Double Your Pleasure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Sister, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Samantha was not at all like her slutty sister Miranda. At least not in her mind that is. They were identical twins with different attitudes but a like-minded ability to arouse cocks with very little effort. Samantha's secret is that she is able to do the kinkiest of acts just by playing the role of her sexy sister. Sometimes she even fools herself.

Before I get into this story, I must let everyone know that I am not at all like my twin sister Miranda. Everyone who knew the both of us from the time we were growing up together in Small Town, USA would surely attest to that claim. My problem was more from people who knew only one of us and not the other. It was not really a problem when we were in college because she was on the West Coast and I was in an Ivy League University.

The issues really started when we both took up residence in New York City.

I was a budding young attorney working at a Wall Street firm with the responsibility to insure my clients stayed within the letter of the law when making international transactions. Some of the deals skirted on the very edge of ethical propriety and needed only a small push to make them a bit dodgy.

Excuse me; I forgot to tell you about myself.

My name is Samantha or "Sam" for short. I am 26 years old, have dark black hair and stack 120 lbs. on my 5' 6" frame. I tend to quite curvy and constantly have to watch my diet so I don't start to expand into the next size of clothing. A lot of my weight migrates to my rump so I have a bicycle installed in my den that I use religiously every morning before I go into work. Between the bicycle and the "butt" exercises that I do every night before going to bed, my ass has retained a rather nice shape and looks appealingly well-toned. Both Miranda and I are identical twins and our faces and bodies are almost undetectably different. We eat the same foods and even have our periods on the same cycle.

Our primary difference is in our attitudes and morals.

I am technically still a virgin at the ripe old age of 26 and my twin sister had been humped by more men and a few women than the total population of our tiny birthplace. When we were teenagers at home just before leaving for college and just barely 18, I would often catch Miranda sucking some strange boy in odd places like the garage or the back yard. Our parents never suspected a thing and looked at her as being their innocent young daughter with the lovely disposition. I, on the other hand, was the spoil-sport logical daughter who never displayed a friendly smile.

She would tease me in our bedroom by playing with her pussy or her brown eye right in front of me. Sometimes she would say real dirty things hoping to shock me into a reproving remark. I usually just watched her in silence with a studied look of disinterest. Actually, my own pussy would be churning big time wanting to join in on the action. I was far too "chicken" to do anything nasty like that and settled for a quick rub against Mr. Teddy Bear or rode the rounded knob of the wooden bed. When I did something like that, I would shut my eyes and pretend I was my sister "getting it" from a nice looking young boy.

My only "boyfriend" before I went away to my studies at the University was the neighbor boy from across the street. Harold was not good looking and he wore glasses. In fact, he was pretty nerdy in his speech and his actions. I knew he was passionately in love with my sexy sister and it bothered me that he would look at her all the time when we were in the house together.

On the last weekend before I was leaving for Boston, he came over to the house to say goodbye. Just on a lark, I answered the front door and pretended to be Miranda.

"If you're looking for my tight-ass sister, she is off getting her hair cut. Not that it will do her any good."

He looked at me intently and I could see the lust for my sister burning bright in his pleading eyes.

"No, no I will see her later. Can I talk to you Miranda?"

My pussy was fluttering something awful and I felt something I had never felt before. My pulse rate shot way up and I knew my breasts were heaving under my loose fitting sweater. I just crooked my finger at Harold just like my sister always did to all the boys and I swung my hips just like her going up the stairs to the bedroom.

I had been in our bedroom with Harold before but it was usually to join forces on a term paper or a school project. He was always a gentleman and had never even tried to feel my boob.

When I shut the bedroom door, I removed the sweater and shook off the high heels I had borrowed from my sister.

"What did you want, Harold? I am getting ready to do my exercises so don't take too long."

I laid out a padded mat in the middle of the floor and took off the short skirt which covered my sister's skimpy exercise bikini. I could see a big tent rising in Harold's trousers as I stretched out flat on the floor. I lifted my hips and started to thrust my pussy up into the air to exercise my hips and butt. I was certain that Harold could see the line of my camel-toe pushing right into his face with each measured repetition.

For some strange reason, in my role as Miranda, I was totally uninhibited and wanted only to please Harold. I hoped he would be adventurous enough to take advantage of my sister in this private moment.

The touch of Harold's hand right on my pussy mound made me suddenly wet and I humped up against it like a dog in heat.

"That's nice, Harold. Do you do that to my sister?"

His face got a little red and he started to stroke my dripping slit.

"No, I don't think she would like that, Miranda. Your sister Samantha is pretty much against kissing and stuff like that."

I figured that was why poor Harold never made a move on me. It was a good lesson to learn and after that I was much more inviting to males with itchy fingers. Even if it didn't go anywhere, at least it was good practice and confirmed they were interested in my body.

Harold straddled me and fell to his knees. I reached up and opened his trousers so his cock could appear in front of my face.

"My sister must like to take this big boy in her mouth, right, Harold?"

"Sadly, no, Miranda, we never did that. I thought she would be pretty offended if I stuck my dick in her mouth. She can be pretty sarcastic, sometimes."

I was angry at myself for not doing just that a long time ago and guided his beautiful cock right up to my lips. I let my tongue exit my mouth and started to lick the tip of Harold's rock-hard cock. The sound of him moaning and whimpering at my ministrations made me venture to suck the entire shaft into my mouth. It was the first time I actually had a boy's cock inside my mouth and I loved every second of it.

My hand wandered down to my own dripping slit and I pushed two fingers deep inside my vagina. Harold put his hands on the back of my head and steered me into a steady bobbing action on his rampant cock. I was scared but in my role as Miranda, I wanted only to please this cock invading my mouth and demanding my throat for a deposit of creamy cum.

When he started to shudder, I knew he was far too gone for me to stop him. The flood of his load shooting into the back of my throat was anticipated but still it startled me. It was so slimy and sticky and had a real yucky taste to it. I guessed it was something that I would have to acquire with lots of practice.

Now, years later, I realized my first efforts at oral sex were pretty good. I think the key to my technique was just to pretend to by my slutty sister and I always gave a good performance. Some of the other sexual tricks I had performed in the years since relied on that same scenario. Since I could blame the dirty deeds all on my sister, I actually never felt guilty about any of them. It was the ideal solution to assuage a guilty conscience.

When Harold pushed my thong aside to slip in his cock, I protested weakly.

"We don't have any condoms, Harold. Please don't stick it inside me!"

Harold was perplexed at first because it was a very logical choice. Then, he reached down and flipped me over onto my tummy.

The feel of his cock right on my brown eye was both a shock and an exciting experience. I knew my sister had done this many times with boys she really liked but I had never even expected to participate in such a kinky act with the nerdy Harold.

"Harold, Please just a little bit in there. Not the whole thing. I am much too small back there, Harold!"

Harold was sympathetic to my request given supposedly from the lips of my slutty sister Miranda. I could tell he was sincere in his agreement with the request.

I quickly learned that compliance and reality are quite different things. I gave up the first two inches with excited pulsing of my surrendered sphincter. Then, Harold grunted like a determined man with a mission and shoved his entire 9 inches deep inside my pulsating rectum.

My screech was heartfelt.

Then, all I could feel was this sense of complete fullness. I was stretched wide open and the weight of my Harold was pinning me to the padded mat. He started to fuck me in the ass slowly and with a little growl each time he bottomed out inside me.

"Take it deep, Miranda, baby!" Your ass is mine now!"

The ass-fucking I got from my nerdy boyfriend Harold was quite memorable.

Later, I could tell the way Harold looked at Miranda that he was thinking about his next encounter with my slutty sister. When he talked to me and wished me a safe journey, he only gave me a peck on the cheek.

I laughed a bit at his discreet attitude and allowed my arm to accidently brush up against his cock and hanging balls. He gave me a quick look but suspected nothing.

During my four years in the University, I had many similar sessions with different boys and they were all very successful from my point of view because I had very pleasing orgasms in my role as my slutty sister Miranda.

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