Stone Age Cabin
Chapter 1

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Two goddamn months! I had two months to prepare for my new life ... in the Stone Age. You heard me! I said: Stone Age. Not in our worlds past, but on another planet, like ours, but was just in its Stone Age.

It all started after I 'died.' I woke up in a morgue, for fuck's sake!

I came to, lying on a cold metal gurney, with a sheet over me.

What the hell? I thought.

I pulled the sheet down to look around. Huh! Nothing like a few dead bodies lying around you on the tables, in various stages of autopsy, as greetings.

"What kind of drugs did they give me?"

"We didn't give you any drugs Gary Williams," a voice from the darkness said, before stepping into the light.

Well ... it wasn't a 'little green man.' This being was short, but was also stout, much like a mystical dwarf, but with a grayish skin tone. Oh, and look at that! Its hand only had three fingers, but it had two thumbs. There was no long braided beard, or anything; but it had a feline nose, and a slit for a mouth.

My brief examination over ... I laughed like hell.

While trying to catch my breath, I replied. "Call me 'Doc.' Yeah, okay, no drugs; then I must be dreaming."

That thing walked over to me, leaned slightly over and said, "Does this feel like a dream, Doc?"

Then it slapped me. Not a light smack either. A 'slap the taste outta your mouth, ' slap.

Since I was now looking at the wall and feeling like my cheek was pulsing with fire. I was duly chastised and starting to get a little afraid.

"I apologize, but you have to understand the position I am in. It's a little frightening. When I am scared, I laugh."

The being eyed me carefully and said, "I probably should have pinched you, but I don't like being laughed at, and we Dremin like to play a little rough," it finished with a wheezing sound that I assumed was a laugh.

I sat up, pulling the sheet around me tightly, because that was all that there was. Not even an 'ass hanging out backwards' gown. I was commando, in a sheet toga.

"What now, boss?" I asked.

"The name is Gronfa and it's time to make a deal," it said with more damned wheezing.

Gronfa told me I would be made younger, healthier, stronger, etc. Then I would be allowed two months to gather and/ or build all I wanted to take with me. I was to settle a new world. It was a copy of the earth, just a few years in the past ... roughly thirty-five thousand years, or so. My job was to live my life, while helping the indigenous people to become more viable for the future.

Here were my guidelines for supplies:

Things could be requested but had to fit within my world's current technology.

The exception was that vehicles and equipment with combustion engines would be converted to run on water. Electrical power, water and waste disposal would be provided.

I was the only human allowed to go.

Guns and weapons had no limits, but locals could not be given firearms, except for my immediate family.

No full size vehicles. (Example: No car, truck ... ahem ... semi-trailer rig.)

The allowed vehicles would be one small sized garden tractor, with implements. (Example: Nothing bigger than a B series Kubota or a 3000 John Deere.)

One domicile and two out buildings, which I would design and they would build.

A fifteen foot high palisade wall to enclose the whole thing.

I was given the area of a football field as my staging compound.

I would be able to pick where I was placed.

After I was in place, an additional 2000 lbs. of supplies would be provided each year for the next three years. Bonuses would be given for good performance.

Productive consumable items would be replenished upon use. Hydraulic oil, hay, animal feed, etc.

No human foods ... damn it.

"So that's it, Doc," Gronfa concluded. "Either take the deal; or you die, for real, right here, tonight."

"Best offer I've had in ages," I said, and truly meant it.

I was forty-three years old and dying of prostate cancer ... had died, apparently. I had lived my whole life on a farm in Montana, except for my stint in the Navy, as a SEAL Medic. I'd had aspirations of becoming a doctor but being on the lines during Desert Storm, and later as support in Somalia, I was cured of that dream. I had seen enough of death and disease. So I went back to Montana to help my uncle who now ran the ranch, since my parents had passed on. Then I got sick. Cancer took my step dad, too. Mom died of a broken heart. Three weeks of debilitating pain in the hospital, and I was ready to die, anyway.

"We're happy you decided to help us," Gronfa replied. "Are you ready to get your body fixed?"

"Yes, Sir," I said snapping a salute.

"I'm female."

Surprised, I blurted, "No shit?"

Then everything went black.

I think she punched me.

I woke up in a camper trailer, needing to piss something fierce. Staggering to and fro, I searched for the bathroom. I finally found it ... the bathroom not my dick ... and pissed for a full minute. Doing the classic 'double take' in the mirror made me piss on the floor. After that shock, I admired a view I hadn't seen in years. Hell, I had hair, again. My face was still the same, minus the gauntness. I was a little taller, and a lot more muscular. I had the same brown eyes and hair, but no body hair. It wasn't that I'd ever had much, but what I'd had, was now gone. Brushing my teeth I wondered if I had clothes to wear or if I'd have to resort to the toga, again.

While searching for the bathroom, I did discover this thing had a washer and dryer, a stocked pantry, and a kitchen. My 'closet' was more like a wall cabinet. It was full of my favorite clothes. I fixed myself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table. There was a laptop open, just waiting for me to snoop around. Next to the laptop was 'The Black American Express Card, ' a debit card, a rather large stack of wrapped bills ... oh, and my wallet and a satellite phone.

Scooping a spoonful of Honey Nut Cheerios into my mouth, I powered up the laptop. The computer came to life and a movie file of Gronfa's 'pretty' face started playing. She told me the laptop was a gift. On it was an atlas program to help me find a place, so they could plant me on the new world; a CAD program to design my new digs, out buildings, and any other items I might need them to make for me; and Internet Explorer and Office Works to round out the notable programs they had installed. She reiterated the rules, which also happened to be the background image on the desktop. A countdown timer popped up in the upper right hand corner when the video file ended. Nothing like a little pressure to get my ass in gear.

I was up in the hills on a parcel of land near Kansas City; the property had an address, so deliveries could find me. Exploring around, outside the camper I found a Dodge Ram 2500 was left for me to drive. The truck had a seven foot by sixteen foot enclosed trailer attached to it as well. There were four telephone poles stuck in the ground at the corners of my allowed area. At first I was overwhelmed by the size of the area, and then remembered the ranch I grew up on, and realized it wasn't that big. I stood there imagining the layout of certain things and eyeballing where I wanted it all to be.

First things first; I went in and pulled up the PODS website and had them deliver three of their 8'X8'X16' storage containers. They promised they would be here in the morning. I worked on a list of what I wanted for most of the morning, stopping only to make a sandwich for lunch. I left the list for 'fresh eyes' for the next morning. Then, using the CAD program I made a layout for 'The Fort', as I had decided to call it.

I chose my home to be a beefed up stone cabin with a basement. The basement would really be a large cellar, cool and dry, for storage. There would be two entrances into the basement; one would be the normal access from the floor above. The other would be a ramp with narrow steps alongside, accessible from outside at the back of the house. The only walled off rooms in the basement would be a mechanical room, and a vault with a surprise ... if I could find the right spot for it to be placed. I wanted to put in central heat and air in case I really needed it. Though to heat my home I planned to mainly use the fireplace, with small wood stoves in each of the rooms. During the hot summer months I counted on the all concrete construction, with a stone exterior, to keep it nice and cool. Ceiling fans would keep the air moving. I can't sleep without a fan.

The roof I designed was almost an A frame, though not quite as steep. Storage shouldn't be too much of a problem with that attic, plus I could finish it out for more bedrooms, if needed. I just wanted to know how the aliens were going to attach the slate roof.

The main section of the cabin would be twenty-four by thirty feet. A covered porch would run across the whole front of the house. The design was to have the main floor, four feet above ground. I didn't want to have a problem with snow build up. I planned the main room to be almost completely open, with a few walled off sections. A wide fireplace would take up a lot of the back wall. I wanted it big enough so I could spit large roasts of meat. I would cook it there if needed, to conserve firewood during winter. To the right of the fireplace I put in a door leading into the back, with an enclosed mud room and a raised bath tub. That room was ten by ten, and also held the washer and dryer. To the left of the fireplace would be my library and a reading and relaxation zone.

Working around the room clockwise from the backdoor mudroom, was a lockable door. It led to a twelve by eighteen room, with bunk beds. This was in case I ever had company that needed a place to crash. An enclosed bathroom was next, it had a walk in shower, besides the normal bathroom requirements. To finish, the rear corner section was a walk in pantry. The front ten feet of the house was walled off. To the right would be my clinic/operating room, and to the left were both a mudroom and the stairs to the basement, accompanied by a dumbwaiter. The front corner of the main room was the kitchen and dining area. The door to my bedroom area, which was next to the main portion of the house, was next.

My wing had my bedroom, an office; and, of course, the master bath. Nothing lavish, the master suite was big enough for a large bed, a basic office, a closet and the bathroom. I did splurge for a two person Jacuzzi tub. I knew I would be working hard, and the thought of a tub with jets was epic.

The wall space between the master bedroom's door and the reading corner would have the entertainment center, with furniture. Another thing with which I would spoil myself, was a 70" flat panel television. I love my movies!

To finish the house, I needed to find that special spot. I wanted to be close to a decent river; for fishing, and possible transportation. Preferably, the site would be backed up to a mountain or mesa, with a handy cave. I searched the map program for hours. Eight o'clock rolled around, and I had found a few locations, but they were too far north for my taste. I don't mind the cold, being from Montana, but I at least wanted to be thawed by the time summer ended!

I fixed some supper and went back to looking for a spot for 'The Fort.'


--Just after midnight, I found the perfect spot. A lazily flowing river was nearby that, according to the map program, was full of fish. My area could back up to a ridge line rising out of the plains amidst a hardwood forest. The cave was huge, over 80,000 square feet. With some stone work, here and there, I could install a double garage door. Also, I could run an escape tunnel from my vault room to the cave. The kicker to whole place, was that a large sea (kinda like the Mediterranean), was only forty miles away. I fell asleep at the table after finishing my house.

After breakfast the next morning, and plenty of coffee, my thoughts turned to the animals I would like to take. I decided that 'seed livestock' would be the answer: breeding sets of quarter horses, donkeys, and Jersey milk cows. My two Alaskan Malamutes and 'Big Johnson' (my mule) would be coming, too. Chickens and turkeys would be thrown in also, preferably as unhatched eggs. I would need to build a coop. I messaged the aliens, asking that they would abduct my own animals from my ranch, and give them an overhaul. There would be no problem about the animals, considering I owned them ... er, rather, I did before I died, anyway.

I had a few specifics to tie up on the cabin design, before I would start on the barn and shop. As I was finishing up the house design, I took delivery of the pods that I had ordered.

I needed a break from the CAD program, so I made weapons my next project. Sure hoped the aliens would get me what I wanted. I was going to request some heavy shit. The Springfield M1A, with the 'full-auto' selector switch installed, and with open sights; would be my primary rifle. Just like Chester, I preferred a Glock 21, but I wore mine in a tactical thigh rig. A Desert Eagle .44 mag was in a sort of cross draw position in the tactical vest I preferred, when I had been with the Teams. For stationary defense I asked for a couple Kord 12.7mm heavy machine guns and four Ares Shrike machine guns; two of which would have M203 grenade launchers. To 'reach out and touch someone', I got the MacMillan Tac-50.50 caliber sniper rifle. Just for the hell of it, I requested two USAS-12 automatic shotguns, because I had always wanted to shoot one. Plenty of C4, det cord, detonators, assorted grenades, claymores, and landmines rounded out the heavy weapons I couldn't get, publicly. For my future 'family' I would buy the other weapons in quantity. I was going to get a dozen each: Ruger Mini 14s in .223; Mossberg 500s in 12 gauge; Glock 19s in 9mm. I added and a cool little find: the USSG-MP94 which is a break-open, over and under shotgun and rifle combination 12 gauge/ .30-06. I added .22 caliber rifles and pistols, too. Crossbows, bows, arrows and other assorted accoutrements rounded out the weapons.

I had the house designed; I just needed to design the barn and a large workshop before the shopping spree began. I knew the designs would change as I remembered more aspects to add.

I spent the rest of the day ordering bulk ammo, reloading equipment and supplies. Then I hit the SOG website ... and others ... to get holsters, web belts and assorted gear.

I started to get overwhelmed with all the thoughts going through my head. Depression was setting in as I was wracking my brain, knowing I would miss something. Maybe that was why I had so long to prepare.

--Sitting in the camper and trying to think of everything I would need, wasn't going to work. I needed to get out, or I would get depressed and quit. The new plan called for me to get out and hit the stores. Luckily, I had a very large city nearby: Kansas City. I needed to hit Cabela's, Sears, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Best Buy, Tractor Supply, Sam's, Costco ... you name it, and I was going to walk the isles slowly, and get what I needed. I would hit the hobby stores, pawn shops, scrap yards, auto parts, dedicated construction warehouses ... Holy shit! I would be busy!

Tomorrow was the day. My two month's staging time would be over, and my new adventure would begin. I had ended up with six pods, and all the nooks and crannies in the cabin, barn and shop were full. The rest of the area was taken up with construction materials. Lumber, metal stock and rebar, concrete mix, white sand, gravel, anything and everything I would need. That was a helluva lot of tarps to cover all that shit, too.

Since it was my last night on earth, I decided to hit a little place called Bazooka's Showgirls to help the 'college girls' to earn 'tuition.' I basically paid good money to get a hard dick, with no hope of help in getting relief. Too bad I wasn't in Vegas! At least there I could've taken a little drive and got laid. I stumbled back into the camper at about three AM, and passed out ... with a hard on!

A slight vibration almost woke me in the morning, but the pounding in my head put me back out again.

The next time I woke up, I was getting licked awake; and not the way I liked, either. Denali, my male Alaskan malamute was always a good alarm clock. I groaned and pushed him away from me. That was Mally's, the female's cue to take over where Denali left off. Mally was my girl, I couldn't push her away. It had been too long since I had seen her. Being reacquainted with my dogs was a real morale booster. I didn't realize how much I had missed them. We wrestled a bit on the bed before I had to get up and let them out. I had to 'tinkle', as well.

Letting the dogs out, I looked around the place. Apparently, I was 'back in the time.' The fifteen foot tall palisade wall was in place, reminding me that I was not living in a tame and civilized world, anymore. The sky was crisp and clear. It just smelled cleaner. I guess the whole of earth really did have smog all over it. I took a few deep breaths ... then coughed like hell, followed by a sneezing fit!

I could see the dogs were out doing their business on a sand pile. Imagine that.

It was damned cold out, too. I had left earth in mid-summer. I knew it was early spring, here. I went back into the cabin, switched on the coffee pot, then took care of the triple 'S' routine.

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