The Reluctant Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size, Public Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kathy is the Mayor of a very small city in rural Nebraska. She is struggling to keep it alive. An old ex-boyfriend/stalker is in a position to help or hurt her. what is she willing to do for the sake of her city?

Katherine Munson had mixed emotions. She had been elected again as Mayor of Parker, Nebraska. It was flattering that the town wanted her, but that was not all good. The little town of a hundred people basically would nominate and vote in whoever had not made it to the City Meeting. The major duties for mayor were to mow the City Park and turn off the city lights at 9:00pm. That was pretty much it.

Kathy had done other things to endear herself to them, though. She had spent many hours writing and submitting grants for different city improvements. She had worked with the architectural students at the nearby university on several ideas. The city had been awarded federal grants for low income housing.

The eighty year old grain elevators had been bought and consolidated with others a few miles away and were no longer needed. The grain silos were high on the bluffs of the Platte River with a beautiful view of the water. The Corps of Engineers had always kept it dredged, so lots of people used the river for leisure travel to several nearby cities.

The grain elevators had some large docks along the river for transporting grain on barges up and down the waterway. The grant money was used to change the all-concrete silos into multi-story living units. Every other silo was a circular stair with glass roofs that flooded the shaft with light.

The silos in-between were multi-story living units. Each one had a bedroom on the lower level; living and dining space on the next level and a master bedroom on the top level. If anybody wanted more bedrooms, another floor was included. Windows were placed somewhat randomly, but with spectacular views of the waterfront.

Other industrial warehouse buildings along the waterway were converted to specialty shops, art galleries and boutiques. It was a wonderful small town, but there wasn't enough work opportunity to attract many more residents. Kathy had been working on some more grants.

This morning, she received a very formal looking packet in the mail. It was from the state office that had granted the last grant.

Dear Ms. Munson:

The state is reviewing your request for a grant of $400,000.00 for a new water tower. We will be sending a representative to review the drawings, feasibility study and local bond ratings. Our representative will be Sam Young. He has your name, phone number and address and will contact you for a convenient time.


Gretchen Wilson

Cc Sam Young

"Oh, shit!" thought Kathy. Could it be the same Sam Young she had gone to high school with? Probably not, she thought and apprehensively tried to dismiss the idea. The next day, her cell phone rang.

"Mrs. Munson; this is Sam Young. How are you? I am calling to set up an appointment to go over your Grant Proposal for a new water tower." Kathy went on to have a cordial conversation and set up a time for the next week. Towards the end of the meeting, Sam asked; "Kathy; are you the former Catherine Bell that graduated from Parker twenty years ago?"

It was him! "Oh, Sam; what a surprise. Yes, I think we knew each other. It sure has been a long time." They managed to talk for a few minutes before Kathy could diplomatically end the conversation.

"Oh, shit! Why did it have to be him?" She wondered what her chances would be of getting the grant now, because they had an awkward history together. She had been a freshman and he had been a senior. She had dated him all through high school. She had gone to attend his college football games until she was ready to follow him to college. One weekend she had gone up, unannounced, to see him and found him in bed with one of the girls from college. He had tried unsuccessfully to get her back, but without any luck.

When she graduated, she decided to accept a track scholarship to another state and avoid him. There had been some bitter words between them. He had been a real ass by stalking her. One time she had been at a bar with some of her other friends on a triple date. She had been out with a new date she was really interested in.

Sam came up to them at the booth and said: "What's the matter Kathy, are you tired of sucking my dick or are you just interested in trying some new ones?" Kathy was devastated. In front of her girlfriends and new date, he had humiliated and embarrassed her beyond all imagination. He always seemed to know when he could show up and embarrass her like that.

Now, twenty years later, he had located her again. This time there was more at stake than just her reputation. She had managed to have a "Good Girl" reputation once Sam had graduated and moved on. Now, what?

When the day arrived, she was ready; full of apprehension and nervousness. She wasn't sure how to dress. Should she wear boots, jeans and an oxford cloth button down long sleeved men's shirt or her regular dress?

Kathy hoped that "bygones would be bygones." and there would be no hard feelings. It was summer, so she had her high-heeled, cork soled shoes, and colorful summer dress that buttoned down the front. The hem was a few inches above her knees. The top was a square, scooped neck that covered her back, but stopped square just above her breasts. She had a brightly colored bolero jacket that had no buttons. Her pearl necklace looped twice around her neck and hung several inches below her breasts. Her long reddish brown hair was held back by a couple of small braids that started at her temples and attached with a rubber band. Kathy's light complexion had the typical freckles of a redhead, but also the golden sheen inherited from her dark haired father.

Kathy heard an unfamiliar car roar into their gravel drive and screech to a stop. Her cell phone went off. "I'm here." The text message said. Kathy picked up her small clutch purse, roll of drawings and three-ring binder with copies of the feasibility studies and original proposal.

Kathy shut the door behind her and turned to see a guard's red 930 slope-nose 1972 Porsche, Targa in the drive. Sam had a familiar grin on his face as he walked around the car to open the door for her. Kathy got in and tried to sit down. The car was so low, and the seats were the padded aluminum racing style with the five-point seat belts. She was stumped as to how to fasten them. There were buckles everywhere.

Sam took her drawings, binder and purse and set them in the back. He kneeled down on the ground beside her. He took the two buckles just below her shoulders and buckled them together. The shoulder straps pinned her shoulders back and forced her beautiful breasts out around the belts around them. He brought the two lap buckles together and snapped them together just above her crotch.

Sam shook his head. "I'm not sure how to get the last one buckled with a dress." Sam looked into her eyes and smiled. He reached down to her hem and began unbuttoning her dress; one at a time in an agonizingly slow sequence. Kathy was startled and embarrassed. What should she do? What could she do? The evening had just started. She had to have his approval on this proposal. Dumbfounded and embarrassed, she sat there, unable to make a decision.

When Sam got to the last button just below her crotch, he looked down and just tugged her dress up a little and brought the last buckle up between her legs and snapped it to the lap belt. Kathy sat there stunned; with her long delicate legs on display on each side of the seat belt. Sam put his hand on her leg just below her crotch in order to stand. "You ought to be safe now, Mrs. Munson."

Sam got into the car and roared off down the gravel road onto the main highway. Parker was too small to have any real restaurants other than the diner open for breakfast and lunch. The nearest town, Nemaha, was about fifteen miles away and had the accommodations expected for a city of about 15,000 people.

Sam pulled up in front of Guinevere's, one of the more elegant restaurants in the city. It was also like the renovated section of Parker. It was an old brick warehouse along the riverfront. It had a big loading dock that had been used to load grain on barges many decades ago. Sam pulled up to the front where the valet opened the door for Kathy. He was stunned to see this almost wantonly displayed, half naked woman. Her dress was open almost to her crotch. Her legs were helplessly displayed through the seating harness. The top part pressed her clothes against her body so tight; her breasts were straining out against the fabric pinned back by the harness. Kathy was embarrassed and humiliated when Sam told the valet he would have to help her out of the restraints. She almost sobbed when the man pushed his fingers under the clasp between her legs. She felt he took too long unbuckling that clasp, and didn't seem to withdraw when she was free.

They sat outside at a glass topped table with a large umbrella over it. Kathy tried to use the binder and roll of drawings for cover as she sat down. He had not let her re-button her dress, so it hung openly on each side of her. She was in a dilemma; modesty told her to cross her legs; but if she did, the dress would ride up even more. She tried to cross her legs and fold the dress across her lap, but Sam reached over and slapped her hands away; letting it fall open almost to her crotch.

Kathy tried to put her binder, drawings and elbows on the glass table for cover. Sam told her to sit back, and pulled the drawings and binder over to his side of the table next to her. The waiter did not know how to react. He was shocked at her display. Should he ignore the scene in front of him, or was he allowed to look.

He tried not to look at her crotch, and focused on making eye contact with Sam. He noticed that Sam had caught his glance and was smiling. "It's o.k." Sam's expression seemed to be telling him. Feeling he had free license to gawk, the waiter's eyes shifted bravely between making eye contact with Kathy and ogling her legs. "What would you like to drink, Ma'am?"

Sam ordered drinks and diner for the two of them. "Can we go over the proposal for the water tower, Sam?" Kathy forced out of her stuttering mouth.

"To quote Ross Perot, I'm all ears!" Sam answered with a grin from ear to ear. Kathy tried to unroll the drawings to show the design and location. Before she could get started, Sam put his arm on hers and stopped her.

"Kathy, you really fucked me over back in college. I haven't forgotten. I know you want this project, and I am going to make you pay." He said.

"Sam, I'm sorry for the way I treated you, but you were pretty bad to me too. Why can't we forget all that? This project is important to this city, and it would be a shame if our personal differences got in the way. Can't we just be civil to each other for a while?"

"We'll see. I think that depends on you and what you are willing to do for it."

"What do you want Sam?"

"Well for starters, I think you are over-dressed. I want you to take off that bra!" Kathy's blood stopped. She turned white. What should she do? How could she get out of this? She was trapped. There didn't seem to be any way out. She could leave and turn him in to the State, but they probably wouldn't believe her and remove her funding.

Of all the things he could do to her, this would be a small sacrifice if it stopped here. Kathy stood and turned for the bathroom. With legs that could hardly move, she walked to the Women's Room. Once inside, she locked herself in the handicapped stall and unbuttoned her top enough to remove her bra. This fabric is too thin, she thought. I'll never get away with being dressed like this in public. What if somebody recognizes me?

Kathy folded the bra and tried to hide it in her little clutch purse. As she walked back into the dining room, she felt the talking stopped. She felt she was on display. Her high-heeled shoes seemed to be making the only sound in the room as she clip-clopped back to her table. Without the bra and it's padding, the dress still fit like a glove, with the exception that her long-stemmed pink nipples were trying to push their way through the fabric. Her nipples jiggled like a manometer to telegraph each step as she tried to tip-toe, un-noticed, across the honed limestone tiled floor.

Somewhere, a waiter spotted her and dropped a large empty stainless steel warming tray in shock of what he was seeing. The tray dropped like a gong, and thundered through the room like a cannon, announcing her entrance back into the room. All the patrons turned to see what the commotion was about, and realized why the worker had dropped his tray.

Humiliated and embarrassed, Kathy was forced to walk the distance to her chair with all eyes on her. Sam smiled and brought his hands silently together in mock applause. By now, Kathy wanted to die. She bowed her head and reached for the binder and drawings to change her focus to something else.

By then, their food and drinks had arrived. Kathy's mind was numb as they made small meaningless talk about their years apart. When the dinner was over, Kathy tried again to bring up the project. Sam put his hand on her leg to stop her.

"Before we start, I have another request."

"What's that, Sam?" Kathy asked in a whisper.

"I still think you are overdressed in all this summer heat. I think you should take off your panties."

"Fuck you, Sam. I will do no such thing. You are every bit as bad as I remember." Kathy spat out at him.

"Suit yourself. I'll get the check and take you home. There is only so much money for grants in this state. I'm sure somebody else will be glad to have this money."

Kathy knew she was fucked! Her city needed that money for a new tower. The old one was rusting away and would soon be useless. About a hundred people who lived there and the others who came there for work would all move out. There were too many other amenities in nearby town to stay.

Kathy pulled her chair back and started to turn towards the restroom. She felt Sam's hand on her shoulder. "No you don't miss Catherine. You're going to do it right here. You're going to do it right now!"

Kathy was speechless. Her blood pounded in her veins and her head throbbed. "How could this be happening to me?" she wondered. She sat there letting the message sink in. Kathy had been more adventurous as a teenager, but never to this level. With a boyfriend, this could be classified as exciting; adventurous. If she had been a teenager with her girlfriends, at the edge of the dining area, close to the dark, she might entertain the idea as a challenge.

As an older woman, in a strange restaurant, in the light with an enemy and room full of strangers, this was unthinkable. How could she do this? She knew she had to do it.

Slowly Kathy looked around to see who was watching. Most of the men are keyed into any motion. If it's a woman, any motion creates attention. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, the men caught the uncertainty and terror in her eyes. Sensing that something unusual was in the air, the room seemed to get quiet. The men were now staring overtly at Kathy.

Kathy had the expression of someone about to be executed. She raised her eyes to make contact with Sam, hoping for some sign of empathy. Seeing none, she put her hands on the sides of her dress; pulled the fabric up a few inches and slid her panties down over the front edge of her seat as she "hopped" up an inch or so to free them. Kathy moved her butt towards the edge of the chair enough to free her panties from being between her and the chair. She uncrossed her legs for a split second and reached down to slide them past her knees. She crossed her legs to pull them down over her legs; first one; then the other. With all the strength she could bring, she wadded them up into as small a ball as she could, hoping nobody could see them.

Sam placed his open hand, palm up on the edge of the table. Kathy mashed them into his hand and rolled his fingers over them, trying to hide them from the customers. Sam looked around and could see all the people watching. He smiled, opened his hand and brought them up to his face and inhaled like someone had just picked a fresh orchid.

Kathy tried to cross her legs and bring the dress up over herself for cover.

"Put your fucking hands down!"

Kathy dropped her arms to her sides. The dress opened as the sides fell; exposing her beautiful legs and thighs. Her copper toned legs glimmered in the evening light. Kathy was humiliated and embarrassed, knowing without looking around that she was the center of attention.

Without speaking, Sam reached over. He picked up his steak knife. He reached out with the point and flicked it between the two layers of her dress between her breasts. The button skipped across the floor and the top of her dress came apart to the middle of her cleavage. Sam lowered the knife. The next button skipped across the table and into her empty plate.

Kathy's breasts were not quite free. They were not completely visible from the front. From the side, one could see most of her melon sized breasts over to her long-stemmed pink nipples. With any movement at all, it was easy to see at least one nipple. They looked like 3/8" long pink pearl erasers on the end of a number two pencil.

"Take off the jacket!" Sam whispered. Since nobody had seen him speak, it looked to the crowd like Kathy was shrugging of the buttonless bolero jacket of her own accord.

Kathy now sat with her back straight, arms at her sides, her legs crossed and most of her legs and front exposed. She could not stop the tears from slowly drizzling down her cheeks onto her breasts.

Sam signaled for the check and signed the credit card receipt. He stood and pulled her chair out. Embarrassed, Kathy stood and turned to face the crowd. Hoping she could escape un-noticed, she tried to get in close and behind Sam as she tried to walk out. Sam would have none of it. He stood to one side, extended his arm and wrapped it around her back, guiding her out ahead of him.

Like a zombie, Kathy walked slowly, woodenly in front of him. Instead of heading for the car, Sam escorted her down to the waterfront and along the riverfront walk. A number of couples were walking romantically, hand in hand along the river. Kathy was somewhat thankful to get out of the focus of all the customers. From time to time, they were in and out of the light along the sidewalk. A number of benches along the walk had couples involved in various forms of intimacy; some lightly kissing; some just holding hands. Sam walked along with his hand in the small of her back.

The evening breeze would flutter the top and bottom of her dress; alternately hiding and exposing different parts of her. At one point, there was a group of large black men standing around a light post. Some were leaning against the lamp post, others sitting on the back of the long cast iron bench. When Sam and Kathy came close, the conversation slowed and quieted. None of them were paying attention to each other.

As Kathy thought they were going to pass, she felt Sam's hand in hers. He stopped. He pulled back slightly. What did he want? There wasn't any room on the bench for both of them. Sam approached the bench. The large black men started to move away, not sure of the man's intention, and at the same time defiant that this white couple was going to run them off.

There was room for one in the middle of the bench. Sam stopped and swung Kathy around. Kathy looked inquisitively into his eyes, trying to read his mind. Kathy was forced to sit between a couple of the men. Embarrassed, she crossed her legs, and tried to use her arms to keep the top and bottom of her dress together.

"Hi guys. My name is Sam. I'd like you to meet a beautiful friend of mine; Kathy Munson. She lives in Parker, and we are kind of new in town. Miss Kathy doesn't really know anybody in town and I thought it might be nice if I introduced her around. Are you young men having a good time tonight?" Not sure what was supposed to be going on, the men nodded.

"Kathy, you are mayor of Parker. Part of your job is public relations. I am sure you want to increase the population of your town as many politicians want to do. I think as a political gesture, you should extend some hospitality to these neighbors of yours. What do you say?"

Kathy was speechless. She was petrified. She was too frightened to speak or move. She could do nothing but lock into eye-contact with Sam, trying to find out what was expected.

Sam extended his hand to each of the black men and introduced himself. In turn, they replied with their own name, growing braver and more curious by the minute.

"Men, I think it is time for Miss Munson to show you some genuine Parker hospitality. What do you say, Kathy?" Again she was speechless.

"Put your fucking arms down, Cunt!" The words burned in her ears. She felt she had been hit in the face with a baseball bat.

It took about a minute for the shocked woman to absorb the violent words and what it meant. If she lowered her hands...

Like a zombie, the embarrassed women took her right hand off her dress. The sides fell, exposing her long slender sun-tanned legs to the soft lamp light in front of her.

"Next, dammit!"

Reluctantly Kathy lowered her left hand. The fabric between her breasts gapped enough for everyone to know she had no bra. The cool evening air washed across her skin, letting her know what had been exposed to view. Waves of terror and humiliation washed across her as the Goosebumps stood.

"Stand up Mrs. Munson." Barely able to control her breathing, Kathy responded. Sam grabbed her by an elbow and guided her over in front of the biggest black man on the bench. His name was Marcel. He was about six feet six inches tall and must have weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds.

"You are going to have to get down on your knees, so you will need some sort of cushion, don't you think? O.K, Kathy, honey, I want you to take off your dress. If you don't do it, I will cut off the rest of the buttons and you might not have much to wear the rest of the night. The choice is yours."

Kathy sobbed. Her shoulder heaved. Her head dropped and she raised her hands to hide her face. She stood, motionless, trying to think. Slowly, her hands dropped to her hem. She let her hands follow the edges until she found the last button below her crotch. Kathy groaned as she forced herself to unbutton her dress; one ... two ... three ... the dress gapped open. She was naked along the front. Somebody's hands reached up to pull the dress off of her. It was folded into a nine-inch square and dropped in front of her.

She felt Sam's hand on the back of her neck. She felt the pressure; down. By now, she had reluctantly understood what the sequence of commands was leading to. The pressure guided her to stoop; then get down on her knees in front of Marcel.

"I think you know what to do now, don't you Mrs. Munson? Show Marcel what I taught you twenty years ago. I want to see if you are any better than that fumbling teenager who whined and whimpered the whole time."

Kathy was stunned. She was humiliated. It was one thing to have done it; reluctantly, curiously, as part of a romantic setting. It was another thing to be doing it to strangers; with an audience; in front of a man she despised. These men knew her name. They knew where she lived. There wasn't a shred of anonymity, or a speck of intimacy she could hide behind. She was naked, on her knees ready to suck off some stranger.

Her mind was numb as she robotically reached up to unbuckle his belt. Kathy thought about the situation so many years ago when she had done it with Sam. He had wanted sex. She didn't want to get pregnant. Her girlfriends said this was an acceptable avoidance tactic. Kathy had been only eighteen at the time, and Sam was a popular athlete. Her association with him at the time raised her stature with the other students in her dorm. Once she was seen with him all over campus, it was hard to give up that popularity. She tried desperately to hold on to her virginity.

Kathy tried hard not to think about the intimate situation she had been in as a young teenager and her present situation as she lowered Marcel's zipper. The "tent" in his pants throbbed and swayed as she parted his fly. She sensed the excitement in the other men around her as she reached up to his waist. Marcel placed his hands on the bench and raised himself up as Kathy put her forefingers into the waistband on each side of him. She tugged hesitatingly on his shorts and briefs. As the garments cleared his semi flaccid member, it sprang out at her like an eel leaping at its prey.

Kathy had her head turned to one side to avoid staring directly at it. It was huge. How was this obscene creature going to fit in her mouth? Mouth? Oh, no she thought. How can I be doing this to this huge monster, she thought as it wavered back and forth in front of her. Sam gasped at the sight of it. He was big too, but not this big.

Kathy looked up at Sam, who was standing to her right. She looked frighteningly up at him, hoping for a reprieve. He had the look of an arctic night. There was no sign of pity or empathy.

Kathy was sitting; with her butt on the grass between her splayed ankles; with her knees on the pad of her folded dress. Trying to deal with her embarrassment and shame, she placed her hands over her face and put her face down on her knees. She was so humiliated having to "assume the position" in front of this stranger and surrounding crowd, she could not bring herself to begin such an intimate act in such a degrading situation.

"Get with it cunt, or we'll drag you back to the restaurant and let you do it while the rest of us have desert. Maybe it will be more comforting to do it where somebody will recognize you."

"Please Sam; give me some time to get used to the idea. I can get through this. I need that grant." Money, she thought; she is doing it for money. She was a slut and a whore. The only difference was the price. There were hundreds of thousand dollars involved, and she had no options if she cared about the city.

Without looking directly at it, Kathy reached up with her left hand, trying to find the throbbing creature that was inches away from her face. She could feel the heat of its presence. Her hand hit something hot. It was as smooth as a baby's butt. Kathy put her thumb and forefinger tentatively against the base of the shaft, trying like the blind men probing the elephant, to judge its size and shape. It was as big around as her wrist. Kathy jolted back at the shock of their contact. It was obscene.

Out of horror, she turned to look at it. The reddish, purplish crown was throbbing at her contact. This obscene salamander was still uncoiling; still throbbing; waving slowly, from side to side; searching for something; searching for her mouth. It seemed to be panting. Was that an eye? Was that a mouth? Could it see her? It seemed to recognize her, but was powerless to direct itself towards her. It was salivating at the prospect their contact.

Kathy lowered her head and placed her forehead against Marcel's inner thigh as she wrapped the rest of her fingers around the base of his shaft. She had her thumb curled along the bottom of it. She squeezed tenderly, reluctantly, exploring the length and girth. "This is going to hurt!" she thought. "This is not going to fit!" she thought. Kathy struggled with her emotions; her shame; her embarrassment. She wiggled her thumb back and forth into the canal along the bottom of his shaft.

Kathy had her right hand and forearm wrapped over Marcel's thigh for support. Her head was still down. She moved her left hand from the base to just behind the crown. Knowing she had to start, she rubbed the tip of his crown against the left side of her cheek; from her ear to the edge of her lips. She fought to get herself into the mood to accept this thing.

She held it against her cheek for about a minute, waiting for her heart beat to get back to normal.

"It's time to start sucking. Stick the thing in your mouth and do it like you mean it!" Sam whispered.

Kathy looked up at him. She turned to face it. With tears rolling down her face, she changed her position. She put one hand in front of the other with her fingers along the bottom; like a golfer getting a grip on his club. Actually it was more like a bat. She had a grip on the heavy side of a bat!

Kathy began an almost imperceptible mewing as she reluctantly moved forward. She touched it to her forehead, and wagged her forehead back and forth against it as if that would cause him to climax and get her out of any more contact.

Slowly, she brought the tip down to her lips. Tenderly, she kissed the tip. The softness of her lips; the warmth of her lips; the wetness of her lips, and the emotional excitement of their contact caused his shaft to jump. Kathy's involuntary reflex caused her to jolt back. She caught herself.

Kathy leaned forward again and relaxed her lips. She turned her head slowly from side to side, with her teeth clenched shut and the tip of him rubbing inside her lips against her teeth. She was still struggling emotionally with accepting this monster into her.

Kathy pulled back and made eye contact with her tormenters; each and every one, searching for some sign of indignation from them for what they were putting her through. All she saw was naked excitement; lust; and evil. "Do it! Do it! They seemed to be chanting.

Kathy leaned forward, kissed the tip again and opened her mouth. "Oh, God!" She thought as she felt her tongue against the opening in his shaft. She held her mouth slightly open with her lips over the tip and her tongue against it. They both held their position. Marcel was flooded with ecstasy. He was enjoying the moment. She held her position, reluctant to accept any more of him. He had no problem with what she was doing. He was euphoric.

Soon, Kathy felt his hands entwining themselves into her hair on the back of her head. She knew what was coming. Rather than fight him, she opened her mouth. The men could hear the faint mewing now as she moved her mouth forward to accept more of him. She wrapped her lips around the ridge at the back of his crown. She cradled the bottom of his shaft with her tongue. The warmth; the wetness; the tenderness; the reluctant mewing was intoxicating.

Kathy moved forward as far as she could to accept more of this monster. She had her hands braced firmly; one against the base; the other just past her mouth to prevent him from ramming it down her throat. She had learned at least that much from her time with Sam. She ran her right hand up and down his shaft in front of her mouth to give him the impression he had more of his shaft in her than he did. Marcel didn't care. He could feel the moisture. He could feel her tongue flickering involuntarily; struggling to get out of the way.

It was going to be embarrassing. He knew he could not hold out very long with this beautiful creature wrapped around the end of him. He moved his fingers from the back of her head to fondle her cheeks and neck.

Kathy pulled back. "Please let me catch my breath." She sobbed as she tried to break the strands of spittle and semen that connected him to her lips. Kathy rested her forehead against her right arm; wrapped over the top of his thigh as she struggled to regain her breath.

"Time's up."

Kathy turned to resume her position. This time she kept her right hand and forearm wrapped up and over Marcel's thigh, and had her left hand wrapped around his shaft. She had her thumb pressed along the bottom of his shaft against the canal. Kathy opened her mouth and moved forward to accept him. She kissed the tip again. She took the tip into her mouth and bit down; not savagely; not painfully; but firmly.

Marcel threw his head back over the back of the bench. His legs straightened out. His hands went to the back of her head in a death grip. His head wagged back and forth as he groaned like an animal in death. His body shuddered. Kathy could feel it starting, and clamped her thumb firmly against the canal along the bottom of his shaft. He erupted, but she was able to trap the explosion within him with her thumb. As his shuddering began to subside, Kathy released her grip slightly and let the fluid enter her mouth in small spurts she was able to swallow. She had learned this from Sam, so many years ago and had not really needed to practice this until now.

All of a sudden, Kathy felt hot splashes of fluid against the sides of her face; into her eyes; into her nose. What had happened? All of a sudden she understood the noise she had shut out. The others had been masturbating all around her while they were watching. She had it all through her hair. She had it dripping off of her breasts.

Kathy put her hands over her eyes and dropped her face down on her knees as she gagged in shame. Kathy lay there; shuddering and sobbing in humiliation; fighting to regain her breath. Somebody tossed her a t-shirt. Others tenderly began to wipe her off. They helped her to her feet. She bent over to retrieve her dress. Sam snatched it away before she could get it. Sam walked her over to the light along the walk path. He made her stand under the eight foot tall lantern. He shredded the shirt into long strips of fabric and used it to tie her hands behind her.

Kathy stood there in the evening light. She still had her high-heeled cork sandals on. She still had her double strand of pearls on. Kathy stood there naked. It wasn't as though she was naked. It appeared that with the shoes and necklace, she had chosen to be without the dress.

Kathy had melon-sized beasts with long pink nipples that fluttered as her body shuddered in humiliation. Her high heel cork shoes made her tummy stick out. Her pubic hair had been shaved into a "runway "configuration above her slit. From the top of her slit down, her vagina was bare. Her beautifully suntanned body framed and highlighted the alabaster white areas shielded by her bikini.

The other men moved in and began to fondle her. Kathy was in agony and shame because of her nakedness and the possibility of others discovering her in the early evening along the popular riverfront walk.

When couples walked by, the men shielded her from view with their numbers. When other groups of men or boys wandered by, the men all sat neatly on the bench or the back of it, waiting to see what their reaction would be. Some were confused and hurried by. Others could see by the smiles that she was community property. They fondled her and some masturbated over her.

Occasionally, one would bring her down to her knees and make her suck him off. Finally, the group walked her back to the restaurant. There were enough of them that the other patrons did no notice the one naked woman between several black men. Only when the valet brought the Porsche around and Kathy was escorted into the car did anybody notice. The shocked valet was too stunned to respond as he kneeled down and strapped the naked Kathy into her five-point racing harness.

Sam took her home and she walked, naked up the drive and into her house. She got the government grant, and the city of Parker got their water tower. They also got a few more residents. Slowly the population grew by word of mouth about Kathy's activities. The men knew she could not afford to let anybody know what she had done.

Kathy was quite well known, now, because the state and national news media had aired stories of the condos, the water tower, and river front development that had come to the tiny city, and the beautiful mayor who had done so much to attract business there. If they only knew how...

Note to readers:

This story clearly can continue of there is enough interest. For the sake of brevity, I did not include a husband or children. I could have made her husband an unwilling participant in the story and even involve Kathy's young daughter or mother. I could make Kathy the owner of a new restaurant in either town and subject her to other indignities. Let me know.

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