All Because of a Broken Umbrella
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cassanda "Cassie" Lightfoot was really sure of herself. She was 18 today and her pretty pussy was on display for Mr Appleby for the entire hour. She got wetter every time he looked right between her legs. It was the broken umbrella that caused her to give up every one of her teenaged holes to the much older man.

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Conrad Appleby was already a certified senior citizen. He qualified for a senior discount at most establishments and he was only a few years short of being qualified for his social security retirement check. The generally considered "in pretty good shape" retired civil servant supplemented his income by part-time teaching in the public school system.

He liked the classes for high school seniors the best because most of the students had reached that level of logic that meant they would cooperate in the academic system without very much disruption. If there was anything Conrad wanted to avoid, it was confrontation. He was basically a very passive and non-assertive man with a reputation for being easy to take advantage of.

His spouse of some 22 years had decided she had enough of his boring conversation and lack of appreciation for her endeavors to better his life.

Their children were grown and lived in another state and had their own lives to lead that certainly did not include Conrad Appleby. It was a matter of some friction to the slowly aging Conrad as he did have an attachment for his four grandchildren.

The class he was teaching this particular day in the midst of a humid early summer afternoon was in American History. It was a subject dear to his heart. His attention to the pertinent chapter in the textbook being used in the school system was thankfully diverted by the fact that Miss Lightfoot's short skirt was revealing both her thin narrow red silk thong and a slight hint of visible brown eye under her drawn up knees in the first row. He fought the urge to ogle the luscious sight and tried to keep his eyes on her face when he looked in her direction. It was not very successfully accomplished.

Cassandra Lightfoot or "Cassie" for short was part Cherokee and all seductive female.

She had been waiting all week to flash Mr. Appleby with her delectable pussy. Most of the boys on the football team had already scored a touchdown on Cassie's popular slit. Cassie squirmed around a little to heighten her sense of dispensing a visual treat and to "warm up" her over-stimulated pussy.

Cassie peeked into Mr. Appleby's lap. His growing bulge assured her of her ability to make most males stand up and take notice of her feminine assets.

She stood up to retrieve a notebook from her backpack and made sure she was turned around and her pretty ass was presented almost in Mr. Appleby's face as she groped inside her bag forever trying to find the needed classroom book. Cassie was certain her bare buttocks were seared into the older man's brain by the time she sat back down.

The bulge was now almost a tent of epic proportions.

After the bell rang, Cassie was slow to get out to her locker. The rain was already starting to fall heavily on the low hanging roofs and the cascades of rainwater poured from the eaves of each school building.

Cassie knew her umbrella in the locker was of no use because she had broken it in a severe wind storm only a week before. The last two girls exited together. They were both wearing cheerleader uniforms because today was Thursday. She had given up cheerleading last year after the unfortunate incident in the boy's locker room.

"Mr. Appleby! I am 18 years old today and my daddy let me drive my car for the first time to school. But my car is in parking lot 3 all the way at the back and I don't have my umbrella. Could you give me a ride over to my car since your car is parked in the teacher's lot right next to the building?"

Conrad knew right away his answer to that question should be no.

But he looked at the deluge outside and the thin clothing on the young girl and knew she might catch her death of cold if he allowed her to walk all the way in the rain to the end of the parking lot. It was quite a distance. In fact, it was almost the length of 3 football fields put together.

"Yes, Cassie, I will take you there but you will have to put your head down when we go past Mrs. Snodgrass's window. I don't want to get in trouble for having a student in my car."

"Sure, Mr. Appleby, I promise I will stay out of sight. You are an absolute doll to do this for me."

She grabbed hold of his arm and somehow managed to get his hand resting right on her teenaged pussy mound. Cassie looked up into his eyes with such an innocent look that he just did not have the heart to remove his fingers from her soft young cleft. He was certain it was just an accident of getting out of the door and into his small car right outside.

Once inside the car, he cautioned Cassie to put her head down after they backed up and before they went around the corner of the building into Mrs. Snodgrass's view.

"Now, Cassie, get down!"

Conrad was startled when Cassie's pretty little teenaged face went right down into his crotch and her lips rested right on his quickly rising cock. There was nothing he could do because Mrs. Snodgrass was giving him a suspicious look right from her window. He waved as if nothing was going on but he could feel Cassie's teeth nibbling on his rock-hard cock in a very "grown-up" way.

He reached over with one hand to pull her up as they sped away from the front of the school and accidently got his fingers entangled in her short skirt and thong. He was driving the car with one hand in the pouring rain and had his cock under attack by the female student's mouth whilst his other hand was hopelessly entangled in her underwear and short flared skirt.

He did not want to tell Cassie to cease her activities because he was afraid she would report him for some type of a perverted assault. Before they arrived at the back of parking lot 3, Cassie had opened him up and had sucked his thick cock up into her mouth without a single word or any warning of her intention.

"That is very good of you, Cassie. You have excellent oral skills for one so young."

The teenager spurred on by the compliment refreshed her sensuous sucking and quickly caused Conrad's seeds of life to burst forth into her well-practiced mouth. She held the little sticky pool of cum inside her mouth on her tongue and opened it up to show her teacher. It was almost as if she was turning in a book report and wanted his comments.

"Well done, Cassie! You have really drained me quite well."

Instead of swallowing, Cassie brought her lips up to her teacher's mouth and stuck her cum laden tongue right inside his lips. Soon, they were swapping spit and cum in a sloppy kiss of cum dripping depravity.

Conrad could not believe he was doing such a nasty thing. It certainly was something he had never done before. They rested after a long time of deep mouth fucking with dueling tongues. Cassie rested back against the seat and lifted her skirt so Conrad could see her soaking wet thong. It wasn't the rain because her skirt was still bone dry.

"Now it is your turn, Mr. Appleby. I want you to take care of my little pussy with your tongue. Please stick it in deep and lick me just like a lollipop. Let me be a sweet little lollipop for you, Mr. Appleby. Lick me as nice as you can."

Cassie pushed her red silk thong to the side and Conrad started to lick her shaved pussy with his greedy tongue. The young girl was banging on the dashboard with her heels each time Conrad took a long deep slurp of her teenaged pussy juices. She was saying some very dirty things that Conrad only had a hint about their meaning. Her hands on the back of his head guided him in and out and up and down her pussy slit just the way she liked it. It wasn't too long before Conrad head the familiar whine of a female getting ready to have an orgasm. He was very fortunate in his wife who seemed to always reach that point well before he had to shoot his load.

"Oh, God, Mr. Appleby. You got the right spot. Yes, right there. You dirty old man. You know just how to make me take it. Yes, that's it. Ahhh! I can't stop. Ahhh! Keep licking. Please, keep licking, Mr. Appleby. I got to go. Oh, my God!"

It was a good thing there were no other cars in the area and that the rain was still falling hard enough that others could not see the rocking compact car or hear Cassie wail out her release as the frenzied orgasm swept over her young beautiful body.

"Mr. Appleby, put it in now, please. Right inside my pussy."

"I would love to, Miss Lightfoot, but I am afraid I have no condom for the prevention of possible pregnancy."

"That's all right, teach. I've been on the pill for at least two years now and it works real well. Get that "big boy" over here and stick to me real good."

Conrad bounced his erection on Cassie's pretty pussy a few times and saw how wet she really was. With no ceremony at all, he shoved his throbbing cock into the young girl and stayed motionless for a few seconds while she adjusted to his long length and thickness. Then, he pounded her teenaged ass down hard on the leather seats with absolutely no mercy.

Cassie was shouting encouragement to Conrad and begged him to never stop. She told him when he finished with her pussy; she wanted him to fuck her ass even harder from behind. Right now, Conrad was coming down the homestretch with her tight petite girl pussy. He grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and pushed her pussy even deeper onto his cock. She squealed like a puppy with its foot stepped on. Her shouts and her delectable tightness made Conrad shoot a copious load of creamy cum deep inside her sensitive little vagina.

When he pulled out after a short pause to catch his breath, Conrad could see the cream pie forming right in the middle of her teenaged slit. He leaned forward and sucked it all out making her go into a secondary and even more frantic orgasm that seemed to last forever with a whole series of "aftershocks".

Conrad looked at his watch.

They had been fucking in the car for almost 45 minutes. All of the other cars had already left and they stuck out like a sore thumb. But the rain was still falling heavily and it gave them cover of sorts from inquisitive eyes. No one would be dumb enough to walk in such a downpour and the parking lot was slightly flooded. Conrad decided he was going to sample Cassie's lovely brown eye just to see if it was as tight as her young 18 year old pussy.

He helped turn the small girl over and let her raised buttocks fit right into his naked lap. He could not resist spanking each beautiful cheek several times with a very heavy hand that filled the car with delicious sounds of meaty spanking. Cassie loved it so much she wanted him to continue, but he felt driven to complete his mission of impaling the young student's pretty ass.

Conrad spread her beautiful ass cheeks and rubbed his cock dripping with pre-cum right on her pucker hole to help lubricate it. He even took some of her pussy juices and wet his cock shaft with their slick wetness.

Little Cassie whined and moaned when he put pressure on her brown eye. Conrad was determined and when he felt the little snap of her sphincter muscle opening to allow him entry, he quickly shoved his entire shaft inside to his full depth. Her sphincter was fluttering around his shaft base like the wings of a captured bird. The next minutes were filled with Cassie's garbled words of encouragement and his grunts of satisfaction each time he bottomed out inside her tight little rectum.

He flooded her ass with a full load of creamy cum.

When he saw a little bit escape out after he withdrew, Conrad did not hesitate to lean over and lick her little rosebud clean before replacing her red silk thong.

Just as they finished the rain stopped.

He was going to lend her his umbrella to get into her car but now it was unnecessary. She kissed him full on the lips and told him,

"Thank you for keeping me from getting wet, Mr. Appleby. I am kind of glad my umbrella was broken and we were able to get acquainted real nice."

He gave her his address and phone number in case she wanted to visit him sometime and see his collection of early American History.

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