Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The start of a young man's journey.

I was sitting at a table in the student cafeteria eating lunch and reviewing the notes I'd taken during Mallory's Business Law III when someone pulled out a chair and sat down across from me. I looked up and into the most startling blue eyes I had ever seen. They belonged to a girl I'd never seen before. Actually she wasn't a girl, she was a woman. I'd guess maybe twenty-four or twenty-five.

"Harold right? She asked.

"No" I replied, "Its Herman."

"Sorry. I'll have to thump the person I got my information from. I wonder what else I got wrong from my source. May I call you Herm?"

I nodded my head yes and she said, "You are a Business Management Major, you live in the dorms, are here on a half a dozen scholarships, work in the school cafeteria for spending money. Again, right?"

"Not completely. I don't live in the dorms. I have a house. The rest of it is right."

"No car and don't have enough money to date much. That about right?"

I nodded another yes and then asked, "Who are you and what is this all about?"

"My name is Samantha and I want to offer you a job."

"What kind of a job?"

"An actor in a porn flick."


"You heard me right. An actor in several porn films with me. They are specialty films and as such they require a certain feel to them and you are perfect for what I need. I'll need you maybe two nights a week for about six weeks and I'll give you five hundred a week. Think about it. I have a one o'clock in the Harris Building so I have to run, but if you are interested meet me at O'Malleys at seven tonight. Hope to see you there" and she stood up and left.

As she walked away I scoped out her marvelous ass as I rolled the "I want you to act in several porn films with me" in my mind. I hadn't been laid in a year and the though to of me being buried in that ass, even if it was being filmed, did appeal to me.

She disappeared through the cafeteria doors and as I turned back to my lunch and my notes I wondered who the asshole was who was playing jokes on me. I put it out of my mind and concentrated on my notes on contract law.

Even knowing that I was going to be the butt of a practical joke I still showed up at O'Malley's to see what the next part of the joke would be. I walked into the place expecting to see half a dozen of my friend waiting for me with big smiles and waiting to say "Gottcha" and laugh. I didn't see a soul that I knew except for the girl who said her name was Samantha.

She was alone in a booth toward the back and there were no people in the booths around her. As I took the seat across from her she smiled at me and said:

"You came. Does that mean you are interested?"

"To be honest I'm here because I was thinking that I was being set up for a practical joke and I was curious to see what the next part of it would be."

"No joke Herm. I was dead serious about what I said to you in the cafeteria. I need some one just like you to work with me in a series of porn films."

"Some one just like me?"

"No lies here Herm, and I don't want you to take this wrong, but you have the look that I'm looking for. You are attractive enough to have drawn the attention of a girl like me, but you also look a little on the wimpish side and that's what I need. A guy that it would be reasonable to believe that he could have a girl like me, but who also looks like he could be bossed around. Pussy whipped I believe is the term used."

"Pussy whipped?"

"Have you heard the term "cuckolded husband?"

I nodded a yes.

"There is a big demand for cuckold type photo galleries and films. I can give you the addresses of a dozen sites that follow that genre. I want to make a series of those types of films and galleries and I need some one to play the part of the cuckolded husband."

"You want to pay me five hundred a week to pretend to be your husband and fuck you?"

"No Herm, I don't want to mislead you on this, but I'll be paying you to act as my husband, but you won't be fucking me."

"I don't understand."

"You do know what a cuckold is right?"

She saw from my facial expression that I wasn't sure so she went on, "One definition of a cuckold is a man who knowingly lets his woman fuck other men. A good cuck will watch and even help out."

"Help out?"

"Guide the other men's cocks into his wife. Clean her out after it is over."

"Clean her out?"

"You know; go down on her and suck all the goo out of her."

"Sorry. Don't think I can do that."

"You don't have to. That's why it is called acting. You get down into place and then the camera is positioned so that it looks like you are doing it."

"I don't know. It doesn't sound like something I could do."

"Sure you can. You will do maybe four hours worth of work and get five hundred. That's one twenty-five an hour and you can't beat that with a stick."

"I still don't understand what I'd have to do."

"Basically you stand around looking like a wimp while I treat you like my personal servant. I'll give you an overview of one of the first films in the series. You are having a poker game at the house. I was supposed to go out for the night, but things fell through and I decided to stay home and act as hostess. A couple of hours into the game and after every one has had several drinks one of the guys will say something like "You look good enough to eat Bonnie." Bonnie is my screen name and I'll say something like "You any good at it?" The guy will say that he has never had any complaints and then I'll say that I'm just going to have to see for myself."

Every one at the table will look at look at you and then I'll say, "Bobby won't mind, will you honey?" Bobby is going to be your screen name by the way. You will look like you want to puke, but you will say something along the lines of "Of course not dear. Whatever you want" and the guy and I will leave the room. The other guys at the table will say things like, "She do this often?" or maybe "You let her get away with shit like this?" You will mumble something like "I can't stop her." They will look at you disgusted and then the camera cuts to the bedroom where me and the guy are getting it on.

One by one the other guy's will leave the table and come to the bedroom to watch. Then they will start asking if they can join in and I'll say "Maybe next time. I'll need a little time to prepare Bobby for it" and that will set up the next film in the series."

"And I get five hundred for just that?"

"And you will have to pretend to be cleaning me with your mouth when the fucking is done."

"Just pretend right?"

"That's all Herm, just pretend."

"When would this start?"

"Next week Tuesday if you say yes. I'll get together with you Monday and go over the script so that we can hit the ground running on Tuesday. When can you let me know yes or no?"

"Right now. Count me in. One thing though. This is all under the table right? No taxes or any of that crap."

"You'll get the full five Herm. In cash. Let's exchange phone numbers so we can stay in touch."

"I don't have a phone. You will just have to catch me here at the cafeteria" and I gave her my work schedule.

"Maybe when you get your first five hundred you can get a cell phone."

"I would like to know something."


"Just who you were getting your information about me from."

"You will see on Wednesday when you show up for filming."

"So I know him then?"

"Yes you do and I think you are going to be surprised."


"Think of every one you know and then try to figure out which one might be working in porn." She stood up and said, I'll catch you Monday. See you then."

As she walked away I did what she said and tried to think of who I knew that might do porn films and I couldn't think of a one. Then I smiled as I thought how many of them would have ever figured me for a male escort. Thinking of that took me back in time to a place where things had been a whole lot better.

I never knew my father. He caught the wind the day my mom told him that she was pregnant and she never saw him again. She went to work and raised me as a single mom.

We never wanted for anything. We had a nice home in a good part of town and mom always had a new or fairly new car. She traded her old one in every three years. She always had nice clothes to wear and so did I. She told me that she worked in an office as a personal assistant to the owner of the company.

I guess she didn't miss my father all that much, if at all, but she never married. She did date a lot, but I guess no one caught her fancy.

I was your typical kid. Ran around with my friends, played sports and chased girls. I was a better than average student and I lettered in football, baseball and basket ball. Mom gave m a good allowance and life was good for me and the only bad spot was when my appendix ruptured and I ended up falling back a year in school.

The day after my eighteenth birthday I found out what my mom did for a living. It was one of those spring days when spring fever grabbed you by the throat and knowing that mom wouldn't be home I skipped school and went home. I'd been there maybe an hour when the phone rang and without thinking "Hey, you aren't supposed to be here" I automatically answered it.


"Is Jan there?"

"No she isn't."

"Who are you, her manager?"

"Her manager" I said and it was supposed to have come out as a question, but to the caller it must have sounded like a statement.

"This is Tony B and I need her for the day on Thursday. There will be two of us and Carl is really into anal sex. I know Jan charges extra for anal so make sure that she knows. Tell her nine at the Four Seasons in the restaurant. Whoa, I didn't ask. She is free for Thursday right?"

"Yes sir, she has nothing scheduled for Thursday" I said not knowing if she did or didn't. He said goodbye and hung up.

I sat there as the call bounced around in my head. Mom charged extra for anal sex? That could only mean one thing. My mom was a prostitute! The next thought wasn't one of disgust, dismay or even disillusionment. I looked at the house and what we had and the new cars and thought:

"She is a prostitute, but she must be a damned good one to make the money that gave us the standard of living that we had."

I was no different from any other teenager with raging hormones. My mom was a sexy looking woman and I had accidently seen her naked a couple of times and the sight of her naked body had fueled many a masturbatory session and like a lot of other guys I'd even entertained the thought that I'd like to make love to my mother. The thought of my mom taking Carl in her ass gave me a raging hard on and I took my cock out and stared beating my meat as I imagined mom on her hands and knees sucking Tony B's cock while Carl was pumping her ass.

I was sitting there, eyes closed, imagining and whacking away when I heard:

"My God Herman; what's gotten into you?"

I opened my eyes and saw my mom standing there looking at me. If it had been a minute or so earlier I would have dropped my cock and hastily tried to cover up, but I was a nano-second from getting my nut and there isn't a guy alive who doesn't know that at that time all that counts is the release. Your mind at that exact instant in time isn't all that clear either and it isn't working all that well. When I heard "What's gotten into you?" I said without thinking "You" and just as I said it I came and I'll swear that it went a foot straight up and then of course what goes up must come down and it did all over my lap.

My mom stood there looking at me stunned. "Me? You were doing that because of me?"

I still wasn't thinking clearly and I said, "You and Carl."

"Me and Carl? Who is Carl?"

By then my mind was starting to think a little more clearly. I realized that Tony B, whoever he was, would sooner or later talk to mom and she would find out about the phone call so I figured that I might as well tell her. When I was done she shook her head and I could see that she was about to cry.

"You were never supposed to know. Oh my God; you were never supposed to know. Whatever are you going to think of me now? And jerking off to an image of me and some guy named Carl who I don't even know. "Oh my God!" And she ran off to her bedroom crying.

I cleaned up my mess and then headed to my room. As I passed mom's room I heard her still crying and, doing something that I had never done before, I went into her room without knocking. She looked so pitiful lying on the bed sobbing that I got on the bed with her, took her in my arms and held her. She cried into my shoulder until she was all cried out and fell asleep. I eased away from her, covered her up and went to my room.

The next morning mom was in the kitchen making breakfast when I got up. When I walked into the room she pointed at a chair and said "Sit!" I sat down and she said:

"I'm sorry that you found out about me. I never intended that you would know. Now that you do know I have to make a couple of things perfectly clear to you. I am not ashamed of what I do. I've made a damned good living for us doing it. The second thing is that even though what I do may make you think less of me and lead you to believe I am some one with low or no morals there are lines that I will not cross. Yesterday when I caught you doing yourself you told me that it was because of the image of me having sex. Get that thought out of your head. You can imagine having sex with me all you want, but it is never going to happen! You are my son and I love you to death, but not in that way. Never in that way! Are you clear on that?"

"Yes ma'am."

"That out of the way I supposed that you have some questions for me. Ask them and I'll do my best to answer them."

Of course I had questions. Why? When? How long had it been going on? I sat there and listened as she told me the story.

She was in love with Charlie Snyder and they were going steady. They were seniors in high school and Charlie had said he was going to marry her when they graduated. He convinced her that since they would be getting married anyway they could start making love immediately. Mom got pregnant, told Charlie and two weeks later he was gone and his parents wouldn't talk to her.

She finished high school, had me and my grandmother baby sat while mom found a job. I was a year old when my grandparents went to a party one night and they died in an accident on the way home. Grandpa got drunk at the party, ran a red light on the way home and got t-boned by a beer truck. There was just enough insurance to bury them. Mom couldn't afford to keep up the house payments and the bank foreclosed.

Next she lost her job, fell behind on her car payments and apartment rent and was a hairs breadth away from being evicted and having her car reposed when the apartment manager offered her a deal. She could pay for the apartment with sex and he had friends who would pay well for a hot looking young chick. Mom was desperate so she took the deal. She did well at it and in a year she had paid off her car and had money in the bank.

One of her customers asked her to go to a party with him and she met a man there who knew what she was doing and asked her why a hot number like her was hooking out of her apartment instead of working as an escort and making much better money. He put her in touch with a man he knew who had an escort service and she went to work for him. In two years she had an established following and was constantly booked so when the owner of the service had a heart attack and died she struck out on her own She had more than enough repeat customers to maintain her standard of living and she was always getting referrals from her steady customers.

Mom told me that we were financially well off and that she had plenty of money set aside to pay for my college education. Then she asked if now that I knew what she did did it change my view of her. I told her no, and that in fact all that it made me think of was that I could never be one of her customers. She gave me a funny look when I said that, but didn't say anything.

Nothing changed between us other than I was now aware of what she was doing when she was at work that I wished I could also be doing. Not fucking her, but fucking. I was still a virgin and it didn't seem to matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of my cherry

One night, about six months after mom told me her story I was at home and horny. Mom was on 'a date' and I didn't expect her back for a couple of hours. I was sitting on the couch beating my meat when mom walked in on me. She looked at me, shook her head and said:

"I hope you aren't thinking of me while you are doing that."

The truth was that I was thinking of her. I'd never gotten the picture out of my mind of her that I had gotten after the phone call from Tony B. I still saw Carl pounding her ass while she sucked on Tony B and I whipped off to it a couple of times a week. I knew it made mom uncomfortable thinking that I was jacking off to her so I lied and told her I was fantasizing about one of the cheerleaders at school.

She asked me why I jacked off so much and I told her that until I could finally get rid of my cherry that whacking off was my only sexual relief.

"You are still a virgin?"

"I'm afraid so."

"But why? You are a good looking young man and I was sure that you were getting plenty."

"Don't know ma; I just can't seem to get a girl interested."

"I never would have guessed it. Well, we can't have that. We will just have to do something about that."

I smiled and waited for her to start taking off her clothes, but it didn't happen.

Two days later when I got home from school she sat me down and said:

"I'm going to ask you to do something that you are going to think is weird. I want you to go on a double date with me."

"A double date? I don't understand."

"I have a client who always comes to town with his wife. She goes off to find a sweetie for the night while Bob and I do our thing. They are coming to town and I want you to take care of Linda while I take care of Bob."

"You can't be serious."

"Of course I am. I've already talked to Linda and she knows that you are a virgin and she can't wait to get her hands on you."

A chance to lose the hated title of virgin? And it was set up by my mother? How hinkey was that! Of course I said yes.


"Tomorrow night. We will meet them in the restaurant at the Hilton at six-thirty. Sports coat and tie. Okay?"

They were already there when we arrived. I was introduced to Bob and Linda, but not as mom's son. I was supposed to be the kid from next door who had the obvious hots for her, but she was too friendly with my parents to do me. Later Linda told me that mom said that I had confessed my virgin status and almost begged her to take my cherry. One night Linda had told my mom that she was tired of the hit or miss bar scene and she just wished she could find some hot young stud she could 'go steady with' when she was in town and that's when mom told her about me. Like I said, I found that out later.

As we were introduced I saw that Linda was about mom's age and that she was a sexy looking lady. I wondered why her husband wanted to fuck other women when his wife was to die for. Whatever, she was going to cure the malignant disease I had. You know, virginity.

We had a pleasant meal and mom and Linda chatted about girl type stuff while Bob and I talked sports. After coffee and dessert Linda said:

"You two have fun. Herm and I need to be going."

She stood up and offered me her hand. I looked at mom and she winked at me. I stood up, took Linda's hand and she led me to the elevators.

I can't even begin to describe the trip to paradise that Linda took me on that night. She had me undress her slowly and then she undressed me. She told me not to be embarrassed because the first couple of times would be quick, but my recovery time would also be quick. She went to her knees and sucked my cock and I'm embarrassed to say that I was indeed quick. She swallowed my output and as she stood she said:

"That got the first fast one out of the way. Now I'll show you how to return the favor when a girl does that for you."

She led me through how she liked her pussy eaten and cautioned me that other women might like it done differently, but what she was giving me was the basics.

"If you want to impress them ask them what they would like and don't just munch down."

After several minutes of eating her pussy (and I will admit to some trepidation when she told me I had to eat her – guys didn't really do that did they?) she said she was ready. I mounted her and then started slamming into her, but she stopped me and told me to slow down.

"Take it easy and go slow at first and then pick up speed after both of us are settled into a rhythm."

Again, I came too fast, but she told me not to worry and that it would get better. And thank God that it did. We went four times that night and the fourth time lasted almost fifteen minutes.

I met mom in the coffee shop at six and as we had breakfast she asked me how things had gone and I told her that I hadn't wanted to stop. She smiled at me and said:

"Maybe you won't have to."

"What does that mean?"

"We'll see."

When we got home mom handed me five one hundred dollar bills.

"What's this?"

"I don't do it for free kiddo, and you aren't going to either."

"Five hundred for doing what I would have been willing to pay to do?"

"With any luck sweetie that won't be the last. Linda and Bob will be in town for another two days. I won't be seeing Bob again, but Linda wants to see you again on both days. Are your grades good enough that you can miss two days of school?"

I was wrung dry when Linda left town. She taught me cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie and what she called the rear leg lift. We did anal and sixty-nine, but I balked when she wanted to try water sports. Luckily she didn't hold that against me. She spent a lot of time teaching me how to treat a woman properly and it was to stand me in good stead.

A week later mom asked me if I wanted to have a date that night and of course I said yes. Her name was Helen and she was close to fifty and I guess she was apparently happy with me because before the night was over she told me that she would be using me more often. I also found out from her that she thought that I was from an escort agency that she and her husband often used. I came to realize that my mom was the agency she was referring to.

From then on mom set me up on the average of once a week and I never got less than five hundred dollars for doing what I would happily done for free or even have paid for. I saw Linda on the average of once a month and once she even offered to set me up in an apartment to be her full time boy-toy and while I was sorely tempted I didn't want to move to Chicago.

Things went great for over a year and then disaster hit me. Mom was run down by a hit and run driver and died at the scene. So there I was at nineteen and a half still a senior in high school and orphaned. I had no other living relatives and I was totally on my own.

I had to make the arrangements for my mom's funeral and all of that. I didn't think I needed to worry about money because mom had led me to believe that we had plenty. She had told me that we had enough to carry me all the way to a PHD if that was what I wanted and the house was paid for, but when I started digging I couldn't find it.

I did find that she had set me up with a trust fund that would pay me five hundred thousand when I turned thirty, but there wasn't much else. She had thirty-two hundred in savings and eleven hundred in checking, but mom had no will that I could find so I ended up having to hire an attorney to get me access to her accounts. She had a ten thousand dollar life insurance policy in my name and it took all of that plus the four thousand that I had saved up to buy a car to pay for mom's burial expenses.

I thought that I'd come out okay because I would have mom's car, but that didn't work out either. I found out that she didn't buy a new car every three years – she leased cars. Mom's car had to go back to the dealership and I even owed some fees on it.

When the dust cleared I had my name on the house and six hundred in the bank. The lawyer's fees ate up what was in mom's checking and savings accounts. My career as a male escort was over because it had all come through mom. Basically I was stone broke. I was able to start college because I had scholarships and I was able to get a job in the student cafeteria that included my meals. I put the house up for sale, but because of the economy it wasn't moving.

Samantha's offer of five hundred for acting in her movies was a godsend.

Samantha caught me during my shift at the cafeteria and we arranged to meet Monday after I got off work. She handed me several pages stapled together and it wasn't quite what I expected. I was expecting a script that described each scene complete with dialog, but what I got was a description of what would be going on. The dialog was strictly ad lib according to the circumstances and situation.

"Is this it?" I asked.

"What did you expect? This isn't some Hollywood big budget epic. It's a fuck film and all that the people who are paying to watch it or buy it want to see is a sexy looking slut taking some dick. I try to make it look real instead of fake, but that's as far as I go."

She went on to explain what would happen and what I would be expected to do and say. My dialog was going to be "Yes dear," "Whatever you say dear" and "Whatever you want dear." I was to say it with a hang-dog look and that I should try and make it look like even though I was agreeing I was hating it.

She ran through how the series was going to go and then she told me that if the series went as well as she hoped she might add to it and I could have even more pay days if I wanted. She gave me an address and told me to be there by six and I told her I couldn't make it before six forty-five because my shift at the cafeteria wasn't over until six-thirty. She thought for a minute and then said that six forty-five would work.

When I got to the address I found that it was a private residence. I rang the bell and Samantha answered the door. She was wearing nylons, high heels and a bathrobe.

"Good. You are here and we are ready to shoot our first scene."

She led me into a large bedroom where there were several people and a couple of cameras set up.

"This is going to be different than what I told you about. The guy for what was supposed to be shot tonight had something come up and he couldn't make it. We will do his scene tomorrow and do the poker game tonight."

She took off the bathrobe and I got instant wood. She was incredible! Firm tits that stood out from her chest like the heads of torpedo's and tipped with nipples that looked to be about an inch long. Her shaved pussy looked mouth-watering and I was immediately sorry that I wasn't going to be one of the guys fucking her.

"This is the last scene in the second of the series. Abe has just finished fucking me and I've called on you to do your duty and clean me out with your mouth."

There was a bowl of stuff on the dresser and as she picked up a turkey baster she said:

"This is a mixture of KY lotion, egg whites and cornstarch. It looks just like cum."

She filled the baster, lay down on the bed and put the baster inside her pussy and pumped the baster's contents into her. She pulled the baster out, handed it to one of the guys in the room and then squeezed her muscles until some of the stuff ran out of her. It did look like cum leaking out of her pussy.

Ignore the camera's Herm. Just pretend there is no one but the two of us here in this room. Can you do that?"

"No problem."

I could say that and mean it because I was used to having people watch me. Bob used to like watching me and Linda and in fact he did do a lot of what I was going to pretend to be doing with Samantha.

"We ready guys? Roll them."

"Rolling" the two guys with the cameras said and then Samantha called out "Get in here Bobby" which was going to be my screen name. I walked up to the bed and Samantha smiled up at me.

"He fucked me good Bobby. He came a lot. See?" she said as she spread her legs and pointed to the mixture running out of her. She drug a finger through it and held the finger up to me. "Taste it Bobby." I hesitated and she said, "I said taste it Bobby" in a forceful tone. With obvious reluctance I bent my head, took her finger in my mouth and as I sucked it clean Samantha said:

"That's a good boy. Now do your duty Bobby."

I let go of her finger and stood there looking down at her. I made no move to do what she wanted.

"Don't make me ask you again Bobby. You know what I expect. Now do it!"

"Yes dear" I said as I got on the bed. Still I hesitated and she grabbed my head and pulled it down to her pussy and said:

"Eat you little mother fucker, eat!"

I ate her pussy while the cameras moved in and got a close up of me slurping up the mixture. After two minutes or so Samantha said:

"Good boy Bobby, but you didn't do it when I first told you to do it so no pussy for you this week. Now go and run a bath for me."

I stood up and said "Yes dear" and then one of the guys on the cameras called out "Cut" and Samantha sat up and asked:

"How did it look?"

"Perfect" one of the camera guys said. "I don't know where you found him, but he is a natural at this."

"You been holding out on me Herm? Have you done this before?"

I smiled at her and said, "A guy's got to have some secrets."

She gave me a long look and then said, "Okay guys, let's move it to the dining room."

In the dining room the table was set up for cards and there were five guys sitting there talking. I was introduced to them as the cameras and lights were set up and then Samantha said:

"Okay guys; let's make it look real."

I looked around the table and then said, "Same as always. Dollar, five and ten. Three raises, no check and raise and dealers choice. Pony up gents."

The guys each gave me a hundred and I gave them poker chips and then we cut the cards for the deal. We played four hands, I won two of them, and then Samantha walked into the room in heels and a little black dress. I looked at her and asked:

"What are you doing here? I thought you were going out with the girls."

Barb and Sue called and cancelled so I decided to stay home. I can play hostess. Any one need another beer?"

Every one said yes and she left the room and came back with six beers. As she set them down on the table the one named Abe said:

"Damn Bonnie (her screen name) you look good enough to eat tonight."

"You guys are always saying garbage like that, but when it comes time to do it you all run."

"Not this guy. When I say it I mean it."

"You any good at it?"

"I've never had any complaints."

"I guess we are going to have to find out if I'm going to be the first to have to do that. Come on; let's take it to the bedroom and see if all you are is a braggart or if you are telling the truth."

Every one at the table looked at me and Samantha said, "Don't look at Bobby. He won't mind. Right Bobby?"

I tried to look dejected as I said as I said, "No dear."

The camera followed Bonnie and Abe as they headed for the bedroom and then cut back to me sitting there looking dejected. With my head down I said:

"My deal. Five card draw with jacks or better to open. Ante up."

As the guys threw in their chips I started dealing the cards. As the cards fell on the table one of the guys said:

"You let her get away with shit like that?"

I looked down and mumbled, "I can't stop her."

The guys picked up their cards and were looking at them when one of them said, "Fuck this shit! I gotta see this" and he threw in his hand and got up and headed for the bedroom. The other guys looked at each other, tossed in their cards and got up and followed him.

I watched them go and then said, "I guess I win" and I raked in the pot. One of the camera guys called out "Cut." One of the camera guys came over to me and said:

"You have done this before haven't you?"

It was a statement and not a question so I gave him an honest answer and said "No."

"You sure can't prove it by what I've just seen."

The crew all moved to the bedroom and set up for the next scene. When things were set one of the guys called out "Ready to roll" and a few seconds later another of the camera men said "Rolling." The cameras caught Abe and Bonnie walking into the bedroom. Abe moved to take Bonnie in his arms and kiss her, but she pushed him away and said:

"None of that. I only kiss Bobby."

"You only kiss Bobby, but you fuck other guys?"

"We aren't here to talk about Bobby."

She lifted her dress, pulled off her panties, laid down on the bed and spread her legs. Abe started to undress and Bonnie said:

"Don't bother with that. You don't need to take your clothes off to eat me."

Abe hesitated and it was clear that he had expected to fuck Bonnie, but with everyone crowding into the room to watch he had to back up his boast. He got down and went to work. I don't know if he was any good at what he was doing or Samantha was a great actress, but it sure looked like he was getting her off. After several minutes she gasped:

"Get your fucking clothes off. I need you in me. I need you in me now!"

Abe stripped in record time and was on the bed and in her in a flash. They fucked for a while and Samantha (or Bonnie if you prefer) moaned, clutched and grabbed. Then Abe pulled out of her, got her up on her hands and knees and rammed it to her. She got very vocal at that point and the room rang with:

"Fuck me! Goddamn you fuck me. Fuck meeeeeee."

The camera panned to the group standing just inside the door watching and one guy said "God this is hot" and another one said, "She's hot. I want some" and a third guy said, "Think she'll do all of us?" and the fourth guy said, "We can ask."

The camera moved back to the bed where Abe was pounding away.

"Get ready you hot little bitch. I'm going to pump you so full of it that it will come out your ears."

"Do it damn you, do it!"

The camera moved up to Samantha's face and when it did Abe pulled out and came on the far side of Samantha's leg – the side away from the camera – and Samantha either had a real orgasm or faked a really good one. The camera panned over to the watching group. I wasn't supposed to be there – my part was done when the group left the table – but when the camera swung our way I lowered my head, looked sad and shook my head in a "How could you do this to me" way.

While the camera was on the group of watchers a guy ran up to Samantha with the turkey baster and filled her up. The camera cut back and zoomed in on the ooze running out of her pussy. Samantha laughed and said:

"Looks like Bobby has a big wet spot to sleep on tonight."

One of the guys watching asked, "Can I be next?" and another guy said "I want some too" and a third guy said "Hell, we all want some."

Samantha looked at them for a couple of seconds and then said, "Maybe next time. I'll have to prepare Bobby for something like that."

"Prepare? He's a fucking wimp. Just do it."

"He may be a wimp, but he's my wimp and if you expect to fuck his wife you had better be nice to him."

One of the cameramen, I found out later that his name was John and he was the chief cameraman, called out "Cut" and the group started to disperse. Samantha sat up and said:

"How did it look?"

One of the camera guys said, "I've seen and shot a lot of porn in my time, but this is some of the best I've ever seen. We definitely have a winner here."

Then she noticed me and said, "You still here?"

"No way I could leave after seeing how hot you looked in your heels and that little black dress. Some where in this six film series you just have to fuck your poor hubby at least once."

"Ya think? We'll see. It is an idea with possibilities. Tomorrow, same time and place and tomorrow you will find out that your job has some fringe benefits."

"Benefits? Like what?"

"Wait and see. You will be surprised."

She told me the basic scenario for the next days shoot and then I went home and with the image of Samantha in my mind I exercised my right hand – twice!

Samantha had been right. When I got to the house the next evening there were two other women there and I knew both of them from shared classes. Ivy and Fran smiled when they saw me and Ivy said:

"Am I forgiven for steering Sam to you?"

"You were the one?"


"No wonder I could never get you to date me. I guess I'd seem a pretty tame guy to a porn star."

"I'm not a porn star. All I d..."

"I see you've met my two jewels" Samantha said as she walked up to us. "I told you last night that your job had benefits and this is them."


"You ever heard the term 'fluffer?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I have."

"Ivy and Fran are my fluffers. These two are the weirdest girls I know. They are both virgins and swear that they will walk down the aisle as pure as the driven snow, but they both love to suck cock. If you smile sweetly at them they will take care of you. You don't have time now though. We need to go over the scenario for tonight's shoot and then we will be ready for you to do your part.

"Tonight" Sam said, "My steady boyfriend will drop by for a visit. He has been here many times and he is familiar with the house and you. He will treat you like the wimp he thinks you are. Are you one of those 'manly men' or are you somewhat open minded?"

"I don't understand what you are asking."

"Okay. It will add a touch of realism to the scene tonight if my wimpy cuckold husband would take hold of Mike's cock and guide it into me. A 'manly man' would never be caught dead doing something like that, but a fairly opened minded guy might. It is something that a thoroughly cuckolded husband would do. What I'm asking is would you do it? You don't have to, but it would definitely add believability to the film if you would."

I thought about it and then said, "I'll do it, but there is a price."


"I get to make love to you at least once before we are done. On film or not – at least once."

"You really think that I'm that hot?"

"We both know the answer to that and you also know damned well that you are."

She contemplated me for a couple of seconds and then said, "Deal! You know where the bedroom is."

As she walked away I looked at Ivy and said, "She's joking right?"

Fran laughed and said, "Not a bit Hermie, not one little bit."

I looked from one to the other, shook my head and then headed for the bedroom.

It was a repeat of the night before. The mixture and the turkey baster and then the:

"Get over here Bobby. You know what to do. Do a really good job and I might change my mind about you not getting any pussy this week. Would you like that Bobby? Would you like a chance to fuck your wife?"

"You know I would."

"Then get down there and clean me out."

"Yes dear."

When it was over she said, "Very good Bobby. You can have an hour on Saturday night. Make sure that you have condoms."

"You don't make the others wear condoms."

"If you want my pussy Bobby, you WILL USE A CONDOM!"

"Yes dear."

The next scene was me answering the door bell and letting in her steady boyfriend.

"What's up Bobby" the man said when he walked in. "Here to fuck your wife again. You going to watch and cheer me on?"]

I gave him a nasty look and said, "She's in the kitchen" and then I walked away from him. As I walked away he said:

"Hey ass wipe! It isn't my fault that you can't do the job and your wife has to come to me to get what she needs."

Without turning back around I gave him the finger as I walked away. He walked into the kitchen and a minute later Bonnie hollered out:

"Get in here Bobby!"

I walked into the kitchen and Bonnie gave me a hard look and said, "Mike said you were disrespectful to him when you let him in. You know I won't stand for that. Now apologize to him."

I took a deep breath, looked down at the floor and said, "I'm sorry Mike. I didn't mean to be disrespectful."

"Look him in the eye when you say that Bobby."

"Yes dear" and I repeated it while looking into Mike's face.

"Good boy Bobby. Now go and turn down the bed and get the strappy high heels that Mike likes out of the closet. Then you can help me get ready."

I went into the bedroom and while the cameras set up Ivy showed me the high heels I was supposed to get. When the guy on the camera said ready I went out of the room and when he called out "Rolling" I walked into the bedroom, turned down the bed and got the high heels out of the closet and set them on the bed.

Bonnie and Mike walked in. "Get me ready Bobby" Bonnie said as she walked over to me. I slowly undressed her and when she was naked she sat down on the bed and said:

"Put my 'fuck me' shoes on me Bobby."

I picked up her heels, put them on her feet and then buckled the straps. Bonnie got on her hands and knees and Mike walked up behind her with his stiff dick leading the way. Bonnie looked at me and smiled as she said:

"You know what to do Bobby" and I walked over and took hold of Mike's cock with my left hand as Bonnie said, "Guide him into me Bobby. Good boy" she said as Mike pushed into her. "Go sit in the chair Bobby and watch a real man fuck me."

I went over and sat down on the chair. After a couple of minutes watching the two on the bed I decided that it was time to do some adlibbing. The cameras were on the couple on the bed and I waved to get John's attention. When he looked over at me I pointed at the tent in my pants and he smiled and nodded. The camera panned over to me and zoomed in on the obvious erection under my pants and then I surprised him and took it out and started jacking off while watching Mike fuck Bonnie. All the while two guys with regular cameras were walking around taking still pictures for the gallery portion of the porn site.

I make no excuses here. Samantha was one of the sexiest women I had ever laid eyes on and undressing her and putting her 'fuck me' shoes on her feet while staring at her shaved pussy got me going. Watching her tits sway as she turned her head from side to side sending her long hair swirling as Mike boned her had me hard as a rock.

After some footage of me sitting there and jacking off while watching my wife getting fucked the camera swung back to the action on the bed. John motioned for me to leave the room and I put my cock away, got up and left. I found Fran and Ivy waiting for me. I watched as they did 'rock, paper and scissors' and Fran won. Fran went to her knees in front of me, took my cock out and then stared at it.

"My God Herm; you should be in the other room being the star. How big is it?"

"One girl measured it and said she got twelve inches, but she measured from the base. From the top it only measures ten."

"It's just beautiful Hermie" she said and then she took me in her mouth and started sucking me off.

Ivy was smiling at me and she said, "I'm next."

The thing with Bonnie had me so hot that I only lasted a couple of minutes and Fran swallowed every last drop I spit out. She pulled away letting my limp dick fall from her mouth and Ivy went to her knees in front of me and took my dead dick in her mouth and went to work to make it alive again. It was just starting to come up when I heard "Cut" from the bedroom and then John's voice saying:

"Okay guys, set up for then next shot. Herm, we need you back in here."

I hesitated and Ivy said, "Go. I'll be here waiting when you get back."

I went back into the bedroom and John, the head cameraman pointed at the chair and I went over and sat down. John motioned for me to unzip and when I pulled out my half-hard cock he yelled:

"Ivy? We need you in here."

Ivy came into the room and saw what was needed and went to her knees in front of me. She captured my cock in her mouth and went back to working on it. It took several minutes, but she got me still and then left the room. John said:

"Do what you were doing okay?"

I nodded a yes and started stroking myself. On the bed Bonnie and Mike had apparently gone from doggie to missionary while I was out of the room and as soon as I started beating my meat for the camera it panned back to the bed where Mike was dicking Bonnie. Mike sped up and said:

"I'm coming you hot sexy bitch" and Bonnie cried out, "Give it to me; give it to me and fill me up."

The camera came back to me still whipping away and while the camera was on me Mike pulled out and Ivy dashed in with the turkey baster and filled Bonnie up. Mike pushed back into Bonnie and the camera went back to the couple on the bed. Mike pulled out and a bunch of fake cum oozed out of Bonnie's hole.

"Bobby" Bonnie said, "Be a dear and let loose of your thingy long enough to get us something to drink."

"Yes dear" I said as I stood up and put my dick away. I left the room and Fran handed me two glasses of water. I waited a minute or so and then went back into the room and gave Mike and Bonnie their drinks. Bonnie said:

"Thank you Bobby. You are just such a sweetie. Mike wants to do my ass next. Help me get ready for him please?"

John called out "Cut" and Bonnie got up from the bed. She gave me a funny look and then said:

"Why didn't you tell me that you were hung?"

"No need. You told me right at the start that I was only going to be playing a bit part and that I wouldn't be fucking you."

"I guess I did didn't I. Oh well, a subject for later. This next scene you are going to use KY lotion and your thumb and fingers to get my butt ready for Mike. It will no doubt get you stiff so Ivy or Fran will take care of you when you are done."

She got back on the bed in the doggie position and John handed me the bottle of lotion. He said:

"Places everyone. Okay. We are rolling."

"Come on Bobby. Get me ready for Mike's big beautiful cock."

I moved up behind her and went to work on her butt hole. After a minute or so I decided to adlib again. While working on her butt hole with my right hand I used my left to unzip. I took out my cock and rubbed it against her ass-cheeks. She felt it and she let me continue while she decided on how she wanted to play it.

"God damn you Bobby; get the fuck away from there. You know you can't have my ass."

In as whiney a voice as I could manage I said, "Why not Bonnie? You let everybody else have it. I'm your husband so I should be able to have it too."

"We have had this talk before Bobby and you know full well why you can't have my ass. I'm upset with you Bobby and I'm going to have to punish you for trying something you know you are not supposed to do. You will sleep in the spare bedroom for the rest of the week. Maybe no snuggling and cuddling for a week will make you think twice before doing something like this again. Now get away from me. Maybe Mike can take my mind off of what you just tried to do."

I slunk out of the room and found Ivy waiting for me. "Ready for me?" she asked.

"You bet. It's a shame though."


"Because now I can't ever date you. I mean you never would say yes before, but I planned on keeping on asking. I can't do that now."

"Of course you can" she said just before she took my cock in her mouth. I've had head plenty of times and it was always good, but Ivy's blow job was damned near state of the art. She brought me to the edge and then backed off only to bring me back to the edge again. Finally I couldn't take it any more and I grabbed her head and held it while I erupted. She swallowed every bit of it and then licked my cock clean. She stood up and said:

"You want to date me you have to kiss me. I mean right now."

I didn't understand what was going on, but I did want to date her so I took her in my arms and kissed her. She slipped me some tongue and I gave her some back. She broke the kiss and smiled at me.

"I know what you are thinking Herm and it is simple really. I'm a cocksucker and the taste of cum is always likely to be in my mouth. I make no excuses Herm. I love sucking cock and I love the taste of cum and any guy who spends time with me is going to have to kiss me and that means that he is going to taste other men and he is going to have to be able to handle it."

"Why have you always said no when I tried to get a date?"

"Because dates are always trying to get in your pants and I won't let them. I could just suck them off, but before long I would have reputation and I don't want that. I know that would happen because that is what happened to me in high school. I haven't dated anyone since high school because I don't want it to happen to me here. Sam is a sorority sister and we roomed together during one term. She knows about my not giving up my cherry until I'm married and she knows how much I love to have a cock in my mouth so when she went into porn she brought me along as her fluffer. It gives me all the cock I could possibly want. Nights when they shoot gangbang scenes I've had the cum of as many as twelve men in my mouth. Now that you know that about me you might not want to date me knowing that when you kiss me you might be tasting other men."

"I wanted to date you before finding out you suck cocks, so why, especially after finding out how good you are at it, wouldn't I want to date you now? You can always brush your teeth and gargle before we go out."

"That's the sticking point Herm. I don't suck cock because I love throbbing meat in my mouth; I do it because I love the taste of sperm. I walk around all day savoring the taste of what's coating my mouth and I don't brush my teeth until the taste fades."

"No problem. We can time our dates so that you will have time for the taste to fade."

"You still aren't getting the picture Herm. Sam has three porn sites up and running. This one you are in will be her fourth. She uses me on the average of four times a week. If we date there are bound to be times I haven't brushed my teeth or gargled. What I'm telling you is that if we date you will eventually be tasting some other guy's goo. That is why I said that any guy I date has got to be able to handle it."

"I still want to date you. I don't know if I can handle what you say I'll have to be able to handle until it happens."

Just then a call came from the bedroom. "We need you in here Ivy."

She went into the room and John said, "We need to get Mike back up sweetie."

Ivy went over to Mike and I saw that his cock was slick with the juices of him and Samantha. Ivy took him in her mouth and I remembered that Mike had been fucking Samantha in her ass when I left. I wondered if he came in Samantha's ass or had he pulled out, cleaned his cock and then went back to her pussy. While Ivy was working on Mike Samantha walked over to me. Watching her sexy naked body walking toward me with cum or the turkey baster mixture running down her leg got me instantly hard again. When she got to me she said:

"I won't be needing you again until next Tuesday, but I'll want to get together with you again before then to go over how the rest of the series is going to go. What day would be good for you?"

"Any day except Thursday or Friday. Those are my late days at the cafeteria."

"Saturday good for you?"

"Any time after three-thirty. I'm at the cafeteria until three and then I'll need a half hour to clean up and change."

"How about I pick you up at your place around four?"

"It will work for me."

She went back into the bedroom and a couple of minutes later Ivy came out. "This would be a good time to see if you can handle kissing me while I have another man's juices in my mouth."

"No thanks Ivy. When I left the room Mike was fucking Samantha in her ass. I might have been able to handle kissing you after your sucking a cock that came out of a pussy or that had cum in your mouth, but no way I'm kissing a mouth that sucked a cock that was just pulled out of a shitter."

She gave me a long look and then shrugged and said, "Whatever. Your loss. Get your fluffing from Fran from now on."

She walked away from me and I looked over at Fran who was sitting on the couch. She shrugged and said:

"If you want to date me the same rules apply, but even though I will fluff a dick that's been in an ass I won't do it until it has been washed clean. And I will brush my teeth and rinse out my mouth before a date."

"Thank God for that. I guess I'm done until next week. See you at school."

Fran smiled and said, "I've got nothing going on for the rest of the week."

"That an invitation?"

"Bet your ass it is."

"How about we have lunch at the cafeteria tomorrow and talk about it?"

"Eleven-thirty good for you?"

"That will work fine."

"So how did you get involved with Sam" I asked Fran.

"Ivy is a good friend of mine and she told me about what she was doing and I knew Sam so I told her that if she ever needed another girl to give me a call. I'm just like Ivy. I love the taste of sperm. I know I'll love the hell out of actual intercourse, but I made my mom a deathbed promise that I'll go into my wedding night a virgin and it is a promise that I'll keep."

"But if you promised to be a virgin how did you find out that you like the taste of sperm?"

"Where I went to high school if a girl didn't put out she didn't get asked out very often. I found out that if I wanted to go out on dates I had to do something. I got real good at giving hand jobs and then one guy that I really, really liked talked me into giving head. I did, he came in my mouth and the rest is history. I never got a reputation because I only did it with guys who went steady with me and only after we had been going together for a while. Enough about me; what about you?"

"Nothing to tell. Just a guy working his way through school. Never knew my dad and my mom died in an accident last year. No other living relatives. Just a pretty dull guy."

"Hardly dull. There has to be more to you than that. You took to what Sam has you doing pretty easily."

"An older woman relieved me of my virginity and then taught me everything she could. She and her husband were a little on the kinky side and he liked to watch so I'm used to being seen in sexual situations and sometimes he even told me what he wanted me to do. It was almost like he was being a director at times."

"She taught you?"

I nodded a yes.

"She teach you to eat pussy?"

Again I nodded a yes.

"You any good at it?"

"She never complained."

"I guess then that the only question is when are we going out?"

"Any days except Thursday and Friday. Those are my late shift nights at the cafeteria. And of course I won't be able to on the nights I have to work for Samantha."

"That would only be on Tuesday and Wednesday. She edits the film and puts it together on Thursday and Friday so she can post them to her sites on Saturday."

"That leaves us Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I guess we could have a late date after I get off my shift at eight so which one do you want?"

"I'll take tonight."

It was a fun date. Fran had a very bubbly personality, she was easy to talk to and she was very, very easy on the eyes. We went to dinner and then took in a movie before I took her home with me. Once I saw Fran naked I was sorry that all I was going to get were blow jobs.


When I drove her home I kissed her goodnight and she slipped me some tongue and went we broke the kiss she asked me:

"Can we do this again?"

"As often as you want" I said and we made a date for Friday. It was a repeat of our first date and I decided that I could be very happy with just Fran's blow jobs.

Saturday Samantha picked me up at the house and drove us to the downtown Hilton. When I saw where we were going I thought of all the times I'd met Linda and all the other ladies my mom had set me up with at that very same place. Something must have shown on my face when I had that thought and Sam misread it.

"Don't sweat it Herm. This is a business dinner and I'm picking up the tab."

When we were seated and after we had ordered Sam asked, "So tell me Herm; how do you like being in porn?"

"The money comes in very handy."

"You have impressed John and he wants to use more of you. I have three other sites up and running and I can always use fresh talent. When I saw the size of your package I thought that maybe I could offer you more work. More active work if you know what I mean."

"What would that do to your cuck series? I'm guessing that your sites are linked so how is the viewer going to take my being a stud in one and a wuss in the other? Won't that kill the realistic feel that you are trying to get in the cuck series?"

"Well there is that, but after the cuck series has been up for a while I can use you in others and it shouldn't matter. That's something that we can come back to later. What I really wanted to talk with you about is the cuck series. Like I said, John is impressed with you and your instincts. Your doing the jack off thing was unexpected and added a lot to the feel of the film. Also your adlibs on the use of condoms and using my ass were just right for the situation.

"What I want to do tonight is give you an overview of the series and get your input as to what we can do to make it better. Also the more you know about what is coming the more you can think about what to add to it if you do decide to do more adlibbing. Make sense?"

"It does."

"Okay, you already know the start. I did my boyfriend in front of you to establish that you are a wimpy and subservient husband. The poker game is the third in the series. We had to shoot it when we did because of the availability of the players. Number two in the series is Mike and a friend of his. Then the poker game. The fourth one will be me and a couple of guys I picked up on a girl's night out. After which I'll tell you that I have decided to do all the players at the next poker game. The fifth will be the poker game gangbang. There will only be you and four other players and Abe won't be one of them. At the end of the gangbang I'll say that it is too bad that there weren't a few more guys. One of the guys will say that he has a friend that likes to play poker and that Abe will be at the next game and then ask me if six will be enough and I'll say that it will do.

"The sixth is another poker game gangbang and Abe will have brought a friend so there will be seven and when it is all over and I'm laying there a fucked out mess I'll look over at you sitting on the chair where I made you watch and I'll say something like you might as well come over Bobby and get some too. Then I might say something like "Just make sure that you put on a condom. You of course be upset because I'll be lying there with cum pouring out of me so why should you have to use a rubber. I'll say something like "If you want any pussy this week you will stop your whining and get over here."

"Then depending on how well the series is received we may do a couple more to extend the series. That's what I have in mind. Do you have any ideas?"

"A couple. These guys at the poker game are obviously guys I work with or friends of some sort so it would be natural for one or two of them to take me aside and ask me why I put up what you do. I can say something like I love you, can't live without you and the only way I can keep you is by letting you have your way. Another would be for Bobby to get some pussy behind your back. It would be normal, at least to my mind, for Bobby, even though he is in love with you, to resent what you are doing and strike back even if you don't know he is doing it. Have him get laid some night after work and before the game starts so he comes home in a good mood. Then of course you will tear that mood down during and after the game."

"Those are good ideas and I think that we will use them to extend the series. How about you start an affair with a girl and after a while she, knowing what I do to you, decides she is going to take you away from me. She confronts me, we fight, I subdue her and then turn her against you and the both of us treat you like a servant. Another gangbang maybe with the two of lying next to each other on the bed as we take on the guys. Damn Herm; I'm so glad that Ivy steered me to you."

She wiped her mouth with a napkin and said that she needed to use the ladies room. As soon as she was out of sight I felt a tap on my shoulder and a familiar voice said:

"How have you been stranger?"

I turned and saw Linda standing there.

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