Waif - the Continued Adventures
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They are off someplace with their other grandmother, their father’s mother, Ms. Fiona. There is a big stink going on with the two grammas. Gramma Andrews, has convinced her granddaughters to go to school in the NIS Program. Gramma Farrell is against the idea, and has taken action to get the twins removed from their mother’s care, claiming she is unfit. She dragged the kids off to see a counselor today

The Final Beach Day

Molly Malloy walked up to the gaggle of giggling girls and boys sitting on the beach. Beginning the morning of 15th July, Molly had been walking her beach post nude. Grease pencil, like the kind used for triathletes to mark their numbers, read GUARD on the outside of her left arm and right leg.

"Hi, kids, how is the last week of vacation going, remember, school starts on Monday," Molly smiled at Tad, Brad and Ronnie who were lounging on the beach and waiting for their friend, Waif, to come back to the shore from the break line of waves she was riding along with Loretta and Hank, the two junior life guards. With them were five other girls, all sixth, seventh and eighth grade level.

"Miss Malloy, we are more than ready. We have book reports for our summer reading, and Waif has been showing us algebra and geometry, so I think we are more than over the two month brain drain of summer." Ronnie told the teacher. "I guess it is Ms. Malloy again and not Molly, right?"

"None of you are my students, so Molly is fine, Ronnie. I was actually looking for Amy and Tammie, have you seen them today?" The educator/life guard asked.

"They are off someplace with their other grandmother, their father's mother, Ms. Fiona. There is a big stink going on with the two grammas. Gramma Andrews, has convinced her granddaughters to go to school in the Naked in School (NIS) Program. Gramma Farrell is against the idea, and has taken action to get the twins removed from their mother's care, claiming she is unfit. She dragged the kids off to see a counselor today." Ronnie reported, and then she added, "Waif is legally an adult so can determine her own fate, but, the girls are being used as pawns in a battle of wills between two distinct lifestyles."

"Not your words are they Ronnie," Molly asked.

"Nope, Molly, they are Waif's and I just remember what she says. She told me when she was sick and always in the hospital the two sides of the family played this same game over her treatment. Her father's mother was against her mom and dad having another kid to try and cure Waif. Gramma Farrell believed God's will was for Waif to be strong and suffer unto death and reap her reward in Heaven. Gramma Andrews convinced her daughter and son in law to go ahead and have the second child. Turns out they were the twins. The stem cell therapy worked, then the bone marrow therapy worked and now there are three grandchildren. Fiona Farrell still resents the science and medicine that intervened in what she sees as the true plan. Now that she is well, Waif says she is in remission, but all of us are praying she is well, the families are warring over how the twins shall be raised." Ronnie reported, "Me I'm happy it's just me and my mom. She makes good money writing her articles for the newspaper and magazine and I've never met my father, or either set of grandparents, so no one fights over how I'm being raised."

"Yes, we know you are being raised by wolves, wild thing," Brad teased. "Look at you no modesty what

So ever, sitting there sprawled open for everyone to look at."

Ronnie blushed and changed her position, then came back at her tormentor, "Hate what you see Bradley? You sure are taking good long looks; maybe you need a camera to take pictures that will last longer? Hmmm, Mr. Happy doesn't look like he hates what he sees either!"

Molly Malloy ended this with, "What were you taught about respect, the two of you. Boundaries must be maintained. What the two of you have just done is what falls under the rules of sexual teasing. If this happens in school public paddling is the consequence, you both know that."

A joint, "Yes, ma'am," came from Ronnie and Brad. Molly Malloy continued her walk down the beach, smiling and wondering in her head to match the small smile on her lips how long it would take the two twelve year olds to know that they actually loved each other.

Molly spotted Waif, riding in a small swell on her hot pink short board, thirty yards further along the beach and waited while the girl bounced out of the surf with the board tucked under her arm.

The teacher-lifeguard and the eighteen year old under developed young woman had formed a bond in the last two months plus they had known each other. The two spoke freely on every topic and Waif considered Molly both a mentor and a friend. She was the go to adult in Waif's life when none of the other adults made any sense.

"Hey, Moll got a minute or do you have to watch your water?" Waif called to the guard on shore as she bounced out of the littoral back wash.

"I can talk, walk, and watch at the same time Waif, it is mostly your surf crowd in the water with school starting Monday." Surfers know the water, watch for each other and can use their boards as floatation devices if necessary, they were much less a rescue risk than the average middle aged male down for the weekend going in the surf line too deeply while showing off for his small children playing on the beach.

"Okay, then, I spotted you and the grade sixers talking before, while I waited for that wave. I suppose she who knows all and must speak same, told you about the twins?" Waif shook her wet hair and spiked her board into the sand, kicking up enough sand around the tail to keep the board upright.

"Briefly, yes," Molly laughed, "The child has a future as a CIA listening post. She quoted you word for word."

"She remembers everything that is important to her, apparently math is not one of those things, she is of the eight girls and boys I have been tutoring, the poorest of the students. However; no one will ever be able to fault her empathy. From the day we met she has been totally involved with me, my illness and my life. I love her like the middle sister I never had and the twins adore her as well." Waif ran her fingers through the tangled curls of her hair. She looked at her adult friend and asked, "Does it itch?"

Molly had, unconsciously, been scratching at her left arm pit. "Not so badly now, the pubic hair when it started growing back out; now, that itched like crazy, but this isn't too bad." The NEA had passed a NIS ruling for teachers who would be instructing their classes nude, that all teachers should when possible allow their body hair to grow back fully to demonstrate the 'natural look' of the body."

"How many women who have lasered off their body hair will not be able to comply with that ruling?" Waif laughed. "Hey, if I decide to be a teacher, what do I do, wear a wig?" This set both of the women off in a fit of laughter.

"Waif, sometimes you make me laugh so hard that tears run down my leg," Molly blurted between chuckles. This of course set the two off again. A few minutes of quiet ended with, "You know the possibility exists, sweetie, that when the twins go through puberty, your body, with their stem cells floating in it might also transform fully into womanhood. I saw the research on line and it suggests that one in three kids who received stem cells and marrow from pre-pubescent siblings will undergo at least partial pubescence when the siblings do so."

"So at age twenty-three or so you are telling me I could actually, possibly, become a woman? By then every guy my age who may have been interested in me will be taken. What do I tell a potential husband? Marry me now and maybe in five years we can have sex? See Paul out their carving waves? Molly, I really like him and I know he likes me but I'm not girlfriend material, just a surrogate little sister. I am not the kind of girl a guy wants. At least not in the way I want to be wanted."

"Waif, you have two more years of high school and then college for all of this to work out for you. It is frustrating for you, but do not let Fiona Farrell get in your head. Her opinion is that you should be dead; with the 'it was God's will crap, ' can poison you on many levels. She doesn't even believe the twins should have been born.

"God wanted you alive to be the gift to all of us who have met and come to love you. You have a purpose here and now. You are a survivor. Look at the wounded warriors we had at the beach last week. None of them are whole, either. Burned, scarred, missing limbs, but playing the cards they were dealt with dignity.

"Do you know who they most admired? You! One sergeant mentioned to me that you were the bravest woman he had ever met. Living your difference to make a difference and doing it with dignity." Molly smiled at the look she saw on Waif's face. "He said, I volunteered to serve and knew this, meaning his injury, could be a result. That kid had her disease thrust upon her unwillingly and yet has turned it around to make it a force for good."

Several miles away, Amy and Tammie Farrell were having a horrible day. For the first time in six weeks they were clothed. Worse, they were wearing identical sundresses in pink. Neither liked pink and when they had worn clothing on a regular basis they had always made sure that they were dressed differently. If Amy wore a skirt, Tammie wore pants. When Tammie wore green Amy wore blue. Fiona Farrell had her grandchildren identically matched right down to the underwear, ankle socks and Mary-Jane shoes.

Even worse, their hair was tightly gathered into a side pony tail over each girl's right ear. They sat in the waiting room of a social worker for child protective services and waited for their grandmother to finish speaking with her.

Their interview lasted no more than ten minutes. The woman, asked each girl about their grandmother, Ruth Andrews, about their mother and sister and their father and about their friends. She asked each girl to draw a picture of a house, a tree and a person and of their family. She then showed the children into the waiting room, toys and books and a television were there to amuse the children, but they chose to sit quietly and wait for their paternal grandparent to come and get them.

Fiona Farrell was having an even worse day than her two young grandchildren. Giovanna Buonacour, MSW, EdD a licensed social worker and counselor to the state board of children's protective services was explaining the facts of life to Mrs. Farrell.

"You are quite correct, Mrs. Farrell, where you come from such behavior is not allowed, at least not yet. The moral climate toward nudity in public is shifting rapidly and some jurisdictions have embraced this change more swiftly and completely than others.

"These girls are perhaps the well-adjusted of any child I have seen in many months. The drawings they made are well beyond the detail one expects in their age group. The family picture is most telling. While their grandmother Andrews, their mother and their sister as well as the twins are depicted as nude, you and your son are both wearing clothing. Your son as an officer in the service is in appropriate uniform and you are in a dress. They accept your difference. I am asking you to try to accept theirs.

"The person they drew is a nude pre-pubescent female. Both pictures have similar features, a girl with Short brown hair, big blue eyes and a scar that runs from the navel to the right hip. You may not realize it, but these girls knew their sister was in severe pain and when hooked up to the pumps and blood cleansing machines just before the bone marrow transplant was near death for the second time in her short life.

"They were five going on six when they were asked to share their bone marrow with their sister. Both knew it would hurt and only one may have sufficed; however, both love their sister so much that they willingly agreed to share the pain if Waif, you call her, could get better. Now they are seven, soon to be eight, and you wish to rip them from the girl who has been their role model, mentor, and playmate all of their lives. On another level, they do not wish to be separated from their mother and both adore their maternal Grandmother.

"I have spoken with your son, the twins' father, via satellite computer link. He is also not in favor of removing the girls from their family just to appease your sense of modesty and morality. Mrs. Farrell I can only suggest that you get with the times and accept that public nudity is here to stay. Times change and if you do not change with them then you shall be left behind the curve of society.

"Racial segregation ended. Gays and lesbians now have equal rights to live openly and publically as couples. Nudists now have the right and privilege to walk openly among the textile community. Clothing is a choice, an option and some say a status symbol. For years schools enforced a uniform dress code on students so that rich or poor all children had the level field of sameness in clothing. Now that level field has advanced to no clothing. What can be more socially leveling than all people being nude?

"So, Mrs. Farrell, your application for custody of the twins based on your perceived moral failure of their parent and grandparent, is being denied." Doctor Buonacour rose and showed Fiona Farrell the door to the waiting room where the twins sat.

"I would like to thank you two lovely young ladies for coming to see me today and share part of your life history and your wonderful pictures with me," Doctor Buonacour told the girls. "Good luck in your new school this year, I am sure you will do well. Say hello to your sister, mother and grandmother for me. Your Grandmother Farrell loves you very much and wants what is best for you. As with most families sometimes adults try too hard to do what is best for the children and wind up doing the wrong things for the right reasons. This may have been one of those times. Get home safely, all of you."

Fiona Farrell was an unhappy woman. With the state child protective service agency ruling against her, she had two choices. The first was to return the twins to the Andrews home and continue to allow the naked wanton women in that household to corrupt her innocent grandchildren. The second choice was to simply retain custody of the children and move them to a state where the evils of the NIP/NIS laws had not been enacted into law.

The plot developed in her mind, but, for now she would return the children to their mother sister and the other grandparent. She had the money and the power and influences to make her plan work. But, she needed time to establish residence in a suitable place and arrange for the twins education.

The hour and one half drive from the social worker's office to the ocean community of Shoreside Park gave Fiona plenty of time to plot and plan. So involved was she that the twins begging for a potty break and something to drink was ignored until it was almost too late.

When the twins got back into the car they had already tossed the underwear they had been forced to wear into the trash in the ladies room. Respect for Fiona Farrell kept them in the sundresses, only as long as it took to run up the stairs of the beach house and into the arms of their mother.

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