A Coming-out Party
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife's family is Thai and they're mostly quiet, reserved people. But I was able to bring her out of her shell, especially sexually. So now, her sister wants the same for her daughter, our niece, Sarai, and she's sending her to us for two weeks this summer. Oh, will this be fun.

I married beautiful Thai woman, petite almost to the point of being tiny, but the first time I got her naked, well, Chanhira was perfect.

She's four-ten, at least she says she's four-ten, and weighs ninety-one pounds. That gives you some idea of her size. What you don't realize from that is that she has B-cup breasts which on lots of Western women is rather average, even considered small by some, on Chan, as she's called familiarly, she looked quite statuesque, especially naked or in a bikini.

I love keeping her naked because with her tan skin, she's simply a vision of sexual beauty.

When we first met, twelve years ago, she was quite shy and, I sensed right off, still a virgin at nineteen.

I was really drawn to her simple, happy outlook, she always seemed so cheerful, and we soon were in love. I never rushed her into sex but took my time, letting her gradually experience things so she could get used to them.

The big hurdle, I knew, would be oral sex. She did have that somewhat Asian attitude of attending to your man to provide the most pleasure possible for him but I still knew that I needed to go slowly.

Her English was good, there I was lucky, she had come to the States when she was four with her family who began a restaurant in the city I grew up in.

I loved Thai food and that's really how we met; she was hostessing at the family eatery and I came in hungry and left full but horny and intrigued by this tiny, so pretty young woman.

As I said, we began dating and after a month or so, I had her top off and I was discovering that she seemed quite proud of her breasts which were simply perfect. They were round and high, actually solid and firm and her aureolas and nipples were brown and she loved me touching them, circling my fingertips around them and sucking them. Her breasts were very sensitive and I could give her orgasms by sucking them, much to my amazement.

Me, I lost my cherry when I was fourteen to my sixteen-year old cousin, Sally, a curly blond who was sex-crazy and she was not the last. So, I was fairly skilled in lovemaking but, with Chan, I knew that she wasn't. Yet.

I did get her legs parted several months later rubbing the groove I felt in her wet panties, getting her off as she tried to hold back her screams of joy. She obviously had a high level of erotic feeling, it was my challenge to bring that out from behind her natural reticence and shyness.

But as we went along and she experienced more and more orgasms, some really fantastic ones that left her panting and limp in my arms, I knew she loved what we were doing.

I did get my fingers inside her panties and soon after, inside her. I was now feeling her whole pubic area and the massive fur covering that glorious, plump entrance to the wondrous heavens I knew were inside.

Another month and I had her panties off, then soon, completely naked as I told her over and over just how spectacular she looked. She allowed me to take pictures of her which she seemed to be quite proud of as she began dressing a bit differently as well. She now was believing in how beautiful she was and seemed proud of her appearance, clothed and unclothed.

I did talk her into going braless for a few shopping trips to the mall, even to Victoria's Secret where I helped her try things on in the changing room. I'll let you think about that.

We were now having sex regularly, even trying out some different positions and such.

It was several more months before I suggested she go out without both a bra or panties and, rather surprisingly, she immediately assented. Then, much to my wonder, she practically raped me when we got back to my apartment. I had never seen her so turned-on and sexually-aggressive. It was wonderful. She liked to do 'cowgirl-style, ' something that her tight little pussy was so spectacular at, and she pushed me down on the bed and rode me like a bull at the rodeo. She went through three orgasms and I had two. What a woman.

Then, I knew I wanted her pussy in a new way, so as she stretched out, widening open for me to enter, I moved down and held her knees apart, dipping down to lick and tongue amidst all those wet, black curls quickly finding her juicy labia hiding amongst the bushes.

She didn't stop me, I'd really taken extra time on her breasts and rubbing around her pussy, I knew she was highly turned-on, so she did hold pretty still as I kissed and licked and tongued her.

I eased her open with my fingers and flicked my wet tongue into her which, as I was hoping, sent her skyward.

"OMIGOD, SCOTT, OH, OH," she cried out as I kept at her. Her body was shaking and trembling as I tongued as far into her as I could, wiping my tongue around her inner labia as she moaned and groaned, then erupted in a huge orgasm as her legs locked around my head pulling my face into the thicket of her love garden.

"Oh, UH, UUH, UUH, OOH, OOH, OMIGOD, CHUN RUK KOON," which I found out later was Thai for I love you.

We had already told each other that we loved one another but it really felt good to know that she was so taken with oral sex.

I never asked her to reciprocate but just kept on, night after night giving her tremendous climaxes orally and she began to anticipate my oral tonguing as I crawled onto the bed by reaching down and parting her bush to expose her juicy lips excitedly hiding within.

After about a week, after i'd gotten her off orally and was moving up to press my cock into her, she asked me to lie down. Then she moved down between my legs, took my cock in her small fingers to begin licking the tip around and around as her eyes watched my reaction.

Her tongue was sometimes as soft as silk, other times, hard and rigid, as she varied it over and over, adding some soft, wet sucking just up on the tip that was luscious-feeling.

I'd been sucked before but they had all tried sucking the length of my cock and while I'm not a huge guy, just about six and a half inches, it's the tip and the frenum just beneath that has the most feeling. That was where Chan was concentrating the most.

As she got me more and more excited, she began lapping along the frenum which felt sensational. Then, almost explosively, my cum began spurting up onto her nose and mouth as she licked me to climax. I almost fainted it was so wonderful. I just laid there trembling after being so exquisitely drained.

It was so good that I asked her if she'd ever done that before and she told me that she hadn't. I thought it was incredible that she had such natural ability and was I happy about that.

We were deeply in love and in lust, the shy reticence of her Asian upbringing had been mostly replaced by a confident, saucy sexuality that she enjoyed to the most.

Chanhira also enjoyed the looks from other men as she became more confident. In fact, she'd become rather a tease and went about in skirts that even showed a bit of the under curve of her butt cheeks. Me? I loved it, after all, if it revved-up her pussy, I was the guy who took her home and let her ravish me.

So, not being either crazy or stupid, I asked my beautiful Asian nymph of a girlfriend to marry me, I wanted her forever, and she accepted.

We were married that fall and went on a honeymoon to her family's homeland for two weeks and met scores of relatives, they seemed to be everywhere.

She also arranged for us to have a couple massage where her masseuse was male and mine was female and they both brought us to our happy endings at the same time. Rather incredible, but many things are in Thailand.

I won't go into detail here about our massage (yes, I know, you're disappointed) but each of our masseuses was quite attractive, in their twenties it appeared, and they were both naked just as we were, of course. They used their hands and mouths mostly and it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Chan and I, back at home, often give one another similar massages.

Back home, we settled into married life in our new home which I had bought about three months before our wedding.

Around the house, we both dressed scantily, we loved to buy each other things to wear when we were home together, thongs and such, and I was now shaving her pubic area every day or so keeping her bare and smooth though, to me, I loved her furry or smooth.

Chan was also dressing differently by this time. I often took her out shopping, helping her pick things out, skirts shorter than she would have normally bought, thigh-high stockings, especially white ones that contrasted so beautifully with her skin tone and just looked so good on her, especially when that was all she was wearing. She loved them, too, often wearing just them around the house as she cleaned and dusted the furniture. I never let her finish, of course, and after watching her for a few minutes, I would sweep her up in my arms and take her to bed and fuck her until she squealed in joy.

I had also convinced her to wear short skirts almost all of the time now, leaving the panties at home and to go braless with thin blouses that would show the imprints of her always-hard nipples. The first time she went out like this, we didn't even get out of the mall parking lot. She had me find a place way off at the corner of the lot and we fucked in the back seat until she had a real screamer.

She became quite confident in other ways as well when she began feeling better about herself as a woman, a desirable, sexy woman. It gave her a general self-confidence that suited her so well once she accepted it.

About a year and a half later, we went back to Thailand for our vacation and the time was mostly spent with her large family with some touring thrown in. But, though it wasn't cheap, we did have another couple massage.

Back home to the routine of work and play, the play now great fun with Chan as she'd loosened-up so much. Even her family talked about how different she was and she loved every word they said about her new self.

About eight months after that, she told me that her sister had talked with her about having her daughter, our niece, come and stay for a few weeks during the summer.

That was fine with me, she was a sweet girl, I think thirteen the last time I saw her, and was, as I remember, a top student in her middle school which was a college-prep middle- and high school.

We went to pick her up at the airport and when she walked out, I couldn't believe the young woman I saw.

Sarai was about five-four with long black hair which was pulled back and she was grinning ear-to-ear. She was dressed rather plainly yet I could see that she was actually quite a pretty girl.

She was slim except for her chest. While Chan was pretty normally-proportioned, her niece, Sarai, was buxom, not in the waist or hips, just in her boobs. The girl was really stacked. I quickly looked around and she had already attracted admirers among the airport travelers yet she seemed totally unaware of the attention.

We collected her baggage and got to the car where they both got in the back as I took them home. They giggled and talked like teen best friends, much of it in Thai, though I knew a bit of what they were talking about. I got the drift at one stage of their conversation that I seemed to be the topic of conversation and that my niece thought I was sexy. The Thai word for sexy is basically the same word, at least the way it's pronounced, so I really wondered what else they were talking about.

During the next few days, Chan took Sarai shopping while I was at work and usually when I'd get home, they would be out back getting some sun. I went out whenever they were because I now saw that my niece had bought some bikinis, string-bikinis and thongs, that I'm sure Chan urged her to buy and now I was seeing just how beautiful and hot this little niece really was.

She and Chan were laying on towels when I came in and stood there indoors looking out at them. Normally my eyes would be on my beautiful wife but her niece was a complete vision of sexy loveliness.

On her back, her breasts rose like mountains, firm and proud and full. The small patches of her top barely covered her nipples which, like my wife's were no doubt small and erect. The suit, hardly there at all, was gleaming white, a hot contrast to her latte-toned skin. The rest of her body was small and perfect, it was her boobs that were so expansive, so large, she would have had every male and female eye on her if she was at a beach. Mine were sure riveted to her.

So, I slid the door open and went out.

"Hi, Uncle Scott," she said as she jumped up and ran into my arms, kissing me on the lips like I'd just been released from kidnappers.

Of course, I already had a massive hard-on from looking at these two before I came outside. And the pressure of her super-firm boobs was thrilling as she hugged me.

Finally, I said, "Um, I guess I'll go up and change," and then Chan jumped up and followed me upstairs to our bedroom.

"There's something I want to talk to you about, Scott, it's about Sarai," my wife said. "My sister and I were talking a few months back and she was going on about how much I'd changed since I've known you, how sexy I've gotten and how confident in myself I've become."

"Well, babe, it seems to have been something you've wanted."

"And it's what you wanted, too, it's you that changed me, helped me feel beautiful and sexy and desirable," she said.

"And it's been fun doing it, too," I added.

"Would you like to do it again? With Sarai?"

That's what she said.

"With Sarai? I don't understand."

"Her mom realizes that she's just too shy about herself, that she needs more self-confidence, to become more like me, she said. She wants our niece to come out of her shell just like I have. And I told her pretty much how that happened. And she asked me if that could happen with Sarai. If you could do the same thing with her?"

"But that involves a lot of things. Things like sex and being naked and, well, you haven't forgotten, I'm sure," I said.

"Oh, I remember. And Sarai's mom knows how it all happened, too. That's what she wants for Sarai and she wants you to bring her out like you did me."

"Yeah, okay, but what about Sarai. Maybe you two want this but what about her?"

Chan laughed. "Oh, Scott, she knows all about this, she wants to be more like her favorite aunt. She wants to be more like me and she knows that it was you who helped me become who I am today. It's what she wants."

"So you're telling me that your sister, and you, and Sarai, all three of you want me to do this? To bring her out of her shell? You know what that means, right?"

"That you begin fucking my niece, yeah. Her mom understands that and so does Sarai. Oh, she's all excited about it."

Well, there it was. She was going to be here two weeks.

She had me change into a shiny black Speedo since they were in bathing gear and I knew that this had to have been all planned out. But, what the hell, right?

We headed downstairs and there was our niece sitting at the kitchen table.

"Come with me, Sarai, let's relax in the den a while. I want to ask you something," Chan said and we went into the den.

"Have you ever seen a man's penis?" she asked her niece.

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