gasped. "Something must be wrong! Having an orgasm, never felt like that before! I thought it would never stop!" Deep in her soul, she knew that while it was happening, she didn't want it to ever end! "It's too much! I could have drowned!" She climbed shakily from the tub. "Never again!" she vowed, as she reached for a towel. "Oh God, it's probably additive! I can't ever risk doing that again or I'll be hooked!"

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