The Dog Ate Suzie's Homework
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Suzie is certain she will remain a virgin unless some boy decides to pull down her panties and "takes advantage" of her. Now, she has to figure out a way for one of these "taking advantage" situations to happen. Her best friend Molly can't stop giggling when she tries to map out her clitoral geography for Biology. It would be so much easier if she was not so very wet there all the time. Her babysitting job is stressfree. At least, until the husband mistakes her for his flirty wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Babysitter   School  

Suzie Ryan could not wait to finally graduate from her all-girl Catholic high school. Most of the other girls in the neighborhood who went to the public school already had scads of horny boyfriends they dangled around them like orbiting 2-legged planets. Thus far, no adventurous young lad had dared to cross the Ryan family threshold in pursuit of sampling some of Suzie's teenaged goody locker. Her impressive boobs with the perky upturned nipples had rested untouched by male hands inside the Macy's training bra ever since she started wearing it right after her 16th birthday.

She was beginning to think her boobs and her pretty little bush would never feel the illicit touch of a male hand without divine intervention. But it just didn't seem right to be praying for some strange boy to make sinful advances on her fully ripe body. Suzie was certain God would not approve of her goal of having some boy's hand roaming freely all over her female parts.

The Biology assignment was both interesting and yet an exercise in frustration that made her want to touch herself in that place that Father Murphy told her was a sure-fire super highway to Hell.

Her drawing of a male penis was not only lacking in geometric proportion, it was uncertain in its very design even though she had copied it from the exercise manual. Her primary fear was that everyone in the class would surmise almost immediately that she had absolutely no experience to draw on in completing the assignment.

The female apparatus was remarkably well drawn because Suzie had used her best friend Molly McGuire for her model in drawing her replica. Molly was still a very naïve and giggling female for a girl who had already been penetrated in her 17 year old pussy by half of the boys in PS 169. She told Suzie that more and more of the boys in her extensive harem had graduated to a special interest in her tight little brown eye. It was not something that she was particularly proud of because her own mama had repeatedly warned her of the evils of anal sodomy. Molly figured that the gradual loosening of her pussy lips had inspired the young boys to be more interested in her still rubber band tight rear door of pleasure.

Molly could not stop laughing during the art sessions with Suzie doing her "pussy portrait". They had to stop sometimes because Suzie's inquisitive fingers had poked or prodded a particularly sensitive area and caused Molly to squirt some very creamy liquid onto Suzie's fingers or fine-haired brush.

Suzie had absolutely no idea why the touch of her fingers was causing Molly such distress. She figured that her best friend was just ticklish "down there" and laughed along with her.

The drawing of Molly's lovely long pussy slit and the reddish toned pussy bush was highlighted by a graphic exposure of the teenaged girl's pulsating clitoral section. It was so lifelike that the female honey-trap almost jumped up off the page and gobbled up the reader. The boys that saw the drawing were immediately induced to grabbing their well hidden tools and looking at all the girls in the class with eyes filled with sudden lust. The girls recognized their own vulnerability in the drawing and crossed their legs in defensive reluctance to give up the location of their secret nest.

Suzie was surprised that Molly wanted to map out her pussy geography as well because her school didn't really assign much homework for the students. Suzie envied Molly that fact as well as the many opportunities the pretty girl had to exercise her female equipment in the many hidden areas on the school grounds and under the football stands.

The exploration of her hidden female folds by Molly caused Suzie to breathe very rapidly and she found her knees shaking in a very unladylike manner. She held on the redheaded girl's shoulders and allowed her to dig into those deep corners that were suddenly brimming with wetness.

The realization hit Suzie that this is what it would feel like if a boy were to pull down her panties and "take advantage" of her. She wanted desperately to be "taken advantage" of but was not quite sure how she get into that situation without appearing too obviously a virgin.

Molly looked over Suzie's shoulder when she tried to draw the penis and the hanging testicles that were found on every male on earth. Molly's laughter did not fill her with any confidence in her result.

"Oh, Suzie. You didn't make the cock circumcised and every girl knows most boys' cocks are circumcised. Why did you make the cock so limp and flexible? They have to be hard and throbbing to get the job done properly!"

Suzie knew her lack of experience with cocks would be very apparent to the teacher and to all the other girls in her class. She had to get some experience real quick before the assignment was due to be turned in.

She ruled her father and her older brother Jake out right away because the very thought of it made her just shudder in embarrassment. It would be easier to do it with Father Murphy than either of them.

Suzie remembered that tonight was her babysitting night with the new family on the first floor. The wife was a tiny oriental woman with the longest black hair that Suzie had ever seen. It almost reached right down to the floor. The husband was a real hunk of a longshoreman with thick shoulders and a barrel chest heavily muscled and devoid of any fat at all. The wife's name was Suzuki and Suzie thought it was a strange coincidence that their two names were so similar in sound even though they came from different sides of the world. The husband's name was Dennis and everyone in the building called him Denny just like the restaurant. They had an eighteen month old toddler who was hell on wheels in the daytime but a bundle of joy asleep in his bed at night. It was the easiest five dollars an hour Suzie ever made whenever she did babysitting duties in the Griffin's home.

The Griffins both left for dinner and a movie around 7PM and Suzie finished up her homework except for the dreaded cock drawing around 10PM. She wandered into the couple's bedroom looking nosily at all their pictures and even inside the closets and some of the dresser drawers. She found a lovely frilly pair of very French undies in a bottom drawer. They smelled a little like the pretty Japanese mother with the long black hair. She guiltily looked down the hallway but everything was silent.

Suzie removed her silly granny school panties and slipped on the sexy French thong. It came right up deep inside her crack and rubbed with insolent familiarity on her little brown eye. The silky front barely covered her damp pussy slit and she got down on all fours and looked at her form in the closet mirror. The teenaged girl who had never seen a cock up close shook her pretty ass in the mirror and rotated her hips like a tenth avenue slut.

The bra was a delight. It held her boobs in nice and tight and she liked the way her nipples could be seen as dark circles under the sheer material. Suzie danced around the bedroom like she was Tinkerbelle on vacation and even hopped up on the bed and rubbed her pussy mound on what she hoped was Denny's pillow. She ran into the living room and got the picture she had drawn of the drooping cock and slid it under her pussy mound. Now when she rubbed her pussy on the pillow she imagined the cock belonged to her babysitting boss and soon a familiar feeling of release shook her body like a sudden storm. When she got up from the bed, she was shocked to see her homework was a sodden mess, the pillow had a big wet stain in the middle and she had made the pretty undies soaking wet with her teenaged virginal juices.

Just then, she heard a key in the lock on the front door.

It was Suzuki by herself returning from the evening out. Denny was likely parking the car as close as he could to the building. Sometimes it was necessary to park a few blocks away because of the alternate side of the street regulations. Suzie hid behind the bedroom door trembling as she awaited discovery of her nocturnal depravities. She heard Suzuki go into the baby's room and lie down in the bed. A few minutes later, the snores confirmed that Mrs. Griffin was sound asleep right next to her child.

She crumpled up the drawing of the penis saturated with her female juices and threw it in the toilet before flushing the evidence down the bowl. She removed the pillowcase from the pillow and put a new one from the linen closet on the pillow. The soiled pillowcase, she shoved down deep in the dirty clothes basket under some nasty smelling men's briefs.

Suzie heard the front door opening again and she searched frantically for her discarded granny panties. She thought she saw them under the bed and got down on all fours and reached as far as she could stretch to retrieve them.

The next thing she felt was the full weight of Mr. Dennis her boss mounting her like she was a bitch in heat and pulling the soaking wet French panties down to her knees. Her head was still under the bed but her ass was up high for the tipsy husband to slide his cock in deep. Thankfully, her virgin slit was wet and open to receive the thick long cock introduced deep into her virginal slit. Her hymen was no problem at all and fell by the wayside with very little effort. Suzie tried mightily to keep any sound from escaping her lips to betray her identity.

She was truly filled for the very first time. She was stretched beyond her wildest expectations. Her pussy was being pounded by a full grown male and she loved every second.

"I saw you looking at that Tony character, you little slut!"

Denny slapped Suzie's ass with a very hard hand. She yelped like a startled little puppy.

"When I finish fucking your sweet little pussy, I am going to stick it right up your cheating tight little ass hole."

Suzie groaned with the deep thrusting cock riding her ass like rider with no mercy. Soon her battered pussy squirted a copious load of female pussy juice. It was no longer virginal juice but full bodied womanly juice that coated Denny's cock with a slick sticky residue.

"Your ass is going to glow red when I finish with you, little tramp!"

The teenaged Catholic school girl was elated that at long last she had been made a woman. Of course, it was a case of mistaken identity, but the result was the same.

"I am going to cum now, little bitch, take it all in deep. Here it cums!"

She felt the cock jerk around inside her vagina like a fire hose and then the wet warm filled feeling flooded her vagina and oozed back out of her tight little pussy slit.

Suzie lay still for a moment realizing her impalement was only halfway finished. The touch of the still hard bullet head on her anus made her gasp in anticipation. There was nothing she could do. Her ass cherry was going to be popped as well. The well-lubricated cock slid past her sphincter muscle and deep up into her ass like it belonged there all along. Her "husband" was alternately spanking each cheek with a very hard hand.

"Take that, you bitch! You think you can flirt with all those men and get away with it? You are going to have to pay for your slutty ways, little whore!"

Young Suzie had never been treated like this ever before in her life, but she loved it. She humped her ass up for more and hoped that Mr. Denny would shoot a load of his lovely cum right up into her rectum just like he had done in her pussy.

Soon, the irate husband did exactly that and Suzie lay partially hidden under the bed with her pussy and ass dripping cream onto the fluffy carpet in mute testimony of her double pronged impalement.

Denny got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Suzie got up quickly and removed the French underwear and put them back into the bottom drawer. She got dressed and gathered her other homework and slipped out the front door without a single word.

Both of the spouses assumed the other had dismissed the girl with a promise to pay her later.

Dennis was surprised his wife was in a good mood the next morning. He had been worried she would be pissed at him for treating her so roughly the night before. Suzuki was happy that her husband was so caring that he had allowed her to sleep and did not bother her for sex like he always did after their nights out on the town.

Suzie was glad the teacher was not too upset with her for not having completed the assignment. He was quite pleased with her drawing of Molly's pussy and allowed her to make up the lack of a drawing of a cock until the following week. She promised him it would be equally as realistic.

All of the girls in the class laughed when she explained to the teacher that she had done a very fine drawing of a cock, but that before she could bring it into class, a stray dog had eaten her homework assignment.

It didn't help that Suzie had a wide grin on her face when she looked out at the class all looking back at her in disbelief.

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