Even More Family Secrets
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, InLaws, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Voyeurism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - As Dave Adams continues to grow up, he uncovers more and more of his peculiat family's past.

"You don't have to wear out the chalk block, you know," Dave's roommate remarked, snapping him out of his reverie. "And it's been your shot for a while now."

Dave glanced at the tip of his cue stick, noticing that it was covered with an excess of the blue substance. Then he glanced at his smirking roommate, who would have been a Nazi propagandists' wet dream during Hitler's rise to power.

Karl Hartmann was tall, blond, blue eyed, square jawed and broad shouldered. He was born on the same day Iris was, which left him one day shy of being a year older than Dave. And, when Iris told him that she was born mere minutes past midnight, he claimed to have been born mere minutes before her. He professed that he was born at exactly six in the morning, German time, while Iris was born in Canada's Eastern Time zone. Dave didn't know whether it was true or whether Karl had invented the story in the hopes of chatting her up.

"Thinking about the goddess?" he asked.

Dave smiled. It was funny that his housemates had given Iris that name. He had brought her over to the common room shortly before Christmas Break, after securing permission with the Senior House Adviser. Somehow, someone had seized the moment as a photo opportunity, and many of the guys had themselves photographed with her. It was almost as if she had been a visiting celebrity, and Dave suspected that some of her solo shots, in which she wore those tight jeans and that form-fitting jumper, would be used as masturbation material for a long time.

"You are really a lucky bastard," Karl continued morosely, although he didn't elaborate. He couldn't do so in front of the other guys, since he had only confided in Dave.

Karl's childhood sweetheart became his stepsister, when his father married her mother. Karl was 10 when they tied the knot. Then, to make matters worse, his father legally adopted the girl, making her Karl's legal sibling and ending their possibility of a future as a couple.

Dave had seen her picture. A year older than Karl, Karin was very pretty. Not in Iris' league, but pretty. She was Dutch, and they met at the Dutch elementary school Karl began to attend after his father moved to the Netherlands for an engineering job.

Karl took after his father as far as their aptitudes went. Many of the International Baccalaureate subjects at the boarding School had standard and high level variants, and the students had to have three of each. The most challenging combination featured high level math, physics, and chemistry, with the language of instruction, secondary language, and social science subject taken at the standard level. The combination was often associated with the Asian students, and Dave's other roommate, Daniel Kim, reinforced that stereotype.

Dave didn't have that challenging combination. He could have done the high level math, but he knew he wouldn't pursue a university education where he would need it. He had not wanted to slack off completely by choosing mathematical studies, so he took the middle road with standard level math.

His other two standard level subjects were social anthropology, of the social sciences group, and Latin. He had thought that Latin would be fun to know and might be useful in medical jargon. The social anthropology was chosen because of Dave got interested in the subject during his conversations with Veronica. He would have chosen it as a high level subject, but it had only been offered at the standard level.

Like his two roommates, Dave had also foregone the 'arts and electives' subjects to be able to take two subjects from the experimental sciences group, which were Chemistry and Biology. That left English as his third high level subject.

He hadn't wanted to waste a high level slot on English, but hadn't had any choice. His only other option had been high level math, but achieving six points for that subject would have been very difficult, and seven points out of the question. He was aiming for a total of thirty-nine points, excluding the three points he could earn with the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. High level math would likely have yielded no more than five points, making it necessary to score seven points for either chemistry or biology, which he wasn't sure he could achieve.

"How is Karin?"

"She's going to the Delft University of Technology," Karl said, shaking his head. "That place has hugely unbalanced male to female ratio. Those bastards will be all over her."

Dave frowned. He had heard of the place but he couldn't immediately recall where. "Are there any famous alumni?"

Karl nodded. "The guy who came up with the concept of stochastic cooling in proton-antiproton colliders. It led to the discovery of W and Z particles. There are several who have left their marks in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Why?"

"I'd heard of the place, but I couldn't remember from whom. Now I remember that it was my brother."


Dave nodded.

"He sounds like real genius," Karl said.

"He's unfathomable. I doubt even this place will be challenging enough for him," Dave said.

He found the school challenging enough. It wasn't difficult to get passing marks, but he had to make an effort to get close to perfection. He enjoyed that challenge, as well as the fact that he was surrounded by more intellectual peers than he had been used to at his previous schools. That didn't mean that there weren't more averagely endowed minds. There were scions of affluent families and Old Boys who needed constant tutoring to retain a passing average, but a bunch of mushrooms like his freshman year bullies couldn't exist in this generally enlightened atmosphere.

He did miss the presence of girls somewhat ... okay, he missed them a lot. Even surface thoughts of pretty girls made him sport a boner. It hadn't been that bad in a long time, and even though doing sports helped burn away some of the frustration, he had frequent dates with Rosy Palm and her five daughters.

Dating the Palm family hadn't been easy either, on account of Dave's masturbatory habits. It was difficult to take one's sweet time in a boarding school. Sure, ninety-nine percent of the guys at school jacked off, and the remaining one percent were liars. But most guys didn't take forty-five minutes to an hour to rub one off, and they initially gave Dave a hard time, until Iris hinted at his sexual prowess during their joint theatre club gatherings with the girls' school. It apparently made the other guys re-evaluate the concept of lengthy masturbation sessions, because a few weeks later it had become very difficult to secure a time and place to have a decent orgy with Mrs Palm and her girls.

"Dave, your mom is hot!" one of Dave's housemates called out, momentarily confusing him.

"How would you know, Nathan?"

"Because she's outside, waiting for you."

"She came all the way from Winnipeg to pick up her little boy?" Karl teased.

"Damn it, Dave. You've got one sexy mommy!" someone said before Dave could answer. "She's your step-mom, right?"

"No, she's my real mom."

"What? Either her plastic surgeon is a genius, or she had you when she was twelve!"

It was actually fourteen, but Dave wasn't about to tell anyone that.

"I'll walk you down," Karl offered, as she stowed his cue stick.

"Why?" Dave asked suspiciously, as he placed his own stick back in the rack.

"Because those guys made me curious," Karl answered unabashedly.

Dave rolled his eyes and stifled a groan as he headed downstairs, where his pre-packed luggage was stowed.

There were other parents and guardians present to pick up the boarding students, but he didn't see his mother until he had his luggage piled onto a cart. She beamed at him and waved but remained near the building's entrance. She must have remembered his comments about embarrassing him in front of his peers.

"You know, I heard that some guys are predisposed towards women who resemble their mother," Karl said, grinning. "Are you sure Iris isn't a symptom of an Oedipus complex? She could be your mom's sister!"

Dave barely suppressed a wince. Though Iris and his mother weren't as physically similar as some siblings were, the family resemblance had been enough to give away his and Iris' blood relation. But the idiotic grin on Karl's face assuaged Dave's concerns of his roommate realising the truth, and he berated himself for nearly panicking. That, if anything, would give him away. In most parts of the world, the possibility that someone was romantically involved with his aunt just didn't cross anyone's mind that easily.

Instead of commenting of Karl's remark, Dave clapped him on the shoulder. "Have fun in Ibiza. Send me a postcard."

"You have fun with your goddess," Karl replied. "I'll see you after the holidays," he added.

After a final waive, Dave headed towards his mother. She gave him a motherly hug and kiss, but didn't get too mushy.

"My baby is growing up," she said, after giving him a once over. Then she glanced back at Karl. "That's Karl, right?"

Dave nodded.

"You two seem to be good friends."

"He's okay. His mom went to our sister school, and his grandfather's an Old Boy of this one. But unlike some of the other guys, he doesn't look down on first generation independent-schoolers."

"You never told me that you were given a hard time."

Dave shrugged. "It could have been worse. There is a day-schooler who got in with a scholarship. His parents are working class people. In my case, the snobs assumed that you and Dad earn enough to cough up the cash."

Angelica frowned. "I though this schools puts emphasis on humble social behaviour."

"Oh, they do. Not for altruistic reasons, though. One of the snobs said, and I quote; 'I can stand to pour soup for the serfs if it'll convince them to vote for me when I'm running for office.'

"Serfs? He actually said that?"

"Yup," Dave answered. "It's a rather ironic choice of words. He's a moron. He's barely making the grade, in spite of hours of tutoring. The only chance he's got to get elected is to run in a place where the people are too uneducated to realise how big a prick he really is."

"But not all the students are like that, are they?"

"Not quite that bad, no. But quite a few of them do have a snooty sense of entitlement."

"Was it a mistake to send you to this place?" Angelica asked.

"You have to take the good with the bad," Dave said diplomatically. "The education's excellent, and it does open doors. But what are you doing here?"

"I'm actually on business, but I thought I'd squeeze this into my itinerary," Angelica said, as they began to walk to the exit. "Aren't you glad to see me?"

"Of course I am. But your presence could have caused some complications."

"What kind of complications?" Angelica asked, looking genuinely non-plussed.

"They noticed how young you looked, for starters."

"And what's wrong with that?"

"Do you think the snobs I just told you about would let that knowledge remain unused?"

Angelica's face clouded over. "Are you ashamed of having been born to teenaged parents?"

Dave shook his head. "I'd defend you, of course. But—"

"You'd rather not do awaken the sleeping dogs?" she finished for him.

"Especially not the when it comes to my relationship with Iris. Karl noticed the family resemblance between you two."

"Ah, well, I didn't think of that," Angelica said apologetically.

"It's okay. He wrote it off as an Oedipal thing," Dave said.

Angelica laughed. "Really? And have I starred in your fantasies once?"

"Mom!" Dave exclaimed, thoroughly shocked.

"I'm just teasing you, honey. Although it would be okay if I had. Teenaged boys with raging hormones have the weirdest sex dreams, and you can't really be held accountable."

"If that's your way to fish for information, it won't work," Dave grumbled. He had actually had a weird dream involving his mother, but he'd be taking that information to the grave.

His mother chuckled briefly again, before they walked on in silence.

"There we are," Angelica said after a while, gesturing to her right. Dave followed the gesture and saw Iris leaning against a minivan.

Leaving his luggage cart behind, he rushed over to Iris, engulfed her in a hug and crushed his lips against hers in an urgent kiss that left no doubt about how much he had missed her.

"Hmmm, are you that happy to see me?" Iris cooed. The three-inch-heeled boots she wore, making them equally tall, allowed her to press her pubis against his raging hard on.

"You have no idea," he husked. His ranging hard on was the result of a mere kiss. Granted, it had been a very heated kiss, but his body had reacted like that of a thirteen-year-old. He had been used to having regular sex with a girl. It was a result of copulation deprivation. The hand was simply not enough any more.

Sure, his sex-buddy at his former school had only been a substitute for Iris, but she had always been available almost every weekend, whereas Dave had only been able to be with Iris during the holiday weeks, and holiday-induced long weekends. It was technically possible for the boarders of both their schools to spend more weekends with their local guardians, but the school's weekend activities greatly reduced the windows of opportunity.

"You've been working out more?" Iris asked.

He nodded. He had in fact kicked his strength training up a notch. He had paid special attention to his core muscles, and Iris smiled approvingly as she her hand explored his abdomen.

The she leaned in, placed her lips against his ear, and hotly whispered," Think it made you strong enough to fuck me standing up?"

Dave's cock twitched in response.

He had once tried to fuck Iris standing up, but she had been too heavy for him, and he had been forced push her against a wall to take the weight off his legs. She had deemed it uncomfortable, but he hadn't had any choice. At 5'11", she wasn't exactly a petite pixie. Moreover, she had always been a very active girl, and the muscle mass that her fitness regimen had created made her heavier than she looked. Muscle weighed more than fat, after all.

"I'll definitely try!" he whispered back excitedly. Then he glanced at the minivan. "Whose car is this?"

"Aunt Zinnia's," his mother answered, as she drew alongside the car with the cart.

"She, Aunt Daphne, and their kids are staying at Aunt Ronnie's," Iris continued. "James was going to pick us up, but Aunt Zinnia forgot a few things when she drove up to Aunt Ronnie's so she offered to pick us up instead."

Dave nodded in understanding as he remembered his great-grandmother's youngest sister. Her conception had been unplanned, and she was born twenty-two years after Dave's great-grandmother, who was the eldest of six female siblings. She was fifty-one, but could easily pass for a woman ten years her junior.

They were properly introduced last Christmas, when she and her family spent the holidays at Veronica's. Dave's parents, as well as Grandpa Mike and Silvia, came to Toronto as well. But, for obvious reasons, Ed and Frank chose to go to Edmonton instead, making it Dave's first Christmas without his brothers.

Zinnia was about as tall as his mother, with a narrower waist and hips, which made her breasts look bigger than his mother's. The optical illusion held until Dave's dad found a bra he thought belonged to his wife, in the basement bathroom next to the gym. But all of his mother's brassieres were accounted for, and it turned out to be Zinnia's. The two women had the same band and cup-size, and the same taste is brassieres.

"Where did she go?" Angelica asked.

"She went off to talk to a member of the faculty. I think she knew him," Iris answered. "Ah, here she comes."

Dave looked over his shoulder and saw her approaching. The eyes of many teenaged boys were upon her as well, and Dave couldn't blame them.

She reminded Dave of Pam Grier. She wasn't the spitting image of said celebrity, but her gene mixture had produced a very similar effect, except for the hair. To her deep regret, there was simply too much European and Native American in her for her to style it into an afro; something she had avidly attempted in the early seventies. Her eyes were amber coloured, and quite unique in the family. The exotic combination was quite alluring, and he wondered why he had never made the connection between her looks and his ancestry as a child. After all, he had been told that she was his great-grandmother's kid sister. But children didn't really worry about such things, and the world would probably have been a better place if adults didn't either.

"Hello, Davie," she said, before throwing her arms around him and planting a lingering kiss on his cheek. "Konmen çapé kourri?"

Dave smiled. She liked to throw around the language of her youth, and Dave had picked up some Louisiana Creole from her during the Christmas holidays. He took the opportunity to prove that he still remembered. "Y na pa myék ça."

Zinnia raised an eyebrow. "Can't get much better?"

"I'm being hugged by a very sexy woman."

"Your son is quite the charmer, Angie," Zinnia said, and briefly squeezed him more tightly before releasing him.

"He gets it from Alan, who will be very displeased if I miss my flight back," Angelica said, glancing at her watch.

Zinnia laughed. "I've got an impatient man waiting myself. We'd better get going."

After they dropped his mother off at the airport, they made their way north in an uneventful trip. Dave and Iris had wanted to make it eventful, but Zinnia had begged them not to, saying that she would be compelled to watch, thus risking a car crash. So Dave was itching for some alone time with Iris when they arrived at Veronica's pocket mansion.

"Hey, James!" Iris nodded to the rather large pile of luggage as James drew alongside her. "Can you take those up to my room?"

James frowned. "Yes, Missus. James will carry those right away, Missus. Will dat be all, Missus?" he asked, mimicking the slave-talk stereotype.

Iris rolled her eyes. "I didn't tell you to take my luggage up to my room. I asked you. Honestly, a slave wouldn't get to sleep with a woman like Aunt Ronnie!"

"No, she would have become the plaçée of a very rich white guy," Zinnia said.

"What's a plaçée?" Iris asked.

"More than a concubine, but less than a wife," Zinnia explained. "They had about the same status as concubines, for they and their children were well cared for as long as the man was alive, and/or financially secure. But where there could be many concubines, the position of plaçée was supposed exclusive."

"And why couldn't Aunt Ronnie be a wife?"

"Because white gentlemen didn't marry women of colour, and there's no way she could have passed for white back in those days. Her skin's too dark."

"What if she said it was a tan?"

"Ladies were supposed to be as pale as possible. They didn't tan. And even if they did tan; the parts of the body covered by clothes would still be untanned. Veronica has colour all over, and that would have given her away."

"What about me? Would I have been able to pass?"

"If you hid that African butt of yours under a wide skirt, maybe," James said with a laugh. "Anyway, do you want me to take this to your old room, or do you want the room you'll be sharing with Dahlia?"

"Why do I have to share a room with Dahlia?"

"Because Veronica wants to keep the mirrored room free at all times, and wants to keep your rooms unoccupied while you're at school. But if Ed and Dahlia were to get their own rooms, it would only leave two rooms available. That would be one room too few, if your father, sister and brother want to visit at once. And you know your dad and brother will be here later today, because the babies are due next week."

"You should see the recording of the day she conceived," Zinnia said lustily. "Ronnie really milked him dry! He came in her three times before she let him out of her."

Dave wanted to slap his forehead. He had forgotten about Veronica's breeding experiment. Her sisters and aunt's decision to have additional children in their had forties ignited Veronica's own maternal instincts, and since she had been so impressed by the fucks with her nephew the previous year, she decided to have him father her children. It had been a risky thing to do, since Veronica was the identical twin of Bryan's mother. He probably wouldn't have consented, which was why she hadn't told him until after the fact.

"I hope those kids are healthy," Iris said, voicing Dave's thoughts. "They'll have 75% of Aunt Ronnie's genes."

Zinnia shook her head, "Typical Veronica, taking the family tradition one step further."

"Okay, but getting back to the sleeping arrangements," Iris turned tack. "Why can't I room with Dave?"

"Do you to want to argue with Dahlia over which couple gets the bigger room?" James asked.

"Dave and I should get the bigger room. We're older!"

"And do you really think the seniority argument will fly with Dahlia? She'd argue that she and Ed deserve the bigger room, because you and Dave only have one more year to go before college, while she and Ed have three more years to go, and that putting them in the larger room would save them from having to move their stuff next year. And Erica would probably try to pull the same stunt on Dahlia a year later, so Veronica decided to render the point moot by putting the two of you together in the bigger room."

Dave thought that it was really amazing how Veronica had anticipated the trouble. Iris, though, was pouting. She didn't appear to agree wholeheartedly.

"I want to sleep with Dave!" she complained.

"You can have him in the bigger room on even numbered days, and Dahlia can have Ed on odd numbered days," Veronica's voice came.

Dave spotted her as she came out through via garage, with two preschoolers in tow. They had grown quite attached to their Aunt Ronnie, in no small part due to the fantastic Christmas gift she had bought them.

"Come to mama, Tony," Zinnia called out, the boy ran over to her and jumped into her arms.

"Auntie Zinnia? Can we go to the petting zoo?" the girl beside Veronica asked, reminding Dave about the temporary taboos her parents had called into being to protect her until she was old enough to understand her convoluted family tree. If little Lotus told the kids at school that her mommy was her daddy's cousin, teasing would certainly ensue. And things were even worse for Anthony. His parents were great-aunt and grand-nephew, and his paternal grandmother was also his first cousin.

Dave sighed as he thought that he would have to place similar restrictions on his future children. He immediately felt Iris' hand squeeze his, and he turned to see her wearing a reassuring.

"What did your mother say?" Zinnia asked the little girl.

"She said to ask you."

"Ron and Daphne were working out," Veronica said, putting emphasis on the final two words to allude to an adult activity known for the fact that it burned a lot of calories.

"Ugh, there's plenty of time for that later!" Zinnia muttered.

Veronica chuckled. "You're just annoyed because it means you and Sam can't start working out right away."

"Can't you do me a favour and take them to the petting zoo?" Zinnia asked Veronica pleadingly.

"I have an important appointment in an hour," Veronica answered, patting her enormous belly. Then she turned to Iris. "You have a probationary license, right?"

Dave bit back a groan. He had been hoping to 'work out' with Iris as soon as possible, but he knew Iris well enough to know her answer. She liked young children, and she had strong maternal instincts.

"I'd love to," Iris said, extending Dave's dry spell for a few more hours. This normally wouldn't have been so bad, but Dave had really been looking forward to reconnecting with Iris, in every sense of the word.

"Don't worry, Dave. I know you really want to work out. But I'll make up for it but doing a greater number of different exercises later."

This time Dave failed to completely bite back the groan. Iris had meant well, but she had only fuelled the fire of his anticipation and impatience.

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