In the Hayloft
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Masturbation, Petting, BBW,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Teenage siblings, ignored by their parents, find themselves acting on there mutual attraction.

It all started on the last day of school. My friend Howard had a nudie magazine hidden in his locker for months. He said that his folks would find it at home and offered it to me since he'd just have to throw it out. I couldn't believe my luck. I mean this wasn't some tame artistic magazine, this one was raunchy. It had girls spreading their pussies open for the camera, there were pictures of a guy and a girl pretending to have sex, there was even a picture of TWO girls making out and kissing each other's tits. Man, when I'm a grownup I'm going to subscribe to every one of these magazines and read them every chance I get.

Walking up the path to my family's farm I knew exactly where I'd hide the magazine. Since my family didn't actually farm, my sister Martyn and I used the hayloft as a playroom when we were younger and now just hung out there when we wanted to get away from Mom and Dad. I guess I need to tell you a bit about my family.

I can honestly say that I don't like my Mother or Father, I don't mean in the way teenagers who think they're parents are lame and I don't hate them either but I don't like them. They're don't really take an interest in me and don't care what I do provided I don't ask for money and stay out of their way. Plus they're always chiding Martyn about her weight (which even at 15, I know is not something you tease a teenage girl about).

Martyn is less than a year older than me and is my best friend. To be honest she is overweight but she's easily the kindest person I know so I don't really notice. In fact if it weren't for Martyn I'd hate living here. The nearest house is a kilometre away and it's a forty minute walk to town. Maybe that isolation taught us to use our imagination and depend on each other. Sometimes I imagine my parents gone (Not dead, just gone in some undefined way) and Martyn and I could live here alone. We'd go to school and work summer vacation and eventually go to college. Our parents take so little interest in us it wouldn't be much of a change. It's hard to imagine living in some other city than Martyn; it's easy to imagine living without my parents.

Anyway there's a loose floorboard in the loft and my parents didn't know about it, Martyn only found it by accident and we'd kept it hidden since then. When I got home from school I spent an enjoyable hour pouring over every picture. My favourite was the two girls, but it would be difficult to pick one I didn't like.

"Hey Daniel," said Martyn coming up the ladder.

"Hey Martyn, I've got something to ... Well I need to ask you something." I closed the magazine.

"Ok, what is it?" she said stepping into the loft. I knew that some girls hated the very thought of these magazines and I wasn't sure how Martyn would feel about it, but if I wanted to hide it here I had to tell her. I held out the magazine to her.

"Howard gave me this, is it okay if I hide it up here?" When she saw the magazine she looked shocked but then smiled a little.

"Sure, I guess. He gave you this?"

"He owed me some money and he'd 'ave had to throw it out anyway."

Martyn fidgeted for a minute and then asked something unexpected. "Can we look at it together?"

"You want to?"

"Sure, I've wondered what's in those magazines." We lay down side by side and began slowly flipping through it.

Martyn liked to photos of the guy and girl best of all, obviously, but she didn't have a problem with me looking at the girls.

"Could ever pose like this?" I asked her.

"Maybe," Then she quickly added, "For my husband or boyfriend, I don't think I could for a magazine like this."

"Thanks for not making a big deal about this?"

"Hey I don't have a problem. It's pretty neat to see this." The picture we saw showed one girl rubbing the others breasts. If I hadn't been so horny from reading this magazine I wouldn't have asked my next question.

"What do boobs feel like?"

Martyn laughed slightly and then rolled onto her side facing. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast.

"Kind of like this. Do you like it?" My hand rested there. I was amazed at her coolness. Her breasts felt firm but soft and despite how calm she was acting I could feel her heart beat speeding up. My hand gently squeezed her, I was so afraid she'd tell me to take it away.

"Yeah, Can I touch the other one too?" I asked.

"Sure, Dan." She sat up and I did the same facing her. I reached out my hand and gently grasped her breasts. My hands moved around them feeling their shape. I felt my breathing get deeper. I worked hard to control it. Martyn moaned gently when I applied soft pressure to her breasts.

"Do you like how this feels?" I asked.

"Yes, you're so gently but also strong." I could even feel her nipples through her bra. After about five minutes Martyn asked, "Had enough?"

Honestly the answer was no, but instead I said, "Sure, if you have."

"Yeah," she smiled at me and said, "For now."

When I realized what that meant I almost came in my pants.

"Come on," She said, "hide that somewhere and let's make something for dinner."

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