James and Amy Naked in School
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - High-school freshman James Botello finds himself doing The Program in the same week as his girlfriend, Amy Abner. At first it seems like good luck for the couple, who are just about to be able to have sex, but obstructive bureaucracy and the boundary issues of James and Amy's fellow students threaten their good time.

Monday, October 15, 2007,


I wasn't paying attention until I heard my name on the loudspeaker. "James Botello, James Botello." I knew immediately what it meant. I had been selected to do 'The Program.' The Program is a thing that Coronado High started doing a few years back, where they pick one boy and girl from each grade to have run around naked in school for a week. It's supposed to help us do something or other with our sexuality. Every Monday, the principal calls the lucky participants down to the office where they strip off and he gives them a pamphlet explaining the program.

As I got up to go to the office, I heard another name being called. "Amy Abney, Amy Abney," that was my girlfriend's name; this was going to be an interesting week.

I left the classroom to the cheers and laughter of my classmates and walked down the hallway, where I reached a convenient point for expository narrative. My full name is James Carlos Botello, I live at 902 Cooks Mine Road in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my parents, my older brother Sam, and our golden retriever Sikis. I am a freshman at Coronado High School, where my parents are both teachers and Sam is a junior. I am Swedish and German on my mom's side and Navajo Indian on my Dad's. I like the outdoors and enjoy swimming and playing basketball in my free time. I'm a Broncos fan, a Democrat, and an Atheist and I want to be a teacher or a politician when I grow up.

I've been dating Amy since seventh grade; our two-year anniversary is in January. She's really smart and we share the same since of humor. She's also really, really hot. She just got the birth control shot last Saturday, which means that Tuesday was the first day we could have real sex. I guess with both of us being in The Program, that's a really good thing. Everyone I know says that doing The Program makes you super horny, and I was plenty horny to start with.

When I got to the office, I opened the door to find the sophomore and junior class participants waiting for me. I sat down and asked Principal Ornelas if I should go ahead and strip.

"No," she replied, "we like to have everyone strip at the same time and then go over the rules. It can be intimidating for students who walk in with everyone else already naked, especially those who didn't want to do The Program in the first place."

"Don't those people just opt out?" asked Martin Estes, the junior class's male participant.

"Unfortunately no," responded Mrs. Ornelas, "the decision as to whether a student participates in The Program or not rests with that student's parents, and there are many cases where either the student wants to participate and the parents' disapprove of The Program, or where the parents want to participate and the student is nervous or ashamed of their bodies." As she was speaking, the senior class participants filed in. Now we were just waiting on Amy.


When I heard my name called, I stood up and began walking to the principal's office. I really didn't want to do this. In fact, I wished my parents had never signed me up for The Program at all. It wasn't that I was insecure about my body, although the program is supposed to reduce 'body shame.' In fact, I think I'm fairly good looking. I have a pretty nice physique, and what my boyfriend, James, refers to as a cute smile. The problem was with The Program itself. Program participants, especially female participants, get a lot of unwanted attention from the opposite sex. I don't have a problem with sexual attention, but I prefer to get it from James, and not some random creep. At least James was my partner. I knew I could trust him to watch out for me.

I got to the office and pushed open the door. Apparently, I was the last one there. "Excellent," Principle Ornelas said, "now we can begin. If everybody would please remove their clothing and place it in these boxes."

I watched James as he took off his shoes and socks, then pulled his shirt over his long, sun-bleached hair and yanked down his jeans and boxers, revealing his beautifully tan body and erect penis. He looked at me and flashed his toothy grin. Now it was my turn, I kicked off my flip-flops and removed my shirt. I put them in the box, undid my bra, and did likewise with it. I took a deep breath and then pulled down my shorts and panties, fully exposing myself in the process. I sat down next to James and took his hand in mine while we waited for the others to finish.

Martin Estes, the junior class boy, seemed somewhat reluctant. His senior and sophomore counterparts, Harry Kohn and Luis Hoppe, were more eager. Within a few seconds they were both naked except for their shoes and socks. Martin slowly took his shirt off, as Lucille Singleton, the sophomore girl, removed her skirt. Soon she too was naked, as was Heather Joe, the girl from the junior class. Finally, Martin and the senior girl, Naomi Gaspard, were the only ones left clothed. Taking his cue from James, Martin took his pants and underwear off at the same time. Seeing no alternative, Naomi reluctantly stripped.

Mrs. Ornelas began handing out pamphlets. "These contain everything you need to know about The Program," she said, "but I'm going to go over the basics just now. You are required to remain naked while in school this week, and for all school-sponsored extracurricular activities. Jewelry is permitted as long as it is not deemed an attempt to cover yourself, and shoes and socks are optional. You are also permitted any safety equipment deemed necessary by coaches or teachers. During the week you must use the bathroom and locker rooms of the opposite sex. Instructors may require you to participate in instructional activities related to The Program. In addition, students have the right to make Reasonable Requests of you in the hallways between classes. Should there be conflict over whether a particular request is reasonable, you may refer the issue to an administrator. Finally, male students are permitted to relieve themselves or ask another student to relieve them at the beginning of each period. Are there any questions?"

I raised my hand.

"Yes, Ms. Abney?"

"What about female students?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Aren't female students allowed to request relief?"

"No, Ms. Abney, the Relief Provision was created because it is felt that maintaining an erection for an extended period of time would be both distracting and potentially hazardous. Obviously, this is not a problem for female students."

With that, Mrs. Ornelas dismissed us. It was completely unfair that we weren't allowed to request relief. Didn't they think that being aroused all day was going to distract female students? I was already starting to get wet, and I hadn't even taken a request yet.


As we left the office, I turned to Amy. I knew that what Mrs. Ornelas had said made her mad. "You can probably just ask your teachers for relief" I said.

"Somehow I think Mrs. Ornelas will have warned them," she replied, "you know how she gets wants she's decided on a new rule."

I thought for a moment, "what if we had sex right here, in the hallway? I know it's not the most romantic place to lose your virginity, but..."

She cut me off, "I have to wait 72 hours for the shots to take effect, so not until tomorrow."

"Alright then," I said, "to make it fair, I won't request relief for the next two periods, but you can see if your teachers are up for it. Then we'll figure something else out for lunch.

"Thanks for doing that for me," she said, and we headed off to our separate classrooms.

When I got to class, Mrs. Maes asked if I needed relief. I declined and sat down for 75 minutes of quadratic functions.

My next class was on the other side of the building, meaning I would have to run a gauntlet of Reasonable Requests. Several girls asked to feel me up. One asked to spank me, which I decided was not reasonable. Fortunately, she didn't contest it.

Mr. Rocha also asked if I needed relief.

"No," I replied.

"Are you sure?" he asked, staring at my sizeable and by now somewhat painful erection.

"It's kind of a long story," I answered.

"Alright," he said, glancing at me skeptically, before beginning his lecture on The Odyssey. I couldn't really focus on the lecture. My mind kept drifting to the sight of Amy naked. I'd seen her naked before, but never in public like this. The memory of her stripping off in the principal's office was so arousing, it was all I could do to keep from jacking off right there in the classroom.

When the bell rang I practically ran to the lunchroom, pausing only to take a Request from a girl who wanted to grab my ass.


I was still mad about the relief thing, but James offering to do without relief to make it fair made me feel somewhat better. When I got to chorus I asked Mr. Langston if I could relieve myself.

"I'm sorry Amy, Mrs. Ornelas made it quite clear when we began The Program that only male students were allowed to request relief."

I knew that this was one of Mrs. Ornelas' crazy rules. She has an annoying tendency to take an obsessively literal take on everything in the district's rulebook. Still, there was no use crying over spilled milk, and I focused on my solo. I was relieved that I wouldn't be doing The Program during the upcoming fall concert. Then suddenly it hit me, the Homecoming Game and dance was this Friday. I'd be dancing naked in a crowd of people in a darkened room. I wouldn't even get a chance to wear the dress I'd bought just for the dance. At least James would be there to protect me from the worst of it.

Chorus ended and I made my way down the hall to second period. Just as I expected, I received a great deal of unwanted attention. Roger Langlois asked to feel my breast. He did so for an agonizing minute until Glenn St. Clair suggested that he move on. One guy didn't even have the guts to ask; he just stuck his finger in my cunt and ran away when I screamed.

I got to math class and sat down. Mrs. Botello looked at me sympathetically. I took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on algebra for 90 minutes. When class ended, Glenn escorted me to the lunchroom. We sat down in the courtyard with James and the rest of the Program Participants.

"Any luck?" he asked me.

"No, looks like Ornelas got to the teachers ahead of time."

"Shit, want me to take care of it for you?"

"Oh God yes!"

James got on his hands and knees and crawled under the table. He began going to work on me with his tongue. I groaned with pleasure and clenched my hands around the table as he found my clit. With all the stimulation I had already received, it wasn't long before I felt myself tensing in preparation for orgasm. Finally, I came, waves of pleasure coursing throughout my body.

James stood up his face covered in my juices.

"I suppose you want me to return the favor?" I asked him.

"Please, I'm dying over here," he responded.

I took his cock in my mouth. It only took a few seconds before he shouted "I'm cumming!" and filled my mouth with his seed. I'd never seen him cum so much, it must have been all the built up pressure. I caught most of it, but a little dribbled down my chin.

When James and I disengaged, I noticed that the rest of the table was staring at us, as were a few of the neighboring tables. Lucille and Heather were both relieving themselves. Naomi told us "You guys probably both want to wash up." I wasn't sure about using the boys' bathroom by myself so I asked Glenn to escort me.


I finished in the bathroom before Amy. I sat down and started talking to the rest of the guys about The Program. I told them that I didn't mind the exposure or the attention, but that not being able to take relief wasn't working out for me.

Harry was enjoying it. "I got a blowjob in second period," he said, "it must suck for you girls not being able to get relief."

"You can say that again," responded Heather, "I was about to go nuts in history class. I don't see why Mrs. Ornelas cares whether we masturbate or not, it would be a lot less distracting than being horny all day."

"I think it's one of those policies in the district rule book that she enforces to the letter" Luis said, "like the thing about not being allowed to wear hats."

"Maybe we should try getting the school board to change the rules," said Naomi, "isn't Glenn's dad on it?"

"I don't see how you guys are handling this so well," Martin interjected, "this whole thing is just humiliating for me."

"Have you requested relief?" I asked.

"Haven't needed to," Martin responded, being naked in front of everybody might as well be a cold shower for me."

Just then, Amy and Glenn returned. "Hey Glenn, your Dad's on the school board, right?" I asked him.

"Yeah, why?"

Naomi spoke up "We were wondering if there was any way to get the school board to change its policy on girls requesting relief."

"You're in luck," he replied, "the school board's monthly meeting is Wednesday, and they always take time at the beginning of the meeting to hear concerns from community members."

"That's great," Harry said, "we can all show up at the meeting naked."

"That'd be good for effect," Glenn responded, "but it would help more if you could get a lot of people out."

"My dad's the editor of The Tribune," Lucille said, "we could get a letter to the editor out in tomorrow's paper."

"And my mom's the news editor for KLUZ," Harry said, "they'd love to do a story on this. Every time they can get a naked girl on television, their ratings go through the roof.

At this, the bell rang. Amy and I had the same history class, so we walked there together. I noticed she was holding on to me tightly. She seemed a little nervous.

"Is something wrong?" I asked

"It's just that some guys have been grabbing me without asking," she said, "it puts me a little on edge."

I draped my arm around her protectively, hoping it would deter the creeps. It didn't, someone ran up behind her and groped her, causing her to scream. I turned around and grabbed the guy by his backpack.

"What do you think you're doing?" I snarled.

"Hey, just making a reasonable request man."

"Well then request it!" I snapped back.

"Thanks," Amy said, and she held me even closer. I have to admit I enjoyed the feeling of her naked body on mine.

We made it to class with no further incident and sat down for a history lecture. You, dear reader, would have little interest in the lecture, except to know that the ancient Greeks did the Olympics naked, but didn't let women watch. Mrs. Ornelas would be proud.

Biology was similarly uninteresting, although Ms. Moses did mention that she would be using us for a demonstration of the reproductive system later in the week. Hopefully it would be hands, and maybe other parts of the body, on.

The bell rang, and we went back to the office to get our clothes. Everybody else was too eager to get out of school to make any requests.


As we got dressed, James asked me if I wanted to hang out with him tomorrow after school. I knew what he was thinking, and I had the same thought.

"I'll ask my parents" I said. We kissed each other goodbye and I lingered for a moment, inhaling his masculine scent. We broke off, and I ran out to the bus and sat down next to my friend and next door neighbor, Chad Ricciardi.

"How was your first day in The Program?" he asked.

"Ugh," I groaned, "I've had a bunch of guys creeping on me all day, and I'm not even allowed to relieve myself."

Just then, as if to prove my point, Dennis Phelps turned around. "Hey, I've got a reasonable request..."

"Yeah, well you'll have to wait until tomorrow then." I responded.

"Just let me feel your tits..."

Chad came to the rescue. "Back off!" he said, in a voice loud enough to embarrass Dennis into turning back around.

When I got home, Mom was in the kitchen making dinner. "How was your day, sweetie?" she asked.

"Awful," I replied, "I got picked to do The Program."

She sat down across from me at the dinner table. "Do you want to talk about it?"

I sighed, perhaps a touch melodramatically. "A bunch of creepy guys keep making requests, or just grabbing me without asking. And I'm not even allowed to ask for relief. James didn't ask for relief either, which was really nice of him, but..."

"James is in The Program this week too?"

"Yeah, and he's been really nice to me. Oh, by the way, can I hang out at his house tomorrow?"

"Any particular reason?"

"It will have been 72 hours since I had the shot."

"You two sure don't waste any time."

"And Wednesday we're going to the city council meeting to ask them to let girls ask for relief."

"Ok, and do you have any plans for the rest of the week?"

"Friday's the homecoming game and dance. I guess since I'm doing The Program I won't need much time to get ready."

"Well, I'm sure you'll have fun just the same."

I hugged Mom and went upstairs to do my homework. I had just finished when Dad got home. Over dinner, I told him about The Program, and the plan to get the school board to allow girls to relieve ourselves. He was supportive, but warned me that it might attract more unwanted attention. Even so, I felt like it was the right thing to do, and it wasn't fair to ask James to keep restraining himself for me. After dinner, I sat down at my desk and wrote the letter.


I got dressed, kissed Amy goodbye, and headed out to the parking lot where Mom, Dad, and Sam were waiting for me.

"How was your first day of The Program?" Dad asked.

"Not as much fun as I expected. They won't let girls ask for relief, and I didn't either to make it fair to Amy."

"I thought she looked a little on edge in math class," Mom said, "that must be why."

"That, and she doesn't like doing Requests," I said.

"Don't worry too much about that," Sam said, "Kevin Mitchum said they died down after the first day or two, once the novelty wore off."

"Anyway, Amy and Naomi Gaspard are starting a campaign to get the school board to let girls ask for relief. Hopefully they'll change the rule."

"Don't count on that," Dad said, "I'm pretty sure that rule was part of the compromise to let Albuquerque have The Program at all."

"Yeah, but who cares if girls can masturbate in school?" I asked.

"A lot of people have a problem with the idea of their daughters being sexually active. If girls see Program participants pleasuring themselves, it might give them ideas, and the socially conservative wing of the school board doesn't like that."

"Why does anyone care if girls have sex?" I asked

"Religion makes people do strange things," Mom answered.

Sam changed the subject, "What's for dinner?"

"I was thinking Chinese," Mom said, "How does Hunan Palace sound?"

Everyone thought that sounded great, and we headed off to our respective bedrooms, Sam and I to do homework, and Mom and Dad to grade it.

At the restaurant, we ran into Harry and Naomi. Harry was doing 'outreach, ' which gained him the appreciation of some of the other female customers.

Dad, who had taught Harry in one of his classes last year, walked up to him. "How's it going?"

I winced a bit; I love my parents, but sometimes I think they make a game out of embarrassing me.

Harry replied, "Alright Mr. Botello, I decided to start in early on the outreach."

"How's that going?"

"Well, it's a great conversation starter, I can tell you that much."

This caused Dad to laugh and Naomi to speak up. "Harry's a lot braver than I am, I wouldn't be caught dead naked outside of school."

"How come?" Mom asked.

"It's bad enough having 15 year olds drooling over me all day, I don't need their 50 year old fathers doing it too."

"A lot of girls in The Program have that problem," Mom informed her. James said Amy had the same issue.

"Yeah," I spoke up, mainly to keep my parents from saying anything else, "we had an incident in the hallway."

"I heard about that," Harry said, "with Jeremy Chapin. You'd better watch out, he's after you."

That was just what I needed. Fortunately, they called our order before my parents could express their overprotective concern.

On the way out to the car, Dad suggested that I do a little outreach of my own.

"Maybe tomorrow," I said, "That reminds me, Amy might be coming over."

"Any special occasion?" Mom asked.

"She got the shot Saturday," I said.

"Well, that will certainly be exciting," Dad responded. I agreed. In fact, I thought about just how exciting it would be as I masturbated before bed that night. I imagined myself running my hands over her body; touching her breasts, her ass, and her vagina before fingering her to a screaming orgasm. Then, I imagined myself plunging my cock into her eager body as she writhed beneath me. Finally, my imaginings came to an end as the days pent up semen erupted out of my cock.

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