Recycling Eggs After Midnight
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Orgy, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Danny needs money real bad. His rent is due and the only job open is in an egg repacking factory on the night shift. He takes the job because he does not want to be evicted and discovered the new job has several perks that he had not expected.

Danny looked at the hiring board for must have been the umpteenth time.

Sure, it was off-season, but this was just plain ridiculous. There were only 3 placements that paid for labor after 6 PM in the evening. The first was in a funeral parlor dressing stiffs for their showings to friends and relatives. It screamed "don't even think about it" loud and clear. The second one was a bit more viable but after reading the last line very carefully, He decided that the fireworks factory was a little too dangerous for his peace of mind. He didn't think a job where specific information about next of kin was a healthy place of employment.

The last job intrigued the almost destitute Danny. He had no idea what constituted an "Egg recycling technician. The pay made his mind up for him. It was a 25% bonus for all hours after midnight. He calculated that the bonus would give him the extra amount he needed to make his bills due at the end of the month. He really liked the idea that they paid each and every Friday with no holdback.

The black girl at the counter gave him a strange look when he turned in the placement card and showed it to a co-worker who almost fell out of his chair he was laughing so loud.

"May I inquire exactly what is so humorous about my taking this position?"

The black girl stopped giggling and whispered to him.

"Most of the placements for this job are done by contractors and the workers don't speak much English."

Danny really didn't care about things like that. He was only interested in the paycheck and a safe working environment.

A young oriental girl smiled at him and handed the clerk the last card from the stack for the "egg recycling technician" job. She bobbed her head up and down with each similar question from the clerk at the counter. A quick check of her ID and she got the same "Blue Chip" that he had received just moments before.

"Hi, my name is Danny. I see you got the job out at the egg factory too. Are you going to drive yourself or do you want to carpool with me to save some money?"

The pretty girl with the deep brown eyes stared intently at him and replied,

"I will carpool with you. We can alternate driving each night and the driver brings the other person back here to the office parking lot."

That sounded like a good idea to Danny and he readily agreed. It would cut his travel costs in half and let him relax at least every other night. He found out that the girl drove a Volkswagen Beatle and that her name was Joy.

They were to start that very same evening, so Danny got in the car with Joy who had volunteered to be the first driver. He noticed that her long legs were suddenly bare except for the designer pantyhose that disappeared under her much abbreviated short mini-skirt. In the confined space of the Volkswagen, Danny noticed that Joy emitted a sensuous scent of female pussy oozing with juice and ready to be split open by a hard cock. He saw her keep glancing into his lap and he realized that his erection was tenting his trousers revealing his arousal in no uncertain terms.

"Danny, do you want me to take care of that before we get to work? We are early and it should only take a few minutes."

She pulled over to the side of the road and looked into his eyes with a mysterious smile as she unzipped him and pulled out his quickly rising cock. Before she started, Joy licked his shaft and balls all over and then shoved his cock inside her wet mouth with a distinct slurping noise.

Danny looked down at the bobbing head in his lap and marveled at his good fortune. A job, a bonus, a carpool savings, and now a glorious blowjob from a pretty oriental girl with fantastic legs. He had to ask himself,

"Does life get any better than this?"

He wanted desperately to put his hands on the back of her head but he was afraid that he would break her rhythm of the blowjob. His creamy cum was already to a boiling point and Danny knew his volcano of male juice would be erupting very soon.

Danny was not able to forestall his audible whimpers when Joy hit his ejaculation button with her talented tongue. He was spurting big time before he had a chance to warn her about the flood hitting the back of her throat.

Joy gagged momentarily and then she swallowed rapidly to take his entire load down into her flat lean belly. Not knowing what to say or do, Danny patted her on top of the head to show his approval of her efforts and his full satisfaction at the results. The oriental girl tenderly placed Danny's cock back inside his trousers and pulled back out onto the highway without a single word.

They were almost at the factory before Danny started to breathe normally.

When they pulled into the parking lot at the back of the factory, there were a couple of dozen other cars waiting for the shift to begin. Apparently, they had to wait for all the previous shift workers to exit at the end of their shift.

They had almost fifteen minutes to kill.

"Danny, I think we have enough time for you to pay me back for taking care of your problem back there. Would you mind terribly licking my pussy with your big tongue?"

Danny laughed and bent down to Joy's lap. She lifted her mini-skirt and pushed her patterned pantyhose down below her pussy mound. It was shaved and exuded a scent of female arousal that made Danny itch to get his face in her pretty slit.

After a few moments of spirited licking, Joy was panting with excited emotion. Their car was noticeably bouncing in the pebbled lot and some of the other workers laughed at the obvious activities inside the steamed up windows.

Just as the whistle sounded to signal the workers that the shift was ready to begin, Joy squealed in a high-pitched voice and said some very dirty words in English and Japanese. It was all jumbled together and contained things that decent young females are not supposed to be mentioning in public.

Danny followed Joy into the factory and gazed with longing at the sway of her beautiful ass cheeks moving with a fluid grace and sensuousness. He desperately wanted to utilize the space of his large size sedan to tap her business with a serious doggie style penetration. He could picture the pretty Japanese girl groaning and quivering under his muscular body.

The training lasted all of five minutes and consisted of learning where the time clock was located, warned they would not be paid unless they used it properly, and an assignment of a "table" to work on. Both Danny and Joy were assigned to the same table and he was happy he would get to see her pretty face for the next 8 hours.

There was a least a dozen tables with about 10 workers at each table. Each worker station was stocked with cardboard flats that held about 30 eggs in a single square. They were designed so one sat on top of the other. Other "floating workers" roamed around behind the table workers and skimmed the finished flats into hard cardboard boxes that stacked up 2 rows of 6 flats side by side. Danny figured out that the grand total in each box was 360 eggs or exactly 30 dozen. The boxes were unlabeled except for a small logo on the top that said "packed in USA".

He got the picture real quick when he saw the trolleys of eggs already packed in Styrofoam cartons of one dozen each. They were reclaiming all the unsold eggs from the many stores and supermarkets and boxing them up for commercial resale to restaurants and institutions. He wondered what their markup was and how they got the contracts for the recycled product. Danny decided it was none of his business and the work was mindless and seemed to relax his brain into daydreams of other things. The other things consisted mainly of girls, girls, and more girls in all sizes and shapes. For some reason, oriental girls were at the forefront of his brain right now.

On either side of Danny, there were two Hispanic appearing girls. His conclusion was confirmed by the non-stop chatter they kept up in a Spanish dialect he could not quite place except for the fact it was definitely not Mexican or Puerto Rican. The one on his left kept leaning over to look at the girl on the other side from time to time and her generously proportioned breasts rubbed invitingly on his bare arms reloading the eggs into their cardboard flats. Once, she even pressed her pussy mound on his hip as she stretched back to loosen her shoulder muscles. So, poor Danny was standing surrounded by nine females with a throbbing erection that needed attention. He was certain it would receive no respite for at least the next 6 hours and 30 minutes according to the clock on the wall.

Joy was smiling at him from across the table and he knew she was aware of the two Hispanic girls touching him under the table. He smiled back knowing that he would not be able to do anything about it even if he wanted to. Another girl at the corner of the table spoke to him in excellent English.

"How come a white boy like you is here in the warehouse with all us hard-working pussies?"

Danny had to smile at her bluntness.

"My name is Danny, not "white boy" and I just need the money to pay my rent. My scholarship was only for tuition and fees not for room and board. My landlord is adamant about paying the rent on time. I got to earn money to keep from sleeping in my car."

The girl and Joy both laughed at his explanation. Obviously, they were the only 2 at the table who understood English besides Danny.

One of the girls loading the flats dropped a flat on the cement floor causing all 30 eggs to be broken into a slimy mess. The shift foreman came over to the young girl and told her to clean it up right away. Danny watched her tears fall as she cleaned it up leaving no evidence of any mishap at all. He thought the incident was over until the large overweight foreman bent the girl over one of the trolleys and asked her if she wanted to take her punishment or pay for the eggs. The tearful girl replied in broken English,

"Please Mister, do it to me, I don't mind. My mama don't want me come home with money missing from my envelope."

All of the girls were focused on the tableau but most of them continued to work switching the eggs in their containers. Danny was astonished to see the girl have her skirt tucked in her waist and have her underpants pulled down to her knees very rudely by the big man. He thought for a moment that he was about to see a rape or a sodomy take place right on the work floor but the sound of the foreman's belt hitting on the girl's ample buttocks made most of the girls giggle in relief that they were not the unfortunate clumsy girl. The girl counted each one of the whacks of the belt. She seemed to be used to the rough treatment and in fact Danny suspected she was enjoying the role she was playing because he noticed her hand was busy between her legs vigorously rubbing her unseen slit.

The other men present were smiling and laughing as well as most of the younger women so Danny surmised it was an every night occurrence and probably constituted entertainment to break up the monotony of the repetitious labor.

On the drive back to his car, Danny, with Joy's permission, played with her passenger side nipple for a very long time. By the time they got back to the employment office, he was intimately acquainted with those things that aroused her passion in nipple and breast foreplay. He was certain she had experienced at least two separate orgasms while he was playing a sexy tune on her sweet young breast with his eager tongue. It was unwise to attempt anything more involved because of the need to be attentive to the road and the traffic.

Danny couldn't wait until the next evening when he and Joy would have the more conducive environs of his large size sedan for getting better acquainted. The back seat of his Chevy Caprice was made for such spirited encounters.

He hoped Joy would wear some intimate undies that would make his arousal swift and long-lasting. This job certainly had a lot of unexpected perks.

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