The Importance of a Good Education
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, FemaleDom, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Brad fails to get even one acceptance into college, his dad takes matters into his own hands. Using his college network he manages to gain Brad a place at his old school and lodgings with a friend, Miss Lily. But Miss Lily is more than simply a strict old spinster, in fact, you might be more inclined to called her Mistress Lily. Brad soon discovers that the price of disobedience is punishment and finds himself sinking into the darker world of BDSM. Plus side, his grades improve dramatically

Brad knew he was in trouble when he got the rejection letters from both his first, second and third choice colleges. It wasn't as if he was majorly bummed at being turned down as such - academically he knew he was never going to be some superbrain – but he'd been kind of looking forward to getting away from his old-fashioned parental units and having some fun with his buddies.

I mean honestly, no one else had to put up with parents like his. It was ridiculous, them and their stupid rules - 10pm curfew, no parties, no drinking – he was 18 years old for godsake, his friends all thought he was a freak, and last time he'd snuck out he'd been caught falling through his window at 3am and grounded for a month.

The pitying looks he'd got as he was dropped off and picked up from school each day had been the final straw, so when it was time for college applications, he'd picked the three furthest from home. The look on his mum's face when he'd told her had almost changed his mind, but when he'd started raving about the quality of education and the extra curricular activities she'd changed her mind. In fact it had been her who'd manage to talk his dad around. His dad, of course, had wanted him to go to the same college as he had, but 100 miles away wasn't far enough for Brad. That was still visiting distance.

Stuffing the last of the letters under the mattress he pinned a bright smile on his face, rapidly trying to think of a solution that would let him escape this hell hole without admitting that he'd flunked pretty much all of his exams. Maybe he could just get a job, move up north and take night classes. That way he'd still have a certificate to show them. Or maybe he could just buy one off the internet and gloss over anything that didn't entirely match what he'd told them.

Attempting to think 'happy and excited' instead of 'watching his life go down the drain' he walked down to breakfast. And that was another stupid rule, who cared if breakfast was the most important meal of the day, who cared if families were supposed to eat together, why on earth should he have to wake up at 6am on a day when there was no school and no reason to get up. All of his friends would still be lying happily in their beds sleeping off last nights parties, and he had to get up and force down cereal whilst making polite conversation about current events. He had to get out of here and soon before he lost his mind.

Sitting at the table lost in thought, Brad wondered how on earth he was going to finesse this. It wasn't until his mum put her hand on his arm that he realised he was supposed to be being sociable. Looking up he realised they were both staring at him, waiting for him to say something.

"Sorry Mum, Dad," he apologised, kicking himself for not paying attention, "my mind was elsewhere. What did you say?"

There was a pause as his mums expression changed from worried to sympathetic and his dads mood turned visibly blacker. Of course it was his dad who spoke first, before his mum interrupted.

"Your mind's elsewhere?" He bellowed, "seems like it's been elsewhere for the whole year! What an earth were you thinking?"

Confused, Brad tried to work out what his dad was talking about. It couldn't be college, he'd only just read the letter himself, and after that one time he'd made sure to 'stay' at a friends house if there was going to be alcohol involved, had they found out? No, they couldn't have, Pete's mum certainly wouldn't have said anything. She agreed with him about the stupid rules. Well maybe not agreed as such but certainly sympathised. Pete's mum was cool like that.

"I think," Brads mum said gently, her voice full of worry, "that what your father is trying to say is, have you given any thought to what you're going to do now?"

What he was going to do now? Well given the choice he was going to finish breakfast as quickly as possible and get on the phone to Pete to find out what the hell was happening! Looking over at the pair of them though, he didn't think that was the right answer.

His mum placed her hand lightly on his forearm, patting it sympathetically.

"Don't pander to the boy!" His dad bit out angrily, "it's his own fault."

His own fault? What were they talking about? And why did his mum look like her pet dog had been run over, he hadn't killed anyone, he hadn't robbed a bank or anything. What had he done that was so bad?

"Either way," his dad continued gruffly, "I think he's done quite enough damage for one day."

Picking up the newspaper, he signalled the end of the conversation. Opening his mouth to say something, Brad caught himself as he saw his mum subtly shaking her head. Oh man, whatever it was he was in real trouble now.

Deciding it would be a good idea to stay out of sight, Brad had spent the day in his room, tidying and reorganising his shelves and closet before settling down in front of the computer to write a CV. Any thoughts he had had about telling his parents had been wiped, the mood his dad was in at the moment it wasn't worth the risk. Instead he'd decided he was going to have to get a job and save enough money to get a place of his own.

In the meantime, he'd keep his head down, carry on the pretence of going to college and hope they didn't ask any probing questions. Why did they have to be so damn controlling?

A ping from his instant messanger pulled his attention back to the computer screen.

Hey dude, how's tricks?

Awful man, parentals on the warpath and college is a no go.

Sucks balls dude. So take it you won't be at Sally's party tonight then?

Fat chance of that, you know what they're like, have more freedom in prison than here man.

Well it's an option ... just saying ;)

How about no? At least here I can bend over in the shower without having to worry.

Hahaha hahahahaha. Have fun dude. Laters.


Damnit! Sally was the hottest girl in school and for some weird reason she'd hunted him down in the corridors during first break in order to personally invite him to her party. He'd rapidly assured her that nothing could possibly keep him away and he'd almost fainted when she'd giggled and said she was looking forward to getting to know him better. That cheeky wink as she turned to leave had convinced him that 'getting to know her' was something he would very much enjoy doing, if only he could figure out some way of getting out of the house undetected. Somehow, he didn't think 'staying at Pete's' would work so well this time and since that drunken escapade a safety lock had been fitted on his window to 'prevent accidents'. A child lock. Major embarrassment. Sometimes he wondered what planet his parents lived on.

Hearing his mum call out that lunch was ready, he shut down the laptop and made his way downstairs. Taking his seat, he was a little perturbed to see the way his mum avoided making eye contact as she served up the delicious smelling roast. He could see her cheeks turning red as she noticed that he'd noticed before she resolutely started cutting up her meat, her gaze firmly fixed on the meal in front of her.

His dad, on the other hand, had no such problem, his glare burning a hole in the side of Brads head as he took a leaf from his mums book and silently shovelled food into his mouth, eyes downturned. This was bad. This was real bad.

Finishing his food, he stood to take his plate to the kitchen. A curt "Sit!" from his dad had him dropping rapidly back to his seat, the plate clattering loudly against the table top in the silence. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

He waited for something more, but his dad carried on eating his food calmly, as if nothing had happened.

Pushing her chair back from the table, his mum stood, leaving her half eaten dinner on the table as she bolted from the room. Staring after her in shock, Brad gulped nervously. Part of him wanted to run after her, he was sure he'd seen tears in her eyes, but the glare fixed on him from the other side of the table kept him glued to his seat. Dread bubbled up inside him as he waited to hear what he'd done wrong. He'd never seen his dad like this, he was always so calm and controlled. This version scared him a little.

Finally, his dad placed his cutlery neatly on his empty plate and stood to leave, indicating with a nod of his head that Brad should follow. It was the silence that was most intimidating, Brad thought, mealtimes were never silent, it was against the rules. Suddenly he felt a longing for all the rules, even the really stupid childish ones. Without them he felt lost and uncertain. Somehow the boundaries had changed and he didn't know where they were any more. He didn't like it, he didn't like it at all.

His dad led him into his study and closed the door behind him. Sitting behind the large oak desk, he pointed to the chair in front and Brad sat down, feeling like he was sitting in the Principals office again. His fathers next words didn't do much to dispel that image.

"I received a phone call today," he started ominously, "would you care to take a guess what it was regarding?"

Not wanted to drop himself in even more trouble by venturing the wrong suggestion, Brad remained silent. Waiting.

"Fine!" His dad bit out after what felt like an hour to Brad. "As you're not willing to discuss this as an adult, I'll stop attempting to treat you like one."

Brad opened his mouth to protest but snapped it closed as his father gave him a quelling look.

"As you've spectacularly failed to get into any of the colleges you applied to, your mother and I agree that we've obviously been too lenient on you in the past."

Too lenient? Brad thought angrily, what world did they live in?

"Your mother," his dad continued forcefully, "is extremely worried about you, and so this morning I spoke to the Principal of my old college, St Mary's.

"Luckily for you, he's willing to take you on trust, providing you spend the remainder of the summer improving your grades to the required standard."

Oh God this was worse than he'd suspected. St Mary's plus summer school. His life was over if any of his friends found out about this.

"I've arranged for you to lodge with a friend of mine whilst you're at college. Hopefully having an adult around will make you work harder and pay attention to your studies.

"Her name is Miss Lily and she taught me a lot when I was your age. Whilst you're staying with her, I expect you to do exactly as she tells you so there'll be none of this sneaking around at night drinking and partying. I've had to call in a lot of favours to get you this opportunity and I won't have you worrying your mother any more than you already have. Do I make myself clear?"

Fucking great! Brad thought Now I get to spend three years living with some spinster librarian, who's even stricter than my bloody parents, and best of all only lives just over an hour away. So much for escape, all I've got is a different prison.

"Do you understand?" his dad asked again in a menacingly soft voice, somehow it sounded even more threatening than if he'd shouted.

"Yes," Brad answered sullenly. It's not like he had any choice in the matter it seemed, didn't mean he had to like it though.

"Good," his father replied in that same quiet voice. "Go and pack your bags, we'll leave in an hour."

What the... ? Leave in an hour? But he had Sally's party to go to tonight, he couldn't just stand her up like that, she'd never speak to him again! One look at his dad convinced him that arguing was not a good idea, he'd have to figure a way to get back again later, maybe Pete's mum would pick him up or something. He was not missing that party for anything.

Stomping upstairs sulkily he fumed silently as he threw clothes willy nilly into his backpack. How did he know what he'd need, it's not like he'd started planning this, he'd thought he had a good two months before he even needed to worry about packing. Laptop, clothes, hell he didn't even know what course he'd been signed up to, calculator and pens obviously, notepad, textbooks, he guessed, as he'd flunked pretty much all of his subjects. Stupid bloody parents. Stupid bloody college. Stupid bloody Miss Lily!

Brad had never been so glad of his phone than he was now, as he sat in the car arranging how to get to the party tonight. His dad, in the drivers seat, glanced over occasionally but didn't speak and that was fine with Brad, he had more important things to worry about. Like how he was going to escape from the dragon/witch guarding the gate of his new prison. With any luck, she'd be so elderly she'd drift off to sleep around 6ish and he'd be able to sneak past her with ease and be back before she woke up.

Pulling up outside a large, detached stone house, Brad let out a low whistle. The dragon must be loaded to afford something like this. It was three stories high and almost as wide as it was high, kind of like a miniature mansion in the centre of town, and it screamed 'money'. Maybe living here wouldn't be so bad. Better than sharing a cramped apartment like he'd been expecting and it would be fantastic for parties. The old bat had to go out sometime right?

As his dad started unloading the boot of the car the front door opened, revealing a rather attractive, middle aged, dark haired lady, dressed all in black. Curious, Brad wondered if she was a maid, or perhaps Miss Lily's nurse/companion. He'd never really gone for older women before but he figured for her he'd make an exception, she was curved in all the right places, round, squeezable boobs, hips you could grab hold of, and in between, a tiny, tiny waist. He squinted, wondering if she was wearing some kind of corset thing underneath that dress, surely that couldn't be natural.

A case dropped on his toes brought him back to reality and he muttered a curse under his breath.

"Stop staring," his dad hissed, "and give me a hand with your bags. Miss Lily is waiting for us."

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