My Twin Sisters
Chapter 1

I'm Charlie, 28 and married with no kids. This story goes back to when I was 14 and my twin sisters were 15.

All through adolescence, they would tease me and pretend to be one another.

Their names are Faith and Hope — if I had been a girl, my name would have been Charity I was told. That's another story for another time.

We all are blessed with beautiful flaxen colored hair and blue eyes, looking much better on my sisters than me.

They were quite the hellcats growing up as well, Faith getting into more trouble than Hope most of the time.

We were all going through puberty together, my voice changing, body hair appearing and my pecker started to lengthen getting to a nice round number of eight inches long when erect, which had started to happen as well due to the fact that the twins got tits and really nice looking butts over the last 18 months or so.

They also were aware that I had 'grown up' inside my boxers, occasionally rubbing up against me just to see my reaction, as they were not always wearing the new bras Mom had got for them.

I could tell that they were as excited as I was because their nipples would get hard under the t-shirts they wore.

They started a game with me, asking me to close my eyes — then one of them would kiss me and I had to guess which one. If I got it right, they would let me touch their bare butt for five seconds.

As hard as they tried to mimic each other's kissing, I had figured out a tell to know who it was every time. I didn't tell them of course, sometimes getting it wrong on purpose so that the game could continue.

Faith would always sit on her knees to kiss me and Hope would crouch like a baseball catcher, so I continued the game until they got bored with it.

Mom read them the riot act and they started wearing bras all of the time. Six months later, when we started to play the game again, I would ask if I could touch their titties for five seconds instead. They gathered up and talked about it, so I figured I was busted, but Faith said, "We agree, but now if you get it wrong, we get to touch your dick for five seconds!" A definite 'win-win' for me.

We all went to the girl's room to play now, with the raise in the stakes.

One of them got on her knees and got in position, and after the kiss I guessed Faith, but was wrong. So, with Hope at the door to make sure no one was in earshot, Faith reached inside my boxers, as I said, "Five, four, three, two and one."

"Doesn't it hurt to be hard like that, Charles?" Faith asked.

"A little, but your hand makes it feel good, really?" I confirmed.

Two minutes later, I was kissed again, but I really wasn't sure anymore, so I guessed Faith again, and was right, so she reached behind her and undid her bra a little, as I put my hand under it and touched her directly on the nipple, with her making a sound and counting backward until it was done.

We played a few more times, with Hope getting a chance to put her hand on my dick and me getting to touch her equally pointy nipples.

As we grew up, the game changed ... from touching my dick, to jerking my dick, and I went from touching their nipples to kissing their nipples.

We all got a bit taller, I got more hair down there, as did they and they grew from the bee sting bosoms they had at 14 to full fledged C-cups at 16 years old. Quite fortunately, the rest of my body grew into the nice dick I had gotten years earlier, still at a firm eight inches.

Over the same couple of years, Dad and I discussed sex, as did Mom with the girls. We also got the heavily abridged version of it from the school we all attended.

I occasionally heard the girls giggling loudly in their room with the door closed. My perverted mind had assumed they were practicing kissing with one another, which always got me really hard as I listened outside their door.

I knocked and they got quiet, than said together, "Who is it?"

"It's me Charles, can I come in?" I practically pleaded.

It was bedtime, and I was in a pair of sweats over a pair of boxers. The girls were in really cute matching pajamas, but only wearing the top half.

They looked me over and said, "What do you want Charles?"

"We don't talk much anymore girls, I just wanted to talk to you and look at my beautiful sisters for a while. I didn't mean to interrupt anything, I'm sorry?" I said starting to go out again.

"Stay Charles, please?" they said together, pulling me back in.

"Can you help us with a problem?" Faith asked.

"Sure, what can I do for the prettiest girls I know?" I asked.

"Do you really think we're pretty?" Hope asked.

"Are you kidding — all of my friends want to know if they could ask you out, but I put the fear of God in them. I'm not about to let either one of my sisters be in the hands of my foul-mouthed friends, who only want to see how many girls they can plow through just to say they did," I answered.

"We never see you with a girl, are you gay or something Charles?"

I started to chuckle a little and then it turned into a full-fledged laugh, until I realized I might wake up the parents.

They both slapped at me as Faith asked, "Why is that so funny?"

"First, I'm not gay — second, I don't date ... because I'm already in love — with my two sisters," I said, trying to hold back my emotions.

Hope walked up to me and said, "You — are in love with, both of us?"

My tears came forth as I held my head and explained.

"I've loved both of you since we all started the kissing game, and as I've grown up, my love has grown up as well. When I'm near either one of you my heart races, and other parts of me go 'on high alert!'" I said.

Faith walked up and gave me a kiss on the lips, which shocked me for a moment, but I started to respond putting my tongue at the entrance to her mouth. She reacted and we were kissing and in each other's arms and she pulled from me.

Hope took the opportunity to do her own lip reconnaissance as well, as we kissed equally as much as I had just done with her sister.

Faith said, "That's a lot more fun than making out with one another, Charles!"

Oh, my lord — they make out with one another. "Show me," came out of my mouth.

They embraced one another and started kissing, really getting into it moving their hands over each others upper body as I lay back on the bed and stuck my hand down my pants finding I was already hard as I had ever been.

They stopped and saw me, and pulled my sweats and boxers off me, with my fully engorged dick in my hand, sliding up and down, up and down. They did a quick rock, paper, scissors and Faith came over to me as Hope took off her pajama top exposing her gorgeous tits as her sister slapped my hand away and took over what I had been doing.

I watched as Hope was playing with her tits, while Faith had me really close, then putting her mouth over the end of my dick just as I started to cum. She had enjoyed my cumming in her mouth as Hope put a hand down her panties as I saw her go through what must have been an orgasm. She'd pulled her hand out and licked her fingers, slowly one at a time, as I put on my boxers and kissed them both and left their room.

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