Women's House of Detention Revisited
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story of the infamous "Women's House of Detention" in New York City. It is related to a previous story told in several chapters about the same subject. This is an entirely different story and more related to the location than to actual characters.

Several months ago I wrote a story called "The Women's House of Detention". It did pretty well in popularity for a strictly erotica genre story. Total reads was about 50,000 which is not bad for a three part short story. It was pretty heavy in lesbian and bisexual themes and had a bit of masturbation and fetish thrown in for good measure.

In actual fact, the "Women's House of Detention" in that story was the incarceration facility in lower Manhattan just at the edge of Greenwich Village. It had a similar reputation in female circles as Ryker's Island had for the male offenders.

I can almost feel the heat of the sun radiating off the cobblestones on the short side street that ran the entire length of the oblong building. Why this street was not paved like the streets on the other two sides was probably due more to oversight than any economic decision-making. The "block" that the structure sat on was more of an irregular shaped triangle than a square or rectangle like normal blocks.

The time that I write of here is the early 1950s. It was an era when a female confined in a correction facility was extremely rare. The trivial nature of transgressions that cause incarceration in the modern day would be considered as "small potatoes" and not worthy of the effort to rehabilitate in those days. In all honesty, any female, or male for that matter, behind bars was there strictly for punishment and not as a candidate for rehabilitation.

I had walked past this building several times before a friend of mine, Louie Rivera, a Puerto Rican with shocking red hair clued me in that it was a place they put "bad girls". Louie and I looked a lot alike and I was often mistaken for him by very nice looking Puerto Rican girls who couldn't speak a word of English. They usually giggled and laughed at me when they realized I was not Louie and didn't understand Spanish very well. At the ripe young age of 16, I was not in the least offended and just wished I was fluent in Spanish.

The building was of a reddish brown brick composition with large stones forming a shoulder high foundation that curved in slightly on top. One advantage of this feature I discovered later on was the fact that one could use the curved base as a stepping stool to reach the first visible exterior windows well above the normal reach of a standing man. I guess the idea was to preclude boyfriends or husbands from having unmonitored contact with detainees.

When I first was aware of the building being different than most other structures was when I heard the catcalls and naughty remarks being yelled from the very narrow barred windows as I walked past on the street below. I had been under the impression it was just another of those many "Con Edison" electrical edifices that looked frightfully boring and devoid of any design merit at all. It stood about 4 stories high and I suspected there were a couple of sub-basement levels for things such as "solitary confinement" and sound-proofed interrogation rooms. Not much unlike psychiatric institutions of the era. The East side of the triangle was a major thoroughfare and carried much of the North-South traffic into the area south of 14th Street. There was only one other building on the triangular block and it was a fairly large movie theater very popular on the lower West side of Manhattan. The incongruity of a prison and a movie theater sharing the same location was lost on the teeming masses.

One Saturday morning as I was just killing time before the movie opened for the Saturday morning showings, I idled outside the Women's House of Detention and fantasized about all the different sizes and shapes of "pussy" moving around inside this bleak fortress. I figured after a long time inside this place, most of the "pussies" would be just dying to get a bit of cock to make them feel female again. Except for those females that had decided to devote their attentions to what was readily available in great supply inside the prison. In fact, I had given myself a real strong hard-on just speculating on how they would decide who would have to "take it" and who would "stick it" to them.

I imagined that the guards, all female by the way, would have a field day if they were so inclined because of the nature of their authority and control over the inmate's lives. My rampant cock was sustained by my visions of myself dressed as a female guard forcing the women to obey my every command. When one of them "acted up", I would just show them firm discipline with my short hard stick on their soft little bottoms. It was a great fantasy and probably very naughty for a virginal 16 year old boy.

I heard a female voice in the window above sing-songing in an odd rhythm to catch my attention.

"Baby cock walking in the street, nice and hard, it won't melt in all this heat."

I felt a little guilty because my cock was hard with all the nasty thoughts that were running through my mind.

"I am not a baby. I am 16 years old and have a girlfriend already."

The last was an out and out fib but I figured who's to know the difference.

"Don't you shit me, little boy. You can't shit a bull-shitter. You probably haven't even sniffed a pair of panties."

"That's a lie! I sniff my sister's panties all the time and I even cum on her girlfriend's panties when they are dancing in their leotards."

The sound of the laughter up above informed me that there was more than one "pussy" listening to this conversation.

"See, little boy! You just said it yourself. You is a virgin for sure and your cock ain't been knocking on any door ever!"

I was indignant, but I had to admit it was my own words that put me in this position.

"Well, I am only 16. I got plenty of time to start sticking my thing in girl's holes."

I could hear at least 3 or 4 girls giggling up above me. It sounded like they were having a high old time at my expense but I found the whole situation pretty exciting and my hard-on was getting every more swollen every passing minute.

The first girl confirmed in my mind that she was black by calling me "White boy!" in her very next sentence. She told me her name was Shawna and that she was in for "soliciting". I wasn't quite certain what that was but I suspected it was related to a sexual thing. They must have been standing on something to get up to the window level because the next girl to get up to talk to me was a girl with a very sexy and distinctly Latin voice.

"You like Spanish girls, little boy? I got nice pussy for you. You can eat me for lunch any day."

All the girls were laughing now. They must be having a hell of time inside. I wondered where all the guards were.

"I go to the "Spanish Church" where everything begins with "Hoy es Domingo!"

The girl laughed and spoke some rapid-fire Puerto Rican to another unseen Spanish girl below her. I wondered what this girl looked like because her voice sounded so nice and sexy.

"Hey, cherry boy, hop up on the stone ledge and touch my finger. I just had it in my pussy. You can lick your finger after you touch me and taste my sweet pussy."

That was when I really noticed the tiny ledge and was able to boost myself up to the ledge by grasping the corner of a metal sign that said "No Loitering". I knew I wasn't supposed to do it but the lure of touching a pussy dipped finger was far too tempting to refuse.

The bricks were rough and my shirt was getting snagged on the edges. I looked up and saw a small brown hand searching for mine just below the bottom of the narrow window. I reached up and touched her fingertips and received an electrical shock that sent a nice tingle to my still aroused cock.

"I like your hands, Mr. pussy hound. Now get down before you get hurt and smell me good and lick my taste off your fingers."

I jumped down before I fell off and did exactly that.

Her pussy scent was easy to discern. It was a little spicy and had a musky female odor that I recognized from my sister's dirty panties. When I put my fingers in my mouth, I imagined her taste to be like sticky honey on the tip of my tongue. The combination of the scent and the taste was enough to cause me to have an emission inside my pants as I leaned shaking against the hard brick wall.

"Did you like that, cherry boy?"

"My name is Bob and I liked it very much. You made me shoot my load inside my pants, I liked it so much."

I could hear the girls laughing and the Spanish girl hushed them up.

"If you get me some cigarettes, I will gift you my special dirty panties for you to wrap around your cock and think of me."

I thought about that for a minute and figured it might be hard but I could always steal some from my Mom and it wasn't a crime or anything like that. The thought of have the Spanish girl's dirty panties under my pillow for nighttime special moments was too much for me to pass up.

"Ok, but it will be next Saturday morning at the same time. I will bring you some little four cigarette packs so you can grab them with your fingers."

"Oh, Bobby you are too nice to your little Rosa. I will push the fingers you touched deep into my pussy and make sure my panties will have my juices all over them. When I get out, you can make your Rosa do anything you want, I promise you, Bobby."

I went to the movie that morning in a daze of emotions.

When a middle-aged woman crossed in front of me to reach her seat, I stood up because she was a little on the large size. Unfortunately, when I stood up, my rampant cock stuck out far enough to scrape across her ass cheeks and crack like a flagpole searching for a home. She looked over her shoulder at me and I must have blushed in the dark and mumbled,

"Excuse me!"

There were 2 empty seats on the other side of me but the girl on the other side whispered that she was holding one for her boyfriend. The lady had no other choice than to sit right next to me. The seats were a little on the small size and her bigger than normal body spread out far enough to rest up warmly against my legs and my side. I moved my arm forward a bit to give her more room but when I relaxed back into my seat, my entire arm now rested on her heaving bosom and my hand was hanging like a limp dishrag right on the inside of her generously proportioned leg.

I didn't know about the lady but my reaction was to have a raging hard-on. I was almost there already just thinking about Rosa's dirty panties and then my fingers were suddenly sliding down the inside slope of the unknown woman's leg to that dark mysterious place between a female's legs that always ended in a bushy forest of pleasure. Paradise enclosed inside a silky pair of flimsy panties. The edge of my hand was right on the edge of the lace trimmed panties and I wanted desperately to start fondling every square inch of her slightly damp pussy.

It took every ounce of my control to refrain from turning into a pervert of the worse sort.

Imagine my surprise when I felt the unknown woman reach down and push my fingers right into her pulsating pussy like I was her long-lost boyfriend. From that moment on, I didn't watch a single frame of the movie. I concentrated on learning the geography of female equipment and before the movie was over, I heard the lady whimper in appreciation more than once.

My fingers were covered in sticky goo and I could smell the raw female sex all over them. Just as I was about to get up and move away before I would get into trouble, I felt her fingers exploring my long shaft and even down low to my hanging ball sacs. The touch of her fingers caused me to squirt some pre-cum right through my pants and she rubbed her palm on the slick residue on the outside of my trousers.

I heard a sound of someone whimpering in the darkened theater and realized it was me making the pitiable noises. I hastened to zip down and let my long cock pop out for the lady to wrap her fingers around. My cock was wet and sticky, her fingers were wet and sticky and my hands were still covered with the goo from her squirting pussy. I just opened my legs and let her do what she wanted. After a while, she was pumping me pretty hard and I tried to cover the tip of my cock to keep the spurts of cum from hitting some innocent bystander trying to watch the movie.

I felt my creamy cum splash hard into my palm and wrist and fall back onto the lady's arms. I was aware of her bosom heaving heavily and she was panting like she was the one getting jerked off. Since I kind of had her where I wanted her, I elected to take the opportunity to cop a good feel of her tits and even slid my hand down inside her granny panties to check out her hot and sweaty ass crack. She kind of got a little skittish when I did that but didn't stop me. In fact, she turned a little sideways so I could explore her brown eye to my heart's content.

When the movie was over and we walked out, she gave me her business card with her phone number and address. She was not bad looking in the light of the cloud darkened mid-afternoon light and I really liked how her ass shelf stuck out just begging to be squeezed. She appeared to be in her early 30s and wore a very obvious wedding ring. It didn't make sense for her to be fooling around with a teenaged boy but I think she was going through some kind of crisis and my cock seemed to be something she needed real bad.

I still wanted to trade the cigarettes for the dirty panties at the Women's House of Detention with my new twist Rosa because it made me all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Yet the new meeting with this Mrs. C.W. Delahunt had a lot of possibilities with the most appealing the prospective loss of my albatross of an unwanted "cherry". My main objective was to be a "cherry boy" no longer.

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