The Bells of Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Humor, Space, Furry, non-anthro, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sequel to The Bells of Tanah. Almost a year has past. Our heros have traveled across the galaxy, in their supermarket spaceship The Bells. Love is in the air. Babies are coming. Life, as they say, is good. Life is also pain. Can Humans and Orang overcome the obstacles in their way? Can they, in fact… find a new home?

"Do you, Justin, take this woman as your wife. To love her, comfort her, help her. Do you promise to love the children she will bless us with as your own, to abandon jealousy, and help her find her way in this new universe?"

"I do."

"Do you, Alicia, take this man as your husband. To love him, comfort him, and help him. Will you bear his children, and love those born through his love with others as your own. Will you stand by him, where ever our travels may take us?"

"I do."

"Then, with no power but that of friendship, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss."

Anthony stepped back, letting the two have their moment. Another wedding. The gathered cheered, Justin and Alicia stepping together as if for their first kiss. If you had asked him, a year ago, if he ever thought the blonde, seemingly at times bimbo, cashier would ever be paired with the brown skinned, skinny four eyed geek, no answer would even have been necessary. That this, now, was one of the more normal couples, said everything. Hell, it wasn't even a couple...

Obviously unable to hold back anymore, Daium ran forward, grabbing bride and groom in a furred hug. She was laughing, crying, blackish grey forehead pressed against theirs, with enough presence of mind not to squish the five month pregnant Alicia too much. Melinda and Rinda, almost at the childbirth stage themselves, joined the hug, followed by the others. It became a mass of fur, and cloth covered flesh. Anthony stayed where he was, chuckling. Putting his now official marriage vows notebook on the park bench, he looked for Hannah. She too had not joined the pile, standing instead next to a bed of white alien roses. Her smile was sad, as her hand caressed the swell of her belly under the long white dress. With a sigh, he walked to her.

"Want to take a walk for a few minutes?"

The sadness seemed to fall from her as she turned to him. It was always this way. Left on her own, his lovely wife would brood, thoughts going where there was no good in sending them. She was distracted more easily than a newborn babe, though.Taking his hand, fingers warm, smooth, she shook her head, smiling.

"I'll be OK. Silly male. You do NOT walk out on someone's wedding!"

Anthony grinned, looking up at the clear dome overhead, and the stars beyond.

"It's not like we could walk far anyway..."

Nona just wanted to leave.

She didn't dance. Didn't sing. Didn't ... well, party.

OK, that wasn't the problem.

Sighing, Nona took another swig of the strange alien beer as she watched the couples swaying to the slow pop song. Not drinking was one of the Islamic laws her family had been rather flexible about, and despite her re-dedication to her faith it was one of the many things now ignored. Beer just ... made life more bearable. God had to understand. Hell, if anything, it kept her from sinning more.

For example, going over and smashing the speaker now playing Celine Dion.

Justin and Alicia were slowly swaying to the music, head on each other's shoulder. Nona wasn't sure what she thought about all this. The marriages. Really ... did it matter? Everyone, apart from her and Tammy, had paired (or tripled) up rather early. The bonds seemed to be strong and long lasting. Did this second marriage, when both were already married to Daium ... she shook her head. Well, it wasn't her problem. So long as it worked for them.

Her eyes shifted over to Tammy. She, too, wasn't dancing. She, too, wasn't her problem. The woman was sitting next to Rinda, laughing at some comment by the blue Orang. Dirty blonde hair, tied back as always in a pony tail. She wore a black form fitting dress that, while not really revealing, hugged her athletic form in a way that made Nona uncomfortable. So much about Tammy made her uncomfortable, including the fact of feeling uncomfortable. It wasn't, at this point, the whole lesbian thing (after all, all the women apart from her had at least ventured to that side once, and the Malay had no problem with that). It wasn't that she got along badly with her. Far from it. They could almost be considered friends, now.

What the hell WAS it?

Nona looked away, taking another sip of her beer. Later. She'd think about it later.

Maybe getting drunk would help.

"Um ... Nona? Do you want to dance?"

In spite of herself, Nona smiled. Danny, she could understand and deal with. The half human boy was standing before her, looking rather good in blue pants and a black shirt. He'd grown almost an inch since joining them, with most likely more to go. but this new outfit had been tailored by Hannah almost perfectly. His red hair, usually a shaggy mess, had been trimmed down and combed back, both ears fully visible above his forehead. His green eyes, above his fleshy snout ... well, there the cracks in this self confident shell was plainly visible. Despite their friendship, despite the months of talking together ... he still went to pieces around her.

Nona took it as a complement.

Mind you, the poor teen's choices for realistic crushes were slim in the extreme. Unless the incest taboo was broken, or one of the three marriages opened further, she was it. And ... well, in the future, who knew. Her choices were just as limited. Maybe, someday, they would end up together, like kids in a small town who all married their childhood playmates. She did like him, after all.

But, for now...

"Sorry, Danny." She smiled apologetically, hoping he understood. "I don't dance."

"I didn't either," he said, hope still in his eyes, "but Alicia taught me. I'll lead. Please?" There was a whining in that final word she didn't like. Her body language must have shifted, as his shoulders slumped.

"OK. I'm sorry I..."

"I'LL dance with you!"

Melinda ran over, or waddled, if you were feeling less than kind or just knew her well, grabbing Danny's hand. He was pulled away, to much surrounding laughter. Nona found herself blushing as much as he was. Their little exchange had been watched. Which, naturally, it would be. How their small family got along was everyone's business, and she made no attempt to sneak her observations of her companions. But, still...

Goldie came up beside her, golden fur brushed and shining. Sitting her bear-like body on the grass next to the bench, she looked out at her brother. He had no idea where to place his hands, and his body kept bumping Melinda's large baby-filled tummy. Goldie sighed, her human face wistful.

"He likes you."

"I think we all know that," Nona chuckled.

"Then dance with him!" She looked up, human eyes wide with emotion. "Please!"

"I don't..."

The song ended, to her great relief. Gone was the threat of dancing, for now, and more importantly the threat of bad pop music. Nona looked down at her beer. Maybe it was time for a refill. Justin would probably, in the interest of fairness, ask for something more rock or progressive be played next. There'd be no dancing to Pink Floyd...

The first note came from the speakers. Nona's head shot up, horrified. No. They couldn't. Think of the children! And the Muslims!

"Young man, there's no need to feel down..."

Tammy was in front of her, grin on her face. Grabbing both of the dark skinned girl's arms, she forcefully pulled Nona to her feet. Nona stumbled forward, was twirled, and found herself in a line with all the other females. The boys stood just off the circular stone patio that had become their dance floor here in the ship's garden filled dome, expressions that of amusement. Nona took a half step to join them, but was pulled back in line by Tammy.

"Stay here! It's a girls only dance!"

To her left, Goldie reared up onto her hind legs. She wobbled for a moment, body not built for being vertical, but her face was excited.

"Don't help me! I've got it! I've practiced!"

Well. If Goldie was putting in that much effort ... With a sigh, in no way willing to admit she was probably going to enjoy this, Nona put her two arms up in the air as the chorus came.

"It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.!"

Daium yawned as she floated across the spherical bridge with her husband and wife. Their clothing, hair, and fur, which had been immaculate that morning, was now a bit disheveled. Within the hour, the clothing would be off and the hair in much worse shape. That was the future, though. The now saw them moving around the large tree taking up the center of the bridge. Pausing, Justin dived down to its roots, the others grabbing the central trunk to wait.

"Looks good," he yelled up, hitting some switches. "The new pump is keeping the water flowing."

"Thank the Tree," Alicia grinned, hand going out to rub Daium's head. Daium nodded, happy, hand caressing the rough bark.

"Losing the tree would be like losing Dad again."

"I'm glad you didn't say like losing us," Alicia said, cocking an eyebrow, "or I'd question exactly what you do on the bridge alone."

Daium laughed, pushing off towards her chair at the front of the bridge, legs spread to offer a glimpse under her green skirt.

"Wouldn't you like to know!"

Outstretched hand reaching the console, she flipped a switch. The wooden bridge walls faded, replaced by the blackness of space around them. Even the view behind showed this, instead of the large dome with its garden and Bells store, and the corresponding half sphere lower hull of the ship. Who wanted to see those, when you could see space!

Daium took her seat as her mates came up behind. Adjusting her four lensed glasses, she brought up windows of data onto the curved wall before them. Justin put a hand on her right shoulder, next to her suspender strap.


Color images of five planets appeared, surrounded by numbers and letters. Alicia leaned in squinting. Her breast, swollen like her belly, brushed against Daium. The breast paused, then began rubbing itself on the furry arm. Daium just shook her head. The bitch could be SUCH a tease.

"Neither of the two Goldilocks planets are inhabited. Or, if they are, it's a primitive species."

"Cool, we can be gods," Alicia laughed. Daium turned, catching her eye.

"You're already my goddess."

"Hmm ... keep that up, and I'll forget it's Justin I'm honeymooning with tonight..."

"We'll see about that, Woman. It's about time you had a husband to tame you."

"Promises, promises..."

Daium felt the two kiss behind her, her own lips tingling in response. Of all the strangeness that had happened, the love between the three of them was the strangest, and the most wonderful. Every day brought new blessings. Although, she thought, resisting the urge to touch her flat belly, not always the one she wanted. Someday, maybe, Holy Tree willing, the ultimate blessing of Justin and Alicia's love would be given to her. Until then...

New data popped up. With a sigh, her shoulders dropped in defeat.


"What?" Justin moved next to her, eyes on the screen. She pointed.

"Planet three has too much methane, and planet four seems to be having an ice age."

The three stared in silence. Alicia finally snorted in disgust.

"You said the survey you found showed both were Earth and Tanah like planets."

"I also said the survey was a good 8,000 year old. Planets change, like everything else."

"Fuck change."

"That'll show it." Justin turned off the sensor display. Before them, stretched the endless universe. Somewhat closer, if still a day away, was the fourth planet of this system. The Bells had warped in outside of its orbit, partly so they could get a better sensor sweep of the system, but mostly to give them time alone for the wedding. They had wanted it in real space. Exactly why, she couldn't have said.

Alicia pushed herself forward and spun, back coming in contact with the bridge wall. She looked between her two mates.

"So, this place is a bust. What now?"

Daium brought her hands up to her head. She could feel a headache coming on.

"Don't know. We can't go to every star system looking for a new home. The ones we have leads on, we keep finding things have changed. I don't want to turn around, or circle around the edge of the galaxy, because ... well..."

"Because, with our luck, we'll run into your people."

She nodded, glumly. That was a complication they did not need. Some word had jumped ahead of them, confused tales of roaming Orang ships. That, knowing some had survived, was enough for her. The bridge between her and her people had long ago been burned. She wanted to be away from them. To flee...

"Short term," Justin said, hands going to massage Daium's scalp, "I think it's time to find a system to settle in while Rinda and Melinda pop out their kids. Nona has been doing what studying she can, but we should be on a planet just in case."

Daium sighed.

"Doctors are never good outside their own species, but ... yes." Her eyes closed, Justin's fingers doing their magic. "Tomorrow. I'll find a system tomorrow."

"And after?" Alicia wasn't going to let the subject drop that easily. Things were too casual among them. You needed to do lots of bitching to keep everyone focused on what was needed. The blonde was good at that, one of the many reasons Daium respected, not to mention loved, her. Which didn't mean she always appreciated such nagging.

"After..." Her four eyes looked again at the star map. "We're getting near the outer rim. We could ... well, leave the galaxy."

Justin's hands paused.

"You're kidding."

"No. We just go, leave all this behind. The ship can do it..."

"You're talking years at warp, Daium. With no idea if we can resupply once we get there."

That was the idea. Go. Just Go. Flee. Flee the past. Flee any chance of it catching up with them. Start over. Start a new race. She looked at her wife, trying to say all that with her eyes.


"If it was a spiral galaxy," Alicia told her, shaking her head, "one that could be the Milky Way, I'd say go for it. But, I've seen the charts. It's not even close to the same as home. No ... we'll find a new home here."

Daium nodded. She understood. That's why she loved them. They were strong. Stronger than she was. Stronger...

Soft, wet lips touched hers.

"Come," Alicia said, pulling back, eyes sparkling. "Let's go to bed."

Stronger, and more loving.

"There is nothing," Chuck muttered, half to himself, "better in the universe than this."


"He flatters with truth."

He smiled, arms drawing Melinda and Rinda closer. The three lovers lay on a patch of green grass near the edge of the dome, surrounded by red daisies. The lights mounted on the store roof were off, night now fallen over the garden. A night with a million stars above them.

And below. And to the side. It's not as romantic when the idea that there's an infinite drop two or three floors below you enters your mind. Not that you'd actually drop in space, but...

"Hey. Less thought, more kissing."

Soft hands turned Chuck's head to the left, drawing his lips to Melinda's. Rinda's smooth hands were there a moment later to draw him to her side. The next little while was a giggling tug of war, which would only have winners.

The grassy beds had been, Chuck had to agree, one of the great ideas in history. They had started as a treat for Goldie. The poor girl could not use chairs, at least not easily, and while Anthony had suggested extra long benches up here in the gravity zone for her use, she hadn't been thrilled with the idea. On their various planetary trips, the young teen had fallen in love with just laying on the grass. Her life had been spent on stone, or metal, so the feel of soft plants and dirt spoke to her in a way no bench cushion ever could. They had started with a small patch, large enough so she could sit and relax among the flowers. It was soon expanded, so she could roll a bit. Roll, and lay, so much like a dog that some of the humans were a bit uncomfortable. She WAS human, after all ... as human as the coming children...

It only took a week for the various romantic groupings to discover that grassy beds under the stars had other uses. With no explicit discussion, four more were laid out in the garden surrounding the store, each reasonably isolated from the next.

The evolution of the garden itself, not to mention the store and the rest of the ship, had followed a similar pattern: need, plan, revise plan. Repeat. The old grocery store from Earth, now emptied of most of its food, contained living quarters, bathrooms, and a remodeled bakery and deli kitchen. Most of it was left as it had been, old shelves left up empty. When they needed the room, they'd take them down. Outside, stone paths wound their way through plant beds seemingly rearranged and restocked at each planet. Some were food plants, experiments to see what they could grow and eat once they found a new home world, but many were just flowers. Off in one corner, the two vans which had make the trip with the store that fateful night sat unused. They as of yet weren't converted from using gasoline. Exactly how they could be converted, without just ripping the motors out, hadn't been given much serious discussion. Chuck wondered if it would be easier, when the time came, to just try and make gas out of something.

The rest of the ship had been left much as Daium's father had made it. The living quarters weren't lived in much, the pain of gravity being seen as a needed evil for most of the day. But the Bridge, and Commons area, which held a large TV screen and dining area, remained in use and gravity free. Floating was just too much fun to give up entirely, despite the needs of the unborn.

"Mmm ... aaahh..."

Rinda watched Melinda shudder. The two wives lay on their sides, bellies touching, as Chuck slowly fucked Melinda from behind. The blue Orang loved watching the human orgasm. The way Melinda just gave into pleasure, both giving and receiving, was always a source of wonder and joy for Rinda. You could see it in her face, the effort to ride the wave of pleasure up to the peak. Eyes closed, focused on every point of contact with her lovers. With a grin, Rinda slid down a bit, moved her face closer and took one of Melinda's nipples in her mouth.

That did it. The human let go a scream, which hung in the air around them. Rinda grinned around the swollen breast. If Goldie or Danny were around- and she had seen them peeking a few times lately- they certainly heard that. Hmm ... she pictured both of them in her mind. Rinda had been about that age when she first began exploring her sexuality. Maybe she could teach them, as it was obvious Nona wasn't going to do it. She'd ask her partners first, though, naturally. It might not be how humans did things...

Melinda seemed to go limp, apart from an occasional shudder. Pushing her head up, Rinda saw her wife done for at least the moment, all pleasured out. A chuckle came from Chuck's general direction.

"She sure knows how to stroke a guy's ego, among other things," he whispered.

"Did you come, Love?"

"Almost there..."

"Give it to me..."

Melinda's warm body shifted as Chuck withdrew and stood. Rinda's four eyes stayed on the human as his form moved through the darkness, lowering itself behind her. She shifted a bit, picking the most comfortable spot as she felt him press against her. Two hands worked themselves around to pull her tight, as his hardness searched for the opening. It was her turn to give into pleasure. The world outside vanished.

Neither noticed the faint, snowy glow by the front store windows...

"Am I the ONLY one," Hannah asked, shaking her head, "who isn't a screamer?"

"You're not?"

"Not in the garden, at least! Not when I know others are probably around! God!"

One look at Anthony in the dim store light was all Hannah needed to know this wasn't a rant which would get much sympathy that night. And, really, she was being a bit self righteous. And hypocritical. She, just...

Well, she just. Some things weren't worth putting into words.

Anthony's hand found hers, squeezing. As always, worry vanished when her mind turned to him. She shook her head, giving a smiling sigh as they walked down the front aisle towards the cash registers and the stairway beyond.

"Sorry. Just tired."

"Will you be OK with the stairs, or do you want to try the elevator?"

She laughed. That had been the first design mistake: putting all the new bedrooms up on the second floor. Given the whole point was that these would be needed for pregnant women, who required gravity for their fetuses, access was not as convenient as it could be. Melinda had been the first to bitch, Rinda being a bit more stoic in the pain department. Discussion went back and forth, some suggesting moving the bedrooms to "ground" level, basically starting over just as the women needed less stress in their lives. That was when Goldie, in one of those moments that showed the adult she would become, asked if they couldn't just turn gravity off in the stairwell. After all, if gravity could be turned on for just a part of the ship, maybe it could be turned off for an even smaller section? After both Daium and Chuck finished smacking themselves in the forehead for not thinking of that, they went to work. Instead of modifying the stairs, though, they created a gravity free tube near the back of the store. A circular base, with polished wooden rods along the outside to keep you inside the floating zone as well as provide hand holds as you made your way up or down. Alicia had said it reminded her of a stair replacement mod for The Sims.

"I think the stairs will be fine today, Honey. I'm not a bloated mess yet."

"Oh, no argument there. In fact..."


The sound was faint ... but familiar. A sound from a lifetime ago, tickling the back of her head. It was in her head, yet, also...

The two of them were near the front entrance. Hannah stopped, spinning her head towards the front window.

Gone was the darkened garden. And the spaceship. Instead, on the other side of the thin plate of glass, was snow. A field of snow, with more coming down. Falling onto four people, humans, all dressed for winter. Ghostly, as if on a film projected against the snow. A young girl, maybe a teen, knelt in the center, looking at her in amazement. To the right was a young man, tall, holding two snowmobile helmets. And ... to Hannah's left ... an unknown woman, and...

Her husband.


Oh. God. It had been ... He looked good. Older. Wiser. His eyes ... even through the glass and snow, she could see the love in his eyes. See the loss, the hurt. The ease with which she had left him behind flooded up, threatening to overwhelm her. She had been such a horrible wife! He had deserved better!

And ... he had found better. Mark wasn't running to her. He was holding the hand of a beautiful, dark haired woman. Hannah smiled at the pair, squeezing Anthony's hand while moving her free hand to her swollen belly. The ghost of Mark nodded, voice once again echoing in her head.

"I miss you..."

And she missed him ... Almost as much as she missed...


Her head jerked to the right. The girl. The young girl. Almost a teen. Dressed in pink and white. The hair, the eyes...

Her daughter.

Her baby.

Her life.


Time stood still. Hannah fell to her knees, arms outstretched. It couldn't be her baby, her baby would only be two and a half! But it WAS her baby! Her Mary! Her little Mary! She couldn't be seeing this! Her eyes were so full of tears, she knew she WASN'T seeing this! The girl was now running towards her! Towards the window...

Through the window.


The ghostly scream of her husband never even registered as her daughter, her living, breathing, flesh and blood, daughter threw herself into Hannah's arms.

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!"

The girl was hysterical, almost as much as she was. Her daughter! Grown! And here!! Long brown hair! And so tall! Her baby...

"I'm sorry. I'll protect them."

Anthony's words ... spoken not to her, but to the other side. Part of her knew they were important. Knew that this was not a GOOD thing. But that was the future. The now ... the now was her baby.

"Oh, Mary! I've missed you, my little Mary! Oh, God!" They both were laughing. Crying. Showering each other with kisses. Hannah finally grabbed the girl's head and held it still, rubbing their foreheads together. "I can't believe it's you!"

"And Daddy!" Mary's eyes were wide with excitement. "Daddy's here, too! Daddy, look!" She turned, looking back at the storefront window. Hannah raised her eyes as well.

Outside, beds of flowers could just be seen in the darkness.

Hannah's body went cold. Of their own volition, her arms released her daughter, a split second before Mary bolted to her feet.


Why. Why was the universe doing this to her. To them. What had Hannah done wrong? Mary rushed to the window, bashing the glass with her fists.


Hannah didn't mean to take her away from Mark. Didn't mean to drag her into this life. Didn't mean...

Through blurry eyes, she saw Anthony slowly walk up to her Mary. Saw him kneel down next to the screaming girl. Talk. Say everything she, herself, should be saying. It should be her comforting her baby. She was a failure. How could she bring a new life into this world, when she had failed her oldest so badly...

Blinking, she saw Mary slowly walking towards her, Anthony's hand on her shoulder. The girl's eyes were wide, not understanding. How could she. They didn't understand it, either. Hannah struggled to her feet, body so tired. Taking two steps forward, she took Mary in her arms, burying the girl's face between her breasts.

"I'm so sorry, Honey. So sorry. I didn't mean..."

"Mom ... Daddy, he's ... he's..."

From behind them, a tired, worried voice spoke.

"I heard yelling. Is everything OK?"

Hannah let out a sigh. No. Everything wasn't OK. But, there was no need to worry her tonight. She turned her head to the human faced bear girl, smiling.

"Everything's OK, Goldie. Go back to..."

A scream erupted from Mary. Primal. Terrified.

A rather reasonable reaction, all told.

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