Slayers the Series

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Horror, Superhero, Paranormal, Vampires, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - I am writing a series of stories taking place as a alternative seventh season of Buffy, with the show morphing into a new series named "The Slayers". The story will follow the three Slayers as they defend Sunnydale from the baddies. Yes I said three slayers; Buffy, Faith, and Kennedy (Called when Buffy died in The Gift.). Everything that happens in Buffy the vampire slayer from season one to season six happen, with the following additional scenes detail in this prologue. Enjoy



LA Detention Centre

"Prisoner step forward." The guard said. The tall black man with the club in his hand stood over Faith. She ran her fingers thought her dark brown hair and pushed it back out of her face. She stood and step forward. The cuffs around her hands clinking as she moved. She could pull free of them anytime she wanted. She knew that and the guard knew that. But she didn't. He looked down at her and then un-cuffed her hands. " See the desk for your things. " He said. " Hey Girl!. I don't want to see you again, you understand me."

"Thanks." She said and smiled. The Guard just nodded. She stepped around him. He wasn't as bad as most of the guards. Still a hard ass. But he didn't pull anything on the prisoners like some. She moved to the desk.

"Name." The large fat man sitting behind the desk said. Sweat poured off him even in the air-conditioned room. Faith wrinkled her nose at his smell.

"Faith." She replied.

"Faith what?" he asked.

"Just Faith." She said rubbing her wrists.

"A smart ass, just what we need out on the streets." he said typing at his computer. Faith wanted to smash his face in. But she knew better. Then he turned to row of boxes and took one and shoved it to her. " Here are your things." he said. Then pulled a piece of paper from the printer. " This is you parole officer's name address and phone number." He said. " And the times for your check ins." He said wiping his sweating brow.

"Thanks." She said. " Hope to never see you again." She said taking the box and the paper. Turning toward the door.

"That's what they all say." He said. Then turn to the next person in line. " Name." he said. Faith smiled and walked out of the building and to the gate. It was night. She felt the cool air on her face as she waited for the guard to open the steel gate. ' Only a few more feet' she thought.

Once out side the gate she stop for a moment. She took a deep breath of the smog filled hazy air of LA. She smiled it tasted good. It tasted free. Then the hairs on her neck stood up. She felt the cramp in her side. She felt the air move differently. She took look and saw nothing. " You can come on out Angel." She said with a smile.

Angel stepped from the shadows. He had small grin on his face. " Still a Slayer." he said walking up to her. " Let me help with your box." He said.

"I wondered why they were letting me out at night." She said.

"Yeah, I called in a favour." He said walking her toward his car.

"Nice ride dead boy." She said climbing in to the passenger seat of the car. " I take it no welcome home party." She said.

"I know how much you'd hate that." He said. " Besides we having some problems out of town and the others are taking care of it right now." He said trying to avoid the subject.

"You will set it right." Faith said. " You always do man. Not like me."

"You set one thing right." He said. " You could have escaped from prison any time you wanted. And taken out any guard you wanted. But you didn't. You stuck it out. You did it right." He said. " Enough of this bonding. I know you'd love a shower and some decent food."

"Your a life saver Dead boy." She said as they pulled away from the curve.

Angel's Apartment

Angel open the door and set Faith's box on the table. " Showers over there." He said pointing toward the bathroom. " I'm sure you'd like a hot shower for a change." He said. Faith followed behind him.

"Cool." She said. " It'll be nice to wash with out the company for a change." She said with a half smile. " What about some food."

"I'll go get you some all I got here is blood." He said. "What you want burgers or pizza?" He asked.

"Pizza's good." She said walking toward the shower.

"There a change of clothes in there." He said heading toward the door. Faith heard him leave as she closed the bathroom door. She looked at the pile of clothes he had left her. Tee shirt, jeans, boots socks and underwear. She lifted up the panties; 'Too big' She sized. Then lifted up the Bra. ' Too small'. She laughed. Men never could get sizes right.

She set them down and walked to the shower she turn on the water. She left her hand under the stream of water and felt it get warm. Then backed up and began to strip out of the prison issue overalls and tee shirt they had given her as she left the prison.

She stepped under the stream of warm water. Her skin came alive under the sensation. So long in cold drafty showers. She let the water run over her body. She ran her finger over her stomach as she washed. She feel of her hand felt good. She ran her fingers over her firm breast.

Her nipples hard and stiff to the touch. She moaned slightly. As images flowed through her head. Xander, a Pizza guy she jumped. Then images of long blond hair and deep green eyes filled her head. The crooked smile and crinkled nose she made when she smiled. She moved downward toward the heat coming from her crotch. She ran her finger though the brown hair above her wet slit. She dove her hands into it. Letting her thumb brush her clit.

She could still smell the soft sweat perfume of her hair. She rolled images of her ripe slim body moving. The thin material of her shirt holding back her firm ripe tits. She could see the stiff nipple through it. She could reach out and touch it as those green eyes stared at her. " YESSSS!!!"

"FAITH!" Angel called. Faith jumped like some on had hit her. She turned around to look. She was going crazy. " Faith." A soft knock came at the door. " I got dinner for you." He said. " Are you going to be in there long. Other people in the state need water too." He said.

She shook the images from her head. " Yeah, yeah I'm done." She said wiping her body with a towel, What was wrong with her. Dreaming of Buffy. 'God.' She thought. " I am getting as bad as Xander." She thought.

She climbed out and slip the tee shirt and paints on. The walked out of the room drying her hair. Angel had a Pizza box setting on the table with two beers waiting for her. He was looking through a book on the couch. " Feel human again?" he asked.

"Yeah." She said. " I guess Cordy's not on call anymore huh?" She said adjusting her shirt.

"What? They don't fit?" he asked putting his book down.

"The shirt and jeans did. But you were off with the rest by a size or three." She said sitting down in a chair with a slice of Pizza in one hand and a beer in the other. " Anything good on?' She asked looking at the TV.

"Not really" he said watching her wolf down the slice in her hand. " Any ideas on what you going to do." He asked.

"I was going to catch sport centre. Then maybe some sleep." She said.

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah." She said. "I have thought about it." She said standing up and going back to the Pizza box.


"I don't know." She said taking another slice and taking a bite out of it. " I really don't know where I belong." She said. " Its not like I got a home to go back to."

"If you want I got something you might be interested in." Angel said.

"How'd I'd know you would Dead boy." She said throwing the half eaten piece of Pizza back into the box. " Spill it." She said turning around and leaning on the table.

"I have some contacts outside town not far." He said getting up. " They could use some back up for awhile." He said walking over to Faith. Looking her over. " If you think you can handle it."

"Careful Dead boy don't open what you can't close." She said with a half smile. "What about my parole officer?' She asked.

"I cleared it with them and my friend will keep everything straight with your parole Officer." He said. " Well?"

"Ok" She said. " They need a Slayer on call for awhile, I'm game and not exactly in demand." She said taking the last swig of her beer and opening another. " Anything else?" She asked.

"Yeah one condition." He said. Sitting down at the table.


"You have to take a road trip." He said.

"That's it? Hell yeah." She said. " We can hit Vegas and blow little steam off, as long as my parole officer is cool with it."

"No not Vegas." He said as she took a sip of her beer. " Sunnydale." he said softly. Faith coughed hard almost choking, her beer went down the wrong pipe.

"What?!" She said turning and slamming her beer on the table. " Are you that hard up?" She said punching the table and denting it. " You want a ring side seat as me and your old girlfriend have a cat fight for your pleasure." She said furiously.

"No, I'm hoping to avoid one." He said as she turn her back to him and crossing her arm in a fit of anger. " Listen up Faith. " He said. " You got a lot of baggage." He said placing his hand on her shoulder. " You need to get rid of most of it to start over. " he said. " Trust me. I am the King of Baggage, besides it is better she learn your out from us rather than second hand. She is liable to go off half cocked and jump us both."

"So that's the deal." She said. " Face B and get it over with huh?"

"Yeah." He said " Straight up." He said with a grin. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Ok." She said. " But I'm drivin'. Your slower than a grandma on Sunday."


Buffy vaulted over the Head stone as she ran toward the fleeing Vampire. He had almost given her the slip by the tombs. But she had spotted his mullet as he ducked behind a tomb. She dove fast at his feet slamming into them. Both tumbled down onto the soft cut grass of the graveyard.

"Where you running." She said rolling to her feet. " Your stylist 'cause that hair went out with Van Halen." She said ducking a wide right cross by the Vamp. " Ah come on you can do better than that." She said as he swung his leg out catching the back of her ankle and knocking her down.

He piled on top of her his fangs bared pushing her back down onto the Grass. Buffy struggled to push him off. Then he froze stiff. She looked up at the shock expression on his face. Then he turn grey and fell to dust over her.

"Need a hand, B" Faith said standing over her offering her a hand. Buffy Pulled back scooting backward to her feet and swung out with her fist and slammed into Faith's jaw knocking the Dark hair girl backward.

"Hey what's that for Blondie?' She said rubbing her jaw.

"A taste of what coming." Buffy said. rearing back for another blow.

"STOP IT!!" Angel yell running up to grab Buffy and place Himself between her and Faith. " That Enough."

"What the Hell Dead Boy, let her get out of her system I could use a good throw down." Faith said standing up.

"Oh you will get it."

"No! Stop it both of you." He said. " No one throwing anything down hear me." He said.

"Angel she probably escaped from prison." Buffy said trying to pull out of Angel's grasp.

"She didn't escape, she's out on parole." He said.


"Hey B it is California." Faith said rubbing her jaw. " Even Manson got a parole hearing." She said.

"I don't believe this." She said. " Then why are you here?" She asked.

"Ask you boyfriend." She said. " It was his bright idea." She said.

"What?' Buffy Said looking back at Angel. " Your idea." She said pulling back. " Why on earth would you do that?" she asked.

"Well." he said scratching his head. " to avoid a fight."

"Damn Dead boy all your plans work out this well?" Faith asked with a raised eyebrow. "Now I know why Cordy wasn't in the office."

"Faith why don't you head to the hotel." He said. " And give me and Buffy a while to talk." he said looking at Buffy for a response. She half nodded to him. " Get some sleep."

"Cool." She said. " Thanks for the bruise B." She said turn away. Angel grabbed Buffy as she made a move toward Faith.

"Calm Down." Angel said sitting down in the dusty chair in his old place.

"Calm down, CALM DOWN!" Buffy said walking back and forth in one spot on the floor. " Why?!"

"'Cause you are walking a rut in the floor." He said.

"Fine I will stand here while a murderer is running around town." She said angrily.

"First she is an ex-murderer. Officially Paroled." Angel corrected her.

"Oh and that means what?" She said with hateful look on her face.

"It mean she is trying to get her life back together." He said. " And I am helping her."

"And you brought her here Why?"

"To make peace."

"Oh I see." She said walking again. " You bought her hear so we can have coffee and go 'kiss ... kiss. hug ... hug... ' everything is all right again." She said in a sarcastic voice. " Please Angel you are not that dumb." She said in a huff and crossed her arm across her chest.

"No." He said standing up. "Look she did her time. If fact she is still doing her time and always will. She has been running from her family, herself and you for too long. Turning herself in and doing her time was the first step. Now she has to deal with who she is and what she done. And she can't face that till she faces you." He said placing his hand on her shoulder.

"No hugging." Buffy said. " Just talk and ... and no guarantees." She said. " And just for you."

"Thanks." He said as the first rays of sun came up over the edge of the window.

Faith was running fast as a man in the shadow followed her. She turn a corner, as something hit her ankle and she fell to the ground. As she raised up her face was covered with blood. She looked as the man she killed laid in front of her. She moved up to him. Then her reached out and grabbed her and pulled her down with a wild look in his eyes.

"SHIT!" She cried as she shot straight up in her bed. It took a second or two for her to realize she was in her hotel room. She threw her long legs over the side of the bed as she rubbed her sweat covered brow. The tight tee shirt clung to her body. 'Damn!' She thought. ' I hate that dream' She said climbing up. She looked outside the room to the large flashing sign across the road from her hotel.

It flash the temperature of 98 degrees. Another sunny day in Sunnydale. She walked back into the room as the AC was barely chugging along. ' Damn.' She thought. ' It's so fucking hot.' she thought as she walked toward the bathroom.

She pulled off the sticky shirt and panties. and climbed into the tub. She turn the cool water on and let it roll over her tense body. She let her hand roam over her body massaging her stiff muscles and over her firm breasts. She remember the day dream she had at Angel's place.

The soft blond hair the smooth skin and the sweat smell of her perfume. 'Wait' She thought. ' That perfume's real' she thought as she smell the strong sweat smell again. She turn her head slightly and could see a form through the shower curtain of someone standing in the bathroom door. She recognized the shape.

"Well B." She said pulling the shower curtain back a little so she could look out. " If you here to start another fight. Can you wait till I'm dressed." She said turning the water off.

"I'm not here to fight Faith." Buffy said her arms across her chest as she leaned against the door frame. " I'm here to talk."

"Well in that case." Faith said stepping out of the shower exposing her nude body to Buffy. " You can help by handing me a towel." She said smiling at Buffy.

"Faith!" Buffy said. " Your naked."

"Yea that is how you take a shower." She said. " Well at least where I am from."

"But in front of me."

"B, I have been taken a shower with fifty other women for the last year." She said motioning toward the towel. " You really think flashing a little T and A is going to bother me?" She said as Buffy handed her a towel. " Thanks." She said.

Faith ran the towel up on leg and down the other drying herself. Over her rear and stomach. Buffy couldn't take her eyes off of her. She watch her hand run over the firm tone body of Faith. Her mouth began to water and she felt the room incredibly hot. She watch her hand run over the firm and round breast and stiff nipples. She felt the blood rushing to her face. When she saw the smile on Faith face as she looked at her watching her, she blushed bright red and turn away.

Faith smiled and walked toward Buffy. She came to the door and stopped. her body bushing against Buffy. Her stiff nipples brush Buffy's stiff nipples. Buffy could feel Faith hot breath against her face. She looked at the brunette with deep green eyes. " See something you like B" Faith said then pulled away and walked over to the bed to dress. " Well what do you want to talk about?' She asked slipping a tee shirt and a new pair of panties on.

"Me?!" Buffy said. " Angel said you wanted to talk."

"Yeah he would." Faith said taking a deep breath. " Well here it goes. I am not evil. I am sorry for what I did and I won't do it again. I swear I won't try and kill you. There I said it." She said slipping a pair of jeans on. " You can go on hating me and I can get on with the rest of my life, ok?" She said standing up.

"Hating you?" She said indigently " This is all my fault. That is why you are here to face off against the great ogre that is me. That makes everything better"

"No!" Faith said. " It is mine." She said turning away. " I screwed up. I did this and I got myself sent to prison. And-" She started to say but turn away.

"And what?"

"And what they say is true Prison does change you." She said. " That is what I am here to say. And it meant something to Angel to face you that's all."

"Angel ... Angel." Buffy said. " Since when have you care about the man you tried to kill more than once."

"Since he came to see me in Prison." Faith said. " First week I cus'd him out. The Second I cus'd him out again. The third I just sat there and looked at him without saying a word. But the fifth week-" She started to say then turned away.

"What happen the fifth week?' Buffy asked.

"It started sinking in where I was at and what I had done." She said. " I got scared ok ... You happy. I was scared." She said Buffy expression changed when she heard Faith's voice crack as she said that. " He was there again. He was there almost every week. I started to look forward to him. It gave me something." She said. " Ah hell. I don't know what." She said. "But it meant something to me. So if he wanted me to come here and make this speech I'll do it."

"Faith I'm..."

"I don't want your pity." Faith said straitening her shirt. " Don't want it or need it." She said. " I just want to get on with my life and try and rebuild it."

"Where are you going?" Buffy asked softly.

"Dead Boy got some friends, a coven or something. They need some back up. He said they would clear it with my parole officer and they'd give me a place to stay and help me out." She said trying to be strong again. " So Truce?" She asked.

"Truce." Buffy said smiling.

"So it your turn in the shower."

"FAITH!" Buffy said.

"Just joking B." She said punching Buffy lightly on the arm as they both laughed.

"You ready Dead Boy?!" Faith yelled as she walked back into the old mansion. Angel and Buffy stood at in the garden.

"Can you give us a second Faith." Buffy said.

"Oh!" Faith said with a knowing look. " Kissy kissy time." She said walking back to the door making kissing noises as she goes. Buffy Picks up a pine cone from the ground and throw it at her.

"I take it you two made peace?" Angel said with a smile.

"Yeah kind of." She replied. " Angel about this Coven you sending her to. Are they good." She said. " I mean she is in a vulnerable place right now."

"I know." He said. " The coven helped me with some of my demons and nightmares. I think they can help her too." He said leading her out of the garden to the front door where Faith stood beside his car.

"Hey don't worry B." She said. " I will keep Dead Boy alive." She said thinking for a moment. " Well at least living dead." She said climbing over the door and into the convertible. Angel kissed Buffy and open the door and climbed in behind the steering wheel.

"Hey Faith." Buffy said.


"Good luck." She said whole heartily.

"Thanks B." She said. Buffy smiled at them as they pulled away and headed down the road out of Sunnydale.

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