Moral Climate
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Group Sex, Interracial,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My liffe from high school and the relationships I made. Ending up to where I am today. Six chapters in all.

I may only be in my forties, but I've seen a big change in the morals of people since I was a kid, myself included. My parents were very strict and according to them my grandparents were even stricter.

I'm Jeff Adams, and I was sitting here thinking about my past and realized how much things have changed in my short lifetime. I have two older sisters and my parents didn't even let them date till they were sixteen, and then only double dating was allowed.

I was in the parking lot at the hall where my twenty-fifth high school class reunion was being held. I've never attended any of my previous ones and wondered why I was here now.

I need to go back and tell you more about my past while growing up, at least beginning with high school. My dad was a lifer in the service so we moved around a lot. As I mentioned I have two sisters, Grace and Hope. I was the youngest in the family, coming along six years after Hope.

By the time I was a senior in high school both Grace and Hope were already married. Dad had recently retired from the service and went to work for his dad, my grandfather. I had to finish up high school in another school since we moved to a suburb of Detroit.

It's hard meeting new kids in schools where everyone already knows everyone else. Most of the kids attended the same schools since grade school. I got in a couple of fights the first week just because a couple of assholes wanted to know how tough I was, seeing I went to school in the inner city.

I was somewhat on the quiet side, but I was physically fit and knew how to take care of myself, thanks to my dad and my upbringing. Dad had always told me never to start a fight but don't be afraid to finish it.

At least the fights were fair fights and they were over in seconds, unlike a few I had in the city where two or three against one wasn't uncommon. I ended up gaining a little respect and a couple of friends. I guess I became friends with a number of nerds. I tried to treat everyone equally; another rule my dad passed down. I almost felt like a bodyguard to some of the students.

I never played high school sports since we moved around a lot. I could play sports but just didn't excel in any. I ended up going into an office co-op program my senior year. I would go to school half a day and to an office job the rest of the day. So I really never got close to many students my senior year.

My best friend was probably Jenny Ames. Since we were often seated in alphabetical order, to make it easier on the teacher, Jenny and I sat next to each other in most every class we had together. She wore glasses, but was cute as any girl I've known. She was on the slim side and always smiling.

The first day in class she told me if I ever needed anything to let her know. I guess I had kind of an immediate crush on her. Good looks and a personality like hers don't come along often. The bad news was I found out a few days later. She had a boyfriend that attended the Catholic school in town. I'll tell you more about Jenny later.

Another girl I met at my part-time job after school was Mary Jenson. She had graduated the year before from the Catholic school and was a receptionist at the office where I worked. I was a combination stock boy/delivery man for the company. I would joke I was a boy doing a man's job, but Dad didn't think that was very funny.

I was there less then a week before Mary and I started dating. She was built a little heavier, but had the big breasts and liked to wear short skirts that showed a lot of leg. She was a brunette with shoulder length hair and was a little flirty, or maybe it was just her job.

My parents always told me to respect the girls I went out with. They would always say, "You have two sisters and you wouldn't want any guys to hurt them or disrespect them in anyway. Treat all women with respect."

I did follow that rule pretty much. If a girl said "No", I respected her decision, but if she didn't say no it was another story. Mary and I had sex often. Sometimes after work and we would also go out on the weekends.

Mary and I never really went steady but I did think we were monogamous. I liked her a lot and the sex was good but I can't really say I loved her even though we said it to each other a lot. I guess I was just a young horny guy, but I did my best to be faithful to Mary. My problem was I often thought of Jenny and a couple of other girls.

At the time, I still had feelings toward Jenny but wasn't sure what they were. I would hug her but never anything more. Then there was another quiet girl in my class, Tina Overhalt.

What can I say about Tina? She was as cute as they come. Nice build and always smiled at me when we talked. I wasn't sure who I liked being around more, Jenny or Tina. I know it should have been Mary, but it wasn't. She was becoming domineering and kind of gave me that "You owe me because I gave you sex" type attitude.

What I did find odd was all three were brunettes. Tina's hair had a tint of auburn or red in it. I guess at the time hair color wasn't all that important. Looks and personality meant a little more to me. I really wasn't that shallow but just a mixed up young man. I wasn't sure what I wanted. I stayed with Mary because of the easy sex.

Let me tell you more about Jenny. Her name was Jennifer and some people called her Jen, but I preferred Jenny. As I said earlier, she was my best bud in high school. I would often drive over to her house and the two of us would talk and joke around. She was so easy to talk to. I got along with her family but her boyfriend Mark and I weren't the best of friends. Usually if his car was parked at Jenny's house, I didn't stop.

Looking back I know I was probably trying to steal Jenny's affections. I think we would have made a great couple. She and Mark would fight or at least argue often, that's when she and I would talk and I would console her. Damn, I liked holding her in my arms.

She told me many times she wished Mark was more like me. I did my best to treat her more like a loving sister but it wasn't easy. It was months later when that all changed.

Tina, what can I tell you about Tina? We hit it off as friends right off the bat. She had a younger brother who I got along with. For a dollar he would usually leave us alone. Her mom and dad were divorced, so her mother didn't trust guys at all.

We didn't go out on our first date till after the Christmas holidays. I guess I can thank Mary for that. Right after Christmas Mary said she thought we should date other people. I later found out she'd already started going out with some older man named Rick.

I talked with Jenny that night and she told me that Mary wasn't good enough for me anyway; I deserved someone better. When I asked her if she wanted to go out, she laughed and told me if she wasn't going with Mark she would jump at the chance. She and Mark had been together since they started high school.

She told me she had never been with anyone but Mark. They were going to get married right after they both graduated. Mark's dad owned a large grocery store in town and Mark worked there after school. His dad was going to make him an assistant manager after graduation.

Jenny had taken the office classes in high school and would be working there also. They had been planning their future for a while. Since Mark was an only child he would someday inherit the business.

Both of their parents had thought they were too young to think about getting married and told them so, but they didn't listen; they said they had their minds made up.

Back to Tina; Jenny told me that Tina had always had a crush on me but knew I dated Mary, so she never said anything to me. I told Jenny that I thought she could have, any time she wanted, and beside her, Tina was one of the sweetest girls I talked to.

After the holidays I began talking to Tina regularly. I asked her out and that's when she told me about her mother and how strict she was. Jenny ran interference for us. Tina would say she was going out with Jenny and then meet me and we would go to the movies or meet up at the ballgames and dances.

It was so different than being with Mary. All Mary and I did was have sex. Now just wait a minute before you start saying, "You poor fellow," and volunteering to take my place. We didn't seem to have anything else in common but sex. I loved holding Tina in my arms while dancing. I would wrap my arms around her and hold her soft warm body against mine.

We kissed a lot, but she wouldn't let me touch her. It was over a month before she let me touch her breasts outside of her blouse. If she got really hot, she let me touch her pussy but only on the outside of her clothing.

I was able to convince her to touch me the same way also. No matter how hard I tried she wouldn't go any further. It was a bit frustrating but she was worth waiting for. I have to say she was the first girl I could say I felt I really loved.

I finally went to her house and met her mom. She was a bit cold toward me but Tina had talked to her and mentioned she really liked me. Her mother watched us like a hawk or had Tina's little brother Jimmy follow us around. We even had to take Jimmy to the movies with us.

When it was time for the prom I asked Tina to go. She was so happy but her mom said we would have to come straight home afterwards; no after parties and we better not drink.

My dad let me use his '57 Ford Thunderbird convertible to take Tina to the prom. It was a real classic, baby blue in color and matched Tina's blue prom dress. He told me to guard it like my life depended on it because it did. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "No sex in the T-Bird."

I told him Tina wasn't that kind of girl; it was true. He caught Mary and me in the basement one time. After that he called me pussy-whipped. When I asked him what he meant by it he told me I would probably do anything to get in a girl's pants. He did laugh after he said it and told me to be careful. I was too young and had too good a future ahead of me to be knocking some girl up.

I did repeat to him that Tina and I never had sex. I didn't tell him it wasn't because I didn't try. It was definitely a moral thing with Tina.

For the prom Tina looked beautiful. I was so proud having her on my arm but more so holding her close to me on the dance floor. We kissed and she let me touch her boobs but wouldn't go any further.

She told me, "Jeff, I want you as bad as you want me but we have to wait till we're sure we are going to stay together."

I got her home on time and her mother was there, waiting for her to arrive home. We did kiss goodnight on the porch and she told me she had a wonderful time. The following week there was a party being held at the school. Tina got permission from her mom to attend with me.

After we arrived back at Tina's house, we sat on the couch and talked. Her little brother was already in bed and her mother said she was going to bed. I guess it was her way of telling me it was about time to leave but I didn't go.

Tina's mom went to bed and we began necking on the couch. For the first time I had my hands inside her bra and was feeling and sucking on her tits.

"God, you're so beautiful," I told her.

"Please Jeff, don't go any further. I love you but we shouldn't be doing this."

She had on a pair of shorts and her blouse and bra. I got off the couch and spread her legs and began kissing her lower belly and pussy through her clothes. I could feel the heat radiating from her and could smell her sex.

"Jeff, please don't do that. I'm begging you, please stop."

She was holding my head against her pussy while she was telling me no. I knew she wanted it as bad as I did. I then said the most stupid thing I have ever said in my life. I will never forget it and always regret it.

I raised my head and looked in Tina's tearful eyes and said, "If you truly want me to stop what I'm doing then slap my face and tell me 'No'."

With tears in her eyes she reached back and slapped me hard enough for me to lose my balance and I fell over. She quickly got up crying and ran to her room. I got up and let myself out. I felt really sad for what I did. I had to wonder what the fallout would be.

I called her the following day, but Jimmy kept answering the phone and said that Tina wasn't allowed to talk to me. I waited till the afternoon and went to her house to apologize and was met by her mother.

"You're no longer welcome here and I want you to stay away from Tina. I'll get a restraining order if I have to."

"Mrs. Overhalt, I want to apologize to Tina. I made a big mistake and I need to tell her I'm sorry."

"It's too late for apologies! I told Tina not to trust you, that all you wanted is to have sex with her but she said you weren't like that. I made the mistake of trusting you. It will never happen again, now please leave my property."

She closed the door before I could say another word. I had tears in my eyes as I walked to my car. I looked up and could see Tina crying from a second floor window. Knowing Mrs. Overhalt, I knew I could never make things right again. I lost a girl I really did care for.

It was less than a month from graduation. Every time I saw Tina she quickly went away. One day I did stop her in the stairwell and she said wasn't allowed to see me. If her mother found out she would put a restraining order out on me.

I apologized and told her how wrong I was and that I really cared for her. She told me she liked me also but was sorry that we couldn't see each other and quickly went away.

At the graduation ceremony I saw Tina, her mother and brother at a distance. Her mom left to talk to someone and I quickly went up behind Tina. She turned around, looking surprised.

I said, "Tina, I'm so sorry for the way things turned out. I wish you the best life ever, I really do care for you."

Before she could say a word I kissed her; I really kissed her passionately. I then left before her mom got back. Her brother Jimmy smiled at me and said, "I'll never tell".

That was the last I saw of Tina. I might add that when we passed our yearbooks around class most everyone signed it next to their name. Some that I knew a little better signed inside the covers. I never signed Tina's because of the friction with her mother. Also, I wouldn't be able to tell her how I really felt about her.

I was reading some of things people wrote who signed my book and came across the one written by Tina. It was on the back cover; I didn't even know she signed it.

"To Jeff, A guy I will always remember and love. I wish things could have turned out differently between us. I do wish you the best life has to offer, Love Tina." I have to admit it made me sad and made my stomach jump.

There were graduation parties over the next month including my own. I only went to a couple. Of course I wasn't invited to Tina's, but I did make it to Jenny's. She was mad at Mark again because he went to the drag races with a couple of his friends instead of going to her party.

His friends paid his way in and they took beer along. They said it was for his graduation. The thing was that they went to the races all the time. Jenny said she wanted him at her party because she needed to talk to him. I told her I'd hang around and she could talk to me.

She actually had a big party and a lot of our classmates showed up. I stayed until everyone left and helped Jenny and her parents clean up most of the mess. They had a barn on their property and Jenny and I would often go up in the loft and talk and watch the moon.

We talked about Tina and I mentioned how I screwed up. Jenny said that we all screw up, it's part of life. Besides most all of us think about sex. Jenny told me in the past that Mark is the only one she has ever been with. I remember telling her if she wanting a second opinion I would always be willing.

Maybe it was the wine coolers or the night summertime air with the moon shining but I leaned over and kissed Jenny. She looked at me and I was about to apologize when she stopped me and kissed me again. She felt so good; I was lost in the moment.

"Jeff, I want you to make love to me. It will only be a one time thing so give me your best."

"I don't understand, what about Mark?"

"I love Mark and I hope we will be getting married soon. I have never been with anyone but Mark and I want to sow my wild oats with you. I won't sleep with just anyone. It has to be someone I love. I love you Jeff, ever since I first met you I knew you were someone special.

"The problem is I have always loved Mark also. We were meant to be together. This will only be a one time affair and you have to promise me that you will never tell Mark."

I promised her and told her I would always remember her. We kissed and I slowly undressed her. First taking off her blouse and then her bra. Her boobs were small but beautiful. After all she was a petite woman. I lowered my mouth to her tits and sucked them till her nipples were hard.

She moaned and told me she never felt so good. She would have to find a way to slow Mark down so she could get more enjoyment out of having her tits sucked.

I then removed her shorts but left her panties on. I began kissing down from her tits to her belly button. I rubbed my face and licked the fuzz below her belly button. I could smell her sex and see her panties getting moist.

"My God, Jeff! It feels so good."

She lifted her hips as I slowly pulled her panties down and off her legs. She had a nice trimmed bush, which I buried my face in. She was getting wetter by the minute. She spread her legs as I kissed, licked and sucked on her pussy lips.

I used my fingers to separate her lips while I tongue fucked her. She had gotten her first orgasm with me. I wasn't going to stop there.

"Fuck me, Jeff, I want you so bad. I've never felt like this before."

I quickly took off my shorts and briefs and rubbed my cock against the opening of her pussy. Back and forth I rubbed her slit, sometimes barely pushing the head of my cock in her.

"Oh God! Stop teasing me and fuck me!" said Jenny.

I pushed my cock in her and began fucking her in earnest. She was giving as much as she was getting. It was then I thought about not wearing a condom. I mentioned it to Jenny.

"It's ok, just make love to me and give me all you got." I only lasted about five minutes because Jenny was coming again and I couldn't hold back. I shot stream after stream into her pulsating pussy.

After we both had come I rolled off of her and lay next to her. "Jenny, that was fantastic. I'll never forget it."

"I won't either but we're not done yet. I want you one more time later. I hate to say it but you're a much better lover than Mark has ever been. If I didn't love him I would want you to be my man."

I was confused. She loved me, she said I was a better lover and said I was a lot bigger than Mark but yet he gets the girl. How fucked up is that? We went out behind the barn where they had a small pond. Jenny and I went skinny-dipping. Afterwards we went back in the barn and she had me lay on my back.

First she took my hardened cock in her mouth and sucked it. "I've only done this one time for Mark so you should feel very lucky," said a smiling Jenny. "Tina doesn't know what she missed. You have one nice cock and you know how to use it."

She then crawled up and lowered her pussy over my cock. Damn! She was so warm inside. She rode my cock as I rubbed her tits. It wasn't long before we both came. She came first but kept riding me till I shot my load deep inside of her.

Afterwards she did her best to wipe herself off. It even looked erotic to me. She was one sexy young woman. We both got dressed and she kissed me while we were still in the barn. "Remember, you must not tell anyone about this. Promise me!"

"I promise!" I said. She walked me to my car and I drove home, one confused soul.

The following week it all became clear. Jenny had been to the doctor the previous week and was a couple of months pregnant. She was going to tell Mark at her party but he didn't come to it. That's when she decided she was going to have sex one time with someone else she cared for.

She chose me and for that I will forever be grateful.

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