The Dressing Room
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - So, where did I meet my husband? It was Victoria's Secret as I was looking at negligees when this tall, handsome man gave me his opinion on which one to buy. So, I invited him to see how it looked as we took it in the dressing room together.

I was one of the lucky college graduates, out of school and happily employed in a career that I love that also pays pretty well. Yes, I did major in a field that actually had jobs available unlike some of my friends who went for what most interested them but then didn't seem to result in a viable career at the end.

So, I'd been out a few years, now twenty-four, also happily single after being in a relationship where it became more apparent each month that I was involved with a man who seemed to exhibit narcissistic, machiavellian, or a sociopathic, tendencies that worsened the longer I was involved with him. Retrieving my sanity, I rid myself of him months ago and had pretty much gotten over that mistake.

Now feeling free of him and feeling much, much better about myself, I took the afternoon off to do a little shopping, a little 'girly-shopping' at Victoria's Secret, a place I love to go to feel better about myself.

I don't feel out of place there, not at all. I'm five-five, weigh one hundred and eleven pounds and measure thirty--four, twenty-four, thirty-six. They're just on the border of B- and C-cups, for you guys out there. Oh, and they're nice and firm and my breasts curve up so my nipples point right at a guy's eyes.

I'm light-skinned all over and have off-the-shoulder ash-blond hair and gray-green eyes. My lips are pink and full enough that I often just wear a gloss and it's handy for those times when I don't want to leave a red smear around the base of a guy's cock.

Well, now you know one other thing about me. Well, two, really. First, I'm not shy about sex and, second, I love to suck cocks. There are some of us, guys, there really are. I'll just never forget the first time I slid my nervous, quivering lips over the crown of Barnes Thompson's chubby, fat cock and sucked on it. Oh, when I felt those hot pulses of his semen spurt into my mouth as he groaned in pure ecstasy, well, I sucked him every day after that.

Well, that's not exactly true, it was more like two or three times a day after that. During summer, four, maybe more. Yes, I loved it and, yes, I still do. He had his ways of making me a happy girl as well.

So, I'm wandering around Victoria's Secret looking at this and that, lifting things up to see how they hang, sometimes holding them up to me in front of a mirror; I had noticed a man, an older man, like fifties or so, who seemed to be in the part of the store I was in, always twenty or so feet away.

He was a tall, distinguished-looking man, a man's height always attracts me. Being five-five, I like a man towering over me when he's between my legs.

He was also quite trim and handsome with wavy gray hair and glistening blue eyes. If he was following me, I certainly didn't mind, not in such a public venue, and, well, I rather liked the idea that a nice-looking man was attracted by what he saw. It gave me a bit of a tingle and you girls know exactly where, right?

So, when I lifted up a nightie to my chest, I heard, "Excuse, me, might I make a suggestion?"

I turned and looked at him saying, "I suppose. It's rather unusual for a man to offer his opinion to a total stranger about negligees but, sure, why not."

"I would suggest the black embroidered one with the white trim. It just seems to suit you perfectly."

I had just held it up to me before so I put down the one I had in my hands and brought up the black one he preferred and he added, "Oh, yes, that's just for you."

Was I flattered? Was I intrigued? Oh, yes, most definitely.

"Does your wife know you go around giving advice about lingerie to women in Victoria's Secret?"

"Oh, I suppose she might mind if I were married but I'm not attached in the least, how about you?" he asked smiling.

Was I beginning to really like this whole unfolding episode? Oh, was I ever.

So, I extended my hand, saying, "I'm Carly McClain."

His hand softly took mine with the other clasped gently over it as he said, "Eric Bremer, lovely to meet you."

Then, feeling really turned-on, I asked in my sweetest tone, "Would you like to see it when I get it on?"

I figured, what the hell, I was sure horny, even if nothing happened, I'd go home and have a hell of a session with 'Big-Max, ' my favorite jumbo vibrator.

"I'd much rather help you put it on, if I might?"

He didn't blush, he didn't hesitate in the least, no, he was full of confidence which is something I find very attractive in a man.

I stood there a second, then looked around and said, "Follow me," and we went to the fitting rooms and I nonchalantly told the attendant that my husband wanted to see it on and we went right into the last room and I began to undress as he took a condom packet from his pocket and put it on the shelf.

"You travel prepared," I gushed as I got my blouse off when his arms went around me, pulling me to him, kissing me, our mouths open and hungry, while he pushed the hooks together and I felt my bra loosen. We kissed for several minutes as his hands pulled my bra off then took my breasts while my hand was down feeling his rock-hard cock. I knew then.

My hands came up as I began unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off his shoulders. We then stepped away from each other and quickly finished disrobing while we looked at each other eagerly.

My new friend, Eric Bremer, was trim and sturdy under his clothing with a tuft of graying hair in the middle of his chest but his cock was bare, he shaved like so many younger men did these days. Once they caught on that it made their cocks look bigger, the fad took off like wildfire. I do like the bare look myself, have been shaving ever since I began growing body hair.

I steadied myself in the corner with my right leg up on the bench and he knelt down and began licking me as I held his head to me. His hands were roving over me sending me higher and higher with every feverish touch between us.

We had to be quiet, of course, though urban legend describes changing room fucks all the time, I just didn't want to make our stay difficult for the staff so I tried to control myself as he tongued me.

Finally, I whispered, "We need to do it," and he stood up, opened the condom packet and rolled it on and pushed up inside me which was pretty easy as wet as I was. Oh, did he feel good.

"You're quite a beautiful woman, Carly McClain. I'm the luckiest man there is and I'd love nothing better than to continue this extraordinary stroke of luck."

I laughed a bit at his use of the word, stroke, as his cock slid back and forth while I was clenching down on it.

But, I panted, "I think I might like that, Mister Bremer," and he whispered, "You shall have your wish. This is wonderful."

It was so arousing, so naughty and bad to be fucking a virtual stranger in a Victoria's Secret fitting room that when he pushed his thick cock up into me so eagerly, I almost cummed right then.

I usually take some time for me to reach orgasm but I can do it quickly at times and have done multiples which is a true gift that I'm so thankful for. I found that out when I was fourteen and my older sister gave me a vibrator for my birthday. She also gave me a twelve-pack of batteries for it, I think she knew how horny her little sister was those days.

The third day she asked me how I liked it and I told her. Then she asked, "What's your pussy look like?" and I really didn't know so I slipped my shorts and panties off and looked at my bright red pussy lips. She went right to her room and brought me back a bottle of lube. See why I love my sister?

So I was trying for an orgasm rather than just letting one build which is what I ordinarily do and he was certainly helping me along with his fingers over my clit. So, after about five minutes of muted but delicious fucking, my whole body seized and I gripped him tight to me while I trembled and shook standing there propped against the corner of the cubicle.

Then, he pushed hard into me as he gripped me tight and we kissed, our tongues caressing madly.

It was crazy, it was risky, it was even slutty. But, was I getting the best fuck I'd had in a long time as he drove up into me over and over while I hung onto his neck. Then he pushed up into me and kept it there while I wiggled and writhed on him which sent me spiraling upward into a massive orgasm.

I almost always have great ones anyway but if you put me into a public place or where I am likely to be seen or caught, those times always rocket me straight up like a moon shot. I loved the danger and taboo of fucking someone I didn't really know right there in the changing room at Victoria's Secret.

I held it all in, deciding it would go home and later that night bury my head in my pillow and scream as loud and long as I so wanted to at that moment.

Then, he pushed hard into me driving my butt tight against the wall as I felt him discharge deep into me. Our lips locked together hard as we both gripped each other tightly.

"Oh, my dear, I truly hope this will not be our only time. Please let me buy you the negligee and then take you to dinner, I know just the place. Do you like Champagne?"

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