Big Bad Mike
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Teacher/Student, Clergy, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike is big,bad, and extremely ugly. The combination of the ugly face and the beautiful huge body seems to attract a lot of female attention and he is not inclined to refuse any of it. He does fall for a slightly older woman who is already spoken for but they still manage to connect in a frenzy of kinky action that makes him feel like he has fallen into paradise.

Mike was big. I mean that is just a plain and simple fact. He stood six foot eight and weighted just under 300 pounds. I would give that in meters and stones and such but it really is such a bore.

It was also true that Mike was bad. Of that, there could not be any doubt. He could be a very mean character when he wanted to make a point. But deep inside, where it really counts, he was just a big old softie.

However, if one wanted to describe Mike in a single word, it would have to be "Ugly".

When the good Lord was giving out "good looks" on that fateful day that he was born, Mike was probably looking for something to eat or suck on.

Now, the very thought of giving Mike a nickname of "Ugly" was not a good idea considering he was quick to take offense about his facial appearance. So, Mike had the moniker of "Big Bad Mike". Mike always kind of liked the nickname and he even referred to himself the same way.

When he was only a junior in high school and 16 years old, he decided he would be a wrestler after watching a match at the Armory downtown. Because of his height, everyone wanted him to be a basketball player. Mike did play basketball for two years but his heart really was not in it. He could bull his way under the basket and stick the ball in the net but his foul shooting was a complete disaster and he even tried shooting the foul shots the way that the girls do from between the legs in a very embarrassing and demeaning manner.

After about 10 matches in which he was undefeated, Mike got a scholarship to a Catholic College for wrestling. The basketball coach was always on his tail trying to talk him into playing basketball as well.

The appearance of Mike at the college was humorous to see. The other students did not know what to make of this really ugly giant in their midst. In his very first wrestling match, Mike broke the arm and dislocated the shoulder of his opponent. The league started to check his age and his eligibility to wrestle but everything checked out and Mike went on to an undefeated season.

His ugly face did make him look a lot older than his actual age and his size made most males steer wide of him wherever he traveled.

Girls were another story.

The rumors of the size of his cock were so widespread that even the girls in the other Universities wanted a shot at Mike. Between his wrestling, his studies and the endless pussy coming his way, he was almost burned out in only his second year.

The simple truth was that "Big Bad" Mike was a gentle giant with the ladies and he always treated them with respect and appropriate behavior. The females that wanted something different he quickly dumped and he stayed with the pussy that just wanted a long hard cock inside them. Mike was not even into the "mouth" stuff or the "ass" stuff. He was strictly a "bury the salami" in the vagina kind of guy.

His favorite class was his English Lit. Course. He really liked the instructor who was easy to understand and seemed to know a lot about the subject matter.

Sister Veronica was a teaching nun who taught English Literature at the college. She was only a young girl in her early twenties and was really not quite certain if the religious life was the right road for her. The teaching position gave her the opportunity to mingle with other young people and make up her mind if she wanted to devote her life to a cloistered existence or if she would be more suited to life in the give and take of modern society.

When Mike first came into her classroom, Sister Veronica discovered her pussy was leaking profusely as she tried to visualize the size of the huge student's cock under his clothing. The severe ugly lines of his face did not turn her off. In fact, ugly Mike was a huge temptation to her because he contrasted so radically from her own beautiful features.

Seeing that her new student was slightly dyslectic, Sister Veronica informed him he would be required to attend her tutoring class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mike was happy that someone took an interest in his academics because he was very serious about wanting to pass all of his courses.

In the very first tutoring class, the only other student, a young man from a foreign country advised Sister Veronica he was withdrawing from classes until he could improve his English to an acceptable degree. She realized it was probably for the best because he would fall further and further behind with each passing week.

Assuming that Mike was not very smart as most of the athletic scholarship students tended to be, she gave him material far below his level. He laughed and showed Sister Veronica that he had a good background in all areas of English Literature but that his problem with shifting words stemmed from a problem in reading much too fast for absorbing the material.

Since the air conditioning had been shut off with the ending of the regular school day, she allowed him to remove his jacket and she took off her abbreviated vest that hid the voluptuous swells of her impressive bosom.

Mike was distracted by the glaring cleavage shown by Sister Veronica and when she stood next to him to point out an error; he felt the curve of her hip rub up against his shoulder and upper arm. Sensing she was not inclined to pull away from the contact, he took the opportunity to allow his huge hand to fall down between her slightly spread legs. He heard Sister Veronica sigh and then whimper in distress at the touch of his fingers on the inside bare skin of her legs.

She leaned over Mike's shoulder and let her pussy mound rub right on top of his well-muscled arm. Looking over her shoulder with some degree of guilt, the pretty nun spread her legs a little wider and rode his arm for several minutes without a single word of acknowledgement. Slowly, Mike let his hand travel up the inside of her leg until he felt the cloth of her underpants. There was a big wet spot in the middle and he judged that she was long deprived of a proper fucking.

Mike was not of her religious persuasion, but he respected the rules and regulations. This was a case in his eyes of simply helping out a desperate female to achieve some semblance of sexual release with a proper partner. His actions were more an effort to remedy her almost desperate situation rather than to take meaningless pleasure from a female in a weak moment.

He used his middle finger to tickle the swollen slit of her womanhood and she rested her weight on his sturdy arm. The look on Sister Veronica's face was a study in conflicted guilt and desire. Her desire won out and she humped her pussy on his fingers and his arm until her juices spurted out wetting her cotton underpants.

Mike decided this was enough "fooling around" and got down to serious business. He stood up towering over the unusually short nun and flipped up her skirt to her waist. Quickly he pulled down the soaking wet underpants and opened her pussy pie from behind like a Christmas present left under the tree.

Sister Veronica was definitely not a virgin. She had plenty of fun and games from right after her sweet sixteen party right up until she entered the convent at the ripe age of 23. With several years of all-consuming fucking behind her, Veronica's pussy had been well exercised in almost every position imaginable. Ever since she had desisted from seeking male companionship, she had relied on her own fingers and her trusty hair brush to tend to her needy little garden. This was her first encounter with a male partner in over two years and her pussy slit was a bit tight due to inactivity.

Mike was surprised at the tightness of the short teacher's pussy. He really liked the smacking noise his legs made on her backside when he rammed his cock deep into her vagina from the rear. He could tell she was a real class act because she refused to evidence any distress from the deep penetration. He knew she must be feeling it because she had not been poked for such a long time.

The tiny nun clung tightly to the edge of the desk in front of her. She needed the support to keep from being battered into the wall by the energetic young student. When she looked up at him towering over her, she could not believe how tall and how big the fellow was. The cock sliding in and out of her flooded vagina was not overly long; it was really thick and very hard almost like a rod of steel.

Sister Veronica was startled when Mike lifted her off the floor and laid her down on top of the desk. He flipped her over like she was little doll and placed her ankles on his broad shoulders. From this angle, he was able to shove his still aroused cock in even deeper hitting an area where she seldom received penetration from an exploring cock. For the first time, Sister Veronica started to show some emotions as Mike plumbed her deepest regions with a steady controlled stroke. Mike noticed that all of a sudden she had started to pant like a tired runner and her face turned a deep shade of red. Her saliva was drooling from the corners of her mouth and he could see her little pucker hole blinking open and shut like a signal for a train to proceed. It also let him know that she was well acquainted with anal delights from past encounters with coupling partners.

He was really glad that Sister Veronica was well versed in the ways of "going all the way". It would have been a difficult situation if she turned out to be a virgin or very inexperienced. At least this way he knew she knew the score and seemed real "hot to trot" right from the start.

The very next time that they got together for some tutoring, they wasted no time to get his cock buried deep inside her slick love channel. Mike took it real slow this time and it was more than half an hour before his weapon was forced to let his creamy bullets fly up Sister Veronica's pretty little pussy.

Mike was surprised that he even went so far as to break a date with a "sure thing" cheerleader with a heart-stopping ass just to take Sister Veronica to an opera. It was the first opera he had ever seen and it made a big impression on him. The music with a Latin beat made him super horny and he bounced Sister Veronica on his lap for a long time before she went inside her residence for single women. No men were allowed beyond the lobby and it was a requirement for her to be outside the convent.

His lap was a puddle of his own cum and plenty of Sister Veronica's juices mixed in. She sure was a juicy girl and was very passionate even if she tried to pretend she was only doing it to make him feel good. Mike was smart enough to know she probably needed it just as bad if not worse than him and that she would be back for more as long as he was dishing it out.

The last week of the semester, Sister Veronica told Mike she was going back to the convent because she decided her work was more important than her own gratification. She apologized to him because she knew he was a bit in love with her. Mike never said a negative word and wished her well on her chosen path. He knew she was a once in a lifetime find but life moves on and there are new adventures every day. In fact, he had an appointment with a guy from Hollywood who wanted to talk to him about doing some character parts in movies. Mike knew they were interested in him only because he was about the ugliest mug on campus and not because of any great acting ability.

He wondered if those Hollywood starlets were as loose as the girls on campus.

It might be real fun to find out for himself.

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