Imagine This
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, mt/mt, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, MaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Size, Body Modification,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Have you ever thought of something and it happened? Have you ever imagined a situation to go a certain way and it does? Well, in my case making my thoughts into reality is second nature. I will add more codes as the story progresses

Have you ever thought of something and it happened? Have you ever imagined a situation to go a certain way and it does? Well, in my case making my thoughts into reality is second nature.

Let me introduce myself my name is Stanly, I have the ability to make almost whatever I imagination into reality. I do have limitations, I cannot kill with my imagination, or break the laws of physics (for very long) in other words I cannot make a one pound weight, weigh more or less permanently, and also I cannot change something completely into something else I would need to slowly change it one part at a time, and finally I cannot make something not exist anymore. Except for the last rule I can actually break all those rules, but the consequences for the object I manipulated will suck.

At one point I was testing out my power on random crack whore with bad consequences. First I got rid of her addiction then moved on to making her younger. She looked ok but she was still skinny so I imagined her having more curves thicker lips and increased her libido. I made these changes all within five minutes. In the end she could no longer think and only half her body changed, it was not a pretty sight. Mind you I'm not heartless I brought her home and it took me three weeks to set her to where I wanted her but she still doesn't think for herself, now she is our maid.

Anyway, I found out I had this power since I was 7 years old, life was sweet. I used it to get what I wanted for dinner, to get sweets and to make things generally go my way. Also I increased my intelligence and school was a breeze. Then at age 14 (I was a late bloomer) I found out I could use my power for sex. At first I used it to make myself bigger I went from 4in to 8in after my friend told me I was kind of small.

The way I found out I could use this power for actual sex was while I was surfing the net. My friend told me about a site I should check out. So when I got home, I came home "early" 'cause of my curiosity and I didn't want to do it while most of my family were home. it was about 12 noon I said hey to my mom and she fixed me lunch (I conditioned her to not ask questions when I come home early). After lunch I went up to my room and typed in the url my friend told me about and I saw the name of the site "My mom is a slut,"

I was a bit shocked, the woman on the screenshots looked a lot like my mom and she was sucking a younger guy's penis. I could tell it wasn't her cause her eyes were green, my mom's are brown, but my imagination ran wild. The woman was thick 36F-28-36 about 5' 6" and 140 lbs. my mom has a little more weight and less breast.

I was imagining my mom doing the same thing to me, I pulled out my prick. Imagining she wanted it badly ... imagining she wanted to eat the white stuff that came out of my thing (like the guy in the screenshots) ... imagining she wanted badly ... I was imagining feeling her lips on my—

Mother's point of view:

Downstairs Stanly's mother was watching her soaps. In this one a mother was fighting with her husband to keep their daughter on life support ... or something. For some reason she couldn't concentrate on her stories. Her head seamed cloudy. Suddenly the son shows up and comforts his mother after the fight. Stanly's mother focused on the son.

"He's a good son..." she thought to herself ... so good ... good ... and nice ... such a nice boy.

"She should reward her son." She thought out loud.

She began to think of "rewards" the mother could give. Maybe a dinner, a good bottle of wine— wait her son is under age ... it's ok just one time ... or a massage. She soon started to think how the young actor would look topless or even naked—

"What's wrong with me? How could I think of something like that." But she could not get it out of her mind, his smooth young chest— he was a good boy anyway he deserves something good— that's it! The mother could reward him with a—

"Wait, how could I think a mother and son could do something like what she was thinking?" What's wrong with her ... wait they're not really related those two are just acting, it's a show ... it's ok, and he was such a good boy.

After that reasoning she let her imagination run off. The mother could give him a massage. But some guys get too excited when women touch them. If that happens she could relive that excitement.


Stanly's mother didn't notice it but she started to play with herself. She imagined the mother caressing her son's body, and how the son would get hard with a touch of his own mother's hands. She would pretend to be shocked at what she did to her son and offer to "help" to relive him. Yes that's a good reward for good boys ... good boys should be rewarded, yes good boys ... like ... like my Stanly he is such a good boy, never giving me any problems always helping out. She started to lick her lips wanting to "reward" her son so badly.

She didn't even notice but she found herself upstairs, outside her son's door. He was rubbing himself; he was so healthy...

"Wow!" ... eight inches of healthy at that. He's defiantly bigger than her husband, another reason to reward her son. A nasty smile found its way to her face.

Stanly's point of view:


"Shhh honey, you need a reward."

I could see her shaking, desperately wanting to surround my dick with her lips. I could see her relief when she finally achieved her goal. It was heaven, her soft pillowy lips incasing my young stick followed by a warm slick feeling.

"Oh! Mom!"

"HMMMmmm..." was all she could say. But the humming intensified the feeling.

I looked at my mom lost in ecstasy pumping, bobbing and stroking, desperately milking me for that white stuff. Soon I started feeling like I do when I masturbate, but more intense.

"Mom! I- ohhhooo!!!!," So there she was my sperm on her face my mom licking every drop like a starved slut, with just that thought alone I was hard again. But after she finished licking up all of my cum, she came to her senses.

"Oh my- What have I- no! No! I'm a bad mother!!!" she began to cry, saying "I'm a bad mother" in between her sobs.

I kinda' felt bad but my little head was in charge and soon I started to imagine my mother feeling ok about what she did, feeling sexy, feeling like she wanted more, feeling like this secret was naughty, nasty, and slutty and this was exactly how she wanted to feel. Knowing she cannot let this secret out even to her loving family or else she will lose everything ... but that thought made her feel even naughtier.

Her sobs turned into whimpers, and her whimpers turned into moans. I opened my eyes and saw my mother rubbing her crotch her tears still stained her face, betraying the look of a mother, and putting on the mask of a complete and utter slut-whore, an incsetual slut-whore.

"Honey, I need my baby, fuck me," by now she had stripped naked and was furiously rubbing herself, liking her fingers between switching her hands when one got tired until she finally screamed "Cum to mommy!!!"

I remember thinking if I can do this to mom what else can I do ... or who else can I do.

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