Cathar Castle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lolita, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Light Bond, Humiliation, Black Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Through marriage counseling, Jenny is urged to placate her husband's erotic interests that are different than hers. In order to work on their marriage, she subjugates her feelings to explore her husband's feelings. His fetishes lead her to humiliation and embarrassement in another land; Cathar Castle.

You couldn't look at Jennifer Marie Jenkins and tell how she grew up. You couldn't tell by how she dressed, looked or acted. You couldn't tell that she grew up in a small unpainted house with lap siding; that she slept on the screened porch with plastic bubble wrap over the screens. The boys who came to see her were met at the front gate, because she didn't want them to know they had dirt floors, and had to go to the pump house for water and the outhouse to get rid of it.

They couldn't seem to keep up with her because she walked so fast trying to get away from it. Her parents said college is for boys, you need to get a job after high school. Her dresses were either from church sales or from her older sister. Whenever some of the relatives had a baby, the crib and several boxes of baby clothes were transferred to that family.

When she graduated from high school, her teachers had gone to a lot of trouble to look for scholarships for her. They finally were able to get her a scholarship for half of her expenses and a low interest loan for the rest. With part time jobs, being a teaching assistant and other means, she was able to finally get masters in Archeology. She was working on her doctorate when she got married.

Her husband, Joe, was a reasonably successful professor in the same field. He was reasonably attractive and athletic in appearance. What made them look like the odd couple was that he was a good twenty years older than her. They looked like a grandfather taking her daughter to school and dropping her off. At faculty receptions, she was by far the most beautiful wife; and the youngest. Joe loved the attention he got with her.

Jennifer was good in academics, but not too polished with her social skills. She had developed an inferiority complex as a young girl because the family was so poor. She was so self conscious because she was the most shabbily dressed. The other girls made fun of her. For that reason the boys tended to avoid her. They always wanted to be seen with the most popular girls.

It was hard for Jennifer to date when she started college. She had also started to develop rather late. She was a late bloomer.

When Joe started spending time with her she wasn't that much. When he asked her to marry, she didn't really think she could do much better, so she accepted. She figured she would grow to love him eventually, and once they had children, they would have a common bond with their children.

Things didn't seem to work out the way either of them expected. Over time, Jennifer seemed to fill out. With their two incomes, she could afford better clothes. Her daily jogging and swimming toned her body more. She filled out a little. She soon had a toned athletic body honed like an athlete or ballerina. The men seemed to notice everywhere she went.

They learned that Joe could not have children. They adopted a baby girl. The girl was from China. They would have taken anything. Jennifer was desperate for love. This would fulfill her. Over time, the little girl seemed to become a clone of her mother; except for her hair.

Jennifer had very long reddish brown hair that she kept in a perm and a fishtail braid down one side of her face. When it was braided, it stopped above her waist. It seemed impractical for a woman with so many academic credentials, and now close to forty, but that's how Joe wanted it.

Their daughter, Stephanie, seemed to be following the same path of development as her mother. She was tall and gangly, like a baby giraffe that had legs that would hardly hold her. She was a work in progress. Although she seemed frail at first glance, the high school track coaches knew better.

Those legs that went up to her armpits may seem frail at first glance, but the muscles were developing and the muscle tone was coming. They could tell by her times in her summer before her freshman year that she was going to be a winner. Nobody would admit it, but those medium sized melon breasts were spectacular. She hadn't been told to wear a bra yet. Those long Bai Ling nipples looked like they were going to explode through her thin perspiration drenched sports bras she wore. It wasn't a real bra. It was more like a form fitting very short shirt. She didn't need anything for support, just concealment.

By the time Jennifer was getting close to forty, she and her husband were having problems. He had more and more trouble "getting it up." He needed more and more stimulation to excite him. They went long periods of time without sex.

Jennifer tried to get joint counseling. Joe was very resistant to admitting any problems. He seemed to change his mind, when the counselor made a few suggestions. The counselor seemed to admit that Joe was getting older and needed more stimulation. He recommended that Jennifer ease off a bit with her strict background. He suggested that she try to go along with some of Joe's suggestions of trying to spice up their marriage. Jenny was very reluctant, but decided to give it a try.

"What do you want me to do, Joe?" Jennifer asked skeptically one day. Joe suggested that they go out to dinner at a new restaurant. That seemed harmless enough to Jennifer, so she agreed.

That Friday, Jenny found a big box from FedEx on the porch when she got home after work. She took it in and opened it. There was a note from Joe. We are going out tonight and I want you to wear what is in the box and nothing else. Jenny took the box upstairs and set it on the bed.

Inside, there seemed to be a complete wardrobe. She took off her clothes and started to dress. There were some long black stockings that went up almost to her crotch. This was not like anything Jenny had worn before. She usually wore sheer nude panty hose. The next thing she saw was the high heeled suede boots. She zipped them up. They came up to just below her knees. She had never worn anything that provocative before either.

Jenny looked for the bra and panties. "Somewhere in this box were a racy set of thong underwear and transparent panties.' She thought; but no, there were no panties. There must be another box that hasn't arrived yet, she thought.

"I'll just try on the dress to see how it looks in the mirror." She thought as she slipped it over her head. It fit like a glove. The thin, gray, silk dress fit like a glove. There were no horizontal creases or pleats. It went in and out at all the right places. The bottom was level. But some of the buttons were missing; or so it seemed by the way it fit.

Jenny started at the top. The first button was not as high as she expected, but it was not outrageously low either. The top was not like so many she had seen lately. Most of the movie stars had their tops open so far you could not turn sideways or lift a fork or lean over without something falling out.

Considering she had not been given a bra, Jenny didn't feel that bad about the cut. The sides started just below her neck. It was open to about the top of her breasts. It gave a nice enticing, but brief peek at some bare skin, but nothing racy. But the fit was another matter. Slowly, Jenny realized Joe had bought it to be worn without a bra. A bra would have left lines and wrinkles in the fit. The way it was, her long-stemmed pink nipples pushed against the thin fabric leaving no mistake what size and color they were. This would have been hard enough to wear at home, let alone at a restaurant. She would have to find a raincoat and sit next to the kitchen.

The next item was the hem. At first blush, some buttons were missing. But that couldn't be, because there were no eyelets for them. The dress hit Jenny about the edge of her thumbs. Several buttons were missing above that. That let the mini short dress gaping open half way to her crotch. "What was he thinking?" Jennifer wondered. Then she reminded herself about their conversation with the counselor. "I am just going to grit my teeth and see what happens." She told herself.

When Joe came home, he came through the door like a five-year-old in his pajamas at six in the morning of Christmas. He was trying hard to conceal his excitement when he heard Jenny coming down the stairs.

Jenny was scared shitless. She didn't know what her husband would do after seeing her this way. Joe grinned like the little kid who found out he had received his first bicycle. Nobody said anything as he covered the length of the room in about two steps. 'You are magnificent." He whispered in her ear as he crushed her in a big hug. Jenny was somewhat relieved. She was comforted by his enthusiasm, but still reluctant to be seen outside.

Joe went upstairs to shower and change. While he was getting ready, she sat down at her make-up counter. She put a long double strand of pearls around her neck. The swishing of it when she walked might distract from the sheer fabric around her nipples. She normally braided her hair to one side, but decided she needed the cover today, so she combed it out. The loose permed hair gave her pretty good cover. Jenny put on her wire-rimmed spectacles. She felt the wire rimmed glasses gave her the look of the college professor she was. She decided not to wear the large hoop earrings.

Much to her relief, when they went out the door, Joe pulled her long wool cape out of the closet and draped it over her. It had a hood and the hem barley cleared the floor. Even though it was wool, it was a very thin, light fabric that was more decorative than functional.

Joe opened the car door for her and helped her in. She strapped herself into the powder blue Prius as he went around to get in. Joe didn't ask her where she wanted to go, and she didn't care. She just wanted to be away from home so nobody would recognize her in this provocative outfit. She particularly didn't want any of her students to see her.

Joe drove to the garment district. It was a very old section of town that had been going through a renewal phase and was now a very popular section of town with many trendy and exclusive high-end restaurants. They stopped in front of Zoe's.

The valet opened Jennifer's door. Slow to react, Jenny tried to cover the gaping dress. She did not realize a valet would open the door for her when they pulled up. Embarrassed, she struggled with the safety belt. The tall young man held out his hand to help her stand. With only one hand, she struggled to keep her dress together, hold her purse and stand. The valet watched brazenly and found what he was looking for. As she swung her legs over the rocker panel, he saw that freshly shaved cleft between the ends of the dark silk stockings. She knew he saw it, but there was nothing she could do about it. He was a stranger, and she would recover from the momentary embarrassment.

After they gave the keys to the valet, Joe escorted her into the vestibule. He had his arm around the back of her and when the space squeezed down, he let her follow the hostess. Her light grey cape was not buttoned. Jenny's short dress swished and fluttered as she walked. The light grey cape, the parted very short dress and her dark stockings seemed to frame everybody's focus as she walked by. The conversation quieted as she walked by. The men tried not to stare if their wives were with them, but the conversation almost stopped. The only sound was Jenny clip clopping behind the hostess.

The hostess pulled out a chair to a glass topped table in front of the window. The main floor of the dining area was about five feet above the outside patio. A large group of men were having an animated conversation at their table in front of the window.

When Jennifer was placed in front of the window, her husband took off her cape. Jenny stood for a few moments, not sure quite what to do. She wanted to sit, to make herself less conspicuous. Standing, the customers had a good view of her thinly concealed breasts and her long pink nipples trying to escape through the fabric.

When she sat and tried to cross her legs, the men in front had a front row seat. The dress parted and fell to her sides, practically to her crotch. For one brief millisecond, the men facing the window felt they had seen something. They didn't realize it until the moment had passed. But in their mind's eye and slowed down in their brain, they saw those long legs bend to sit, and then once seated, lifted to cross. In that one brief second, they had seen it; the bare shaved cleft they had come here for so many times, hoping to see. They would never forget that moment. Their conversation stopped. Each of them facing away from the window saw the numb expression of those facing the window. They recognized it and swung their chairs around a little, hoping for a re-run.

Jennifer was humiliated. She was humiliated when Joe had taken her cape off. She had hoped to hide behind it for the evening. When it was removed, she could feel all the men staring at her protruding nipples. Her face stung with embarrassment. She tried to sit quickly; to duck out of sight, only to realize there was another show going on below the table.

Jenny tried vainly to lift the sides of her dress and pin them into her lap with her hand and purse. "Jenny, honey, I want you to sit up straight and keep your hands at your sides." Jenny turned beet red as she raised her hands and the garment the garment slid from her lap and hung down from her thighs. It was not visible to those in the room, but the men outside could see the alabaster white above the sides of her black stockings.

She was not really aware of what was said between her, the waiter and her husband. She was not aware of what drinks were ordered. She was not aware of what she was eating. All she could think of was that her legs were crossed and she could not re-cross them without showing everything.

A man who was sitting with the group outside stood and came inside. He was a big man. He was a big black man. He was about six feet six inches tall. His black lizard skin boots made him look much bigger because of the western style heels that added about two more inches. His dark Armani suit fit like a glove. He must have been playing for the local professional football team because she recognized his face.

"I just paid my bill and look what they gave me for change." He said as he dropped an old silver coin and an English penny on the table. His hands turned over empty in an expression of wonder. Jenny took the encounter as a brazen way to horn in on another man's wife. Joe thought so to, but was intrigued with his approach; not rude; not arrogant; not intrusive.

Trying to be polite, Jenny picked up the two coins and examined them. "The strange thing is that people are often confused by the coins because they are the same size." The man turned them over on the table and Jenny looked at them.

"Have you had much to drink?" He asked. Jenny smiled, but shook her head, looking into his eyes trying to read his intentions. "Are you left or right handed?" he asked. Jenny looked down, puzzled and then held out her right hand. He placed the silver coin in her hand. "I want you both to remember that you have the silver coin." He said looking back and forth to both Jenny and Joe. "I'm going to keep the copper coin." He said as he picked up the copper coin and dropped it into his left hand.

"Now, do you remember which coin you had?" Jenny nodded and said: "the silver coin."

"I'm sorry, we will have to start over," he said as he opened his hand showing the silver coin. Jenny opened her hand and she had the copper coin. He picked it up, sleeved the gaffed coin and produced the real copper coin and tossed into his left hand with the other. "Some people think this is a trick coin that is a different color on the other side, but you can see it would take more than two to do that." Jenny examined the two coins and verified that they were indeed both real coins.

She smiled at the subtle way he had approached her.

"Hi, my name is Sammy. And you are?" Joe extended his hand and introduced him and Jenny. Joe invited him to sit with them. Sammy took out a deck of cards and started the normal "Three Card Monte."

He curved two black two's and placed them face down. He placed a red queen between them. "The name of the game is to keep track of the Queen." Sammy picked up two cards in one hand and one in the other and placed them down in a different alignment. "Now where would you expect the Queen to be?" Jenny pointed to the card on her right. She was wrong.

"I'm sorry, let's make it a little easier." He said as he took a large paper clip out of his pocket. He had the Queen and one "two" in one hand. He clearly put the paper clip on the red Queen and turned the cards over. He picked up the Card Box and slipped the card with the clip on it into the box. He now had the card box on the table and two other cards face down on each side of it. He chanted a childish litany familiar to most street magicians about keeping your eye on the queen.

After slowly moving them around, he asked Jenny again where the Queen should be. Amused she pointed to the box containing the card with the paper clip on it. "Are you sure?"

"Positive," Jenny smiled wistfully.

"If you are right, your husband pays for dinner tonight. If you are wrong, you pay for the bill. If the card in the box is not even on the table, you come home with me. Tonight you will do anything I say." Jenny smiled and her husband laughed.

"Do we have a deal?" Jenny smiled. "What chance was there that the card could not be in the box?" She thought.

Joe smiled and nodded. Jenny looked at her husband for a long time. "Are we going to take any risk that we are wrong?" her eyes seemed to be searching his. Hesitant, but fairly sure she was right, she nodded almost imperceptibly.

Sammy turned over one card. It was a "Two." He turned over the other card with the first. The Mexican turnover made it look like another "two."

"So what is the only possible answer?" he asked as he opened the card box and slid the last card face down on the table. Sammy took the large paper clip off of the card and turned it over. It was another "Two." Jenny was stunned. How could this be? Sammy looked down at Jenny's small clutch purse that was between her and Sammy.

He stared at the purse. "Open the purse." He said with a faint smile. Jenny opened the purse. There on top of everything was a red Queen. Jenny blanched. Was the proposition just a joke too, or was he going to hold her to it?

They all looked at each other. Jenny looked at her husband, stunned. This was what Joe wanted, but he could never in a hundred years have planned it this way. Acting disappointed, he looked over at Jenny. "A deal's a deal, I guess."

Jenny couldn't believe it. He was actually going to go through with this?

"Well, it seems you are buying tonight, Miss Jenny."

At the moment, this was the least of Jenny's worries.

"But that's not all you promised. You agreed to do anything I say. To start off, I want you to unbutton the lower part of your dress two more buttons." Jenny blanched. She had no more buttons to give. That would leave her unbuttoned to her crotch.

Jenny looked up at her husband. They made eye contact. Jenny searched his face, looking for some outrage from him. "Let's go. Please take me home now." She seemed to be saying with her eyes. Joe gave no expression of support.

With tears forming in the corners of her eyes, Jenny put her hands in her lap. She tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as she reached for the buttons. She slipped one through the eyelet. Jenny was humiliated. She was humiliated knowing the audience outside of the window had all turned and were brazenly starring at her. The garment fell a few inches farther down past her thighs.

The next button was going to kill her. She couldn't do it. The men outside seemed to be panting. Sammy stared at her. Jenny made eye contact, hoping he would feel the hurt and humiliation he was putting her through. Sammy sat there sullen and without expression. The dress fell a couple more inches as the next button came free. Now Jenny refused to move her hands. She had her left hand and small clutch purse in her lap. That was all there was between her bare labia and the savage stare outside the window.

"Let's make this interesting before we leave. I want you to go up to the bar. Go up there and get a seat. Order two drinks and bring them back." Jenny was stunned. All the color left her face. Jenny could not get her legs under her. She could not push her chair back. She was paralyzed. Her husband stood and pulled her chair back. "He's in on this. I have no support. I am alone in this." She sobbed to herself.

With no options, Jenny stood and turned like a zombie. Had the crowd become silent or was jenny just so stunned she had tuned everything out? All she could hear was her heart thundering and her high heel shoes clip clopping along the honed black marble floor. Her long stemmed pink nipples stuck out from each other at about a ninety degree angle. They seemed to be pointing up, rather than out. They seemed to prance along to echo the clip clop of her shoes. If the customers had been talking before, they weren't now.

There was only one bar stool open. Jenny walked over to it and stopped. It was too high. She was not going to turn and make eye contact with her husband.

Jenny had to put her hands on the bar and raise her right leg up in the air to mount the high bar stool. The already short dress spread and the tops of her hose came into view.

After the drinks came, Jenny had to swivel the bar stool to dismount. With one drink in each hand and her small clutch purse under her arm, she had no way to modestly cover herself when she slid off of the bar stool. All in one motion, Jenny swung her stool around, extended her left leg towards the floor and slid down to stand. For a brief moment, that left her right leg still wrapped around the far side of the bar stool. For that one brief moment, her labia parted. The soft pink membrane was framed visually by the parted alabaster labia, surrounded by the parted black dress and stockings.

It was too much to absorb by the mind in such a short time. Somehow, though among men, that image is recorded and played in slow motion. That millisecond was slowed down and watched in stop action, frame by frame like the FBI playing the Zapruder film a thousand times.

Whoever missed it by having their back to her recognized the stunned and startled look in their partners; and turned to see what they had missed. What they saw was a numb, humiliated and embarrassed goddess who was one step removed from being naked. She had one drink in each hand. Her long stemmed pink nipples were bouncing and waving as she glided across the floor. Her hands were unable to stop her dress from fluttering open as she went past the different ceiling fans.

Humiliated, Jenny approached her table. When she got there, her husband, Joe, pulled her chair out for her. With the drinks in her hand, she was not able to gather her dress around her as she sat. The garment parted as she sat. The cloth dangled uselessly from the sides, exposing her thighs. Framed between the top of her dress and the top of her black silk stockings, was a patch of alabaster white. This was the Holy Grail that men had been searching for all their lives; now there it was, starring at them behind that tempered glass window.

Once the men took the glasses, Jenny brought her hands down, crossed her legs and tried feebly to fold the short sides of her dress over her exposed sweet camel toe.

Jenny was oblivious to the conversation around her. She was aware of the faces pressed against the glass. She was aware of the silent stares from all directions within the dining area. She was aware of the waiter who dropped his stainless steel pan when she had dismounted the bar stool, telegraphing the event, in case anybody had missed it.

To add insult to injury, Jenny had to pay for the dinner. Sammy pulled out her chair to help her stand. He put one arm around her and guided her ahead of him through the hushed dining room. As they got to the door, the applause started; slowly and softly at first; then in waves of increasing excitement until many of the men stood in appreciation.

Humiliated, Jenny bowed her head as she walked back through the vestibule. Sammy gave the valet his ticket. Soon a jet black 1955 Porsche Spyder came skipping around the corner. It had dual exhausts; no mufflers; just baffles.

The car pulled up millimeters from the curb. The car was inches off of the ground. When the valet opened her door, the sidewalk she was standing on was higher than the top of the rocker panels. Getting in in a short dress would have been hard enough in Joe's car. This was going to be impossible.

The valet held her hand as she turned. With both feet on the curb, Jenny tried to bend her knees to lower herself. She put her left hand on the back of the leather seat and lowered herself. With her other hand held above her for support, her butt hit the leather seat first. That left her knees almost eye level as she lowered herself to sit. Neither hand was available to hold the sides of her dress together. The garment parted. Jenny's sweet tender wonder from down under seemed to wink and smile at them. Jenny couldn't help it. She sobbed at her humiliation. She sobbed knowing this was not the worst part of her knight.

Joe had followed them to the car, not realizing there was only room for two. Sammy gave Joe a card with the address to his hotel on it. "I'm going to give you about fifteen minutes head start. I'm going to give you time to park. You need to get there ahead of us to open the door for her." He said all this in front of Jennifer to add to her humiliation. If she had to fuck this guy, she would have rather done it alone. She would rather have done it without knowledge of her husband. She would surely have rather done it without him watching. It sounded like he was going to be invited into the room also. Jenny had to struggle not to gag at the realization she would be performing for more than one man. That it would be a stranger and her husband.

Once Jenny was inside, the valet could see she had never been in a sports car before. Without giving her a chance to try for herself, the young man kneeled down beside her. He buckled the shoulder harness of the five point safety hitch over her shoulders, pinning her arms against the seat. He brought the lap straps together and buckled them. He reached under the seat and brought the last strap up between her legs. The effort pushed her hands from her lap and parted her dress again. There was nothing to cover her and he placed one hand against her crotch and behind the buckle. He held it as he used his other hand to push the last strap into it. He took his time getting the last strap buckled. His fingers curled together around the buckle, nestling themselves against the soft folds above her black silk stockings. It was intoxicating to feel such tender skin.

Sammy pulled away from the curb and the engine roared up to about half of the redline as he went through the gears. When they stopped at the first stoplight, Sammy grabbed her hand and pulled her over to him. There wasn't much she could do, strapped against the seat the way she was, so he put her hand in his lap. Jenny fought the urge to jerk away. Sammy squeezed her hands in his, until she responded reluctantly. Her heart wasn't in it and he knew that, but that was good enough.

They drove around a while. Sammy was just killing time, so he decided to have some fun with her. At the next light, he reached over and unbuttoned one of the top buttons of her dress. It wasn't too bad until they had gone through about three lights. By then, when he floored the engine and went through the gears, the top of her dress was blowing open enough to see those magnificent ruby red nipples.

When they got to Sammy's hotel, her husband, Joe was there waiting to open her door. Jenny was humiliated to be seen te way she was. When they pulled up, Jenny had a death grip on the sides of her seat. The top of her dress had been unbuttoned almost to the waist. The sides had blown apart. Both nipples were peeking out of the parted garment. Her legs were squeezed together in as much modesty as she could present, but the dress was useless. The middle strap of the five point hitch was wrapped over her labia like a thong bikini; hiding almost nothing.

As Joe opened her door, she struggled as fast as she could to fold the edges of her dress over her. She was practically naked. The other guests who were walking by the extremely low sports car couldn't help stare at this beautiful middle aged woman with this monster of a young black man. They couldn't help but think that one of them was rich, but couldn't figure out the combination.

Joe signaled for the valet. He came over and gave them a ticket. By then Joe had helped her out of the car. Jenny was embarrassed to have him help her out of the sports car in such a rumpled condition. The guests noticed also.

Sammy took her arm and tucked it around his as Joe followed them through the lobby. "Was this some kind of hooker?" a lot of guests wondered as they entered the hall with the elevators.

Joe looked at the ticket with Sammy's hotel room number and hit the seventeenth floor button of the glass elevator. Jenny had fought desperately to present some appearance of dignity as she walked through the lobby trying to clutch as much of her dress to keep it together as she could.

When they got on the elevator, Joe said "I think it would be much more adventurous if you take off the dress." Jennifer choked. "How could her husband humiliate her like this?" she wondered. Her mind went numb. "I promised the counselor to be more adventurous." she told herself. I promised the counselor I would do whatever he said for a month or so. Jenny gritted her teeth over the agreement. Her lower lip quivered as her husband reached over to her dress. He unbuttoned the remaining buttons that were covering her. Jenny looked over at her husband. She refused to look at Sammy. She refused to acknowledge his presence. "How could you?" she seemed to be saying with her eye contact as he slipped the dress off of her.

Jenny was thankful for small things. She watched the ground shrink away from them as they went up. "Oh, my God. What if somebody else stops the elevator and gets on?" she thought. Finally the elevator chimed and the movement stopped. Would there be somebody waiting to go down? Jenny froze in the corner, unable to move her feet to step out.

When they got off, Sammy reached into his pocket; then the other. "Oh my God. I don't have my key. You two sit here while I go back to the front desk for another. Jenny was devastated. She began to sob. "Just kidding." He smiled as he wrapped one arm around her and escorted her down the hall towards his room. Jenny was mortified. What were the chances they could come up the elevator and go down the hall without seeing anybody? Joe walked on one side of her with her dress and cape now draped around her. Sammy walked on the other holding her hand. They looked like lovers, but Jenny felt like she was being led to the execution room. She probably would have preferred it.

When they got there, Sammy fumbled with the key card. He was just fooling around. He acted like he was having trouble. He put the card in backwards. It wouldn't open. He was doing it because he heard voices coming down an intersecting corridor.

He was trying to time the door opening as close as he could to their turning around the corner where they could see Jenny. She could hear them coming too, and was shaking like a little girl who had just drank a gallon of water and needed to pee.

He slid the door open just before they rounded the corner.

Jenny was now home free in a sense. She was free from the public display, but now her tormenters had her to themselves. She was naked with nowhere to run.

Jenny didn't really remember what Sammy was saying as he picked up the remote and turned on the T.V. He seemed to be in a casual conversation with her husband. She was ordered to sit in the middle of the couch. Joe sat on her left, facing the television. Sammy walked around the suite of rooms doing different things. When he came back, he was naked.

Jenny stared in horror. This man was huge; everywhere. And he wasn't even fully erect. "How can I possibly do this? This is going to hurt." She thought as she shuddered. Sammy went to the refrigerator and came back with three cans of beer. Jenny didn't drink, but accepted it, not really understanding why. She needed something in her hand to keep it from shaking.

"Jenny what would you rather do first? I can fuck you in the ass, the cunt or your mouth. What's your preference? The words burned. She had never had it in the rear. It would kill her psychologically to take it there. Regular sex was the most intimate act imaginable. She could not share it with somebody other than her husband.

"How about it up the ass?" Jenny dropped her head. She crossed her hands over her face and dropped her face to her knees. She wagged her head slowly from side to side to indicate a "No."

"I sure would like to fuck that tight pink taco of yours; that beautiful vertical smile without lipstick; that ... then he laughed as she bowed her head and sobbed in humiliation at the stinging words. She shook her head adamantly. She probably shook her head more because the words were so hurtful than in reaction to the act.

'Well then. That leaves only one choice doesn't it?" Jenny looked up at him. She turned in desperation to her husband. Their eyes met. "Get me out of here." She mouthed in desperation. Her eyes widened when she realized what she had resigned herself to. "There's no fucking way I can do this." She told herself.

Sammy grabbed her hand and placed it around his cock. Jenny flinched, refusing to open it. Sammy put his left hand around her neck and let it drape down onto her breasts. He guided her to massage him. She pulled back. Sammy took her left nipple in his thumb and forefinger. He rolled it and increased his pressure until she groaned. She understood and softened her hand. Slowly she opened it and reluctantly wrapped it around him as she made eye contact with her husband, pleading for some kind of escape.

"Jenny, since you have so graciously consented to give me a blowjob, I think there are some things you need to do. I want to see those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. I want to see those cheeks bulge. I want to see that throat of yours bulge with all it can take. I want to see that semen come exploding out of your mouth because you can't swallow fast enough. I want your husband to enjoy the show as much as me, don't you Joe?" Joe had a faint smile. Jenny was crushed. Her only ally was now her adversary. It was two against one.

You need to put up your hair in a French Braid to get it away from your face. We want to see what's going on. Jenny's shoulders sagged. She sat there for a while, unable to process everything. Sammy bent her over. Between him and Joe, they stretched her straight across them so she had her head over the arm of the right side of the couch, and her legs across Joe's lap. Her hair cascaded over the arm to the floor. Slowly, between sobs, Jenny reached back and began braiding her hair. She started at the top, gathering small bundles; braiding it and adding more across the back of her head. Her breasts arched back and forth as her arms moved. Her long-stemmed pink nipples pointed to the ceiling and moved back and forth in rhythm with the movement of her arms.

Joe moved her far leg off of his lap so it slid off to the floor. He raised her other leg and slid it over his neck. He turned to his right and ran his left hand between her legs. He slid his left hand along her right leg until his thumb slid into her vagina. Jenny flinched uncomfortably as he made contact. She grimaced in humiliation as he entered her.

He wiggled his thumb back and forth, searching for that inward path. Jenny groaned and her hands stopped moving for a while. She closed her eyes until he stopped. She was done with her braid. She brought her arms back down across her breasts for whatever modesty she could come up with as both men watched the thumb in her. Jenny was humiliated at her violation by both men.

"She's done." Sammy said as he looked from Jenny's hair over to her husband. Jenny's hands moved to cover her face, terrified of what might be coming next. Sammy straightened her up to a sitting position on his lap. Jenny sat there terrified, and looked back and forth at Sammy and her husband.

Sam slid her off of his lap and guided her into position between his knees. Jenny knew what was coming. She looked over at her husband. Their eyes met. "Are you sure this is what you want, hon?" she asked. Her lower lip quivered.

"You should do whatever you want, Jenn. But, yes, it would be exciting to me to see this." She stared at him hoping her look of hurt and humiliation would make him change his mind. Once she accepted that this seemed inevitable, a calm seemed to wash over her.

Jenny sat on her knees with her butt on the ground between her splayed ankles. Sammy leaned over and moved her arms behind her back with her hands grasped in a military "at ease" position. Sam put his hands on her cheeks and stroked her face affectionately. He reached down with his right hand and grabbed his penis. It had grown into a monster as big as jenny's forearm. She closed her eyes, not able to bear the image of this creature approaching her.

She could feel the pressure of his left hand as he grabbed the end of her braid and slowly wrapped it around his hand. He had a grip she would not be able to shake. Jenny shuddered as she felt the heat of the monster in front of her lips. She clenched her lips shut in humiliation as it met her. Jenny turned her head to avoid penetration. Sammy rubbed the hot moist tip of the Alabama redwood against her cheek. He rubbed it across her eyes. He rubbed it across her nose. Her lips quivered in humiliation and embarrassment as she pictured how she looked to her husband.

When she refused to open, Sammy took one more turn with the hair in his hand. She knew the pain would increase until she capitulated. The expression in her face softened in resignation. Joe moved over and rubbed her neck and shoulders to massage the tension out of her. She opened her eyes and looked at him when he did.

She forced her lips to relax as he rubbed the tip back and forth between them, but against her clenched lips. Jenny looked up at Sammy to make eye contact as she unclenched her teeth. She softened her jaw and let him enter. She accepted the huge crown as it slid into her mouth. She struggled to get her tongue out of the way. Her lips stretched to find their way around it. The sides of her lips seemed to curve inward like the waves around a submarine as it started its dive. Her throat muscles expanded. Her cheeks filled. She tried to turn her head and block the invasion with the front of her tongue. Jenny's mouth was gorged to its limit. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

She brought her hands around in front of her to push against his thighs. There was a loud "Pop" as she pulled off of him. Please, please give me a chance to catch my breath she said as she turned her head and brought the back of her left hand up to break the strands of semen filled spittle that connected them.

Jenny pulled back for a while to catch her breath. Joe rubbed his hand up and down her back, trying to stop her shuddering. When her breathing returned to normal, she felt his left hand applying pressure and pulling her braid forward. Jenny put her right forearm up to rest across the top of his left thigh. She brought her left hand up and placed her open hand around the base of the black salamander for support and resistance. She was trying to keep him from ramming it completely down her throat.

Sammy let go of her hair and placed his hands at his sides. He was going to let her do all the work. Jenny pulled back momentarily, puzzled by his change in tactics. She looked up at him. She leaned forward and moved her hand from the base of his shaft to the back of his crown. She looked up at her husband and turned back to it. She closed her eyes as she opened her mouth and kissed the tip softly. She stuck her tongue out, flattened it and fluttered it across the opening.

Jenny tried to block out the embarrassment and humiliation by going back to a happier time. She tried to go back to her first experience. She tried to imagine that she was fourteen again. She tried to imagine she was sitting in the back of that 1953 buick "woody" that was up on blocks with the grass growing up around it. She tried to remember trying to placate her eighteen year old boyfriend who was the quarterback on the football team. She remembered fondly the awkward young girl who was desperate for popularity and willing to do anything for it. For a few brief weeks, it was a happy memory. It was all she had. She was fighting for a romantic memory to take herself out of this humiliating scene she was in as she bobbed slowly up and down this evil creature between her lips.

She was lost in thought when the eruption occurred. Jenny gagged as the first gush filled her mouth and spewed out of the sides of her mouth. She was not ready when her head jerked back and the remaining eruptions went into her hair, eyes, nose and across her face. Her feelings of humiliation and embarrassment left her numb as he pushed it back into her mouth. Jenny gurgled as she struggled to meet his command to swallow the remaining fluid as his tremors subsided. Her arms lay limp and useless at her sides as he held her again with his fingers dug into her braids. Jenny was beaten.

When he was done, she covered her face with her hands and lay them against her knees as she sobbed. She did not try to clean up or wipe the semen from her face until after Sammy had dressed. Jenny lay there in humiliation as her husband threw her a towel and told her to clean herself off.

"You need to hurry. My plane leaves in a couple of hours."

"What are you talking about?"

"You agreed you were going to come home with me. This is not my home. My home is in France. Have you ever heard of Cathar Castle in the Pyrenees?" Jenny blanched. Could it be the famous castle of notoriety from the twelfth century where a new religion took root in Europe which is known today as Catharism?

From her studies and research Jenny had known that the Cathars were Gnostic Christians. They claimed that their beliefs and practices dated from the earliest Christian times, and predated the innovations of the Catholic Church - a claim that is now recognized by historians as substantially correct. They had survived in Persia and gradually travelled westwards through the Byzantine Empire, the Balkans and Italy to Western Europe.

The Catholic Church regarded Cathars as heretics. It was then a crime to disagree with Catholic theology and a capital crime if the disagreement was repeated.

After several generations of war the local lords were defeated and dispossessed by the (mainly French) Catholic crusaders. The Cathars were exterminated - burned alive by the hundred. The first Papal Inquisition ensured that there would be no re-emergence of the Cathar religion. Their castles fell into the hands of the victors, and the area was annexed to France.

The castles were reinforced or rebuilt or destroyed. Some were turned into Royal fortresses but after a few centuries the borders of France moved even further south to the Pyrenees and the Royal castles were no longer needed for border defenses and were slighted.

Not much is known about the original beliefs and practices of the Cathars. There are many arguments between scholars over the centuries.

Could Sammy's name be a variation of Samson VII of Toulouse, son of Raymond-Roger Trencavel, During this period an estimated 500,000 Languedoc men women and children were massacred - Catholics as well as Cathars. The Counts of Toulouse and their allies were dispossessed and humiliated, and their lands annexed to France. Educated and tolerant Languedoc rulers disappeared. Not much is known about them. Were they killed? Did they leave the country? There were rumors among historians that they had hid and operated in anonymity somewhere nearby. Jenny was curious.

Was she being taken to France because of her speculation of this possibility that she had written and supported in a number of Archaeology Journals? Was she truly being taken as a sexual pawn and exploited by her husband?

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