Gary's Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gary (from Just One Kiss) is back. He's dating his best friend's little sister. Everything is great until one little incident...


As I approached the pool, I heard a loud splash and giggling. I knew they were at it again. Yup, sure enough my best friend Gary was making out with my sister Lila for the twenty billionth time today. He seemed to get a kick out of flipping her on the water and making her squeal or laugh and then taking her in his arms and kissing her ... well not really kissing her but slobbering all over her. Gross.

"Ok you two get a room," I said when I arrived near the poolside.

Gary laughed and swam towards me. "Don't hate," he said.

My sister followed behind him. Her hair, which was usually long, sleek and dark brown, was a wet mess and looking almost black.

"I brought you lovebirds some sodas," I said as I placed the sodas down on the grass near the pool.

"Aww thanks bro," Lila said and began to climb out of the pool. Gary followed.

"Brrrr ... I'm cold," Lila said.

Gary held out a big towel and they both got wrapped in it. I rolled my eyes and took a seat on one of the lawn chairs. I popped open my Dr. Pepper and looked away from the happy couple.

Gary, my best friend since eighth grade, had just recently started dating my little sister. Gary had no interest in Lila when she was a kid. Lila had a crush on Gary but Gary was too busy chasing cheerleader chicks. It wasn't until Lila's freshman year in college that Gary took interest.

Gary and I were both attending a community college but he would be leaving in the fall to attend school in another city that was at least a four hour drive. He assured my sister that he'd visit her every weekend but we all know how long distance relationships go. I just hoped that Gary would keep his promise to my sister.

I wasn't leaving town to go to a big university. I would stay in town and just attend the university there. Gary though, had pretty rich parents that could afford to send him out to an expensive university.

"I'll be right back," Lila said as she slowly slipped out of Gary's embrace.

She walked off and I noticed my best friend gawking her.

"Watch it buddy," I warned playfully.

Gary smirked and sat down on the chair next to me. "I mean just look at her in that bikini ... oh man."

I laughed. "Yeah ... I'm not checking out my little sister."

Gary took a big chug of his soda and nodded. "Well some guys do check out their sisters you know," he said angrily.

I wanted to laugh be that would have been rude. Word got out very quickly on how Gary's ex-girlfriend Emma, had dumped him to be with her own brother. It had been terribly embarrassing for Gary. He went to visit some relatives that summer just to get away from the humiliation. I had felt really bad for my friend.

After he came back later that summer, I noticed how he and Lila would start talking more. They even started to call each other. I was no idiot. I knew my best friend was hitting on my sister. I confronted Gary and he admitted that he liked Lila and wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend but didn't know how I would have reacted to it.

I had absolutely no problem with Gary dating Lila. In fact I welcomed the idea of my best friend and my sister dating. I thought they made a good couple and Lila had helped Gary get over that bitch Emma who totally humiliated my friend.

"Well anyway ... your sis does have a nice body," he continued.

I cringed. "Can we please talk about something else?"

A few minutes later, Lila came back. Her bikini was a light blue color. It was a two piece. I gulped my soda and quickly looked away.


I was upset because Gary would be leaving for college in two weeks! How in the world was I going to get through the days?

I had had a major crush on Gary ever since I could remember. I still recalled the first time I saw him when Ben invited him over. I was squealing on the phone to my friends saying how hot my brother's friend was.

He eventually found out that I liked him because Ben can't keep a secret! He found me scribbling Gary's name on one of my book covers and he went and told Gary!

I remember that day clearly.

I was in the kitchen scribbling I Love Gary and putting little hearts all over my book cover. Ben went in the kitchen and I quickly put the book up against my chest.

"What's wrong with you?" Ben had asked as he went to raid the fridge.

"Nothing," I said and quickly stood up still holding the book close to me.

"What are you hiding?" He asked suspiciously stepping away from the fridge.

"N-nothing!" I choked.

"Let me see," Ben said sounding a little too evil.

"No!" I yelp and ran.

Ben chased me in the living room. He blocked me from going upstairs and locking myself in my room.

"Move!" I yelled at him.

"No way Jose. Let me see what you're hiding."

"It's none of your business!" I yelled. I felt like crying. I hadn't wanted Ben to find out I was crushing on his best friend! That was just so embarrassing!

Ben crept closer to me. I held the book tight as if that would help. Ben had always been in sports and I knew he was way stronger than me. He grabbed my book and easily took it away.

He looked at the cover and burst out laughing. "Oh shit! You like Gary?" He asked hysterically.

"Shut up! Give me my book!" I was starting to cry.

Ben nodded. "No way Jose. I'm going to keep this and show Gary."

"No!" I cried out. Tears spilled down my face.

"Yup!" Ben teased.

I sighed and ran upstairs to my room slamming the door and crying hysterically. My brother was going to embarrass me! Oh god!

I laid on my bed and cried. I knew Gary would be coming over that night because it was Thursday and he came over almost every Thursday because that was the night his mother worked late.

I stayed in my room the whole afternoon so afraid to go outside. Finally later that night Ben knocked on my door. I opened it and narrowed my eyes at him.

"You told him didn't you?" I asked furiously.

Ben smirked. "Yeah. He's not interested though Lila. Sorry."

I grabbed the book from his hands. "I hate you!" I whispered and slammed the door on his face.

I cried more because now I knew that Gary wasn't interested in me. How could I have been so stupid to think that he'd like a short girl with braces? He was used to dating girls with long legs and pretty bodies. It was my first heartbreak.

The next day I ignored Ben completely. He kept trying to talk to me but I didn't say a word to him. I kept this up for over a week and finally Ben was frustrated. We were in the living room one afternoon watching Drake and Josh when Ben grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.

I wanted to yell at him for doing that because it was Drake and Josh the lucky shirt episode that I loved so much but instead I kept my cool and sighed.

"Come on Lila, talk to me please. I already said I was sorry about the whole Gary thing."


"Lila ... please ... don't make me beg. I'll get on my knees if I have to."

I looked at him and raised a brow to indicate I was waiting for him to get on his knees.

Ben groaned and got on his knees in front of me. He looked up at me with his puppy brown eyes and pouted. "Please? I'm so sorry."

I tried to hold in my laugher but I couldn't help it. Ben smiled and got closer to me and hugged me. I hugged my brother back.

"Finally you're back," he whispered in my ear.

"I don't hate you. I hope you know that. You just pissed me off." I whispered back.

We broke our embrace. Ben's face remained close to mine. "He's stupid for not liking you sis. I mean he's my best friend and all, but he can be a jerk sometimes. I'm sorry."

I smiled. "It's ok. I'll just have to get over him."

"You can do better," My brother said and kissed my cheek.

Suddenly the room got quiet and I had to look away from Ben's eyes. I had sensed something ... strong? No way. I shrugged it off and went on.

"Turn the TV back on. You know this is my favorite episode."

Ben nodded and switched the TV back on. He went to sit on our father's recliner and we sat in silence watching the show. The funny parts on the show passed us by. There had been weird tension in the air that I never figured out.

So years after crushing on Gary, he had recently became mine. It started off the night he had come over to my house with a broken nose. I took care of him and we started taking. One thing led to another and we started kissing. I had to admit Gary was a hell of a kisser. Not that I had kissed many guys in my time but still...

After that night Gary kind of freaked out and ran out on me. I was left with yet another broken heart. I never told Ben about it and just moped around for days.

A week later, Gary called me to ask me out. We went out to eat and then to a blues bar. I had such a great time with him and he apologized for having left me that night. He said he had still been on the rebound from his ex girlfriend Emma and that now he was ready to move on.

I decided to play a little hard to get for a while longer. I knew he had a bad break up with Emma so I told him we could be friends for the mean time. Well, that didn't work out because two weeks later after our first date we had officially become a couple.

We were both shocked that Ben took the news well. He said he was glad his best bud had found a girl to take his mind off of that bitch Emma.

So now here we are, Gary and I in love and having been together now for almost nine months.

Ben and I shared an apartment together since I couldn't wait to leave my parents house. It was the first time Ben and I had a place of our own. It was liberating living on our own.

Gary came over almost every night and we ... well we had a lot of time together if you know what I mean. I had to admit that Gary was a god in bed. Not that I had much to compare to since he had been my first, but still ... he was really good in bed. I was surprised that bitch Emma would have left him to be with her own brother ... yuk!

I came back to join the boys at the pool. I noticed how quiet my brother was. I realized he hadn't been in a relationship for over a year now. I knew a girl named Flanna in my physics class that would probably like my brother. I knew Ben would definitely like Flanna. She was one of those type of girls that all the guys noticed. Tall, long legs, long curly brown hair and big honey brown eyes. She had Jessica Alba's lips and Jennifer Lopez's ass. She was the type of girl you would hate but I thought she would make my brother happy.

"I'm back," I announced and took a seat on the lawn chair between Gary and Ben. "So what did I miss? What are you guys talking about?"

Ben looked at Gary. "You don't want to know. Guy stuff."

I rolled my eyes and grabbed some sunscreen lotion. "You guys better not be checking out other girls. Well Ben can but not you Gary," I joked.

Gary laid back and stared up at late August blue skies. "I wouldn't do that babe. You know I only have eyes for you."

I giggled. "Hey Ben," I began, "I know this girl-"

"Whoa! No! I'm not going to be set up," Ben chimed in.

I groaned. "How did you know I was going to set you up? Maybe I was about to tell you a really good story about someone."

Ben looked over at me and lowered his head down. I was able to see my brother's brown eyes peaking over his sunglasses. "Well then ... what's the story?"

I pursed my lips and smiled. "I was going to set you up."

Gary laughed.

"No. I don't want to be set up Lila. I told you already."

"Dude, let her set you up. She's going to set you up with some prime sophomore honey," Gary said.

"Ugh! Don't say that," I warned Gary. I turned back to look at Ben. He was looking straight out into the pool. "Ok ... I won't set you up bro. I'm sorry I brought it up."

Ben shrugged. "It's ok."

There was an awkward silence before Gary come over to my chair and took the sunscreen away. "Here ... let me," he offered to put it on me.

I sat up as my boyfriend rubbed the sunscreen on me.


I couldn't believe Lila had the audacity to try to set me up with someone. I really didn't want a relationship, but honestly when I saw Gary and Lila together it did make me yearn for some type of companionship.

Gary said he knew I was feeling down so decided to take me out to where guys go when they are lonely ... the strip joint. Besides he would be leaving the following week for college so he wanted us to get a boys night out before he left.

"You have to meet Ginger," Gary said anxiously as we entered the bar filled with half naked chicks.

"I really don't want to be here," I said as we walked in.

"Dude, chill out ok? I'm going to buy you a dance from Ginger and trust me you won't be feeling down anymore," Gary guaranteed.

We walked towards the back of the bar and took a seat in one of the booths. A tall slender blonde came over to us to take our drink orders. "Nothing for me," I said right away.

Gary groaned. "Dude..."

I sighed. "Ok get me a Samuel Adams."

"Make that two honey," Gary winked at her.

The girl left and I eyed my friend. "I can't believe you bring me here. You could have taken me to go play pool or out to drink at the blues bar but no ... you bring me to a titty club."

Gary shrugs. "You need some titties to get your mind off whatever. I've seen you kind of glum bro. I don't like it when my friends are all depressed and shit."

I took a look around the room. I had to admit some of the girls were pretty hot. I decided I should just enjoy myself.

"You know ... Emma and I used to come here together. She'd buy me some lap dances from Ginger and that would fucking get me horney as a motherfucker! Then we'd go back to my place and I'd fuck her so good..." his voice trailed off for a moment..."yeah those were some good times. That bitch." He looked away.

Just then the waitress came back with our beers. Gary gave her some money and a good tip.

"Dude, she just brought us beer. You didn't have to tip her a twenty," I said.

Gary took a swig of his beer and sighed. "Hey this is our last night out for a while. Let me splurge ok?"

I nodded and raised my bottle for a toast. "To best friends and titties," I announced.

"Amen bro," Gary laughed and we toasted.

"So where is this Ginger chick you keep telling me about?" I asked feeling curious.

"She usually makes her rounds around midnight. She'll be around, don't worry."

I sat back and enjoyed my cold beer. Loud rap music was playing and there were two cute girls on the stage stripping. I had to admit it wasn't a bad place but not a place I'd like to be at all of the time.

"So bro ... Lila is really sad that you're leaving," I told Gary.

Gary nodded. "Yeah I know. I'm sad to leave her too. Your little sister is one hell of a tomcat you know."

I cringed. "Gary ... I told you-"

"Yeah, yeah I know. Sorry. I guess the only disadvantage about dating your best friends sister is that you can't really tell your best friend how good she is in bed or that you go balls deep in her."

I groaned and punch his arm. "Dude!"

Gary burst out laughing. "Chill bro. Ooh! There's Ginger!" He stood up.

I looked over to where he was staring and saw a knockout redhead standing on the other side of the bar.

"Hey Ginger!" Gary whistles loudly.

The redhead saw him and smiled. As she approached up I realized how pretty she really was. She didn't look slutty at all. She looked like the girl next door type. Long dark red hair and big green eyes not to mention a killer body.

"Hey Ginger," Gary called out as she got to our booth. He hugged her and kissed her cheek.

"Hey sugar! How have you been? Where's your girlfriend?"

I saw Gary frown. "We broke up a long time ago honey, but anyway..." he looked at me, "this here is my best friend Ben. I have been trying to get him to come here with me for many years now and he finally gave in. So ... will you be a doll and give him a welcome dance sort of speak?"

I felt my face turning red.

She redhead smiled and obliged. "Sure thing. He's a cutie pie."

She came over to me and slowly started swaying her hips to the slow hip hop tune that was playing. Gary smirked and watched her dance for me. I felt myself squirming in my seat.

She wore only a short black skirt and a silver tube top with six inch clear heels. She was on my lap swaying slowly and looking into my eyes. I had to admit she was stirring me up.

"Yeah ... do it girl," Gary cheered her on as he drank his beer.

I felt embarrassed and started to look away but Ginger cupped my chin and made me look at her. She easily pulled down her tube top revealing a really nice pair of c cup breasts. I couldn't look away. I stared in awe at this beautiful creature stripping for me. She grabbed my head and pushed me towards her chest. I could hear Gary snickering as she did that.

She pushed me back and turned around. She bent down and lifted up her skirt showing me her silver g-string. I gulped, mesmerized by her shapely ass. She moved towards me again and sat on my lap. She began to grind down on me. I gasped for a moment feeling her warm body arousing me.

She leaned back and her face was so close to my face. She giggled so sweetly and pushed down harder on me. I couldn't control my erection. It'd been so long since I had a female arousing me I was starting to enjoy it very much.

Gary sat there watching. I really didn't care. I was enjoying Ginger way too much. She was moving fast now that the DJ began to play a fast beat. She was going harder. Her ass spread almost swallowing my cock up through my jeans. I felt myself almost cumming.

"Get off," I could barely mutter.

"No ... keep going Ginger," Gary ordered.

She did just that only she went a little too fast and too hard because before I knew it, I was squirting cum all inside of my pants. I tried to hold it but I couldn't. This girl knew exactly how to move her body.

Ginger got up off of me slowly. I looked away feeling mortified. Gary was laughing loudly. "Thank you honey," he told her and paid her. I heard them talking and then she left.

After she left I sat up slowly feeling really uncomfortable. Gary handed me my beer. "Drink up bro," he said.

I took a long hard swig. "You fucker. I can't believe you did that."

Gary laughed loudly. "You enjoyed it, don't fret."

I shook my head. "Now I have to go home and change."

"That's what friends are for."

I gave Gary a dirty look and then laughed. I had to admit it had been quite a dance.

I got home near three that morning. I walked into the apartment that I shared with Lila as quietly as I could. As soon as I turned on the light, I heard my sister.

"It's about time you get home!"

I jumped up almost dropping my keys on the floor. "Jesus Christ Lila! You scared the shit out of me!" My heart was still pounding.

She wore her Curious George yellow pajamas. Her long hair was up in a ponytail and her fuzzy yellow slippers wear near the couch where she had sat most of the night waiting up not for me, but for Gary.

"So ... where did you guys go?" She asked curiously.

I placed my keys on the kitchen table and walked past my sister to get me some water. "We just went out. Guys night out."

I heard her groan. "Ugh he took you to the strip club didn't he?"

I smiled thinking about the sexy lap dance. "What makes you think that?"

"Uh ... duh! That's' where all guys go for a guys night out. Besides, he's' been wanting me to go to that place with him for months now. I don't think so!"

I drink my water.

"So did Gary get a lap dance from one of those ho's or what?" She asked angrily.

I laughed that I almost spit my water out. I started coughing.

"Ben!" Lila whined. "Tell me if he did! I'm your sister! You need to tell me if my boyfriend misbehaves!"

I gasp for air. "I can't believe you said ho's. That just sounded too funny coming from you."

She frowned. "Shut up! Tell me! I can't believe I tried calling Gary and he never answered! I only have two more days with him and instead of spending them with me, he goes out to a strip joint."

"Lila, chill out. Yes, we went to a strip joint. Yes Gary saw a lot of naked girls but you know what? He didn't get a lap dance. He bought me a lap dance ok? So don't worry. And if he didn't answer your calls it's because it's a BOYS night out, that means no girlfriends or sisters to bother us."

She rolled her eyes at me. "Whatever. I'm still kind of upset."

I walked towards her. "Look, Gary's a good guy. He likes you a lot ok? He always wants to talk to me about you but since I'm your brother he has to be careful of what he tells me. Believe me, if I wasn't your brother I'm sure he'd go into details."

That seemed to cheer her up. "I am going to miss him."

I hugged my sister. "I'll miss him too you know. He's your boyfriend but he's my best friend."

She reached up and kissed my cheek. "Thanks Ben. Thanks for listening to me and for assuring me how much my boyfriend loves me."

"Don't forget I love you too sis," I teased.

She gently pushed me away and stuck her tongue out at me. "Yeah but you don't count," she joked. "Well goodnight," she said and went off to her room.

I stayed behind in kitchen watching her walk away.

Gary's last day was hard on me and Lila. I wouldn't have my friend to hang out with anymore and Lila wouldn't have her boyfriend. Lila and I were over at Gary's to say our goodbyes.

"Promise me that you'll email me and we can Skype too," she said in tears.

"I promise you babe. I will be there for you. I'll come visit you every other weekend. You're more than welcome to visit me too."

"I'm going to miss you!" Lila shrieked and wrapped her arms around Gary.

"I'll miss you too babe."

I turned around to let them have their private moment. I could hear them start to kiss.

"Bye babe. I will call you as soon as I get there ok?"

"Ok," Lila's voice sounded so small.

I turned around and said goodbye to my best friend. My sister and I stood together on the street as he drove off.

Only a week had gone by and Lila was missing Gary like crazy. They talked every night on the phone and text messaged each other. I knew they talked on Skype and tons of emails had already been exchanged.

Three weeks went by and Gary hadn't come down to visit. He said he was extremely busy with classes and didn't have the time. Lila had started sophomore year and her pre-med classes were keeping her busy too.

As the weeks went by it seemed Lila and Gary still kept communicating but not as much as Gary had promised Lila they would. I noticed my sister was looking gloomy. I wanted to cheer her up but every time I suggested we go somewhere, she would say she wasn't in the mood to go out.

Gary and I would talk on the phone but not much. I started going out with some other friends but it wasn't the same as going out with Gary. Gary had been my buddy for so many years. I was starting to feel down too.

The night that everything changed was when I had gone out with a few friends of mine to the pool hall. I got home past two in the morning and when I walked in the apartment, I saw Lila sitting on the couch curled up and crying.

I rushed over to my sister to make sure she was ok. "Hey Lila..." I said cautiously approaching her.

She held a bottle of Grey Goose in her hand. Lila was not a drinker. She wasn't even of legal age to drink!

"Where did you get that?" I asked taking the half empty bottle away from her.

"Flanna," she replied in a slur.

"Who?" I asked.

"F-Flanna, the girl I wanted to s-set you up with," she spoke slowly.

"You're a hot mess sis. Come on and get up," I said taking her hand to help her up. She got up slowly but easily fell back down on the couch.

"Ugh I can't g-get up," she hiccupped.

"Oh sis," I whispered and sat next to her. "You're so drunk."

"I-I'm not drunk. I'm buzzzzed," she stressed the Z's in buzzed.

I laughed. "Yeah ... ok whatever you say sis."

She looked at me and tears ran down her face. "I miss him Ben. I miss him so much."

I nodded. "I know you do. I do too."

"I miss having him around. He p-promised me he'd visit."

I felt so bad for Lila. "Well maybe we can go visit him huh? What do you say? Maybe this weekend?"

Lila smiled and leaned her head on my chest. I stroked her hair that smelled like almonds. "You're the b-best ... I love you so much."

I laugh. "I love you too sis. Now, come on let me take you to your room so you can go sleep this off."

"Noooo," she said and snuggled up closer to me. "Hold me for a little bit. I feel so lonely."

I was surprised but decided to comply. "OK I'll hold you sis just for a little bit then you got to get to bed. Don't you have class tomorrow?"

She nodded but held me tighter. I stroked her hair gently trying to comfort her.

"You're feeling better sis?" I asked quietly.

She looked up at me with eyes smeared with mascara from having cried so much. Her pretty eyes were puffy and red. She smiled sweetly and touched my face. I jerked my head back and she frowned at my reaction. "S-sorry didn't mean to s-scare you."

I relaxed. "No it's ok. You ready to get to bed now?"

She looked at me for a long time and leaned in closer. "Can you kiss me?" She asked softly.

I blinked and before I could answer, Lila placed her lips on mine. She tasted like mint and liquor mixed together. Her lips were so soft and wet. I froze for a moment. I let her kiss me. She moaned quietly and parted her lips inviting my tongue to go in her mouth.

I liked the way she felt in my arms and how her kiss tasted. I let go and kissed my sister back. Our tongues met and slowly caressed one another. I ran my hands through her long hair feeling the silkiness of it between my fingers. I hadn't kissed a girl in such a long time but out of all the girls I had ever kissed, Lila's kiss was the one that made my toes curl and my heart want to jump out of my chest.

We kissed for a long time letting our tongues meet and sucking on each other's bottom lip. She had her arms wrapped around my neck. She gently rubbed the back of my neck with her hand as she continued to kiss me.

She broke our kiss and held me. "I love you," she whispered in my ear. "I love you Ben."

I was in shock but very much turned on by my sister. I knew she was drunk and that I shouldn't have kissed her but once she put those lips on mine, I couldn't resist. "I love you too, always have." I kissed the top of her head and let her lay on my chest.

A few seconds later she fell asleep in my arms. I tried to wake her but she was out cold. I easily lifted her up from the couch and carried her to her room. I laid her down on the bed. She was barefoot so there was no need to take off her shoes. I stood by her bed looking at her. I didn't see her as just my sister anymore. She was something else now. Someone so special to me. I left her in her bed asleep and closed the door to her room.

I stood in the hallway still trying to think if this had all been just a dream and that I would wake up any moment, but it was all so real. Had I just fallen in love? No. No way! Well ... maybe.

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