Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Raymond Sims was a typical teenage boy but with a tragic past, until he spotted a falling star - or so he thought

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I was out training in the forest outside of town when I saw a shooting star flying across the twilight sky, then as I was watching it the star seemed to change direction it was then that I realized that it was headed right for me! I did the only thing I could think of, I ran for my life but it was too late so I dropped to the ground and laid in a fealty position and hoped for the best just then the impact happened. I awoke still on the ground I looked around and there was a small crater where the meteor had impacted, as I stood up I noticed a purple glow coming from the crater. thinking things couldn't get any weirder, I walked into the crater, in the centre was a glowing piece of rock. As I got closer it seemed to glow brighter and for no reason I felt compelled to reach out to it. It was so strong I couldn't stop myself and before I knew it I was touching it.

A piece of the rock seemed to melt away and light burst out hitting me. That was the last thing I remember before everything went dark. I guess I should tell you about myself, before this I was a skinny kid about 5'7 120lbs with brown hair that I like to keep at razor number two all around my standard bean poll figure. I wasn't really popular In primary school, I just mainly kept to myself and didn't bother anyone. Most of my friends were part of the dojo I train at. I live with my aunt and uncle and my two cousins, you see my parents and my twin sister Amy were killed when terrorists attacked the hotel where they were staying while dad was attending a world security conference in Dubai. That was a year ago now. I'm 13 and starting high school in a few weeks.

I live in the town of Dewood in central California. It's a small town of about 50 thousand people most of whom live on farms but a good portion live in and around the town itself. It also is surrounded by some of the most untouched forest in America. As I said I live with my Uncle Ted. He's 45, 6'4 with a skinny, but well-toned body, 160lbs, dark hair grey eyes and a tanned complexion. My Aunt Mary 42, 5'9, also skinny and well-toned weighing 100lbs wet with long golden blonde hair and a pale complexion, last but not least Emma and Cindy my identical twin cousins 12 skinny, and just coming out of the child stage and starting to develop the bumps and curves of womanhood. Both with golden hair just like their mother and startlingly bright blue eyes.

I woke up in a hospital bed, I tried to sit up but my wrists were bound to the bed I looked around and saw my Uncle Ted sitting on a chair in the corner he seemed to notice my movement then I hear "good he's finally awake, I need to get the nurse" only his lips never moved, I thought I must not be awake yet and left it at that. While I was thinking of this, Uncle Ted had left the room and was now returning with a nurse behind him. She was a gorgeous 5'6 brunette, she looked about 20 and wearing a tight fitting RN uniform with a name tag that said Amanda. She looked at me and I could hear her thoughts for I was sure they were this time "he's finally awake, I need to get his vitals and page the doctor, looks like I won the bet" I could read minds!

All this at once was too much and I blacked out again, I woke up with a light shining in my eye and a man's voice saying " good you're awake we thought we'd lost you again but it seems you were just over stimulated. Hello my name is doctor Philips can you tell me your name, where you are and your date of birth." When I tried to speak all that came out was a gravely gargle sound, nurse Amanda reached for the water jug on the table, poured a glass, held it up to my mouth and told me to go slowly. When I finished the glass I tried again, " my name is Raymond Sims I'm in a hospital, I don't know which one, my date of birth is the 30th of April 1997 I live with my Uncle Ted and Aunt Mary as well as my twin cousins Emma and Cindy." I finished reading what his next question was going to be. " Well, there doesn't seem to be any brain damage and no memory loss either, everything seems to be ok, you're doing well for someone who has been in a coma for two weeks", two weeks oh my God, everyone must have been worried sick I thought.

"Where is my uncle, he was here when I woke up what happened to me?" I said next. "Your uncle has gone to get the rest of the family, they have all been worried about you, especially the twins, they didn't want to leave you and go to school in case you woke up. The police want to speak with you and have asked us not to give you any details of how you were brought in. but don't worry you're not in trouble, they just want to hear it from you first before you talk to anyone. They are outside waiting to speak to you, do you feel up to it?" the doctor asked, I nodded in response and he stepped outside and motioned the two detectives in. Their names were Munch and Breen, they asked me what I remembered and I told them, leaving out the part about the meteorite. "Well it seems you passed out and some hikers found you on a commonly used trail" a detective told me.

Just then I heard a commotion outside "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE CANT SEE HIM WE'RE FAMILY!" I heard Emma's voice yell. Detective Munch stepped outside for a minute, then I read a thought from the other detective

"Hmm it seems he doesn't know anything about the explosion he mustn't have seen or heard it." Hmm it's lucky I didn't tell them about the meteor I thought to myself. A minute later two balls of energy known as Emma and Cindy burst into the room they both rushed up to the bed and each gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek,.

Emma spoke first, "you're awake, we thought we had lost you, we're so happy to have you back." Cindy finished speaking like twins often do, finishing each other's sentences. They giggled when they realized what they had done, "well you two seem the same as ever come here and give me another hug" I said as I grabbed them, but just as I did, I felt a feeling of absolute happiness wash over me. It was almost too much for me, I let them go and the feelings stoped. It was then that I realized that I was reading their emotions. I would have to do some thinking later tonight, it seems I have acquired some abilities from that light." Ok girls, time to let Ray have some rest. You can come back and see him when you get out of school, hurry up or you will be late." Aunt Mary said from the door.

There was the predictable argument about not leaving me alone, but I said "I'm not going anywhere girls, at least not for a few days. I don't think I'm even strong enough to walk let alone run away from you." That seemed to satisfy them and they went with Mary to school. Ted stayed and asked the doctor." Doc when do you think we will be able to take him home." I read from Ted's mind that his security firm had a big case and as the head of operations he was needed full time. He had only been able to work part time and nights because someone had to be here during the day in case I woke up.

"Well, as Ray told the girls, he will need a bit of physical therapy to get his strength back and we need to run some tests to see what caused the coma. So I'd like to keep him here for a week or two for all that." was the doctor's verbal reply, but in his mind he thought "I want to know what those strange EEG readings were when they first brought him in" oh crap I thought, it must have been something to do with that light. I was wishing he would just forget about it, then something strange happened, the doctors face went blank for a second and then his thoughts changed to one of " on second thought it was probably nothing, just a glitch In the machine'" that machine" that really freaked me out. I could not only read minds and emotions but I could control them as well this was too weird. I would have to experiment with it. If I could figure out how to do it maybe I could stop it from happening. "It's alright Uncle Ted, you go to work. I'll be ok by myself, besides the girls and aunt Mary will be here after school. You should go on to work, I know your needed there more right now."

Aunt Mary was a junior high school teacher at Tergen High, the same school I go to now or will go to when I get out of here. The girls were starting the same year as me, you see, the school is a combined grade/high school teaching grades K to 12. The school was split between the grade school (K to 6) and the high school (7 to 12). I used to live in Australia so the grade system for high school wouldn't bother me. The only difference was that the students in the American school system were further split in to freshmen sophomores, juniors and seniors.

"Alright son I'll be in to see you when I get off work you be good and try not to flirt with the nurses" he said laughing as he walked out of the room. "Let's get you some breakfast and move you out of this single room we need it for other people. Since you missed the breakfast run you'll have to settle for toast and juice" said nurse Amanda. I asked for toast and jam and she went to get it ready. While she was gone I started to take stock of my situation.

Here I was, just awoke from a coma two weeks after being hit by a light from a meteorite. And now I find out I have mental abilities, and who knows what else that beam did to me. Come to think of it, I don't really feel like someone that has been asleep for two weeks. I lied to the girls and the doctor; to tell the truth I could probably run in a marathon right now and win. That's how good I felt, but I didn't want to do anything to arouse suspicions yet. I started to wonder why I hadn't needed to go to the toilet. I looked down under the blanket and realized I was naked underneath and I had a catheter in me and then I thought of who could've seen me naked, then I thought of what nurse Amanda had seen and I started to get an erection then" AAAAAAGH" I screamed.

The pain had stopped by the time nurse Amanda came running in with a tray of toast and juice "what's happened what's wrong she asked. Then she looked at where the sheet had fallen down to reveal my nakedness, I saw her eyes go big for a second then she started laughing when she realized what must of happened." I think we can take that out when you finish your breakfast, ok here it is" she put the tray down on the table and pulled it over me on the bed. I gulped it all down in minutes.

"Now why don't we see about removing that catheter before we move you to another room, This won't hurt but it will feel strange" she went to the next room and came back with a bottle. "You will really want to go after I take this out" she said. I looked at her questionably then as fast as lightening her hands dove to my cock which I just realized had grown in size. Before it was a meek 41/2 inches if I had to guess, now I'd say it was 6 inches and it was only half erect!

And before I knew it she had the catheter out and the bottle in place as I started pissing out of control, it felt like id emptied a few gallons by the time I stopped, Amanda said she would be right back to with an orderly to move me I suddenly felt tired and went to sleep.


I opened my eyes and I was standing in a field and there was a path leading up to a small cottage on a hill. The field was full of flowers, and birds sang all around, I was being drawn to the cottage so I walked up to the cottage when I was about to knock on the door, it opened by itself, Seeing no sign of danger I walked in to what I guessed was the main room. Sitting there on the lounge was my mother and father!

But I could sense something wasn't right "you're right, we're not really your parents we are images created by the enhancer pods "AI" you have been chosen to be the start of a new race a hybrid between the sarcoma and human the sarcomas top scientists worked until it was too late they finished the enhancers but it was too late to stop them from being wiped out by a virus, the enhancers do what the name suggests they enhance their host body to its maximum potential and beyond in addition to mega strength speed and agility you will live for much longer than a normal human maybe even forever because nothing will be able to penetrate your skin now unless you allow it you are now impervious to any physical damage,

the nanites have also awakened dormant genes that allow other abilities for example you are now what sci-fi writers would call a psionic you have the power to read minds and alter them you also have the ability to heal all injuries and illnesses with in the limit of your Ki. You now can draw power from the life-force of the universe your martial arts call it Ki but it is actually the life force of the universe or to put it another way its consciousness". While I was digesting dad spoke

"Ray there is something else, you must go back and collect the probe as soon as possible. The Genesis ship should arrive in orbit soon, you need the probe in order to make initial contact with the ships AI. The ships data banks contain all the technology of the sarcoma, which is light years ahead of us. You must wake up now, they are moving you into a new room. You will have one room mate, a female of your age, she is very sick. Your current level of power is sufficient to heal her but not quickly. We will teach you how to control your primary powers. If you gain any others, you will be on your own."


I woke up just as Amanda was coming in with the orderly "It's time to say goodbye to this room, we are moving you into a double, You already have a roommate, a very sick girl about your age. Hold on tight this could get bumpy." she finished with a laugh. I used a new control, I had been taught in my dream to do an in depth scan or study or read of her mind. Amanda Richards always wanted to be a nurse and two years ago she got her qualification as a registered nurse. Her family was so proud of her, she was the oldest of the Richards two children. Her sister Dona, had been diagnosed with leukaemia, they had been fighting it for two years but a week ago the doctor had told them that she had two months at best if a new experimental drug didn't work.

"Maybe having a roommate her own age will help cheer her up" Amanda thought. We finally reached the room, one side was like any other hospital room, white sterile clean, but the other side was full of pink and blue with stuffed animals all around the bed was Dona, except she could have been mistaken for my sisters twin. She was skinny and pale from the cancer, her blonde hair was almost gone from the effects of the drug and chemo treatments. She was maybe 5'4 and 40lbs, she looked horrible, but I could tell she had been really beautiful before the cancer.

But it didn't matter, I was in love with her the first time I saw her, maybe It was her resemblance to my sister. I don't know or care, she was asleep and looked even more beautiful. Stupidly my first word upon seeing her was "Amy," tears were in my eyes because she reminded me so much of my twin sister. "This is my little sister Dona, she is asleep right now but it's almost time for her treatment so I'll wake her up, so you can meet her", on turning, she noticed I was crying." What's wrong Ray, why are you crying?" It dawned on her what I had said. "You called her Amy, that's your twin sisters name. Emma and Cindy told me all about what happened to her and your parents but why are you so upset now?" through tears and quiet sobs I answered.

"It's just that she looks so much like my sister and she's in such a bad way it brings tears to my eyes." I managed to get out between sobs. Before anyone could respond we heard " Manda why is that boy crying?" Dona asked from the bed in a weak voice. We all jumped and turned around to see Dona struggling to sit up in the bed. She was looking straight at me. As was becoming a habit I scanned her and got the shock of my life, it was love at first sight for her too!

I could also tell she was in a lot of pain, I promised myself then and there that I would save her no matter what it took, even my own life, but first I had to figure out a way to do it without raising any suspicions about her recovery. Then it dawned on me that the new drug they had her on could be blamed or credited, if I could time it so her improvements would correlate with her treatments, that would work. I'd have to do it at night during handover to minimise the risk of being found out, that shouldn't be a problem.

"It's alright you just reminded me of someone I used to know they died a year ago and I really miss them, it's not your fault, anyway my name is Raymond Sims. I'm very pleased to meet you, it seems I'm your new roommate" I said after calming down some and wiping my tears on the blanket.

"Let me introduce you to my sister Dona, you two will be roommates for the next two weeks, you two be nice to each other, I'll be back in an hour to take you for your treatment. Doctor Madison will be here today to oversee the treatment, I'll send nurse Grainger in to remove your IVs in a minute." She said with a smile on her face at the look of puppy love in her sisters eyes. "well it seems it was the right idea putting them together look at the love in her eyes, oh how I hope this treatment will work. Dona looks like she's found her soul mate and she might die, sometimes life just isn't fair" Amanda thought. I could feel her deep sadness, the surprising thing was she was half way to the nurses' station!

Dona and I spent most of the hour getting to know each other better, I was able to touch her hand several times and this seemed to improve the clarity of what I called body sight. If I focus enough I could see the inside of a person's body like their skin was transparent. Without touching I could see all the organs and the bigger blood vessels, but when I'm in physical contact with the person I can see right down to the sub atomic level.

But eventually it came time for her to go to have her chemo. All throughout our chat she had been radiating happiness and a sense that she felt safe and secure when she was with me. When her sister came to take her, all the frightened and scared feelings came flooding back almost overpowering me because I just barely got my filter in place.

"Ray are you alright you seem a bit out of breath maybe you should have a rest, Dona will be a couple of hours. Your family will be here after 3:30pm when they get out of school." Amanda said when she noticed me wobble as the emotions washed over me. "You're right, I think I could use a nap and this time I wasn't really lying. I was a bit tired but I also needed some answers from the pod. Before she left, Dona reached over and grabbed my had and squeezed it tight, I told her I'd be here when she got back, then she surprised me by kissing me on the cheek!

With that they left and I framed the questions in my mind just like the probe had told me to. I needed to know how to focus my energy on one part of the body and how to treat leukaemia because I didn't know the first thing about it or how to ease her pain, with those questions clear in my mind I went to sleep.

I woke up but didn't open my eyes I heard voices whispering around me two voices and sometimes a third " I wonder if we should wake him, they said he was really tired before, but he said he wanted to see us so-" one of the voices whispered I knew from their emotional signatures that it was the twins. I hadn't realized that I'd been subconsciously recording the mental signatures of everyone I come in contact with, I also sensed Aunt Mary's presence as well. It seems that the range of my abilities has increased again. That fits with what the probe had told me, I wasn't fully enhanced yet. I would need regular sleep until the enhancers had finished their job, but I would need a lot less when it was finished.

I listened to them for a while, they moved in to try to wake me. Once they were both in range I pounced, I reached out and grabbed both of them kissing them once each on the cheek, causing them both to squeal, giggle and try to get away. But with careful control of my new strength they didn't stand a chance, I kissed them again and let them go " You seem to be feeling better" Aunt Mary said from the doorway I turned and looked at her "Someone has to teach these two to make sure someone is asleep before playing a prank on them" this caused the girls to giggle and blush.


"Could have told us"

"You were awake"

The girls said once again trading sentence mid-way through "Where is the fun in that plus I get to teach you two a lesson" I answered "Speaking of which, what did you two learn today?", so we sat there for 40 minutes while the girls told me about their day at school, actually I had another reason for asking them. The probe had answered all my questions in my dream. It told me that I could gain the knowledge a person has by looking at where the information is stored in that persons brain. I was looking for the area that lit up in their brains when they talk about their classes, having found the spot I looked inside and sure enough I could learn everything they knew directly from their minds.

"Girls we need to clear out for a minute because Amanda is bringing Dona back, we will have to be quiet because she is asleep and in a lot of pain from the chemo." Aunt Mary told us the girls and she went for a walk to get some food.

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