The First Step Toward Forever
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There had always been an intense connection between Dan and Evia. Neither of them could deny it but they never seemed to be single at the same time. When she agrees to meet Dan at the bar while he's in town she has no idea that it will change her life forever.

As Evia stood in the narrow hall that led towards the restrooms she realized she was in way over her head. Dan stared into her eyes as she took a step back. Her back was firmly pressed against the wall. She knew then that agreeing to meet him face to face was a horrible idea. For a moment she thought about what her boyfriend would have to say if he knew she had gone there to meet an internet friend that she had been talking to and flirting with for years. The thought quickly dissolved as he stepped in closer to her. The heady aroma of his cologne was intoxicating. He did not speak a word. Instead he just reached out and placed his palm against her porcelain cheek. As he leaned in her eyes fluttered shut. She knew she should have stopped him but part of her really didn't want to.

The moment that his lips met hers he knew she was scared. The kiss was more passionate and intense than she imagined it could be. Before she could stop herself she was kissing him back with matched vigor. It excited him to know that she understood there was no turning back now. Her heart raced as he pulled back. His fingers slipped down to her jawline as he gently coaxed her to turn her head. In that instance she knew he had not forgotten about her weakness. His lips met the delicate curve of her neck. He heard the soft whimpering gasp that she tried so hard to hide. Her body squirmed as he lavished her neck with attention. He knew what affect it would have on her before he had started kissing pale flesh. His body pressed against hers as he paused to whisper into her ear.

"I know you want this as badly as I do." He felt her body stiffen. "You can't hide it from me." His teeth playfully nipped at her earlobe. "You want to be mine. Don't you doll. It's OK. I know you do even if you won't say it just yet. Just know, before the night is over you will tell me. That I am sure of."

It was a cruel question. Lying to him was impossible. She knew she couldn't do it successfully. She would break. Her body had already begun its betrayal of her. Her lips would soon do the same. This betrayal would be a much deeper one. It was one thing to fantasize about allowing another man to touch her. It was quite another thing to allow him to do so and admit that she wanted him to. Still, they both knew the truth. She did want to say it. She longed to confess her true feelings to him but the words still would not dislodge from her throat. He leaned in and gave her a deeply passionate kiss.

Dan knew his triumph over her was inevitable. Her body was begging for what only he could do to it. She would never understand how she managed to lose all control of herself in his presence. She just knew that he was the reason. His hand moved to her chest, palming her firm round breast. Without further hesitation he slid his hand down until it met the hem of her top. The thin purple cotton tank hid very little. Her nipples stood out like boulders atop her fleshy hills. His hand slipped inside and began to fondle her ample breast. She moaned every so softly into his mouth. He felt her back arch as she pushed her breast against his hand.

His fingers deftly toyed with her distended nipple. He could feel the change in her breathing as he pinched and tugged the hardened nub. It would take every ounce of her willpower to fight what she was feeling and he was feeling it slip from her as he continued to kiss her. His every touch urged her to speak the words. Her resistance was crumbling fast. A disappointed look quickly spread across her face as he broke the kiss once again. His hand tenderly cupped her breast as he used the opposite hand to slip the front of her shirt down far enough to expose her creamy white breast. She gasped, glancing around to see if anyone was watching.

Dan's head lowered to her chest as his lips parted just enough to suck the brownish pink bud into his mouth. She drew a sharp breath as his teeth gently caught the tender flesh. He bit down just hard enough to give her a small burst of pain. She did not pull away or even make like she wanted to stop him. Instead she focused all of her energy on keeping silent. More than anything she wanted to admit defeat and give in to the lust that was raging inside of her but she was too stubborn to let him know how much he truly affected her. She swallowed a moan before it could escape as he began to flicker the tip of his tongue over her sensitive nipple.

"Please ... I can't" She croaked. He immediately stopped what he was doing and took a step back, leaving her breast exposed. "Not here." The bar was not overly full but all it would take is one person who knew her significant other to bring her world crashing down. News of any infidelity in that town spread like wildfire. She could not risk it.

He was prepared for her to beg for him to stop, but not for him to pause only while they were in such a public place. He noticed that she had not made any attempt to cover her bare breast. Instead she just stared at him pleadingly. His hand moved for her chest again but only to pull her shirt back into place.

"Gather your things." He said before turning to walk away.

Evia was flummoxed. She did not know if she had upset him or if he just simply wanted to get her out of there to continue his quest to make her beg him for it. Either way she took no chances. She quickly grabbed her purse and headed to the parking lot to find him. He had already gotten the car started and was pulling around to where she stood. He stopped with the door directly in front of her. Her hand trembled slightly as she reached for the door handle. She knew if she got into the car there was no turning back. She didn't have the willpower to continue to resist his charms.

She drew in a deep breath for courage and opened the door. He simply smiled as she got into his car. He wasted no time in driving to the motel he was staying in. The entire time he kept glancing over at her. She was visibly nervous but did not seem to be upset by the thought of being alone with him. He knew that she was not the kind of girl to just go along with something that she did not want to do. The thought of her wanting him so badly she would willingly go to the motel with him turned him on even more.

Her heart felt as if it would burst from beating so quickly. He parked the car in the space in front of the door. Once she entered his motel room she could no longer make excuses to save her from his advances. There was absolutely no chance of anyone who knew her witnessing what would transpire between the two of them. Her willpower had already wavered. She did not hesitate to step inside. Seconds later she heard the loud click of the lock as it engaged. Dan wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body against his. Evia was shocked by how natural the embrace felt. She felt so safe in his arms even if she could not explain why. Before she could say anything, his lips met hers. Her eyes closed as she kissed him back with matched passion.

He slowly broke the kiss much to her disappointment. The fear that he had suddenly changed his mind crept inside her and began to grow with each passing second as he stared into her eyes. His hand moved to grasp her wrist as he took a small step back and released her from his embrace. He could see how suddenly frightened she was. He did not say a word. Instead, he guided her hand toward the large bulge in the front of his pants. It was all the reassurance she needed to wipe away any fear.

There was a small part of her that still believed she would be able to make him forget his plan to make her say the words but she was wrong. While her touch made his cock throb and his resolve weaken it would not be enough to pull him from his senses. He let her continue for several seconds.

"See what is waiting for you." He whispered. "But only after you tell me what I know you want to say." He pulled her hand away from his crotch. "Now, get undressed and get on the bed."

For a moment she couldn't move. The abrupt way that he had stopped her had left her stunned. She had never known a man to refuse the advances of a woman he so clearly desired. His self-control was as much of a turn on for her as it was a cause of frustration. All she wanted was to be ravished by him. There would be no refusing him though. Her heightened state of arousal made it impossible to resist obeying his command. She wanted to please him. Evia dreaded having to undress in front of him though. It was not that she feared his reaction to her body. He wanted her. There was no mistaking it. Without her clothing to hide behind she would be completely vulnerable.

Her gaze immediately lowered. Slowly she began to remove her clothing, starting with her shoes. He watched in silence as she slid them off. The soft pink hue that painted her skin only seemed to make her more striking. She had told him before that there was much beauty in the art of submission and in that very moment he fully understood what she was talking about. Her fingers trembled as she fumbled to unbutton her jeans, hoping that he did not notice. Once unfastened, she slid them slowly down to reveal her ebony lace panties. She did not need to look up to know that he had not taken his eyes off of her.

She drew in a deep breath as she reached for the hem of her tank top. It was exhaled slowly as she began to lift it over her head. He watched approvingly. The more flesh that she revealed to him the harder his member grew. Her nipples remained swollen and waiting for his attention. The only thing that remained was her panties. She slipped her fingers under the edges and began to slowly peel them down. Once they had slid past her thighs she let go, allowing them to flutter to the floor. She stepped out of them and without pausing turned toward the bed.

He could tell how incredibly nervous she was. It made him smile. He was nervous as well but he hid it much better than she had. She timidly crawled onto the bed. As she positioned herself he caught a glimpse of her wetness. Her sex was glistening. He licked his lips in anticipation. It was an action she failed to notice. She nervously squirmed to try to find a position she felt less vulnerable in but nothing worked. It felt like he could see right through her and into her heart. For a moment he just stared at her.

He knew she was struggling to not break down and say that she belonged to him. As badly as he wanted to hear her speak the words, he knew she never would unless she truly meant them. That was what made it even more precious to hear them. Dan carefully climbed on to the bed next to her. Instead of diving right in and tasting her sweetness, he reached for her hand. Her body stiffened at the first hint of a touch. He gently made her fold down her ring finger and pink, leaving her middle and pointer extended. He then eased her hand down to her shaven mound. She did not even consider trying to pull away from his grasp. It felt so natural to her to allow him to guide her. She sucked in a sharp breath as she felt her own fingertips brush against her slick flesh. He guided her fingers, controlling them as easily as he controlled his own.

He watched with great delight as she began to breathe heavier. He used her fingers to tenderly stroke her clit. After a moment or two he released his grasp on her hand. He wasn't surprised that she continued to touch herself the same way he had made her. He could tell she was getting incredibly turned on by performing for him. He reached over and placed his fingers under her chin, lifting until she met his gaze.

"Slide those two fingers inside." He whispered. Without hesitation she obeyed. She sunk her teeth into her lower lip as she began to press her fingers inside her tight little slit. It did little to stifle the soft moan from slipping free. "That's it love. Work them in and out slowly."

Her eyes widened as she complied. She had never been more turned on in her life that she was at that moment. Her eyes remained locked on his as she began to push deeper with each stroke. Soon her hips were rocking to meet the movement of her fingers. She wanted desperately to climax but she knew she shouldn't. He could tell she was quickly getting closer to doing so. His hand moved to hers once again and this time he pulled her fingers away from her dripping wet sex. Without saying a word he brought them to her lips. She parted them slightly as he guided them into her mouth. She gave a slight moan as she tasted her sweet honey clinging to her skin. He released her hand and watched her slowly suck her fingers clean before removing them.

This time his fingers parted her lower lips. She gasped as he pushed them deep inside her. He gently thrust them in and out a few times to get them fully coated with her juices before he withdrew them. She gave a soft, disappointed sigh. It was his turn to taste her. She nervously waited for his reaction as he placed his fingers in his mouth. She tasted as amazingly as he thought she would. It made him crave more of her but he knew if he did not let her calm down she would easily lose control. Only after she admitted she was his he would allow her such pleasures.

He remained silent as he moved off of the bed. She instantly became worried that she had displeased him. It was only after he began to undress that she understood. Just the sight of his stiff member made her want it even more. Still she could not bring herself to say the words. Not yet at least. Once he was completely naked he returned to the bed. She could not help but stare at his body as he lay there next to her. It wasn't the first time she had seen his engorged manhood. He had sent her pictures of it just as she had sent him naked shots of her as well.

Somehow this time it looked so different.

If Evia had been bolder, she would have immediately formulated a plan to climb on top of him and ease his cock into her before he could refuse her. Fortunately she knew him well enough to know that he would only make her suffer a much worse fate for it. Her body already ached for his touch. Instead of trying to force the situation, she decided to use a little finesse. Her fingers cautiously moved toward his turgid shaft and wrapped tenderly around it. The feel of him throbbing in her grasp made it clear to her that he wanted her just as badly as she wanted him.

She watched her fingers slid gingerly up and down his shaft. The urge to take him in her mouth was growing more overwhelming. She had always been turned on by the act. There was something about the way it felt to be able to give a man such pleasure that stirred something deep inside her. Her movements were slow and deliberate as she leaned her head down toward his engorged member. He struggled to keep from gasping as he felt her warm breath on his skin just seconds before she wrapped her lips around his swollen cock.

He couldn't take his eyes off her as she took more of his manhood into her mouth. Her soft lips hugged his flesh as she fed more of it in. She had told him about her prowess in the past but he never imagined that her abilities were understated. Skillfully she worked her tongue over his skin. She continued to take him deeper until the tip of his cock nudged the back of her throat. It was getting much harder for him to concentrate on keeping his composure.

Evia noticed that he tried to pretend that it did not faze him but she easily picked up on the subtle change in his breathing. Her tongue slithered across his shaft as she worked her lips up and down it at a slow pace. She wanted him to bring him so close that he would forget about the words and simply take her. Unfortunately for her he knew her plan. He gently reached down and pulled her off his cock and smiled wickedly at her.

"Don't worry love. I wouldn't dream of making you stop yet." He said softly. "I just want a taste of you as well."

He scooted down on the bed and pulled her on top of him so that her knees were on the bed just above his shoulders. Her elbows landed on either side of him as she tried to steady herself. She could hardly believe that he was doing this to her. Instead of waiting for him to begin she immediately took the head of his cock back into her mouth and began to lavish attention on it. He let out a soft moan of approval this time. His hands landed on her firm cheeks as he pulled her hips down. He was amazed at how wet she had become in that short time.

He leaned up slight as the tip of his tongue made contact with her delicate flesh. She could not help but moan around his bloated member. He felt her body stiffen as his tongue began to flicker against her clit. Her lips moved faster up and down his shaft as she began to suck harder. Her hips began to move as if she wanted to pull away from the source of the intense stimuli. He knew by her sudden erratic movements that he was getting to her. He tightened his grip on her and held her still as he plunged his tongue between her lips. Her mouth left his cock as she inhaled sharply. A loud moan soon followed as he began to work his tongue deeper inside her. The taste of her honey coated his tongue. He knew that if he continued for much longer that she would surely climax, but he wasn't ready to stop.

Her mouth attacked his rigid cock once again as she tried to concentrate on something other than the intense pleasure that he was giving her. He knew that she said it was very rare for a guy to get her off orally but her reactions spoke louder than any words she could have uttered. He knew that he could easily accomplish it. Her attempts to distract him did little good. As much as he loved feeling of his cock being engulfed by her warm wet mouth he had to remain focused. He was determined to make her say the words.

The frustration was starting to get to her. She knew that he would stick to his guns and she had no other options than to either remain unsatisfied or to break down and admit what they both knew to be true. She was his in every sense of the word but admitting it was a scary thing.

"Say the words and I will give you that release that you need doll." He moaned.

It would be easy for him to close his eyes and let her continue to work her soft lips up and down his engorged cock. She clearly loved what she was doing to him and he was enjoying it immensely. He could have easily allowed her to keep going until he unleashed a torrent of his seed down her throat, but that would be too easy for him. He wanted to fill her womb with his first load and he was not willing to give up on that just yet. He leaned up, slowly dragging his tongue along her lips once more when she caught him off guard. Her hips jerked as she pulled away. His cock slipped from her mouth as she climbed off of him.

There was a jolt of fear that stabbed deep into him.

He feared the worst and began to question if he had pushed her too far. She carefully moved off of him and knelt beside him on the bed with her hands folded in her lap. She did not look at him. Instead she stared down at the bed silently. He sat up, reaching out and gently brushing her hair back from her face with his fingers. The concerned look on his face escaped her gaze at first. His fingers moved under her chin and he lifted them until she raised her gaze and looked at him. He could see that she was scared. Just as he was about to apologize and offer to take her back she parted her lips to speak.

"I ... I am yours if you will have me." She whispered as she searched his eyes for some clue to what his answer would be.

For a moment he could not speak. The words simply would not come. He had wanted more than anything to hear those very words from her but when she said them he was so surprised that he could not respond. He saw the horror spread across her face as she started to speculate and had to act. His hand slid to the back of her neck as he pulled her close and simply kissed her hard and deep. It was all that she needed. In that split second she understood everything that he wanted to say but could not. He had claimed her as his.

He laid her back on the bed gently, continuing to kiss her. As her back came to rest against the mattress he reached down and parted her legs widely. He broke the kiss, staring into her eyes as he moved to kneel between them. His hand came to rest just inches above her shoulder as he leaned over her. His fingers brushed along her cheek as he turned her head. Her eyes fluttered shut as she let him guide her. His lips moved to her earlobe, sucking it between them before nipping it gently with his teeth. Evia drew in a sharp breath. He released the small bit of flesh and leaned closer. She could feel his breath on her skin as his hand then slithered down her body to her breasts. He cupped one in his hand and whispered a single word. "Mine." He gave it a slight squeeze before his hand continued to journey south.

Her eyes remained closed as his fingers moved slowly toward her shaven mound. It made her shiver as his fingertip grazed the little pink button. He repeated the word, causing her to tense again. "Mine." Each time he said the word she found herself giving an almost unnoticeable nod of agreement. She was his and there was no mistaking it. His fingers found her lips and traced up and down them before he parted them. His thick fingers inched their way deeper as he said the word again. "Mine" She moaned softly as his fingers began to work in and out slowly. His lips left her earlobe and began to blanket the delicate curve of her neck. Her wetness was quickly increasing as he worked them in and out. The way her body moved and the sound of her voice as she submitted to him aroused him even further. Dan slowly withdrew his fingers from her slit only long enough to bring them to his mouth. He sucked her sweet honey from his thick fingers before bringing them back to his prize. His lips left her neck and moved down to her breast. His lips slowly closed around her engorged nipple. Her back arched as he suckled softly and his fingers went back to work. She writhed as he began to suck harder for several seconds. His cock was aching to be inside her.

"Please." She whispered desperately only to have him bite down on her nipple. She yelped as the burst of pain mingled with the pleasure yet she did not pull away.

He returned to sucking first on the right then transferring to the left once he felt he spent sufficient time on the right. Her hips rocked in time with his fingers thrust while her juices clung to them. She was his and reiterated it with each fresh moan. His lips reluctantly left the swollen nipple and moved down her stomach to slowly approach her mound.

His thrusts were careful as to not her her as he repositioned himself between her thighs. He intended to drink down his fill of her sweet juices before planting his seed in her womb. His lips closed around her pink bud and he quickly began to flick it with the tip of his tongue. Her body tensed as another moan left her parted lips. She was putty in his hands. His fingers drove deep while he lavished attention on her clit.

"Oh God." She murmured again and again.

The sounds she made made it impossible for him to hold back any longer. After three or four minutes his attention shifted and his tongue slithered down to her puffy pink lips just as his fingers retreated. His tongue dove into her tight wet folds and began to wildly lap at her. A passionate cry left her lips as he pushed deeper still. His skill astounded her. In the matter of a few very short minutes he had her teetering on the bring but she tried hard to fight it.

Her stubbornness made him even more determined to push her over the edge. He gave her only a second or two reprieve as he slid his tongue out of her and pushed his finger back in.

"You will cum for me doll. Do not fight it." He said softly.

His finger slid out and his tongue resumed its work. Evia gasped loudly as she felt the tip of his finger pressing against her tight little pucker. In a single swift move he pushed it in deep and began to thrust in and out with it at a speed that matched his tongue.

She could do nothing but give in. She had no choice. He knew her body too well already and he would not stop until he got what he wanted most. Her hands moved Her voice lilted as she started to shudder. The first rush of her warm honey hit his tongue much to his delight. He licked faster as he tried to capture every last drop of it before it could escape her slick slit. His finger continued to work in and out of her tight hole faster and faster, prolonging the ecstasy. Once he was satisfied by how hard she came for him he pulled back and sat back on his heels.

She laid there with legs still trembling as he watched her try to catch her breath. He moved over her, placing one hand just above her shoulder. His free hand wrapped around his throbbing cock as he guided it to her wetness. He pushed slowly, just enough to let the head of his cock slide between her lips. He smiled lovingly at her.

"Good girl" He whisper as he stroked her cheek.

The expression on her face was priceless. She looked as if she could burst into tears of joy at any seconds. His hand landed on the bed as he leaned down and placed his lips to hers. She could instantly taste herself on him as he kissed her passionately. His hips moved forward in a slow steady manner as he planted his cock inside her. She moaned into the kiss as he pressed deeper and deeper. His thrusts remained slow but firm as he began to pump his cock in and out of her. Her folds tightly hugged his rigid shaft as if she were made for him and only him. He broke the kiss and stared down into her eyes. She knew not to look away. She doubted she could even if she wanted to. The connection they shared felt deeper at that moment than any either of them had ever shared. Her moans grew louder as her hips worked to meet his thrusts.

He groaned and grunted as he felt her muscles seize around him the moment she began to climax again. It took every ounce of self control to keep from spilling his load into her at that precise moment. It felt much too good to give it up so quickly. To distract himself he forced himself to focus on what must happen next. He could not leave her there. He wouldn't. She belonged to him now. Her sweet cries of pleasure pulled him back from his thoughts. Dan could not hold off any longer. He could feel her body preparing for another orgasm and he took full advantage. He pushed harder and faster into her. She stared deep into his eyes as she felt the overwhelming sensation take hold. She shuddered and writhed beneath him which quickly caused him to let go. She felt the warmth spreading inside her as he filled her with his seed as her own juices coated his throbbing member.

He stared into her eyes for what felt like an eternity before either of them made a move. His cock was softening inside her as he leaned down and kissed her softly once again. He had expected to see a bit of remorse or shame surface after she had calmed down but happily he found none. She stared up at him with such devotion that he could not help but smile. He kissed her again before withdrawing his spent cock from her well fucked pussy. He collapsed on the bed beside her with an exhausted but happy smile forming on his lips. He pulled her to him, holding her close as he closed his eyes for a moment. There would be much to do before they would leave. He stroked her hair as she lay with her head on his chest. It wasn't long until he realized that she had fallen asleep. He soon followed with thoughts of what would follow happily playing through his mind.

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