Alpha Infinity-it Begins
Chapter 1

Page 1

Walking into the local tavern for your regular mid-morning snack, you wink at the barmaid and nod at the owner as you take a seat at your favorite table. The red-haired girl behind the bar smiles

back at you, and Sal gives his cook the order to rustle up some grub for you. There's no need to order-you always have the same, and they know it well-pork sausage and buttered toast with a shot

of fresh goat's milk. Usually there are a few scattered townsfolk in the Smiling and Laughing Bar and Grill, but today for some strange reason, only one other patron seems to be hungry, whose

face is not familiar.

(Take out a 6-sided die and roll it. Your result will determine what happens next.)

On a Roll of 1. The hooded figure at the table next to you turns and glances your way only briefly before gathering up his backpack and depositing a single silver piece on the table as a tip. As

he rushes out the door, a small piece of paper floats down to the wooden floor planks beside your left foot. Out of curiosity, you reach down to pick it up, vowing to stop the man if it's

something of importance that he might need back. Turning it over, you see a few series' of seemingly-random numbers scrawled out hurriedly in grey chalk, "1, 12, 12, 5, 25; 13, 5, 5, 20; 14, 15, 23."

If you think you know the meaning of the strange digits (no cheating!), turn to page 11.

If you are sure that these numbers are the odd ramblings of a madman or last week's lottery guesses, turn to page 13.

If you have no idea what the numbers mean and also don't care one way or the other, as your stomach's rumbling now, turn to page 15.

On a Roll of 2. The woman seated next to you is surely one of immense wonder as well as captivating beauty. Her long, flowing blond hair is topped with a silver circlet set with a purple amethyst which rests

on the center of her forehead. She wears a sparkling ring on each hand, one of simple gold and the other a platinum band set with diamonds. Around her neck hangs an elegant triple-stranded

necklace of large saltwater pearls. She looks up and peers into your eyes, and you feel as if she is reading your mind, peering into your very heart and soul.

If you would like to skip your brunch and head quickly out the door, turn to page 5.

If you are intrigued and wish to go over and introduce yourself to the mysterious woman, hoping to find out more about her, turn to page 7.

If you would like to ignore the woman and her gaudy jewelry and focus on your meal, which is being brought to your table, turn to page 9.

On a Roll of 3. Roll Again after reaching into your pocket and finding "1 Gold Coin" that you didn't know was there. Write this money down on a piece of paper to keep track of your treasure.

(If you roll this choice repeatedly, each result will of course yield another gold coin!)

On a Roll of 4. A huge greataxe slams down onto the table in front of you, splitting the wood and rattling your teeth. "Hey! You'll pay for that!" yells Sal from across the bar to the brute standing

before you.

A hearty roar bellows from the ogre's mouth and a curse in his native tongue, then he says in the common language in a deep gruff voice, "Didn't mean to scare you. Well, actually I did,

but only as a joke. I mean you no harm-for now-so don't ever think about crossing me. The name is Oxford Draco, Ox for short."

Turning to the owner, he shouts, "I'll make you a new one by the weekend, ol' pal, and a much nicer one at that, one of the finest white oak in the land. Free of charge to a buddy of course,

and to pay you back for smashing this old rickety piece of furniture. I hope it didn't have sentimental value to you."

Sal nods his head and says back, "OK, OX, but this is the LAST time I let you get away with destroying my property and harassing my customers, so don't let it happen again! By the way,

I haven't seen you in years! Where have you been hiding? Off on some grand adventures in far-off lands? Did you bring your old buddy back some long-lost treasures or at least some

tall tales?"

If you would like to hear Ox's reply to Sal, turn to page 3.

If you decide to skip your brunch and leave the awful company of an obnoxious arrogant bully by leaving the tavern altogether, turn to page 5.

If you want to interrupt their conversation and berate Ox for ruining your table and making you move from your favorite spot, turn to page 17.

On a Roll of 5. An old man with a shaggy white hair and a long haggard beard stumbles into the tavern. He points to the door and collapses in a heap onto the floor, stirring up dust left from

the shoes of many patrons of the bar. Julia, the barmaid, rushes to his side and carefully pours some fresh water into his dry mouth. His eyes open long enough to whisper to her,

"Razeil ... coming ... hide..." Then his eyes close once again, his tired heart stops beating, and he exhales his last breath. A glowing blue orb rolls out of his right hand and lands by your

right foot.

Julia stands up, her eyes wide with fear, and screams, "The dragon! She's coming!"

Sal yells, "Take cover now! Everyone to the kitchen and into the cellar! We can't fight her and we'll be safe down there! Quickly now, MOVE!"

If you want to pick up the glowing blue orb and search the man for any other unusual items before fleeing the dining area, turn to page 19.

If you run across the dining area, leap across the bar, and go and hide in the cellar with everyone else, turn to page 21.

If you think you can defeat the dragon on your own, take the glowing blue orb from the floor, draw the shortsword your father gave you and taught you to use as a child, and head out the

front door of the tavern, yelling to the others on your way out, "Sissies!"

On a Roll of 6. Roll Again and Write down on a piece of paper that you get "1 Free Re-Roll" usable whenever you choose.

Page 2

Heading into the bakery, you hear the bell ring above the door. A face peeks out from the curtains in the back room, one which you recognize immediately. "Miss Paula! Those sure are

some good-smelling treats you're baking back there," you say with a smile. You've known her for years, and the warmth of the bakery matches the goodness of her heart, and you of all

people know that Miss Paula surely can cook! This is your favorite place to escape a dreary rainy day or a lonely afternoon, the place where special cakes, cookies, pies, and cupcakes

make all of your problems go away. Tarts and pastries and candies of all kinds await you in the glass display case in front of you, while your good friend brings out tray after tray

of freshly baked goodies and draws faces and stars and googly eyes on them, throwing colored sprinkles into the air and letting them fall where they may, and sprinkling dashes of edible

glitter dust around the serving area like an enchanted fairy in a magical forest. Who knows, she may be as magic as she makes everyone around her feel.

"Howdy stranger, long time no see. You've been hiding from me and eating sausage and toast over at Sal's haven't you? Oh of course you have-I know you very well-and I have eyes in the back

of my head, you know, and ears all over town," she says with a wink and a crooked smile. "So what would you like to try today? I have some new inventions that you haven't yet tasted as well

as all of your old favorites. I seem to recall that you have always loved anything with peanut butter in it, haven't you? So will it be the usual desserts or something new?"

If you would like to try something new and are dying to taste a new pumpkin pie sprinkled with cinnamon and gold glitter dust, turn to page 18.

If you can't stay away from those melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, turn to page 20.

If you are starving by now and wish to try one of everything in the entire shop, at least just a nibble for now, taking the rest home to finish off later, turn to page 22.

Page 3

Ox answers Sal, "Well yes and no. I think I know where some items of value might be, but I haven't yet been able to retrieve them. That's why I'm here-I'm looking for help. Know of anybody

who might be interested?"

Sal answers, "Tell me more and I'll answer that for you. It depends on how dangerous it is and how much loot we're talking about. I'm not as young as I used to be, but I still know a spell or


With that, Ox motions for Sal to come and speak with him more privately at the end of the bar. You can't make out everything that they are saying but you do hear these chilling, yet intriguing,

words, "Evil Skeletons ... Magic Crown ... Hungry Zombies ... Graveyard at Midnight."

If you are dying to know more and try to move closer without them noticing that you're eavesdropping, turn to page 6.

If you know enough to be frightened and decide to eat your meal and mind your own business, turn to page 9.

If you walk right up to them and tell them that you'd like to join the expedition, for a share of the treasure of course, turn to page 10.

Page 4

Walking into the trading post, you smile and say hello to Ned, a friend of your father's who runs the shop. Sometimes he gives you a discount for bringing in friends for more business.

Speaking of friends, over by the dented and scuffed used shields hanging on the wall, you spot your old buddy Christopher. His blond hair, blue eyes, and crooked smile you could spot

anywhere. "Howdy, pardner, what's up?" You ask him, shaking his hand and patting him on the shoulder.

"Oh, not much, I was just looking for some used gear since I can't afford anything new, at least not for now. But I don't plan on being poor forever, you know. I have plans and big dreams."

"Yeah I know, me too," you respond. "So what have you been plotting lately to make yourself and your best bud rich and powerful beyond our wildest dreams?"

"Well I do have some new information I learned just last night, and I've been dying to tell you all about it," he says, his eyes filled with gold and platinum coins already.

"So what is it and just how dangerous is it this new scheme of yours? Apparently it's not very safe if you're looking to buy a shield."

"Well, no, nothing worth the big time is ever easy money, but I figure that you and I can handle it OK. I just want to be prepared if I need the shield, but it will probably stay

strapped to my back the whole time."

"Famous last words," you scoff. "So where is this fortune you think we can get our hands on and what exactly do we have to do to get it?" you ask.

"Well ... um ... all we have to do is ... ummm ... you know... ," he stammers.

"Spit it out, what do we have to do?" already unsure of whether or not you want to be involved in this. With Christopher, you never know whether you're going to end up with a treasure trove of

cool new magic items or some pocket change or running for your life from some large-fanged hungry monsters.

"All we have to do is swim to the bottom of the river into an underground cavern and follow my new secret map to the hidden treasure."

"Wait, what? Swim? To the bottom of the river? Into a cave? And IF we could even do that, where did you get this map and what kind of treasure is supposed to be down there?"

"Well, the map I got last night from a new contact of mine who made me promise not to divulge his identity. And the treasure he spoke of could be our full monty-you know, the one and only

final treasure we need to hunt, as in EVER! I'm talking floor to ceiling coins, gems, jewelry, magic items, scrolls, potions, the WORKS! And we CAN swim down there because I already have that

part covered in the form of two Potions of Underwater-Breathing I got in a previous trade with a former client of mine. I swapped him my old worn out Boots of Speed that only had a little bit of

magic left in them and had holes in the soles from so much use. At least I was able to scoot around town in them for years-I'd say I got my money's worth out of them. And he only needed them

anyway to use as a pattern for a new pair and to try to learn the magic spell that was cast on them. Me, I'm not quite so interested in spells as I am in hunting. Usually my bow and arrow do me

just fine, but for this job, I think I might need a weapon and a shield. So what kind of weapon do you think I should choose? I know! I'll take out my lucky dice and let them decide for me!"

(Roll 2 6-sided dice, and write the resulting weapon for Christopher down on a piece of paper, based on the total of the roll of both dice, which can be a number from 2 to 12)

*[When you are in combat, you roll a 20-sided die to attack, trying to hit the opponent's Armor Class number, and if you get a critical threat (based on your weapon's critical threat numbers),

you make a second attack roll, and if that attack roll hits the monster's Armor Class, then the critical threat becomes a critical hit. If the second attack roll misses the target's Armor Class,

it is still a successful hit from the high roll you got on the first attack roll, but it does only normal damage, based on the weapon you attacked with, not double, triple, or quadruple damage

like you would deal on a successful critical hit.]

2. A dagger, which deals 1 to 4 piercing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 19 or 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

This weapon can also be thrown 10 feet with ease.

3. A club, which deals 1 to 6 bludgeoning damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

This weapon can also be thrown 10 feet with ease.

4. A sickle, which deals 1 to 6 slashing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

5. A morningstar, which deals 1 to 8 bludgeoning and piercing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

6. A halfspear, which deals 1 to 6 piercing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 20, dealing triple damage if the critical hit is successful.

This weapon can also be thrown 20 feet with ease.

7. A battleaxe, which deals 1 to 8 slashing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 20, dealing triple damage if the critical hit is successful.

8. A longsword, which deals 1 to 8 slashing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 19 or 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

9. A heavy pick, which deals 1 to 6 piercing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 20, double quadruple damage if the critical hit is successful.

10. A rapier, which deals 1 to 6 piercing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 18, 19, or 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

11. A scimitar, which deals 1 to 6 slashing damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 18, 19, or 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

12. A warhammer, which deals 1 to 8 bludgeoning damage, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 20, dealing triple damage if the critical hit is successful.

Once Christopher has purchased his weapon and his shield, he says, "I don't have much money left, so I guess I'll have to go without buying any armor unless you can loan me some dough."

You already have the shortword your father gave you, a shield that you found on one of your adventures, and some leather armor that your mother made you, so you don't mind loaning your friend

some money to finish getting outfitted himself. You reach into your coin pouch and you find that you have...

(roll 6 4-sided dice and add the total together, then multiply that total by 10 to find out how much gold you have; don't forget to add to that amount any gold that you may have found before

and written down on your paper as treasure)

... gold pieces.

If you want to buy Christopher...

Padded Armor (+1 Armor Class), subtract 5 Gold Pieces from your total.

Leather Armor (+2 AC), it costs 10 GP.

Studded Leather Armor (+3 AC), it costs 25 GP.

Chain Shirt (+4 AC), spend 100 GP.

Christopher is also very Dextrous, with a Dexterity score of 16, which gives him a +3 bonus to his Armor Class, and his Heavy Wooden Shield gives him another +2 bonus to AC.

Write his total Armor Class down on a piece of paper, which is a total of his AC bonuses from his Armor, his Shield, his Dexterity bonus, and another base Armor Class bonus of +10.

[For example, if he has leather armor, he has an AC of 17, which is 3 from Dex, 2 from Shield, 2 from Armor, +10 from base AC.]

You already know that you have a Shortsword, and it deals 1 to 6 piercing, and will get a critical threat on an attack roll of 19 or 20, dealing double damage if the critical hit is successful.

Your father made this weapon for you, and he is a skilled craftsman, so he made it with special materials to make it a Masterwork Shortsword, which means that you get an extra +1 to all attack

rolls made with it.

You also know that you have Leather Armor which gives you +2 AC, a Heavy Steel Shield that you found in a previous adventure for another +2 AC, and now you must determine your Dexterity score.

Roll 4 6-sided dice, dropping the lowest number. Then add the other 3 numbers together for a total score. Below is a chart with your total score and penalty or bonus modifier.

3 -4

4-5 -3

6-7 -2

8-9 -1

10-11 +0

12-13 +1

14-15 +2

16-17 +3

18 +4

Determine your Armor Class now by adding your Dexterity bonus or penalty from the column on the right from the table above and add your bonuses from your armor and your shield to get your total

Armor Class Bonus. Now add 10 to that result for your final Armor Class. Also, if you have enough money, you may want to buy yourself better armor than your basic Leather Armor.

At this shop, the only armors better than it are Studded Leather Armor and the Chain Shirt. You can keep your Leather Armor since your mother made it for you, and it has sentimental value

of course, or you can sell it to the shop at half-price, which is what the store owner pays for used goods. So if you sell it to him, you will get half of 10 gold pieces, or 5 GP.

If you need your weapon sharpened, you can either buy a Whetstone for 2 Copper Pieces or you can try to get your friend who works here to give it for you for free by making a Haggling Skill check.

*(1 Gold Piece = 10 Silver Pieces = 100 Copper Pieces)

First, we need to determine your Intelligence Score and your Charisma score, the same way that we determined your Dexterity score. Roll 4 6-sided dice and drop the lowest roll, adding the other

three numbers together to get your final total. Do this for Int and Cha, note them on your paper, and also note your penalty or bonus modifier for each. While you're at it, go ahead and do the

same to generate for your character a Strength score, a Constitution score, and a Wisdom score, also noting the penalty or bonus modifier for each.

Charisma is used for skill checks while doing things such as bluffing, intimidating, diplomacy, gathering information, etc., while Intelligence is used for other skill checks such as searching,

disabling traps, and other things. It is also used to determine how many total skill points you have, and you are a level 1 character in this story, starting with a total number of Skill Points

that equals (4 + your Intelligence modifier) X 4. That is, add 4 to your bonus or penalty for Intelligence based on your Int score you just rolled. Then, multiply that result by 4. For example,

if your Int you rolled was a 12, that has a +1 modifier, +4 =5 X 4 = 20 skill points. If your Int was low and you had a penalty such as with a low score of 6, with a -2 modifier, you would have

4 -2 =2 X 4 =8 skill points.

Now that you have your Intelligence score and modifier, your Charisma score and modifier, and you total number of skill points, choose a number from 0 to 4 to put into your Haggle skill.

There are other skills that you can also spend your skill points on later in the story. Your total Haggle skill modifier will be your Charisma bonus plus your number of Haggle skill points.

Now roll 1 20-sided die to do a Haggle skill check to see if you can get the Whetstone for free. Add your total Haggle skill modifier to your roll to get your final result.

If your total Haggle skill check is 16 or higher, your old friend gives you a free whetstone to keep and carry with you on your travels.

If your total Haggle skill check is 15 or lower, you have to pay 2 copper pieces if you wish to buy a whetstone to sharpen your weapons, as your charm apparently isn't working on your

acquaintance today.

[If you have to buy it, 2 copper pieces from 1 gold piece leaves you with 98 coppers or 9 silvers and 8 coppers.]

With whatever money you have left, you need to spend a bit more to buy the rest of your basic equipment.

If you want to buy the bare minimum gear you might need, spend 15 more gold if you have can afford it.

If you wish to buy an average amount of equipment, spend 30 gold if you have this much.

If you want to buy the most useful gear and even splurge on some extras, spend 45 gold if you have enough.

If you wish to buy everything in sight that you might find useful and you have enough money, spend 60 gold pieces.

Without the most basic equipment, your survival won't be nearly as likely. You don't have to buy anything more if you don't want to. If you wish to buy no extra gear, then keep all of your

money but note on your paper that you have no adventuring gear, which may well be needed on your expedition if you are really going to explore this underwater cavern, or any other possible

treasure trove for that matter.

Once you are done in the shop, you bid farewell to Christopher and agree to meet again at the intersection of Main Street and Cobblestone Path tonight at midnight to continue your clandestine

plans for your excursion. You wouldn't want this information falling into the wrong hands, giving someone else the chance to steal your treasure out from under you.

You leave Ned's Trading Post and now must decide where you will go next.

If you would like to head back to Sal's tavern for any reason, turn to page 1.

If you want to get some delicious treats from the nearby bakery, turn to page 2.

If you want to go to the local crafting hall and try to make something useful, turn to page 23.

If you are tired and only want to go home and take a nap, turn to page 24.

Page 5

Not interested in today's patrons at the Smiling and Laughing Bar and Grill and deciding that you'd rather just skip your mid-morning meal, you head down the dirt road that runs through the

middle of your small village. Birds whistle in the treetops nearby, which reminds you of a song your mother used to whistle to you as she rocked you to sleep. You learned the words to that song

as a child, but now you only remember that it had something to do with a castle in a far-off land and a peasant family who inherited it when the king died. You always wished that something

like that would happen to you, but you knew that legends such as those were only fairy tales and that amazing things didn't happen to ordinary people like you.

Stopping at an intersection, you look up to see a familiar row of shops. Where should you go next?

If you are still starving and would like to investigate the wonderful smells coming from the bakery, turn to page 2.

If you want to see what new gear they have at the trading post, turn to page 4.

If you need your shortsword sharpened, turn to page 6.

Page 6

You head down the main dirt road leading through your village, which is named Forest's Edge, as it is just inside the edge of a large forest which borders a wide open stretch of plains. The

forest extends further east, north, and south, while outside of it, the plains continue north, south, and west. To the north, you can see the flat land rise to small hills, then larger hills,

and finally a great distance away, majestic mountains rise to meet the clouds. You can taste the faint hint of saltwater on your tongue from the ocean breeze blowing up from the southwest. You

have never seen the ocean but hope to someday. You have also been warned never to head deep into the woods to the southeast, as therein lies a horribly dangerous and foreboding swamp full of nasty

creatures that would surely eat you alive-or so you've been told.

Looking up, you see the trading post ahead, where one can buy all sorts of adventuring equipment, from trail rations to tents, flint and steel to start campfires, whetstones to sharpen weapon

blades, ropes, grappling hooks and climbing spikes, weapons, shields, armor, and many other useful items for a party of treasure hunters.

Turn to page 4.

Page 7

As you get up from your table and approach the mysterious beautiful lady seated nearby, she breaks eye contact with you and reaches into a small pouch tied to her waist. She takes out a pinch of

what you recognize as a wizard's spell components, whispers a few magic words, waves her hands in the air, and vanishes before your very eyes!

You know better than to mess with a spellcaster if she doesn't want to be bothered, so you turn to go back to your table when you hear snickers and then laughter coming from the invisible mage

behind you. You spin around quickly and she begins to reappear, slowly fading into view, and you see the impish grin of a practical jokester on her face.

"Come and sit, my dear," she says, inviting you to her table. "I promise I won't bite."

If you walk quickly out the door and skip your brunch, turn to page 5.

If you ignore her and prepare to eat your meal that's being brought to your table instead, turn to page 9.

If you go and join her at her table, turn to page 26.

Page 8

Page 9

I am not yet through with Book 1; in fact, I am just getting started! I wanted to go ahead and post it though, in case anyone would like to many any donations now and be a part of Book 1 before it is complete. This is your ONLY chance to get in on the first book, so please act fast, as I am writing it every day, and while I plan to write quite a bit more, it doesn't take me long to finish a quality book. If you can't send any money quite yet but you'd like to go ahead and have me start writing you into Book 1, contact me via email or a facebook message or chat so that I can go ahead and start incorporating whatever you'd like into Book 1 before it is complete! Keep reading below for what incentives I am offering for certain dollar amount thresholds (loosely) of donations.

End Notes:

If you enjoyed reading the story thus far and would like to experience more choices and game elements, with more dangerous adventures, higher quality treasures, and the ability to level up your character or even start a new one, please help me to be able to continue writing and supporting myself by considering a small donation of $1.00 or more, or even less for that matter if you can't afford a full dollar. Pennies make dollars, and I appreciate your encouragement and support.

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Any donations can be mailed to me at this address:

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You can reach me more easily there by sending me a message or even chatting with me, as I play games on there off and on most days. Or you can email me at, but I only check my mail every several days. Please put in all caps for the subject line so I will notice it through all the junk mail, "ALPHA INFINITY."

Contact me any way you wish if you want to discuss how long it will be before I write the next book including your information or if you just want to discuss your role in the next book, be it as a character, creator of a region or monster or magic item, or a plotline or whatever.

If you really want to be a part of this experience I am trying to create, please do not feel too stifled by my suggested donation amounts, as I know some of them are quite high to ordinary people like us. Use them only as guidelines, and nothing is rigid or set in stone. If you really wish to add something to a book or books that you simply can't afford, tell me what you'd like to add and what you can afford, and I'm sure I can give you what you want.

I want you to enjoy helping to build the world and adventure it more than I want you to feel like I'm begging for money! I'll get back to writing now-hope to hear from all of you soon!


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