The Trade Off
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Honourable Lucy Smythe under new laws will be one of the first women to inherit her father's title, but the estate is foundering in a sea of debt. Charles Edward Stewart MacBain is a rich young man who has recently inherited his father's highland estate. Lucy has certain personality traits that makes her think she has something to offer him that will persaede him to rescue her and restore the family's fortunes. Will Charlie asccept her offer and restore her fortunes.

The exams were over but I had to wait another day before making my way homewards as I had promised a lift to one of the girls who lived on our Highland Estate and was the daughter of one of our gamekeepers. She had her last exam to take the next day. I had my laptop open in front of me but with the next university term a whole summer holiday away, I really had no motivation to do any work. It was enough for now that I had sat the four exams in the subjects I had taken for my first year and I was fairly confident that I had done well in them.

Instead of working, I was gazing across at one of the girls whose beauty had fascinated me throughout the year. She was the Honourable Lucille Smythe. She was the eldest daughter of Lord Smythe of Sherbourne and once the new legislation on inheritance made its way through parliament she would become one of the first women to inherit her father's title, which until now, would have passed to the eldest male in the line of succession. She was a product of one of the top English Public School system and had attended one of the top boarding schools in the South of England.

Having said that though, she was such a very bright girl that even if she had attended one of the state Schools she would have found her way to University just the same. I knew this, because she had taken first year Psychology as I had. In the course of this we had done a series of different intelligence tests and she came out with a score which put her well into the genius bracket. I am no slouch in the intelligence department either having achieved scores which would put me in the Mensa range but much nearer the one hundred and forty eight points which they claim is the starting point of genius.

Before going any further, however, perhaps I should tell you a bit about myself.

I'm Charles Edward Stewart MacBain. Quite a mouthful but my family way back were Jacobites and supported Bonny Prince Charlie in his attempt to restore the Stewarts to the throne. After the defeat at Culloden, my ancestor who was one of his advisers was forced to flee to France and from there made his way to America. Somewhere along the way his grandson began a family business which flourished and successive generations increased its fortune. So much so that when my grandfather sold out at the age of fifty five and retired, he was worth somewhere in the region of two hundred and fifty million dollars and counting.

Still a Jacobite at heart he decided to retire to Scotland and bought a good sized Highland Estate complete with castle. My father went to Sandhurst and spent twenty years in the army rising to the rank of colonel before retiring to take over the running of the Estate which he had inherited sometime before on the death of my grandfather. Because of this I had gone to a boy's boarding school in England and my contact with girls was negligible. On second thoughts make that nonexistent, since my holidays were spent on our estate. There, one of the gamekeepers who had been my father's sergeant and batman for many years took me in hand. By him I was taught the art of hunting, fishing and shooting and was fairly skilled in the first two and was a crack shot in the third, He also taught me his form of unarmed combat and while no expert, if push came to shove I would be able to hold my own in any physical struggle which was one on one.

As for the rest, I was a bookworm and a computer nerd. My social skills as far as the niceties of behaviour were concerned were drummed into me so that I could pass muster in any company. But my social interaction was a different matter. For example I would like to be able to tell you that my friends called me Charlie and they probably would have if I had any, because that is what my family called me. But through my school years I only ever had one friend, and he like me, was a bit of a loner. He returned to his native South Africa to attend university there when our school days came to an end.

You probably gather from all what I have said, that this is the reason why I am sitting here gazing wistfully at the girl who seems to me the most beautiful girl in my year and probably in the whole university. She was very popular and had accumulated quite a wide circle of friends, both male and female, but so far had no steady boyfriend. This is a situation I would like to remedy but I could never pluck up the courage nor would I know how to go about asking her. Anyway she would not know me or anything about me as I still keep myself very much to myself. Not that I haven't had chances, because I think Heather, the girl I am giving a lift home tomorrow, had let it slip to her friends that I am a wealthy young man since my Father died of a heart attack last year and as his only son and sole heir I have inherited the family fortune.

This has made me even more wary of girls who show an interest in getting to know me, because I doubt the attraction is me as a person, but rather it is the fact that through my family circumstances I personally am now one of the richest men in Britain. It is not that I am a snob, I wouldn't care where a girl's family came from if she genuinely wanted to get to know me and came to love me for the person I am rather than the wealth I represent. Perhaps if I was a bit more outgoing and a lot less introspective, I could have developed an attitude of love them and leave them. This would have enabled me to exploit my situation and at the very least I might have lost my virginity.

However if I had ever developed this outgoing personality I hope I would still be a better kind of person than one who would treat girls like in that way. So that is probably why I am sitting here just gazing at the girl of my dreams, but truth be told, she is not even that. Of course I notice her, yet even when I fantasize about having my way with a girl my fantasies are more general than just her, though she is sometimes included in the list.

That is my first year of university over and thankfully I found it was in some ways less taxing than my working for my A levels at boarding school. This was partly due to the fact that with only four subjects in my arts degree there was plenty of time between the various lectures when we were free to study as and when we liked. Since I am a very quick learner and was not confined to set classes for most of the day as we were at school, this meant I had plenty of time to follow my other interests and especially that of learning different languages.

I already speak French, German and Italian fluently. That is because I have a natural ability for languages and it is aided by the fact that my mother, Lady Sophia Smythe is half Italian and my grandparents on my mother's side live in a cottage on our estate in the Cotswolds. This sounds much grander than it is and I will tell you why.

By the time my father inherited the title of Lord Smythe of Sherbourne the family fortune had been whittled down because my great grandfather had been an avid but an unsuccessful gambler. It was further eroded by death duties and the debts he had left behind. However I assume there must be a fair bit of that fortune left intact because my dad managed to find the fees for my education and now for my University tuition.

The thing I am most pleased about as the first year draws to a close is the fact that nobody has discovered my dark secret. The year I was thirteen and had just passed puberty a blonde haired Amazon named Maria had come to study at our school as her father was over here as the German Military Attaché at their Embassy in Britain. She shared our dorm and had a very dominant personality. I don't know how, but she must have sensed something I was unaware of until then.

I was part of a group of friends but I was always a follower rather than a leader and she must have picked up that I had a submissive streak for within the first month she had claimed me as her lover and I remained as such for the next four years. On the first end of term holiday she invited me to her Parents home in London and while we were there her father was recalled to Germany for a week and his wife went with him leaving us alone in the house with just the maid to look after us.

It was during this week that I learned what it was to be a submissive. I did something which displeased her. She ordered me to our bedroom and when we arrived there she made me take off my skirt and panties, put me across her knee and spanked my bottom until I was in tears because of the pain and humiliation I felt at being treated in this way. At this point, through her, I also discovered something else about myself. It may have been painful and humiliating, but when Maria reached between my legs she found my pussy was sopping wet and that I had also been turned on by the spanking

"My My!" She said, "What have we here? You are a right little slut Lucy, you like being spanked and it turns you on. Now get on your knees between my legs."

Once more I found myself responding in obedience to her commands. As she lifted up her skirt I discovered she was bare underneath

"Now lick my pussy slut and bring me to orgasm."

I had never done this before but again I obeyed her. After that it became a regular part of our mutual love making though she was always the dominant one who started things. Before our time together that week came to an end she ordered me to do it several times. Then one day after she had ordered me to strip and suck her to her climax she ordered me to stand up facing the side of the bed. When I did as ordered she pushed me over the bed so that I was lying face down on it with my legs still on the floor. She then went into her bedside table and took out a head band which she placed over my eyes and then pulling my hands behind my back behind my back she tied my wrists and I was helpless.

Once again I heard her rustling about in one of her drawers and after a bit of time felt her standing behind me. Then I felt something hard being pressed against the opening of my vagina. Fortunately I was still well lubricated from the spanking and from being made to lick her pussy since the hard thing which was pressing against my opening was slowly pushed into my pussy until I felt it hit against my hymen. Then with one hard push she broke through and I cried out in pain and surprise.

She pulled back until she was almost at the entrance of my pussy and then I felt another few hard slaps to my bottom.

"Don't be a baby," she commanded. "You like the pain and you had better get used to it" and with that she continued to pump the hard rod into me.

I discovered later it was a strap on dildo. That was how I lost my virginity and it brought me to a really intense orgasm despite the pain. It was the first of the many occasions in which she used me in this way.

When we were alone I had to address her as Mistress, but over time our love making became more reciprocal and when I had pleased her she would bring me to orgasm with her tongue and sometimes she would have me fuck her with the strap on dildo. When I displeased her, however, the punishments continued. This was the pattern of our affair, if it could be called that until my time at boarding school ended and she returned to Germany. I was her love slave to be used and punished as she pleased.

Although I was her lover I knew in my heart I was not a true Lesbian, for I also liked boys and when I fantasised it was not of girls taking me that I dreamed about, but handsome young men. I never had any opportunity to find out what being with a man would be like. After my experience with Maria and the discoveries I made about myself, when I arrived at the University of St Andrews I gently turned down any boy who tried to ask me out.

I was scared he might discover what I was like and enslave me once again. I was intelligent enough to realise what would happen if I fell into the wrong hands. With the wrong kind of boyfriend I might well become a victim of abuse by being pushed far beyond the boundaries of what I regarded as my affliction

After I had been home for a fortnight I had several times in that period come across my father and mother having what appeared to be serious discussions with worried looks on their faces though they stopped their conversation immediately I entered the room. This behaviour continued on and off for the greater part of the holidays and I began to feel there was something seriously wrong. I wondered if their marriage was going to break up, though until now I had been certain that they loved each other. Finally in the third last week of the holidays my mother had gone off to a meeting and I was alone with my father who was usually a cheerful and kindly man and one who was well liked by his estate workers and tenant farmers.

As he came out of his study and joined me for a coffee break I decided to broach the subject that was concerning me.

"Daddy," I asked, "Is everything all right between you and my mum?"

He looked at me in surprise before answering.

"Of course it is poppet. What makes you ask something like that?"

I told him I had noticed the conversations which stopped when I entered the room and the worried looks that accompanied them and that made me think that things were perhaps going wrong between them.

"That has nothing to do with the state of our marriage," he told me. "I should have known you were much too bright a girl not to notice that something was amiss though."

"So I am right, something is worrying you both?" I asked.

"Yes we do have problems and I suppose as my sole heir and the one who will inherit this pile and the title, you are as well to know what they are."

He went on to tell me something I already knew, but to which I had never given much thought.

"There are parts of this great house which we don't enter because they have fallen into such a state of repair that they are dangerous." He told me. "This takes us to more pressing problems concerning the roof which if it is not fixed will lead to other parts of the house falling into the same condition. To properly fix the roof alone will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and to properly repair the damage to the rest of the house would cost somewhere in the region of two to three million pounds, things are that bad.

For the last two generations we haven't had the kind of money that was needed to prevent the spread of the damage to the property and we certainly don't have it now. Even selling off some of the land that we have left would not dent the problem because most of it is in the green belt and an area of conservation, which means it only has its agricultural value. Because of this I have thought of house over to The National Trust so that they could preserve it and perhaps let us live in a part of it for my lifetime. I doubt if they would be willing to spend that kind of money on it though, even if they had it to spare, which they probably don't."

"Isn't there anything we can do?" I asked worriedly.

"Well we can try and sell it and look for a smaller place to live, but with what it would take to put it right, even if some rich person was interested we would probably have to give it away," he said with a sigh.

When he saw how sad I looked because we were going to give up what I felt was an important part of my heritage, he said with a smile.

"I'm afraid if you wanted to keep the place on, my darling daughter, you would have to find a very rich young man at that university of yours, one who had a few millions to burn setting the house to rights. I doubt that anyone who is currently a student, would have access to that kind of money and even if his family had it, we could not wait for him to inherit it and still be able to pay the nine thousand a year that it takes to meet your fees plus the expense of your room at college and your books and other living expenses and at the same time try to keep the house."

As he spoke my mind turned to a rather timid young man whom I caught looking at me from time to time with what I felt was desire and I thought to myself, if the rumours I have heard about him are true, then there is such a young man at my university who falls into that category.

"How long will it be before you are forced to sell or abandon the place Daddy?"

"It could be several years, but for now your mum and I have decided that we are not going to throw any real money at it. We will live in it as long as we can, but in the end we will be forced to do something about it."

He paused and thought for a moment or two about what to say next.

"I remember a few years ago Lord Macleod trying to sell the Cullins in Skye to raise the ten million he needed to repair his castle and there was such a furore from the public and such a dispute about whether he had the right to sell the land that nothing happened. They are still living in the castle despite its state of disrepair. But why do you ask?"

"So that I have some idea how long I have to find the kind of young or not so young man who would solve our problems," I said with a smile hoping he would think I was just joking.

"Well you are certainly beautiful and bright enough to be a very attractive bait for such a man if he were to come along," he said with a laugh, "But men like that don't grow on trees and a good many who are like that, might not be the kind of man I would want my daughter to marry just to keep this mill stone."

Don't worry daddy," I told him with a smile, "I am very choosey, I would not pick just any old rich man"

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