A Blue Rose
Chapter 1

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Zoophilia, Were animal, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent,

Desc: Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What would you do for the one you love? When pleasure knows no limits, for she loves him. He is her good boy, and he will do as she wishes and far more. He will sink his fangs deep into flesh to cause pain to that would harm her, or even hers for her own pleasure.

I have looked over her since the first time I had cast my eyes upon her. There she was kneeling, like a fallen angel, mourning the loss of her wings, before an old tomb. She knelt there, hoping, maybe even praying, as she stroked the soft pedals of a rose that grew upon the stones before her. At the time, I believed that she couldn't see me in the shadows, always in the shadows. Then, with a silent smile, she reached out with her small, young hand and picked that single rose. She held it up to her tiny nose, took in a long, deep breath, inhaling it's strange aroma. One could not see in this fading twilight, it was unlike any other rose, for it was as blue as the depths of the sea. Before her fragile fingers wrapped around it, this rose, like it's sisters, had always stood strong, yet beautiful, upon the vines that wrapped this tomb like a silent guardian. A tomb I knew all to well. Its cold, hard, lifeless floor had been my resting place during the dreadful years that past as if they were the hours of a day. This place has been my home, my resting place and until that day. It had keep me from sight for so long. From that night on, I had watched her grow into the blossoming young women she was meant to become. I had played with her as a child. I have sang her to sleep with my whispers carried by the wind as she has grown. As the wind drifts through me, freeing my mind, drifting me back to an enchanted time, so many years ago.

It must have been early fall. The true names of the months had faded from my mind decades ago, for they no longer served me a purpose. The leaves of the tall, old oaks have become all the fires that painted the sky, when the sun fell. To me, it is a truly beautiful time of year. So I venture out, sniffing at the moldering grass, that hid under the leaves that litter the earth. Like a worn, thin sheet, making a bitter, yet sweet scent, that none could dream of duplicating. I make my way though the deep woods that I knew in my youth, all those many years ago. I see her, as the beams of light dance off her short, yellow sun-dress, in all the shades around her. As I am taking in the beauty that is her, she sets her eyes upon me once again.

"Come here. I have been looking for you. Where have you been?" she calls out in a playful, girlish voice, as she drops to her knees.

I slowly, cautiously started to trot her way.

"Come on boy," she called out, with a playful slap to her legs, that echoes. Her smile widening.

So I sped up, from a slow trot, into a full on gallop. As I reached her, I jumped onto her, knocking her down into the moldering grass, landing on top of her. I peered into her deep, green eyes. They shimmer with an ever so slight shade of yellow. While still holding her down, I take in the fullness of her youthful, light amber skin, that highlighted her slim lips. I watched the flames dance in her deep red curls, as the light swam through the leaves of the towering oaks. I pull my lips back, revealing my sharp fangs, that could easily tear this little girl to pieces, as I lean in close to her face. Yet, she showed me no fear, just pure trusting love, as I begin gently pulling leaves from her tangled hair.

With a giggle, she leans into my throat and plants a kiss, "Come on boy. You don't need to do all that. I'm fine."

I return her kiss with the only way I can in that moment. I begin licking her face. She starts trying to push me off of her, with little to no effort. Then opens her mouth to say something. As she does, I slide my long tongue deep into her mouth. Thus our tongues dance as lovers and yet, only for a heart beat. For half a second later, I let her overpower me. However, not enough to get me fully off of her. As our tongues sadly depart saying goodbye to one another, my face drifts from hers, descending to her long, suckable neck. I start nibbling and licking as I continue to trail down to the hem of her dress.

"Come on boy. I know you love me. But you are going to get my dress all wet," she giggles as she rubs my fur between my long, floppy ears.

I simply stop and look up into her eyes that could pass for jade. My tongue is still hanging from my jaw. I know I look puzzled.

"That's a good boy," she says. She kisses the spot that she was giving so much love and attention. She tries to get up.

So I playful pounce on her shoulders, keeping her down with me.

"OK, OK, I'll stay with you boy. But I can't get this dress all dirty. So will you let me up long enough to take it off?" She asked playfully.

So I lick her face one last time and slide off of her.

With a smile, she lifts her small, tight butt slightly off the ground, slides the dress up, exposing the developing thighs of a young woman. I watch while dripping cool drool upon her firm legs.

I start sniffing at her legs, inhale her sweet scent. Thus tickling her with my whiskers, sending goose bumps screaming through her young body.

"That tickles," she cries out, unable to hold herself up any longer. She flops back on the ground with her dress bound around her shapely hips. Her legs unconsciously falling open.

I begin nibbling and licking the salt from her skin, sliding my tongue toward her inner thighs. Alternating from side to side as I slide between her legs, slowly venturing farther north.

She half heartily attempts to resist me, trying to close her legs.

I look up at her from between them, letting out a low, playful growl. She giggles and relaxes, as she willingly drops her knees wide open again. In my minds eye, I smile. I reach the edge of her little, pink panties. They are already damp with anticipation, so I begin licking them, tasting her salty girlish juices.

She knows, deep down, that she shouldn't let me taste her girlish flavor again, that it is wrong for her to let it happen. So she tries to push my head away again, just to know in her own mind, that she is still a good girl, because she tried. But there was no true will power. No strength. With a moan, her arms fall to her sides, and she leans back, letting herself enjoy my touch again. Letting me enjoy her as I go to work at her panties.

After a few minutes, she stretches her long, lean fingers down between her legs, resting her tiny finger nails on her panties and begin to pull them to the side.

I softly push her hand away with my snout. Pull back my lips, and gently slide the fabric between my teeth with my tongue. As the panties slowly rip apart into bits and pieces, I swallow them.

With the hand I pushed away, she softly starts stroking the fur between my ears. As whisper escapes from her thin, young lips, "That's a good boy. Eat them off of me. All of it. I don't want see any of them left." She watches me with a smile upon her lips, as I swallow the last thread of her panties.

As the last of the fabric slides down my throat, I look up to see her smiling. I glance past her face, to see a man in the shadows. He has a bulge in this pants. She has no clue of his appearance. But I figured if he wasn't trying to chase me off, I should reciprocate. After all, he was human and I am not. However, I can look like one if I make the choice. So I pay him no heed and start eating her out. The tip of my long, wet tongue touches the little bead that rested at the top of her young southern lips. As good as she tastes, I found myself fighting off my instincts that were begging me to sink myself deep within her; filling her with my seed, knowing that her young virgin body would be more than willing for me. After all, this was not a first time I had tasted her. And yet, I wanted the pleasure of planting my seed deep within her virgin lips to be when I was in my dreaded human form. However, I found myself starting to crawl out from between her lags.

With that, her hand, once gentle and loving while petting me, now became a tight fist, gripping that very fur, pulling my mouth back toward her. She loved the feeling of my cool, damp tongue upon her warm flesh. Her body was begging me to keep going. Her young body could take hours of me pushing her to her limits – where her world was about to go black. Then I would back off, just to bring her back to that point again and again, and yet again. When she could take no more, I would then bring her to that edge and push her over it into the blackness.

Yet today, I could not, for I wanted, no, I needed, more. So I yelp in fake pain, shocking her, she releases me and I finish crawling toward her head.

As I am doing so, she rolls over onto her left side leaning on an elbow, watching me as I walk up, "What's wrong boy?," she asks as we are face to face.

I past behind her, then nudge her back.

She doesn't move.

I nudge her again, a little harder, making her roll onto her stomach.

As she lands on her belly, she looks up at me with a smile as she asks, "What are you doing boy?"

I gently pull at the hem at the bottom of her sundress.

"What?" she asks. With a giggle, as she raises the hem to the dip of her back, revealing two perfectly round cheeks, "Why do you want to see my butt? Do you want to kiss it?"

I begin running my tongue along the crease that divides her small tight cheeks from her short, girlish legs. My tongue makes its way to the entrance of her beautiful valley, in which hides her tiny rosebud. My tongue then slides farther south, tracing down her inter left thigh. Then, across and up her right thigh, as she spreads. I slide over her childish mound, pausing, savoring her womanly flavor. Then drifting past, making the full loop back to its beginning. I slowly slide my tongue up between her perfect, girlish hills, feeling, searching for my final destination, as I skim over it. Her anus.

"I think I know what you want boy," she says softly as she slowly reaches down and around her backside, spreading her cheeks apart. Thus giving my tongue total free access to her tiny, little rosebud. "Does this help boy? It should make it easier for you to lick. Huh boy?"

She being spot on, my tongue traces little circles around the rim. That in which I long for the most, loosens, quivers and seems to try to pull my tongue inside. Accepting it's invitation, the widening entry gets invaded. Slowly my tongue pushes deeper within her bowels.

Her eyes widens from the sudden new sensation. They return to their normal size, as she lets herself relax. Thus letting my tongue slide a little deeper within her. A smile appears upon her lips. This is new sensation of her anus, slowly, desperately trying expand to fit my long, wet tongue as it slides deeper into her bowels. "Does that taste good boy? Maybe I could taste yours too?" she whimpers. Suddenly, her anus tenses, with my with tongue still deep within her. The sudden change was due to the shock of seeing a shift in the shadows. The man within them had moved.

I start pulling my tongue out of her, while raising my eyes, seeing the figure quickly moving out of the shadows, in our direction. Thus I quickly finish, leaving her with a gaping hole. Raising my hackles, ready to pounce upon him, as I feel her shifting under me.

While she tries to rise up, she cries out in a half pleading, half fearing tone, "Its OK, Sir. He not trying to hurt me. He's my friend."

The man stops in his tracks, looking down at me with fire in his eyes, then casts his eyes back at her from an easy 20 feet away. "Look at you. You are a mess and mama had dinner done, for over an hour now." Then he shoots me a look, "Scat! Git!" he hisses, while raising an a large stick in a swinging position, "Before I put you down, boy!"

I look back at her troubling form. She was rising from the ground, trying to straighten out her sun-dress as best she could. Then I set my eyes back on him as I started toward him, fangs dripping with hunger to taste his flesh.

"Please boy. Don't! Just be good. He won't hurt me," she says, trying to convince herself as much as me. She starts walking his way, her head down in shame and fear, "I love you boy. Just be good."

I could not see her tears as she past me, but I could feel them running down her cheek deep within my soul. I did as she wished me to do. I stopped in my tracks but I never took my eyes off of him.

"I see you have that mangy mutt trained very well. To bad you are not so trainable," he said with a sneer in his voice.

With that, they were gone, making their way home.

As night fell, all I could think of, was that man's rotting flesh between my teeth. Oh, how much pleasure it would give me, to see him screaming under me. Looking deep into my eyes, praying to see some form of mercy. Yet, all he would see in them is pure joy, from his savage death. Slowly ripping out his throat, seeing one after another of his veins tearing, spitting his life giving blood, out. Finally, I would simply watch him gasp for air as if he needed it, but the fool would die from loss of blood. Not drowning in it or lack of air. Despite his desperate drive to survive, he would die. As Paul Atreides once said "Fear is the mind killer." And one cannot keep a clear mind, to heal under that kind of fear. Grabbing at what was left of his own throat like a fool. Deep within that thought, I realize it turned me on, in a strange way. I curl into a ball on the cold, lifeless floor, and began wrapping my hardening cock within my tongue, pulling it into my mouth. Once I was fully hard, I begin ramming it down my own throat, which I love to do. The sensation of the tightness encasing my cock was only raveled by the scratching of my own throat. Making the dream of his death transform into a fantasy, of my beautiful, young, beloved girl laying next to him, watching him die, with a smile upon her lips. As I am upon her small, willing body, with my cock sliding deep into her bowels. Finishing what we started earlier as he watched us, yet not from the shadows, but from his dieing eyes as he lays next to us. Driving me over the edge, as load after load of my hot cum streams out of me. And yet, never leaves my own body, for it lines the walls of my throat as I swallow it like my good girl would. As I finish cleaning myself up, never letting a drop fall to the ground, a scream echoes thought night's thick breath so faintly that few could hear it. And I was not among those few; however, I caught the scent of it. I could feel her fear pulsing deep within my very veins.

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