A New Moon Rises
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, non-anthro, Size, Big Breasts, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Book 2 in the story of Young Davik, and his Quest for revenge. The Patron Brant is dead, killed during his attack on the village. Now changes are occurring in Davik, he must find out what they are, and what he is becoming.

I kept an even pace as I made my way north from my village Cartha, into the great expanse of Tranik Forest. It covers five of the eight provinces within the country of Ontegra. Bardack, Entric, Ventri, Stonda, and Rilsa provinces are completely covered by the great forest. The only open areas within the forest are either the different villages contained within or the larger port or capital cities. The villages only cleared forest one hundred paces from the village walls. The cities were usually four to five times the size of villages, and kept the area around them cleared for ten kilometers. The provinces of Altara, Gerate, and Helona have very little to none of the forest within their respective boarders.

Bardack Province was one of the interior provinces, with only the capitol city and the hub city. The hub city was positioned in the exact center of the country, and was the main travel point for any caravan that was moving goods between provinces. The capitol was not that large, as ours was one of the poorer provinces. I have never been to either of them, and highly doubted that I would see them any time soon. I planned to keep myself away from any villages or settlements, it was better that way.

I passed our tree, the heart we had carved into the tree we had found all those years ago, was still stained with the blood of my first kill. A constant reminder of that night, of killing two of the three wolves, which attacked the village. Only to have them transform back into men of the village, when the killing blow had been given. I have killed many more since that night, each one way heavy on my heart. If they had only been beasts, it would have been easier. I killed men, though they had been evil, I had killed people from my village. The last ones I had killed during the last blood moon. Five of them attacked that night, the one leading the pack, had eluded me the blood moon before.

What made it worse; he had been our Patron, charged with overseeing the growth and protection of our village. Instead, he had victimized and bullied the people of our village most of the month. When the blood moon would rise, he would kill villagers on mere whim. It is believed that he was responsible for his the death of his own father, the previous Patron of our village. For a time I had believed that, he was the one responsible for the death of my parents. I had hoped that when I had killed Brant, the wolf leader and Patron of our village, that I had killed the beast that murdered my parents.

I had been injured by the fight, and lay unconscious in my family friend, Ruben's, house when I had the most unbelievable dream. I was in the house my parent's had before they had been killed, but they were different. I could clearly see the fatal wounds that had been inflicted to them. My mother's left arm was severed at the elbow, and she was using her right arm to hold in what was left of her organs. My father had his entire throat torn out, as well as having his head at an odd angle, due to his broken neck.

They both told me how proud they were of the man that I had become in their absence. They told me how they had wished that they could have been there for me all those years. The most important information they gave me, was that Brant was not the beast that killed them, someone else was. I had my suspicions; the wolf Brant became did not have the same eyes, coat, or size that the beast had. I knew what they said was true; however they said no more on the subject. Soon after, I slowly returned to consciousness, hearing the distant, muffled voices of my beloved Violet and her family.

It was when I returned to sleep again, that I had an even more disturbing dream. I was a wolf, hunting people in my village, reveling in their fear and terror. I picked a family of four and killed the parents, slowly and viciously. It seemed nothing more than sadistic torture, and I had no control of what happened in the dream. The mother was tortured even more than the husband, the two daughters were left alone, but the thoughts that the wolf had for them were disgusting beyond measure.

When I woke up, I had realized that I had been looking through the eyes of Brant. I had watched him kill people from our village, felt the pleasure he had took from what he did. There was something else about the dream that had been nagging at me. I decided that I would not try to dwell on anything, until I reached my special place. I found it during my time hunting after my elder parents had died. From Cartha, it would take three days to get to, but it would be perfect for my reflection on what had happened.

As I passed the starting path for a hidden grove within the forest, my thoughts drifted to Violet. The only time I had visited it, since I had returned to the village, had been filled with passion and love. Violet, daughter of my father's old friend Ruben, had followed me on my rest day to the grove. She had caught me, in the waterfall fed, miniature lake, completely nude. Her eyes never left me as I got out of the water and put on some pants. She joined me for a meal, after drinking a cup of Ice Berry wine, I had told her the special nature of the cups we used.

My elder father had fashioned them many years ago, from a log that had helped me kill a regular wolf. When he had made them, I swore that I would only let someone of the highest importance to me drink from the cup. She realized what that had meant and we ended up kissing, becoming more passionate with each second. She had broken away when I had placed my hand on her breast, I thought I had offended her; instead she removed her clothing and jumped into the water. I removed my pants and joined her, we resumed our kissing, and soon we were doing much more. We joined together in the most intimate way a man and woman could, we both relished every aspect of it until we both reached the climax of our union.

That one day would forever stay in my memory until the day I die. I continued north for another kilometer, before stopping for a short rest. It was midday at this time so I stopped to grab some food from my bag, and took a drink of water from my wineskin. I started walking west; this would my direction of travel for the remainder of my journey. There were no roads or well-traveled paths through the woods, but that is what I was hoping would happen. I wanted to be sure that I would be left alone, isolated from any distractions. I continued on, listening to the sounds of the wood, trying to keep my mind off the questions that plagued it.

Instead, I tried to admire the different trees that filled this section of the wood. It was mostly Cedar, White Oak and Beech trees, each adorned with vibrant green leaves. The colors of their trunks, the shades of brown, white, and grey, accenting and complimenting one another. Since it was in the middle of the spring season, I would not need to worry about noise made from dry tree limbs and leaves. By the time the sun had set, I had traveled probably ten or twelve kilometers. I was in no rush, so I looked around for a good place to make camp.

After a little while I was able to find a nice area to relax, that would be safe to build a fire. I laid down my pack and ventured out from my chosen campsite, to search for wood, tinder, and rocks. I made three trips, bringing back various combinations of the three items. When I thought I had enough, I began to assemble my campfire. I created a circle of stones to contain the fire, while reflecting the heat outward. I began to place the wood within the circle, overlapping the tops of the sticks in the middle of the circle. They then descended on a sharp incline outward from the middle, leaving a small space between the stick and the rocks. Once the cone had been completed I placed the tinder, carefully underneath, I did not want to knock it over and start again. I removed my knife from my bag, and using a spare rock, struck it against the knife, creating a spark.

I had to strike the knife four more times, before the tinder caught and began to slowly burn. I lightly blew on the ember, feeding it the air it needed to grow. Soon I had a flame, and in a short time later, I had a fully realized campfire. I returned to my pack and untied the blanket from the top of it. I laid it out a safe distance away from the fire; I did not want a rogue ember to set it ablaze accidentally. I removed some fruit, having a quick meal and an enjoyed a nice cup of Ice Berry Wine.

When I finished my meal, I laid down, and looked up at the sky. The night sky was filled with a brilliant tapestry of stars; I looked up at them and began to saw shapes that could be made from the groups. The sounds of the forest were like a lullaby, the night insects filling the air with their sounds. The gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the trees, the sounds were all very soothing, slowly I began do drift towards sleep. As I closed my eyes, they were fixed on the moon, and its effect on my life.

Once again, I was plagued by disturbing dreams, dreams of blood and death. It started with me running through the forest, towards the village. I did not want to just appear inside, they might suspect something. I ran faster and faster, my paws barely felt anything as I dashed through the forest. Soon I could see the village gate, hear the heartbeats of the guards, and smell their fear. I had been tormenting the village for months, and even the guards were afraid of me and the rest of my pack.

I did not slow down as I came into the clearing right for the guards. One of them fled their post, through the guard door, into the village. The other guard hesitated before running to the door, but it would not open. The other guard must have locked the door behind him, hoping that his guard mate would be enough of a sacrifice. As I came within a few feet of him, I jumped for his throat; I could not wait to taste his blood. My paws connected with his chest and he was slammed against the door, all the air escaping his lungs. While he was disoriented I took my chance, and ripped out his throat, his gargled attempt at a scream was music to my ears.

I got off his chest and simply watched as the life drained out of him, pooling on the ground beneath him. I sprinted a few feet away from the gate, sizing up my next move. I darted at the gate, as fast as I could, just before I reached it, I put all my strength into a jump. I sailed over the gate, just missing the pointed tips of the logs. I landed right on the other guard that had ran inside. The force of the impact caused multiple bones to break, and he screamed in pain. I reveled in his torment, before darting into the village, heading for my target.

I darted thought the town, making my way to the market area. As I neared, I slowed my movements to a slow walk. I stalked out of the shadows of an alley into the moon-illuminated marketplace. I made my way to the house of my fixation; even from here, I could pick up her scent. That Bitch had been a good lay, and soon I would claim her for myself for good. I will enjoy raping her repeatedly, and beating that bitch until she knows her place. Once she is mine, I will kill her family right in front of her. First, that little shit of a brother, then that sonofabitch Ruben. Her slut mother I will keep for my men, I will make her watch as they gang rape her. I will break Violets spirit, and she will be mine until she dies.

I woke up with a start, my breathing was ragged, and my body was covered in a sweat. These dreams were really draining, the disgusting images, and thoughts that permeated through them. I do not know if I could stand it to keep seeing the memories of the bastard Brant. The thought that I would continue to relive them made me sick to my stomach. I looked up into the sky, the moon was in its final transition through the sky, another few hours, and the sun would be up. I knew that I would not be able to sleep any time soon; I packed up my supplies, and put out my fire. Once I was sure that the fire was out, I put on my pack and continued my trek westward.

I could see the change in the forest, as the night waned and day began. Sounds of the forest began to change, the dominant sounds of insects faded with the sun, replaced by the music of the many birds residing there. The smells changed as well, flowers and other plants began to release their fragrances. Though I had to admit, I had never been able to pick up the smells of the flora before, let alone the changes. I did not dwell on it; instead, I just enjoyed the scenery as I continued my journey west.

I did not need to stop for a morning meal; I passed a few trees that had sprouted nice ripe apples. I grabbed a few, the ones I found that did not look to have anything living in it, and enjoyed their sweet taste. As I traveled, I ended up seeing various animals. A fox with her babies, a group of elk grazing in an area of open land, a pack of forest wolves stalking a Tora. Toras were well known to be able to fend off most animals. Larger than most bears, the Tora was over ten feet tall and weighed nearly two tones. Covered with a soft, short fur, the color resembled that of dry grass. Many people had accidentally run into one sleeping while cutting through the woods.

In some ways, it looked like the illegitimate offspring of a wolf and a bear. The ears, front arms and body mass were that of most bears, however the snout and skull framing were like that of a wolf, as well as the beasts hind legs. It was a marvelous creature to be sure, and I was curious to see how the pack of wolves would fare against the mightier opponent. I chose to continue, I had much to dwell on, and I still had a ways to go. I stopped at midday for a short meal; I finished off the fruits and meat that I had bought from the market. They would not have lasted much longer, and would have spoiled by morning. I would have to hunt for my evening meal, but that was alright by me.

As I continued my journey, I got a suspicious feeling; the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end. This usually happened when someone or something was following me. I looked around, scanning the forest around me, but I could not see what it was. I continued my trek, listening to the forest more closely, for hints of what was giving me this feeling. It was a few hours after sundown, when I finally stopped to make camp. The terrain would get rough from here on out, but that was the plan. I went about my ritual of collecting rocks, wood, and tinder for a campfire.

I set up my fire, ensuring there was enough wood to keep the fire burning bright. I was happy that I had been able to find small pieces of obsidian while searching for firewood. I had found them the first time I had come through here, and I found many good pieces this time. I also found many good twigs that could be made into shafts. I first started with the sticks; I used my knife to cut the tiny limbs off the sticks, before I began to slowly carve the blade into a single circular shaft. I slowly repeated this process for the rest of the sticks; this resulted in twenty somewhat circular shafts. Next, I took the pieces of obsidian I had found, and began planning the arrowheads.

They would need to be about an inch long and flat as possible. It would allow the arrow to slide into its target easier. I grabbed the piece, and began to lightly chip away small pieces of the obsidian, using a hammer stone. Once I had the edge I wanted, I switched to the other side, repeating the process until the other side had a matching edge. I then used the hammer stone to slim the top and the bottom to ensure that the arrow would be as deadly as possible. I also made sure that the edge of the arrow that was to be inserted into the shaft was properly prepared. I continued the process until I had an arrowhead that went with each of the shafts I had made.

Once that task was completed, I began to prepare the shaft, using my knife to slowly cut into one end of the wood. When it was deep, enough I carefully remove the knife, and place the arrow head into the newly made slot. I had taken the time to purchase thin pieces of leather before I left the village. I took one of the small cups from my satchel, and emptied some of my water into it. I then put the thin leather strips into the water, as I prepared the rest of the components. When the leather was wet enough for use, I took a single piece to bind the shaft and head together, at one tip. Ensuring that the leather was bound as tight as possible, that way when it dried, the head would not leave the shaft. I knew that rabbit gut would be the best binder, but I would have to make do with the items I had.

When the binding was completed, I stuck the arrow near the dirt, far enough that it would not ignite. The heat from the fire would accelerate the drying process. I worked on each of the arrows, making sure each piece of wet leather was bound tightly. Once the first of the arrows was dry, I grabbed my knife to finish the arrow. Using the knife, I added a small nock to the other end of the shaft. Once that was done I soaked the nock end of the arrow in water, this would make the wood swell. I then prepared small slits to place in the feathers needed for the fletching. It was a good thing I had kept an eye out for some while I traveled. Slicing the feather in half I sectioned it into pieces, and placed them in the cuts. I then returned the arrows near the fire, this would remove the water in the wood, and make sure that the fletch would not come out.

I spent a good part of the night preparing the arrows, I did not even notice the fact that I had not eaten since midday. Once they were prepared, I tested a few of the arrows; they had turned out quite well. I tended the fire, to make sure that it would stay lit until I returned. Once that was complete, I made sure that my pack was out of reach of animals, and headed into the forest. I kept and arrow drawn at all times, as I carefully made my way through the forest. The moon was still high enough in the sky, for it to illuminate the forest. To my surprise however, I found that I could see better than I ever could. I began to listen to the sounds of the woods, separating the sounds of the forest to the sounds of game.

After a few minutes of listening, I began to hear the familiar sounds of elk, moving through the forest. After a few more moments, I was able to gage where the sounds were coming from and began to zero in on my prey. I moved as fast as I could, without giving away any noise that would scare the elk away. I had soon closed the gap between us; I slowed my approach as I scanned the herd, looking for my best target. I found a female, a child, but of decent size, that seemed to have an injured hind leg. She had troubles walking on it, and no doubt had trouble keeping up with them. I began to take deep breaths, slowing my heart rate. I notched my arrow, enjoying the feel of my new bow, and took aim at the injured cow. With a final deep breath, I let the arrow loose, watching as if flew through the air and pierced its heart.

The cow fell immediately; the rest of the herd quickly darted away, leaving their fallen member to her fate. I approached the kill carefully; predators would jump at the chance to try to take this kill. I could not see any at the moment, but they would not be good predators if I could. When I saw that nothing had come to claim the kill, I carefully removed the arrow, and placed it back in my quiver. I then grabbed the cow by the legs, and started my trek back to my campsite. Before I got within one hundred feet of the campsite, my luck increased and I was rewarded with a small rabbit. I carefully notched an arrow and sent it through the neck of the little rabbit. I hung it from my belt, picked up the cow, and finished my trek. As I approached the fire, I carefully laid my kills against a nearby tree. I took down my pack and retrieved the rope I had stored inside.

I tied the cow's legs and threw the rope over a thick tree limb. Carefully I began to pull up the elk, until it was suspended high enough in the air to begin to work on. I cut her open from anus to throat, making sure not to puncture vital organs that could ruin the meat. I then began to skin the animal; I would prove useful during this trip. Next, I removed all of the organs and tissues that were inedible, burying them in a small hole. When that had been completed began sectioning off the sections of meat. Because I was a day away from my destination and I would be unable to properly clean the rabbit, I left it as it was for the night. However if I was to carry the kill with me I would need to properly gut it first. I began with hold the rabbit, and with my free hand, stroked the rabbit to remove all urine from it.

Once that had been completed, I began by inserting the tip of my blade just under the ribs of the animal. I made sure that the insertion was shallow; I did not want to accidentally pierce the entrails or stomach. I made an incision of less than an inch, using my finger to tear it to a total length of three inches. This would keep the meat from getting any contaminants. Once it was opened, I grabbed its feet and chest and proceeded to 'dump out' its innards. It reminded me of emptying a cleaning pail, though some parts were still attached. I ripped off the entrails round the rectum, but left the other end attached to the stomach.

I then grabbed the stomach firmly, and carefully removed it from the rabbit. I had to be extra careful as one wrong move could ruin both the meat and the gut. Next, I punctured the diaphragm and removed the lungs and heart of the animal. Once all the organs were removed. Since I had gone so long without eating, I took to large pieces of meat and placed them on large sticks near the fire. Soon the smell of cooking meat filled the air, and only amplified my desire to eat.

My patience paid off when I sunk my teeth into the first piece of cooked meat. Quickly I devoured the piece of meat and moved onto the next. As I was beginning to eat my second piece, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, movement in the bushes, the sense of being watched had returned. I would have noticed sooner, had I not been so distracted by my hunger. Unlike before, the movement was generalized to a single area, my eyes never left there, as the movement grew closer. Just before whatever was moving emerged, it stopped moving within the bramble. I was surprised when a large black wolf jumped out of the tree line.

From the looks of the wolf, she was female, large for this area, with a dark black coat and golden eyes. After the events of the past month, I could not help but look to the moon. It was white, as it always was before and after the blood moon. I still found it strange that a female, would be separated from her pack, let alone coming close to a campfire. Most animals shied away from it, and a fire was a natural defense against predators. The wolf stared at me with her golden eyes; I could see her muscles were tense. Slowly I reached my hand over to the sectioned meat and tossed a piece to her.

She caught the meat, with a little jump, and began to devour it with wild abandon. She was a truly beautiful creature; her muscles were taut, with a short fine fur. Around her neck it was a bit thicker not unlike a lion's mane. There was a natural elegance to her, which I could not help but appreciate. She quickly finished her meat, and turned to look at me once again. Her eyes fixed on me, and then in a flash she disappeared into the forest. For a while I stared at where the wolf had been, it had been so surreal, a true highpoint of this endeavor.

I soon rested on my blanket and fell asleep, hoping that I would not have another of those horrible dreams. I woke up the next morning thankful not to have dreamed at all. I stretched, collected the meat from my kill, and began to break camp. I wrapped the blanket up and tied it to my pack, the meat I wrapped in the hide, to prevent it from staining the inside of my satchel. I left the remains of the carcass, as well as a piece of meat, in case the she-wolf decided to return for another meal.

I had woken up some time between dawn and midday, a little past my schedule; I would have to pick up the pace, if I wanted to get to my destination before sundown. I was not worried of getting there after sunset, but it was impossible to find in the dark. The last time I was there, I had been out hunting too long and could not find the entrance. I had no choice but sleep outside that night, and it ended up raining all night, it was horrible.

I broke into a quick jog, I maintained this pace for an hour, and realized that it was almost too easy to maintain. I decided to break into a full sprint, I did not push myself too hard, and I did not want to trip on something and be injured. I was covering ground quite quickly, and still I was not breaking a sweat. I decided to take the risk, and pushed myself into running as fast as I could. The speed that everything passed me at was astounding; at this rate, I would get there just after midday. I was able to keep the pace, quite easily, though it did begin to wear me out.

My main worry was that I was running to fast to see anything coming up before it was too late. I decided to slow down to a more manageable speed; I would still arrive at my destination before sunset. As I made my way through the forest, I continued to admire the beauty that was quickly passing me by. A few times, I swear I thought I saw the she-wolf running to keep up with me, but as quickly as I saw her, she was gone. I began to think I just wanted her to be following me. I stopped for an hour, just after midday, to have a meal, stretch my limbs, and rest a bit. I got a fire going, and left camp to collect some berries and fruits to go with the elk meat I plant to cook for midday meal.

When I returned I saw a visitor digging into my satchel, I picked up a rock and tossed it nearby, startling the she-wolf. I could not help but laugh, the wolf actually jumped and dashed into the bushes. I was happy to see that she had not gone near the rabbit tied to my pack. She had followed me here, and now it looked like she had also made off with a piece of raw elk meat. I approached the fire, put some elk meat on a stick, and started cooking it, while I sorted through the fruits and berries I had collected. Thankfully, none of what I collected was spoiled, inhabited, or poisonous. As I waited for the meat to cook, I started eating the rest of my meal. I took out my cups, and poured myself some Ice Berry wine.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the she-wolf exit the bushes and slowly approach me. She seemed to be watching me closely as I approached, watching for any sign that I would attack. When it got a few feet from me, she surprised me further, by lying on her belly. She continued to watch me with curiosity, her head cocked to one side. I tossed her another piece of meat, took mine off the fire and together we shared a meal. The she-wolf, quickly consumed the meat, and just watched me complete my meal. When I was finished, I took care to clear my campsite, before making the final leg of my journey.

I bade farewell to my dining companion, and made off towards my final destination. I started at a slow jog, and slowly increased my speed, to prevent injury. Once I was at a sprint, I pushed myself to go as fast as I could. The trees and other flora became a blur of colors as I dashed past. I could feel the burn in my muscles, from the intense excursion, and yet it did not slow me down. I kept this pace up for the remainder of the afternoon, after a few hours of breaking camp; I saw in the distance the rock formations I had been looking for. As the sun reached the tree line, in its final travel through the sky I arrived at my destination.

I stopped to survey the changes that had occurred over the years. Surprisingly there was practically none, one of the upsides of being mostly large rock formations. For the next thirty miles, it was nothing but huge granite formations. Due to the distance from most towns, as well as the isolated region of the forest it resides, it was not at risk of being mined any time soon. The center most area was almost like a small grey mountain, it rose just a few meters over the tree line. My destination was along the southern ridge; I adjusted my pack and slowly made my way to the first marker. I had found this half way through my last hunting excursion, purely by accident, but it proved to be the thing that helped me cope.

I had been tracking a small herd of dear when I had been turned around; I was foolish enough to try to hunt at night during a new moon. I stumbled around in the dark, until I tripped and fell, landing on a tall rock of some kind. When I had placed my hands in front of me to brace my fall, my left arm hit rock, my right arm kept moving until my shoulder struck rock. Now as I arrived at the southern edge of the granite formation, I can see the first marker, with a peculiar hole though the middle of it.

After I reached the marker, I turned and began to head north into the rock formation itself. My thoughts returned to that night years ago, I had pulled my arm out, and continued to stumble around in the dark. I grabbed my bow, moved it from side to side in front of me, so that I could find a safe place to walk. I had gone for a few meters when I had come across a fork, a gust of wind chose that time to pick up and blow my bow down the left fork. I went in the direction that it had been blown and tried to find it using my feet. After about ten minutes of searching I found the bow, when it went to pick it up I braced my hand against a rock beside me. As I slide down to grab it, my hand slipped and I toppled into an opening within the rock. Thankfully, I was able to grab the bow before I slid in; I tumbled down an uneven rock face before landing on very hard ground.

I remembered how I had been knocked out by the fall; I did not wake up until morning. I found myself in a very large cave formation; I looked to see where the entrance was and saw it was a good distance up. I dropped my things and made my way back up to the entrance, as I stepped out I could see that the entrance was hidden. Unless you knew that the entrance was there, it looked like a piece of solid rock. In fact, it was two pieces of rock on either side, with a small path that turned left and went down into the cave. Due to the position facing south, as well as the rocks that surrounded it, there were never any shadows generated by the traveling of the sun, which would dispel the optical illusion.

As I came out of my memories, I realized that I had been standing at the fork, for the last twenty minutes. I laughed at myself, and made my way up the left path to the entrance of my cave. As I reach the end of the path, I turned into the rock wall to my right, and followed the short hidden path to the entrance. I went down the rough incline, and found myself within the large cave once again. It had served useful then and it would prove just as useful now. I walked in the barely illuminated cave, surprised at how well I could see its interior. I could see every inch of the primary cave as if I had a large fire going. I shook off the uneasiness of the experience and placed my pack, bow, quiver, and satchel along the wall.

Once my stuff was down, I went to the opposite wall and was happy to see that the wood I had left here had not rotted away. I collected what I needed from the pile, and made my way to the circle of stones that I had left from when I last inhabited this cave. They were located about twenty feet from the pile of wood and about a foot from the northern wall. I chose this spot because there was a small opening going directly up to allow the smoke to vent. It also proved to be a good water source during storms. It took some time, but I had a healthy fire going, by the look of the entrance, the sun had just finished setting. I took out some meat to cook at the fire, and began to set up my blanket for after supper. I checked my meat supplies; there were enough meals for one more day, after tomorrow I would need to hunt again.

I enjoyed the meat; however, I wish that I had thought to bring some seasonings. I had a few cups of the Ice Berry wine, and laughed at the fact I wished my canine companion had been dining with me tonight. My thoughts drifted to Violet, wondering how she was doing, how sad she was that I was not there with her. I thought of Liza and Trina, I knew Trent and the rest of the guys would take care of them, but it did not put me fully at ease. I put away my cups, and put fresh wood on the fire. As I lay down for my nights rest, my thoughts drifted to what my purpose here was. Something was happening to me, I am not sure what it is, and I cannot risk those I care about, in my search for answers. I closed my eyes, and drifted to sleep, as thoughts of what tomorrow would bring, filled my head.

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