Breaking the Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Incest, Brother, Sister, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Marcus finds out that his sister Taryn is the catalyst in the break up with his girlfriend he decides to make her pay for meddling in his life.

It was a quarter 'til three in the morning when the soft click of the tumblers moving in the lock broke the silence in the small fourth floor apartment. The jingling of keys soon followed as Taryn pushed the door open. It was unlike her to be out so late but it was her best friend's 25th birthday and they had to celebrate the night away. Her left hand fumbled for the light switch as she stuck her keys back into her purse. The sudden burst of light filled the apartment to reveal a surprise she had not expected. Her brother Marcus was sitting silently at the kitchen table staring at her with a grim look upon his face. She had seen that look only a few times and even in her slightly inebriated state knew it meant trouble.

"You just couldn't keep your god damn mouth shut could you sis?" He snarled. "You got what you wanted though. Kathy dumped me. The bitch kicked me out and it seems that I have you to thank for it."

Taryn stood by the door, too afraid to make any quick movements. His voice quivered with restrained rage. Her lips parted as if she wanted to say something to him but no sound found its way out of her throat. Her crystal blue eyes widened as he rose to his feet and slowly walked toward her. His expression had not changed as he approached. Every fiber of her being was screaming for her to run to safety but as long as he was this angry there was no where she would be safe from his wrath. The trembling girl backed up until her back was pressed firmly against the closed door.

"You seem to think you have the right to get involved in things that have nothing to do with you. What gives you the right? Hmm? I think it's time I teach you a lesson about keeping your nose out of other people's business."

She could smell the whiskey on his breath as his hand shot out and landed firmly against the door just to the left of her head. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stared up into her brother's cold eyes. All that she could see was his rage filling them. A sudden scream wrenched free from deep within her but was cut short by the back of his hand as it struck her face. Shock overtook her as she stared at him. Her hand instantly went to the injured spot as her mouth hung open. He had never laid a hand on her before that moment, and she feared that now he started he wouldn't stop until either he killed her or his anger left him spent. Before she could even gather her thought his fingers wrapped tightly around her throat.

"I bet the only reason you are so concerned with who I am fucking is because no one wants to fuck your bitch ass. Is that it? Can't get laid you stupid little cunt?" He continued to squeeze as he spoke. "Perhaps if I give you a good hard fucking you won't be so quick to run your mouth to the next bitch I date."

Taryn tried to plead with him in hopes of talking some sense into him. "I'll tell her I lied. I promise. Just let me go." She sobbed loudly. "I swear I will do anything I have to do to make her believe me."

His drew back and this time he closed it into a fist. Blood trickled from her nose as she let out a wounded yelp. "Shut up bitch. Your mouth got you into this mess. I think you should learn to fucking shut it." He said with a cruel smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. His fingers pressed harder for a brief second. "Better yet open that pretty little mouth and wrap those lips around my cock before I have to hit you again." He said as he released her throat from his grasp.

She was horrified by the thought of putting her brother's cock in her mouth but she had little choice in the matter. She did not doubt that he would beat her if she didn't oblige. Still, she could not bring herself to willingly do so. All she could do was continue to sob. Her reluctance to obey him only further fueled his anger. His hand seized a large clump of her raven tresses. He yanked her head back as he reached for his zipper with the other. He stepped back just enough to force her to her knees. As she sank down to the floor he was given the perfect view down the front of her shirt. The form fitting purple cotton shirt hugged her ample breasts tightly. Before the night was over he knew that he would see their full glory. The depravity of it had melded with his anger making for a devilish combination.

"I'm not asking bitch." He said as he guided the tip of his cock to her lips and pressed firmly against them. "And don't think of biting me unless you want me to knock your fucking teeth out."

When his terrified sister did not immediately open her mouth he pulled harder on her hair until she could not keep from crying out. The moment her lips parted he shoved his turgid cock inside her mouth. The taste vile of stale urine clung to the tip of his dick as he pushed it completely in her warm, wet mouth. He let out a groan as he stuffed all 8 ス inches into her. She gagged as she felt the helmeted appendage press against the back of her throat. A sinister grin formed on his lips as his hands moved quickly to grip the sides of her head. He pushed harder until the head of his cock was firmly lodged in the back of her throat. She thrashed wildly, clawing at his arms as she tried to break free. What had felt like an eternity only lasted 30 seconds. He began thrusting, fucking her mouth with wild abandon. In his mind she was no longer his sister. She was just a warm, wet alternative to masturbation.

His groans of pleasure filled the room as she continued to gag on his thick tool. Drool dribbled down her the sides of her mouth and mixed with the tears that were falling. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut as he tilted her head just enough to make the head slip further down her throat with each powerful thrust. He felt such a rush that even the sound of her strangled sobs fueled his actions further.

"Mmmm I could fuck your throat all night slut..." He groaned, pausing for only a second. "But there is so much more I plan to do to you." His pace quickened as his thrusts became more brutal. "You are going to learn never to mess with my life again."

Marcus was far from climaxing. She had a long night ahead of her and her only hope of keeping him from beating her further was to please him. It would not be an easy task. His ferocity had turned to a ravenous lust and it would take a great deal of depravity to lull the beast back into the darkened corner of his mind.

He stared down at his sister's face. Her make-up was a wreck from all the crying and there was a sickly bruise forming where he had struck her the first time. He could hear the way she struggled for breath as he pumped his cock into her throat as far as he could. Her eyes were shut tight in a pitiful attempt to block out what was happening to her. He could not allow that. He wanted her to remember this lesson as long as she lived to keep her from meddling in his life ever again.

"Open your eyes and look at me slut." He snarled as he continued to throat fuck her. When she did not open them quickly enough for him he said "Open 'em or I will snap your god damn neck bitch."

Her eyes opened as she stared heartbreakingly up at him. He could see the pain and the terrible shame he was inflicting upon her reflecting back at him in those vibrant blue eyes. If he had not been so angry and so drunk perhaps it would have made him stop, instead his current inebriated state coupled with the fury that coursed through him made it have the opposite effect. She was at his mercy and just the sight of her in such a state made his dick throb. He had never felt such a rush of power in his life. Each thrust left him craving more while Taryn prayed silent prayers to a deaf god. There would be no mercy or salvation in her near future.

"That's a good slut. You better learn to love this because you are going to be sucking my dick any time I want you to bitch..." He groaned. "Whether you want to or not."

The realization that he planned on doing this again hit her harder than the blows she had initially suffered at his hand earlier. He thrust harder and faster which made her think he was growing close to an orgasm. He loved how her face contorted as she struggled to breathe each time he forced his bloated cock all the way into her throat. He gave a final thrust and pushed her face hard against his crotch. He used the handful of her hair to hold it there as she tried to pull away. With his swollen cock blocking her throat and her nose pressed against his flesh she could not draw in any air. She panicked and fought harder to get away. All Marcus could do was laugh cruelly at her. He could feel her weakening from lack of air so he finally pulled his cock from her throat and pushed her away hard.

She landed on her back with a loud thud. He reached down and grabbed her by the forearm and used it to pull her to her feet. Her body trembled as she sobbed loudly, but he didn't care. The only thing he noticed was how her breasts moved as she cried. He led her to the sofa and gave her a hard push. She fell back onto it and for a moment did not move. When he started to slide the black t-shirt over his head she knew it would be the only chance she would have to escape him. There was no way that he would stop until he got the release he was seeking. The traumatizing events that had already occurred left her convinced that no beating could compare to the horror of having her own brother's cock buried inside her. She had to try to get away.

Just as the heavy black material was blocking his view of her, she scrambled to her feet. If she had been thinking more clearly she would have ran toward the door. Instead, she ran to the sanctuary of her bedroom. It was a mistake she would quickly come to regret. She managed to get the door closed and was pushing against it with all her weight by the time he came to it. The crazed laugh that he let out was terrifying.

"You are one stupid fucking cunt if you think you can keep me from getting what I want." He said as he took a step back. Within seconds he threw his full weight against the door. "When I get my hands on you, you are going to learn that you will never be able to get away from me."

It took only three tries for him to effectively break down the door. She backed away as quickly as she could. The rage in his eyes surpassed anything she had ever seen before. His fingers quickly gripped her throat and in a single swift motion he threw her face down on the bed. He straddled her hips and pinned her down with her hands trapped by her beneath her. She felt him grasp the back of her shirt and began to yank. The material ripped easily. He pulled it from underneath her before ripping it into strips. She knew that once he had her tied up she would have no chance to protect herself or get away. He moved off of her just long enough to flip her onto her back. He wrenched her arm up and used one piece of the shredded fabric to tie her wrist to the bars on the headboard.

"Please Marcus." She sobbed. "You don't have to do this."

He slapped her across the face as hard as he could which effectively silenced her. "Don't think you can tell me what to do. You lost that right a long time ago bitch."

He tore a small piece off of the other strip of cloth and shoved it into her mouth. He secured the other arm just as quickly he had the first. She struggled against the bonds as she screamed into the fabric in her mouth. It muffled the sounds enough that no one would hear the full terror in her voice. Once he had finished with her arms he climbed off of her. Her shoes clattered to the floor and he soon began to peel down her dark denim jeans and pink cotton bikini style panties. It humored him to find that they were soaked with urine. He knew she was terrified by his actions but never imagined she would piss herself like that. He threw her pants aside and held on to the panties. His fingers fished out the bit of purple fabric as he held the panties menacingly in front of her face. Just as soon as he had the remnant of his shirt out, he stuffed the wet panties into her mouth. She gagged and fought as she tasted the disgusting taste of her own urine in her mouth. He laughed cruelly at her.

"What's the matter slut? Don't like the taste? Don't worry. I will fill your mouth with something else soon enough."

She kicked and writhed against the bed as she tried to free herself but it was no use. He undressed quickly as he stared at her naked body. He had been so busy undressing and restraining her that he had barely noticed she kept her mound cleanly shaven. Marcus quickly grabbed her ankles before forcing her legs far enough apart to climb between them. She began to sob harder as she felt the smooth tip of his cock rubbing against her small pink slit. She tried to squirm away but there was no way she could escape it. He loved the look of absolute terror on her face as he toyed with her. It was all the kept him from immediately driving into her.

She turned her head, unable to even look in his direction. He didn't care if she looked at him or not. It wasn't about her enjoying any of it. She was nothing more than a stupid bitch who cost him his relationship. His cock slowly sank into her inch by inch. He wanted her to feel every second of. Once he had it completely in, he stopped. He wanted her wet and he knew making her body react to him would only make her suffer more. His hand moved to her mound where his finger started to slowly strum over her tiny clit. Her eyes widened as her head snapped back around. She was screaming and sobbing into her panties as she tried to pull away. Her movements were making his cock throb. He didn't stop. He wouldn't give her the satisfaction of ending the torture so easily. Within a minute or two he could feel her starting to moisten.

"You must be loving it. Look how wet you are." He cruelly laughed. "You must really want my cock."

His fingers left her clit now that he had accomplished what he had set out to. He knew he could make her cum all over his cock but there would be plenty of time for that. Marcus reached down and dug his fingertips into her hips as he pinned them down. He started to thrust so hard that she cried out in pain each time he forced his entire cock into her. He grunted like a rutting animal as his cock plowed into her again and again.

"God you've got a tight little cunt. I can just imagine how that ass is going to be."

Once again she began to thrash beneath him. Her screams, though muffled by the fabric were still quite loud. He reached up and placed his hand over her mouth, forcing her to look up at him as he continued to ram his cock deep into her wet pussy. She tried to keep her eyes closed but he would have none of that. Each time she tried he would take his hand away only long enough to slap her across the face as hard as he could. She sobbed uncontrollably as she finally forced herself to look at him. The vicious smile that formed on his lips made her sick. She never imagined that he could be capable of such things.

"By the time I am done with you bitch you are going to know how to behave or I swear to fucking god I'll rip you apart." He growled.

She had no idea how long he had been inside her. Every time her juices had started to dry up he would stop just long enough to play with her clit and force her body to react favorably to him once again. He started to get angry that it was taking less time between the breaks. He suddenly stopped and gave her the most chilling glare ever. He withdrew from her without warning and climbed off the bed. She immediately started to struggle in an attempt to get free but he quickly stopped her with a swift punch to the stomach. She groaned and curled up, leaving him free to find what he was looking for. He began to rummage through her nightstand, throwing aside various tubes of lotion and gloss as well as a couple of small bottles of over the counter pills. It wasn't until he opened the bottom drawer that he found the little battery operated device that he was looking for.

He did not give his sister any time to recover from the blow. Instead he yanked her legs apart and positioned himself between them once again. He gave a single thrust and drove the entire length of his engorged member into her. The moment that she heard the quiet buzz of her vibrator being turned on she felt the knot in the pit of her stomach tighten. Her body stiffened immediately as he pressed it against her clit and turned it up all the way. The powerful vibrations were strong enough to overwhelm her hatred for him and what he was doing to her. He could feel her juices starting to flow once again. He thought about resuming the fucking he felt she deserved but another soon replaced it. Instead, he watched her body start to squirm again. She was trying to pull away from the device but he would not allow it. He could feel her muscles moving around him and he could tell by the look of horror on her face that it was disturbing her deeply. Her sobs were renewed as she found herself unable to keep still.

The sick vision of his sister laying there, covered with bruises with his cock buried in her as she failed to keep her body from reacting to the stimuli was even more of a turn on. Taryn hated herself for not being able to stop it. She hated him even more. The rape and beating were nothing compared to this new torture. They both knew it was only a matter of time before she would become overwhelmed and her body would climax. She tried everything she could think of to block out the sensation but nothing worked. He started to grind his hips, just rubbing his cock inside of her as she squirmed and wriggled.

"That's it you stupid cunt. Show me how much you want my cock. You're gonna cum all over it aren't you bitch." He taunted. "Mmmm your pussy is so fucking wet."

She turned her head again and his fingers seized her nipple giving it a painful twist and holding it. She shrieked into the fabric. He started to pull it away from her chest, watching it stretch. She couldn't hold back any longer. Her body began to shudder and writhe as his cock was bathed in a flood of her juices. He laughed coldly as she climaxed He released her nipple but kept the vibrator pressed against her clit as he began to fuck her hard and deep. She cried continuously from the combination of pain and shame that swept through her. Her velvety folds quivered around him as the orgasm took it's toll on her. Once it was over he dropped the sex toy on the bed next to her.

He withdrew his cock without warning and pressed the slick tip to her puckered anus. Her eyes widened as she frantically tried to plead with him through the tears and gag. He only laughed and pushed steadily forward until the thick head spread her tight ring of muscle enough for it to pop through. She screamed repeatedly as he stared into her eyes. His grip on her hips tightened. Marcus held her down hard and gave a powerful thrust. The pain nearly made his sister black out. The sheer girth of his cock made it feel like he was ripping her apart. He started to thrust hard and fast as she fought with everything she had to stop the assault. She kicked at him as hard as she could in hopes of injuring him enough to stop. Instead he withdrew and flipped her forcefully onto her stomach. The cloth that bound her wrists dug in tighter as it twisted. He got off the bed for a moment. Just as she thought she had won some small victory she heard the sound of jingling metal followed by the loud slap of leather on flesh. There was a long red stripe along the length of her back where the leather belt had kissed her skin. He drew back again and gave her another blow. She screamed into the gag. Soon her entire back and her ass were covered in the stinging hot pain. He climbed back onto the bed with belt still in hand.

"You better fucking learn bitch. You are just getting what you deserve. If you try to fucking kick me again I will choke the life out of you."

She feared his words were not a bluff. He gripped her hips and pulled them up until she was kneeling. He pushed the head of his cock into her abused anus once again. He started to thrust harder than before, jolting her body each time. His fingers dug into her as he pulled her back into his bucking hips. Soon he was grunting again. She could feel his cock throbbing in her dark passage as he brutally fucked her for all he was worth. He could hear her quiet sobs which only made his dick ache. He never imagined he could love bringing his own sister such misery. If she hadn't meddled in his life he wouldn't have had to do it. Now that he had, he knew he could never stop.

It seemed like he had been fucking her ass for an eternity yet the pain had not subsided. Each deep penetration brought it rushing back. His desire to cum was growing stronger. He reached down and grabbed the buzzing toy once again. It slid into her aching pussy with ease and disappeared deep inside her. The feel of the vibrations coming through that thin membrane that separated it from his cock was almost too good. He could feel his balls tightening as he fucked her with all his might. They slapped against her wet lips with each thrust. Taryn felt sick. She knew that any second he would fill her bowels with his seed. She took some solace in the fact that he had not chosen to fill her womb instead.

"Here it comes slut." He growled.

He flooded her with every last drop of his cum, holding his cock deep inside her until it flagged. He was panting hard as he withdrew his cock. He moved from between her legs and rolled her back over onto her back. Her face was a mess. Dried blood, bruises and ruined make up made her look so pitiful but still he felt nothing but lust. He fished the panties from her mouth as he glared at her. She continued to cry softly but did not try to scream. He used the torn fabric to wipe his cock clean. Marcus smiled at her as he pressed it back into her mouth. The taste made her gag instantly but he did not seem to care at all.

"Get some sleep bitch. You'll need it." He said menacingly before leaving her laying on the bed with his cum leaking out of her well fucked ass. "Round two will be much more fun ... for me at least."

With that he retreated to the bathroom to shower.

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