Secrets and Lies
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - One accident, that's all it takes. Just one accident, to turn your whole world upside down and make you question everything you though was certain. For Harry Anderson, the accident was bad enough, but the revelations it brought about meant his life would never be the same again.

I'm sitting outside enjoying a glass of shandy in the warm April sunshine. As I sit here enjoying the morning air my scar starts to itch. It is not a large scar, about three inches long, just above the waist on the left side of my back. As I start to scratch the itch it all comes flooding back to remind me where a lie can get you.

Susan and I have been married for seventeen years and for the most part we have been happy. She has blessed me with three wonderful kids, Alex, Maddy and Jacob. Susan is four years older than me and I always joked that I was her toy boy. She's attractive, not drop dead gorgeous but most men would give her a second look. She has a nice figure, great legs and a personality that could warm any room. One of the things that really attracted me to Susan was her love of children. Although I often made jokes to the contrary, I really wanted to be a dad.

When we married I was twenty one and Susan was twenty five. Her biological clock was ticking. In those days it was thought if you hadn't started a family by the time you were thirty then you considered adoption. After eighteen months of trying, Susan still hadn't conceived so we started consulting specialists. During this time all our friends were producing offspring and they were all younger than Susan. One of my friends, Gary Dawson, had made his teenage girlfriend pregnant and had to marry her. Susan had all the tests done and everything came back normal. Then it was my turn and here comes the hammer blow, good old Harry Anderson who loves kids, had a very low sperm count and it was doubtful that he would ever produce offspring. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't give the woman I loved, the one thing she wanted more than anything else in this world. I would have understood if she had left me but my Susan wasn't like that. She'd made a promise for better or worse and she would see it through.

Whether someone had said something or whether it was just because we'd been trying so long I will never know but my friends started teasing about the lack of children. Gary Dawson was particularly cruel, his wife Sarah was now expecting their second child. Whenever I saw him the topic would come up and he would boast

"I only have to look at a woman and she's pregnant. If you need any help there Harry give me a call. I mean your Susan is no Sarah but I wouldn't climb over her to get to you. Eh"

I came close to filling that smirking mouth of his with my fist on numerous occasions.

We investigated AID (artificial insemination by donor) and became resigned to that or adoption and we decided to set the wheels in motion. Then one day a miracle happened. Susan rang me at work to tell me she'd just come from the doctor and she was definitely pregnant. Of course, we were overjoyed and Susan was a radiant prospective mother. I worked all the extra hours I could and by the time Alex was born we'd already fitted out a nursery for him.

What is it they say about buses? You wait for ever for one then three come along together. So it was with our children. Within two years we had Maddy and a year later Jacob. It seemed old Harry Anderson wasn't shooting blanks after all. We were as happy as people could be. After Jacob we decided three was enough. We'd never bothered about birth control before but now Susan decided to go on the pill. We had ups and down but it's true to say more ups than downs.

This sort of happiness couldn't last and just after Alex turned fourteen our world fell apart. On the way home from school one day he stepped off the kerb and into the path of a large SUV. He was taken to hospital and we were told that he had a few broken ribs, a bad crack on the head and severe bruising around the kidneys. It could've been a lot worse and Susan and I supported each other through the worrying times. I was now self employed designing control systems and doing consultancy work for the telecoms industry. I had a tight deadline coming up so we worked out a shift system for being at the hospital. Susan would do the days so I could work at home, I would take over at 4pm and stay until midnight when she'd come back to spend the night in the hospital. Meanwhile her mother would look after the younger kids.

After a couple of days I realised something was wrong. Susan was only giving me sketchy details of what the doctors had said and I sensed she was keeping something from me. When I next came in for my shift I asked her point blank what was wrong with our son. It turned out following the impact from the bull bars on the SUV both kidneys had ceased to function. They'd tried to stimulate them but there were no encouraging signs. Dialysis was an option but not everyone could be helped that way. The hospital had put Alex's name on the transplant waiting list. I thought no more about it.

"Problem solved, he can have one of mine".

Susan burst into tears and said through the sobbing, "Oh Harry, I just knew you'd say that but it's not that simple"

I did my best to calm her down then she explained to me that they had to do tests for tissue type to ensure the new kidney was not rejected. She'd already had a test done and was awaiting the result.

"Fair enough" I said "Who do I see to get my test done?"

"They screen you first "she said "and the best chances of a match come from maternal blood relatives. I've already had my test, Maddy and Jacob are too young."

For the first time in seventeen years I felt Susan was lying to me and I didn't know why.

Susan went home to get some rest and I settled in to sit with Alex. He wasn't looking good his body seemed to be puffed up with all the fluids they put into him and he was only conscious for short periods.

That evening they had a medical emergency on the ward and I saw one of the Doctors rushing in. I decided to wait for him and find out more of what was going on. To be fair he looked like he hadn't had a good night's sleep in days so when I confronted him as he left he was, to say the least a little short with me. He told me he had explained all this to my wife, Alex really needed a transplant and the best likelihood of a match came from a blood relation...

"Your wife has already been tested and I asked her to get the boy's father to come in for testing"

"Well that's me Doc, I'm Alex's father"

"Oh No" he said "I mean its great that you look on him that way but we need his biological father from your wife's first marriage."

I was so shocked that I just let him walk away. I tried to call Susan several times that night but each time there was no reply. By the time she turned up for the night shift I'd made up my mind not to broach the subject yet. I mentioned that I'd tried to call her and she told me that she was out in the garden and then went round to her mother's. Another lie I'd already called there.

I went home but I didn't get much sleep. The question kept coming up "why would she lie about a previous marriage?" The only answer I could think of was that Alex was not mine and she knew it. The following day I finished the project I had been working on and sent the report down the line to the customer. I rang them and told them I couldn't do a presentation for at least a week but to go ahead and show what I'd done to their techies so they could be ready with questions at the presentation. That left me free during the day.

That afternoon I was back at the hospital by 4pm. Susan was distraught, Her test had come back negative. That only leaves the boy's father I thought, is that where she was last night? I comforted her as best I could and told her to go home and get some rest. I knew in my heart she wouldn't be going home. I waved her off at the hospital door then made a sprint for my car. In the state she was in she wouldn't have noticed me if I'd been right on her bumper.

I was right about her not going home. Instead she drove out to an estate of new houses on the outskirts of town. She pulled up outside one of the houses and just sat in her car. I pulled up about 200 metres behind her and watched. For over an hour she sat there and just as I was starting to believe nothing was going to happen a black pick up swung into the drive of the house. Susan got out of her car and marched up the drive. I recognised the driver as soon as he got out. I hadn't seen him for a good few years and those years hadn't been kind but as he stood there I could see it was Gary bloody Dawson. I started to feel sick, of all the people to do it with why him?

Susan was now up to the truck and was talking to Gary. I could see him repeatedly shaking his head. Susan dropped to her knees, My God she was begging him. He tried to walk away but she was holding his trousers. That's when I saw him raise his hand. I was out of my car and running full tilt, closing the distance between us. He never did strike Susan, someone appeared at the side door, called to him and he turned and left Susan kneeling in the driveway. Slowly she got up and walked back to her car and I walked back to mine. She must have sat there a good ten minutes before she started the car and drove off. I followed long enough to be sure she was headed home then made my way back to the hospital. I sat with Alex talking to him when he was awake and just thinking when he slept. One thing was sure he wasn't getting any better.

When Susan got back to the hospital she looked awful, as if she'd been crying all evening and all hope taken from her. Even knowing what I knew I still couldn't resist giving her a cuddle and telling her it would be all right. I stayed with her for much of the night. We sat just holding each other and talking about the options. I left the hospital around 3am and went home. I realised that night, whatever I decided to do couldn't be done while Alex was still in the Hospital.

In the clear light of day away from the emotional wrenching I felt as though I was thinking more clearly. I went up to the attic and searched through all the old photos that we had After a while I found some of the old crowd we had mixed with in our youth and sure enough there were some with Gary. I also found a school photo of Alex and compared the two. Same eyes, similar nose and eyebrows, he had Susan's mouth but a sharper chin than either of them. To my untrained eye it looked pretty conclusive. I also found a picture of Susan from just before she was first pregnant she was wearing a bikini and it was obviously a holiday picture. As I looked at the picture I got a warm feeling in my chest. God she was lovely, not catwalk beautiful but had the look that made you want to hold her and protect her from any of life's troubles. I took the photos downstairs and put them under the lid of my scanner for later use. I sat down at my desk and called my brother Bob. He and his wife had a spare room and I was hoping to move into it on a temporary basis. I told him that Susan and I were going through a rough patch and I wanted to give her some space once Alex came out of Hospital. He seemed to swallow it and said he'd talk to his wife but he was sure she would agree.

When I arrived at the hospital both Alex and Susan were looking remarkably brighter. He'd been given his first round of Dialysis and things were looking up.

She looked at me and said "We need to talk, fancy taking me for a coffee"

I thought, this is it she is going to make a clean breast of it and tell me the whole sordid story. I was wrong. As we sat and drank our coffee she started telling me all about dialysis and how once a patient had settled down and was capable of doing it themselves they frequently installed the machines at home. But it needed a separate room. She wanted to know if I was prepared to give up my office. I was disappointed, she was still going on with the lie.

"Yes, No problem" I said, knowing full well that I would be out by then.

That evening passed well, Alex had perked up no end. He was still strapped up because of the broken ribs and it still hurt him to laugh but he was more like the son I knew. He was asleep by ten so I got out my laptop and made a list of things to do. Set up personal bank account, get new phone, talk to solicitor, move stuff out, Kill Gary.

Susan was late that night and didn't arrive until 1.00 am. She looked better than she had for a week and had obviously been sleeping. I went home and slept well for the first time in three days.

I was awakened by the telephone at half past nine It was my brother, yes they would be happy for me to stay and was there anything they could do to help Susan and I get over our problems. I thanked him and asked if I could start bringing my stuff over at about five that evening. He agreed and I let him get back to work. By the time the day was over I'd set up a personal bank account and transferred a third of the funds from our joint accounts into it. I had bought a new phone and started copying my contacts across to it. I'd also set up an appointment with a solicitor for the following day. When I arrived at my brothers house and started unloading he was a bit surprised.

"Whoa Harry. This looks like a lot of stuff for just a few days. You are planning on going back aren't you?"

"I don't know Bob. I just don't know but I am going to have to work out of here for a while, if that is O.K.?".

He said it would be and I set off for the hospital.

Susan and Alex were both in fine fettle when I got there and didn't even complain about me being late. Alex was so much better that Susan had decided to spend the night at home in our own bed.

"Harry when he drops off to sleep come home, you really look exhausted".

I got home around eleven and, using the excuse she had already given me, went straight to bed and slept. I was awakened by the smell of bacon and the news that it was on the table. When I reached the table Susan was quite her old self, bright, happy and buzzing. Over breakfast she told me all about how Alex was due for dialysis today then again on Monday and if they went well he could come home and just go in three times a week for dialysis until we got a machine at home. She thanked me for giving up my office, finished her coffee and dashed off to the hospital. I got out the laptop and looked again at my to do list. Only two items left, talk to solicitor and kill Gary.

Well the first one was in hand so I might as well make a start on the other. I had no idea whether I could actually kill him. I'd never even wanted someone dead before but then again I'd never been in this frame of mind before. It seemed to me, my whole life had been taken from me and none of that would have happened without Gary Dawson. I wanted to take his life away the way he'd taken mine.

Now I have no experience in killing people but from the films I'd seen you started by studying their movements. With this in mind I drove out to Gary's house. As I pulled up outside I saw his pick up in the drive. All of my calm abandoned me. The bastard had impregnated my wife then turned his back on my son in his hour of need. He deserved what was coming to him and there was no time like the present. I got out of my car and strode up to the front door. I rang the bell and the door was quickly opened. What I saw took my breath away. She was about five foot eight curves in all the right places brunette with blue eyes. She wore figure hugging ice blue jeans and a cotton check shirt tied at the bottom exposing some of her midriff.

"Can I help you?"

My anger returned and I demanded to see Gary

"Well I'm afraid you can't. He's not here" Then before I could dispute that she looked at me again and said "Just a minute, it's Harry isn't it? You are Harry Anderson? My it has been a long time Harry, please come in."

"I'm sorry you have me at a disadvantage. You are?"

"Sarah Harry. Gary's wife"

"Sarah. - I am sorry I didn't recognise you, the last time I saw you, you were just out of your teens and now you're..."

"All growed up" she said before I could finish "tell me Harry" she continued spinning around with her arms held up "You like?"

"Oh I like, very much" I said truthfully

"Good. Sit down I'll make some coffee"

I sat on the sofa with the wind taken completely out of my sails. I wanted to kill Gary not harm this vision of loveliness. She came back with a tray with coffee, cream, sugar and biscuits. She sat opposite me on the Sofa with one leg tucked up under her, and looking straight at me. As she poured the coffee she asked

"Harry, has Gary done something very bad to you?"

"What makes you ask that?"

"When I answered the door the man outside had real hatred in his eyes. That's why I didn't recognise you straight off. The Harry Anderson I knew was a kind and gentle man who never hated anyone. Why did you come here Harry?"

"I came to kill him" I said in a matter of fact manner.

"Wow Harry, You must hate him even more than I do. What has he done to you Harry?"

A saw a chance to side step the question.

"Why do you hate him? Does he beat you?"

"Used to Harry but not any more. Not since Daddy found me with a black eye and sent someone to have a chat with Gary. He has not laid a finger on me since"

"That must've been quite some chat"

"Oh it was Harry the kind that left his right hand in plaster for six weeks. Now he's the one that's afraid."

She returned to the question

"What's he done to you Harry"

Her eyes were not those of an inquisitor but soft and tender and full of sympathy. I broke down in tears and told her the whole story. As I did so she moved closer and pulled my head to her chest and held it there. When I got to the part where Susan was obviously begging him to have a tissue test she interrupted me.

"That was Susan? I never would've recognised her. I thought it was one of his little lady friends"

"If he'd hit her I would have killed him there and then."

"If he'd hit her Harry darling, I would be wearing his balls as ear rings today. Like I said I am not the one who's afraid these days"

I sobbed and she hugged me to her breast and it was only as I started to calm that I began to relish the pleasure of having my head cradled there. When I stopped crying she pulled my head up held it between her two hands and looked at me I remember thinking "God she is beautiful"

"You have to start thinking like Harry Anderson. You were always the smartest man in our little group, that's why you didn't fit in. Killing Gary isn't going to help you is it? It'll only make it worse. What are Susan and the children going to do with you locked up in prison?"

The truth of her words stuck home and I realised she was right. This was the girl that the blokes in our little group of friends had called an air head and Gary's bimbo all those years ago, how wrong they were.

She made some fresh coffee and we talked some more when I looked at my watch I saw that it was almost time for my solicitor's appointment.

As I got up to leave and she followed me to the door. "Harry, Gary is home all weekend and the children will be home from school. Will you promise me that you will come back on Monday morning, we can make a plan?"

Then she kissed me, not hard and passionate but soft and kindly. Of course I promised I would come back, what man wouldn't? As I got to the door she pulled my head down and kissed me again. This one was warm, passionate and full of fire. She pulled her body in close to mine our lips parted and our tongues were doing the Tango. As we broke the kiss she looked at me and smiled.

"That was to make sure you come back on Monday"

The solicitor thought the case was straightforward if I went for adultery then I'd have to get DNA tests done to prove that I wasn't the father of the children. Otherwise we could use the information Susan had given the doctors to show that she didn't think I was Alex's father and discovering the deception led to irreconcilable breakdown. I told him the latter sounded like the best option. I had no desire to blacken Susan's name and certainly didn't want the kids to think badly of her. I also told him I wasn't ready to act yet and would wait until Alex was out of Hospital.

The weekend flashed by. During the day I started work on my next project and prepared the presentation for the one I had just finished. In the evenings I would go in and sit with Alex until he went off to sleep and then go home. By Sunday Susan had caught up on her sleep and was more her old self. So much so that she asked what was wrong when I tried to go to sleep. It had now been more than two weeks since we made love. When we weren't in bed at the same time she could understand it but why was I feeling so tired now.

By 9.30 on Monday morning I was ringing Sarah's doorbell. When the door opened her hand came out, grabbed my shirt and pulled me in. As she closed the door she pushed me back against it.

"You're late" she said then fastened her lips to mine in a passionate kiss like the one I had experienced on Friday. I tried to protest about the late comment but she was not listening she took my hand and led me through to the kitchen. She was wearing jeans that she must have been poured into, a thin white tee shirt which showed the outline of her nipples three inch stiletto heel shoes and an excited grin.

"I have a plan" she said and then offered "Coffee or something stronger?"

I accepted the coffee and she led me back to the sofa. She brought in some coffee and a bag and sat down beside me.

"Do you still want to hurt Gary?"she asked

"I don't know, maybe not as much as I did on Friday but I think he should have to pay for all the hurt and the damage he's done to my marriage"

"Now think back Harry, what is it that Gary's most proud of? What was he always teasing you about?"

"His sexual prowess. - His ability to get women, women like you and now it seems Susan, pregnant"

"So that's where we hit him. The second part's a bit difficult but attacking his sexual prowess will be a lot easier than you think. Now I need to know the answer to two questions. First, in order to do this you and I are going to have to get to know each other a lot better and I do mean a LOT better. Can you handle that Harry?"

One look at her as she edged closer to me gave the answer to that question.

"Yes, definitely"

"Good" she said reaching into the bag."The second question is do you know how to use one of these?"

She pulled out a Sony semi-pro digital video camera complete with zoom mike.

"What I don't know I can pick up pretty quickly" I answered.

"Oh Good" she said gripping my arm with both hands and moving even closer.

"Harry, we are going to make a porn movie starring you and me, with you doing all the things to me that Gary hasn't done for years and in some cases things I would never let him do. We could email it to all his friends, it would destroy him"

"Hold on. Now who is not thinking about the consequences? Think of the embarrassment it would cause you, and wouldn't you find it degrading doing all that stuff on camera?"

"Harry don't you think it is embarrassing and degrading being married to that little shit for all these years? If it hadn't been for daddy's insistence that the children need a father I would have left him years ago. Anyway we don't have to distribute it we could just threaten to, you know Harry blackmail. You could get your son his kidney"

Had I been thinking like Harry Anderson I would have seen the flaws in her plan. As it was she got me with the last sentence and I agreed to the plan.

"Right Harry, the first stage of the plan is we get to know each other better. Come with me"

She led me upstairs and into the master bedroom. As soon as she closed the door her lips locked on mine. Our mouths opened and our tongues started to dance. It felt like my heart was rising in my chest as I felt my shirt being unbuttoned. There were more kisses as I felt my belt being unbuckled then my trousers falling to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my trousers, I was standing there in my socks and boxer shorts, just looking at her.

"What happens now?" I asked

"Well Harry, you're going to undress me, then we are going to make love and talk and make love some more and so on until it's time for me to pick up the kids from school and you to go to the hospital. Who knows? If you are a good boy I might even give you some lunch"

I didn't need any more encouragement. Susan had already driven a tank through our wedding vows, I considered myself free. I moved in and kissed her unbuckling her belt as I did so I had the jeans unbuttoned and unzipped but they did not fall, they were hugging her legs too closely. Pulling her hips into mine I eased the jeans over her peachy rump then went down on one knee and alternating from one leg to the other I pushed them down her shapely legs. When I reached the floor she stepped out of them and I looked up. The sight that confronted me set me afire There at the top of her shapely legs was a perfect pubic mound covered in a lacy black thong. No hair protruded from the thong and its contrast with the milky white skin, made it really prominent. I couldn't resist the temptation to move forward and kiss it through the silky fabric. As I did so I could feel her hips move pushing it harder against my lips. I stood up and gripped the bottom of her tee shirt. As I raised the shirt she raised her arms and I had the shirt off in seconds. She had the breasts of a twenty five year old. Large enough, certainly for this man, and hardly a trace of drooping with small up turned nipples. She dropped her arms down around my neck and pulled me in to kiss me again.

As we kissed I slowly massaged her breasts then started moving my hands down. By the time I reached the waistband of her thong our lips parted. I pushed my thumbs under the waistband and continued my downward journey making sure that my finger flowed of the beautiful cheeks of her arse. I slipped down onto one knee as my hands neared the floor and she stepped out of her thong and stood there with her legs apart. I looked up and saw a perfectly trimmed triangle of hair forming an arrow head pointing to her hairless pussy. My mouth was drawn to it like a bee is to the honey pot. As I started to kiss and lick those lips her legs spread wider and she tilted her hips towards me. I found myself reaching between her legs and gripping those plump cheeks pulling her onto me. Her moans started as my tongue entered her pussy and the out across her clit, Her pussy was starting to drip when I felt her hand come down under my chin and pull me up. As I stood up I kissed her sharing the juices of her pussy with her. As we broke the kiss she looked down at the bulge in my Boxer shorts.

"Harry - that's either a pistol in your pants or you are very pleased to see me"

I laughed, it was a corny joke but still funny.

"Who wouldn't be pleased to see you?"

She was now squatting down in front of me pulling the boxers down. As the elastic cleared the end of my dick it sprang out and bounced for while. She stopped and looked at it.

"Wow Harry that's no pistol, its more like a bloody canon"

"Yeah a canon that only fires blank rounds"

In a flash she was up with a hand either side of my face and was looking into my eyes

"Oh Harry, you've already given me pleasure that Gary never did. Don't go all self pitying on me now" She smiled at me and kissed me gently.

I stepped out of my boxers a removed my socks. We were both standing there naked as the day we were born. I moved forward and she stepped back until her legs hit the edge of the bed. She sat back on the bed with her legs wide apart and as I knelt between her legs she lay back on the bed. Now I am not a guy who loves to eat pussy but I am the type who gets high on giving his partner pleasure and if that means eating her pussy then so be it. I set to with a will sucking and licking while at the same time massaging those wonderful breasts, rubbing her erect nipples as I did so. Her pubic mound rose to me rhythmically. When I started sucking and swirling my tongue around her clit the thrusts got more forceful until she started pushing my head down. Then came the cries.

"Oh Harry, Oh Harry, Oh, Oh, Oh Harreeeeee."

Her pussy became very wet. Her juices were in my mouth and all over my chin. With both her legs now over my shoulders and her hands pushing my head hard into her pussy I was finding it difficult to breathe. As she relaxed I got up. I picked her up and moved her further on to the bed. I knelt between her thighs and started kissing my way up her body. I got to her gorgeous breasts as she was ripe for sucking. I moved from one to the other sometimes sucking on just the nipple, sometimes taking as much of the breast as I could into my mouth and other times just circling her nipples with my tongue. Her hips started bucking again and soon she was brushing the end of my dick with her pussy every time she thrust upwards.

"Take me Harry, make me yours"

As I heard this I knew it was time and leaning on one arm I positioned my dick and started to push in. I had only made love to Susan in all of the last seventeen years and was not expecting the resistance I felt to my entry. She was certainly well enough lubricated but I was still needing a lot of pressure to force my way in. At one point I thought that she was in pain and stopped. Her response was to grab both cheeks of my arse and pull me further in. I paused once fully in her then started to move in a smooth reciprocating motion. Her thrusting resumed and soon we were synchronised with her thrusting up as I thrust down. I now had my hands under her shoulders while I took the weight on my forearms. This gave me the chance to look at her beautiful face which was now moving from side to side

"So good, So Good" she was murmuring.

Then it hit her again. Her hips pushed down into the bed, her stomach came up to meet me and another cry came from her mouth. I took this as my cue and dropped down onto her and quickly flipped her so that she was now on top As she came down from her orgasm. I started to circle my pelvis beneath her then pushing my heels down into the bed so that I could raise my hips. While I did this I used my fingers and finger nails on her back and her pert little bottom. Soon she was grinding her clit into my pelvis and letting out gasps as I ran my hand up the side of her body so that my thumbs brushed the side of her breasts. It was when my finger went down into her arse crack that things really started to kick off again. I could feel my pressure building and as my fingers passed over her tight little anus the bucking and grinding became almost unstoppable just as I was about to come I pushed my middle finger into her anus just up to the first knuckle she really went wild forcing her self up off my chest, thrusting her pussy down she screamed

"Give it to me Harry, Give it to me"

Stream after stream of my semen flooded into her and as the feeling of ecstasy subsided she collapsed back onto my chest with a single word


Minutes passed as we lay there with my dick slowly softening inside her. I felt her hand come around the back of my neck and lift my head so that I was now looking down at her. She looked up at me with loving eyes and said

"Thank you Harry"

"For what?"

"For helping me understand why it is called making love. With Gary and the few lovers I've had, sex has been something that one person does to the other to satisfy a need. This time felt like an act of love. At times it felt like we were one person. I have never felt like that before. Will it always be like that Harry?"

"I don't know" I said "I'll try my best"

"Yes" she giggled "I believe you will"

As she slipped off of me and snuggled up to my chest she said

"Now I will tell you all about me, then you tell me all about you"

She told me how she had a privileged childhood, her father owned a number of local companies, including the haulage firm that Gary drove for, and she thought she was probably a spoiled child. Her father while being generous with his cash was not so generous with his time and expected his children to do as they were told without question. She had picked Gary out as a boyfriend purely because she knew her father would disapprove. Unfortunately Gary was every bit the little shit her father thought he was. He took her to a party, got her drunk then robbed her of her virginity. She couldn't even remember it happening. She had been about to break up with Gary when she discovered she was pregnant. In those days it was taken much more seriously than it is now. Her father insisted that she marry Gary

"You've made your bed, now you must lie in it" he told her.

Gary was none too keen so her father made him an offer he could not refuse. Gary would be guaranteed a job and would never have to pay a penny to support Sarah or their child. All he had to do in return was be a good husband. Gary, of course, didn't know how to be a good husband and even while she was in hospital having their child he was going out on the pull with the lads. This was something I knew to be true, at the time I still hung around with the same group. Within three months of giving birth she was pregnant again. It was not an easy pregnancy but Gary did not care and demanded she satisfy his sexual needs no matter how she was feeling. She felt that she was not his wife so much as his personal fuck toy. As she said this she looked up at me.

"Sorry Harry"

"What for?"

"I seem to remember that you don't like to hear women talk like that but I couldn't think of a better way to express it"

I was amazed that she should remember that after all those years.

"You're right" I said "but please carry on"

She went on to tell me that it was after her daughter was born that she found out that Gary had been visiting prostitutes during the time when she was off limits. That was when the fightback began. The publicity about AIDS was at its peak and she was damned if she was going to let Gary pass anything like that on to her. She refused sex without a condom. That's what led to the physical abuse. After one of their fights she had been home to see her mother. Her father had seen the fading black eye and asked simply

"Did he do that to you?".

Her lack of an answer was obviously answer enough because the next week Gary "accidentally" trapped his right hand between the forks of a fork truck as he was pushing them together. She soon realised that she only had to say that she had spoken to her father in order to make the colour drain from Gary's face and produce a cold sweat ... Gary had a vasectomy in an attempt to get her to accept him without a condom. It didn't work and when he said if he had to use a condom he might as well not bother she told him that suited her just fine. His employer gave him the Turkish run to do and that kept him away from home for seven days at a time.

She told me about her lovers and expected me to be shocked, I wasn't. I didn't ask how many but she told me you could count them on the fingers of one hand. Most had turned out to be married all had wanted her for her body and didn't want any complications. I told her it was their loss and I really meant it. The more I got to know her the more I came to the conclusion she was a really nice person who'd been dealt a poor hand. She obviously doted on her children Luke and Daisy. They were part of the reason she was still with Gary. Becoming pregnant at eighteen meant that she had no qualifications or skills to get the sort of job she would need to support them all and her father had made it clear that if she left, he wouldn't continue to support them.

When she finished she looked at me.

"See what a mess my life is Harry?"

I just held her to me feeling the swell of those gorgeous breasts pushing into my chest and side. Something was troubling me so while she played with my chest hair.

"Why Me?"

"Why you what Harry"

"Well you said that no man has come near you without a condom in ten years or more"

"That's right"

"But I didn't use one and you didn't ask me to. So why Me"

"Because you are Harry Anderson"

"Boring, barren Harry Anderson" I responded

She slapped my chest, raised herself up on an elbow and looked at me.

"I've told you about the self pity Harry, it's really unattractive in a man."

"OK" she continued "because Harry Anderson will have been totally faithful to his wife since the day they got married so there'll be no chance of infection. Because if Harry Anderson got me pregnant he'd stand by me, no matter what. If that makes you boring Harry then I am happy to be bored. Oh how I wish I had met you before that bastard got me pissed and got me pregnant."

"Now it is your turn Harry."

I was just about to start talking when I realised that her head was moving down my chest, her hand was already caressing my balls and the canon was being primed to fire again. When her lips closed over the head of my penis I was in ecstasy. Susan very rarely did this and it was always a struggle to get her to even try. When I felt things coming to a boil I told her that if she took me in her mouth it would be a while before I would be able to come again. She raised her head off of my dick and looking me straight in the eye.

"So what do you want Harry"

I thought about it for a minute and told her

"I want to make love to you again"

She gave me the broadest smile,

"Oh Yes please Harry. Yes. Yes. Yes." she said as she straddled me once again.

Our second time was equally as good as the first and it was not just the sex. Holding her so close, feeling her respond to my touch all of this filled me with a warm glow and when my finger touched her back it was like electricity flowing through them. It was 1.30pm by the time she rolled off of me again and we both needed the shower. We washed each other clean and much to my surprise as she washed my legs she suddenly took me into her mouth again and even more surprisingly I responded to the occasion. Soon I could feel myself pumping thread after thread of my man juice into her eager mouth. She stood up and appeared to be rolling it around in her mouth before swallowing.

"Whoo Harry" she shouted, "a three loads a day man. I am impressed."

She kissed me and our tongues danced together then we hugged as the water sprayed over us.

Once we had dried each other off and got dressed we went down to the kitchen and Sarah asked what I fancied. Having heard of her privileged upbringing upbringing I reverted to my working class roots and asked for a bacon sandwich. As we ate I gave her my story of the lad raised on a council estate, son of a farm labourer and a cleaner. My Secondary modern school education. Having to work to buy things like records, films for my camera etc. I did paper rounds and shelf filling at the supermarket, anything that gave me some spending cash. My love of Science and Maths made me odd in the eyes of my contemporaries. I told her of my move to the technical college to study engineering and how the rest of the crowd laughed and told me I should get a job on the buildings or delivery vans earning real money. When I went to university to study electronics they really flipped telling me that I thought I was too good for them now. However, I came home in the holidays and worked for whoever would pay me, hanging out with the same old crowd, my school friends, the mates I had known all my life.

When I came back with my degree in electronics I got a job with a local engineering firm. I had not been back six months before I met Susan who was working as a children's social worker. I told her of our difficulties conceiving, of my low sperm count and of our joy at the birth of Alex followed by Maddy and Jacob.

She listened to it all then said to me "So you were happy Harry"

"Yes" I admitted "but it was all a lie. For fourteen years I have been living a lie, thinking I was the important man in their lives. Now I find Susan has been screwing Gary and god knows who else. I thought she loved me but if she did why did she do this to me. It would've been kinder to leave me as soon as she knew I wasn't going to give her children."

She pulled my head to her breast.

"God they've really screwed you haven't they Harry" then she chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"Don't you see? They've screwed you, now you've screwed me so your sort of equal"

"Ah! I would have to screw you for the next fourteen years to be equal"

She gave me that light up the room smile.

"That is not beyond the realms of possibility Harry"

Before I left she made me promise to return the next day.

By the time we were finished talking it was time for her to pick up the children from school and for me to leave for the Hospital. I was early arriving at the Hospital and noticed straight away that Susan was much happier. She told me that Alex was fairing well on the dialysis and that they planned to send him home after his next session on Wednesday. I told her that was great and she should stay home on Wednesday and prepare the house for his homecoming. I would sit with him and bring him home after his treatment. I also told her I had to go to my clients on Thursday to do the presentation of the latest project. This was a lie of course but I figured that I could arrange it, so making the lie true. In fact I was trying to see as little of her as possible up to the day of my departure, which I had planned for Friday. Before she left Susan asked me not to stay late tonight.

"I'll cook us a proper dinner tonight and we can eat about eight" she said. "You're looking very tired, I think you have been working too hard".

I found Alex sitting in a chair in the ward watching Television. He told me it was just boring stuff and instead started asking me about work. As we talked he said to me

"Dad, you're really good with machines aren't you."

I told him that I thought I was and thankfully so did my clients.

"Don't you sometimes wish that you could understand people the way you understand machines?"

"Wow that is a deep one. Yes sometimes I do wish that. What makes you ask?"

"Some thing's up with mum. When she's not fussing around me, she just sits and stares at me. She thinks I haven't noticed but I have and it is really spooky."

"It's probably just hitting home how close we came to losing you"

I changed the subject and asked what dialysis was like?

"Incredibly boring. You have to sit there for hours with nothing to do while the machine does its job"

By seven thirty I was on my way home. No matter how I feel about Susan there are two things I can't criticise. She's a good cook and a great mother. That night she excelled herself. The food was excellent we opened a bottle of wine and when we sat on the sofa to watch television she became very affectionate. I put this down to a guilty conscience so the more affectionate she got the angrier I became. To prevent my anger spilling over I told her she was right that I was very tired and went to bed. In seventeen years I'd rarely passed up on Susan's amorous advances but I knew I had to. In my current frame of mind I would want to hurt her and that was something I didn't think I could live with so I did a good job of pretending to be asleep.

I woke to find myself alone in bed with the smell of bacon wafting up from the kitchen. I quickly showered and went down to find myself presented with a Full English Breakfast. This normally happened on high days and holidays so I had to ask what had brought it on.

"My man needs building up" was all she would say, placing a gentle kiss on my lips.

I was beginning to feel like a bastard for what I was about to do but then I thought "My deception had gone on for only a few days and I'm feeling like this. If she really loved me how could she do it for fourteen years and not be broken by the guilt?"

Following breakfast I went straight to my office and made two calls. The first was to set up the presentation for my most recent project, the second was to the Telecom company to divert all incoming calls on my office line to the new mobile that I had bought. That I thought would enable me to work normally through the separation.

Susan still had not left for the hospital and seemed genuinely disappointed when I said I had to go out to meet a prospective client.

"Can't you just take some time off? I am going in to the hospital later, I was hoping we could spend some time together"

"That's the trouble with being self employed I" told her, "You have to plan for things like that"

I gave her a peck on the cheek and told her I would see her later at the hospital.

Sarah was ready and waiting for me when I arrived. She was already naked giving me visual pleasure that I will never forget. She took my hand and ran up the stairs guiding me once more to her bedroom. She quickly stripped off my clothes.

"Take me Harry, any way you choose"

This may conjure up all sorts of images for you but I'd been married to the same woman for seventeen years and we had got into a certain rut so I gave her what had given her so much pleasure the previous day. As she lay on my chest telling me how much she had enjoyed it she asked about my experience.

"Harry. You know if I'd said that to most guys we would've been doing some really kinky stuff. Now I really love what you do to please me, and it really does, but what is it that really pleases you?"

"Really pleasing you" I replied "I suppose, to use the modern terminology, I really get off on giving my partner pleasure."

"Oh Harry you really are priceless. Susan doesn't know what she's losing."

"She soon will." I said.

For quite some time we just lie there, me on my back, her on my chest. I could think of nowhere on earth I would rather be. Eventually I asked her "Well what are we going to do today, we told our life stories yesterday so it can't be that"

She raised herself up to look at me.

"No Harry, today we are going to look at some porn." before I could say anything she added "Well if we're going to make one we need to study the competition"

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Well I can't fault your logic"

She got up to put the disc in the DVD player. I got up and quickly pulled on shirt trousers and shoes.

"Harry" she said sternly. "You're not running out on me"

"No I just need to get something from the car"

When I came back with a pad and pencil she went into fits of laughter.

"What's so funny?"

"You certainly are unique Harry. Your mistress has just told you that you are going to lie in bed and watch porn together and you go out for a pencil and paper. What are you going to do, make notes?"

Such hysterical laughter is contagious and I could see how funny it seemed. Just as she was calming down I said

"Yes as a matter of fact I am going to make notes."

We both collapsed in fits of laughter again holding each other as we laughed then she said

"To hell with the porn Harry make love to me now"

I did as she asked and tried to make it as long and slow as I could. When we recovered she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes

"Harry Anderson you're so good for me, I can't remember when I ever felt like this"

I gave her a playful slap on the bottom and reached for the remote. We lay there watching the porn videos and she chuckled every time I made notes. With each position or treatment of the women I asked

"Have you tried that" and she answered and if the answer was no I asked, "Do you want to" If the answer was yes" I asked "do you like it".

By the time I had finished I had a list of likes and dislikes and one "Never done it but want to try"

I showed her my notes. She just laughed it was a list of cuts camera numbers angles for positions etc.

"I lie in bed with you to watch porn and instead of being turned on you analyse it".

"Well you want me to get it right don't you" was all I could say.

She slapped my arse and sent me to the shower. She was hot on my heals and we had the most delicious shower together.

After we'd dried each other and got dressed I outlined the plan for Alex coming home and giving Susan one happy day with him before I left. I knew what I was doing would be devastating for her but I really couldn't deal with the deception. I didn't know whether it was still going on and I think I was too scared to find out. Sarah took it all in then started counting the days before pointing out that because of the children being home all day at the weekend and Gary not leaving till Tuesday morning, It would be a week before we saw each other again.

"Seven days Harry, that's just too long." she said.

It seems crazy now but up to that point we hadn't exchanged numbers. We did this before we parted with a promise to keep in touch. As I arrived at the hospital my phone beeped to indicate a message received. It was from Sarah.

"7 days 2 long. Will thnk of sumthing CU soon"

I smiled to myself and thought "Yes I bet she does"

I was still smiling when I met Susan.

"That's what I like to see. My man with a smile on his face"

She put her hands round the back of my neck and reached up and kissed me lightly on the lips. She was very happy and told me everything was fine and that we could take Alex home after dialysis the following day. She told me not to be late for dinner at eight, kissed me again and left.

It was really good to see Alex looking so well, and we chatted happily. He was still a bit worried about his mother and that made me feel selfish since I was about to make things a lot worse. However I couldn't forget what I'd found out and the relationship between his mother and father would never be the same again. I still thought that a break was better for everyone in the end.

That evening passed off OK with me claiming that I had to work and going to bed very late. The next day I went to the hospital and left Susan sprucing up the house and arranging to bring Maddy and Jacob home from her mother's. By mid afternoon Alex was free to leave and I drove him home to tumultuous welcome. He really was the centre of attention, which suited me fine. I had to work on my presentation for the following day.

The presentation went well and I could look forward to payment for my work. It kept me out of the house all day and I worked that evening before another late night. Friday was 'D' day and I got Alex to the hospital for 10.30am I made him a present of my old Phone saying that it would ease the boredom. We were back home for mid afternoon and Susan was thinking about dinner.

"What would you like for dinner tonight Harry?"

"I won't be having dinner tonight Susan, I'm leaving" I said.

She stood there with a mystified look on her face.

"What do you mean, you're leaving? What are you leaving?"

"You Susan, I'm leaving you. You'll find a short explanation on my desk in the office, along with my house keys. I've already taken the stuff I need and I hope you'll allow me to come back and pick up the rest when I've found somewhere to stay. I suggest we take it in turns to take Alex for dialysis and if it is O.K. With you I'll have them every other weekend."

"I'll be in touch" I said and turned for the door.

It took her a few seconds for my words to register, then she ran to my office to find my note. It was more of a pictogram than a note. I had made it using the photos I had found in the attic. It read "Susan + Gary = Alex" and in words underneath "When were you going to tell me?" I heard her scream as I went out of the door. As I was backing out of the drive she came running out of the house. She reached the car window and with tears running down her face she cried out.

"Harry don't do this we have to talk."

As I reached the road I wound down the window.

"Susan, the time for talking was fourteen years ago. Don't you think you've left it a bit late?"

I drove away.

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