Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man makes many decisions in life involving the women he meets.

Logging off his computer and still at work, Paul Leonard thought business wasn’t as bad as it was being reported by the media. His was fortunate to have an increase in sales over the prior month and prior year in spite of the poor economy. It wasn’t the double digit increases he would have liked to see but it was sufficient to show that his company was growing.

Paul was the owner and manager of a small specialty chemical company. It was a company that his father who raised Paul as a single parent had founded and who recently passed away. Paul had taken over the managerial duties two years ago when he retired from the Army after twenty one years of military service.

Paul had gone the ROTC route while in college and liked what the service had to offer. He had accepted a regular Army commission when he graduated from college. He had progressed to the rank of Lt. Col and he thought that was probably as high as he was going in rank. The main reason he thought that was that he was not being a West Point graduate which was an unsaid hindrance to being promoted. There were exceptions to this but he felt this was the end of the line for him as to attaining rank. Another reason was that he was not afraid to say what was on his mind which was a further hindrance in playing the kiss ass game required to achieve rank.

In college he had been a math major with chemistry minor. With the word out that post-graduate degrees were necessary for advancement to higher rank, Paul attained a Master’s in math which enabled him to achieve the rank he retired at. The fifty percent retirement pay with a COLA was a nice piece of change which he now totally used for investing in stocks and bonds. This was his way of dollar cost averaging with his investments. His salary from the chemical company along with the leased Buick company car and expense account were more than sufficient to handle his current financial needs.

On Thursdays after work he took a shower along and with a change of clothes he headed to his Church’s parish hall where he helped out with bingo. Bingo was a big moneymaker for the parish. Jack and Darlene Brennan, who Paul had known since high school were heavily involved in running the bingo game and had convinced Paul that it was a nice way of giving something back to the parish. Paul usually worked the concession stand and about once a month he called the bingo numbers during the second half of the bingo session.

Paul had some fun while working the concession stand because he flirted with the ladies who came to the stand. Without being conceited, Paul knew that he was fairly good looking with his slim six foot one inch frame and short dark hair. He made some comments to these ladies about their new hair style or them having acquired a suntan. He knew he made their days when he asked them if they had lost weight. It was obvious they hadn’t but he enjoyed seeing their reaction to him asking them. Most of the ladies were pleased and thanked Paul for his comments since they thought their husbands wouldn’t notice any changes in them even if they put a sign up indicating what they were.

When Paul called out the bingo numbers he also had some fun because he would say things like “Two and two B-4,” or “What do you say when you are carded, i-21.” His favorite and little over the top line was, “Everyone’s favorite, O-69.” One night, one of the bingo players which largely consisted of older women, came up to him and told him he should just stick to calling out the numbers without any additional comments. Some of the other ladies heard her say this and jumped on this lady for saying that. They told Paul not to change his style as he made the game more interesting because of what he said.

The bingo turnout usually was large and very profitable for the parish. It normally added close to six thousand dollars a week to the parish coffers.

The following day Paul stopped by the mall to buy some new shoes. After completing his purchase he was walking to go to the parking lot for his car when he recognized one of the ladies who was a regular participant at bingo. She was one of the younger ladies who played bingo. He thought she was about his age, give or take a few years. She was fairly attractive with a nice body in proportion to his estimate of her five foot eight inch height.

Paul didn’t know her name and was just going to smile and nod his head as he walked by her but he heard her say, “Well fancy seeing you here. Have you been shopping?”

“Yes, I just bought a pair of shoes and now am going to go to get something to eat. How about you?”

“With my husband leaving for his annual fishing trip to Canada this morning, I thought I’d treat myself by shopping here but there was nothing I could find that interested me. I was also thinking of heading out and getting a bite to eat. It’s going to be a lonely night in that house of mine.”

He quickly analyzed this overload of information that she gave him and came to the conclusion that she was giving him hints that would classify her as what he would call, ‘a possible.’

“I don’t think that we have been formally introduced, my name is Paul Leonard.”

“No we haven’t, my name is Monica Gray and it’s very nice to meet you Paul although I feel I already know you because of bingo.”

She extended her hand to shake Paul’s which he took. The look in her eyes that she was giving him did not detract from his earlier opinion that she was ‘a possible.’ Because of the way she looked at him and what she said he decided to test the waters.

“Since we both are single for the evening and are heading out to eat, I was wondering if you would want to join me for dinner.”

“Your invitation just made my day and it would be my pleasure to do that. Where should we go?”

“I think the buffet at Graco’s is pretty good.”

“I’ll meet you there.”

The buffet dinner with Monica was enjoyable. She said she worked for an insurance company and enjoyed her work. Monica didn’t specifically say what she did but he had the impression that whatever it was, she was good at it. She talked about the current events and the problems that people and businesses were having. Monica did mention that she had a son and two young grandchildren but they were out on the east coast. She said she didn’t see them as much as she would like. In passing she volunteered that she was having a problem with her computer in that the mail program wasn’t operating as it should and that was preventing her from corresponding with a number of people.”

Paul had a nice time and was getting good vibes from Monica mainly because of the looks she was giving him. When the bill was presented he refused her offer to go ‘Dutch’ and paid the full tab.

As they were leaving the restaurant he was wondering if this was the end of the evening activities. He did tell her that her mail problem could be no more that a computer glitch and Windows does have a feature that lets you reinstall or fix programs which may resolve the issue.

It turned out that this was not to be the end of the evening because Monica said she was somewhat computer illiterate and asked Paul if he wouldn’t mind coming over to her house to try and do this fix to her computer. He said he would follow her automobile and was now thinking of what could happen when he was there.

At her house she showed him to the computer and after powering it on she excused herself. Paul had to wait for some updates to be installed before he was able to go on the net and find the fixes for the programs. He did find a fix for email and applied it. After doing this he opened her email using the password she had given him and saw there were ten new e-mails posted.

Standing up from the computer he turned and saw Monica entering the room. She had changed out of her clothes and was wearing a three quarter length white silk robe. Judging by the prominent indentations her nipples were putting in the robe, Paul doubted if she was wearing anything under the robe. He had the thought that this was what you read about in stories happening but it doesn’t happen in real life. Maybe it does happen in real life was another thought he had.

“Your computer is fixed. Applying the fix solved the problem.”

Monica walked up close to Paul and said, “I don’t know how to thank you.”

Putting her arms over his shoulders and around his neck she pressed her body against his and said, “Maybe I do.” She brought his lips to hers for a hot open-mouth kiss with some tongue action.

Paul again thought that things like this apparently do happen in real life. He put his arms around her and gave her as much passion in returning the kiss as she was giving him. Dropping his hands to her buttocks which told him they were panty free caused her to moan and to increase the intensity of the kiss. Since now there wasn’t a doubt in Paul’s mind what was going to happen between them, he raised the robe up to where he could knead her bare buttocks. This caused her to spread her thighs a little and sensuously rub her entire body up against his.

Releasing the grip he had on her buttocks enabled him to reach in between them to loosen the belt of her robe. She dropped her arms to let the robe fall from her shoulders and down her arms to the floor. While still maintaining the kiss Paul’s hands were now exploring her body and he liked what they were telling him.

Her hands which had dropped from his shoulders had also gone in between them and after she initially grasped his package she proceeded to undo his pants. He broke the kiss and suggested that they should go where they could be more comfortable. With a smile on her face she turned and led the way to her bedroom. He was divesting himself of his clothes as he watched her pretty buttocks undulate with her walking in front of him. He did think they did have a few miles on them but they weren’t hard miles.

In the bedroom she reclined on the bed and waited for Paul to finish getting out of his clothes. He was looking at the picture she presented while he was undressing. Her breasts weren’t overly large but he could see her nipples were erect. Her most private part was almost void of pubic hair except for a small strip directly above it in the shape of a small triangle.

When he too was naked he went to her and bent to give oral pleasure at the junction of her open thighs. It seemed to him that she was expecting him to do this. Paul licked, nibbled, and mouthed it before he concentrated his efforts on her clit. He must have been doing it right because she became rather vocal in telling him that she wanted him to continue what he was doing. Her hands on his head were directing his efforts. After a considerable amount of time and a number of orgasms she said she was having she asked him to lie beside her as she had become too sensitive.

He did move up to where he was alongside her and the kissing continued.

After some time had passed she somewhat sexily asked, “How do you want me, missionary, cowgirl, doggie?”

He didn’t respond verbally but just moved to get in between her thighs that she was opening for him. Paul wanted to see the expressions on her face as his shaft was plunging into her. She clasped his shaft and positioned it at her entrance. With a few small thrusts and withdrawals, he was able to achieve full penetration as she was not overly tight and was amply lubricated. His hips went into motion causing her face with its expressions to reflect her sexual enjoyment. Watching her face and seeing her expressions change further excited him to go as deep as he could into her.

Paul couldn’t say how long it was before he achieved orgasm but he knew she came just before he did. Her words to him about what they were doing and how he was making her feel, were not something you would expect to hear from a refined lady. Her language was very colorful to say the least. He loved hearing her talk that way probably because it graphically described their mating and it just excited him more.

He laid along side her after he had deposited his warm spend in her. They each thanked the other for this wonderful and satisfying experience.

“There was something about your manliness that told me that you would be good.”

“Let me say that your intelligence and beauty was a big contribution to this and if I may say the night isn’t over yet.”

“You can go again?”

“I think I can but it is going to take some time before I am ready.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Paul didn’t say anything but just looked at her. He could see her having a puzzled look on her face. It then became a smile as she gave him a little kiss and moved down his torso to take his shaft into her mouth. He was ready to go again in a short time. She mounted him cowgirl style and rode him. He had wet his thumb and was caressing her clit while she was doing this which caused her to deliciously squirm as she was having an orgasm. His followed hers shortly with him having his.

After some additional cuddling and kissing, Paul said he should be going. Monica wanted him to spend the night.

“What are your neighbors going to say when they see a strange car parked on your driveway and a strange man leaving your house in the morning, especially since some of them probably know your husband is away? You don’t need to have that kind of talk going around.”

He started dressing and after a short time he heard her say, “I guess you’re right on that. Will I see you again? This is something I like doing and would like to do it again with you if that is possible.”

“When is your husband coming home?”

“No earlier than late next Saturday night unless some emergency happens but he would call first before doing that.”

“To tell you like it is, I’m tied up at work because of a new major software program we are installing and then there is the Thursday night Bingo but Friday is good for me. Why don’t I meet you at a restaurant and afterwards we can go over to my condo and you can spend the night if you want. You leaving my condo the next morning shouldn’t present a problem for you.”

“That sounds good but people may see us at the restaurant and that could cause problems. For a Plan B why don’t you give me your address and I will come over with some carryout so we don’t need to go out.”

He could see a fire in her eyes when she said that which caused him to think he was going to be one tired but satisfied puppy when she left his condo.

Paul agreed to her proposal and when Monica reached to get something to write on, she knocked some items off a shelf. Paul bent to help gather these items and in doing so noticed that a number of them were business cards. He looked at one card that had Monica’s name on it and saw her title that said “Computer Systems Analyst.”

Monica saw Paul look at the card and then at her but he never said anything about her saying she didn’t know how to fix her email program. Maybe there was a little guilt expressed on her face initially, but if there was it changed to more of an expression of a smug accomplishment. To him there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that she wanted this to happen from the start and it had.

Paul however was not going to let her get away with thinking she had put one over on him. He said with a little smirk on his face, “If something comes up to change the plans I will send you an email as your unworkable email system seems to now be working.”

Paul gave her one last kiss at the door. While walking to his automobile thought how times had changed from when men were the pursuers. With more thought on the subject he concluded that women were more subtle in their pursuit of men. They were able to give the man the impression that it was his idea for this to happen when in fact they had planned it from the start.

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