Her Secret Weakness
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sue is still a virgin but she has experience the joy of many orgasms from the perverts she meets on the subway each and every day. Her boss is also very free with his hands and she allows him to explore her body in order to keep her job. Then she meets her dream man. Sue is certain he will teach her everything she wants to know so badly.

Susan Wilson was a normal girl of 19 years of age. She was a city girl. "Sue" was born in the city and never discovered any need or desire to leave the familiar places she called home. Her parents were typical parents except for the fact her father kept assorted female underthings in his bottom drawer and sometimes even under his pillow. Sue knew this for a fact but she was certain her often distracted mother had not the slightest clue.

She even found a missing pair of her own smelly thongs hidden in the corner of his collection. It was all very strange to her but she really was in no position to make any judgments since her only sexual experiences were limited to the perverts who used her defenseless body on the subway and her boss at work who never failed to explore her bottom or her breast with his pudgy little hands in the privacy of his closed door office. Her one attempt at corralling a boyfriend had ended in disaster when she inadvertently nipped his sensitive cock with her non-unattractive chipped tooth. She was almost sure in her suspicion that the little prick had spread the word about her rough treatment of male equipment and she had gotten no more invitations to darkened movie theaters or romantic boat rides around Manhattan Island.

Her father was very proper in his actions with her in every respect other than the panty stealing. She accepted the fact he was most likely compensating for the lack of sexuality of her poor mother. Ruth Wilson was a middle-aged female more interested in watching her beloved soap operas or consuming a large amount of beer each and every evening.

Despite her parent's weaknesses, Sue loved them both and was a very happy child growing up. However, ever since she first accepted a cock into her mouth in that very unfortunate accident, Sue was subject to the most aggravating urge to have the silly rock-hard things rubbing between her legs or inside her backside crack right on her poop hole. It was the daily rides on the subway that had caused her desire to have her bottom rubbed with strange cocks of any length or size. At first, she had been disgusted with the evil intent of the strange males who seemed determined to humiliate her beyond belief.

Then, one morning after the sucking of the cock accident, she had her ass covered by a strange young man dressed in an expensive suit and who smelled like fresh spray coming over the side of the ship cutting through the foamy waves. She peeked over her shoulder at him even though she knew that was not normal behavior for a piece of subway ass. He was exceedingly handsome and had the most attractive deep blue eyes she had ever seen. His hand reached over her head and he grabbed the same handle she was holding onto. The touch of his strong fingers sent an electrical shock right down to the tips of her toes. Suddenly, she was aware her pussy slit was leaking right onto her fresh new panties. Sometimes that had happened to her in this kind of situation but only after the strange man had pretty much explored every inch of her ass. She usually needed a stranger's stiff cock or inquisitive fingers dug in deep between her legs and rubbing her quivering pussy slit in a depraved and dirty way before she started to leak or vibrate like this. The mere touch of this man's hand had made her feel so irritatingly submissive that she wanted to bend over and take his cock deep inside without a single word being spoken.

At the next stop, a horde of passengers came tumbling onboard and the young man's body was crushed right into her trembling ass and legs. She hung on to the strap for dear life and let her curves mold themselves into his muscular legs and flat stomach. Sue hoped nobody could see what she was thinking and that her face did not betray her nasty desires flooding her brain with the most base of instincts.

They were just getting started on the longest part of the ride before the next stop and the overcrowded train was filled with stifled groans and moans. An unknown number of willing nubile females were introduced once again to strange and inquisitive cocks questing for a comfortable place to take up residence. Some of the older more experienced female riders just planted their legs spread wide and looked up to the advertisements in studied disinterest about everything around them. Their blank faces expertly shielded the frenzied fondling below their waists safely hidden in the crush of humanity. The younger females most of whom already had husbands tucked away at home or a boyfriend who had already introduced them into the joys of penetrative sex were no less accustomed to the fray of flying fingers and hard cocks searching for a special resting place.


Sue felt the huge cock grow steadily hard between her legs. Her ass cheeks were plastered so tightly against the strange man's legs that they were almost like a single body not two. Her heart was beating so fast that she tried to restrain her excitement with little or no effect. Guiltily, she looked around and saw no faces turned in their direction or showing distain for her predicament. Thank God for that little crumb of dignity. Strangely, she did not feel the least bit degraded or humiliated like she often was in this type of encounter. In fact, she felt a bit lightheaded and she actually could feel her silly ass cheeks fluttering around the handsome man's cock with each pounding bounce of the subway on the track below.

Her palms were being stroked by the stranger's fingers and she took the opportunity to allow her own fingers to run lightly down to his bare wrist. Soon, she was hanging onto his wrist instead of the strap not unlike the way her ass crack and pussy slit were hanging on the tip of his trouser-covered cock.

The sudden slowing and acceleration of the train caused the thick cock between her legs to force her to open wider for his deeper exploration. Her orgasm came on her before she was ready for it. Sue quivered and shook with the orgasmic waves that flooded her with emotion. She prayed the young man was not aware of her naughty pleasure.

The simple patting of her rounded hip by his other hand informed her that he was not only fully aware of her internal release but was pleased at her reaction. The very submissive Sue was mollified by his appreciation and she was determined to bring the strange man off before the next stop.

Without drawing unwanted attention, she humped her ass back obscenely into the man's over-heated cock and began to roll her hips in a sort of dance of consensual copulation without the actual touching of skin against skin. The bouncing train took care of the rest. Long before the next stop, the young man slid his hand around her waist and pressed her ass cheeks around his searching cock. She could feel his cock jumping about like a live snake between her legs. The dampness on her inner legs confirmed the man had spent his load and some had soaked through his trousers and wetted her legs and the gusset of her panties. Thank goodness he had pushed up her short skirt in the back and not stained it with the male juice that would mark her as a slut as soon as she walked into the office.

They did not speak to each other because that would not be good form. The pleasure was real enough but the reality was in the very end fleeting and non-connective.

Sue lost sight of the handsome young man as soon as they reached the stop and she was almost as sad as she was relieved because the fantasy was always so much better than the cold hard facts of an actual committed relationship. She was certain she would be no good at that and would end up biting off more than she could chew.

Work that morning was a daze of images of her ass cheeks being ravaged by the relentless persistence of the long thick cock. The damp feeling on her thin panties reminded Sue of her slutty behavior just a few short hours ago. She was still not quite herself when she walked into the company cafeteria at lunchtime and found an empty table to eat her meal. The clearing of a throat made her look up at a man standing next to her and she was startled to see it was her subway lust partner with a huge smile on his silly face.

"Hi, I'm Bob and I just started working here today. You look just like a girl I met on the subway this morning so I thought I would introduce myself and ask if you remember me."

Sue was a little scared. She certainly didn't mind getting her ashes hauled standing up in a crowd of people by a complete stranger in a senseless act of lust. Actually having to talk to a guy who had acquainted his cock with the geography of her pussy slit and secret back door was another matter entirely. Still he was extremely good looking and so very young and enthusiastic

"Yes, I remember you Bob; you made quite an impression on me."

The young man laughed and sat down opposite her. Their knees accidently knocked together and Sue felt her juices start to ooze again just like an immature schoolgirl. She hoped that her virgin status was not too apparent to the young man because she was already past the age when that was of primary importance.

"My name is Sue Wilson. I work on the ninth floor in the research department. Where do you work?"

"I am down in the IT section. I have to set up the new computer terminals and show people how to install their new software."

It was on the tip of Sue's tongue to mention her own software problems but she figured it was inappropriate at the instant of first meeting. Well, maybe not first meeting when their little adventure on the subway was taken into account.

She asked Bob a lot of questions. Probably, too many questions, but she wanted to know more about him. When he confirmed his single status and lack of a girlfriend, she almost shouted out her delight. They decided to meet at the entrance to the building after work and he offered to walk with her from her stop to her building so he would know exactly where her building was located.

"Do you promise not to be too loose with me on the train tonight?"

"Sure, Sue, I didn't know you this morning so you were fair game. Now, I know you and I will behave myself and keep those other guys from taking advantage of you."

Bob was true to his word on the train ride home. Sue walked with him into her building lobby which was totally deserted. She lifted up her face and allowed him to stick his tongue deep inside her greedy mouth. He tasted so nice and fresh and his scent which had enticed her in the early morning was still as sharp and sensual in the evening hours. She inhaled his virile male aroma and tasted his minty mouth holding his groin up close to her pussy mound for a long, long time. Sue was almost panting with the closeness of her orgasm.

She decided now was the best time to tell Bob the truth.

"Yes, I will be your girlfriend if you want me, Bob. I have to tell you that I am a virgin both in my vagina and in my butt. Also, I am a little unsure on how to use my mouth the way most boys want us girls to do before we pull down our panties."

Bob laughed and told her,

"That is the best news I have heard ever since I got the paternity results from my ex-girlfriend's lawyer that showed I was not the father of her twins. Now we can get down to some serious cock and pussy training to make sure you get all the practice you need so badly."

Remembering the size of Bob's huge cock, Sue didn't think that was a bad idea at all.

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