The Trials and Tribulations of Amy Sue & Maxine
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Couple, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Enema, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, BBW, Big Breasts, Menstrual Play, Public Sex, Workplace, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two recently graduated high school sexpots embark on an adventure of sucking, fucking, bondage, and more as they use their sex skills to travel across the USA. This is the first of a multiple part story.

"Maxine, you sure look like shit," my best friend Amy Sue says while staring at my naked body. "You look like something that's been ridden hard and put away wet."

"Well, I've just fucked the entire football team," I reply. "So I guess that I have been ridden hard. And, I'm still very wet with all this cum in and on me. But, I'm sure not ready to be put away yet."

Of course, we're both stoned and drunk while we're sitting around the backyard pool at Amy Sue's parent's house in the early morning hours after our high school graduation party. Not only that, but we both just finished pulling a train with the entire football team. We've both got cum leaking out of our cunts and assholes, as well as dripping from our mouths. But, right now we're beginning to sober up a bit.

Suddenly reality begins to set in as we wonder what our future will hold. I know that my parents want me to go to the local community college. But, for what? I've got no interested in continuing my schooling. In fact, I want out of school permanently. However, they want me to go, and who knows. Maybe I will find someone with a big cock and lots of money there. Yes, I'm what some people call a 'Gold Digger'. Others just call me a 'whore' and a 'slut'. All three names fit.

"Hey," Amy Sue says. "Last year my cousin went to New York and is doing quite well as a model. Maybe we should do the same. Hell, we've both got hot bodies, and I'll bet that we can suck and fuck our way into a hot modeling career if we try hard enough."

"But, my mom and dad want me to go to college," I reply.

"Fuck that," Amy Sue says. "And do what? Get your 'Mrs. Degree' and become a walking, talking baby factory? Fuck that!"

Well, I've got to admit that the idea of going off to New York in search of a modeling career is much more interesting than going to the local community college for the next one or two years. The more Amy Sue tells me about her cousin, the more interested I become. Eventually, I agree and we decide to go to New York together.

Of course, my parents throw a fit when I tell them that I'm not going to school anymore. In fact, both of them tell me that they're not going to finance my 'New York vacation', as my dad calls it. Amy Sue gets a similar reaction from her parents. So, a week later we pack our clothes, and our CDs, into several old suitcases, board a Greyhound bus, and head for a life of fame and fortune in New York City.

However, when we get there we find that every modeling agency in town that we contact already has its stable of established, and proven, models. What's worse, we are among thousands of beautiful young girls who just graduated from high school that are trying to start a modeling career in The City.

It doesn't take us long to learn that we need jobs quick since we don't have much money and living in The City is expensive. Our only options, like most young girls trying to break into either show business or modeling, is to work as a server in some restaurant or bar, or as an office administrative assistant.

We both agree that the first option will subject our feet, and probably our asses, too much abuse. So, we agree to look for work as administrative assistants while we're waiting for our break into modeling. Eventually we both answer an ad for jobs with a medium-sized Madison Avenue advertising agency.

"Gladys, tell Mr. Adams that there are a couple more applicants out here for the two sexretary openings."

"Sexretary?" Amy Sue asks. "I don't think so. We're not whores. We are only interested in becoming administrative assistants. Nothing more."

"Listen, you dumb cunt," she replies. "At this company, all administrative assistants are sluts and whores. Either you put out for the boss or you starve. Make up your mind which you want to do."

"Janice, you're wanted in the conference room," a middle-aged guy who just entered the reception area tells the bitch sitting at the receptionist's desk.

She quickly grabs her purse, checks her make-up, and re-applies another coat of bright red lipstick before heading down the hall. As she walks away we are able to see that she's wearing a very short, very tight mini skirt – one that barely covers her ass while she walks. That is, if what she's doing can be called walking. She sure knows how to shake her booty as she heads down the hall.

"Welcome, to Townsend, Wiggins, Anderson, and Torzinski, Inc. Or, as we're better known around the industry, T.W.A.T." the suited man tells us. "My name is Howard Adams, and I will be conducting your interviews. Please follow me."

Amy Sue and I spend the next 30 minutes answering most of the normal types of questions that we expected during a regular job interview. You know the type: Background, education, family, future goals, etc. Boring stuff. But, that's when the conversation suddenly turns kinky.

He starts asking us about our sex lives. What we like to do when having sex? How many times we've been fucked? Have we ever taken it in the ass? Do we like bondage? Really kinky, personal stuff. Well, we both need the jobs, so we both answer his questions as honestly, and as sexily, as possible.

"OK," he adds. "Let's get to the goods. Both of you please take off your blouses and bras and show me your tits."

I look at Amy Sue, and she looks back at me. Neither of us moves. We are both stunned at his request. I also wonder if his request is legal.

"Com'on bitches," he adds. "I know you both want this job. Now either you show me your tits or this interview is over and you can leave. There are others outside just waiting for this opportunity. Not only that, but I also will see to it that you're blacklisted by every agency in this town. So, show me your tits or get the fuck out."

I look over at Amy Sue again. Only now she's unbuttoning her blouse. I realize that I had better follow her lead, and shortly we are both standing there naked from the waist up. He has us turn and do a 360 pirouette so that he can 'fully appreciate the view'. Fuckin pervert! I find it embarrassing to be standing here like this. But, surprisingly I also find it exciting. I can feel my puss getting wet and my nipples are rock hard.

"Lookin' good!" he replies. "OK, now drop the skirts and panties. Let's see what you look like in just your heels and stockings."

This time we don't hesitate. Thirty seconds later we're both standing before Mr. Adams bare-ass naked. Next, he has us turn around so that he can see our asses. Finally while we are facing away from him he has us spread our legs about 3' apart and then bend over and grab our ankles. We are now giving him a rear view of both of our bottom holes. Once again his only comment is 'Lookin' good!'

He then pages Janice to his office. He does not say anything about getting dressed, so we both remain bent over; holding our ankles, while bare-ass naked. However, we are really surprised when Janice enters his office in her birthday suit, too. All she's wearing is a garter, stockings, and stiletto heels. In addition, her lipstick is smeared, her hair is a mess, and it looks like she has cum stuck on her chin and tits.

"Janice, please take these two sexpots down to see Wiggins and Townsend for final approval," he tells her. "Tell them that I recommend that we hire these two sluts as our newest sexretaries."

"Follow me, bitches," Janice says as she turns and starts to waddle towards the door.

Neither of us knows what to say. When I begin to reach for my clothes, Amy Sue gives me a look and shakes her head to indicate 'No' as she begins to follow Janice while still totally naked. I follow Amy Sue's lead and do the same. Before I know it, we are led into what appears to be a big office. Inside there are two older executives waiting for our arrival. Both have their pants and shorts dropped below their ankles. They both also have cocks that are standing at full mast.

"OK, bitches," Janice says to the two of us. "Final test. Give them both a BJ. If they approve, you're hired."

Again, I look over at Amy Sue. She looks back at me, nods her head affirmatively, and then drops to her knees before crawling over to one of the old guys where she begins to suck his cock. I realize that's what is expected of us both and I follow her lead. Fifteen minutes later we both have cum on our face and tits when Janice returns with our clothes.

"OK, bitches," she says. "You've been approved. Be here at 8 AM sharp tomorrow morning if you want the job. B-T-W, (By the way) our dress code is no bras, panties, or panty hose. Dresses or blouses must be V-neck and show a lot of cleavage, including the top of your areolas. Skirts or dresses cannot come down any further than 6" below your pussy."

"Garters, stockings and 6" Fuck Me! stiletto heels must be worn at all time. Bright red lipstick is required at all times, too. First violation of the dress code requires an automatic public spanking. Second violation means your dismissal. If you agree to these terms, be here before 8 AM tomorrow morning."

Without waiting for an answer, she immediately turns and waddles out of the office. We both turn and look at the two old guys who are now involved in a business discussion. The only reaction we get is when one of them just tells us 'You're excused.' Not knowing what else to do, we both turn, pick up our clothes, and leave the office.

Eventually we find the ladies room so we can get dressed and fix our faces. We are surprised again when we find three other sexretaries in there, totally naked except for their stockings and garters, applying more red lipstick. Evidently all women in the company are nothing but sluts and unofficial whores. Right now I am seriously wondering if I should pack up, go home, and enroll in the community college. Then I realize that will lead to that walking, talking baby factory life that neither of us wants.

After leaving the office, Amy Sue and I find a bar to sit and discuss our options. We also check out the want ads again for both modeling and administrative assistant positions. But, everything we see has the same qualification: 'Experience Required'. Our only experience is fucking our way through high school. Finally, we come to the realization that we need the jobs at TWAT. We also agree that if we are 'good girls', maybe we can fuck our way to the top. So, we agree to take the sexretary jobs.

The next morning we arrive at the office on time, dressed appropriately, and are quickly ushered into the Human Resources Manager's office. We spend the first hour filling out forms and paperwork. Eventually the HR Manager, a 50 something blonde with big tits and a bubble butt ass, explains that no matter what her position, all women in the company are expected to suck and/or fuck on demand.

The number one job of all women employees of the company is to keep the clients and the male executives sexually satisfied. In fact, she even admits us that she 'worked' until after midnight last night 'keeping two Japanese customers happy'. Then, she also warns us that since we are the youngest, and also the hottest, girls in the office, we will be in high demand.

That, plus the fact that it appears we give the best BJs of any of the office sluts. This alone will make us popular with all of the suits. Later that morning our 'indoctrination' includes us bent over one of the tables in the executive lunchroom, naked of course, while every male executive in the office is given a chance to fuck our snatches.

Then, that evening Amy Sue and I are invited to our first 'after-hours private conference'. Of course, everyone in the 'private conference' is naked, and before the night is over all three of my holes has cum dripping out. In fact, we spend most evenings in a 'private conference' with either the company prez or one of his top VPs. Of course, our 'private conferences' always includes us naked and either on our knees or our backs.

About three months after joining TWAT, we are both asked to attend another 'after-hours private conference' in the board room. When we show up, we find the company president and his three top Senior VPs waiting for us. All four are naked, and all four also have rock hard dicks sticking out from their groin. Soon both Amy Sue and I are on our hands and knees with a dick in our cunt and another one in our mouth. That's when the fireworks start.

"What the fuck is going on here?" a middle-aged woman yells as she forces her way into the conference room. "Who the fuck are these whores, and why are you fucking them instead of me?"

She's followed into the room by the Office Manager and three other middle-aged women. Everyone in the company knows that the Office Manager is a 60 something old hag that has been passed over for promotion several times. Rumor has it that she used to be the prez's personal fuckbunny, but she was replaced when she started showing her age. Not only that, but it's no secret that she dislikes both Amy Sue and me because we get more sex than any other bitch working at the company.

Later I learn that the first woman bursting into the office is the company president's wife. The other three are the wives of the three Senior VPs. All are mad as hell. After a lot of screaming and yelling, the Office Manager simply tells Amy Sue and me to get our clothes and get out. On our way out the door, all we can hear is more screaming and yelling. I figure that our days at the company are over.

Normally we take the bus to and from work. But, right now we're both hot, horny, and sexually frustrated. We decide to walk off some of our energy. About two blocks from our apartment, we pass one of the neighborhood bars. It's one that we've never been in before. We decide to stop and get a drink, and to talk about our future employment options.

We pick out a table in the back of the bar to drown our sorrows. Of course, neither of us is old enough to drink legally. But, we aren't thinking clearly right now. We're still thinking about what happened at work. We both are sure that we're going to get fired in the morning. In fact, we're so concerned about our future at the agency that we fail to notice that all the other patrons in the bar are men. The only other women in the bar are the servers. Not only that, but we also fail to notice that the servers are all topless. Several of them also have cum dried on their faces and tits.

About five minutes after sitting down, and while we're still talking about the events from the office, one of the topless servers comes over to us and gives us two drinks. All she's wearing is a very short micro mini skirt that barely cover hers ass. Other than that, all she has on are 6" Fuck Me! stilettos. Her rack is gigantic – and lovely. I want to reach out and suck those beauties.

But, first things first: She explains that both drinks are complementary and are from two guys sitting at the bar. Well, we figure that very soon we are going to be unemployed. So rather than ordering, and paying, for our own drinks, we accept the two freebees. So, we thank her and give her a small tip. About five minutes later she's back with another set of drinks. From the same two guys. She then bends over and whispers something into Amy Sues ear before leaving.

"Hey, Max," Amy Sue explains. "She tells me that there's a tradition in the bar where any gal or group of gals who accept more than two drinks from the same guy or group of guys must pay for the drinks in one of the bathrooms."

"No shit," I reply. "How? BJs or with our cunts?"

"She didn't say," Amy Sue answers. "But, now that I am looking around, I don't think that any of these guys will be settling for a BJ."

As our topless server walks away from our table, she's really wiggling her ass at us. But, we don't notice her obvious flirtations. We also don't pay much attention to what the server has told Amy Sue as we continue talking about what we are going to do for money starting tomorrow. Suddenly, the server comes back over to us with another set of drinks. She then tells us that if we want the drinks, we must pay for them in the bathroom. We look over and see the two guys walking towards the men's room.

"Go ahead," the server tells us. "They're both great fucks. But, right now all they want is a BJ."

Amy Sue immediately gives me a naughty looking grin. We're both still very horny. We both think that a load of cum right now might make the night better. So, we thank the server and leave the fresh drinks sitting on our table. The server then tells us to follow her. We are expecting to be taken to the men's bathroom. To our surprise, the server then takes us to the women's room. All three of us enter the women's room together.

"Oh, yes," the server says after locking the women's room door. "Another tradition in this bar is that all women entering either of the bathrooms must be naked. Also, if you go into the men's room, you must fuck whoever is in there at the time. Here, you only have to give them BJs."

With that, she strips off her mini-skirt. She's commando underneath, so she's now totally naked except for her garters, stockings, and stilettos. I look at Amy Sue and she looks at me. We both shrug our shoulders at the same time, figure 'What the Hell?', and strip off our work clothes. After all, we were bare-ass naked in front of nine people about 45 minutes ago.

Next, she leads us over to two of the bathroom stalls. Only, instead of a commode, these stalls contain a glory hole. She then tells us to get down on our knees and look through the hole. When we do, we can see our two guys standing there naked. As soon as they see us, they walk forward and stick their rock hard cocks through the glory holes. It doesn't take us long to get both guys to pop, for both are horny as hell.

Just as we are about to leave, she walks over to us and tells us that now she wants her tip. Neither of us has ever had sex with any strange women before. Yes, we've played sex games together, but neither of us has ever licked a stranger's pussy. By now we're getting drunk enough to do anything, so we take turns eating her pussy.

After she cums, all three of us turn to find our clothes so that we can get dressed and go back out into the bar. But, before Amy Sue and I can pick up our clothes, the server collects our blouses and bras.

"You'll get these back when you're ready to leave," the server explains. "Another tradition in this bar is that any bitch who has visited the glory holes must remain topless for the rest of the night. In addition, you're next set of drinks will cost you a pussy fuck, and the round after that will cost you an ass fuck."

"Fuck that," Amy Sue replies as she's tosses the server her skirt and panties. "In that case, I might as well stay naked, for I plan to get drunk tonight."

Her comment takes me by surprise, but I decide that what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I immediately toss my skirt and panties to the server, too, and follow Amy Sue back out into the club bare-ass naked. When all the males in the club realize that there are two totally naked cunts walking across the club, they immediately let out a cheer.

As I walk, I decide to give them a real show and intentionally begin to wiggle and jiggle both my tits and ass as nastily as possible. I'm ready for some real cock now. Something more than those old suits at the advertising agency.

Well, to make a long story short, we spend about three hours in the bar, but never spend a dime. All of our food and drinks are free. Well, almost free. We also ingest about a gallon of man juice through all three of our holes. We even make a couple of trips to the men's room. We also 'tip' all of the topless servers on duty. Not only that, but when we leave we're almost too drunk to walk home.

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