The Alchemist
Chapter 1

Early morning of July 31, in muggle London, in a small town called Surrey.

The sun is just starting to make its presence felt and the cold morning air still hangs in the air.


"Damn it, it's too freakin early to get up."


"OK, OK, I'm up, I'm up"


A pillow went sailing through the air.

... Silence

"Damn clock"

She sat up and stretched getting some very delicious cracks. She's too tired to get up, 'what the hell is she doing here anyway.' Sometimes she cant even remember anymore.

"GINNY!" a blond guy walks in. "Oh good you're up, could you take over for a while. I need to pick up something for the kids, school starts in a few days and I still haven't been able to buy some of their stuff."

"Sure thing Jacob." She mumbled while yawning. "Just give me few minutes to freshen up." She stood up and walked to a small bathroom.

"Hey your mom flued last night, she said that you're Brother Charlie is visiting this weekend and wants to know if you want to come over."

"You know I can't. They're angry enough that I'm stuck here with you, and I can't give them any good explanation why." She shouted from inside the bathroom.

"Well you could always tell them that we're living together." He teased.

"Yeah they'd love that." She retorted, walking out of the bathroom with a wet towel on her shoulder. "Go on then and hurry back will you."

"Yes dear."

"Bugger off." She heard the small pop of his apparition a few seconds later.

She walked into the living room and sat down; she's got some work to do.

She felt a sudden change in the air, then she heard a loud shrilling sound indicating that the wards she'd setup in the area has been breached.

A few blocks down the road.

A speeding sports car came barreling down the lane. The silver Aston Martin DBS screeched to a stop in front of the opposite house from her window.

All of a sudden there was a hail of high caliber gun shots coming from the house. The shiny car was reduced to scrap metal in seconds.

She stood up furiously. "Damn who the hell is that guy?" she ran into the fire place.

"Department of Magical Law Enforcement." She shouted. "Kingsley something's going on I need back up immediately."

"What's going on Ginevra?" The man asked.

"Some maniac just got himself killed by playing cocky with the Russians. And don't you call me by that name Shacklebolt."

"Alright I'll send a squad there now, sit tight Ginny."

She ran back to the window. The smoking remains of the pitiful car were scattered all over the front porch.

She was suddenly frozen on the spot. Right in the middle of the rubble was a tall man in a black suite, the man dusted himself off, apparently unscathed. She felt the anti apparition and anti portkey wards came in place.

"Demitri, I'm giving you 2 minutes to come out. Don't let me come inside and get you." The man shouted, she heard the slight amusement from his voice.

Another barrage of gunfire was thrown at the man. She watched in awe as he erected a shield in front of him and weathered the onslaught. Wizard shields work best in stopping spells, the best that you can expect when using them against a muggle fire arm was a brief distraction on the muggle's part. Modern wizard assassins chose these crude muggle weapons to achieve their dirty jobs. But this guy is using a shield to stop a whole bunch of them.

"Alright, don't tell me I didn't give you a chance." He bends down and touches his palms flat into the ground. Ginny could feel a huge amount of magic building in the air. She watched transfixed as the ground started to shake and large sharp spikes came jutting out into the direction of the house.

The whole house was shattered in seconds, in its place where hundreds of 15 foot tall solid spikes. In the middle of the house was a visibly shaking Boris Demitri, the 2nd most notorious assassin in modern era. He is trapped inside a dozen spikes but still alive.

She ran outside and pointed her wand towards the man. "In the name of the Ministry of Magic, I command you to stand down, you are under arrest for assault and gross negligence resulting to damaged property and magic use in a muggle area" she said shakily.

She was relieved when she heard the distinct pops of the apparition. The Aurors sent by Kingsley have finally arrived.

The man turns around and looks directly into her eye. That's when she noticed the insignia pinned into the collar of his suit. She abruptly lowers her wand.

"I'm terribly sorry sir; I didn't know who you were." She felt his gaze and can't seem to bring herself to look up and meet his eyes.

"No harm done Officer, I'm here for this man; he is a high priority on our list. This is a national emergency code 3, this man has vital information and this is the first time we have him in one place long enough for us to make a move." The man responded.

"We understand sir, but we would have appreciated it if we were given sufficient warning." She said in a low voice, almost a growl. "We have mobilized quite a force because of this incident. We could have prevented the mountains of paperwork." She added.

"Again my apologies, I simply have no time to notify the proper department, and we really can't risk this man from disappearing again."

One of the Aurors came forward. "We need your identification badge sir, Ministry procedure."

"No problem." He withdrew a thin metal bar from his back pocket and handed it to the Auror. "I am Major Harry James Potter of the Ministry's War Mage."

The lead Auror was frozen in place after checking the badge. "You're the Elemental alchemist of the 14th Battalion, you're from Hellion are you?" the lead Auror asked shakily.

The war mage knotted his brows. "Well some guys in the squad calls me that sometimes."

"Oh my, it's a pleasure meeting you sir. You're work with the Yorkshire terrorist block was legendary." He spluttered.

Ginny listened to all the talk; she noticed that the man was clearly uncomfortable with all the attention.

She interrupted. "Major Potter, I am Auror Ginevra Weasley. I am in charge of this operation, well since the suspect is already apprehended, would you mind coming with me to the department, I'd like to talk to you about some things regarding the suspect. It would only be for a few minutes." She said with as much authority as she can master, she was surprised when he accepts. She knew for a fact that he out ranks her many times over. The guy even outranks her boss.

"No problem miss, I'd like to talk to Kingsley as well. It's been a while since the last time I came to visit him."

"McLeannon, secure the suspect and bring him to the ministry cell block. Mr. Potter can pick him up later." She ordered the Squad leader.

"Aye Ma'am."

She turned back to Harry. "Shall we Mr. Potter?"

He turns around and waved his hand, a red sinister looking rope wraps itself around the captive. He bends over again and touched the ground, after a few second all the spikes retreated back into the ground. She heard a couple of gasps and low whistle from the other Aurors.

"Quite impressive Major." She said.

"Ah please just call me Harry. I don't really like formalities." he smiled.

She was mesmerized by the smile; she unconsciously looked up and stared directly into his eyes. She felt her head float, and have to focus her full concentration just to make sure her knee dont buckle. 'Damn he's cute.'

"Shall we then?" he asked.

She took another minute to stabilize herself before she nodded.

She gave a half salute to the remaining Aurors and disapparated on the spot.

They arrived in the Ministry's Lobby, the whole building is buzzing with the milling ministry workers coming for work. They walked in silence and she can't help but be conscious of herself. She has a feeling that he's discreetly watching her.

They finally arrive in the office of the head of the Department of Law Enforcement. She talked to the secretary at the front desk for a while and knocked on the heavy office door.

"Come in." they heard someone said from the inside.

"Mr. Shacklebolt, I have Major Harry James Potter of Ministry's War Mages here. He apprehended Demitri earlier, He said he would like to speak with you." She stated.

"Thank you Miss Weasley." Kingsley walked over to them and shook Harry's hand.

"Harry, how are you boy." Kingsley said with much affection.

"I'm doing just fine King. It's you I'm worried about, aren't you getting too old for all this stuff." Harry said with equal warmth.

"Nah, they hardly allow me to do anything anymore. I'm stuck with this awful desk 24/7." He said smiling.

"Yeah, that's too bad."

"So what brings you here to my side of the pond?" Kingsley asked returning to his desk.

Harry took a guarded look towards her and looked back towards Kingsley. The Department Head gave him an acknowledging nod. "She's clear Harry, She's an Order member." This turned her gears on. Ministry business is one thing and Order business is an entirely different matter.

Harry nodded. "We're still going for the leads, but we don't have any concrete evidence as of yet. We think he is already a physical entity but the others think that he is still not yet complete. From the very few clues that we've collected so far we have reasons to believe that he's already on the move."

"How long do you think we have?"

"I think a few months or a year the most." He answered.

"What did Albus think about this?"

"He thinks there are more to it than meets the eye. He suspects Horcruxes but we have no physical evidence of it yet."

"We should start our own plans then. The more we prepare ourselves the more chance that we can survive this."

"I agree."

"So how long do you plan in staying in England this time?"

"I think a couple of weeks, more if needed. I need to know what that Demitri was up to. He's been involve in some very suspicious activities lately, which coincidentally matches the patterns we saw from our main target."

"I see." Kingsley turned his attention to her. "Ginny I already talked to your Jacob; he is currently taking care of the situation in Little Whinging." He paused as if thinking. "I'm reassigning you to be Harry's back up while he stays here. You are to give him support in any way you can. You are given a Class S, level 2 clearance for this mission. You report directly to me."

"Sir?" she looked puzzled a moment before realizing her situation. "Yes, sir."

"Ah King, I don't think that's necessary, I work alone you know that." Harry said.

"It's just a precaution. I promise you she won't be a burden, actually you might be surprised as to what she can do." She felt her pride swell, she didn't know that her Boss think so highly of her, high enough to stick her to one of the worlds most powerful wizard.

"Alright." Then he looked at her. "How do you plan on doing this, I'll be staying in my flat for a few days, then I'm gonna go with whatever information I get from Boris."

She weighed her options for a minute. "Well I can stay with you while you're here, that way it will be easier for us to move in a moment's notice. I just need to gather some necessary things then I can go with you."

"That's a good tactical decision." Kingsley commended.

"Ok I can live with that. I think my house is big enough to accommodate one more occupant."

"Alright everything's settled then." Kingsley added.

"Ok so I'll just go and have a little talk with Mr. Demitri, you can go and get your girly things, and we can meet up here after an hour. How's that sound?"

"Sounds good to me." She answered.

"Hi mum, I'm home" Ginny stepped into the Burrow.

"Oh hello dear, I thought you have work today." Her mother said from the kitchen counter.

"Well Kingsley reassigned me to a different mission so I'm off to go wherever my partner needs me." She said while grabbing some toast from the table.

"Ginny, did Jacob mentioned that I flued yesterday?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry mom. I'm not really sure yet if I can, I've just been reassigned and I really have no clue about my schedule." She said apologetically.

"Can't you just stop over, even for a few minutes? Your brother hasn't got a chance to visit us since getting married. This is his first real vacation with his wife, I know you're quite busy dear but do make an effort to be here." Her mother pleaded.

"I really can't say mom. You know how much I'd like to see Charlie, but I really can't promise anything at the moment."

Her mom sighed.

"Molly I'm home." A cheery voice boomed from the front porch. "Oh hi sweetheart, what brings you here today? I heard Kingsley transferred you to a sensitive mission." Her father gave her a warm hug.

"Uhum, I just got my first Class S mission. I was also given a level 2 clearance for this." She mumbled.

"Wow, that big huh?"

"Yeah, I was basically told to babysit, too much clearance for a Nanny if you ask me."

"Not what I heard sweetheart, you came highly recommended by 3 different squad leaders. Don't sell yourself short Ginny." Her father holds her hands.

"Are you staying with us tonight Ginny? I'm already cooking supper." Her mom asked from the sink.

"I'm afraid not mom, I have to meet my new partner in an hour."

Her dad frowned. "Sweetheart, about your new partner, word around the ministry says that this guy is very dangerous, the man is as powerful as Dumbledore when he was just 17 years old, that was 4 years ago and Albus said that the boy just kept on becoming even more powerful as time went by. You be careful will you honey?"

"Yeah, I know, he practically gave me a front row seat experience on just how powerful he is." she joked.

A flash of light appeared in front of her and a small envelope fell into her hands.

Miss Weasley

I'll be at Gordon Ramsay, 68-69 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, in Muggle London.

Meet me at 2'o clock.

I hope you're hungry.


She stepped out of the cab in the bustling Swan Walk; and walked the remaining few yards of sidewalk to the fancy Restaurant.

She suddenly felt nervous, she's definitely underdressed; she's wearing her favorite green t-shirt and faded blue jeans. She's been living in a muggle neighborhood since she graduated Hogwarts but she simply doesn't have money to splurge in something as fancy as this.

She was greeted by a skeptical clerk at the front desk; the lady gave her a vague assessing look.

"May I help you Miss?" the young lady said guardly.

"Yes, I'm supposed to meet someone here." She said.


"Potter, Mr. Harry James Potter."

The clerk eyes bulged, it took her a minute to compose herself. "Oh I'm sorry Miss, and you're name?"

"Weasley, Ginny Weasley."

"Right this way Miss Weasley." The girl said courteously.

"Mr. Potter your guest is here." She said giving Harry her most charming smile.

"Thank You Rose." He replied giving the girl an equally charming smile. The girl 'Rose' nearly feinted; she can't really blame the poor girl even her legs nearly gave out after she saw him smile.

"My pleasure Mr. Potter." She turns toward her with a loathing look before going back to her station at the front, she just shrugged in return.

"So Mr. Potter, what seems to be the occasion." She said glancing around the room, noticing the high society people eating around her.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"What are we doing here?" she asked.

"Well I was planning to eat first before we went home." He replied.


"Don't you like it here? We can move to a different place. I can book us a seat in Landau." He said starting to get up.

"No Harry, that's not what i meant, it's just this place is too extravagant for my dress." She answered.

"Hmm, don't worry about that. I know the owner, he won't mind." He said motioning for a waiter.

"But Harry," she was cut off by the arrival of the waiter.

"Good Afternoon Mr. Potter, what should I get you today?"

"Good to see you again Ricardo, the usual for me."

"Broccoli Beef Bourganione, your taste is always impeccably delicious sir." He smiled and turn towards her. "And for you Miss." He asked politely.

"Oh, I'd like a salad please."

The waiter turns around and wave at another guy at the corner.

"Wine sir? Dom Romane Conti made in 1857."

"Yes please." The waiter poured a generous amount into Harry glass.

"And for you Miss?" He asked offering the wine.

"Water for me please."

"Water for the lady." He motioned another waiter from the other corner.

The lead waiter bowed. "Your dinner will be served in a moment." They turned around and walked to their respective stations.

"So, have you packed your things yet?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, but I left it in the office, since we're meeting here."

"Well we could stop over later and pick it. My team will be arriving next week so we don't have anything to do until next Friday. I was hoping I could visit some of my old friends in the area."

"Well if that's the case, do I have your permission to see my brother this weekend? He and his wife are visiting us this Saturday, and my mom is practically begging me to come over too."

He frowned. "You don't need my permission to do that. You could go if you want."

"Well, you see, my orders are specific. I need to be with you while you're in the country."

"Well I don't see any problem with that. I'll come with you; actually I already met two of your brothers from the Order. One is stationed in Romania and the other is currently stationed in Egypt. Charlie and William, I believe, reliable blokes if you ask me."

Her eyes widen. "You already know Charlie and Bill?" she exclaimed, earning some stares from the other guests.

"Well yeah, I've worked with them before, Order business you know."

"Well good, Charlie is coming over with my sister in law Natalia. You can say hello then." She beamed.

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