My Special Vantage Point
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Paranormal, Incest, Uncle, Niece, InLaws, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harry's spouse was in the perfect spot to find out all his secrets and hidden things that he never told her about. She discovers his affair with her younger sister and even some sort of relationship with her sister's twenty something daughter born out of wedlock. The problem is that she may not be able to do anything about it.

I heard the keys fumbling at the front door lock. The clock on the desk said it was 2:15 AM and I deduced that it was my stupid widowed husband coming back home after the pub closed at 2:00 AM. He was a silly shite but at least he was as regular as clockwork.

It had been a bit lonely sitting here on the mantel in the darkened bedroom. I do so wish Harry had placed me in the drawing room so I could at least see everything going on in the household. After all, I had been in charge of this house for almost 30 years.

The sound of giggles alerted me immediately to the fact that the dissolute horny toad had picked up some floozy in that den of iniquity. Probably some dizzy student with an itch between her legs.

My Harry was an endowed Professor with a reputation for flipping up female skirts at the first opportunity. I should well know, for that was how he gathered me into his nest of domestic bliss. As the years progressed, I found that he was tapping on my female entrances a lot less and searching the surrounding territory for available pussy wherever it could be found with ease. Harry was not one to put himself out in his pursuit of pussy. He kind of waited until some sure thing sort of fell into his lap. I had given up being out of sorts over his eternal carnal peccadillos long before my sudden demise on the station platform at East Riding. One minute I was reading the adverts on the opposite platform and the next I was falling into a blinding light that seared my very soul.

The giggling sounds were matched by some groans of pleasure rather than pain and I surmised that the "bit of fluff" was getting the once over by Harry's ever inquisitive hands. I peered into the darkened room from my vantage point on the mantle to get a good look at this female victim of Harry's rampant cock.

Good Lord!

It was my younger sister Mary.

She was the one that always wanted to be a nun and do good deeds in deprived Third World countries. Her unexpected pregnancy as a result of a drunken orgy on an inexpensive 3 day cruise came as a shock to the entire family and to me especially because of the respect I had for her craving to do a life of service. Her daughter Rose was a beautiful child and she was a young 20 something when I passed just 2 years prior to this eventful evening.

I could tell Harry was not really as drunk as he was making out to be from the way he cleverly removed my sister's hose with very little difficulty. My devious still living husband arranged poor Mary's flanks just to his liking on the bed. It was so strange to see one's sister's ass up high and spread out pulsating in anticipation of immediate impalement. If I had been able to, I would have jumped on top of the bed and spanked her for her foolishness in accepting my Harry's cock in such a demeaning and humiliating manner.

Of course, I had copulated with Harry in much the same manner but, after all, we were husband and wife and I was always an obedient thing when it came to submissive sex. Even in his late fifties, my well-hung husband managed a fine cock-stand as he addressed my sister's flanks. The sight of his throbbing cock made me regret the fact we had not been very sexually active in the last years of my life on earth. Harry always seemed to find that special spot just below my clitoris that made me whimper with delight and spurt copious squirts of female juices onto the bed linen. He called me "My Little Miss Juicy" and I called him "My nasty Mr. Big".

My sister's whimpers were loud and they were real. Harry bounced his cock on her shapely mature ass and I had to admit that for a female in her mid-forties, Mary was a very tempting morsel of feminine flesh. Mary looked over her shoulder and I could see the lust in her eyes. She was mumbling a bit so I could not make out her words but it sounded like she was begging Harry to bury his cock deep inside her clutching pussy. I almost laughed at her bluntness. I knew from experience that Harry would most certainly do exactly that and then ride her until she was totally exhausted before he spent his seed inside her vagina.

The table light was on and I could see Harry pounding Mary's bottom with much vigor. Her ample breasts were swinging to and fro like fleshy pendulums of sensitive sensuality. I realized that was exactly how I must have looked when Harry was doing the same thing to me over the years. It was very erotic and exciting but in my present powdered state I could not fully appreciate it. I was happy just to stay inside my vase and not be spilled on the floor.

The aroused pair were shaking the bed a God-awful racket and I was happy there were no close neighbors to suspect the kinkiness of the depraved goings-on. Poor Mary's head was banged into the headboard more than once but she made absolutely no complaint whatsoever. I knew she would have bruises on her battered bottom for the next several days.

When I heard Harry's familiar wheezing noise, I knew it was almost time for his seeds to spurt uncontrollably fast and deep inside Mary's cute little pussy. Her face was now buried in the pillows. The very same pillows I had picked out with great care at a challenging discount sale. She was drooling on the embroidered lace and her eyes were beginning roll up into her head. Her orgasm was signaled by her unladylike snorting which sounded just like the braying of a recalcitrant mule going up a hill.

Harry was not the least bit put off and he grabbed her mature female love handles and anchored her buttocks for his final spurting of creamy cum in her tight vaginal channel.

Poor Mary wiggled and squirmed in every direction but Harry was not to be denied his full-buried ejaculation in my sister's not so very chaste slit. The arrogant fellow even slapped her flanks like she was a naughty schoolgirl late for classes.

I heard Harry tell his new bed-partner a bunch of ridiculous lies and my sister responded with a litany of her regrets for her impetuous action. I knew full well that Mary knew Harry's lies were meaningless and that her alleged shame was just a convenient way to cover her depraved need for a constant barrage of male cocks to give meaning to her lackluster life.

After Mary had departed for her own home in a taxi arranged by Harry, he took a shower and hummed some silly aria from a long-forgotten opera of a minor composer. He made her promise to return for tea on Sunday with her daughter Rose in tow. I was glad to hear that arrangement for I had not seen my niece for quite some time and was curious if she was still as beautiful as ever.

When Mary and Rose came for tea, Harry was in a very good state of mind and seemed determined to accede to their every wish and desire. He never acted this way when I was in charge of the household. In fact, it was an effort to even get him away from his newspaper or his silly books.

Rose was different. She had filled out a bit and now had some real womanly curves that looked like prime grazing pasture for male mouths to feed on. Her laugh was still as delightful as I remembered it and she had the same habit of twisting her hair around her finger in a very seductive pose.

Mary embarrassed her daughter by telling Harry that Rose's "boyfriend" had done a runner when she hinted at the possibility of domestic life together.

"Ma! He did no such thing. He just needed some space and wanted to find himself before marriage."

Mary snorted in derision and said,

"Space! That wanker is looking for lots of space between any slag's legs where he can park his arrogant little pecker."

Rose laughed and begged her mother to change the subject.

I felt sorry for my niece and hoped her social life would soon have a change for the better. They all started drinking a bit later and I was surprised to see that little Rose did a fair share of her own and seemed to handle it quite well.

Since I am sort of waiting to be cleared for entrance to the preferred resting place of my final reward, I was hesitant to observe the events that followed on that quiet Sunday night. My first hint of unusual interactions was when Rose very nonchalantly removed her skirt and started to walk about the house in her French knickers and garter belt hose. Sure enough, my Harry was sitting with a huge tent inside his trousers, so I knew immediately which way the wind was blowing. It certainly was not in the direction of heaven.

"I'm going in for a lie-down!"

That was Mary's voice loud and clear and shortly after I saw her enter my bedroom and remove all of her clothing except for her bra and her sexy panties. She stretched out on the bed and raised one knee so her camel-toe was easily visible to anyone who entered.

Rose and Harry came in next with my devious niece holding Harry's hands like he was a schoolboy being taken to the bathroom for a pee. Harry sat on the bed next to my younger sister and started to rub her feet and legs in a gentle massage. Rose got on her knees behind Harry and massaged his neck and shoulders whilst rubbing his back with her very pointed nipple tipped bra.

"Take that bra off, love! I want to feel your nipples rubbing on my skin."

After discarding the bra, Rose rubbed her aroused breasts all over Harry's naked skin and reached down to grasp his rampant cock with her long sinewy fingers.

Mary leaned back into Harry's groin and offered up her buttocks for his fingers to play with. I knew Harry was a dedicated ass man and that the offer would be immediately accepted. Poor Rose watched in amazement as her Uncle Harry impaled her mother's shapely ass with his rock-hard cock. She held her mother's hands to calm her as he steadily stroked deep up her rectal channel. The sloppy sounds of the anal probing made Rose so aroused that she quickly shed her bra and panties and she wrapped her youthful legs around Harry's head with his tongue buried deep inside her sensitive camel-toe.

"Lick me, Uncle Harry! Please lick me nice. I promise to be a good girl for you. Just lick me good and proper and make me do it right now."

The very beautiful and very young Rose started to suck my sister's breasts just like a new-born babe.

Mary's ass was getting a royal pounding right now and I wondered if my Harry had ever been involved with either of them in carnal relations prior to my unexpected demise. I thought that Rose seemed awfully well acquainted with Harry's likes and dislikes when it came to kinky sex. I wouldn't put it past the horny old toad to be tapping his beautiful niece's ass with little thought to the sinfulness of the nasty deeds of incest and sodomy.

I was a bit shocked at it all but it was far too late for me to do anything about it. I wished things were a bit different and I could at least participate in the festivities in some small way. My wish was answered a bit later when innocent little Rose tip-toed over to my vase and lifted my lid to spit in a mixture of Harry's cum and her saliva straight from her cream-filled mouth.

"Here, Auntie! A little something to wet your whistle and keep your pussy wet and happy."

The little pool of liquid puddled on the surface of my dust for an instant and then slowly started its journey all the way down to the bottom of the dusty dry jar of ashes.

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