Michael's Search
Chapter 1

Michael Fielding was a strange duck his peers all agreed. He had manners, a superior intelligence, could think on his feet, analyze a problem and decide on a course of action faster than anyone they knew. He was handsome, fit and had that something that caused men to follow his lead and women to flock to his side. He was the man many other men liked but hated at the same time. Mike was not a bad boy but he had that self confident attitude, that little something that made women decide HE was the one or at least the one for right now. Women flocked to his side and almost begged him to take them to bed—or a car or stock room or anywhere just so long as he took them. Other, lesser mortal men could only grimace and take his rejects.

Michael was not a predator, he was an honorable man but he was a man. Like other young men he wanted, he needed, he searched for sex and hopefully love. He did not move in on other men's women but just by being in the same room with them they seemed to pay their men less attention. Many times he had to gently remind women they were with another man and were paying too much attention to him. He never knowingly "took" or moved in on a woman who was married or in a relationship. In fact a time or two he dropped a woman he was with when he found out she had taken up with him while she was still in a committed relationship. He was once heard to tell a woman who had done this "I believe in fidelity to your partner. I am a one woman man and I expect my woman to be a one man woman. I demand honor, ethics, kindness and consideration from my friends and from my lovers. If it is over, end it then move on but never, never will I accept anyone who is in a relationship and begins dating me while her other man still thinks they are exclusive."

Michael had told the woman that while she was surrounded by her friends. When he left her she was running after him begging him to reconsider. She cried out, "But Mike, I needed to date you first to find out if you were a better choice before I told Jason. You're the one I choose. PLEASE come back."

Mike stopped, turned to her and said, "I'm sorry but I just can't do that. I'm not built that way. When we started dating I understood you were not in a relationship. You lied to me and to your boyfriend. How do I know you won't do the same thing to me? The trust is broken but truthfully, I was beginning to think dating you was a bad idea before I found out about this. You were always too eager to flirt and to run around evenings without me. When I marry I want a woman who wants to spend her life with me, not just live with me and be with me when she can't find anything more interesting to do."

All her friends gathered around her and made comments to each other about how much an asshole Mike was. One wrapped her arms around the crying woman and led her toward the restroom. She said, "Come on Honey. Forget about him. He's just another Navy Asshole. You can do lots better than him. I don't think Kevin knows you've been seeing Mike. I'm sure you can get back with him."

Michael was different in other ways also. While he was not personally rich his family was and he stood to inherit significant wealth in the future. The family expected each young member to stand on their own two feet, to obtain an education, a position, a life, based on their own abilities. That many of the members of the family at least started their working life in the military was a well known and respected fact. The name was known for miles around the small southwest Missouri town they called home. Their family name was also well known in the Army and to a lesser degree in the Navy.

Just the relationship helped the young succeed and for Michael it was no different. What was different for him was the path he chose for success and the criteria he used in selecting his path in life. First off Michael chose the Navy over the Army when he went to college and got his commission through Navy ROTC. He became one of the approximately fifteen percent of his family to go into the Navy instead of the Army. His other criteria for success, for living his life resulted in his career choice. Even before he left active duty in the Navy he became known as a hatchet man, one it did not pay to cross. Like many of his family members he had studied business in college taking a degree in Management. He then was selected for the Supply Corps in the Navy where he further refined his skills. His last Navy posting had been as Supply Department Head on an Aegis Guided Missile Cruiser.

Michael, like many other young men enjoyed the hunt. He was constantly on the lookout for "the one". He had seen many relationships over the years and used his above average brain to analyze them; sifting thoughts through his head until he had his picture of the perfect female, the one he wanted to marry and live his life with. He had watched his family and friend's marriages and romances. In his view his Great Grandfather had a marginally successful relationship. He had seen him and his Great Grandmother together and felt the slight tension. He could see there was only minimal trust. As he aged he found out the reason—his Great Grandmother Ann had cheated and they divorced only to remarry years later. He wondered if that had been wise. He wondered if they had ever had the kind of love he and others wanted.

In Michael's opinion his Father Jeffery and Mother Abigail and his Uncle Charles and Aunt Amanda had the type relationship he wanted. They did not live in each other's pocket but each and every action, each decision any of them made was taken only after considering how it would affect their spouse. They all tried to minimize time away from their spouse and actually seemed unhappy when they were separated for more than a few hours. Their work was more unpleasant because of the enforced separation. Their faces would light up and they would stand straighter even after an exhausting day as soon as they came within sight of their spouse. Touch was important to the two couples; they were demonstrative in their love but NEVER lewd and NEVER made inappropriate public displays. You could see the sexuality, the lust and desire simmering under the surface however. THAT was what Michael was waiting for, what his whole body was crying out for. Oh, sure, he had some short romances and many sexual flings but he had only once come close to finding his match.

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