Vatican's Best Escorts
Chapter 1: Frequently Unquestioned Answers

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Frequently Unquestioned Answers - What if an escort company decided to take over the world? VBE is a juvenile rant against capitalism, sexism, celebrity, and the Entertainment-Industrial Complex. For the first time ever the whole sordid story is available here in condensed Reader's Digest format without all the clever graphics, provocative distractions, or subliminal messages embedded in the original VBE website. Note: The author received no compensation from product placement. (I did it out of the goodness in my heart)

"Deep Inside VBE"
(An interview with Rolling Stone magazine April 4th, 2010)

Miss Bambi Rogers is the Director of Operations (North America) and according to our information, on the VBE fast track. She agreed to be interviewed at her Manhattan offices, which turns out to be the Princess Suite at the Trump Plaza Hotel.

"In here..." Bambi says, smiling over her shoulder as she leads me past her desk, computers, and telephones. "This will be more comfortable."

One can't help but admire the young woman's beauty and I find myself wondering if she's wearing anything beneath her casual white dress. A short, well-fitting dress that shows off her long legs and braless breasts to good advantage. Soon enough, I find out that Bambi likes pink panties as she reclines on a large, unmade bed.

"It's my secretary's day off," she almost explains, tossing her light brown hair over one shoulder. "Now ... What are we going to talk about?"

I have no choice but to sit on the bed beside her, it's the only piece of furniture in the room, and I run through the usual questions. Bambi is twenty-five years old, single, and available on Wednesdays from noon until six the following morning for any man who can afford her personal attention. Today happens to be Wednesday and my editor was foolish enough to give me a company credit card.

"Don't worry," Bambi says with a playful smile. "We'll bill you as Jersey Plumbing and Construction."

Somehow I don't think that'll fly back at the office, but I can only watch helplessly as the woman phones in the numbers to the tune of $2500 plus a 15% gratuity. I'm sure she'll earn the tip and consider suggesting 20% as Bambi rolls onto her tummy. She likes pink thongs and her ass is world class, believe me. I stare at the pink lace where it disappears between the pale cleavage of her firm, round butt only to see it reappear in a vain attempt to cover the pleasant swell of her vulva. Needless to say, I'm sporting a rather annoying erection by the time Bambi turns off her cellular phone.

"Let me take care of that for you," she breathes, crawling off the bed and between my legs. "You don't want to be tense during an interview, do you?"

Uhhhh ... I have to yield to her wisdom, shifting my hips as deft fingers undo my trousers. She reaches inside my boxers, smiling like a little girl at Christmas as she wraps a gentle fist around my member and pulls it free.

"Nice one," she decides, holding me with both hands and giving me those gorgeous brown eyes of hers. "Eight inches? I bet your wife loves getting this every night!"

My wife does enjoy sex, I admit, but she's not a big fan of taking my balls into her mouth, which is the first thing Bambi does. She wants to "warm up those babymakers" and I'm beginning to understand how and why Vatican's Best Escorts has come to dominate the business of giving pleasure. Bambi's mouth feels wonderful as she pulls my scrotum between her lips, taking one of my balls into her mouth for a nice, long suck. I can feel her tongue moving around, washing the soft skin with her saliva.

All the while she continues to jerk me off, pumping my straining cock with both hands while clear precum spills from the tip. Every now and again, Bambi pushes her tongue outward, beneath my ballsack to tease and tickle the sweet spot just short of my anus. After three or four minutes, she spits out my well-polished nut and takes the other between her lips. We both decide that's a good time to remove my pants completely, my boxers as well, and the interruption is short lived.

"Have you ever been rimmed?" Bambi wonders and I shake my head as she pushes my knees upward.

I get the idea and soon find myself lying on my back with my legs drawn upward, exposing my cock, balls, and asshole to the woman's hungry mouth. She devours me! For the next fifteen minutes I'm subjected to the sort of oral sex I'd only read about in my dad's old Penthouse collection. Bambi fucks me with her face, letting my drooling penis slide across her cheeks and forehead, into her silken hair as she nuzzles my balls with her nose. Her pursed lips kiss my asshole and then I feel her tongue, the tip circling my sphincter and finally working to find its way inside. It's nasty, sloppy sex and I don't have to do anything but enjoy it. Bambi is more than happy to do all the work, filling the room with the soft, wet noises of a professional who really loves her work.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face?" she wonders sometime later.

After bringing her mouth to my cock and giving me what can only be described as the best blowjob of my life, my desperation to orgasm is obvious. My cock throbs in her slippery fist, oozing milky ball cream to give my precum some substance. I'm on the edge of cumming and Bambi's kept me there for five agonizing minutes.

"How about on my tits?" she teases me, playing my arousal for every second of anticipation she can get. "I haven't had a man paint my nipples in a week."

Anything, I manage to gasp. Anywhere. It doesn't matter so long as I can relieve the pressure in my balls. I'm moving my hips, rocking back and forth as I try to fuck Bambi's hands and get my rocks off. I'm seconds away from blowing a massive load into empty air. I'll be painting the ceiling in a minute, I joke, and she rewards me with a long lick along the underside of the shaft.

"I like to swallow," she decides, covering my cockhead with her open mouth just as the first jet of semen erupts skyward.

Bambi does like to swallow and she doesn't spill a drop.

Now that we're relaxed, Bambi agrees to be a good girl and answer a few questions over a bottle of champagne. She still hasn't undressed, although I'm completely naked and still hard. I enjoy her casual sexuality, the way Bambi's left breast falls out of her dress and she pretends not to notice or care. Not that she should after giving me an amazing blowjob and eating my cum, but I get the impression that she's always like that.

"Casual sexuality?" she asks with a throaty giggle. "I've been doing this for, ohhh ... a long time. I sold dates in high school. You know, fifty bucks and we'd skip dinner and a movie and get right to the fucking."

When I ask her about losing her virginity, Bambi shrugs. "I didn't lose it," she says. "I know exactly where it went. I was fourteen and I got caught shoplifting some perfume. The store manager, an older guy and not exactly handsome, told me he could call the cops or..."

Or what, I wonder as Bambi makes me wait for the punch line.

"You know, have sex with him," she replies around a sip of champagne. "It was an easy choice. He popped my cherry and even let me keep the perfume. I did a lot of shopping at his store after that. Like I'd grab something I wanted and let him catch me. He'd take me into his office, making a big show of it for his employees, but it was just a game and everybody knew he was fucking me."

So how did Bambi end up working for VBE?

"I needed extra money in college and I started working for a small company, Sterling Escorts up in Boston. They specialize in college girls for older businessmen, so we were a good fit," she explains. "The only problem was that they didn't pay very much. I'd charge a hundred for an hour and only get thirty bucks. The tips were supposed to cover the seventy-thirty split, that was their logic, but it didn't."

I nod appreciatively as Bambi pours bubbly over the pink lace of her thong. Her pinkish-brown pussy lips glisten around the taut nylon and she pinches them together briefly.

"Actually," she muses. "I think I lost money working for those guys."

With a sympathetic smile, I have to reach for my penis. Even after dumping a large load in Bambi's tummy, I haven't gone very soft at all, not while I have to watch her play with her now engorged labia.

"So," she continues," I did a little research, you know, looking for other options and VBE offered much better terms. [Bambi declined to be more specific about her employment contract] What really got me interested though was how hard it was to get a job with them. I mean, Sterling hired me before I even walked through the door, but VBE ... I had to apply three times!"

That seems a bit hard to believe considering how attractive Bambi is, not to mention her obvious skills in the cocksucking department, but she wears it's true.

"They really made me feel special once I got in," she says. "I mean, just the application process made me feel like I was pushing my limits and once I got accepted ... It's really like joining a family. They took care of everything, my student loans, medical coverage; they even found me a new apartment. I almost quit school."

When I ask what Bambi's major was, the girl smiles and spreads her legs a bit wider, pulling her thong aside so I can see her thumbing her clitoris. She's got a nice one, stiff and pink and pierced with a silver ring. She flicks it with a red fingernail while she answers.

"I was undeclared at the time, but it was a liberal arts college anyway, nothing too fancy." Bambi tugs her ring upward, stretching her clit with a happy gasp. "Oh! Ummm ... Evie suggested I switch to City College here in New York and look at resource management programs. I had no idea what she was talking about, but when Evie speaks, you know ... people listen."

Bambi's talking about Evelyn Swan, the founder and CEO of Vatican's Best Escorts, and naturally I'm curious about her.

"Evie?" She laughs and rolls her eyes. "I don't know. I kinda think she sold her soul or something. Like, she knows things about people. It's spooky. She'd come up to Boston to meet the girls there, all two of us..."


"Miranda and me," Bambi agrees. "She was only seventeen and super hot! God! That girl could fuck lights out too, but anyway, that's how VBE works. We don't put a hundred escorts out there, we look at a hundred girls and pick the best one or two."

But couldn't the company make more money, I start asking, only to be cut off with a smile.

"We make a lot of money anyway, but that isn't the point," Bambi tells me. "We're all about being the best. For those four years I worked New York, I didn't report a single non-billable hour. Not one in four years, I always had a customer because the word gets around quickly. A VBE girl is going to spoil the rest of your life. You'll never want anything else ... Say, do you mind if I ride your cock while we talk?"

As Bambi straddles my hips like a cowgirl, I quickly decide that I don't mind at all. It's hard to remember anyplace so warm and snug. There's a brief moment of doubt, a teasing heartbeat when my cockhead finds the mouth of her sex too small and tight.

"Ohhh..." she sighs, holding my shoulders and arching her back. Bambi is doing all the work, shifting her hips and pushing down. The moment passes and I can feel her buttery sex around my erection as the swollen glans slides inward with a pleasant popping sensation.

I say something about her being a perfect fit and Bambi smiles down at me, riding my cock with long, deliberate strokes. She takes a few inches at first, adding more as the sweet tunnel leading to her womb begins to relax, or stretch, I should say. The woman's vaginal muscles grip my shaft like a little girl's hand, pulling me deeper until Bambi's finally taken every last inch. She's sitting on my cock, no longer moving up and down, but only side-to-side with a lazy, happy grind that makes us both grin.

I wonder where she learned to fuck like that, because I can feel her pussy tugging on my prick. She's jerking me off, using only those small, soft muscles between her legs to do it.

"Summer school," Bambi replies and I'm looking for more than that tantalizing answer. "When I was nineteen, the company sent me and thirty other girls to Tibet."

Tibet? She must be joking, but the familiar ache in my cum-filled balls tells me she isn't. Bambi's pussy is nursing on my cock, sucking me off while I try to concentrate on the interview. My hands have found her ass, perfectly firm and round, soft as silk and responsive to the smallest squeeze as she rolls her hips one way and then the other.

"Sexual Enlightenment," Bambi explains, watching me through a veil of tawny hair. "Master Po-Qian called this Fucking without Fucking. It's part of a Tantric Discipline dedicated to achieving Nirvana through prolonged orgasm."

Prolonged orgasm for who, I ask, feeling my own impending eruption and we've only just started. Like most men, I've been rather proud of my stamina and a number of young women around the Rolling Stone offices have complimented my stubborn attentions, particularly the sexy little intern working in the mailroom, but Bambi smiles like she knows something I don't.

"Yours, of course," she replies. "I can make you cum anytime I want to."

Really? I begin replaying the 2009 World Series in my head.

"And for as long as I want too," she adds. "I can milk your balls dry right now, but..."

But what? I'm pretty certain the woman must be teasing me. I've had monster cums before, but even the best orgasm doesn't last much more than a minute at the most.

" ... But after that, you won't be able to do much more than spend the rest of the night licking me clean," she says, arching her left eyebrow. "Do you like cream pie?"

I have to admit that the idea of sucking fresh semen out of a beautiful woman isn't my first thought upon waking up. Still, my journalistic integrity demands that I discover the truth. We quickly come to an agreement – If Bambi can drain my balls; if she can milk every last drop of sperm and leave my proud manhood limp with exhaustion, I'll conduct the remainder of the interview French kissing her creamy cervix.

An hour later, with my balls empty and aching after a brief eternity of ecstatic ejaculation, I'm on my knees with my tongue buried in the cum-filled hole of a professional escort.

"What was the question?" Bambi teases me, keeping a tight grip with her fists in my hair.

My reply is muffled and escapes with a sloppy, wet sound as I swallow another large dollop of salty male spend. I wanted to ask Bambi which part of being an escort brings her the most satisfaction, but I think I have my answer. Those same secret skills learned on the snowy slopes of the Himalayas are now returning my eager gift ... With interest.

"Ummm ... I'm gonna cum again," she sighs, clamping her thighs to my flushed cheeks. "I love giving interviews!"

Five Minutes with Tori Sadler

A small town girl, Tori grew up speaking French on a horse ranch in Quebec. She attended school, did her chores, and flirted with the local boys mercilessly. "I was always a terrible tease," she confesses. "I used to ride around town bareback in the shortest skirts you can imagine. I mean, with no panties on! That kind of bareback, but when Josh Slocum caught me jumping fences one day, I rode him bareback too!"

They say a girl never forgets her first, and Tori's dark eyes shine with the memory of losing her virginity to the town priest. "He gave me an old fashioned whipping first. You know, it was that kind of town and old Father Slocum found a switch and put me side-saddle across his knees. I didn't mind so much and everyone knows a little girl with no panties deserves what she gets!"

He must have given it to the thirteen year old pretty good, judging from the smile playing across Tori's pouting lips. "Oh yeah!" she say with a giggle. "He tanned my backside for ten minutes probably, although it seemed a lot longer at the time. When Father Slocum started rubbing my butt and then my naked pussy, he couldn't find any hint of a cherry. I tried to tell him I'd broken my hymen while riding a horse, but he didn't believe that for a second!"

What happened next? "Well, he picked me up and turned me around, looking into my eyes while his fat cock did what my saddle couldn't. He filled me up completely, really stretching my innocent pussy, and all I could do was wrap my arms around Father Slocum's neck and grit my teeth. As soon as I felt his grey pubic hair tickling my soft skin, I started cumming lights out. Multiple orgasms, you know? When he came inside me and knocked me up, I think we both knew it. Like the finger of the Goddess herself tickling my womb, it's a feeling I'll never forget!"

And neither will we, Tori. Thanks for sharing.

Ask a Teen!
Teen Escort Monica has the answers...

Dear Monica ... I've used VBE several times and you girls rock! But I've never been told to use a condom or even pull out before cumming. Aren't you worried about catching something like HIV/Aids or even getting pregnant?Dan D. from Arlington, Texas.

Hi Dan! Thanks for saying such nice things about me and my friends! You rock too!

Of course we're always worried about our health and especially that of our customers, like who isn't? Luckily, the doctors at Severe Biomedical Research have discovered a safe, effective vaccine against those pesky bugs that can ruin a perfectly awesome memory days, weeks, or even years later. I don't know all the details, being a high school cheerleader and all that, but it works! Since joining VBE three years ago, I've probably had sex with four or five hundred different guys and I haven't even caught a sniffle!

We're not allowed to use any form of birth control. VBE's policy is that conception is a Miracle and it's up to the Goddess Universe if we happen to get pregnant or not. All of us support the new "Please Cum Inside Me" program and there's nothing I like better than feeling a man's naked cock pulsating with pleasure deep inside my little pussy. It really is the most awesome feeling in the world and I'm sure I'll get knocked up some day, I just have to pray harder for the Miracle, that's all.

So don't worry about us, we're in good hands at VBE and so are you! Safe, Clean, and Fun is what we're all about. Thanks for your question, Dan!

~ XoXoX Monica

Evie recognized as 2010 Woman of Distinction

Our very own Evelyn Swan, founder and CEO of Vatican's Best Escorts, was honored this past September 19th as the YWCA's 2010 Woman of Distinction. At a banquet hosted by award sponsors Sun Life Financial and The United Way, YWCA Chairperson Mrs. Charlotte Conroy praised Evie for her courage and commitment.

"There are too few women willing to exemplify the ideal of sexual independence," Mrs. Conroy said. "Evelyn's message of 'Just Say Yes!' has cut through the political rhetoric and social hypocrisy which has enslaved our young women since the so-called Sexual Revolution of the 1960's."

Notable guest speakers included former VBE Escort and best-selling author Gale Ramirez. "I spent my first eight years as a woman being raped," she said, quoting from the dedication of her most recent book. "Only when I stopped saying no did I find love. A love of men, a love of sex, and a love of myself. Evelyn Swan opened my eyes and spread my wings ... My legs too, and I've never regretted it. Thanks Evie."

After accepting her award, Miss Swan announced, "It's time to give Barbie a haircut!" and she did precisely that. Producing a Malibu Barbie doll and a pair of scissors, Evie gave the toy a makeover while speaking out on the issues of birth control and abortion.

"Barbie never gets pregnant," Evie said. "Ever notice that? You can't buy a pregnant Barbie. GI Joe comes with a bazooka, but Barbie? She comes with a Prozac smile and six inch fuck-me-pumps. How did teen pregnancy become the end of the world and abortion the answer to all our prayers? Call me sentimental, but it seems like it ought to be the other way around."

Near the end of her speech, Evelyn unveiled her company's newest public information campaign. Called "Please Cum Inside Me!" or PCIM for short, the assembled audience was treated to a series of 30-second television spots and an excerpt taken from a 28 minute infomercial which will appear on MTV, Lifetime, and the WB cable networks. Extolling the physical and emotional joy of unprotected sex, Evie herself appears in one of the PCIM spots, pulling off a large penis glistening with juice and playing with her semen filled vagina for the camera.

"I think I was ovulating that day," Evie finished to enthusiastic applause of her audience. It's too bad Barbie isn't. Vatican's Best Escorts - A Personal Luxury Provider

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