Modern Day Magic
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when technology makes magic possible for an everyday Joe? Does it corrupt him or can he walk that fine line between enjoying his new found power and abusing it? A significant amount of sex has been intertwined into a story that will be unveiled slowly. Much of the sex will have undertones of non-consent and female submission, so please do not read this if that is not your cup of tea. No gratuitous violence.

My hand reached up to palm the cracked pendant hanging around my neck as I groggily opening my eyes. I somehow knew I was in grave danger. In a near panic, I scrambled to my feet and immediately regretted it as a violent wave of nausea washed over me. I had a splitting headache and the world seemed to be spinning. My legs felt like rubber and I had to lean heavily against a nearby tree to keep from collapsing again. Squinting my eyes against the ridiculously bright noonday sun, I tried to get my bearings. Nothing around me offered a clue to where I was. Hell, I couldn't even remember how I had woken up on the fringes of what looked like a small neighborhood park. Instinctively I reach for the gun inside my jacket but only felt the empty holster. Frantic, I patted a hidden pocket I was relieved to discover I still had my phone. That was all that mattered, though I didn't know why. The throbbing pain in my skull was starting to lessen and I pushed weakly against the tree trunk to stand unsteadily on my one two feet. I still didn't know where I was or why I had this ominous sense of danger but I had to find some cover and get out of the oppressive heat.

I left the park and wandered into a quiet picturesque residential development. Drawn towards one house in particular, I circled around towards the rear of the property and quietly let myself in through the back door, somehow knowing it would be unlocked. This wasn't my house. Standing in the shadows listening carefully, I was surprised to hear movement in another part of the house. Warily looking out from the kitchen area, I caught sight of a blonde vision of beauty as I watched a woman glided across her living room; going about her day in a very brief state of dress. I couldn't help but admire her form as the delicate, filmy, ice blue robe clung to her body, accentuating her lush curves. The material not even long enough to cover her ass, so transparent that I could clearly see she was not wearing a bra but only a pair of matching colored thong panties. My weariness was temporarily forgotten as things started to fall into place. I recognized who she was, where I was, and most importantly, how I ended up here. She had shown me around during my first visit to Arizona. I was looking for property in the Scottsdale area and although the houses I looked at were quite impressive, I had decided I didn't want to spend any extended amount of time here due to the oppressive heat. The memories came pouring back now that the fog of confusion had lifted. She had pouted prettily when I told her I changed my mind about buying in the area. It was all I could do to keep from taking her back then. As a compromise to myself, I had made some subtle alterations to her and buried them deep in her subconscious those many months ago in anticipation of a need for a safe house where I could retreat to. Now I was glad I had the foresight to do so. I was going to lay low and enjoy the fruits of my labors before gathering myself to go on the offensive against the people who had been hunting me.

As she glided past a sofa, still unaware of my presence, I took two quick steps to close the distance and in an instant, I had her in my clutches. Holding her roughly from behind, the only way she knew it is me who has taken possession of her was because of the dormant thoughts I slipped into her mind all those months ago. Forcing her consciousness to once again accept me as her master I reinforced those thoughts with the straightforward, entitled manner I fondled her body. One of my rough hands immediately seized my new toy by her throat, forcing her to tilt her head up, exposing her very vulnerable neck while the other hand took hold of a full creamy white breast. I heard her gasp of alarm but then felt her shudder from the wave of arousal I forced through her nervous system. The sensations I forced through her body ensured that she was too helpless to struggle or run from me so I began to bite and suck possessively on the exposed smooth flesh of her neck as she stood there with her back held firmly against my body. My free hand roamed across her chest, grasping each breast in turn through the flimsy material, rolling, and pulling on the nipples almost painfully as I continued to feast on her graceful neck. She somehow knew how I delighted in the feeling of her soft smooth skin against my rough hands, knew that I was enjoying myself, so she stood there mewling helplessly – her conditioning took hold of her psyche and all of a sudden she revels in being used as my possession.

I released my new pet, but before she can even think of turning around to face me, I flung her effortlessly against the sofa. I moved so fast she didn't have time to think, only react. Bent over the back of the sofa, she barely had time to spread her legs before I unceremoniously pull her panties aside, drop my own pants, and sink myself halfway into her – it was a good thing she was already wet from the rough handling. A few more forceful strokes and I buried myself deep inside my new toy for the first time, pausing momentarily to enjoy being inside her hot, slick, velvety pussy.

I pulled almost all the way out before driving it completely up into her again in one smooth vicious motion. I felt her shuddering as she accepted my full length deep inside her most intimate depths. I gave her a moment to submit to the intruding shaft inside her vulnerable body before pulling out again, this time too far and my cock thumped against the smooth delicate skin of her inner thigh. I knew the solid feel of cock; warm and wet from her own sticky juices will heighten her awareness of her own rape. Allowing her another brief moment to raise her ass higher and offer both of her openings to me, I positioned the bulging purple head at her now weeping pussy and slid in again, effortlessly. I knew from the way she was whimpering and shuddering that she was desperate to push back into me, beg him to fuck her harder and faster – but I also knew she would not. I knew she would remain bent over and open for me, meek and docile to however I wished to use her.

The hunger in which I attacked her was pure, instinctual, and primal in nature. Using her as a toy to satisfy my own salacious needs – I stroked away as the intense heat consumed me, burning passion pumping through my veins, drenching my brain with lust. I felt her pussy eagerly milking my cock as I forcefully thrusts in and out of her. I felt her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy fluttering around my intruding shaft. Ignoring her spasms, I continued to plunge deep into her, past her vaginal muscles as they tried to clench tightly around the cruel invader, driving her higher and higher. I felt another violent shiver course through her body as I pushed more and more feelings of arousal into her lust addled brain. I felt her pussy again clamping down tightly on my member as her body went through yet another series of spasms. Still thrusting at a hard steady rhythm, I pushed past, the tightness, reveling in her now fearful whimpers that beg for a reprieve. It seems to have been too much too fast for her as her whine is cut short by another series of convulsions and an unintelligible gurgling sound.

Pulling out of her with an audible pop, I watched as she uses the temporary reprieve to slump down to the floor. Leaning weakly against the back of the sofa, she tried to pull her long slim legs together and crawl away. She knew I am far from done with her, but was unable to take anymore. I was not in the mood to indulge her with even a bit of mercy at that point and grabbed one of her delicate ankles, letting out an annoyed growl. She yelped in fright as I pull her away from the sofa, ignoring her pleas as I drag her beautiful helpless body across the hardwood floor. One easy motion had her flipped onto her back. Knowing her place, she laid there on her back panting, chest heaving, long golden hair in disarray, eyes large and fearful, slim shapely legs slayed apart.

Positioning myself between her spread legs, I centered my dick on her flushed and swollen pussylips and shoved hard, sliding all the way into her well lubricated tunnel. I groaned out my pleasure as her warm wet pussy surrounding my cock once again, griping onto me as I pulled out, and parting again as I pushed slowly back into her. I love the initial few pushes into a female especially one that I have altered to come as soon as my dick thrusts into her and keeps coming until I spray her insides with my rut.

She cried out from the sudden invasion even as I settle into a brutally aggressive rhythm. She was starting to pant again as each stroke appears to be driving her closer and closer to another shuddering orgasm. I could hear her desperate mewling as she bucked and shivered through that next orgasm. Watching her lie there helplessly accepting my relentless assault, watching her breasts quiver as her entire body shuddered from one unrelenting orgasm after another, watching her eyes roll back as she repeatedly lost control of her body, the visuals all add to my hunger and reduced me to nothing more than a rutting animal, no longer able to think of anything other than my most basic need. I leaned forward to suck and lick at her neck again, mid-lick my hunger overtook me, and I bit down hard on her throat, making her grasp for breath and clamp down hard my dick inside of her. Her breathing became more and more labored, her moans became more and more breathless, and her body was no longer able to fight for breath. The pain, the lack of oxygen, and constant thrusting assault on her sex, I intended to drive her further and further until all that existed for her is a white hot world of bliss.

I felt yet another climax overtake her, felt her shiver and buck, watched her lips part in a long silent scream before she kicked her legs out, shuddered weakly, then completely relax in a dead faint. I didn't care. I was snugly sheathed in her hot wet cunt and had no intention of letting up. Laying there limp from exertion, an unthinking female body, lifeless from her post orgasmic haze, she was just an exotic masturbatory tool for my pleasure. I continued to fuck into her limp body, thrusting in and out until incredibly she started to moan again even while unconscious. I rotated my hips to grind relentlessly against her engorged clit until I got the desired reaction. She sucked in her breath and started to pant and as soon as I started my strokes again, her hips thrust up against mine and her cunt muscles clenched tightly around my cock again as the rest of her body shuddered lightly and she let out a gasping breath. She opened her eyes woozily. Caught up in the tail end of the climax her eyelids flutter open before she looked wildly around, finally focusing on the invading shaft still pillaging her pussy. I drew back and stroked to my balls again, rotating my ass, trying to get the head of my cock to her cervix. Feeling utterly violated, she tensed, bucked, and shivered again letting out a throaty moan of lust and defeat.

Watching her pass out from cuming and then rouse from yet another orgasm was too much for me. I grabbed her tits and fucked her hard and fast. I attached my lips to one breast and sucked on the nipple as if trying to drain her milk. I slapped at the other breast hard, causing her to tense, whimper, buck, and come again, wiggling her hips. I let go of her breasts to grab her hips and rapid fuck her, my balls smacked rhythmically against her ass, my groin slammed relentlessly against hers, her heavy breasts swayed and bounced hypnotically. Almost immediately, she came again, her hips squirming her pussy against me, my cock continued to piston up her pussy. She bucked like a mad woman, breasts bouncing as she sought out yet another orgasm. I lurched hard against her, clamping my hands down painfully on her hips, forcing her into the floor, holding her there. I could feel her whole body vibrating, I knew she is hanging right on the edge of yet another powerful orgasm and I picked up the pace of my thrusts. This time I don't let up, my whole body tightened, the head of my cock swelled to occupy even more of her pussy. My dick jerked inside of her as she tried to lift her ass off the floor, desperately trying to presenting her pussy as I began a series of short, fast strokes before ramming in and holding one last time, deep within her. Shivering, my cock jerked every couple of seconds. I felt the warmth spread throughout her pussy as I released my seed deep inside her.

The hot ejaculate within her sparked one last intense orgasm that built higher and higher as my semen continued to pour out of my cock deep into her; I felt her heaving herself upward pressing against me as the final orgasm spasmed through her come-filled pussy before she collapsed again in exhaustion. I continued to pump my seed into her, her pussy milking the rut out of my cock, maximizing my pleasure. I squirmed my cock around inside her until the last of my seed drips out into her pussy. I laid there for a period of time, my cock pushed to the hilt, lodged deep, just soaking in her twitching pussy.

After lying there for several minutes recovering from our violent coupling I heard her shallow labored breaths and soft helpless whimpers and realized that I am crushing her beneath my body. Hesitantly pulling out of her, I knelt by her side to see that her eyes were still screwed shut, brows still furrowed and her body was still shuddering periodically. She still hadn't recovered fully. I scooped my toy into my arms and carried her off into her bedroom, laying her carefully onto the bed.

She slowly blinked open her eyes and laid there on her side curled in a fetal position, cunt still leaking our comingled juices, body still quivering from random aftershocks of sensation. My own tumescent cock was still covered in her juices and my own cum. She hadn't had a chance to lick it clean yet as she knew she must do. I saw she was at her limit and most likely couldn't take anymore but also knew that denying me is not an option for her. As I stood there looking down at my well fucked toy, looking into her fearful lust-filled eyes – full of uncertainty, I could tell she did not know if I was done using her. Looking down at her helpless innocence, my sated cock twitched and hardened once again. She took one look at the rapidly hardening cock and knew I was not done with her. She knew it is her own fault, knew that her body caused this reaction in me. She whined dolefully and unquestioningly moved one leg forward, effectively opening herself up for me once more as I slipped into her bed. I felt her tensing in pain as I slid my thickness past her enflamed lips to nestle deep inside of her. Laying still I could feel her body start to relax again as her soreness from the violent rape gave way to warm contentedness as she laid there providing a place for her master to rest his cock. She understood what was expected of her, she would be asleep in a matter of moments, she would lie there asleep for as long as I wished her to, and the only thing she will be thinking of is the wonderful feeling of my cock inside of her as it continued to violate her most intimate depths. As she drifts off into a slumber, in the back of her mind, she knew I would deposit at least a couple more loads of cum into her helpless body while she sleeps.

After having my fill of her body, I grabbed my discarded clothing and retreated to the bathroom to relive myself and take a shower to clean up. My toy hadn't been conscious so she was unable to clean me. But seeing as how she had given everything she had to pleasure me, I couldn't fault her too much for not completing her duty. After all, it was only her first time being taken by me. She will learn in time as her body gets more accustomed to my demands. As I tilted my head back to allow the hot water to sluice over my weary body, I closed my eyes to contemplate my next move. I had barely survived my last encounter with the council. They were surprisingly short in foresight but long in perseverance. Their last attack had been costly to them no doubt. But they had hurt me. Now they knew they could hurt me. Alone they didn't stand a chance. But as a collective, the three Houses could overwhelm and take me down. They understood that now. I understood that now. I winced at the painful reminder of the concussive force that leveled the building they had followed me to.

I was a little unnerved at how they so willingly sacrificed four fully seated magi to get their hands on me. Those four had to have been full magi with the amount of power each had intended to unleash. They were practically crackling with it as they held on to the barely contained energy. No doubt the uncontrolled release of that energy had added to the devastation. How could I have been so stupid as to be cornered like that? The four of them had me so distracted I didn't even notice the other wielders that had surrounded the building outside. I only realized my mistake when the focus fire came. The ferocity of the attack had brought the entire building down on us. I had no idea how many they sent against me, but the power they brought to bear had severely strained my wards. The magi opposing me were obviously not shielded and were crushed underneath the rubble with me. My shields had held up against the wreckage but four consecutive detonations of the magical energy they were holding on to were released as the magi were crushed. The unfettered raw energy had easily destroyed the shields and wards I had on me and the backlash of that much unused magical power instantly overwhelmed my mind and I lost consciousness. Being knocked unconscious was the only thing that saved me from being crushed beneath the rubble when my shields were destroyed.

The increasingly cold water from the shower interrupted my reverie and brought my mind back to the present. I must have been standing in the spray for a while now, replaying the ambush over and over in my mind, to have run out of hot water. Quickly shutting off the shower, I stepped out and dried off. I didn't want to put back on the dirty clothing so I just left them in a pile on the bathroom floor and walked naked out into the house.

I headed out into the living room and sank heavily down onto the sofa - the same one I had bent the woman over less than an hour ago when I took her for the first time. The faint but familiar scent of sex still hung in the air. It was strangely comforting to my troubled mind. However complicated my life had become; the carnal benefits alone were worth it. I had to chuckle to myself. A year ago I would have never had the balls to walk into a beautiful woman's house and taken her for my own pleasure, much less have the ability to ensure she thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Being able to do so, even though it was only a small part of my abilities, was highly addicting. Though I liked to think I wasn't absolutely corrupted by it. My recent ordeal followed by my earlier indulgence was catching up to me and I realized how bone weary I was. How did an ordinary unremarkable guy like me get tangled up in this mess I was in? As much as I wanted to resist it, I was nodding off. My body needed the rest to repair itself, and desperate to find a solution, my mind was using the opportunity to reexamine everything that had happened thus far. My last thought as slept overtook me was, "A year ago I was just another regular Joe."

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