Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My receptionist gets some on the job training. Partly true but mainly fantasy.

Sian came to work for me as a receptionist on an apprenticeship scheme through the local college. There were supposed to be three people interviewing but she was the only one who turned up. She was 18 years old, about 5'6 with short dark hair, a gorgeous figure, slim waist and slightly rounded hips and lovely pert breasts. Most of all she had really sexy brown eyes and she was a little shy during the interview so those brown eyes looked at me in that coy manner that girls seem to manage so well. Anyway, I gave her the post as her CV seemed ok and as she was the only attendee that had to count for something.

As time went on and she settled down into the roll she started to come out of her shell and the conversations could be entertaining at times. She was having some trouble with her then boyfriend and wanted to move out but couldn't afford to but things came to a head one day and she came in to say they had split up and she was now living with a distant relative as her parents weren't in the same town anymore. After a week or two of being on her own the conversations took a new turn and sex was a subject that was more often than not the main topic of the conversations we had when no one else was around as the other staff all left at 3.30pm and she stayed till 4.30pm to handle any customer enquiries and give me chance to catch up on paperwork.

Now I had done nothing to start this and as she was 20 years my junior I was very surprised that she wanted to have this sort of conversation with me, although I did think that she maybe saw me as something of a father figure which was why she was happy to discuss matters that I thought weren't appropriate for a boss to be talking about with the junior employee.

However as time went on it became apparent that perhaps just talking about it wasn't enough and after about a month of being single she came in one day wearing a skirt to just below the knee that had buttons up the front. During the day all was fine and I thought nothing of this skirt as she sometimes wore skirts instead of trousers or jeans. However, once the other staff had gone home at their customary time things changed and when she came into my office with a request for a quote I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of leg on show. I glanced at the skirt and saw that several of the buttons were undone but, other than appreciating the show of flesh, thought nothing of it presuming that maybe they had come undone during the day and she hadn't bothered doing them up again.

Five minutes later Sian was back again and this time there seemed to be more buttons undone, to the point where two more buttons would have given more than a flash of panties, but it wasn't quite that high. However she plonked herself on a chair facing me and, although her legs were together there was definitely a hint of colour to be seen under the skirt. As she asked me about the quote she had brought in a few minutes earlier I tried my best to look her in the face but my gaze kept drifting and I began to suspect there was a deliberate move to this as each time my eyes flicked down to her skirt she seemed to open her legs ever so slightly. However we finished the discussion about the quote and I expected her to get up and go.

Instead what happened was she unexpectedly asked me if I thought she was attractive and, after a moment to regain my composure, I answered that she was very attractive and she should have no problem finding someone when she was ready but Sian answered that she wasn't looking to find a proper boyfriend. By now I was wondering where all this was going to lead, what with the skirt and the conversation. Sian then made the comment that she was fed up with boys her own age who were only interested in themselves and didn't make her feel attractive at all but what she really wanted was someone who she could not only talk to as a friend but who could perhaps show her just what experience could bring to sex. As she said this she leaned forward, put her elbows on her knees and rested her chin on her hands. Well now I was certain where this was leading and looking into her eyes I let me gaze move slowly down her arms and as I did so she deliberately open her knees enough to let me see a lovely pair of pink lacy panties beneath the skirt.

Looking back up at her I decided to push this as far as I could, who wouldn't when faced with a hot girl giving all the signals. So I said, wait here, got my keys and went and locked the door to reception. I went back into the office and she was sitting in my chair leaning back with her arms on the arm rests, her legs crossed and a very sultry look in her eyes.

"Sian," I said standing in front of her, "I know what you are trying to do, and just to let you know, you are a very attractive young lady that any man would be honoured to have. But just so you know, it can never be more than an office affair, and if anyone else here finds out you will be out of here faster than you can say 'Your fired!'"

She looked at me and after a few moments smiled, uncrossed her legs giving me a good view of those pink panties again and leaning forward started to undo the belt on my trousers whilst looking me in the eye. Undoing the button and zip she put her hand inside and ran her fingers up the length of my hardening cock straining against my underwear. I let her rub me through my boxers for a minute then took hold of her hand and moved it away. I pulled up my trousers and she looked confused for a moment as I said sternly, "please stand up out of my chair."

She stood up not looking at me and I put my hands on her shoulders, turned her round and pushed her back till she was sitting on my desk, then I sat in my chair and said, "Don't ever sit in my chair again without my permission. Now open your legs!" and she did. I scooted forward on my chair, put my hands on her legs feeling her soft skin beneath my fingers and started to slowly move my hands up and down her legs, each time further up towards her knickers. Sian was taking little sharp intakes of breath each time my fingers got closer until I was almost touching her pink panties. She leaned back as I ran my fingers along the edge of them tracing up towards her hips before running my fingers back down and along the inside of her thighs, feeling a slight dampness and getting a moan as my fingers ran down either side of the pussy I could see a hint of through the material. I leaned forward and let my breath play over her damp knickers, taking in her scent as I inhaled. Then flicking my tongue out I let it tease over the material where I could see the outline of her pussy and the taste of her arousal tingled on my tongue as I ran it along each edge of the material making her moan.

I stopped and sat back in the chair looking up at her sitting on the desk. "Now Sian, I hope that you won't let anything that happens in here get in the way of our working relationship? As long as you behave during the day I will make sure that you are suitably rewarded for your efforts, as and when I see fit. Do you agree to this?"

Looking at me she nodded, flushed with excitement.

"Right," I said, "That is enough for today. I want you to go home and think about what has been said and come back in tomorrow ready for work as normal and I will tell you what special work I may require you to undertake."

Sian, looking disappointed, stood up and brushed her skirt down, however I wasn't going to let her go just yet. Still sitting down I said, "However, before you go, there is one more thing I want you to do. I want you to take off your knickers and leave them here. You can have them back tomorrow when you arrive for work."

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