Alice's Adventures in a Nuclear Power Plant
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Teacher/Student, Public Sex, Workplace, School, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alice is a recent College grad looking for her first job. Problem is no one is looking for a French Literature Major. Then her BFF Yoko takes her with her to the Nuclear Power Plant to apply for employment. They have a new project just starting and are looking for recent college graduates. Even if she doesn't get hired, she can try out her new bikini on the nearby beach and see how much attention she can get from the lifeguards and pretty girls.

When Alice graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in French literature, she never expected to wind up working at a Nuclear Power Plant. In all honesty, Alice hated the very thought of a Nuclear Power Plant. Even the formation of the word "Nuclear" left her with a sour taste on her tongue. It was worse than a sloppy blow job with one of the older professors who insured her graduation and excellent grade-point average.

Her attempt to get into graduate school met with failure because the testing showed she was barely at a high school level in both English and math. Alice thought this was some sort of right-wing conspiracy because she had taken all those courses in Women's Studies and Environmental Defense Systems. Of course, she had mainly just sat in her chair and flashed the instructors with her skimpy thongs to show she was paying attention. Most of her courses that she attempted did not have boring things like actual homework or assigned readings. Her reading was never that good anyway because she had missed so much classroom time in high school. Her mentor, Mrs. Robinson had eased her way through the maze of University grades by assigning her grades based on her licking and sucking abilities rather than silly things like opening a book and learning something.

Her best friend forever, Yoko Takeitnasti tried to mollify her by telling her,

"Don't be sad, pretty Alice; all of the grad students are foreigners from countries where they don't speak English very well. They only talk in algebraic formulas and sometimes Chinese or Arabic. You wouldn't like it at all."

Alice laughed at that and decided to go along with Yoko when she applied for a job at the New California Edison Plant right next to the beach. She figured it she didn't get the job, at least she could try out her new bikini getting some rays from the late afternoon sun.

Yoko was all nervous about the job because she wanted to work in the silly place real bad. Alice just couldn't understand that way of thinking because she had never seen any place look so foreboding and downright uninteresting.

Alice slipped her hand under Yoko's skirt and found her secluded sensitive clit just waiting for some attention. She knew this was the best way to get Yoko's mind off the hiring process and relax her down from her stressed up tightness. She brought her wet fingers covered with Yoko's female juices up to her mouth and licked them clean. The essence of Yoko always made her feel like she was taking some kind of drug. Her subtle scent and sweet feminine taste made her recharged with energy despite the grim appearing facility in front of them.

Alice smiled because Yoko was panting now with a familiar whining mantra that she always fell into when her orgasm was very near. She slid her other hand under Yoko's tiny bottom and slowly inserted her little pinky into Yoko's tight little brown eye. That was all poor Yoko needed to put her over the rainbow of orgasmic delight.

She cradled the shaking Japanese girl in her arms and nuzzled her long and beautiful black hair. Tenderly, she allowed her lips to brush lightly against Yoko's cute and very soft ears and along the curve of her neck. The sensation of Yoko trembling in her grasp was so delicious that she had a small orgasm of her own without any need to touch her own quivering slit.

"Did you bring your resume, Alice?"


"That's all right. I made several copies of yours last night and I have them in my backpack. You do have your driver's license and your social security card, right?"

Alice smiled in relief and patted her tummy pack that she kept near her at all times. Her skin was a little dark and she did not want to be mistaken for an illegal alien and sent down to Tijuana or some godforsaken place like that where pretty white girls are treated like whores.

She had come close to it one trip that she made to Cabo on Spring break just last year. Fortunately, she didn't drink the spiked beverage and the four busboys were unable to shove her in the van outside the club. It was a good thing she was a good runner and made it back to the hotel before they even got to the end of the short street.

Despite her numerous oral and various fetish related sexual activities, Alice had only had sex twice in college. Once with a drunken professor who had fallen on top of her and she was too polite to refuse his fumbling advances. His age precluded her using her considerable strength because she did not want to cause the older man a serious injury. As soon as he touched his hard shaft to her slit, Alice decided it was a good time to lose her silly cherry and the poor man was unlikely to tell anyone about the incident for fear of losing his position.

The other time was with a very good-looking black boy from Sacramento State who was taking some criminal justice courses at the Berkeley summer program. She remembered how gentle he was and she was ever so grateful because his cock was so huge that it scared her to accept it would be soon taking up temporary residence inside her vagina. He laughed when she produced a condom but put it on to put her mind at rest. The experience with the professor did nothing to prepare her for the orgasms that the black student subjected her to for the next several hours. Yoko laughed in delight when Alice admitted it was difficult for her to walk the short distance to the Women's Studies hall for the next morning's classes.

There were about two dozen young college graduates in the hiring room of the Nuclear Power Facility. Alice was the only French Literature Major in the group. Most of them were either computer systems students or math and science graduates. Yoko had a double major in computers and in science.

They were subjected to a long dreary lecture and film on the benefits of Nuclear power. Alice fell asleep about halfway through the movie. Then, they went on a guided tour of the "Containment" area and even down into the "Control Room" of one of the systems just recently brought online. All the buttons and gauges were totally confusing and it seemed quite unnecessary to be checking each little part of the plant over and over again. The thing she liked the best was the "decontamination chamber". It seemed very erotic to her as the handsome young engineer explained how each little tool was used to clean areas like the fingernails and even female's private parts. There was even a little tool to clean out inside the anus and up into the rectum. Alice wondered how the workers could accomplish that by themselves. There must be some sort of "buddy" system. Since the male and the female equipment were all jumbled together, Alice figured in an emergency scenario, sex was the furthest thing on one's mind.

Some senior engineers came into the processing room and started asking questions of all the applicants. Alice faced a male and a female engineer. The woman whose name was Doctor Angelique wanted her to stand up and turn around. Alice thought that was a very strange request but followed instructions precisely. She could see they both liked her cooperative attitude. Alice wanted to ask the attractive older woman what she was a "Doctor" of but was fearful it would mark her as being too inquisitive for a secret place like a Nuclear Facility.

The overweight male engineer asked her to grab hold of a pipe over her head and pull herself up to the ledge above it. Alice was amused but did it with ease because she had been trying to tone up her upper body ever since the incident in Cabo. All she knew was she did not want to be a victim or pitied for being subjected to male dominance.

She noticed that neither one asked why a young girl who majored in French Literature was looking for a job in a Nuclear Facility and that surprised her most of all. Apparently, several of the other applicants had already been told their services were not required. Only 5 applicants remained for the final consideration. They were all females. The other three besides Yoko and herself were all from the San Diego area and Alice was certain they were Hispanic even though they all spoke English without a trace of an accent.

The other 3 girls all knew each other. They were physical education majors and seemed in perfectly fit condition. Alice figured that was probably why they were the only survivors of the "weeding out" process. Both she and Yoko were in tip-top condition as well.

Doctor Angelique told them they would all be hired for a "special project" at the plant but first they had to pass the "decontamination" test.

They would all sit in the control room and wait for the alarm buzzer to sound. Then, they would all run as fast as they could to the decontamination chamber. They had to strip down and put all their clothing in the special containers and seal them. Then, they had to wash each other in every nook and cranny. Doctor Angelique emphasized how important it was to be like a "team" and take care of all the spots they could not reach themselves. Yoko was very enthusiastic about the whole thing but Alice was just mildly amused. Yoko had this Japanese cultural thing that saw games like this as great fun. They tended to see it all as very competitive even when working as a team.

Alice was flying down the dark thick cement hallway to the decontamination chamber. She was way ahead of the others and was completely stripped when the rest of them arrived in the sealed room. The tall girl of the trio was the first one to match her nakedness and pulled her under the jets of the cleansing shower. She told her to "bend over and spread them" before she started to clean her crack with a spirited motion.

Alice was mortified but found she was enjoying it immensely.

Poor Yoko was sandwiched between the other two girls who were washing her with a tag-team mentality that show absolutely no mercy or semblance of modesty. Alice was on her hands and knees cleaning the tall girl's pussy lips with her determined fingers covered in decontamination soap. The pretty girl whose name was Nicki leaned on her shoulders for balance and opened her legs wide to give Alice full access.

When they were fully satisfied with the cleansing process, the girls all suited up in the orange jumpsuits and put the headgear over their heads to complete their complete isolation from the atmosphere. The little built-in oxygen packs gave them plenty of air to breath and they waited at the chamber entrance to be removed from the unit. It had taken exactly 19 minutes. A full minute less than the maximum allowed for the exercise.

Doctor Angelique was smiling broadly as were the other men waiting outside.

They were allowed to remove the headgear and then given bath towels as they were all naked under the jumpsuits. For some strange reason, it did not seem odd for the five females to be sitting in the middle of the group of engineers dressed only in bath towels.

The men all filed out of the room but Alice noticed that a couple of them were straining their eyeballs to get a better look at what was under the bath towels.

Doctor Angelique stood in front of them. Alice noticed she had the most delicious looking calves set off by a pair of sexy high heels. The doctor saw her looking and gave her a wink. That made Alice a bit nervous because she was still a little upset at her own weakness when it came to attractive females.

"Young ladies, you will all be part of our unit recovery team. You were chosen not for your academic achievements but for your physical attributes. We also like the fact that you are all bisexual and get along with both males and females. I think you will work better as a team if you have a special physical coordination with each other. Sometimes you will have to be naked in your duties and sometimes you will be in very close quarters and need to be attuned to each other's bodies. It is important for you to learn your jobs very carefully because your lives will depend on it. I will be your training officer and in order to really get inside your comfort zone, I will be verifying your level of sexual response under stress. Alice, get up here, you will go first. Watch carefully, ladies, this may save your lives."

Doctor Angelique removed her white gown and she was totally naked underneath the Doctor's uniform. She reached out and peeled Alice's bath robe off her shoulders and led her to the table in the middle of the room. All Alice could think of was the fullness of the puffy red lips bending down between her legs and the way Doctor Angelique's head bobbed gracefully in her lap.

This looked like a much more interesting job that she ever could have imagined.

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