Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size, Public Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jenny is desprate to escape from an abusive situation at home. How can she hide from her husband, and what is it going to cost her?

Jenny Marie Munson tried to act calm and collected as she drove up to the high school parking lot to pick up her daughter after school. Nobody knew what she was up to. She had been planning this for several months and was nervous that this was the day.

Her husband had been abusing her badly and she was concerned it would soon be happening to her fourteen-year-old daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie didn't really know what was going on, but would not really be surprised when her mother gave her the details.

Jenny's husband, Joe, had been getting more and more unreasonable with her. They were quite a bit different in age and interests. This was her second marriage and his third. Jenny had reluctantly married him, thinking she would eventually grow to love him. He was a spectacular provider, and in the long run she felt it would be best for her daughter to have all the benefits of a nice home, nice neighborhood, good schools and possibly a college fund.

Things had not been turning out right in the last few years. Joe, her husband, seemed preoccupied with sex, but was not physically as easily stimulated as when he was younger. It took more excitement to get him aroused. He started bringing home porno videos. Jenny did not approve, but was determined to be supportive; there was a lot at stake for her. Then, he had taken her to an adult movie theatre recently. She had reluctantly gone along with his demented requests.

First he had this outrageous costume request. He had asked her to shave her vagina. He had given her a form fitting thin white cotton summer dress. He had asked her to not wear a bra. Jenny was outraged, but determined to keep the peace and did as she was told. Her button-front dress did little to conceal her melon sized breasts and long pink nipples. On the way, Jenny had been tense and terribly embarrassed that somebody from church or work might recognize her. It was a hot summer night, and her perspiration had a tendency to make the dress even more transparent.

When they got to the theatre, Joe paid for the tickets while Jenny tried not to be nervous or aware of the open stares of the men chatting with the cashier. There was no charge for Jenny. The cashier buzzed the door and they went into the theatre. There was a vestibule between the outer lobby and the theatre. When they went in, Joe stopped her.

"Take off your panties, honey."

Jenny's heart went into her throat. She choked. "What is going on?" she thought in embarrassment. Then she steeled herself. "Anything for her husband; whatever it takes to get him aroused," She told herself. She leaned against the back wall; looked around to make sure nobody could see; and reached up under her dress to pull them down. As quickly as she could, she stuffed them into her clutch purse. It was a good thing nobody could see her; she was so red faced her neck was throbbing enough she could swear somebody would hear. Once inside, it was nearly as dark as most theatres.

There was plenty of light to make out the faces in the room. The theatre was small. The corridor was down the left side. There were seven seats from the aisle to the end wall. The row Joe picked looked like a cross-aisle in a big theatre. It had about twice the amount of aisle space between their seat and the backs of the next row. Joe walked to the middle of the theatre and sat in the seat to the right of the center seat. Jenny sat next to him; in the center of the row. Immediately several of the men in front and back rows came up to sit behind and in front of them. Jenny could see their faces clearly.

The show was about halfway finished. The girl on screen was sucking off one man and masturbating two of the biggest, blackest penises she had ever seen. The men in the audience were staring at her. The man sitting on her left leaned over and tapped Joe. He leaned over and they whispered to each other. Joe gave an almost imperceptible nod.

Pretty soon, the large black man sitting to her left put his hand on her leg. Jenny was shocked! What was going on? Joe seemed oblivious to the incident. Jenny looked over to her husband in horror. What was going on?

Slowly, the man's hand inched to the bottom of her hem. Hesitatingly, it unbuttoned the first button at the bottom. Jenny stared at her husband. "Is this what you want? How far is this going to go?" Jenny searched his face desperately looking for some expression of disgust or rage. She saw none.

"It's up to you."

If it was up to her, she would have stormed out and hit the man over the head with her purse. Jenny was humiliated and embarrassed. What if they knew somebody there?

Jenny was too shocked and humiliated to react. As the invading hand moved up her dress, she was aware of body heat behind her at each shoulder. There were two men standing at each shoulder. She then felt two hands; one on each breast; lightly, then more brazenly exploring her. They could feel her nipples stiffen with fear. She could feel rough fingers fumbling with the buttons on her top.

In almost no time, her dress that buttoned down the front was open. Naked underneath, Jenny was defenseless to their view and touching. Joe was watching pretty openly now. As the dress parted, Joe grabbed her hand. Was this to show fondness, support or what? Joe held her for a while. Soon, he pulled her hand over to his lap. He unbuckled his belt and top button. He took her fingers and pinched her thumb and forefinger against the tab of his zipper.

Jenny looked up at him; starring to read his mind. He ignored her gaze. Shocked and senseless, Jenny mindlessly unzipped his fly. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what he wanted when he made this progression of manners before. Jenny tried to turn her mind off to what was going on around her as she unzipped his pants.

Once he was open, Joe pulled his underwear and jeans down to his knees and wrapped her fingers around him. By then, the man on her left had gone through the same sequence, and she now had tow penises flailing in the dim light; one in each hand. By now, there were two hands from behind her playing with her exposed breasts. Even in this dim light, there was no mistaking Jenny's incredible beauty. Her breasts were large melons, but not big enough to sag. Her nipples were incredibly long; like Bai Ling, and they sparkled as the men behind her twisted and rubbed them in blind fascination of their good luck.

Soon, a man who had been standing in the hall came forward and knelt in front of Jenny with his knees on the ground. Joe and the man to her left each put an arm under each of her knees; spread her legs and raised her knees up to her shoulders. She was naked and exposed to the man who had his head at her crotch. Jenny's head rolled back in humiliation and embarrassment as she felt his hands spread her lips and his tongue start to explore her. He flicked his tongue in, out and all around her opening. Jenny almost gagged. She sobbed. Her eyes were closed.

How had her life gone so out of control? How had this prim and proper housewife with the picket fence come to this? Jenny groaned as the tongue slipped into her again. It was huge and rough. It was like a huge penis with a ribbed condom with bumps on the end. Jenny tried not to throw up.

Joe had his left arm around her neck, with his right arm holding her right leg up against her. He had his head against hers in obvious rapture. He was in love with her and reveling in her emotions. She could feel his love for her. He rubbed his nose against her cheek and ear. He kissed her softly.

She was strangely comforted by his contact while also being in terror, humiliation and shame. Is this what it was going to take to get him excited? Jenny still had her right hand on him and could feel his excitement growing. Soon she could feel the penises in each hand shudder and erupt.

Despite her indignity, humiliation and shame, Jenny could feel the familiar convulsions building in her loins. She groaned and her head thrashed from side to side. She fought to bring her legs down to hide her embarrassment at what was happening, but the men had her imprisoned in this position. Her body writhed and convulsed involuntarily in response to the tongue raping her. Her body shook. She laid her head against her husband in an involuntary reflex, looking for support.

Once she had climaxed, everybody seemed to back off. One of the men behind her rubbed her shoulders and neck in an expression of gratitude and comfort. Somebody produced a towel to wipe the sweat from her body and the semen from her hands. Nobody offered to button her dress.

With her head down in humiliation, Jenny numbly buttoned her dress. She did not look up at her husband, but hoped the event was over. Joe grabbed her hand and escorted her out of the theatre. The evening light seemed blinding; almost as though everybody now knew what happened inside the theatre. Another couple; an older man and much younger woman entered as they left. The woman looked her in the eye, as though she could tell exactly what Jenny had done.

That was when Jenny started forming her exit plan. She had to leave. How was she going to do it? Joe was a vindictive man. He was a very controlling man. Divorce would take too long. She would surely loose custody of her daughter if the story about them in the theater got out. The surveillance taps would prove she had been there. She had to do something else. She had to plan it. She wasn't just going to run with no money.

Slowly it came together. By the time she had gone to the school to pick up her daughter the plan had been worked out. Stephanie had just finished the last day of school. Jenny had withdrawn all the money from her 401K account. She had managed to buy a 1990 Chevy crew cab pickup. She had loaded two of Joe's 1931 Henderson motorcycles. He had built them from pieces he had found or purchased on the internet or at swap meets. Motorcycles of that year were not issued titles. They were not licensed because they were too valuable to be put on the street. They were insured for about $150,000 each. They were two of about four in existence.

Jenny explained vaguely her predicament to her daughter, who had a good sense that things were not right for a long time. Stephanie knew that they were really better off without her father. Stephanie had her learner's permit.

Jenny had gone to some of the same people who make green cards, fake driver's licenses and passports. She had made half a dozen different identities for the two of them. They headed off west, jogging up and down from I-70, to I-80 and I-90.

When they went through Coeur D'Alene, on a Saturday afternoon, they found themselves in the middle of a large car show. As it was the end of the winter, many who had built cars during the winter were now listing them for sale. Jenny paid for a spot in the car show. She and Stephanie put on form fitting thin t-shirts and put "FOR SALE" signs on the motorcycles. They were sold almost instantly for more than the $150,000 asking prices. There was a modified auction for the two motorcycles.

From there, they bought a nice El Camino pick up. Stephanie followed her mother out of town. In the dark, Jenny drove the Crew Cab pickup into the lake. From there they continued west.

Port Angeles is a very tiny town on the coast which borders the American/Canadian border. Jenny got a job as a waitress at a local restaurant. They stayed there about a week. The town is so small the Border Station is not manned all day every day. Occasionally the Station is closed without announcement. When that happens, many Canadians sneak across the border into Port Angeles to buy liquor to evade Canadian Tax. That is when Jenny and Stephanie made their move.

Once across the border into Canada, they took the Queen's Highway, 101, east. Driving in four hour shifts and sleeping at truck stops or rest stops, they ended up in Halifax several days later. From there they started towards the Cabot Trail. They ended up on Cape Breton Island, in Sidney. From there, Jenny found a job in Sidney and a home in Englishtown.

Jenny needed a home that offered lots of anonymity but near a place where there was work. Sidney was big enough to find work. Englishtown was a very small place that closed up soon after 5:00 pm. It was perfect. It was close to the Cabot Trail, which is about as remote a place as there is on that side of the country. Up in the mountains, there was a "FOR SALE" sign on a four acre property. It had a continental buss and several wood frame additions on it. There were a couple of wooden decks joining everything. It was heavily wooded and hard to see from the narrow asphalt road.

Jenny knew she had to have a job. Work was scarce everywhere. She found an advertisement for"

"Waitress Wanted. Good working conditions. Hours flexible. Good tips."

Apply at Guinevere's. Ask for Mike.

Jenny got her daughter settled into their new home and told her she would be back in a few hours. She drove the moderate distance into Sidney and found the address. To her surprise, it was a Gentleman's Club. She was hesitant to go in, but she would just see what the place was like.

When she went inside, a huge bouncer stopped her. Jenny handed him the classified section and said she was here to see Mike. Jenny was told to wait and was given her choice of drinks. She took a coke.

Jenny sat at the bar, too afraid to look around. It was noon, and there were a number of business men there to have lunch. A number of Chinese girls in various stages of near nakedness came by to chat with the customers.

One of the girls stood; took a middle aged man's hand and led him over to a chair against the wall. She pulled out a small stool, spread his legs and set it between them. She made him sit on his hands. When the next song started, she took her dress off. She was naked underneath. She got up on the stool and put her hands on the wall above him. From there she danced slowly with her crotch in his face. Occasionally she would turn around, bend over and spread her legs. Sometimes she would face him and raise one leg up and place her knee on his shoulder. When the music stopped, she put her dress back on, and the man gave her some money.

Jenny got up to leave. She was not going to be a part of this. About the time she started to stand, a large black man appeared in front of her. He was about six feet six inches tall, and about two hundred fifty pounds. He was in excellent physical shape.

"Hello, my name is Michael Lewis. How can I help you?"

"Well, I was just leaving. I don't think that I can do this job." She said.

"Well what you saw are the dancers. We need some waitresses to serve food and drinks. There is no stripping involved, if you were wondering. We don't pay anything, but the tips come to several hundred dollars a night if you work a whole shift."

Jenny hesitated. Maybe this was something she could do.

"The girl who is quitting is pregnant. Her husband left her and she is going home to her parents. It's short notice, but I know we can get somebody to easily fill the job if you don't want it. There are lots of women much younger than you, but you may appeal to lots of the older men here. Why don't you give it a try?"

Jenny was apprehensive, but felt she needed to make some money, rather than dig into the money she had. She nodded reluctantly, indicating she would give it a try.

"You still aren't hired yet, but you can come in tonight and see how it goes. You are on trial. Also, you will have to dress somewhat sexy. I want to see how you look. Your tips depend on your looks and attitude. If you are nice to the customers, they will come back. We want waitresses and dancers who attract customers. I will need you to fill out these forms and turn them in when you start. I'll see you tonight." Mike said with a big smile as he extended his hand. Jenny shook it whimpishly.

That afternoon on the way home, she went to the "Under 21 Store." She bought a very short silk dress that buttoned down the front. The front was cut low and square across the front. It didn't show much cleavage, but it was still pretty close to her nipples. She would have to be careful not to bend over. She got some thong panties and some transparent nude type pantyhose and high heeled shoes.

When she got to work, she got there about the same time as the dancers. The dancers were all very small Chinese girls that spoke mostly French. They must have been from Quebec or Montreal.

When she went out to work, Mike looked at her. "If you want to have this job, I don't think that outfit will do." He said. Mike came back with some hose. Take off that bra and hose. Put on these stockings. Jenny went back into the dressing room. She felt she was dealing with her demented husband again, as she slipped off her pantyhose. The new hose were silk stockings that went almost to her crotch. The top of the black stockings were a patterned lace stretch material that held them in place. "I don't know if this job is something I can do." She thought to herself as she unbuttoned the top of her dress and took off her bra. She pulled the top back up as quickly as she could as she put the bra into her backpack. One of the dancers watching her slowly shook her head and said something in French. She pulled out a pair of "stripper boots." They were a suede finish boot with very high heels that zippered up the sides and extended to just below her knees.

Feeling almost naked, she marched defiantly out with the application she had filled out. Mike smiled at her as he took the application. "That's so much better. You are a knock out now."

The evening went pretty well. The older men were enamored with this shy, unsecure middle aged woman with the body of a teenager. They knew by her lack of makeup and hair coloring that she was not a "pro." This was her first time in a place like this, and they could tell. Jenny made about four hundred dollars in tips. Mike told her this would not last. They were excited to see a fresh face. Jenny hoped he was wrong.

Things went great for several weeks. Finally, at the beginning of a shift on a Saturday night, Mike asked her to come into his office.

"Have a seat Jenny. I've been going over your application. I had to verify your social security number for our records. I think there is something suspicious. A man named Joe Munson is looking for his wife. It seems she took some expensive things from him. He hired an investigator. Joe is under the impression his wife went to the west coast and disappeared. The investigator thinks this woman has several fake identities. The investigator thinks the woman tried to fool authorities by heading west. He thinks she doubled back and came somewhere east. Do you know anything about this?"

Jenny was silent.

"This woman has probably committed several crimes. She has illegally taken her daughter out of the country without the spouse's permission. She has taken property that does not belong to her and fraudulently sold it. She may be working with false documents and a false identity. Do you know anything about this?"

Jenny looked down without replying. After a minute, she looked back up at him. "Why haven't you turned me in?"

I got on the internet and was able to Google your name. Your name is Jenny Munson. You have a daughter named Stephanie who is fourteen-years old. You were a waitress at the Roselle Court in the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City. You were a track star in high school and college. I know it's you by your pictures. Your fake ID's were excellent, but I got suspicious because the investigator was here. I told him I had never seen anybody like you. He is heading over to Prince Edward Island now.

"Why haven't you turned me in?"

"You are a very good waitress. The men here like a woman like you who does not look or act like the commercial dancers that normally make a living in these clubs. They like the Chinese girls too for the same reason. I want to keep you, but you are going to have to be more flexible. I could use another dancer. You don't have to be strictly a dancer, but you will have to fill in when I need you. Are you up to it?"

Jenny thought about it. She thought about all the trouble she would be in if she was turned in. She could not envision being apart from Stephanie. What would happen to her? She thought about her evening with Joe at the theatre. How much worse could things get, she thought?

Jenny bowed her head and covered her face wither hands. It did not stop the tears from coming out below them. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, she nodded her head, indicating her acceptance of his terms.

Mike reached down and took her hands in his. He tugged her to a standing position and hugged her. He backed away and handed her her tray and cash holder. Jenny walked out of the office not sure whether she had dodged a bullet or was about to be hit by another. The night was busy and Jenny was making good money. In a few hours, she had almost forgotten the incident.

At the end of each set of three dances, the girls take the men to the back of the room for "couch dances." This is where they get their big tips by dancing / grinding nakedly on the men for one dance, or as many as they are willing to tip for.

At the end of one set, Mike came out on the stage before the music started:

Ladies and gentlemen; we have a bachelor's party here tonight. Is Sammy Smith here tonight? A large black man, about six feet eight inches tall and two hundred fifty pounds walked sheepishly to the stage. With one easy step he effortlessly made it up all six steps.

"Normally, for a bachelor's party, the girls all come up her and give him a big kiss. But tonight we are going to try something different."

"Ladies and Gentlemen; Boys and Girls of all ages. We have tonight one of the best armatures in our club that we have ever had. I would like to introduce all of you to the beautiful; the spectacular; the mind boggling, sensational woman I have ever seen. Jenny, would you come up her please?"

There was a thunderous ovation. The dancers were pissed to have the attention taken away from them. Reluctantly Jenny approached the stage. Mike extended a hand to help her up the steps. As she got to the top, he took her serving tray and set it on a high stool.

"Jenny is a very shy young woman. She has never danced before. I want all of you to make her feel welcome. Ladies and gentlemen; the beautiful Miss Jenny." The audience went wild with anticipation. The music started. It was an old Louis Armstrong rendition of St. Louis Blues. It was a wailing bluesy song associated with stripping.

Jenny remembered her deal with Mike; she just didn't think it would happen so soon. She didn't think it would happen like this. It was one thing to be the second or third dancer, maybe, who came up unannounced and took her clothes off while the others were off in a corner pre-occupied with other dancers. It would be hard enough even then; but now, to be announced and do something with everybody focused on her was unthinkable.

The music had started. Jenny was frozen. She couldn't move. She couldn't move her arms; her feet; smile or cry. Soon there was a little booing. "Take it off! Take it off! A chant had started. Jenny looked over at Mike. He was obviously getting mad. She couldn't let her daughter be taken back to Kansas City. Who knows what her husband would do?

Woodenly, Jenny bowed her head as she reached for the hem of her dress. Slowly she unbuttoned one button. A cheer erupted. "More ... more ... more" came the chant. Like a zombie, Jenny reached for the next button. Suddenly she was back in the movie theatre, only it was her hands doing what her husband and the stranger had been doing. This was worse. Before it was being done to her. However bad that was, she was now doing it to herself, she thought as she continued upward. Finally, with the last button undone, she desperately clung to both sides of her dress; unwilling to part with it.

Jenny's head bowed. Her long reddish brown hair cascaded over her shoulders to cover one breast on her right side. Jenny let go and the smooth silk garment slid off of her and silently puddle to the stage around her feet. The crowd cheered. They went berserk with anticipation.

Jenny stood there. Her breasts were bare. Her melon shaped breasts were ghost white and accented her long-stemmed pink-pearl Mai Ling nipples. They shuddered to echo her anguish. Embarrassed, Jenny cupped her breasts with one arm and covered her face with the other.

"Come on, Dammit!" Somebody shouted. "Fake! ... Fraud. Get a real dancer." Came the cries from the audience.

"What's it going to be Jenny?" she heard Mike's voice from the front row of tables.

She had no choice. She lowered her hands to the waistband of her thong. Slowly, she stuck her thumbs into the waistband and moved it down until it fell of its own wait to the floor on top of her dress. Jenny was now naked. She stood there in her high-heeled suede boots. Her black silk stockings covered her legs and accented the lily-white puffy shaved vagina. The area above her slit was shaved into a "landing strip" configuration. Everything below was clean shaven. It had been done at her husband's request. She had embarrassingly sat there on the dining room table as he took a Tupperware bowl full of water, a safety razor and shaving crème to her most intimate area.

She was even more embarrassed that this erotic presentation of her private parts had been exposed in public. Nobody knew that this had not been her idea. She felt like a whore; a slut; to be shaven like that. The audience thundered at the magnificent sight in front of them.

Sure, the other girls were shaven even more. They were young and expected to be beautiful. Here was a woman, of thirty nine years. She had melon shaped breasts with no sag; beautiful nipples; long legs; no fat and beautifully toned legs, and abdominal muscles. She was magnificent. Her long reddish brown hair had been pulled back from her face with some small braids starting at her temples and tied off behind her head. Her long reddish brown hair had been pulled to one side and braided a couple of twists at her neck. The rest of it hung loose and full of curls down over her right breast.

Jenny turned slightly to her side and bent her legs at the knee to retrieve her clothes; thinking she was done and could run off to the dressing room and put everything on. As she turned, stood and started off of the stage, she felt Mike's hand on her shoulder stopping her.

"Ladies and gentlemen; this is a nice start, but hardly the kind of send-off for a young man who is getting married and will never again get to see another naked woman. He will never again get to fuck another naked woman. No other naked woman will ever ... suck his dick ... There it was. The rest of the deal; the rest of her bargain for anonymity was on the table. Mike was giving her the full measure of the cost of his silence. She was back with her husband. Sex for security. She might as well have fucked everyone in the theatre that night. The cost of staying married; the cost of keeping her job; the cost of keeping her anonymity was the same everywhere.

Mike took her hand and led her over to the seated giant. "Have you ever had your dick sucked young man?" The crowd cheered with anticipation. The young man smiled. He was not the kind to "kiss and tell" but he could no hide his expression. His fiancée's brothers were in the audience, and it was awkward, but everybody was laughing.

"Well tonight, young man is the last time you are ever going to have the opportunity to have your dick sucked by another woman than your wife." The crowd went wild. Were they going to actually see this happen?

The young man spread his legs and grinned. Mike had his hand on the back of Jenny's neck. She felt the pressure of his hand squeezing her neck and forcing her down to her knees. Unable to stand the pain, Jenny let her legs collapse.

Jenny was on her knees; with her ankles spread enough for her butt to sit on the oak floor. She put her hands over her eyes and placed her head down on her knees in humiliation of what she had been ordered to do. If she could only have listened to her husband, perhaps he would have let her do this to only him in private. Now, because of her stubbornness and indignation, she was going to do it for a stranger.

"Sit the fuck up. The crowd wants a show."

Jenny tried to fight through her paralysis. She had a daughter sitting at home waiting. She had to make it through the night. Maybe they could run again. If they did, Mike would make a call. It would not take much to find her now. Her back pack with all the different ID's was there, and he probably knew them all and might take them all. She had no options.

Slowly, Jenny raised her hands and began to undo the young giant's belt buckle, brass snap and fly. She raised her hands and inserted her middle and forefingers into his waistband to pull his shorts and underwear down as he raised himself to accommodate her.

Jenny tried to turn her head away from it and the audience as this vile creature leapt out at her when the garment came away. It bobbed. It weaved. It seemed to be panting. It seemed to be searching with the obscene Cyclops eye that seemed to have a life of its own. It grew with anticipation; an inch or so in bursts.

Humiliated, naked and on her knees, Jenny looked up at Mike, hoping he would take pity on her. The tears streaking down her face and on her breasts should have been enough for any man to take pity on this beautiful woman. But no; the crowd was out of control now. Mike couldn't have ordered her to stop if he wanted to; and he didn't.

"Blowjob ... blowjob ... suck it! ... suck it!" The crowd was getting ugly and Jenny could feel it. If only she could have all her options back! All of a sudden, the dark theater; with all its humiliation would have been more preferable. If she could only reconsider with her husband. She knew it was too late.

With her arms heavy with despair, she reached out with her left hand. She extended her thumb and forefinger. Tentatively, she wrapped the two fingers around the base. They wouldn't connect. How big was this thing? Jenny didn't want to look. Her stomach was starting to heave in anticipation.

Again she blindly tried to measure the length and girth without looking. If it was this big around, how long was it? Jenny turned. She extended the rest of the fingers on her left hand around it. Slowly, thinking she could appease him with just one hand, she squeezed and pulled her hand up, along the length. It jumped! It uncoiled some more. It was huge, but the skin was soft and slid along with her hand clear to the edge of the crown.

"Was it breathing? Was it panting? Could it see her? It seemed to be searching for her lips" Jenny thought. She could feel the nearness of the end of him from the odor and heat.

She knew she had to do it. She leaned her right forearm over his thigh and rested her forehead against his thigh. Like a robot, she tried to pretend she was in another place. She tried to blot out the crowd of strangers. She tried to blot out the idea of this monster cock in front of her. She tried to imagine she was sitting in front of her house in her boyfriend's car. She tried to imagine the excitement of him tentatively touching her breasts. She wanted that excitement of being desired; of being with someone she desired. She tried to blot out this picture of her nakedly sitting on her knees with a huge cock in her left hand that she was about to shove into her mouth.

"How am I going to get through this?" she wondered.

Out of options, Jenny brought her hand up to the edge of the crown. She rubbed it almost absentmindedly across her cheek; from her left ear to the edge of her lips. Back and forth; trying to get her mind to accept what she was about to do.

With tears dripping down her face, Jenny squared up. She put one hand in front of the other; fingers around the shaft and thumbs along the bottom; somewhat like the grip on a baseball bat on this gargantuan member that seemed as big as her forearm. With her right hand just behind the ridge of his crown, Jenny leaned forward; kissed the tip and opened her mouth. She pulled back and moistened her lips. She opened her lips and ran the tip inside her lips and against her clenched teeth. Jenny kept her eyes closed. "This is going to hurt. Try not to gag. I don't want to give Mike the satisfaction of seeing me gag." She thought.

The black man slouched back in his chair. His head arched over the back of his chair. His legs stretched out on either side of her. Jenny felt the pressure of his hands sliding into her hair at the back of her head. She had her hands one in front of the other and her lips past the crown of his penis. She was braced so he could not ram it down her throat.

She used her right hand as an extension of her mouth to convince him she had more of him in her mouth than she had. She moved forward as far as she could without gagging, cooperating with the hands on the back of her head. Slowly she pulled back until her mouth was still covering the crown and her tongue nestled along the bottom of his shaft. They remained there; motionless. She trying to resist as much as possible. He, relishing in the warmth; the wetness; and the incredibly erotic comfort of her mouth. He groaned. She mewed in despair and humiliation. Jenny twisted her head from side to side; in agony; in humiliation; in shame at the image she was portraying to the crowd of stranger at the end of his dick.

Jenny pulled back. "Please give me time to catch my breath." She mewed as she used the back of one hand to break the strand of spittle and semen connecting him to her mouth. Jenny's shoulders and abdomen were heaving at the humiliation of being seen like this. When her breath came back to normal, she could feel the hands return to the back of her head. Like a young horse being broken to a bit, she hopelessly leaned forward and opened her mouth. She kissed it again, hoping for some empathy.

This time Jenny opened her mouth, and clamped down with her teeth on the flesh just past the opening. The young man's head reared back. He groaned. His legs stuck straight out. His hands grabbed all of her hair he could manage, and tried to shove as much of her head down on him as he could manage. She was ready. Her position and grip kept him from doing what he wanted, but she recognized the shuddering. Jenny clamped down with both thumbs on the canal on the bottom of his shaft in time to stop the eruption of this vile ectoplasm from drowning or chocking her. As his shuddering subsided, she slowly released her grip and accepted the flow of semen in amounts she was able to swallow.

The crowd recognized the shuddering. They recognized the hollowing of her cheeks and the almost stationary position of each of them. The crowd cheered. The stranger took the hands of the woman between his legs and pulled them off of him. The remaining semen gushed all over her face.

"Open your mouth! Stick out your tongue! Wider dammit. Widen your tongue. Catch it all!"

Jenny closed her eyes. She stuck out her tongue as far as she could. She tried to spread her tongue to catch as much of this vile liquid as she could, but with her eyes closed, she could not see where it was pointed. It seemed to gush forever. It squirted the slimy liquid all through her hair; all over her eyes; up her nose and all over her beautiful breasts.

Jenny sat there motionless; with her head back, eyes closed and tongue extended as her breasts heaved and her abdomen and shoulders shuddered in despair, shame and humiliation and the crowd went crazy.

This was a scene that nobody in the crowd would forget. This was a scene that would keep Guinevere's crowded for as long as Mike could keep her here.

Jenny survived the evening. She survived many more. Jenny was now the most popular waitress on the planet. Guinevere's would never be the same again. The sign above the club now showed a picture of Jenny under the name of Guinevere's.

Mike was happy. He had a money making business before, now it was great. He also came to know more about Jenny's daughter, Stephanie. He suspected that she too would be willing to make desperate concessions to keep her mother out of jail and to keep from going back to her father. He wondered how hard it would be to put the mother and daughter on different shifts without Jenny knowing about it.

Mike was waiting at the corner, about a hundred feet from Jenny's house at 7:30 on the first day of school. He offered her ride to school. Stephanie knew who he was because he had dropped her mom off after work several times, and was not uncomfortable when he pulled up.

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